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REVIEWS OF Century 21 Midlands IN Nebraska

Marie Hermy

I had my property listed with a different company for a very long time before I hired Century 21 Midlands. They had it sold two months later. Thank you for such a fast and wonderful experience. Now, I wouldn't do business with anyone else.

Alison Yarbrough

This is not because they gave the rental to we were interested in to another party... We called Century 21 to set up a viewing of an apartment on a Thursday, we set up a viewing on Friday. We showed up to our viewing appointment on time, and were informed that the maintenance man had the keys and that we could not look at the apartment that day. We had the money for a deposit that day even. We had driven two hours out of our way. Kelly who was in charge of the showing let us know that no one else had called about viewing it. We were understanding and rescheduled a viewing for that Monday. We again showed up for the appointment on that Monday on time, with deposit in hand. We viewed the apartment and decided it was worth putting in our application, and deposit. We waited two days, until they finally called us back telling us they were giving the apartment to someone else. What I am upset about is the poor management. A simple phone call would have saved me 2 hours of my time and money driving back and forth to Kearney. This was an extremely disappointing experience. We basically paid $60 to put in our application for no reason. I encourage others who are looking for rentals in the Kearney area to look elsewhere. Century 21 doesn't like to rent to people with full-time jobs, and good credit.

Kenna Storrs

The Broadmoor Apartments are amazing to live in. It's great having everything you could want for such an affordable price- washing machine, dryer, dish washer, etc. Greg, the maintenance man, always does such a great job and always answers request in a timely manner. The neighbors here are super friendly, and it truly does feel like a safe place to live. Hoping to remain here for several years to come!!

Janet Henderson

I have rented from Century 21 Midlands for over a year and a half. I am also aware of how maintenance requests are handled. Century 21 Midlands manages property for the owners so the rules and major maintenance governing certain addresses are also set and approved by the owners. When a contractor is called, THEY schedule repairs according to their own agendas. It would be nice if someone could just run over a do what we need right away, but that isn't realistic. Minor repairs most of the time are taken care of and you don't hear about the tenants pleased about that. Major repairs or replacements do take time and unfortunately just aren't satisfactory even with the powers that be. Communication is very important. If you have made a request, it is important to be patient and do follow up with the leasing agent.

Landis Love

I will NEVER go through Century 21 Midland ever again. They made it impossible to break our lease (even when we paid for the coming months like it said to do in the contract to break the lease). We had a major roommate issue where the police were involved because there was violence and when the police told me to go to Century 21 to help get the unnamed violent person out, Century 21 didn't care at all. They don't care about the safety of their tenants and the apartment that they said they would "fix up" during the viewing, was still as bad when we moved in. The refrigerator had horrible mold in the back of it. The guys who came to replace it said they don't know how they let us move in with so much mold in it. And when we asked them to fix the torn up carpet in the first week (like we are told to report) because we didn't want to further damage it, they said they weren't going to fix it, yet that bill came out of my deposit. I asked them to fix it and they didn't, yet I am somehow responsible to pay for after I had to move out because they wouldn't help me. No. And when almost all of our windows and screens were broken when we moved in, and we asked them to fix it in that first week the guy who came just duct taped it and said "don't open your window" (which is meant to be a fire escape because we were in a basement). Never again will I work with these people. They only care about your money.

Skippz NE

The best in Kearney.

Billy Stevens

Wouldn't give a recommendation to anyone to rent from them. The place wasn't up to code for safety and wouldn't give copy of electric bill.

Frank and Radhika Review

Funny, I wish I could rate my experience with Century 21 Midlands a Five star experience like others... Unfortunately, like the few souls who, like myself who are forced to give a 1 have all coincidentally have done business with the same neglectful Property Manager, Alexis McNeal. Let me get something straight before doing business here... Do it with anyone but Alexis Mcneal. If you're appointed her find a way to meet with others or... rightfully turn her particular service down. Like the few, she will not lift a finger to assist you, she will not be easy to get in contact with incase of sudden emergencies and will smile in your face at any concerns you might pose. Anyone else there is more deserving of a commission then this woman. Please, heed my advice. I wouldn't spend time and effort writing this review if I wasn't looking out for YOUR best interest. Have a great day and God bless.

Corey Mertz

Working with Century 21 Midlands to buy a home made the whole experience so stress free. Our Realtor knew what she was doing and basically did it all for my wife and I.

