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REVIEWS OF City of Trees Real Estate - Keller Williams Realty Boise IN Idaho

Steve Storey

I had the pleasure of working with Kara Christian for my recent home purchase. Kara was just fabulous from start to finish. Very efficient and great follow through. I highly recommend Kara and her team!

terri Watts

Mercedez Williams

Katlynn Calton

The Nampa branch is great! Sam B has been so helpful and is very knowledgeable. We will definitely be working with this team to buy our next home.

linda Knodel

We are very disappointed with the service we received from city of trees Keller Williams . I would never recommend them to anyone. The help they gave us in purchasing a house was truly terrible. From late or totally messed up appointment to help with receiving good advice with probl ems we had with getting a good price to dealing with inspection and awareness of all the closing information as well as not even showing for closing. And ignoring problems and texts and emails about all the probl ems afterwords. It makes me sick to know the amount of money they where paid for not much if anything . I would not even give them one star .

Joanna Heiss

Jess Fuhrman

Great group of people. Smart, hardworking and genuine. Thanks for being awesome to work with!

Jessie Roth

Justin Webb with City of Trees Real Estate was such an amazing agent to work with while buying our first home. He made a seemingly overwhelming and scary process extremely smooth, fun and informative. He was always available to answer our questions and went above and beyond to help us find our dream home.

courtney atkinson

Absolutely professional, experienced, and caring staff. The only real estate firm you need to know. Just can’t say enough good things!

Kelly Fischer

These guys are the best of the best, always on top of every detail, constant communication, and yet personable and pleasant. Definitely the must-use real estate team if you want results and people who care!

Jason Baker

A great and experienced team. Unsurpassed marketing. Not hiring them is like saying you want less money on the sale of your home...

Studio Interiors

Alicia Peterson

Loved working with City of Trees! Everybody was knowledgeable and very friendly. Made buying our first home very easy!

GS Cleere

We moved from California and, even working long distance, the City of Trees team took care of us. Found the right home, connected us with great financing and we made a lot of new friends! Trust your selling or buying to the City of Trees Team!!

Zuleikah Walker

James Cerio

Buying your home is one of the few really momentous occasions in most people’s lives. You are committing to the most expensive item you will ever be paying on. It’s exciting, stressful, magical, and completely overwhelming. Or at least one would assume its overwhelming.. until you meet Liz Holliday. She is youthful and energetic, but very confident and knowledgeable and seems to have a great reputation and standing with many people in the real estate community. She is extremely kind and intuitive, and anticipates your needs and wants and sees to them before you even know what they are. Most importantly, she has this calm and kind aura that is instantly infectious. There were lots of things that should have been way more stressful than they were during the process.. but seeing Liz take it all in stride made it all seem that much easier. There was a moment when we were well into buying our house and had gotten our home inspection, and I was freaking out. I asked Liz to look at another house with me, “just in case”. She humored me and again, with her completely professional, yet nonchalant demeanor, I was put at ease, and felt much more comfortable moving forward. I really got the impression she is a whirlwind behind the scenes too. I’d get emails from her late at night and way too early in the morning. She works incredibly hard and was always there for any questions/concerns we had. I will never know all the little fires she put out behind the scenes because she made sure we never had to be bothered with them. I found buying my last car more stressful, than buying this house.. and that was done over a couple hours and buying this house was over a couple months. That is without a doubt down to Liz and her team at City of Trees. I can not recommend her enough and am so very grateful for all she has done for us. Thank you, Liz!

Cassie Leblanc

Working with City Of Trees Real Estate KW was such a professional and easy process when purchasing our third home. They really made it simple & enjoyable! & I don’t think we’d ever really go anywhere else! Jade Rudd’s passion for her career and enthusiasm really shined a light for me though. I appreciate her hard work & anyone would be lucky to work with her! She’s the definition of a perfect role model for what she does & her values; plus, she’s incredible at what she does!

Isom Allan

Angela helped us get a house and made the process as smooth as could be! Would recommend to anyone!

