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Todd Vollmering

The whole process what easy to deal with! People are great to work with. Offered a fair price on the home, even after fees. You need to give them a try!!! Great job!!

David Duke

Received an offer that was very much competitive to what I would have sold my house for going with a relator. My wife works from home full time and showing the house would have been very disruptive to her work and her customer so the OpenDoor process saved us a lot of hassle not having to find her an alternate work environment for showings/inspections/etc. The OpenDoor process was very pain-free and well explained would recommend you try them.

Phillip Funderburk

I was very sketpical of OpenDoor at first. I got my offer within 48 hours and was pleasantly suprised. You wont' get as much money as if you put your house on the market with a real estate agent, but you save money on fees and save a TON of time and effort as you don't have to get the house show ready and go through the showing process. The inspection process was easy and closing a piece of cake. I got my funds quickly and escrow shortly after. I took the stress out of moving during a particularly hard time in my life

Alice Boyd

Working with Open Door was a very pleasant experience, everything was completed in a smooth and orderly manner. Thank you for helping to relieve some of the pressure.

Stephanie Scalf

I couldn't have asked for a better outcome in selling our house. Every contractor that Open Door used was above average in kindness, timeliness and capability. I was blown away by the professionalism of the whole process. It is truly streamlined to meet the needs of the seller. We had a deadline to be in a new state and we literally closed on our house within a week. Our needs were heard and met diligently. I can't express enough how every aspect of this scenario was pleasurable. I would work again with Open Door, a thousand times over and I would recommend them to anyone I know.

Meena&Jeykumar y

Selling home is so easy through Opendoor, hassle free, reasonable offer, and quick selling.

Greg Gulick

I completed the form, I answered every question. At the end of it, you are required to pick a day to receive a phone call concerning your home. I received an email today letting me know that Mr. Brooks Hanson at Opendoor had cancelled our meeting tomorrow morning. It seemed to be a very unprofessional email, since there was nothing actually written by Mr. Here is part of the message... _______________________________________"Event Name: Offer Review Please have your computer available at the scheduled phone call time to review your offer with your Home Advisor. What is the best number to reach you at?: +1 Will you have access to your email for the phone call?: Yes Cancellation Reason: Unfortunately, we are unable to extend an offer on your home at this time. Please let me know if you are interested in connecting with one of partner agents and I would be happy to arrange an introduction. _____________________________________ As you can see there is no explanation of why an offer couldn't be extended. My guess is that the cut rate amount they will offer you has to have a specific margin for profit. It makes me wonder how many of those "customers" lost a substantial amount of equity in their homes? It must be that the sellers don't want to not be hasseled with open houses, contracts, etc.

Drew Maxwell

DO NOT buy a house from this company. The contractors they use before they flip are terrible. Had a ton of issues including the foundation. Stay away

Dave D

BJS Design Studio

I'm about to get married and just finished selling my house through Opendoor, while getting ready to move in with my fiancée and schlepping stuff from one house to the other. The whole process with Opendoor was super simple and straightforward, for which I am so thankful!

John Sullivan

I had a great experience with Opendoor. They offered us exactly what we thought our house was worth, asked for far less in repairs than we would have had to make if we would have sold ourselves, allowed us to determine the day we wanted to close (and we even changed that date a couple of times along the way), and were great to work with. Emma was the rep assigned to us, and she was amazing. Just like their ads say, after this experience, I don't know why anyone would sell any other way.

Nicholas Harris

Sold my home with these people and the experience was truly no hassle. You tell them when you need to leave and they handle the rest. The best part is that they dont lock you in until closing is signed and notarized which means you can change your mind or move up or back your close date. Friendly staff too.


I wouldn't recommend this place to my worst enemy. They started out ok and then were horrible. I had the worst experience. I totally regret dealing with this company. They took about a month to let us know our deal was completely closed. We were required to leave a $12k deposit in case it was needed during foundation elevation. After a month of trying to contact them someone finally told me they had finished about a month ago and we weren't getting any of that deposit back. When i asked for a detailed invoice for the plumbing company (because according to them when they did foundation work, the plumbing messed up) the girl sent me an invoice that just said plumbing issues $12,000.00. How convenient!!! The bill was exactly the amount of our deposit and when I asked for an itemized bill, they never did send it to me. Another thing, The clean up of back yard was already deducted from our bill and the person they hired posted on social media FREE to anyone who will come haul off things. So he got paid but really didn't do the job! Absolutely disgusted with them. Every chance I get I give my review and let people know so they aren't screwed like us. I have saved some people from doing business with them and won't stop!!!

Richard Bishop

I decided to request an offer on my home from Opendoor prior to finding an agent to list it. I thought I would end up going the typical route of home sales with a listing agent, staging the house (at my cost), having open houses and haggling over home inspection reports (my cost), etc. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how quick and easy it was to get an offer from Opendoor. I was even more surprised that the offer was very competitive! I accepted the offer and then proceeded very quickly through the home inspection and the closing. Five weeks after getting my offer I was closing on the sale and getting paid! It was quick, easy and painless. I felt very comfortable with the entire process. It took all of the uncertainty out of the sale of my home. It also allowed me to control the speed of the process, which was important to me. If you plan to sell your home I highly recommend Opendoor! I will use them again if I ever sell another home.


Wonderful experience. They were clear, open and professional. Highly recommend selling to them.

G G Gamboa

it was great experience selling my house thru opendoor. The team was great and very helpful.

Geoffrey Mackey

As a seller, my experience with Opendoor was smooth and easy from start to finish. We closed on our house at a convenient time, everyone I talked to was extremely knowledgable and friendly, and I was able to take care of most of my responsibilities online. I highly recommend Opendoor for selling a house, especially if you prefer a more high-tech experience to traditional realty.

Kathy Jenkins

I want to say Opendoor is the company to use if you are trying to sell your home quickly. I am so thankful for everyone I worked with especially Ms. Lakenya Ware. She held my hand through the whole process. She also notified me promptly when they needed more info from me or if anything changed. She got the inspectors out to my home fast! All of the inspectors that came to my home were friendly and courteous. The last inspector even was patient when I started to tear up when the lock box was placed on my home. He said he would even take my picture for me in front of the house. lol All and all I would recommend Opendoor to anyone! They treated me respect and dignity, not only that they made me feel important by returning my calls quickly! I am a very satisfied customer and this review is honest and real!

stephanie bates

Today the closing was final. Opendoor purchased our home in North Carolina. It was a rental home we'd had for 12 years. The offer was fair and no repairs were required after the inspection. I worked with Jalen on the contract upfront side and Keon after the contract was accepted. Both gentlemen were exceptional to work with. Mainly because they were nice, polite and very responsive to texts and e-mails. The closing agent at the attorney's office Jordan was also very nice and responsive. The closing took place just weeks after we signed the contract. We were very happy. We have another rental in NC that we may sell in the spring and we will definitely give Opendoor a call again.

