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Here you have the feddbacks of people who purchase the products of Office Depot (Real Estate Agency) in the state of Missouri.

At present the firm receives a rating of 3.5 stars out of 5 and this rating was based on 93 reviews.

As you can read, the average score it has is high, and it is based on a large number of opinions, so we may conclude that the score is very accurate. If people have bothered to rate when they are satisfied with the service, is that it works.

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REVIEWS OF Office Depot IN Missouri

Jacob M Hewitt

Brian Winkelmann

John Branson

Good service

Stephanie Huett

Travis Coats

Exceptional customer service, clean store decent priced items!

David Sartain

Absolutely the worst place to work and shop. The store manager puts himself before customers and associates. He reprimands his employees in front of other employees and customers. Very toxic place to be.

Vladimir Chernov

You need it they have it

John Field

Mary Smith

William Gates

Greatest p

Nancy Baker

Bought a new laptop. Employees were extremely helpful during the purchase. Answered my questions with competency and patience. Assisted with setup, updates, everything I needed to have it ready to use when I got it home. Highly recommend you give them a chance to help you as you seek to outfit your home and business offices.

Pat Gerke

Very slow at the check out

Kevin Nahler

It's ok

cheryl balentine

Excellent customer service

Bryan Bross

Very helpful and pleasant, had just what I was looking for.

Wendy Ross

Had brochures printed. Young lady was very helpful. Smiled and kidded with us and printed up just what we wanted! Excellent service!

Michael Heavener

Ying Hu

Seb C H

I came in to have a few pages laminated in their print shop but was completely ignored (after being told by several employees that they'd look after me "in a sec"). Walked out after waiting another 5 minutes of being ignored (there were several employees hanging around playing on computers and no other customers to help). I don't plan to ever return.

Justin Bonnot

George Reindel

Tetyana Beregovska

Nice collection of office supplies. Friendly and helpful staff. Clean and clutter-free

Michael del Rosario

( I am assessing the online printing services rendered): pathetic! The first time I had attempted to print out 8.5 x 11's there, I had been told that "the service was acting up"; it continued to "act up" for about a month, with a dreadfully inadequate service manager at the helm. I (just now) tried to print out from an emailed JPEG--- same moronic service manager (older lady with glasses). She didn't know how to fit the full JPEG image on the page... come on now, Office Depot, can't you hire any knowledgeable print center supervisors? P.S. Lance actually knows what he is doing, but I feel that (compared to Staples) your print center fails miserably.

Scott Perkins

Tikesha Rodriguez

Awesome spot to get supplies

ComicBook Guy

Ryan Ulrich

Printing Service was unresponsive when I tried to call in and reach them. When I finally did talk to someone, they said they would not be able to meet the advertised same-day fulfillment of my order. I could not risk a delay in my project so I took my business to a more dependable service.

Carla Burris

Lev Dalke

Decent prices on college supplies, always a good clearance section.

Lara Dieckmann

Friendly staff, great deals, well-organized stock.

Steve Powell

Store inventory seems to be very low. The building is looking dated and in need of repair. The staff is friendly, but I'm sure it's not their decision to scale things back this far. We use their delivery service at the office and really like that. Prices are good and deliveries are timely.

Jacquie Kraus

The store manager couldn't be better knowing I needed furniture assembly and the Apollo service which is extra is excellent in the cities but NOT IN our town. He had several suggestions which I tried. Finally the desk is together because of his positive actions. The people who work there are very kind. If you need to be treated like Royalty they will do so for you. There is turnover, so sometimes there are new learners, but they genuinely hope each customer will leave feelilng Happy and Satisfied. They are conversational! They will help you shop smarter if you open up and tell them what you are thinking and I like the great attitude!

Brandon Banton

Always helpful staff.

James Ndoneh

Sandra Brooks

Brooke Bartlett

The color printer is broken every other time I try to print here.

Wyatt Jones

They can order it for ya.....

