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REVIEWS OF Kaleidoscope IN Nevada

Shannon M.

Forget ANY and ALL bad reviews you read about Kaleidoscope Apartments!!! I KNOW that Kaleidoscope Apartments is a HIDDEN GEM in Las Vegas! I've been living here for almost a month now. All of the office and maintenence staff are extremely helpful, nice, understanding, patient... all the good words you can think of!!! I probably ask more questions than the average person and the office and maintenance staff answer every single one professionally with the best attitudes/personalities! I've lived in other apartments in Las Vegas and nothing compares to the feeling I have living here at Kaleidoscope. Not to mention my neighbors are great. The day I was moving in some of them asked if I needed help carrying my things in. Also, they all are quiet at night which I definitely can't complain about :) haha! I've spread the word about this place to some of my friends already and now I want everyone who reads this to know how great of a home Kaleidoscope can be for you!!! Just to address the negative reviews one more time, everyone needs to treat others the way they want to be treated. You might be having a bad day, but you don't need to speak in a way where everybody knows you are. Be kind in everything you do & the kindness will come right back to you. Believe that!

SHAWN Patton

Kasey Lyons

The neighborhood is not the safest, and the apartment did nothing to ensure safety. People were always jumping over the wall and the gate was always open. The office lost my notice of move out, and tried to charge me for a skip. I wouldn't recommend living here at all.

K Steele

Was told rent was $1100. After moving in fees for every tiny thing including ($3 for an email sent to me) rent went up to over $1300. Incompetent managerial staff.

Bianca Demoulin

Suzette Martinez

Bad place to live thumbs down would not recommend to anybody and security what security !!!!!!!!!

Keleidascope Sucks

When a place has gotten so many bad reviews they have to bribe their current residents to write a positive one, they should be ashamed of themselves! This place has had bad service from the beginning with the rude condescending manager they hired, in addition to trying to make the place fancy so they can charge more, instead of taking care of the residents and issues that were here before them. Now they have a fancy new gym and they built a little dog park and a area for hammocks (which due to kids already playing rough on them they have already removed) didn't that one out did you? but tell me people when the service is truly good you cant help but to give credit where its due right? So why would these people have to beg for them? Just take care of your residents instead of talking to them like their stupid and actually address their concerns and have real priorities and maybe they will write them on their own! you think??


Awesome quiet place to live


Will not inform you of any changes! Pool has not been open for at least 8 months including all of summer. Told it was a gift and that they don't have to have it yet list this place has having pool access it's a lie one of many you will get. Also property manger has no idea what's she's doing all problems stem from her incompetence!

Negarin Rezaei

The worst place to live. No customer service at all. Rude staff. They just take money and try to show it is a good place but even the pool and tennis court is closed most of the time and the gate is open. I had papers for 12 months but they told me it's 13 month and now I have to pay for here and the new place.

Lakeshia Bratcher

I love my apartment, I've been here almost a year with my fiance and we love it. Close to convinent shopping areas and eating facilities. However rent is a bit high for a one bedroom but it's worth it. Quiet area, 24hr maintenance and they're on point with response and great leasing agents that work with you.

India Webb

updated review*** so i get a call from the manager. telling me i didnt give them enough time to review the matter when they get into theyre office at 9 am. and its already 2 pm, when they know I've had past issues with it to begin with. i had to call them to see if theyve gotten my emails, because nobody is showing me any concern. They couldn't even call me to let me know they are reviewing this matter. then this head lady manager has the nerve to tell me im wrong for putting up a review about them. when its got me and my childs health involved. she goes on to tell me im hostile because im clearly pissed at how they mismanaged these complexs. its not the maintenance mans fault its the uninvolved and uncaring management.!! the two woman that work here are rude and every phone call with them they just want to argue with me and tell me what im doing wrong instead of doing their job. this isnt personal. this is supposed to be my home. i just moved in here on june 14th and its the 28th now im already pissed and ready to vacate. estibon has been the only sympathetic employee here. he even has asked how my child is doing. unlike these two woman managers we got here, who are just trying to collect a check. As soon as I told her I was going to record our phone conversation for my attorney to have a listen she hung up the phone on me. Now you call that trying to help? Definitely not a staff that I want working for me. That shows poor character right there. So unprofessional Literally ever since I've moved in there has been maintenance request after request. I've only been here for two weeks and me and my child are getting sick from a old washer and dryer that is nothing but a dust magnet (and might I remind you these are supposed to be fully renovated new apartments) there is nothing but dust caked up on the walls and ceiling of the wash room and the actual machine every time I walk past it I sneeze I have a one year old child who dont want living and breathing like this! He can't even go to sleep at night without being woken up because he can't breathe out of his nose. I've emailed the assistant manager twice and still never got a reply. Honestly just disgusting and lazy.