Tommy Ellison

The offer was fair, the repair costs were much less than expected. Transaction had zero hiccups. I will give Opendoor consideration in all my future transactions....Tommy in Fort Worth.

The Taylor Bunch

We sold our home to OpenDoor and it was truly a simple and quick experience! They were very nice, they worked really hard for us, and made our experience personal to them and not just like another sale. They also did great maintaining to market value of our home and found the best deal possible for us with regards to repairs needed. Highly recommended!

Brandon Riffe

Overall Opendoor seems like a great company. They do know their limits which is fiscally smart. But, they were unable to make me a offer so the experience was honest and upfront turned out to be a waste of effort. If you have a home that is in the higher price range for the area they explained it might sit and that made open door not interested. So the experience was not an experience. Making smart business decisions to not over extend yourself is smart. I am just left bummed.

Mavis Huang

Marian Whittedalderman

The Open Door process was quick and professional. Having two recent (non driving) high school graduates at home for the summer made it very inconvenient to go the traditional route of short notice showings. The higher fee was a good trade-off for my family and we set our own closing date too. I would definitely recommend their services if you desire a quick sale and have equity in your home.

Kenneth McKeown

AWFUL to work with. If you're looking for someone to give you pennies on the dollar for your house - or to work with an automated system to make the BIGGEST PURCHASE OR SALE OF YOUR LIFE - then maybe Opendoor is for you. It's definitely not easy to work with - nor are the employees great to work with. Stay clear.

pradeep sampat

The whole process was like a breeze, seamless and effortless

Sean Tucker

Awesome company! Very smooth transaction and answered any and all questions i ever had.

Brittany Whitehead

UPDATE: Since this review, I have been in touch with Opendoor team members, and we have gotten our money back. I'm super bummed I had to go through the amount of trouble I had to go through to get this final issue resolved. But I am thankful it is done. Overall, I want to improve my rating so badly. I really do. Without Opendoor, selling our house would have been almost impossible for us with 3 tiny children. But we had so many issues and headaches along the way, that it *almost* wasn't worth it. My mom sold her house to them and had a great experience, and I know many others have done the same. So, if you choose Opendoor, I genuinely hope that all goes well for you. Best of luck, friends! ........................................................................... I honestly don't even know where to start. Basically, the company just has terrible communication skills. Period. If this was improved, so many bad experiences could be avoided. Based on the multiple bad reviews I've read on Yelp and other websites (how they have such a high rating here is seriously blowing my mind), along with my personal experience, I genuinely don't believe this company is interested in improving their customer service at all. I'm waiting for a glimmer of hope that proves me wrong. At this point, we are still waiting on them to return us the money they owe us. After fighting way too hard to get any kind of info on our contingency money they were holding, we were told they wouldn't be returning it because they were using it on things that the contingency just didn't cover. We did finally get in touch with their *legal representative* who confirmed they still did, in fact, owe us $3,650. But since that call, he has not answered any of my calls or returned any messages. At this point, I'm so tired. So much of this experience has been such a headache. It has been months of what feels like pulling teeth just to get a response, when this is supposed to make everything easier on us. We closed on our house February 23rd. FINALLY had a response saying we'd get that money back on March 21st. It is now April 16th. Still no money. And now we are being ignored. Just beyond frustrated.

April meech

An absolutely horrible experience with this company. They obviously put lipstick on a pig when it comes to selling houses, just slapping on a new coat of paint and grey carpeting while ignoring serious issues costing thousands of dollars we did not know about until after the inspection. They flat out refused to negotiate at first, and would not return my realtor's calls. I almost walked away from the deal before they met me halfway on only some of the problems. And they still did not fix everything they said they did. I've lived in the house a while now, and I'm seeing more and more that they obviously picked the cheapest repairmen they could, because things are breaking left and right. So I am still spending hundreds of dollars cleaning up after their laziness. They were very convenient at the beginning since you don't need to make an appointment to view the houses. but a nightmare once you go under contract. Beware.

Carlos Berriel

Opendoor! Truly remarkable... sold my home fast, stress free, and at a very fair price. Thanks Opendoor!!


Fast closing and wonderful staff to work with. Thank you so much!

Gabriel Cortes

Open Door made the process of selling our house very smooth and painless. Very easy!

Amanda Pollard

Lisa Norris

This was my first time to sell a home. I lived in it for approximately 25 years and watched my daughter blossom and grow into a beautiful young lady. It came time to move on in life for me (health issue) but I really felt attached to my house and could not imagine people coming in and looking at my home to buy. Just the whole process of selling seemed stressful in my mind. However, Opendoor made the process so easy and the customer service was exceptional. I want to express a huge thank you to everyone at Opendoor (especially Morgan) for helping me through a difficult time in my life. I can now move on and I recommend Opendoor to anyone interested in selling but concerned with the stresses of selling. Again, thank you so much! Lisa Norris Bedford, TX

Amanda Felt

All these people care about is their bottom line. We are currently renting a place they purchased, and they aren’t even willing to work with us for one week until we close on our new home. Instead, we need to pack up with our 3 year old and live in a hotel. Sure, we can stay at the place for a week, but they will charge us $1,250 for 6 days! They’re outrageous with no empathy- not the type of place I’d like to work with. Also, since I can’t reply to your response- I would like to note you ARE the correct place. We are currently renting a place that was for sale that your company purchased. We asked if you would allow us one more week to stay because we couldn’t get into our new home for one week after your closing. You charged an outrageous price in order to keep us from staying. I would think a business such as yours would work with people a little more.

Ajay Kumar

This is my first home buying experience with Opendoor. We love property and proceeding ahead. Thing about Opendoor, we like technology but we completely lost human touch. We loved the openhome concept with technology,loved the property and submitted offer. Opendoor accepted and journey is smooth till here. .We did all our inspections(Home inspections,termite inspection,structural inspection) and provided list of must fixes in 2 days.Property is dirty,appliances very old,don't work at industry standards Team sat on them for 4 days Friday/Sat/Sun/Monday and on final day of option period Tuesday responded with no concern to reality. My realtor responded immediately and there was no response to calls/email. We waited till 4:30 PM and had to say okie. Love the property and going ahead now. Its just like talking to a wall. First time through this journey definitely feel like milked big time. Opendoor if you read this,please include a human touch atleast once through this rare home buying journey and have someone to hear buyer will just not work. I will definitely not recommend /buy my next home with Opendoor.

Mike Cook

They need to work on their model. Slow response to buyers, conflicting pricing, fees charged without reasonable explanations. Using a realtor for a few more years at least.

Mike Ghanem

Smooth, no hassle, very professional. Very happy to deal with..Awesome!!!

Russ M

Snake oil salesman. These people will lead you on saying they're going to make time and extra effort for individuals. They are not at all concerned about you or anything they promised. Just sign the contract hope for the best. Should've actually hired a REAL real estate broker. Complete joke.