Randy Clark

I went to the Office Depot store to purchase an advertised laptop on a Friday. I was told they did not have one in the store but it could be picked up on Monday. I purchased the laptop and Microsoft Office with a debit card. I called Monday on my way home and after 2 calls and 35 minutes I was told it was not there but was back ordered and it was suggested that I call the 800 order tracking. I called and the recording said it was delivered. I held on for an operator who told me the item was back ordered. I went back to the store and we cancelled the order, when printing the paperwork it showed a home delivery scheduled for Wednesday. The store manager suggest that if it did show up I could accept it, bring it to the store and we could cancel the refund. It did not show up and again I called the 800 order tracking which said "Delivered"! I went back to the store and the manager informed me that since I had paid with a debit card and did not have the merchandise it would be 5-7 days before my account would be credited. It has been 18 days since this disaster began and 10 business days still no refund. My wife has been on the phone with Merchant Services, Office Depot and our Credit Union. She was told that no credit had been issued. The latest is an email saying 3-5 business days to receive our credit. I had also purchased a Micro Soft Office card that I attempted to load on a laptop I purchased at another store and it did not recognized it and indicated it had not been activated. Back again to the store and I was told they could not refund software purchases and I would need to deal with Microsoft. We contacted Microsoft and after one hour and 30 minutes they were able to locate, activate and load the program. NO MORE OFFICE DEPOT FOR ME. Randy Clark Columbia, MO Still waiting for refund after many hours on the phone and more excuses and apologies. 22 days into this disaster.

Randall Hill

Got absolutely no help could not find the product I wanted and the wait staff at the checkout may not have been alive.

Colene W

Paige gave us superb assistance and personal care when we bought an HP Pavilion computer recently. She is knowledgeable, personable and efficient--the personification of good customer service. Thanks, Paige!

Jerome Booker

I found some great deals on regular priced and clearance items. I also was able to use my rewards points as an additional savings.

Lemon Juice

Haven’t gone there yet, but I called to ask if they had a certain item and my phone rang for a total of 14 minutes.

Cherie Doyen

Will not answer their phone. I have called 3 times and the phone just rings and rings. No answering service... No answer!

Amanda Crewse

My husband and I went in to find a desk for our home office. We browsed for over 30 minutes with no offer of assistance. Once I found a desk I wanted I went to the customer service desk to inquire about assembly and delivery. On every desk there was a little sign that said assembly and delivery were available for a cost. The lady at the customer service desk informed me first that they didn't deliver, then ask someone in her earpiece/microphone (I assume the manager) and advised me they didn't assemble or deliver. I said, "maybe you guys should take down all the little signs on the desk that state assembly and delivery are available." She then repeats what I say into her mic, at which point a guy walks over and becomes rude with me stating they don't do any in house assembly and they outsource for delivery/assembly. I decided then that I didn't need a desk from this store nor did I ever want to go back in there.

Scott McCullough

I love our Office Depot. Behind the slightly dumpy exterior is a great selection of products at very competitive prices. Their website is super easy to navigate, and the local staff is friendly and helpful. Look no further for your office needs.

Paul Brown

Rachel Frische

My husband and I usually LOVE Office Depot stores- they have great every-day prices and incredible sales, BUT this particular store location has AWFUL printing services. I went to get 2 board review study books spiral bound for easier use. These are books that cost ~$40 each and are going to be used daily for note taking and review for 6 months before I take my medical board examinations. After waiting over an hour, I said that I'd have to return later because I had class. Three hours later I return to see that the books were completely messed up. One had about 40 pages of the 300 pages that did not even get incorporated into the spiral! The pages literally were NOT bound! And on the other, they had obviously messed up the pages....copied them on copy paper and bound those. They were able to re-spiral bind the first book so at least all of the pages are bound, but the second book now has very nice printed paper intermixed with terrible copies of pages that they added in. Also, I asked for the front and back of the paper back books to get laminated to add to their durability- and they had laminated over spiral cut holes and cut the edges so they were smaller than the pages within! The covers no longer even protect the pages of my book because of this! I did get my services for free without even having to ask- they knew that this was ridiculous service- BUT my books are ruined! I still have to use them because I have boards to study for- but every time I turn a page and see their terrible service work I get annoyed. :( Overall- I'm sure the store has good deals just like any other Office Depot, but PLEASE do not risk them damaging your important documents and books in the paper/printing services department! GO TO KINKO's down the street!!

Toney Lowery

They have office supplies when I need office supplies.

Lanh Thai

Everyone here was helpful and nice. They did a great job on the poster I had them made.

Midnight Ryder

Prices seem really high

Robert Campbell

Store is a bit dated. Inventory in-store versus online is often messed up. Prices are a little high compared to other retailers on most things.

John Pan

Not sure how this place is still in busy. Do people still buy fax machines and typewriters? Slow copy and print shop. Rather head to FedEx office for copies.

Kris Singh

I don't know how this place stays in business -- every time I walk in, there MIGHT be 1-2 other people in the store. And it seems like the employees are always hiding in the back (they only come out to help you after you stand around for several minutes). However, when the office is in a pinch and we need some paper, labels, etc TODAY, they're usually pretty good about having what we need in stock.