Angela Bruno

Jade in the Marketing Department is a class act. Not only does she support her entire team and clients with excellent marketing materials, she does it all with accuracy, timeliness and to the highest standards. She is a huge bonus to this company.

Travis Ellis

Jeff Mateja

Wonderful team of professional agents! We trust our Boise Idaho referrals to Brent and his top agents at City of Trees Real Estate.

Denise Roman

Chris Carpenter

This is an incredible team lead by two incredible individuals! Innovative and great service!

Jeff Wilhems

City of Trees Real Estate is an amazing team. We have sent many referrals to them and we always hear high praise for the work they do!

Kris White

From the minute Jeremiah Bullock first stepped into my house, I felt complete confidence in him and eventually in his whole team. They were very quick to respond to any questions or concerns I had...whether by text, email or phone call. I would highly recommend Jeremiah and his team to anyone looking to buy or sell a house.

Walterrocket440 G

If I could give these guys no star I would there about as crooked as they come my family and I were going to buy a house about 2 years ago and these guys sold the house right out from under us we were ready to but the house that day they went ahead and sold it to someone else even though we had it in writing that we were going to purchase it there very lazy and can’t return a phone call to save there life I will forever be angry as they put me and my family in jeopardy I would trust a car dealer before any of these guys don’t waist your time go to another company thank you

Spencer Hasch

Top notch selling team, highly recommend these guys, awesome people with great customer service!

Brad Williams

aaron dalton

City of Trees Real Estate has taken customer service to a whole new level. If you are looking to buy or sell a home, I have to recommend this team of highly experienced agents. They will put forth the effort to make buying and selling real estate a worry free process!

Jade Rudd City of Trees Real Estate

Amazing team with a fantastic support system!! Brittany in particular is a go-getter & makes sure the entire team has what they need to succeed. This is a huge positive when choosing City of Trees Real Estate. Having a strong admin staff in place is highly beneficial when it comes to joining the team as an agent AND in the home buying/selling process! I can't go without mentioning their top notch marketing & branding!!

Aaron Graff

We listed our home with City of Trees - Brent and his team did an outstanding job promoting and listing our home and we had an offer way sooner than we expected. I highly recommend COTR!

Colette Kirste

Angela Bruno and the entire Canyon County team have been such a pleasure to work with during our purchase experience. Thanks for all the hard work in locating a residence per our specifications. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs a realtor and we will use them again in the future.

Katy Privon

Jake was a fantastic part of our home buying experience. He and the team at City of Trees were prompt in their response time and helped us into the home of our dreams! They also sponsor some really great community activities. We loved going to the Lion King with them and it happened at the perfect time to give us a break with moving. Thanks City of Trees for making it a great home buying experience for us!

Jon Kennedy

My wife and I have recently moved to Idaho and met Sam, we really look forward to using the Nampa team when we are ready to purchase a home. What a great team to work with!

Andrew Moore

Completely unacceptable telemarketing practices. I was called four times in a row by their office with unsolicited business requests. As with too many telemarketers, they completely ignored my being on the do not call list. Please steer business away from these types of companies.

McKenna Cook

Jade has MASTERED the game when it comes to marketing & branding for the team!! I love her dedication to creating beautiful work! Not only does she create the most awesome materials for us, she also gets it done in a timely manner. Thank you Jade!

Alejandro Lorenzana Crespo

I have worked with this team, and they are professional, driven individuals who understand teamwork, and strive to outperform themselves to provide their clients with a great home-buying/selling experience. Keep it up COTRE team!

Tracy Grove

City of Trees Real Estate is a top notch team. They care about their clients, they are efficient and get the job done! City of trees is an amazing company dedicated to helping clients And making a positive contribution to the community. Jade does a fantastic job marketing!

