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REVIEWS OF Red Door Property Management IN Indiana

Chris Davidson

I just moved into a home managed by Red Door Property Management about a month ago. Everything has been great, the home was delivered in a clean working condition. The online application and payment process is so convenient and awesome. We have had a couple maintenance arise but Rich has been great to work with on those. They even have an app for your phone that you can pay rent with and submit maintenance requests.

Marian McGregor

We recently changed our management from another local company over to Red Door and WOW what a difference. We went from calls and emails not being answered to having quick responses sometimes within minutes of asking. Rebecca, our new property manager, has been amazing to work with. They got rid of our old nonpaying tenant and brought in a new quality tenant that pays on time. Quality and timely customer service and quality tenants, this is the way property management should be done!

Shannon Mayfield

I'm only giving this company a 1 star because that's all I can give to make a review. I know I was qualified for one of the homes I applied for through this company. I am still establishing my credit so it may not be the best, but overall I have a great income making over 3x the rental amt and good rental history so I thought maybe they cld just give me a chance. I called and called everyday after I applied for the home and never got one call back from Melissa or Brian. I did not even get a showing to this house!!! I know for sure I had been put in a app before whoever they approved! After multiples calls, voicemails, emails I made to them finally Melissa reaches back out to me saying they moved forward with another applicant?!!! After faking having me to sign and send for my rental history ? They knew from very beginning they was not going to do any business with me. It sucks, but I know I should find what I'm looking for so I'm def not giving up! I am a African American female btw. I just wanted to give a heads up to whoever! I wld never consider this company if your not caucasion with a 800 credit score! Ima call it like I see it! Would not RECOMMEND this company!!!!

Hilary Cook

Red Door Property Management has been managing my rental property for almost a year now. This experience has been an absolute nightmare! They are the most unprofessional group of people I've ever dealt with. They never return your calls or emails and when they do, they're rude. I feel like I'm dealing with a bunch of teenagers every time I have to talk to them. They moved a hoarder into my home and didn't do anything to make them clean it up. They did charge me $6.00 to mail them a letter asking them to clean it up though. They told me they were going to give them 30 days to get it cleaned up and then re-inspect, which didn't happen until 7 months later. They ignored my phone calls and emails asking what was going on. The tenant signed a 24 month lease 12 months ago and this month they charged me a $350 "lease renewal fee" out of the blue, even though they're not renewing my lease! I seriously would never recommend this company to anyone.

Kevin Jacobs

Red Door Property Management is the worst. We used them as our property manager to rent out our house through them while living abroad. They consistently charged us for services such as furnace tune ups that were never performed. They charged us $4000 for a sewer line repair that they paid the plumber $2000 for. When subpar work was discovered, this revelation was met with hang ups and avoidance. When instructed to not rent the home for more than a 6 month period, they went ahead and signed a new tenant for a 12 month lease which we had to fight directly with the tenant to get fixed. Horrible management. Terrible business practices. If you are considering using Red Door to manage the rental of your home, I strongly advise against it.

Kristine Barrows

We have been renting with Red Door for 18 months. They have provided excellent customer service. We wish that we could continue renting through them! Unfortunately, our lease is ending and the owner is moving back. I wish Red Door had a property that worked for us!!

Jon Thompson

My first time renting and I wish I would have chosen Red Door at the beginning. The property management company that I chose prior to Red Door did not have the experience. These guys are TOP NOTCH. My previous company did not do things right with my tenant, who if I went with Red Door, wouldn't have gotten in the door. I searched on Google and found the one with the best reviews and that was RED DOOR. I fired my previous company and had them take over. The tenant turned out to be a nightmare and I'm so thankful for having Lesa at Red Door there all the way. She walked me through everything that had to happen, every time there was an issue. My lesson was clear, I should have chose Red Door at the beginning and I will choose them again when I rent in the future. Thank You!

Joseph Fleming

We switched our portfolio of home over to Red Door about 9 months ago from another big name property management company and are thrilled with our decision. Some of our units were vacant, some were tenant occupied and the transition has been great. It can be challenging changing property management companies but it has really been worth it for us. Not only are we saving on the management fees but the service we are receiving is FAR superior to what we were experiencing before. Red Door Property Management has been great to work with and I would highly recommend them for property management.

Calvin Paige

We just added our 3rd rental home and placed it under management with Red Door Property Management. This particular home needed a ton of work and they were able to make an estimate video, provide a written estimate and have all the work completed as well. I cannot tell you what a relief this was to rely on one company for all that. It saved me so much time, money, and hassle of trying to find contractors from afar. Would highly recommend Red Door PM for property management companies in the Indianapolis area.