Scott Wendling

This place feels dead inside. Only one person seems to know anything about anything in the store. It's like they're just waiting to go out of business or something.

Dave Spotts

Sean De

While I empathize with the challenges of being a new employee and unfamiliar with the equip, waiting two hours to accomplish ten or less greeting cards, using three employees, two managers and elbow to elbow with fellow, unsatisfied customers, is no way to spend a second of your day . A dozen failed attempts with the finished work being off set, wrong size , drab color, them making a copy of a copy ( bleh-awful and they knew it before even trying it , yet still did .) ... NEVER AGAIN ! Time is money. Look up a professional printer, Columbia has several.

Mike Perkins

Customer service lately is poor and low selection on specialty items.

ProPumping LLC

This is my office store. It's close to our business and downtown area. I've always been able to find what I need here.

Crazy Grandpa Gone Wild

Dusty did a great job on my resume. She was knowledgable and patient and it looked very professional. Now if I can just get a job!! Thanks .

Chris Reid

Mary Christina

The store is clean and the staff are friendly.

Kayla Schierbecker

Went in to the store in September and they didn't even stock what I wanted so I ordered it online for pickup there. When it turned out to be defective, I returned it for a refund but I had to ask one of the managers about how to return it online. He didn't have an answer for me so he promised to get back in touch with me later, which he didn't. Some time later I managed to drop the product off for pick-up but due to some extreme weather, the courier called and said to just keep it. I went in to pick it up but they weren't sure where it was. Again they promised to get back in touch, which they didn't. I called back later and the manager said the courier did end up picking up the laptop. This miscommunication looks bad on the part of this store and all of Office Depot.

Kristie Bogden

Nikki Eddings

They are a little outdated and need some sprucing up inside the store but workers were friendly

Susan Goodman

I agree that it is hit and miss. Some good buys. There should be reliable wifi in store to check out how the laptops etc work.

Sairam Yadavilli

Brian Wharton

Provides a wide variety of Office Supplies

Mike Black

Small store. Not many options for cables but the staff is nice and helpful.

Jami Clevenger

Grateful for them. Great customer service! Concerned about them staying. They have a large retail space, low inventory, never busy.

fortworth steeler

Nice staff, very helpful

otis thefurry

office supplies

Shouldbeobvious Nottelling

Fantastic customer service. Except Jim. He hates people that make returns. I brought a printed e-receipt for a $10 dollar purchase I'd made the day prior and he, well, he rambled and tried to give me store credit. M: No. Can you look my purchase up in the system? J: I don't think so... You'll probably have to go home to reprint this and get the rest of your receipt. M: Can you check? J: I'll have to get Manager X. It may be a while. After browsing in the immediate area of that register for 30 minutes I get back in his line. Turns out his manager had already called back to him and he just had to type my receipt number. J: Turns out I was partially wrong. My thoughts: No Jim. You were 100% wrong. No partial about it. I brought the entire receipt and you made me wait for half an hour. My words: Well, thank you.

Matthew Dye

Good for supplies - office things, school things.

Christopher Overly-McDowell

Spongebob Idrizow

I work there and I've never seen my boss act the way some claim we do. If you don't appreciate us then find somewhere else. Extremely rude review

Dawn Smith

Good office supply store. They have furniture and all the basics for your office

Gerald Lucas

I bought a reman. ink cartridge for my printer that would not print. I broke it open and found that it had no ink in it at all.

Steve Calcagno

Shameful lack of service in a dingy environment.

DJ Dometrorch

This is an office supply store with the expected inventory.

Anna Meyer

Thu Nga Nguyễn

We bought a RealSpace-Cress Field (high back) office chair from Office Depot during their sale and we were really happy with the value we got. We used to have the problem with ordering office chairs online (not from Office Depot); the chairs came in damaged during shipping, or had signs of used/ refurbished, or the chair design did not fit our sitting habit. So I highly recommend going to places like Office Depot or any where that you can try on the chairs rather than online ordering. Plus, the staffs were very nice and helpful; they helped us to applied the best discount code that they could.

Scott Nameth

They were able to set me up with last minute training books for the Missouri Dealer Education Seminar.

Jacob Rackers

Went in to print a shipping label. Went to bathroom, got accused of stealing. It hurt my feelings. They did not apologize. Lots of employees, no customers- signs of inadequate management.

Susan Stoddard

Great service

Alan Combs

It's somewhat hit or miss. I know a lot of the staff so I get a little different service than most. Not a bad place to shop.

Scott Coldsnow

Had what we needed

Andrew Coon

Ginny Helvey

Had what I needed

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