Chris Joyce

OpenDoor is the real deal. We got a very fair offer on our old home and just happens the new home we found was being sold by them as well! We closed on both properties the same day, all within a month of finding our awesome new home. The OpenDoor team for Raleigh (Karly, Grace, Kaysha and Mason are TOP notch. They are very responsive and transparent about what is going down, would highly recommend OpenDoor to save playing the real estate game. 10 out of 10 stars if I could do it!

Shaw Fun

Opendoor is great from beginning to end. The whole process is so smooth and fast. This is my first time to use Opendoor to sell my house and I will definitely use them for my next property.

Holly Tallon Hilbrands

Amazing experience ... truly selling made easy!!! I can't say enough about the folks at Open Door! truly personalized for us ... loved our contacts. I highly recommend trying Open Door - nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Paul Norman

I truly believe open door is a scam. They are more concerned with listing your home than buying. The Sales pitch of by your home is just to find out who's in a market for selling their home. Then they tell you they can't buy your home because of new construction in your Area to get you to list your home with them. Its a total marketing scheme and bait and switch.

Chris Young

This company creates fake reviews to boost their star rating. They are a terrible flipper company. The houses they put on the market have serious issues covered up by shoddy repairs. We first saw a house we liked before knowing about this company, and made an offer. Our inspector found water damage and floor rot covered up by cheap linoleum in a bathroom and in a bedroom where they used cheap carpet and trash thrown in the rotted floor to try and hide the issues. We ended up losing $500 on an inspection because this terrible company does cover up repairs without addressing the issues. I guess in the long run we spent $500 to save thousands. During our house hunting we saw 3 Opendoor houses in the Dallas area and could visibly see the shoddy repairs that they used to cover major issues. Stay away from any houses this company is showing.

Lisa Womack

Don’t feel like they are very upfront about everything that is involved.

Bill Vegas

I had never heard of Open Door until I drove by a sign in a yard and thought I’d give them a try. Lucky for us we did because it was the most smooth, no stress process we’ve ever been associated with. We’ve sold homes in the past and not having to deal with the hassle of showings, keeping the house show ready was worth it. Plus the money was great, process was fast and headache free.. oh and the people I spoke with at Open Door were so nice and professional!!! Definitely recommend

Kyle Ketchersid

Opendoor was the easiest sales experience on a home that I have ever had. They made it very convenient and made sure on every step that it was what was best for my wife and I. There pricing was great and they took away all the headaches that come with selling a home. I would recommend Opendoor to anyone looking to sell our buy a home.

Jerry Frady

Very nice experience selling a rental home. Very fair offer and unlike other reviews I felt the repair estimates were more than fair as well. Good communication, easy process, and quick hassle free closing. Highly recommend.

Mirka Castro

Horrible! Would give no stars if I could. This company is completely unprofessional! Do not buy a home from them. When our inspection was done and they were notified about all repairs that needed to be done, and they "agreed' to fix them. Then, our time came to move into the new house and NO REPAIRS HAD BEEN STARTED OR FINISHED. Everything that was listed in the contract for them to fix before our closing date was completely ignored by this company. We had to keep nagging them to fix what they had to fix, and ended up fixing everything ourselves. Also, they leave the code lock for the front door for you, BUT make sure you change ALL the codes to new ones. They WILL come into your home without you knowing they are coming, and will come in if no one answers them!! VERY unprofessional. Be very aware of who you are buying your home from!! Horrible service from OpenDoor.

Cheray Cherry

I received a fair offer for my townhouse in comparison to the ones on sale in my neighborhood. The process was quick and easy, especially if you have a Realtor. No showings, no hassle, no cleaning:) You can close in less than 30 days! Be sure to read all documents! My only issue was the attorney's started asking for certain documents at the last minute, which could have held things up. But we all worked together and everything went according to schedule. I highly recommend Open Door if you want to sell your house quick and easy!

Dan Williams

Overall, our experience with OpenDoor was successful. Their offer was pretty much in line with the market. In fact, we hired a fee appraiser to have the house appraised and their offer was very close to the fee appraiser's results (not enough to quibble about considering the savings from house prep, staging and listing). It is a multi-step process that we would recommend that the process, including all steps, be displayed right at the beginning. It felt like we would complete one step, then be surprised at the next step when we got the e-mail. Also, perhaps a phone conversation in conjunction with the offer, explaining the offer and the entire process, would be appropriate.


Awful! We got our inspection back and lots of problems with the house... they wouldnt give us credit for several issues like broken stove and several code violations that needed to get fixed. they wont give credit for anything. we are considering finding another house and loosing our option period money and inspection. find another house with a different realtor.

Karen Cook

The process worked exactly as advertised. We accepted the initial offer; we chose to let Opendoor handle the repairs after we received their assessment; we showed up to sign closing documents on the closing date we chose. I could never have believed it would go this smoothly but it absolutely did. Thanks Opendoor!


I have several Opendoor houses in my area. Just watched the lawn service company that Opendoor uses do a terrible job on a yard & then take a picture to confirm that the job was done. SMH.

Jessica Guinn

I bought a home with open door. The process was smooth, but they had to replace the dishwasher. When it came time to use it, it did not work. They put all new ceiling fans in, and it wasn't wired right so that doesn't work. They have contractors that come in, and don't even check to see if things work properly.

Kristi King

DO NOT BUY FROM OPEN DOOR! They put "lipstick on a pig" and sell it to you. I repeat DO NOT BUY! I have an open investigation with the BBB so I will not share the details, but I am not the first that has problems after closing as my realtor warned me and I did not listen. Don't be me.

Bob Overly

Teri Atkins

Opendoor made the sell of my home unbelievably easy! I had wanted to sale forever, but couldn’t deal with getting the house in shape and keeping it ready for showings. Opendoor made me a very nice offer, then came in with a team of inspectors who confirmed the repairs I knew needed to be made. I agreed to let them do the repairs. Within weeks I had closed on my house with absolutely no hassle. I highly recommend Opendoor!

Jessica Newport

Absolutely impossible to work with. Trying to buy a house from them and they stall everything during due diligence. All repairs we're asking for is going to be pinned on the people they bought the property from, which I ALSO have a problem with, because while that may be legal, that is very, VERY shady. DON'T USE THEM FOR ANYTHING. RUN THIS BUSINESS OUT OF THE TRIANGLE.

John Cress

I can’t speak to the experience of selling your house to them, but as for buying from them, do Not do it. They have some of the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. The team never seemed to know what was going on, and was never prompt on responding during negotiation (or even signing paperwork for that matter). Save yourself and your realtor a lot of time and headaches, and just don’t use these guys.