Ciara Nekola

Chris Knight was a huge help to my family. He was prompt, knowledgeable and an absolute professional to work with. Would highly recommend him.

Tawne' Vandever

I just started renting from Red Door and I love it already! I found a beautiful home in the perfect neighborhood for my family! The home is everything I prayed for and some! Lesa has been AMAZING! Every single time I reach out to her, she's on it! Chris was great to work with as well!

Marie Jennings

We have really had some bad experiences with property management companies in the past, but our experience with Red Door Property Management has been amazing. We loved how tech savvy they are and how responsive Brian and the whole staff has been. Our home rented in about two weeks for full asking price and we got a two year lease too. Red Door's prices are very reasonable and more importantly the service is amazing.

Nicole Sienna

We just move out of a home that was managed by Red Door Property Management. We were very happy with the services we received during a year lease. We have a hot water go out and they were very fast to get it resolved. We had a bit of a mix up on our last month’s rent but were able to work through that issue quite easily. Overall, we were very pleased with our experience.

Rose Ledder

Red Door has been the property manager for my rental for 5 years. I was one of the original owners when they started. I am in the process of adding two more investment homes, and will definitely be using them for both. Mike the owner has always been prompt and courteous. Even when we haven't had the best tenants. I highly recommend.

Almac izBeastin

Honestly great company. Staff are super friendly And they have the best Maintenance crew i have ever seen especially Alex, Larry & Rich.

Mike Miller

Don't rent from this company! My roommate and I had a horrible experience. The lack of communication was disturbing when anything went wrong with the property.

Thomas Baumgardner

I just started using them, and Lesa has been extremely helpful! I highly recommend them from experience so far.

Ellen Hurst

The owner of this company knows how to make things right in a timely manner! Highly appreciated.


We have a condo in the Indianapolis area managed by Red Door Property management. They have been managing the home for us for about 4 years now and we have been thrilled with the way things have been handled. They have placed two very high quality tenants and done an excellent job in the management of our condo. Not only have they managed the home but we recently put our condo up for sale through them and got a full price offer within two weeks! Red Door was also able to perform the necessary repairs to make the home ready for sale, making this such a seamless and easy transaction.

Isaiah Gabriel

We have had a great experience with Red Door as owners. We had one property managed with them in the Fishers area and have been very happy. We used their Guaranteed Lease Program to purchase another home and now they manage the home we used to live in. Red Door has been great, they leased up our homes very quickly and quality tenants and have been very quick to responds to all of our questions.

sean hoskins

Examples of how you’re treated w Red Door Management!! The most unprofessional Co. I have ever seen!! Please run and hide from these Clowns!! They’re maintenance man should be FIRED for the way he left my bathroom!! What a joke!! Took them 4 mnths to deliver a Fridge! And when they did, the doors were bent and a 1/2 inch off!! Are u kidding me?! They didn't even put a new furnace filter in our unit prior to moving in. Then we had to pay for it!! Shouldn't they do this before a new move in??!!

Pamela Baker

Red Door Property Management has been our property manager in Indianapolis for almost 4 years now. We live in Seattle area and were relocated here for my husbands work. We tried to sell our home but couldn't what we needed to in order to break even so we looked into renting it out. While we were reluctant at first, we have had really great experience as landlords thanks to Red Door Property Management. We worked with Mike and Brian and have been so grateful for all they have done. We have great tenants and Red Door takes care of everything. Working with Re Door has been really stress free and enjoyable.

Elizabeth Taulman

I was initially very pleased with the pricing we recieved for renting our house! But, there were so many issues I would have paid hundreds of dollars more, rather than dealing with Red Door. Initially upon moving in, several of the appliances were not installed. Even after being told that all appliances were in the home. The fridge did not have a work ice/water dispenser and we were told that it was broke and not something that could be fixed. Shortly after moving in, we had a ground hog living in our vents. A pest control person was sent out once and set a trap. They came back once to check the trap to find the bait missing and no animal. Nothing further was done, even after continuing to tell them we still heard get groundhog. We then had MANY mice in our home. Which, I could understand if food was left out, trash, or crumbs. But unfortunately, not the case. Red Door did nothing to help with the 15+ mice that we caught. In a matter of 3-4 weeks. Shortly after that, I was continually getting bit by some sort of bug. We were informered that if there were bugs in the home, it was something we brought and not anything there previously. It was determined that the house was infested with fleas. We did not have any pets in the home the entire one we living in get home. We used 3 flea bombs, 2 upstairs and 1 down. Then 6 flea bombs, 3 upstairs and 3 down when we were still getting bit 2 weeks later. Then 3 more about 2 months later. We put in a maintence request for a toilet that was not flushing. We were then charged $100 because it was "clogged and that fee is covered by the renter". This fee was due 2 days after the maintnece was done, but we were not informed of the charge untill 3 weeks after it was completed. There was no water in the tank when putting in the request - the toilet would not flush and was not properly filling in the tank. It was visible that a new part was put into the toilet when looking into the tank. After 2 weeks of going back and forth about this, the charge was removed and we were told "I will address it with our plumber". Currently, out garage is caving in and nothing was checked as far as the stability of the garage. Or whether it is safe to park in the garage. Overall, we have had a horrible experience with their property management and will not be going through them again.