Jessica Godfrey


My mom went down there to look at houses from Nevada. She was interested in one particular house, but wanted to see more just in case. JASON, Had 2 houses to show when we got there. She put a bid on the one she liked, it turned into an auction. It was first $249K.. she offered $257K it supposedly sold $267K. He told us this after she went to the office and signed papers, on our way back to Nevada!! Very disappointed with the whole experience. We found a different realtor and got a Brand New House for $274K So glad it didn't work out with COTR. :)

Benjamin Martineau

Bryan(?) called cold called my business phone number and left a long message asking if I wanted to sell my house or if I knew anyone who wanted to sell their house. Guys, it's 2018, why are you cold calling random phone numbers? Shouldn't you be running this stuff against the DNC list as well? If you have good service and a good product, advertise legitimately, no need to spam phone calls.

paulette walther

Austin Legg

My wife and I listed our home with Tara Heinz and City of Trees Real Estate and it was the best decision we made. They make selling a buying a house a stress-free and streamlined process. We first met with our agent, Tara Heinz, for a free, no obligation, 1 hour in-home consultation. She came prepared with market statistics and data that helped ease our concerns about selling in such a crazy market. They took professional photos, staged the house and got it listed. We received 6 offers in under 4 hours! Tara then took us house shopping. She listened to all of our wants and concerns during this process. They were more than accommodating with our small children and busy lives. We found a house with her and she took care of the rest. Then it came time for offer negotiations on our house we sold. At first we wanted to take the first over asking price offer we received. But we listened to Tara, who fought to negotiate and found us an offer that was 25k over the asking price! We felt like we were always the priority and she fought to get us the most money possible for our house. On the closing process she was there with us for every appointment and meeting. She handled every email, late night phone call and question we had along the way. I can't recommend the team at City of Trees Real Estate and specifically Tara Heinz enough. We sold and bought our new home with them and it was a piece of cake!

Jared Hokanson

If you want the best marketing team in real estate in the Boise area, you've got to call City of Trees! No one does a better job to help you get the best exposure for your property to help you get the highest sales price! There is no one else in the Boise area that I refer to!

Brent Hanson

I have met a lot of agents through out my career. I can truly say that City of Trees Real Estate has some of the most professional and well rounded agents in Boise. They work hard and will always make sure their clients needs are met beyond their expectations.

Clint Scott

-Knowledgeable -Courteous -Focus & Dedication -Always striving to improve -Putting the interests of their client first I saved the best for last as everything above it is a byproduct for them.

Daniel Gutierrez

Kelly Campbell

Thanks for speeding across the street in a company car almost hitting pedestrians. Good look for the company.

Chelsea Lester

The only person I trust referring my clients to in Boise is Brent Hanson and his team. They go above and beyond to make sure they receive the best real estate experience.

Devan Dean

Nichole was phenomenal. Not only was she kind and supportive, she was so good to communicate every detail and keep us in the loop about everything. I’d use her to sell twenty more houses if I could. We love her and City of Trees!!

Brian Soucy

Can't say anything bad about these guys.. Friendly, competent and always willing to go the extra mile for not only for their client but for those around them!

Matt Wagner

Sharp innovative and organized from top to bottom. Heads and tails above other real estate agents in Boise.

Joe Manausa

If you want to get top dollar when selling a home, you need an agent who is willing to spend the money to attract multiple buyers, and most agents just do not do this. Do yourself a favor and ask Brent Hanson to show you how he markets a home, that's the level of financial commitment you need from your agent!

Denise Powers

City of Trees Real Estate | Keller Williams Realty

Jd Hansen

Landon Bonner

Melissa Lear

City of Trees Real Estate was awesome! Our agent was amazing and really helped us find our dream home. Buying a house can be one of the most stressful events in your life and she made it exciting and enjoyable! Thank you so much ❤️

Charis Luna

My husband & I had a great experience with City of Trees Real Estate. Justin was our realtor, and he was incredibly accommodating, easy-going, trustworthy & well informed. We never felt pressured into committing to something outside our budget or other parameters, and I would 100% recommend this agency to anyone looking for a home in Boise.

Kristina Kennedy

Just moved to Idaho, we met Sam and are really excited about using the Nampa team when we are ready to buy our home! They’re amazing!