ABoogie Baptist

Mia Pocquette

I absolutely love living here! The staff is friendly and very efficient. The property improvements being made just seem to get better and better. All of my neighbors are really friendly and I feel safe and happy here. Thanks for a great experience Kaleidoscope : )

Ollie Barth

The pool is always closed because they can’t keep it clean and SECURITY LEAVES AT 11PM. There is literally no one keeping an eye on things overnight. I have had packages stolen. People intrude all the time but all they do is change key codes. Doesn’t help when the gates don’t actually lock.

Ashley Subayar

I have lived here for 2 years and everything about this complex is horrible from the management/staffing to the actual complex. When you bring up any situation she makes it seem like you’re in the wrong and it’s your fault. The girl in the front desk is just rude and always has an attitude. Security sits in the gym and does nothing while people’s apartments get broken into. The pool is always closed. They give no grace period when the lease clearly states we have until the 3rd, the ac doesn’t work correctly, they tow people’s car even when registration is valid and makes you pay to get it out. I could go on for days how horrible this place is. I would never recommend this place to anyone. Only thing good about this apartment is the location. Other then that it’s over priced and a terrible place to live.

Amy Anstaett

I have had a FANTASTIC experience thus far dealing with Keidoscope apartments. I am moving from from the east coast. Moving is very stressful regardless if it’s just down the street or across the USA. The staff in the office has been so friendly and helpful. Especially Marisa. She has most definitely gone above and beyond for me. I have emailed and called for months with several questions and concerns. Marisa has ALWAYS answerd me promptly and professionally. Marisa has definitely made this a smooth transition for me. I look forward to being part of this fabulous community.

Autumn Hugo

This place is ridiculous. Start with your base rent then add: $30 for cable TV... you cannot opt out $25 for "valet trash service" (more below)... you cannot opt out $15 more for trash removal $25-30 for water (more below) $20 sewer $5 pest removal $5 common area electric... Regarding Valet Trash service: Supposedly, you leave your trash out at night, and it's gone in the morning. In actuality, you have to put your trash way outside the door in the sprinklers where the trash can gets covered in mud. Most days, in the morning, you get to bring out your trash, then take your trash can out back and wash the mud off and bring it back in... or else you get charged $25 for leaving your trash can out... but you still pay for the "service" which is a hassle, and you get nothing out of it. Water: The total water bill when I lived in a house with roommates was cheaper than it is here. The problem is, they WAY over-water... if the sprinklers are on when I want to leave, I wait until they turn off, or I will get soaked. The ground turns into a mud puddle, the sidewalks and the parking lot are covered in water deep enough that walking in it splashes water everywhere and makes you a mess. I can't wait to move out. My rent goes up about $25 every few months when they add an extra fee.

janelle hunter

I just moved in less than two weeks ago. To be honest a few minor things were wrong with my apartment but it was fixed within reasonable time. The maintenance man was very nice and knowledgeable. I love my apartment (especially the tub.) Overall l am very happy and I will update.

Aere Jerer

Never move here. When you end your lease, there are hidden fees and the staff will send your account to collections, without notice. Late when fixing issues like plumbing, ignorant manager and staff. Rude and unprofessional and they all should be fired immediately. My car was also broken into, management did not seem to care and had no remedy for the issue.

Austin Litberg

The woman who manages this place Shmegma is the most shamelessly unprofessional "manager" with whom I've ever had the displeasure of doing business with.

Roshondra Coleman

M E L I S S A 418

Its over priced, nothing in the apartment works right, the front door and windows werent installed correctly, so there is a gap berween frame and door/windows that caused my A/C to run 24/7 which tripled my power bill, they came out 4 or 5 times and nothing got fixed, the washer doesn't wash my clothes, they increased my rent by $150 extra that I didn't agree to. I pay almost $50 a month for trash, $60 for water that is not based on my actual usage but the whole communities usage split between all the apartments, cable is mandatory and so is pest control charges and anything and everything incurs a charge no matter what and according to their "contract" youre liable for rent for the entire term of the contract from which employment loss, withdrawal from school, involuntary relocation or even death will not release you from such a burden. I don't understand how they can get away with charging so much money in hidden costs and fees but someone told me this may be partly section 8 housing which would explain the greed if they are getting paid by the govt. Then of course they would overcharge everything. Either way I'm breaking this contract this place plus all the issues that have yet to be fixed despite the countless pointless maintenance calls have hit my limit and I'm studYing the contract to break it as soon as I'm able to build my case against it. Thanks for nothing kaleidoscope, what a waste.

christine allison

I love my cute little apartment at Kaleidoscope! What really sold me on the apartment is the new renovations. The little touches like the archways and the huge Roman tub. All new appliances and beautiful new flooring. The Staff is always helpful and friendly and it feels like one big family when they invite everyone to come celebrate various holidays and events throughout the year. Great atmosphere to live in!