David Camire

We found out about Red Door Property Management through an investment group out of California. We have been using them to management our rental home in Fishers for about 2 years now and are thrilled so far. We have had solid tenants in the home the whole time who pay on time and keep the home very nicely. I love the inspection videos so we can keep an eye on the property from afar.

toni byess

This is the worst company to rent through!!! Save your money and go to another company. When we moved in the house was so dirty even though they said someone came to clean it. The garbage in the garage was over flowing onto the ground. They patched a couple holes and didn't paint just left the patch work. Paint was chipping all around the living room to where we had no choice but to paint if we didn't want our home for the time to look run down. Of course no reimbursement for the paint, even though it needed painted and by law they were supposed to paint it before we moved in. There was even dog anal gland on the walls when we moved in, they didn't even bother to clean that. When we moved out it was cleaned spot less and no damage that we caused only what was there when we moved in. If you have a maintenance problem, forget it they won't even acknowledge you even requested for maintenance. We had huge hole in the backyard when we moved it. They patched it with mulch not dirt. Any time we tried to contact the office they never responded. Multiple calls and emails and still would get no response. We have asked where our deposit is, and what do you know we still are getting no response back. If they wanted something, they expected you to respond asap. Melissa is the worst property manager, chris was no better. Chris was our original property manager and when we complained our move in date was in 1 day and still couldn't get Chris to call or email us back since we hadn't heard from him at all, they gave us Melissa. The worst experience I have ever had with a rental company.

scott benkie

Lesa Charles and the staff of Red Door Property Management have been professional and courteous in promptly responding to all of my inquiries, and they have followed up to ensure any problems were resolved.

Jon McCrorie

They fix issues quickly! :)

Louise Thibodeaux

Red Door just got done managing my home for the last years. We were relocated overseas for a work assigned and didn’t want to sell the house because we wanted to move back in at the end of our work assignment. I have to admit I was probably “that guy” and was super nervous about the whole situation. It can be very nerve racking to rent your personal home out while you are thousands of miles away. We just took possession back and could not be happier with the condition of the house and the level of service we have receive over the past few years. The video walk through inspections really made us feel at ease being so far away. Highly highly highly recommend Red Door Property Management.

Sebastian Fraser

I have red door managing my property in Indianapolis. As an out of state owner, it is great to know that I have someone in the area that makes sure my investment is being taken care of. Always responsive if I have questions but I don't often have to contact them because they take care of everything.

luke Speckman

these guys are awful they wont contact you back at all and most of their other reviews from tenants are pretty bad. i wouldn't recommend anyone use this service

Art Right

They’re very slow to send maintenance people out. The furnace wasn’t working for days in the middle of winter.

Cynthia Young

Red Door Property Management and specifically Melissa have been great to work with as owner of investment homes. For a while, I split the management of my homes between Red Door Property Management and another local property manager. After a year, I just move all my other homes under management of Red Door. They offer such a better customer experience that my other company. It is literally night and day difference between the two. Red Door is awesome.

Molly Cooper

Had a very pleasant experience with this company. Worked with Chris night and he was very timely and efficient and beyond helpful and all of our endeavors. He was highly professional and made our experience with the company and renting very successful quick and efficient. I would highly recommend him and the company to other people. They know how to get the job done. Glad I chose red door!

Oday Hamid

Brian did a great job finding qualified tenants for my home in Fishers, IN. He is responsive and provided me with advise on setting up the house for showing. I recently purchased a second rental and hired Brian again to broker the transaction.

Shobha Shahani

Highly unprofessional. They never return calls or emails. Charged us unnecessarily after moving out without any explanation. Took for ever to fix issues while we lived in the rental property managed by them.

Zach Ianni

Michael (owner I believe) is amazing, moves quickly and professionally.