Jon Wade

Brent and his team provide a whole different level of service, marketing and results. On point in every regard but most importantly they care about you enough to listen and take great care of you. Truly great!

Ryan Peterson

Wow! If you are looking to sell your home then City of Trees Real Estate is your "go to" company! I was most impressed with not only their market knowledge and the care for their clients but by the utilization of the most cutting edge real estate marketing tools and systems! This is what separated them from the rest of the companies I spoke with!

Michael Morrison

I have worked with the entire team at City of Trees Real Estate for many years now. They are absolutely one of the best real estate teams in the Treasure Valley. They have an incredible team of agents and support staff who work together to create a great experience for the clients. They always have the best interests of the client in mind and use every method to insure the best outcome whether you're a buyer or seller. Highly recommend!

Justin Perkins

Skylar and Christin are pretty much the most amazing people on the planet. It doesn't matter if it's Wednesday at 8 am or Sunday night while they're at a family function, they're always working on your behalf. I highly recommend these hardworking, knowledgeable, and highly motivated agents to anyone buying or selling their home!

Mike Blackham

Amazing company, amazing employees. Truly cared about me and my situation and did everything they could to show I'm a person they care about and not just a number. Thanks for the great experience. You guys are the best!

Gary Wood

I appreciate the proactive communication, the follow through, and the professional manner with which every aspect of our transaction was handled.

Ron Lysinger

Steve Bailey

Would not hesitate to connect with them. They are consummate professionals and dedicated to their clients.

Janesse Siler

Thank you for ringing my doorbell and waking my newborn. If I was interested in your services I would contact you. Soliciting at my home is no way to earn my business. If I ever need a real estate agency I will be sure not to use yours. Edit: cold calling isn't better than showing up unsolicited at my home. Please stop bothering my family and trying to get us to sell our house. We don't even own it.

Jessica Allan

Adam Johnson

Samantha Archabal

Absolutely the best agency! The agents are by your side through the entire process! I don’t plan on moving again but if for some reason we do, these guys will be my first call!

Kayla Roberts

ashley bullock

Jamie Martz

Andrea Weibye

City of Trees sold our house FAST and is the absolute top notch agency in Idaho! Their marketing program works and is a proven winner!! Super professional, attentive and all around the best! There is not a single other agency we'd trust with our real estate needs! - The Weibyes

David Iannone

My wife and I worked remotely with Nichole to find a house in Nampa. Nichole was awesome to work with. She went out of her way to help us evaluate the homes that we were taking into consideration and even picked my wife from the airport for the final inspection of the one we choose. Her personality and attitude made this an outstanding experience. She almost makes feel like buying another house just to continue working with her! I highly recommend City of Trees Real Estate for your home buying needs in Boise and the surrounding area! Thanks, Dave

Russell Anderson

Shady telemarketing strategies. Left me a voice mail after the phone rang 1 time looking for houses to sell. Calming they have 50 buyers in the are looking to purchase homes. They wont talk to you so you don't get an opportunity to tell them to take you off there call list. These people are a joke.

Tauscha Huerta

These guys are an incredible team of Realtors , I would recommend them to anyone !

Sabre Cofer

Amazing to work with and professional!

Sharene Campbell

This team is the best! Nichole Richardson sold the impossible to sell home that had one thing after another go wrong. She hung in there, was incredibly calm, cool, and collected under pressure and made things happen. (Disclaimer, none of the wrong things had anything to do with the selling process, the loan had weird requirements and the house flooded on open house day.) The whole team that is apart of City of Trees made the painful process less so. I cannot say enough about Nichole and what she did for my family. Working with her and City of Trees was a different experience than I've ever had, which says a lot because I have had a lot of great experiences. These people are machines...except they care about you and what they can do to help!

Camille Allan

Angela was amazing and so incredibly helpful in helping us find our first home. There were a few major fixes we needed to negotiate for with the sellers, and Angela was invaluable in helping advise us on how to navigate the process. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to buy!

Pat T

Very knowledgeable. They were friendly and thorough, and have a full support staff to help. Will definitely use them again.