Akmp 777

Great experience selling my house. They are very flexible with closing timeline. Here are a few suggestions/comments for Opendoor on the sellers side: 1. Have a Q&A video on your website. I had to email over and over to get someone to call me to answer questions about the contract. 2. When I did get in touch, they were very helpful and able to answer my questions. 3. Offer is competitive but I disagree with charging more than a 6% convinenice fee. If you are selling your house, either way you are paying the 6% but shouldn’t have to pay more than that. 4. Be more flexible on the offer: example; I had a 2K refrigerator custom to my home that I asked them to write into the offer for only $700 (what I ended up selling it for) and they refused to write it in. This was not an unreasonable request. 5. Closing/Moving I feel that it is unreasonable to ask folks to move out on the same day that they close. My fear was that if I didn’t close for some reason, I would have moved all of my belongings for nothing. You should give more flexibility. In order to stay an extra day after closing to move, I had to rent the house back from Opendoor for $200. 6. Full disclosure on move out instructions: It was like pulling teeth to find out answers to some questions for example “what happens with my left behind trash at my house, will I be charged?” The answer is yes, and it will cost you a pretty penny to leave anything behind. 7. Make it clear to people that both parties can back out at anytime for any reason. Also, let the seller know that Opendoor puts up earnest money. Once I know Opendoor had $2500 in earnest money on the line that they stood to lose if they backed out, I felt more confident that closing would happen. The inspection experience was very smooth. But they did knit pick on several items and jacked up the price. For example they charged $30 to put a cover on an outlet. Real estate agents HATE Opendoor. Every agent I talked to called them “bottom feeders”. I think Opendoor is a genius concept and it actually helps people like me who want to get out of a house fast without taking time to show my house and keep it clean all the time. I have two kids and am a single mother and there is no way I could have left at 7pm at the drop of a dime with two kids when someone needed to come look at the house. I did the math and if I were to put the house on the market and go the traditional route, I would have only made a few thousand dollars more than I did with Opendoor. I would have had uncertainty and had to show my house all the time. I was able to change my close date 3 times based on my needs. Closing was super easy and pleasant. I had my money wired within 3 hours of signing on the dotted line. Bottom line, I was a bit uncertain at first because Opendoor seemed to good to be true. I thought there must be a catch...but there wasn’t. They give you a fair market offer on your home and send you on your way. It’s that simple.

Christopher Cornejo

I do NOT recommend Opendoor. I have a house for sale that does not need any work and has new wood floors with a lot of upgrades compared to other homes in our area. Our homes requires ZERO maintenance or upgrades and it comes with A LOT of perks like a great water softener, cameras, upgrades toilets, etc.....Opendoor lowballed us over $40K+ taking most of our equity. NO THANKS and Opendoor can try to SCAM someone else.

Christina Jackman

They hook you with the offered price for your home, then they hit you with the service charges and deduct any repair needed to your home, which drastically drives the price down. No thanks, would not recommend.

Kyl Benton

We found a house that was perfect for us but had a time limit to close. So we contacted Opendoor to try to meet the time deadline. They gave us an initial quote that we liked, even though it was quite a bit lower than market value. We still weren't convinced and asked someone to give us a call to explain the process. The lady was very nice and seemed genuine, telling us Opendoor was trying to build their brand and customer satisfaction was very important to that goal. My wife and I asked a lot of questions and finally felt comfortable with moving forward. So comfortable, we thought we were safe putting down earnest money on a new house based off of the bid and the woman's explanations. We were wrong, and should have waited even though we were pressed for time. After their appraisal guy came out is when the problem started. We had about $6000 in repairs that needed to be done and we were ok with that, I would be able to make about $2000 in repairs myself, but then they told us that their valuation team made a mistake and that they were going to have to take $12000 off of our initial valuation. That put us below what we needed to get our new house. Now we are struggling to figure out a way to minimize our losses because we have gone so far in the process we are bleeding money, all of which would not be happening if Opendoor was ethical and took responsibility for their own mistakes. We tried to do research before we talked with them but couldn't find many bad reviews, but now after searching for specific issues we found this isn't the first time they've done this to people. There are so many incidents that I've found, that it seems like a pattern of unethical business practices to me. Don't do business with Opendoor, they are crooks that will wait until you're in a bad position and then try to force you to swallow an adjustment to the numbers because they made a mistake. They literally said "oops, we're sorry, you can walk away if you want" knowing we were already beyond the point of being able to walk away without taking a heavy hit.

Tommy Sams

Super easy and fair, highly recommend.

M O'Keefe

I've sold several homes over the years, and this is absolutely the best experience I've had! No haggling with the customer over concessions; no people running through the house at all hours of the day and night; no need to "stage" anything. You decide when you want to close. It takes a lot of stress out of an already stressful situation. I've been recommending them to everyone who is thinking about selling.

Mecci H

I couldn't be happier with my experience with Opendoor! They really made the entire process effortless for me, I literally did nothing but move my stuff out while they did all the work. Our new home wasn't going to be ready by the initial closing date and Opendoor worked with me on extending my closing date and really just made the entire experience so very hassle free. I would highly recommend Opendoor to anyone. The staff is friendly and accommodating and the really do provide a stress free process. I cant thank them enough!

Tangy Hyson

Working with Opendoor was a wonderful experience! ,they worked with me with the small window I had from start to close, to sell my home. The staff was so nice, helpful and professional. I would recommend Opendoor to anyone looking to sell there home!


Teresa Mayo

My review of Opendoor is a lengthy but well read worthy. Please accept the 5 minutes it may take you to find out the human spirit in a corporate world. June 12th 2018, I arrived home from work 18 minutes later my husband of 20 years decided to take his own life and make it impossible for myself or our 3 children to stay in our home anymore. My children are all grown, however, after this they wanted no part of where they have their fondest memories. This would begin a whirl wind of complications that are going to take almost 3 1/2 months to deal with. I contacted OPENDOOR and was met by Daniel Burkhart immediately, who from here out I'll refer to as Dan. He sent me my offer, which NEVER ONCE CHANGED. I accepted it. The inspection was done and the repairs were assessed. Dan made me aware that one of my biggest expenses was going to be my roof which had been recently damaged by a Texas storm. I had no idea because I don't get up there. I said can y'all give me the time to fix it through homeowners insurance? Dan said of course, We'll work with you, we'll extend your closing to accommodate the roof repair, when it's done then we'll close. Then begins the 3 months of legal stuff. Because of the nature of my husbands death, there was no will, probate, life insurance, etc. Every time I would turn the corner to make forward progress in this sale, I would be met with high levels of adversity, NEVER FROM OPENDOOR. From my original mortgage company, homeowners insurance, etc. Dan would continue to fine the process to extend my original agreement, never costing me another dollar, never increasing fees, never going back on anything they had originally stated to me. My life being completely upside down at this point, not understanding many of the legal things I was dealing with, Dan enlisted title to be more proactive for my cause. OSN Charlie, would continue to fight through the red tape to get this sale done. i was never treated like a number, a sale, a case, a profit. i was treated like a person that other people had apathy and understanding for. When I tell you that honestly I would've never had this down without the total support of this company and Dan and the out lying affiliates, I couldn't be more honest. I'm grateful that I did close on my house. they did not make it difficult for me to leave once the red tape had been cleared. please understand that in my experience with this company, I can't imagine anyone not wanting to do business with them. They walked me through this whole thing with a smile, friendliness, and patience. There aren't enough stars on Google reviews for me to give them.