Jenn Asbury

Found my absolute dream house. I applied and waited. Finally called. My credit check was done while on phone. Said no sorry. Something that is a Paid off hasnt fallen off of my credit yet and i cant get into a house. All my past landlords said they would even be my references. And i had a cosigner just incase. But nope couldnt get in. Instead of letting a house be taken care of, it will sit and rott away cause there is no exceptions with this place.

Madeliene Gracelyn

My family rents a home on the southside of Indianapolis. We have rented our home for 3 years. Red Door has always been quick for fixing any issues and Randy has always been nice enough to explain the issues and how they will be fixed. My family loves the home and Red Door has made us feel taken care of.

Jeremy Williamson

I've had a 5+ star experience with Red Door. They were lightning fast in securing quality tenants for my property in Fishers area. Their office requires ACH payment from tenant for rent so that cuts down on headaches in receiving monthly rent in timely manner. Really love they video the property before tenant takes possession and after they move out. The office provided YouTube link for both videos and is a great addition of backup--beyond the normal "checklist" sheets. Lesa C. at Red Door is great with timely communication. Management fees are very reasonable and tenant lease is written so it's very owner friendly. They run a tight ship! If you are looking for a PM, I highly encourage them. Jeremy W., property owner

Shannon Koda

I use this company for my home in Noblesville. Red Door had my placed leased and managed in a month. Lesa was very helpful with maintenance issues my tenants had. I will keep using the company and recommend them to anyone with rental properties.

Oscar Morton

As a real estate investor, I recently transitioned my portfolio over to Red Door to manage and have been very pleased. For me, maintenance was a huge deal with my last management company. The maintenance with Red Door is amazing. They take pictures of everything so if you ever have a question about it, they have documentation. Awesome.

Kyllah Edwards

PLEASE DO NOT RENT FROM THIS COMPANY!! They never answer the phones or return phone calls.AND WILL TRY TO KEEP YOUR SECURITY DEPOSIT

Cheryl Murphy

I can’t say how impressed I am with Red Door Property Management’s team. We live in New York and recently bought our first investment home in the Indianapolis area, sight unseen. We started working with them during the inspection process of the home. Red Door Property Management helped us coordinate repairs, estimates and helped us get the home rent ready. After that, they leased up the home very quickly and the process has been very smooth. Super excited to find a management team we can trust in the Indianapolis market.

Amy Allgood

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! I needed a property manager for my home while I was working overseas. I didn't have a lot of time to shop around for a property manager and I went with Red Door because they happen to charge slightly less than other companies on the monthly fees. I had a horrible experience the entire year I had to work with this company. They absolutely refused to provide itemized repair bills, which means their "in house technician" is probably some relative, and without an itemized bill I have no idea if what they are charging is on par with other repair companies. I never felt that they were in my corner or would do anything in my best interest as the homeowner. They kowtowed to the renter and performed all repairs that she requested and charged me, even if it was something that probably should have come out of her security deposit. Because of all the repairs they conned me into at the start of the lease, all the rent went to pay for the repairs, so I had to carry the mortgage out of pocket for the first three months! Over the course of the year, I really only broke even. I didn't make any profit from this partnership, only the company did. At the end of the lease, the tenant wanted to buy the home but the contract requires that Red Door is the broker for the buyer and the seller. There is no way for this company to be impartial and truly act as an honest broker for two opposing parties. The entire experience left me feeling like Red Door only has their best interests in mind and I had to look out for myself in this contract. Refusing to provide itemized repair bills is an extremely shady business practice in my opinion. And from what I can tell, it sounds like everyone at this company is related, meaning the qualifications of their repair technician is questionable and nepotism is rampant, meaning they aren't shy about conducting shady business practices. If you need property management services in the Indianapolis area, do your due diligence as a consumer, shop around, get more than one quote, and don't go with the cheapest option which is Red Door. Make sure your property manager will have your back and you can trust them because I never trusted Red Door to do anything in my favor.

Clint Grimes

New to town, found a property near new job, but there was recent storm damage. When I asked about the fallen limbs blocking a rear door and when they planned to address garage roof damage, all I received back was that the roof work was scheduled (no date) and that the property was available to rent immediately. Recent upgrades like new areas of carpet and paint were well done, but repairs elsewhere were shoddy. I liked everything about the property except Red Door. Responsive if all you need is the basics, but expect minimal effort. Easy system to view a property.