Factory DirectFlooring

Brent, Jeremiah and the entire City of Tree team are top notch! The quality and variety of services they offer are setting new industry standards. Your home is one of the largest investments you will make in your Lifetime. Whether you're selling and want the best return on your investment or buying and want the most house for your dollar. These guys will make it happen! Professional, Honest, loyal, trustworthy. I highly recommend City of Trees Real Estate.

Brian Burds

Knows the market and always ready to help the client

Crysta Swarts

Our realtor Brett was incredible. This was our first home-buying experience, and he was full of information and help, even when we didn’t quite know what question to ask. The experience buying our house was emotional, and he was always calm and easy going, giving us time when we needed it and keeping in touch. Plus he stopped by and had a beer with us at our celebratory dinner the day we got the keys! Great guy, so easy to work with. Highly recommended!

Christian Isaacson

The City of Trees team is the real deal! They assisted us with selling our old home and buying our new home and we could not be more thrilled with our experience.

Taylor Galloway

Whether you're a first time buyer, or someone who has bought and sold many homes, Tara Heinz is the exactly the kind of agent you want. She is prompt, professional, and knowledgable. She is friendly, polite and personable but it's not an act; she has a genuine care for her clients and it shows in the level of concern she has for their best interests. I had the pleasure of working with Tara for two years so I've seen first hand how hard she works. I even became a licensed Realtor myself. But after taking a different career path and not having the time to buy a house for myself, I knew exactly who to turn to when it came time for me to buy. Having never conducted a real estate transaction as the actual buyer, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Tara made the entire transaction go extremely smoothly and kept me updated every step of the way. I got the perfect house I wanted and am completely happy. I would highly recommend you let her do the same for you!

Lisa Iannone

My experience with City of Trees Real Estate was amazing. What made my home purchase so incredible was my realtor Nichole Richardson. I really can't say enough great things about Nichole, she was AMAZING! She was available 24/7 for me and went above and beyond what I feel are normal expectations of a realtor. She was extremely patient, knowledgeable, always smiling and willing to help in anyway possible. Buying a home from afar, living in a different state can be challenging, so communication is so important. It was such a comfort knowing that she was on top of everything, keeping me in the loop through this process so I could focus on what was needed of me back in Arizona. I would highly recommend Nichole and want to thank her for all the hard work, energy and commitment that she provided.

Jim Bullock

These folks are the best of their profession, amazing people to work with

Wesley Anderson

Over the years I have had many experiences with City of Trees Real Estate. The entire team is very responsive, organized, and ready to take on any challenge I send their way. Always a great experience!!

Wess Kirste

I am currently working with Angela who was referred to me by Sam. Awesome team to work with!

Shawna O'neill

There isn't one word that can fully describe how helpful City of Trees Real Estate is. They provide excellent service, with the most caring staff!

Brett Radi

An exceptional real estate team that pays attention to every detail and a marketing plan to get you home sold quickly and for the most money. I would highly recommend City of Trees for your real estate needs.

Trent T

We were referred to City of Trees by the realtor we used to sell our house out of state. Blind referral but ended up great for us! Tara was our agent and was diligent and on point throughout the process. Communication was quick and easy and she made buying a home remotely as pain free as possible, always willing to go above and beyond to represent us as clients.

Caitlin Henning

Jade is exceptional at Marketing, she has been a big motivation in all of my creative endeavors. I love her out of the box thinking and her ability to be so innovative. She is 100% a #Trailblazer here in the Treasure Valley.

Rick Christian

First class operation! Best team in the treasure Valley!

JP Green

I have worked with Brett on several projects. He is experience and service are top notch.

Heather Davis

Annie Shockley

If you are looking to buy or sell a home the team at City of Trees in Nampa is the BEST! They are experienced, trusted, and you can tell they put their clients interests above their own. Love working with them!


Outstanding assistance! Great team of people that took care of everything. I really enjoyed working with Justin. He really knew his stuff and has great instincts for the market. His advice earned me several thousands above what I was expecting.