James Dunn

I have to admit It sounded to good to be true and guess what ? IT WAS !!! I had $1050 worth of repairs after the inspection which I found very reasonable. Great people, great communication, closing was super smooth. I would recommend to anyone and would di it again...

Donnie Freier Jr

Katherine Webb

I can tell you that my experience with Open Door was so stress free that I was actually happy to leave my home. I felt that I was selling it to someone or at least a company that would take care of what I had invested 13 years of my life in. Aubrey Bachand is the best and most professional individual I have ever dealt with. Having taken a Real Estate course, I knew just enough to be impressed by Aubrey and I don't impress easily. Thanks again Open Door for making it so easy.

James Johnson

Daniel Wiser

This is a company that buys low and tries to sell high to make as much of a profit as possible, even at the expense of safety. We almost purchased a home listed by open door, and first thing we noticed is holes dig around the home that were not filled back in. We found out open door had the foundation fixed because of water damage due to no gutters on the home. Well they fixed the foundation, but didn’t even put gutters on the house. Why would you fix the foundation but not correct the issue that caused the damage in the first place? Second, the roof had a leak which caused water damage to wood underneath, however open door simply put a second layer of shingles on top of the originals instead of repairing it properly. The back door of the home was kicked in and damaged from a burglary, and opendoor didn’t want to fix it. (Although everyone knows it could scare off potential buyers) Also, our inspector claimed there was a plumbing problem which may have been caused whenever the foundation was lifted. As part of a contract we told opendoor we would buy if they repaired the roof properly and had a licensed plumber inspect the pipes. THEY REFUSED, due to not wanting to spend any money. They flip a home and don’t even want to spend the money on curb appeal by refilling in the dirt they just dug up. Horrible, sleez ball company. Never do business with OPENDOOR, their will be hidden problems they’ll try and screw you with. STAY AWAY.

Adam Mccain

Opendoor was super easy to work with, and very accommodating. We had some obstacles to overcome and they worked hand in hand with me until the very last second to make sure everything went through. I would do business with them in a heartbeat, and recommend them to anyone selling their home! My personal representative was Dan Burkhart. He deserves a personal shout out for his hard work, dedication, honesty, forthrightness, professionalism, and cheery disposition on the phone. He was incredible and persistent. Without his "get it done" attitude, I don't think the deal would have gotten done.

Robert Tuma

I felt Opendoor was great to work with, the offer they made was market value and I liked that I didn't have to put in a lot of work to make it show ready. The one problem that I ran into was with repairs, Opendoor would like for you to use their contractors but after looking around I found that you can get much better prices from other repuitable companies... I believe that the minute some companies see Opendoor on the contract they start finding any and everything that they can possibly make money off of. I had both plumbing and foundation work that I needed to complete, second opinons from other contractors came back much less. This in no way reflects on Opendoor, I beleive they've just gotten big and everyone is looking to make money off of the service they provide.


This company is a scam and I advise all others to not trust them, they will try to offer low and then request that high end items be replaced to bring the price down. Run if they come to you. There title company made several errors during the closing process. I advise others to not use them and they charge $8600 as a fee to buy your home.

shane collins

My experience was fantastic from start to finish. I received an offer from the coordinator at open door, and she was my contact person through the whole sale process. If I had questions on whom to contact, she provided me the relevant contact details. The price was fair, the repair assessment was within reason. The closing was quick and painless, 15 minutes.

joe solomon

They advertise they will buy your home but then won’t give you an offer and try to get you to use their real estate agents. Bait and switch scam.

Jill Hill

Kevin Bobbitt

I was a little nervous at first dealing with such a new company to the Raleigh/Durham area. However everyone was professional and answered the phone every time I had a question or concern. There was a little drama at the end dealing with the Law Firm but my Open Door closing agent was all over it and worked through the weekend to correct the issue. Long story short I was able to close on time and got a very reasonable offer for my home. I highly recommend this company.

Andrew Oliver

For various reasons after my divorce, I wanted to sell my house and be somewhere else. I called a realtor and got an estimate. If I spent about 10k on updates and repairs (many of which I'd need to leave for, I could sell my house for about 205. Add another bathroom (about $15-20k) and I could sell faster for 225. That's a lot of time, a fair amount of risk and did I mention I was ready to go somewhere else nowish? Enter Opendoor. They gave me an offer close to what the realtor said I could sell for, no repairs, and they'd buy it in ~2 weeks (we ended up delaying that so that we had time to move out). Best of all, when all is said and done (commission, closing costs, etc) I made about the same if not a little more money. When you include the repairs, I came out way ahead. When you include the money I'd have spent on alternative accommodations while the work was being done, I made a lot more. If you amortize in the risk that any of this work might have taken longer or ran into other cost overruns -- I did very well indeed. I'd been in my home for 20 years. It had been awhile since I last did anything real estate related. The Open Door website made it obvious and easy to understand the process and most of it was able to be digitally signed by both me and my ex-wife. Aside from the web interface, Keon and Jalen were there to help when I had questions or concerns. You have to run the numbers. The offer may not be quite as high as you're expecting but consider all of the costs and time and hassle. If I was ever selling a home in one of the markets they serve, I'd definitely think of them first. Moreover if you want to live somewhere else after a divorce -- this is almost certainly your best bet!

Oralia Trevino


Choosing to sell our house with Opendoor was the best decision we made. The offer they made was awesome, we couldn't pass on it. The team made the process stress free, from the start, Katie Brewer answered all our questions, to the end with Aubrey Bachand made sure the closing process was seamless. Great team!!! Great experience!!!

Todd Broughton

Fantastic experience working with opendoor. I can only speak to our personal experience, but it was great for us. We just sold our home to opendoor & the customer service was top notch. Easy & convenient to work with every step of the way. Their offer was totally fair & actually quite close to what we would have gotten selling the traditional route. We were also able to rent our home back from them after the sale, which made moving out a bit easier for us. We couldn’t be happier

Caz M

It seems selling to OpenDoor is easy, but I can tell you buying from them is not. I am currently suffering with my 4th delay in closing due to OpenDoor A) using contractors to complete repairs who lie and say they are done (the shutters sitting on the grass unpainted attest to that falsehood) and B) said contractors repeatedly not showing up day after day this week. Also, my lawyer said OpenDoor sent an incorrect deed and overall getting the necessary, correct paperwork from them has been a challenging experience to the point where he may very well start adding an additional surcharge to his services if he has to work with OpenDoor again on future closings. I am supposed to move in a week, my current home already has a new tenant lined up, and as of right now I have no new closing date. I was supposed to have closed days ago. I will be homeless in a week if OpenDoor does not complete their responsibilities. I was supposed to go on vacation tomorrow with my family but that has now been cancelled as I must stay in town in case closing happens in the next couple of days. This is extremely stressful and an unpleasant experience. I am the one paying all this money, why is OpenDoor treating me like an inconvenience?