Unreal Dotson

A relative came to visit and went to the pool. got in the water. The next day they went again and shortly after developed a painful rash from the water. It was never closed off. Last week I went to the pool and ended up at the ER with a fungal infection and ringworm! Bad maintenance all together on all aspects. Now you can't pay rent with paper checks without a $35 "processing fee". With all this extra $ you're asking from tenants but can't keep a pool clean and safe and respond to service calls in a timely manner, is astonishing to say the least.

Crystal Rios

Amairani Martinez

If you were looking to rent here, please read my review first ... My fiancé and I have lived here for two years, it was great. Never had any issues. Any maintenance needed was done in a timely matter. Our neighbors had lived there for years as well but in September of 2016 these apartments were taken over by new management. Our neighbor who has lived there for nine years left immediately as her apartment was completely flooded And not taken care of immediately. The neighbor across from us was absolutely pissed because they enterd her apartment without any type of notice whatsoever in order to fix the flooding apartment underneath her( several days later) Natural causes will happen, we understand but our ceiling came in on us due to hard rain. We had 2 previous ignored work orders reguarding the celing before it completely fell in our dining area. It could of been 100% prevented. My fiancé and I put in one last work order, ASHAUNTA, the property manager Wrote on our work order that it would not be fixed that day because it was not an emergency( which we agree with and understand) however promised us in writing that HAD TO be finished by the following Monday. Comes that Monday and they are just starting to inspect the apartment issue. ( they had already inspected it 2 times the day the work order was placed. ) we then gave them PROPER WRITTEN 30 day notice that we would be moving out due to maintenance issues not being resolved ( after an approval from a tenant attorney ) as stated in our leasing agreement but the same property manager literally threw the paper back at me across her desk. My point here is, management is very unprofessional, rude, does not fix any maintenance issues! Please be advised before signing a lease agreement with kaleidoscope apartments or pinnacle property management. Of course my fiancé and I having an attorney saved us this time but we will for sure be more careful who we sign with next time. Please do the same.

LaShanda Williams

You suck and I should of socked your agent when she rolled up on... too expensive and besides you can get a three bed room house for the same price..and the leasing agents are ghetto hoes

Vito Meribela

Rude and unprofessional office staff. Monique rolls her eye's, texts on her phone will talking to you and beyond displeasnent. Charge you for random things yet can't respond to your maintenance issues without calling 8 times before they come. DONT MOVE HERE

Myria Johnson

My boyfriend was out all day looking at apartments, Kaleidoscope was his last stop since their office closes at 6 and their website states they stop touring a hour before that. The lady informed him that they stop showing at 430; he got there at 438. So either the website needs to be updated or the office staff does. I was a big fan of this complex until his issue today. Too bad. Next!

Rhonda Wickizer

Horrible incompetent staff in the office, waiting for my 200 refund. It's been nearly 4 week's and no one is capable of getting this resolved. I've even spoken to their corporate office. They say the office at the kaleidoscope apartment complex is responsible for it. Something needs to happen in that office, like fire them all.

Tamika Carter

Of course, these apartments should receive no stars. These apartments are horrible. Maintenance and office staff are rude, unprofessional, and did not do their jobs. The pool was dirty and closed for months. Do not move here, find somewhere better for the money.


Sarah Taylor

This is a great place to live. The complex is safe and usually quiet. The landscaping is beautiful, especially the pool area. The front office often hosts events for residents and they have services that other places do not. I've lived here for a year.


WARNING!!!!... If you like unprofessional, rude & disrespectful people. This is the place for you!!!... I was here for a year before NEW management took over. Never a problem unresolved in a timely manner. Now you have to deal with RUDE, UNPROFESSIONAL & DISRESPECTFUL management!!!!...I have been given a 5 day notice on 3 different occasion unwarranted. (I have NEVER BEEN LATE WITH RENT) And when I go to address the issue. Management tried to blame ME for the error


This place SUCKS the office people are so rude and dumb if your coming here make sure you don't have kids cuz they obviously hate kids they don't let you sit on the hammiks or wear clothing in the pool if you sensitive about your body.....never come here

Yolanda Williams

Went to jail for tickets... They emptied my apartment out... House was fully furnished... All my clothes and shoes were still inside... All this happened in less then thirty days... They say they supposedly thru all my good name brand shit in the trash... Yall stole my shit and i know it... Law suit coming....