Kacy Johanson

They are fantastic landlords. It's a great apartment! Pool, washer and dryer, dishwasher! Everything is kept up to date and clean by the Maintenance man, Greg and his crew. I have loved living here for the past two years!

anibal flores

Awesome place to have a little fun

Madi Kasparek

I am so baffled at the way I was treated today while going in for a viewing on a rental. I had Alexis mcNeal (the irony here is that most of the poor ratings are due to interactions with her.) I came to my appointment on time and was greeted by alexis to give us an overview of the apartment. Now, I have a service animal that is properly documented, however when I told her that I did have my service animal she proceeded to be blatantly rude to me. Asking if I had a "real" certificate and acted in such a way that would lead me to believe that if I did want to continue to work with her that I would be turned down for that reason alone. She looked me and my fiance up and down, as if we weren't good enough to rent with her. At the actual veiwing she told about the application process, saying that if we had poor credit or anything in collections, that we would be denied. And when I verified thats what she had said, she asked if there would be a problem and it virtually raised her up tp her high horse. When my fiance called to complain it felt that our problems were not taken seriously and that would (continue) to not take action on an employee that was hurting their reputation and future business.

Damon Webster

I worked with Century 21 Midlands to sell my property. I worked with Pat Slack, who is a great realtor, but an even better person. If you need someone to sell your house, or if you're looking to buy, you should work with the Slack Attack.

Regina Sharp

Our realtor at Century 21 was great. She sat down with us and listened to what we wanted, down to the most specific details, and kept her eye out for us. It was very helpful when it came to looking at homes, because what she had picked out for us based on what we had told her, which saved us time from looking at things we wouldn't have been interested in.

Ken E

I worked with Annette at Century 21 Midlands. She was really kind and professional. She listened to my needs and followed through with everything she told me she was going to do.

Caden Eberspacher

Great Service!! I have had zero problems

Jay Davis

Erin McCann

Living at the Broadmoor was an overall good experience. We rented the two bedroom two bathroom and it was a lot of space for a great price. Greg, the maintenance guy, was great. There were a handful of times where there was miscommunication at the Century 21 office. For example, we had to fill out a lease extension form twice because they lost our original one and we never received a “move out checklist” although we gave them our 30 day notice before moving out. Since we just moved out we have not received a deposit back yet, but I get the impression that they do not follow the oringinal damage checklist that we filled out prior to moving in and they will keep most of our deposit even though there was no damage to our apartment.

Will Snipes

They will find any and every reason to keep all of your deposit. You WILL NOT get it back. Property manager is rude and degrading. If you have an issue with your property...good luck getting any help. They are the type of place that would try to fix a dam-leak with a bandaid. Oh did I mention, they will keep your entire deposit. If that sounds like fun then go for it!

Penny Reyes

It was nice that our realtor understood that my husband and my schedules were really busy, and worked around that. She also had a lot of properties picked out before our meetings, which helped us to make the most of the time that we did have together. We could tell that she had listened to us when we told her what we wanted, because the properties we were shown all had the options we had shown interest in.

Miles Webber

I recently bought a house with the help of Century 21 Midlands with my fiance. Her and I are first time home buyers so the process was very new and confusing to us. Our realtor walked us through step by step. She was very accommodating, and she answered all of our questions. She was very knowledgeable about the buying process and of the area. She was able to make some good recommendations about places to go in the area.

Sherlyn C

I am very happy happy with the work they have done for us over the years. I can't think of anything they need to do to improve.

Tami Davis

Alexa and team have been awesome in keeping the house rented and to quality renters for over 10 years!

Marshall Hunter

We had a very good experience working with Century 21 Midlands. I would highly recommend them.


Really good service. If we were ever to have a problem they were just a phone call away.

Ray Lightle

Great service and my properties have virtually 0% vacancy rate. Very professional!

Em and M Youtube

First I would like to say, I love my new apartment. Its amazing, beautiful, and perfect for the college kid that I am. But there was some down sides to all of it. We signed the lease and was told that It was cleaned and ready for us to move in, so we did! We enter and right off the bat we could tell that the walls were dirty. Hand prints everywhere. So we are like "okay maybe this color of paint just shows a lot of hand prints". We move onto the kitchen and there was food splattered all against the wall. Red stuff dripping down all the way to the trim. Not only there but by the stove there was food splattered against that wall as well. We also found a marshmallow in on of the definitely wasn't ours. So we go into the laundry room and our washing machine had old detergent inside of it. The picture attached was part of what I was cleaning. Sure it didnt take long for me to clean the washer (about a hour) but it was super gross and I did gag a few times because it was nasty. So instead of our apartment being clean I did have to go buy cleaning stuff just so I wouldnt have to look at the uncleanness that we moved into. The workers at century 21 are so nice but I did expect to move into a clean apartment.

tracy groves

shaina schaaf

I would never in a million years work with century 21 again. Alexis is the worst person to work with. She makes all your real issues seem dumb and finds a way to post the name on you. She needs fired.