Terry Hanz

We went to look at at a house through Opendoor. No agent was available to discuss tbe property. You have to send a text to recieve an access code to go into an empty house. How creepy is that! Why would I want to buy property this way? Lazy person's way to sell real estate


Every repair they identified was exaggerated and overpriced. The repairs we made on our own were typically 1/3 of what they said it would cost. We were asked to hold money in escrow in case of damage during a pier repair. They would not respond to emails or requests for the money, then miraculously produced an invoice in exactly the amount held in escrow. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!!

Maher Abukaf

If you are looking for a fair market value offer for your house and hassle free experience, opendoor is the company to buy your house. They can close in as little as few days and they are flexible. I recently had an appraisal done, and the offer from opendoor was pretty much the same as the appraisal. They do charge a percentage that is about equivalent to what a real-estate agent changes, but in their case you get a true value for the service fee - fair offer, hassle free experience, quick or flexible time-frame, seller signing closing (a few pages to sign rather than full closing - my understanding because they pay in cash rather than using a bank).

LaToya Pierre

Open door was the best way to go when selling our home. It took the headache out of showings and also updating. The offer was a very fair price. They sent inspectors out on the same day so that was very convenient. I would definitely do open door again. From the other reviews I read prior to using them basically said just let them fix whatever don’t try to do it yourself because that’s where it may get sticky. So, we did just that. Fixed minor things but honestly I would’ve just let it be. They saved us a lot of money and time. We were building a new home so they offered us to close right before our new home closed so we didn’t have to find anywhere to stay between time. I would definitely recommend them and used them again myself in the future.

Linda Bowers

We had a very good experience with Opendoor. We had been working to declutter our home of over 25 years. We had a lot of stuff. The whole process of preparing to get it ready to put on the market had become overwhelming. We heard of Opendoor and decided to check it out. When we received our offer we were pleasantly surprised. We got a very good offer. We did not experience any nit picky repair surprises. We had a few things that came up that we had to take care of but they were things that we would have had to do weather we used them or not. We were actually surprised at how smooth it all went. Anytime we had any questions or concerns we were promptly provided the answers we needed. The best thing of all we were able to stop working toward getting things ready for droves of people viewing our house while on the market. Having to clean up daily and run out the door with 2 dogs so someone could come view it. We were able to just start packing and move on out. It was a big relief for us and we feel Opendoor did a fantastic job taking us through the process.

hiroki irino

Opendoor didn't disclose that the property was in a flood zone. They do crappy repair job and incomplete, no integrity nor pride in work. They refuse to do minor repairs we requested. They do not offer home warranty. Would not recommend.

Kari Hunter

While my initial experience with Open Door started out positively, it took a negative turn after the home assessment. My house is in decent condition, but it has not been updated with things like hardwood floors or granite countertops ... and this information I provided during the initial questionnaire to get the original offer. A week after the home assessment I was called and told that Open Door would be rescinding their offer because of a "computer error" that overestimated the value of my home because they based that value on a "fully updated" home. So even though I provided accurate and true information upfront about my home, some "computer" made an error based on those estimates? Really? And they made no effort to compromise or anything ... just, sorry we aren't doing this deal. Your only option is to sign a document to allow them out of the contract and you get the earnest money as "compensation". If I had more time, I would bring this to my lawyer but they've already wasted my time and I'm taking what I can from them. Companies that do not stand by their offers and make no real good faith effort to work with their customers are not companies that I will work with ... and I will tell everyone I know not to deal with this company.

Jason Conoly

Very Easy to deal with.


The entire process of selling my rental house with Opendoor was very smooth and well thought out. Everything was handled through the outstanding and intuitive Opendoor website and through communication with my point person at Opendoor via email. I had 3 brief phone conversations during the entire process. Communication with all representatives from Opendoor was excellent. My situation was simpler than some people might encounter. I had a rental house that was paid for with no mortgage, and I was not needing to close on the sale in order to buy another property. Nevertheless, the whole contract and transaction was on an agreed upon timeline and Opendoor was absolutely punctual with their assessment inspection and final walkthrough. I was very pleased with their offer, their fee, and their repair cost quote. There was complete transparency and no surprises. I was paid exactly what they said they would pay. and the proceeds were wired into my account after the deed was filed; exactly as their website said it would. Closing took place in a local law office and took 20 minutes. All form and contract completion and signatures prior to closing were done via their website. I have a construction background and have bought, fixed up, and sold investment properties in the past, and selling through Opendoor was so much easier than using a conventional realtor, that I would without question, use Opendoor again.

John M

I recently sold my house on Opendoor - fantastic process to eliminate the total hassle of showings, etc. I travel a lot for business and having the certainty of the sale was very advantageous. There were a few things that stopped me from giving a "5-star" rating and they are all related to logistics that I am sure Opendoor will solve. First, for whatever reason, I could never email them - it was rejected every time. Their IT dept couldn't figure it out but my contacts at Opendoor each gave me their mobile number and we texted throughout (which by the way each contact was extremely responsive). The other item that was frustrating is that the closing documents were sent over in the final hour. They were correct but it would have been nicer to have a few days prior to closing. Super easy, stress free and a price that was in the ballpark of what I thought I could get on the open market. The additional savings I achieved came on the buying end when I was able to waive my contingency (because I knew I had an Opendoor offer in hand) and get the buyer to drop their price. I would highly recommend the very professional team at Opendoor for your next sale - it's the CarMax of house selling!

Wendy Lewis

I want to thank the Opendoor team for making my selling experience amazingly easy. I appreciate the upfront communication about the process from start to finish. You all exceeded my expectations. Also the Fidelity National Title Agency team was great and flexible. You all make an awesome team! Thank you from start to finish was 12 days. Wow!

Leon Watson

My Opendoor experience far exceeded my expectations. I received a very competitive offer and was able to choose my closing date. If the opportunity ever presents itself again I will use Opendoor again.