Joe Richardson

I am blown away at the generosity and kindness of Jeremiah and Brent (owners of City of Trees). It was remarkable watching them take time out of their busy schedules during this time of year and rally all of their resources to give back to the community and families in need. One in particular was a family I asked for their help with. The father has a wife and 15 year old son with major illnesses that require treatment in another state. Jeremiah and Brent didn't hesitate to give to this family and help them in a time of need. They didn't want any photo opp. or credit, but I am giving them credit anyways. Thank you so much for your help!!! You two are truly great men with hearts of gold!

David Garcia

Whoa!! It doesn't get better than these agents! I will continue to send them business.

Tyler Kennedy

Amazing team! I wish every organization was run with such professionalism and honestly. Exceedingly helpful and knowledgeable staff. Thanks again!

Josiah Graves

Justin Webb is fantastic, he worked with us over a long period and several rejected offers in a really competitive housing market. His hard work definitely helped us find the right place.

Blaine Koller

Lucas O'Neill

If you are a Realtor looking for a team to join City of Trees will take great care of you! Traci & Brenell team up to handle all Transaction Coordination and are unmatched. Jade & Angela provide a level of marketing that most businesses are envious of. Brittany, Sam and Christin keep the dynamic leadership team inline and able to focus on tasks that will carry this company to the next level!

Vince Carter

This team is professional and top notch. They are problem solvers and their team has a “take action” attitude.

Josh Murphy

The City of Trees Real Estate team has the experience and agents that you need to help guide you through any real estate transaction. From the top down, this team is one of the best in the business. I highly recommend City of Trees Real Estate!

Nadia Glanz

Dan Hamilton

Great group of agents. We trust our Boise referrals to Brent and his top agents and staff at City of Trees Real Estate.

Renee Butler

Brent and Team are our only go to professional in the area! They possess the qualities that my clients expect from a full time real estate group! Thanks for your service!

Krystal Sells

Absolutely the best team in Boise. Beyond knowledgeable and very accommodating in every step of the way when it comes to anything real estate. I will never use anyone else. I love this team.

Jim Benson

Kory Richardson is an outstanding realtor. He has been on top of all issues and has anticipated potential problems and provided how to manage through them. His work with us has been outstanding. Without reservation, I recommend as a realtor to assist either a seller or a buyer.

jean kaemingk

"City of Trees " Exceptional company. Treat their clients and staff like family! What more could I want.

Becky Ivins

When I needed an expert opinion for a referral of a real estate client with Boise property to sell, I found it here. Absolutely knows the local market. I appreciate the help even though my referral decided not to sell right now.


Braeden Kaemingk

Professional, friendly and knowledgable. Highly recommend this crew for a seamless experience!

jesse mccusker

Top Notch- Making Boise Proud

Jeff Lake

The team at City of Trees Real Estate always has the best interest of the client in mind. They have a great systematic approach to their business. You can't do any better than to work with them. Top Notch!!

Rod Baker

Very friendly and helpful. Would use them again anytime!

Brooke Kaemingk

High quality, professional service. Quick response times, genuine staff, and knowledgeable realtors. Highly recommend!

Jeremiah Bullock

Awesome team and extremely attentive! A "Must Use" for buying or selling your home.

jen snyder

City of Trees is a great team of vibrant, helpful, amazing people! Each day is a blessing to show up to see my coworkers❤

Carson Stauning

City of Trees was AMAZING! Highly Recommended. Quick Responses and they truly do what is best for you. I had no worries the entire time! If you have the chance to work with Liz, PLEASE DO!! She is amazing and goes above and beyond.

Sarah Stoppa

We had an amazing experience with Tara and City of Trees Real Estate! Tara helped us find our perfect first home and we couldn’t be happier. I will definitely be recommending her to any friends who are looking for a home and we will be contacting her if/when we plan to sell our home. Thank you, Tara!

Carrie Morgan

My agent, Brianne Picard was patient, thorough, knowledgeable and conscientious about listening to my goals and desires.

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