Amy Vinton

Kanwal Naz

Tammy Allen

Century 21 is breaking a lease by not giving 24 hours notice on showings because the place being leased is for sale. They have had numerous phone calls about it and refuse to honor that part of the lease.

Charlie Robins

We've been working with Century 21 for about 7 years. They actually found us our first and second homes. They've always done a great job for us, and were there every step of the process. She listened to our ideas and just went from there. Both homes fit our specifications perfectly. I'd recommend them to anybody.

Ryan Whelchel

Alexis McNeal was the one I was working with, Ill just start from the beginning. When I moved in i had a DEAD MOUSE laying right in the middle of the living room, along with cob webs everywhere and dirty cabinets. I complained about it and all I got was a free cleaning which I didn't even need since I did it myself. One Friday night I was using the restroom (#1 just fyi) and while flushing, the water would not stop rising and eventually started over flowing. I quickly turned the valve off and looked everywhere for a emergency number to call but there was none. I sent Alexis an email and she called me pretty quickly (It was by luck that she checked her email, she admitted it). I told her the situation. It didn't get fixed for 3 DAYS!! Unbelievable that I had to keep going down the street to the gas station to use a restroom. I had to move out early so they took almost half of my security deposit, which is understandable. I cleaned the entire place all around and left it in the same exact condition that I received it in. After moving out they said they would send me the rest of the security deposit in the mail. After a month I get a letter and I received NOTHING back. I got charged for cleaning, in which the cleaner came a month after I moved out so of course dust is going to accumulate. I was charged for a full carpet cleaning that didn't need to be done. The carpet was brand new when I moved in and I never wore shoes around the apartment nor did I ever spill anything on the carpet. It was just fine. It was really interesting that the remaining security deposit I had left after the re-rent fee, just happened to be the exact amount that they charged me with the extra unnecessary cleaning. I'd really recommend going elsewhere. But unfortunately in Kearney NE, You don't have much options. Just really be careful if you do happen to go there. Good riddance

Larry Eggert

I have used Century 21 Midlands for management of a property for over 5 years. They have always found good tenants and have always rented right away so there have been no vacancies. I find there service to be exceptional and well worth the management fee.

Dinah Miller

The realtor we worked with at Century 21 was always very helpful and attentive. We've worked with her twice now because we had such a good experience.

Buffy Nelson

Alexis McNeal was the agent we had dealt with trying to rent an apartment that she was the property manager of. Every time I went to meet with her she talked down to me. I had already heard many stories from friends of how awful of a person she was, but I had no idea how right they were until I found out for myself. She has such a bad attitude, and always acted like she was better than us. I'm so glad she isn't our property manager anymore, and I hope I never have to deal with her again. I would probably like to do more with Century 21 if she weren't there.

Jim Pascal

Patrick Slack is a dishonest douchebag weasel.

Cynthia Conner

Top notch. The realtors and phenomenal. I would recommend anyone work with them.

Michael Hendricks

The staff at Century 21 Midlands was very understanding of my situation in respect to the sale of my properties. They all really went above and beyond for me, it was more than I expected. They dealt with Wells Fargo for me. I don't think too many people would have worked this hard to make this sale happen for me.

Trevor Markwardt

Applied for a lot where I was going to buy a trailer home got denied because of a medical bill an a credit card bill that I make my payments on. Didnt even bother checking my rental refrence or any of my refrences for that matter an said they dont feel like I would be reliable on a 200 dollar a month lot payment wow I make a little under 3000 a month thie lady was so insulting. An my experience isnt the first time this has happened I talked with others good upstanding people. Needles to say I will never rent or buy anything from here an i will do everything in my power to help people avoid this kind of treatment.

Kirk H

William Orr

I currently rent from Century 21 Midlands. The rents here in Kearney are awfully high but last week I had little drip under the sink and went online and reported it as a non-emergency. The response time was quick. A couple hours later the plumber was knocking on my door with a smile and the problem was quickly resolved!

Jermaine Medlock

Helen Lopez

If there was any problem with the apartment, I knew I could call Century 21 for help. I also appreciate having a 24 hour notice before the landlord or other maintenance was coming in.

Lillie Tran

Linda Reising

Alexis and her team do a really good job keeping me up to date on my rentals in Kearney. I live in Omaha so I need someone that I can trust to manage my properties. Century 21 is that team

Kendra Elmshauser

Lance Satur

Barb Lucas

My husband and I had a good experience working with Century 21 Midlands. Our realtor knew what we wanted and did not deviate from that.

Hannah Smith

Very helpful

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