Wendell Delarosa

As an investor, we recently closed on an investment home in the Fishers area and chose Red Door Property Management to manage the home for us. Being out of state, we had never actually seen the home other than pictures. Mike and his team were able to recommend some minor repairs to make the home more marketable. They also coordinated and oversaw the repairs so we didn't have to do anything. After that, they found us a renter very quickly and now we have a good tenant paying rent already. Could not be happier with the Red Door Property Management team.

Rose Howard

I am going on my second tenant with Red Door as my management company. We recently had an issue with our shower leaking. While it did turn into a bigger issue than initially we expected, Red Door stepped up and handled the situation professionally and promptly. We are now moving our second tenant and are looking forward to many more. We have been happy with both the leasing side and the maintenance side.

Nate Brooking

Everything from the first showing of the apartment building to move-in went very smoothly and was super easy. Highly recommend!

Mary Vargas

they are working hard on fixing any maintenance issues I have and nice people.

Terence Riley

Do not use Red Door. We rented a property in Carmel through them for almost 5 years. They refused to replace the refrigerator, dishwasher and oven. None of our kitchen appliances worked as they should have for several years before we moved. They lied to us saying the owner wouldn't replace the appliances. However, the property owner said Red Door never contacted her about the appliances. We had raccoons in the attic in 2017. They took 6 months to address the raccoons. A tree fell into our townhouse in February 2019. It damaged our roof and broke out a 9 foot window. They didn't fix either by the time we moved out in June. When we moved out they nickle and dimed us for more than 50% of our deposit. DO NOT RENT FROM THIS COMPANY!

Max Alsop

I self-managed an apartment complex for years.I had employees, vehicles, insurance the whole nine yards. After almost 3 years with Red Door as my property manager, I have actually saved money on operating costs and decreased my workload by 25 hours per week. The whole staff is great to work with and is always timely with responses.

Jimmie Snow

We recently move out of our rental that was managed by Red Door Property Management. There were some maintenance issues that did come up, but they were dealt with promptly and professionally. Our AC went out in the middle of the summer and the owner ended up replacing the unit which took an extra two days due to something having to be special ordered. They came over and brought temporary AC units and fans so we could be a little more comfortable until the new AC was installed. We had a great experience with Red Door.

Jake Ruh

Rented a house for 2 years and constantly had issues. Lesa C. was quick to get her maintenance person out first in order to be within the contract. He would look at things, then we would have to wait for the professionals to arrive. They were always advised not to discuss anything with us regarding what was wrong or what needed repaired. In the first 6 months, we needed the carpet cleaned (did not happen when we moved in although they will keep $200 out of your deposit to clean the carpets), water heater went out, consistent problems with the heater, potential bed bugs (needed exterminated and we had a 2 year old in the house), etc. this list continues. This company protects the home owner and will do just enough to help the tenants according to the contract. They are nearly invisible, not personable, etc. Even most of the contractors who came out to help us with whatever issue it was from month to next said they had a hard time with Lesa C. We really enjoyed the neighborhood we lived in but this company made things extremely difficult for us. So happy to be rid of them. Renters beware, they are in the driver's seat and aren't afraid to let you know it (due to the 30+ page lease you sign with them, they got their end completely covered).

maria salomon

I'm very pleased with Reddoor Property Management. they found a good tenant for my house and kept up with repairs and upkeep. Lesa was very helpful with my concerns and was prompt responding by email or phone. i recommend Reddoor highly for people looking to put their houses for rent or getting them rented. Very tenant oriented but also great to property ownners!