Mikayla Scott

Absolute worst buying experience. I just purchased my first home and Opendoor was not helpful at all. My realtor and I had questions regarding the property and it took days to get an answer; each time we called, we were put in contact with a different employee, none of which had adequate answers for us or knew anything about the property. A 5 minute conversation with the neighbor gave me more insight to the property than a week of communication with Opendoor. They also ignored addendums on offer and tried to get out of terms that they agreed to upon accepting my offer on the house, stating that the paperwork was never submitted. Later they finally admitted that they had overlooked the addendum but still were not willing to fulfil agreements. Items that were listed on DDR were not completed prior to closing and Opendoor is refusing to complete agreed to terms a week and a half after closing, stating that they already completed items. Specifically, they are refusing to trim tree branches 12" away from roof according to inspection, stating that the verbiage in the inspection was misleading and that the branches are cut correctly. (Limbs are currently hanging over the roof 1-2 feet around the entire home). We also had to practically beg them to come and do the smallest things, such as cleaning gutters out. They couldn't even do simple things such as pressure washing the house and mowing the lawn for showing, and all of the "repairs" that they did inside of the house, including carpet and paint, were done with the cheapest materials they could find. Paint is peeling off in all of the rooms already. Unless you are absolutely in love with a house, save yourself the headache and do not buy from them.

Melissa Wafford

We just sold our home with Opendoor and had an amazing experience! The offer we received was more than fair and the process was so incredibly easy and hassle-free that it is almost seemed unbelievable. It was actually a pleasure. We even had some circumstances that required special attention and they were extremely patient and accommodating with our needs. I HIGHLY recommend Katie and the entire Opendoor team. Thank you, Opendoor!

Laura Martin

We choose Opendoor because we have a small child and my husband works a rotating schedule. It was absolutely perfect. From start to finish the process was done in 3 weeks. Everyone I came into contact with was nice and professional. They gave me over what I was asking for. I will say they were sometimes a little slow answering emails. The same can be said for the Title company as well. Overall, I could not be more thrilled with my experience. In my officer there was actually 2 of us going the process together. We both enjoyed the whole thing. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to move and deal with the hassle of showing your home.

Sarah Klein

DO NOT BUY A HOUSE FROM OPENDOOR. I was interested in a house in (1225 Hayden Lane Savannah, TX) Savannah, TX. I did a home inspection and the man told that I should get a roof inspection. I research for a 5 star roofing company to inspect it and found out there was severe hail damage. When we did a addendum for Opendoor to get a inspection done on the roof and fix as needed. They came back saying the roof was in great shape and their pictures from the inspection was all from a side point of view. When my realtor showed them ours with VERY detailed pictures they were shock. They came back three days later saying they were going to do another roof inspection. My realtor said we would too. I pick ANOTHER 5 star rating roofing company and he said its a no brainier that they roof was damaged. Open door came back saying only 500 dollars needs to be repair. When my realtor said "are you kidding me?". They came back and said "Did we say 500, we meant 100?". My insurance and mortgage lender wrote a lengthy letter to them that they will not allow me to purchase the home. My father even told them to drop 10,000 so we can personally fix the roof. Opendoor said no. They are a used car salesperson trying to sell you a broken car. They are shady company. OH! Found a coworker that purchased a home and found out that opendoor replace the carpet but no the padding. OPENDOOR cuts corners and steals from you. BEWARE!!!!! I have all the roofing reports to show you

Christopher Martin

Our experience with Opendoor was wonderful when we sold our home in July. Everything was worry and hassle free, and our family was impressed with the honesty and reliability of Opendoor, from their offer on our house to the support and accompaniment they gave us along the way. Many thanks to Mr. Michael Petrovich and the rest of the Opendoor team. Thank you!

Megan Reyes

I DO NOT RECOMMEND YOU DO NOT BUY FROM OPENDOOR. My mom bought a house with opendoor and it has been one issue after another. They basically taped the place back together long enough to get someone to buy it. Lots of little things that should have been done correctly the first time such as loose doorknobs, a minor toilet chain issue (whoever replaced the stuff inside the tank left the chain too long so it wouldn't flush properly), the bathroom tile was painted over and it looked good (so good that I didnt even realized it was painted)but is already starting to chip and peel. She has lived there less than 2 months and has had to call a service person out for the dishwasher, oven, ac, and today I called a plumber for her because the yard is soaking wet. Opendoor agreed to fix the garage door but it is yet to be fixed even tho the service guy has been out a few times now. They did pay for a home shield warranty that she requested after they refused to fix some of the things she asked them to so that has been helpful but still $75 minimum each time someone has to look at a new problem. It is too soon for so many problems. Update: it will be $2000 to fix the plumbing in the front yard. Thanks opendoor for an awesome house. And still no garage door fixed since before Christmas. Np Update: 2/17/19 garage door still not fixed and now the sink is leaking again. The sink leak that we were told would be fixed before move in. Also no one has responded further than asking me for the address.

amanda Wao

As a realtor, it is disappointing to have a client excited about a property but have a completely unresponsive party that plays games at the other end of the transaction. I do not recommend this company, for buyers or sellers.

B Wayland

New concept in selling or buying houses. They also have a unique option. You can trade your house in on another one of the homes they have listed.

Gladys Woods

Hiring process is a joke and a wait of time. They already know if they are going to hire you before the phone interview. They just call you so it can look like they are giving everyone a chance.

Dustin Pierson

I work here coming from 6 years as a traditional realtor and recent broker. It's the future of real estate and the model is here to stay.

C Jones

Hands down the best experience in selling my home. The process was seamless, the web capabilities were remarkable. I was very impressed with everything and felt well informed of each step along the way. You made my experience stress free.

Bobby Stewart

My wife and I just purchased a house through open door. It was our first purchase and it was the worst experience I have ever had with any company. It took us over two months to finally close on the home and this was after seven different close dates. Open door would ask for documents that had been already sent to them multiple times. They find the lowest price contractors to do the "work" on the homes. These contractors left trash all in our yard and cases of empty beer cans in our trash. They were supposed to fix multiple issues but they simply "painted" over them or neglected it all together. ALSO IF YOU ARE USING A VA LOAN THEY ARE COMPLETELY LOST!!!!! They fail to respond and when they do there is very little in the answer! We have been in our house for almost two and a half weeks and they are still sending out "contractors" to "fix" issue with the house which makes the third time now. There are only two things that are good about our buying experience. 1. They were so screwed up that they had to pay the closing cost and we actually received a 15 dollar check. 2. We learned a valuable lesson about how unprofessional and incompetent Opendoor truely is.

Tarsha Lynch

Had a deal with them to sell my house but the deal fell out due to repairs. They released the earnest money check to me due to the Rocky start in the process earlier with one of their vendors. It took about 2 weeks to get the EM check but it was Fed X to me just in time for Xmas and I was able to get a jump start on those much needed repairs. Thanks OpenDoor

Raul Cabrera

At first we were skeptical, but - We LOVED our experience with Opendoor. The entire process was hassle free! No showings, no negotiations or annoying concessions - we picked our close date and received our cash very quickly! We will definitely use Opendoor again in the future!

Josh Mikels

Opendoor surpasses my expectations and then some. This was my 5th home sale, but my first experience with Opendoor. From start to finish all people involved were professional, helpful, and made things easy. The price paid fro my property was very competitive, and when I consider the fact that I didn't have to prep and show a house...the value was immeasurable!

