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REVIEWS OF Keller Williams Realty IN Iowa

Ed KoKo

They telemarket me 5 times a day minimum every couple of weeks on a Sunday or Monday morning. I guess I need to report them and go to the real estate board with my complaint. Calling their office nicely doesn't work.

Jane Stark

Our agent is amazing! Listened to our wants abd needs!

Jack Urban

On April 13, 2018 I received a letter in the U S MAIL from Troy Trumm with the sticky note on the outside of their company’s profile indicating “I know I can help you sell your home". The problem is that I did not request this service from Keller-Williams or Troy Trumm. When I wrote to Mr. Trumm regarding the letter he indicated to me that “Someone registered on my website with your name and address and requested information on selling the property. If you would like me to have my assistant look into this further to see if an email address or phone number was provided, let me know. That will help determine who this person is who is impersonating you.” I responded to the affirmative that I would like further investigation. Five days letter I received a response back that Mr. Trumm was unable to find out additional information regarding the request and “suggested” that I lock down my credit through the three credit bureaus. I find this business practice reckless in that Mr. Trumm’s company does not do a better job of verification of the owner of a property before following through on potential business leads and sending out solicitations. This will alarm most home owners should they receive a similar letter due to the amount of scams in the news. I filed a complaint with the Nebraska Real Estate Commission as a result after consulting with that state agency.

Talin Dean

Nathan robart is the worst real estate agent I have ever seen. House has been on market for a month and get no communication from him. That's probably cause he has other agents doing his job for him cause he to busy to do anything. He has done absolutely nothing he thinks having one open house from 11 to 1 will sell a house . And cause he does nothing all he says is keep lowering the house. Well news flash I could price a house dirt cheep and sell it. Maybe Keller Williams should give me a job cause I'd at least work 1 day a week and get more done then he has. I told him that I did not like the way he was going about this and wrote a review after that he got in touch and said he would let us out of the contract if I deleted the review. I'm sure that's not ethical. Please who ever his boss is have a talk with him and explain u get paid to do a job not sit around and collect a check. Also our house is posted as lease to own which it is not. I wouldn't trust this man to sell a tree house.

Debra Reddy

Nice building inside. The agent we met with was friendly and knowledgeable.

Shad Zaman

Absolutely amazing team of professionals to work with. Highly recommended!


Would not recommend Ericka Staples. Super sweet gal at first, then decided we were too picky about our first home and sent us a very nasty email calling us "unethical" and "immoral". Then when we closed on the house, she sent us a gift and congratulated us and gladly took her commission. Even after "firing" us. She thought is was acceptable for the seller, also a realtor, to leave the house dirty and disgusting. Offering no apology. Also, her negotiating skills could use some work.

Lisa Nevels

Janet Brandenburg

Jami Burch was our agent/broker from kw Eugene,Or. I would highly recommend her. Jami was very attentive to our needs, she work long and hard on putting in offers. She always answered all of calls, and explained,everything in detail. She got us the house we wanted in 21 days. Thanks Jami Burch. Janet Brandenburg

John Charley

Regan Middleton-Moreland is fantastic! Her pursuit of finding me the perfect home was enduring and relentless. She actively listens and kept perspective of my goals throughout the process. She is quite knowledgeable of potential pitfalls when buying a home and thoroughly knows the local market. I very highly recommend Regan to find your next home.

Travis Bruce Tubbs

We bought a house from Keller Williams' broker Jody Draper, a house that he also owned! The co-owner of the house told us it was contaminated with meth after the sale. We had a home inspection and I walked all through the property and had no idea meth was being used there. We cannot live in the house until it's cleaned and decided to buy a travel trailer to live on the property with in with my wife and our 7 children. We were told that Keller Williams and their Errors and Omissions insurance would work with us to clean up the meth and make the house livable, and pay for our lawyer fees and other expenses associated with this mess. It has been over a year and we are still living in a trailer and don't have a resolution. This brokerage cannot be trusted! They sell you houses, just to make a sale without fully disclosing the true condition. I would never recommend such a shady office!

Mark Scott

kent paul

Great work environment.


Not only are they not willing to step up and reconcile an undisclosed meth house they sold. They have left a family of nine living in small camper trailer due to the fact there not be honest. i hope you can see past the fake positive reviews.