Peg Stokel

I am the type of person who likes to write reviews on great service, rather than complaining about poor service as it sometimes seems that the reviewer has some type of grudge. In this case, I am reviewing this company because I don't want anyone who is either looking to rent a place, or an owner of a property to get involved with this horrible company. I moved to the area and wanted to rent a home for my first year before deciding where to buy. I have owned my own home for over 25 years. My realtor showed me this property, and it seemed to fit my needs. I knew something was off right from the start when the impatient boy tried to schedule a time to meet me at the house so I could move in. I was coming from out of town with my movers and their truck. The kid insisted that I make an apt. For 1pm, but I wasn't sure of the exact time we would arrive. I needed to get in earlier so that my movers could unload and get back to their home town at a reasonable hour. He was not flexible at all. Refusing to change the I sat with a moving van for 21/2 hours waiting for our apt. To get into the house. The young man was supposed to show me around and familiarize myself with the appliances etc. none of which he did. He stayed in the kitchen the entire time and looked on his phone. Said he was waiting for a copy of the key to be delivered. I asked him about the gas fireplace, and he simply stated that he was not an electrician and he didn't know. He stated that should I chose to call for maintained, I would be charged a min. $75 home call. Other instances were putting in a maintenance request and waiting. Over 3 weeks to even get a reply from them. They never answer their phones. I was told 1 week before Christmas that I couldn't get anyone out to fix my fireplace because as the office girl Leesa said " well, it's close to the holidays, and we don't have people working!!!! Good luck if you have an emergency! Showing up unannounced and unscheduled to repair things when they did come. My refrigerator went out on a Friday. Called Friday put request in on Saturday called again on Sunday and spoke with a woman who said someone would call me right back. Called 2 more times on Monday, finally they got a hold of a maintenance co., who said they could not get out till Wednesday. Then they blatantly refused to reimburse me for all my spoiled food. If you feel this is acceptable, then this is the company for you. When I wasn't able to pay my rent online rather than by mail (and told them in advance) they charged me first a $50 late fee, and then $10 a day in addition per day until paid. They are very nasty to deal with, and Mike Taylor the owner is very condescending and arrogant. When I asked him who owned this company, he obnoxiously stated that he was, as if that was impressive to me. I told him he should be ashamed of himself. This company flies just above the legal limit of what you can and can't do and they know it, which is why they have gotten away with this kind of customer service. They have no respect for their tenants, as I have felt as if they thought of me as a sub human being. I have never been treated so viciously or disrespectful in my life. I hope this helps at least one person from going through this treatment again.

Benjamin Oberholzer

When I moved to Indianapolis I didn't know a lot of places to look for a great rental. Chris at Red Door Property Management when above and beyond to help my family find the perfect place for us. I would highly recommend him and his company to anyone.

Joshua Jones

My experience with Red Door has been very positive and have enjoyed working with you. It was needed breath of "fresh air" in how a property management should operate based on the experience of my previous M company. I definitely will keep RDPM in mind for future needs.

Shannon Bowen

As a tenant it is so refreshing working with the whole team at Red Door Property Management. My last management company was TERRIBLE and never returned my calls about anything. We had our AC go out and they were out the next day to address the problem and had us up and running within 24 hours. From the tenant side of things, we are very pleased working with Red Door Property Management.

William Kays

As a distant property owner from California, I cannot tell you how delighted I am to have my properties managed by Red Door Property Management. I don't know a single soul in Indianapolis but recently purchased two investments in the area. They took the bull by horns and contacted our tenants in the one and found us great tenants on the vacant unit. We had some work that was needed on the vacant unit and Red Door was able to handle that as well. Super excited to be with Red Door.

jana helmberger

I had an a wonderful experience with Red Door when I was looking to rent a house. Chris Knight was a really big help and was very patient with us while we had him show us 3 different places. I would right from this place again.

Paul Gibson

Buyer beware: Red Door Leasing Policy is one that always favors the rental organization. After all they are just a business. If you have a complaint, please file a police report first as your complaint does not have credibility without it. Additionally, lease termination is as follows: "Per our (Red Door) lease contract there is actually no fee you can pay to break the lease. However, we do want to work with you so we can all part ways on good terms. You have two options: 1) You can find a replacement tenant and pay Red Door Property Management a fee equal to 75% of one month’s rent for the processing of your move out and the new move in. 2) You can hire Red Door Property Management to find a replacement tenant for you. The fee for this is equal to one month’s rent. "

William Mackay

Quick and easy move-in. Red Door went out of their way to help my family and I get into a new home within a week! Very friendly service, quick to respond and great communication.

Derelle Hankins

Thanks for the help Michael (owner).

Richard Perez

We just moved here from Michigan due to a job transfer and had to find a home to rent very quickly. Luckily we stumbled upon this wonderful home and Red Door Property Management. We had to act very fast and Chris and Melissa made it happen. We were so impressed with the speed and professionalism of Red Door. We were able to do everything online from the application to the lease signing. It was awesome. Thank you Chris and Melissa for getting us into this great home so quickly.