Demarlo Dunmore

Bruno Aquino

The worst customer service in LAS VEGAS.


the office lady melissa hates white people an certain black people with attitude i over heard her stating numerous racial slurs about several tenants she will help rack your rent bill up with false charges they dont even fully provide avoid this apartment at all cost to expensive for las vegas anyways

Raven Ceasar

Please read this before you move this might save you from making a mistake!!!! This place seems like it's going to fall apart the floor boards are falling apart. Everything is old. The pool is disgusting. They lie to you in your face "yea we clean the pool everyday" but you really don't because the same cigarette bud has been floating in there for 2 days. Oh and the office mangement completely unprofessional and rude and nonchalant. They don't care they just want your money. The gates are always broken. There has been 2 burglaries plus my car got broken into since I live here. There was a crazy homeless staying in back screaming late at night that they did nothing about. Also they had squatters living in the apartments right next door stealing appliances. They have a pidgeon infestation and there is always feces on my car. There is always strangers jumping the wall. They have a tennis court but you can't use it because they locked it. They remodeled some units but they charge you the same you would pay for a house. I have been living her for 2 years and some months. I see why they have so many vacant apartments. When my least is up I will leave and not look back.

Frank Dalog

our visit with the receptionist or customer service person on April 21, 2018 was not pleasant. She was not friendly or even smiling. always looking at the computer when talking with us almost the whole time.


I’m a resident here and I wouldn’t recommend at all! I signed a 13 month lease and will NOT be signing another one. I’ve been waiting for my dryer to be fixed for months now, and I’ve had someone try to break into my car, while security does nothing but sit there and play on there phone. There hard to get ahold of. And can really care less about anything you need to tell them, and more. DON’T RECOMMEND AT ALL!!

Edwin Gonzalez

Lived here for year (2017-2018). The best part about complex is maintenance, they’re quick when you have a problem in your unit. Bad experience overall, my 1st month living here, my apt floods. Unfortunately staff isn’t very friendly, you can tell they’re there for the pay check and not to actually help people. My Apartment was broken into during business hours and in plain daylight, but nobody saw anything -__- So watch out! Office staff did nothing to try and help me feel safe again. Got out of there as soon as I could!!

Irene Sturtevant

I've lived here for a year and signed my lease right when the new owners of the complex took over. My 1 bedroom/1bathroom is upgraded with beautiful new appliances, convienent USB outlets, an enormous bathtub, lots of windows which fill my home with natural lighting, and it is just a very cozy apartment. In the year I've lived here I've never seen a bug in my apartment, dealt with homeless people, drug addicts, or prostitutes hanging around, someone said there is a "pigeon infestation" and their car is covered in feces but everyone gets a covered parking spot and isn't the world pigeon infested? There are lots of friendly families that live in this complex and the neighborhood itself is clean and safe. I have butted heads with management more times than I care discuss and clearly by these reviews I am not the only one. They make up for their times of being unreasonable and rather rude with resident appreciation events. My favorite is Wine Down Wednesday where they have wine and food galore for us. They do something special for us at least once a month and it gives us the opportunity to meet our neighbors and apartment staff on good terms. I agree with the other reviews that the apartments are overpriced for the location and size of the apartment but I have enjoyed my year at Kaleidoscope and I honestly think they deserve more credit than they are getting from these reviews. Can I also just say, how cute is it that we live at Kaleidoscope apartments on Rainbow Blvd?! It's not important but it's cute. I am moving out this month and since I didn't give them 2months notice that I'm leaving, they are trying to charge me 2months rent as a penalty. Beware of that. It kind of leaves a sour taste in my mouth but hey, apartment 2013 is available now so y'all should move in! :)

Slevin Droginuf

Beware Lots of Riff Rafa moving in the Manager Ashanta is So rude and Unprofessional. She makes all kinds of mistakes and then try's to blame it on her Employees. She has unstable personality and she has the worst Memory. The past couple of months I see more people throwing trash on the floor dirty careless people moving in Kaleidiscope. Don't rent from at Kaleidiscope unless you want criminals and prostitution living next door to you.. Not a place for your Family stay away

Leo Sanchez

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