Cameron Seright

I needed to find and be ready to apply for a place over the course of a 4 day weekend, so I enlisted Rebekah from Keller Williams to help. She had a list of places which met my needs ready, and discussed a few options that I didn't think about to make sure I found the right place. She met my expectations gracefully in the unrealistically short timeframe I had, because she was more prepared to help than I could have hoped. Highly recommended.

Stephanie Timmons

Ines Solano

(Translated by Google) The one who took care of me is a love of a person king and sent me with a credit broker who explained us wonderfully I recommend them to 100% the only thing is that I have to wait to be able to buy a house hahaha

Scott Gokey

Shannon Kohler

Cant wait to join the team of amazing people here.

Troy Tubbs

My brother as soon as he bought the house for his family of nine. Only after the sale closed did he find out the house had been used to make meth. He has done absolutely everything possible to get the contamination cleaned and the repairs done with zero help from Keller Williams. All they do is delay an postpone their involvement and then take no responsibility. So far they have been living in a camper for 15 months with no end in sight. Avoid doing business with this company.

Catherine Noel

Steve Sheppard

Great people

Advanced Spine Joint and Wellness Center

I have worked with Blaise Rosser on several real estate transactions and the whole team from front to back was fantastic. Blaise is a well seasoned professional that helps you find your perfect home and not just a "sale". He is very patient and actually listens to his clients and their needs! I would highly recommend him to investors and those looking for a family home!! Thank you!!!

K Tiff

Great people, amazing culture, awesome and proven education and models to grow any agents business to the next level. Top producers always come from contribution and take pride in helping agents succeed.

Shane Snell

Steve Minino was quick and knowledgeable about finding our new place to call home.

Iletha Hamang

M Hill

The staff of Team Tiffee is the Best!

Summer Rose Martin

Best group of realtors

Rob Perkins

Jennifer Moen


Hands down the best realtors I've ever worked with!

Bill Durling

Anthony Mazzara

Kory Roberts

Sheila Cobb

Daniel Goss

Irma Lopez

Jake Eff

Sold a family a meth house. Disgusting. Even by low low real estate agent ethical standards, this is abject dirtbag behaviour

Riana Loakes

Keller Williams Realty sold a close friend and their family of 9 (7 young children) a METH house. Disgusting and despicable. Do NOT do business with this company.

Teresa Ost

Adrian Gonsalez is so amazing! He was so helpful and knowledgeable. I feel like he went above and beyond what is expected. Courteous and patient with us. I 100% recommend Adrian.

Cameron Wells

Absolutely some of the greatest people I've worked for . It's an honor to be a KW. agent

dani miller

I can't say enough about how helpful the Karandy and Dunn team were in both selling our former home and buying our new paradise.

Devon Renee

Jorge Alvarez

Birdman Wilson

Get your own home today!

Tim Sheehan

Got a cold call from someone identifying himself as Ian Gray from Keller Williams realty in Eugene. I told him that I was going to report him to the FTC for a do not call list violation. Rather than apologize and move on, he chose to argue with me, tell me I'm didn't show up on the do not call list, justify disturbing me at home because he's just trying to feed his family, on and on. Will never use a company that doesn't follow the do not call list and who employ people like this.

ENRGZR mike555ro

Worst real estate company branch ive ever met. Hope it goes away.

Matthew Gerber

danielle sukontaraks

Sarah Grogan

No stars are deserved by a business that left a family of 9 homeless due to the Agents dishonesty. Selling a house known to have been used for meth is reprehensible! I will never use a Keller Williams agent or buy a property being sold by them and will continue to ask everyone I know to do the same!