Melissa Schnelle

I’ve been leasing with them for over 2 years and going on 3. During this time I’ve had 0 issue with the home we’ve been renting. Once the heat stopped working at 10 O’ clock at night during the polar vortex, they had one of their techs out within the hour to fix it(a call not even 5 minutes after submitting the request and sounding with the upmost urgency). Later we had issues with the air conditioning, out same day a couple hours later to fix. Dealing with them has always been easy and pleasant. The homes are in good condition and work with you on certain needs. We debated about moving out this year for the simple purpose of having 3 bedrooms instead of 2 however upon researching other rental companies; reading awful reviews of some that are down right scams and negligent, we opted to stick with red door for another year instead until we buy a home. Glad we did. They do well on communicating with us if there are any needs or changes and seem very pleasant and attentive. Treat the home you’re in right and red door will absolutely treat you right. If you’re debating about moving into a home they are renting out and are looking at reviews know that if you do, you’re in good hands. -Melissa Golay

todd robbins

My family and I rented from them due to a fire at our actual home. The home was delivered filthy and they they attempted to charge us to clean it. The listing offered "high end" appliances yet after being in the home a short time, some of the appliances were not working or falling apart and they attempted to blame us for this. When I pointed out a large mistake they made in the lease, which benefited us, they treated us with nothing but rudeness and disrespect. They sent us an amendment to the lease demanding we sign it. I was planning on signing it until they decided to treat us with such disdain. They have threatened us with legal action for adhering to the lease of which they wrote. They refused to discuss the situation and just hurled personal insults. The homeowner reached out to us and expressed that he was very unhappy with them also. Most of the positive posts listed are the exact same as those found on other websites.

Michelle Summers

Do not rent from Red Door. House was given to me filthy as they promised that they would have it cleaned after I looked at it. Once, I got there it was still filthy and he said they would not be cleaning and that I could take care of it. After I moved in, the furnace went out and they didn't get back to the house for 4 days in the middle of winter. The maintenance tech told me to buy space heaters and they would reimburse me. The manager told me they were my heaters. They finally refunded me a month later when I kept on them. Some maintenance calls will be ignored and some will not. The patio door was rotting and allowing ants in, they told me to call an exterminator. The ants won't stop coming in if the house is rotting. (Incompetence) Upon moving out, they are attempting to charge me for basic wear and tear, such as touch up painting, stair banister that has always been a bit loose that I told them about, and something about a fire detector that needed replaced (when I left all detectors were working). $3,000 for what I listed.. This company has no integrity when it comes to residents. Overall, a bad experience and I would stay far away from this company. As a property manager myself, I would never treat good residents as they have. I even found them a resident to move in after us, makes no difference, they will lie about repairs that needed to be made and charge upon move out. Very sad there are companies like this.

Kellie D. Johnson

Since our organization, INHP has leased from Red Door we have had great customer service. Red door has been responsive to our needs from day one. When we needed extra special attention for our grand opening, Red Door worked closely with UIndy to assist us with making everything look and feel perfect. We appreciate that almost a couple years later, Red Door still remains consistent. Lesa Criswell, the Office Manager is very prompt and responsive with turning around work orders and coordinating the staff to get to us and address things. Thank you Lesa for your excellent customer service. The service technicians are pleasant and they make you feel comfortable. Thank you Red Door for all that you do to keep us together over here on National!

Heath Smith

The team at Red Door is very unprofessional. They do not stick to the leases and will charge you for made up scenarios. I've spoken with the tenant and found that the company has been doing some shady things to her.

Glenn Hawthorne

I rented a home from Red Door for 2 years. They were always prompt in handling any home issues. After 2 years of living in our house. My wife and I decided to see if the owner would sale to us. Mike handled everything, never being bias, and wasvvery fair. It has to be one of the easiest home purchases in history. Everyone came out happy and my family and I have our home.

Burt Reeves

Red Door saved my sanity! I snatched up three homes as investment properties, thinking I could easily do it myself. About six months in I realized that I didn't have the time to work full time and manage three rental properties. A coworker recommended Red Door, as they used them as well. I called multiple times and Mike Taylor explained how everything worked; fees, maintenance, disbursements, eviction protection. He told me about the standard services and some of the swankier options. After making those decisions and signing some documents, I put some upfront money into reserve accounts. I've been very happy with their work. Almost immediately my first 2 properties were rented with the third finding a tenant about three weeks later. The maintenance team handles most everything. There was one plumbing issue that Lesa called a company out for same day service. If you don't want to be the "landlord on call," I would highly recommend working with Red Door.

Colin Payne

The gentleman that came out today to look at our maintenance issues was awesome! He worked very efficiently and was informative. You have a great employee.

Brian Nienhaus

Red Door Property Management is the property resource you have always been looking for. Its a place for listing your residence and also a place to find the perfect dream rental. The staff is courteous and always looking to help its customers. I am looking to forward to listing my house for rent in the future and I wont be going to any other property management group. Its all about Red Door.


I am a client with Red Door recently and wanted to thank Christopher for the amazing job he has done. He has a good knowledge of how the home rentals works and how it is rented from owners to tenants and what they need in a timely manner. He forecasts the problem even before they come and has answer for them precisely for what the customer needs. I see him on both the edge's of the sword from the tenants side and owner's side. Such a great employee!!!