Jamie Rust

I would leave negative stars if I could. Keller Williams sold a house completely infected with Meth. They sold it to a nice family of 9 who have been forced to live in a 5th wheel on the property. Keller Williams has not taken responsibility in any way. I am truly disgusted by them & the court system that has allowed this

Nikita Wright

Patrick pimmell

The most unprofessional company I have experienced I have ever dealt with. No return calls as promised. No ethics when it come to the buyer if the buyer is not listing with them. Complete nightmare!!! My advice is to STAY AWAY from these people!!! I won’t mention the listing agents name. He has done his best and was probably taught the ethics there. Complete Low Life’s in my opinion

Summer Currie

Craig Broome

We cannot thank Patrick enough for his professionalism, expertise, and hard work in helping us sell a family home in Biloxi, MS. We had listed the home for years with other agents who gave us lofty expectations but never delivered results. Patrick worked patiently with my 80 year old grandmother to make sure she was comfortable and understood every step of the process. The service we received from Patrick Moore was exceptional and exceeded every expectation! We could not have asked for a better Realtor to guide us through the process. Patrick's experience and patience served us well. His market knowledge is invaluable and his relationships in the community allowed us to sell our home quickly. Patrick is a true professional and in a class by his self and I fully recommend him to all looking to sell or buy a home. Craig Broome

Ken Clements

Great realtor when you're buying a house

Chris Hammermeister

Ryan is a professional who truly values relationships! Always a straight shooter. Thank you for your expertise!!!

Angelea Nelson

Our realtor Jessica Walker in Omaha, NE rocked! She kept in constant contact with us and made the home buying experience better. Would recommend her to everyone!!

Don Calcote

When I decided to buy a cottage in Gulfport, MS for my new residence, I picked David Becher at random from a real estate ad and was so glad I chose him. He knew the Gulf Coast market extremely well and kept me posted as new houses became for sale. When "just the right cottage" came on the market, David called me and by the end of the day had negotiated my offer to acceptance. He was a pleasure to work with and I will use him exclusively as I search for rental properties in the future!

Cortney Samaniego

We worked with Annie to purchase our home, and to sell 2 1/2 years later. We had a quick move and needed to sell in less than six weeks. Annie gave us tips to better market our home, held an open house less than a week later, and we had an agreed upon offer in four days!! Even better, we closed in the quick timeframe we needed. I 100% know it was Annie’s expertise, and the hard work of the Williams Realty team, as to why this process was so smooth and hassle free. Anytime I started to get stressed, Annie reminded me to not worry and let her handle the hard stuff. Thank goodness for her! If we ever move back to the area, we will be using Annie and the Williams Realty team.

Maguire Marion

Amazing office, location, and agents. Great team of professionals!

Ryan Arnt

M Scott

Best & #1 Realty group in Omaha & Worldwide! :D Best Realtors with charming personalities & full of knowledge who get the job done right the first time!

dianne strye

Very knowledgeable.

Chyelin Andreadakis

STAY AWAY! Keller Williams sold a meth house to a family of 9 without disclosing anything. The father is in the military and serves our country, and this is the kind of disrespectful service he got in return! Shame on Keller Williams for not disclosing crucial info, and now not taking responsibility and cleaning it up! Don't do business with such a shady place!

Deb Elliott

Great place to work!

Front Desk

Honestly one of the best places to go for training, mentor-ship programs, teams and so much more. The dynamic of the office is truly amazing and the people there are even better!!!!

Neanderloid Swain

I found them to be pushy, condescending, poor listeners who have a bad memory for things I told them I was looking for in a house. I used them only because Dave Ramsay has 2 agents who are ELP's, but neither of them follow Dave's guidelines and discourage buyers who do. It's interesting to say the least. I'm stuck with them for another few months because I was pushed into signing a representation contract, but I won't buy till the contract lapses and I can find a new buyer agent who will be respectful and be in my corner.

Dee Baumgardner

Would never use Keller Williams after what they are doing to our good friends, the Tubb family in Jefferson, Oregon. Sold them a meth house when one of their real estate agents was part owner of the house.


Lindsay B. Williams

Keller Williams not only sold a family a contaminated meth lab house, they refuse to ensure any restitution to make changes to the house that would make it safe to live in. Basically, this family of 9 is left living out of their yard until city laws require them to vacate because the house cannot be lived in safely. Winter is coming on, and despite promises from Keller Williams' lawyers to do something about it, nothing is being done.

Shawn Harper

Double A Double L

They will sell you a meth house... stay away.

ali kazemi

vdg vdg

I understand you sold a meth house to the Tubbs family, that was a bad idea, saw it on the news. Very disappointing.

Tiffany Nelson

Keller Williams sold my friend in the military with 7 children a house HEAVILY contaminated with meth. It will take over 100k to clean up and make livable. They are reduced to camping out on the property as the buildings are unfit to be in. Keller Williams is refusing to make this right and is in fact delaying things as much as they can.

Lynzi Bond

You sold a house completely contaminated with meth to a family with 7 young kids! How can you justify how they have had to live because of your mistake?

Trish Williams

THISThis has to be the best brokerage in the world . Dedicated to creating Top Producers . The education is priceless, and the staff is ;like a family . The culture around the office is amazing , Agents are always happy to offer advice or tips. I couldn't imagine being anywhere else

ron j sr

0x0x0x x0x0x0

Absolutely horrible experience my agent was less than hands on or informative. Never negotiated price on the home that we were buying stated it was insulting to offer anything less then asking price. Put up our escrow money, $3000 as the sellers profit if the home loan was not approved. Had us sign off on repairs before we could thoroughly check them out because the seller had turned off the electricity. She stated she would get receipts as proof, so sign the paperwork that was releaseing seller of any responsibility should we later find that they in fact had not been done. She had no clue what was going on with the brokerage company and their offices were across the parking lot from each other. Was instructed to go to signing of closing documents before funding had ever been released. After threatening a law suite, found out that the lender still had conditions for us to meet before funding could be released. Schedule the signing of documents essentially on a Thursday right before a three day weekend. Again no heads up or even a clue as to what was going on and why. Called the manager of the real estate office and he was as rude as could be and just as clueless. Monday morning she still had no information nor did the brokerage company as to where we stood with the lender. After totally losing faith in our realtor and the brokerage company I started communicating with the escrow company who assured use that the funding would be released that day and by the end of the day we were told by the escrow company we could get the keys to our new home. I had to inform our realtor, " Suda" of the progress and request the keys to our new home. Instead of delivering the keys, she gave us the code to the lock box on the home and told us we could get the keys ourselves. Never heard from the brokerage company, "OMT". Took 3 horrible months and five extensions to finally close on a house. In the end both realtor and broker stated this was all my fault because my score was low and the only lender they were able to find was a lender who was reported to the Better Business Bureau for poor performance. Stay away from this real estate office and the brokerage company at all costs.

april wahlquist

How do you with a moral conscience sell a home to a family of 9 with 7 children a meth house?!

Jerry Anderson

They coo

Jake Lucier

AD Smith from Keller Williams Realty did a fantastic job in selling my Springfield house! Very easy to work with, always answered my phone calls and my emails, He recommended updates I needed to sell it at a fair market price, which I did. After the updates were completed it sold within 1 week at the price we were asking!

Aaron King

I have never worked with a better group of people. I’m so great full for the staff and coworkers in this office. I had some health issues this last year and the people in this office where right there to help me and my family through the tough time. Keller Williams is so much more than just a real estate company.

Maniaco Garcia

They are doing new remodeling and it’s looking great

Julie Lawler KW REALTOR

Susan Barnhart

Great office, great location, awesome support, awesome training, and a great environment! Our culture is priceless! Our office encourages our agents to not just be a real estate agent but to be a business owner! We encourage having a team, building a business! Priceless! KW's Mission Statement - To build careers worth having, businesses worth owning, lives worth living, experiences worth giving, and legacies worth leaving...what is your Mission?!

Patrice Botsford

Do not do business with these people. They sold a meth house to a family of nine and have refused to make it right. Not just immoral, but unethical too as the agent was part owner in the house.

Amy Perry

david danaher

Amazing Mega Agents, very high talent and very friendly

Stephen James

Great people to work with! Very upbeat and customer minded with a dedication to constantly learning to be better than we were the day before.

Jodi Hunter

John Loftus

This is a great group of agents. Give them a call first when you're interviewing to buy or list your home for sale. You won't be disappointed!

Matt K

Tyler aldrich

It all depends on the realtor you find. Aly was exceptional and prompt. When we needed to see something Asap, Aly was on the ball. Any questions i had were answered accurately and expeditiously. Thank you for the great experience.

Richard Thompson

Awesome place to be!

Dave Aubin

We purchased a house that was listed with Keller Williams as a updated home. We worked hard to save money for our home only to find out after we moved in that the house was used as a hash factory and there was an explosion causing around $47,000.00 to repair. We found that the agent had taken neighbors for tours of the damage but failed to disclose this on the disclosure form. You know who you are and i hope you choke on it.