Robert Barr

My wife and I recently signed a lease with the help of Brian Church and we couldn’t be happier with the level of attention we were given. He was very timely with responses to email and he answered every question I had (there were many of them). After reading horror stories with some of the companies in the area we were lucky to find a house we wanted with the company we wanted. Every agent with Red Door must conduct themselves similar to Brian for the company to have such positive reviews. I would encourage anyone looking to rent in the area to check with Red Door before pursuing other options.

Michela Moats

My family had to up in move very quickly and we didn't have time to sale our house so my husband and I decided to check out a property management company. We went with Chris at Red Door and we are pleased with our decision. We have now been with Red door for almost 2 years and would recommend them to friends and family. We live several states away and they take the worry out of having a rental propert.

Sarah Hammond

We rented from Red Door for a year and were less than satisfied with the service of there management. We had a leaking toilet for at least 6 weeks before it was finally repaired properly. The carpets were not cleaned as promised before we moved in. We reported broken blinds in the front office area that were not repaired or replaced. The pictures of the property did not represent the dwelling we leased at the time we moved in. The deposited at the end of the 45 day waiting period was mailed by certified mail to the wrong address. We left the property in better condition than we found it. We are less than satisfied with this leasing company, because any time we had a concern we we greeted with attitude.It was always what was convenient for them and not necessarily for us. Our next response will be to the owner and the better business bureau. Just sayin....

Jeremiah Pierson

My 1st impression of this company was great. Called for information on a property that wasn't quite available to view. The customer service rep was very helpful in making the home available to view immediately. My girlfriend and I loved the property so much that we immediately filled out our applications. Our only issue so far with this process is that the Red Door Property Management location listed on Google is only for payments and we wanted to speak with someone in person about our applications. So we called the 3 numbers we found and have left multiple messages. It's been 72 hours and have not recieved an email or call back. The only confirmation on our application that I have is that they've taken my payment. LOL I look forward to hearing from someone from the leasing office. Anyone. Just a simple "We've received your application." And answer a few questions. That's all.

Mary barnard

Red door has been a great place for my husband and I. We had to move because of my husband's job and didn't want to sale our house. So we reseached a few placed and ended up going with red door. We are really glad we did. Everything that has come up with our house they have taken care of it for us. Before they did anything they would run it by us. Chris their property management specialist really has stepped us for us.

Moo Ping

I am a owner and have many other rental properties in the USA. I have been very happy with the team at Red Door. They are fair and honest. Get tenants quickly and are quick to respond to correspondence. Noel Plumb

Ryan Dewey

Red Door Property Management went above and beyond in helping me with my apartment search. They helped me get into an awesome apartment on very short notice and made the whole process super pleasant and stress free. Office staff is always very responsive and willing to help with whatever you need. I would definitely recommend Red Door Property Management to anyone looking to rent in the Indianapolis area.


Upon leaving the property, I was promised my security deposit for 2 months straight. My property manager would not return my phone calls, then one day she called & said I would not be receiving a security deposit. If you owe money, they expect it on time. But if they owe you money.. all of a sudden phones stop being answerd & everyone starts dragging their feet. I would never, ever use this company again. They kept 1000 dollars of my money.

Albert Wood

I have been an owner client of Red Door Property Management for over 4 years now and everyone at Red Door has been great to work with. Melissa and Mike have been my main points of contact and I have been more than pleased with the level of customer service and the quality of the tenants they have provided over the years. I would highly recommend Red Door Property Management.

Lindsay Hale

I've been a renter of red door for 2 years and I love the way lesa c takes care of her tenants needs in a. Timely manner! She responds quickly to emails and addresses emergencies in the same manner as if it were her own home. She is the most friendly tenant manager I've ever had the pleasure of renting under!


Mr. Chris Knight was extremely courteous and buisness orientated. A great experience with this company!

Ryan Knight

Would recommend Red Door to anyone. I have been completely satisfied with the way they ran my property. I appreciate their transparency.

Keala Brooks

We just renewed our lease with Red Door Property Management for the second time, making this our third year with them. Red Door has been awesome to work with for the past two years. Highly recommend!!

Kiera Austin

We just brought our two condos in the downtown area over to management from Red Door from another struggling management company and what a difference! With the other management company, calls and emails would go unanswered but Red Door has been very responsive to everything. We already have one of the condos leased up and communication has been great. Would highly recommend Red Door Property Management.

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