Stephen Haldeman


When using Keller Williams, just be careful not to use Cherie Thomson. She brought us all the way to the contract with a smile on her face and then dropped us like a hot potato when we were about to close. There was no explanation or anything. I assume she had another buyer and went for the better offer.

kristina lane

We have teri as our realitor shes amazing so far. she has been on top of everything . i reallx feel as thou she is truly watching out for us.


Cal Yoder listed the property including 5 bedrooms 3 bathrooms for a certain price but when we arrived he explained that there was an additional price for a section of the house to get the 5 bedrooms 3 bath. The ad was misleading.

Jason Hennings

Brittany Ritter

I feel my experience with Keller Williams should be made public! More so my experience will Bill and Lori Durling. When I started my house hunting journey it was an absolute nightmare! I’m a first time home buyer and we were sent through the ringer. From not being taken seriously to being sent listings out of my price range, or not even close to the parameters I was looking for. We must have gone through 5 agents ( with other companies) I was referred to Lori Durling by a friend who explained my situation... a very bleak one at that! Lori told my friend to “please have her call me”,I did! It was the absolute best thing I could have possibly done her, and her husband (Bill) treated me with the utmost respect! She knew my crazy work schedule and would make time to take calls even a 9:00 pm. Lori made this experience worth wanting to do again we had an almost unrealistic budget for the Eugene and Springfield area.Not only that we were working with a short time frame also. We wanted to be moved before our daughters fifth birthday. Lori made it happen every day she had listings for me to see or something we could even work with. She hasn’t just been my real estate agent she has become a friend of my family!!! So much to the point where she’s let me even borrow tools from her, and assisted us with a listing for a washer & dryer. Hands down I would refer anyone to Lori or Bill! They care about what they do, and they care about the people they work for genuinely! It really shows. Bottom line if you would like to have a breezy home buying experience with a wonderful couple they are the people to talk to!!!! Keller Williams is very lucky to have to two of them on their team! I cannot thank them enough for finding me and my little family a home!!! Words cannot express enough what and amazing experience this became, because the two of them made it that way for’re both very valuable people to this company, if Keller Williams doesn’t know that they SHOULD....THANK YOU so much Bill & Lori Durling....❤️❤️

Sarah Kerns

After what I’ve read they’ve done to a family of 9 selling them a meth house where the REALTOR was part OWNER?? I would never trust them or anyone associated with Keller Williams. It’s so incredibly shady.

Earl Nicholas

Listed my home with Keller Williams Jamie Gunther only had 4 showings over an 8 month period had 8 others scheduled but canceled at the very last minute Called to speak with broker but was referred to someone who claimed to be Gary Williams assistant and then met with Patrick Smith the same he turned out to be the franchise owner Felt both Patrick and Jamie were less than honest with me and were not doing enough to sell my home Found out that Keller Williams is a training company and the offices were franchisees and the agents were subcontractors Had also been told by Patrick that Jamie had not been attending the training Overall a very bad experience with these folks canceled my contract and moved on

Evan Schoffstall

Absolutely the best realtors in the region. Particularly, David and Carin Becker are fantastic realtors. If you’re interested in a home in region, give them a call. They are fantastic humble, highly-motivated, high-energy, mountain movers that were able to get us a home from visit to signing in about 4 weeks, and a week before Christmas Day none-the-less. They are also excellent negotiators, and as a penny-pinching millennial, that was very important to me. He handled the whole negotiation with ease and worked down the sale price $12k less than asking. The whole process was flawless and the customer service and representation was extraordinary. I know I’ll be recommending them, and for sure be using Keller Williams and hopefully David & Carin in the future as we develop our family.. Thank you Keller Williams for our beautiful home!

Paul Caruso

Lonnie Schuyler

Great bunch of guys, very knowledgeable

Stomper_pdx Curtis

Carol Pinar ripped us off. !!!!. Sighed our names to documents we didn't agree to. Bad bad business.

Jenn Korn

Liz Truesdell

Very good customer service

Jenniffer Clark

I love working at Keller Williams!

Aaron Stansbury

Mary Ro

Steven G. Eisenmenger

It might not be the fanciest building but the people there are going to treat you the best, because it's their lifestyle

Vincent Edwards

Krista Romero

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