Elaine Noulis

Wish I could give less than 1 star! This is the true definition of bait and switch tactics as some others have also referred to in their reviews. Be sure - they are only a good service when you are desperate to get rid of your home for whatever reason and you will not get the true value - that's what they are counting on - that you are in a hurry and they will reap the rewards. Nothing about this process was timely or as promised but I stuck it out to see how it would go. I originally got an offer which I thought was fair even though I know my home is worth more, I knew it would be worth the "hassle-free" they advertise and so I accepted and signed the offer and agreed to sell. The next step is their "assessment". This was completed by an extremely rude gentleman who basically came in and took 1000 pictures of my home. I asked if he was a home inspector and he said no but he use to be a contractor and now he works for opendoor. He told me that his only job was to send all these pictures to CA and they make the assessment. This in itself was confusing to me because I live in NC and how could someone in CA know anything about the area where I live? Keep going...the assessment report is suppose to come back in 4-6 days according to them and so I started emailing/calling when I hadn't heard from anyone after 10 days. Day 14 - first I receive a phonecall to try to tell me all this information that I wasn't prepared to talk about because I hadn't received anything so I told him to call me later, then the assessment was finally received about 4 hours later. (side note here is they are using up as much time as possible to give you less time to get proper information and still meet the closing date). So, in looking through the list of repairs, most of them actually seem reasonable and fairly priced but here's the kicker - I guess since they couldn't take off enough of the price in repair bills, they have deducted from the original offer 11% right off the top for what they call a "valuation credit" - OK this was explained to me as such "we pulled the wrong comps and so we are deducting from the original offer made to you" - WHAT! First of all, I disagreed with the original offer telling them that the homes were selling for much more in that area, they upped the offer around $2500 and I decided to go with that as fair but now you're going to deduct almost $30K because you pulled the wrong comps - TWICE! talk about bait and switch!! Then they deducted another 3% for what they called "condition misstated credit" - this was explained to me that I had stated I had put $35K into renovations which they disagreed with. I provided them with a list of detailed improvements and the costs which were actually more than $35K. So after that discussion, they came back and agreed to concede $1500 - yes, $1500 that they would give me back from those 2 items totalling over $35K!! I'm appalled as to how a business can conduct in such a fashion to pull someone in under false pretenses and get away with this. As I said, they go after people who are desperate to sell their homes and don't care about taking a hit because they just don't want to deal with it. Sorry, not me, I am not taking that big of a hit when the offer is below market from the get go!!

John Hutchens

When we decided to try, it was with low expectations. They would never make a fair market value offer. Wrong. Their offer was completely fair. They would charge us a gazillion dollars on repairs. Wrong. They didn't nickel and dime us and they made it easy to know exactly what to fix. They would charge us too much to buy it. it. Wrong. The service fee represented a premium but it wasn't exorbitant (or else I wouldn't have used them.) I kept waiting for the "gotcha" moment where the deal fell apart due to some unforeseen thing where they finally came clean about a hidden fee or charge. It never came. I'm very impressed by the experience. This was great.


I DO NOT RECOMMEND Opendoor. WORSE EXPERIENCE ever. I did enter in contract with them to buy a house but after it was inspected there were some major fixes to be made like plumbing system and AC/heating but they only wanted to fix stuff that i could fix myself. As per the inspector the plumbing could cost Up to $ 15,000 but the kept ovoiding to put ir on the "option." At the end that we could not ready an agreement de decide to terminate the contract before the option period was over because it was taking too much time for them to respond and then to give the same answer over and over. Now, I had been waiting for my "Earnest " money back for over three weeks and they still haven't approve it yet and they claim that the option period was over, which is not truth because it was Extended like 3 or 4 times to see if we come up with an agreement which it did no happened. If you are thinking on buying a house DO NOT waste your time and money with them. Now, I lost about two month of my time, $ 300 dollar of inspection fees, and $ 200 of the option. Their representatives are the worse and they have a very bad customer services.

Rick Solt

I’m extremely disappointed in this process so far. I sold my home with Opendoor about 2 years ago and the process was smooth. I put an offer for a home 5 business days ago and have had to call numerous times to actually try to cover an offer with someone. No one still hasn’t called me back or helped me. It seems like no one wants my business at Opendoor.

Nancy Mitchell

I worked with Morgan and her team. My cousin is a realtor and thought Open door would be great for my situation, and she was correct! The team was professional, polite and helpful. Morgan was always very accommodating and patient with my many questions. I have recommend them to others, and have a friend who is actually selling through them now.

Lane Smutz

You will hear many things online regarding the Opendoor experience. Some are true, some are false, some inaccurate etc. To me it boils down to how much time you have to 'market' your house on your own and how much information you have about it's value to an end-user over a traditional marketing period. We were looking to move within the same metropolitan area quickly to a bigger house. We both have relatively demanding jobs and did not have time to excessively clean, stage, take time off of work etc. etc. over the 50 days it took to find a new home. I believe we got a fair offer. Was it less than what we probably would have received had we gone the traditional route? Probably, but not more than what our time was worth and the hard-to-calculate value of less stress. We moved out on our own schedule (leased-back) and did not clean a thing. Do some research and evaluate their offer and your particular family situation. You may end up pleasantly surprised a few months later...writing your own positive review.

Becky Dickenson

I have been pleasantly surprised since I first contacted Open Door. I received a note from them in the mail and kept it for some time before I finally called them. They immediately sent me their value for my home. It was higher than the estimated appraised value from my mortgage company and the appraisal district. The inspection was done by a group of professionals that were all accommodating and friendly. Things went so fast after the inspection and their estimate for repairs (painting, carpeting and other repairs) was so reasonable. I couldn't have done it any cheaper myself. I had trouble with my movers and panicked, but after speaking with their representative, I was assured that everything could still happen with a 2 day delay. Closing was easy a brief and the funds were in the bank the afternoon after closing. I would recommend them over any real estate company I have ever dealt with. There was no negotiation, no leaving for viewings and no hassle. Thank you Open Door!

Taylor Jackson

Opendoor is a money sucking company that does not care about your home buying experience. We submitted an offer for a house and received an email that same night that they would no longer be accepting offers after 12 pm the following day. We waited patiently and received a counter offer at 12 that next day that was for the price that we had requested with one slight change. We accepted the counter and resubmitted an updated contract. At 3 pm they contacted again and said there was a “clerical error” and they thought our offer was more than what it was even though it was clearly stated on the first contract and they countered with the same price. They followed that up with that “it is their policy that until an updated policy is bound they will accept and review all offers to be fair to all involved.” They then requested for us to submit our best offer by 7 pm that night. So to summarize what happened there, they led us to believe we had the house, countered our offer and then got a new offer that was higher and decided to blow us off and call it a clerical error. We submitted a higher offer that night by the deadline and then never heard from them for 46 hours. They then called to let us know that we did not get the house due to a higher offer (*pretends to be shocked*). We are a young couple in search of our first home and Opendoor made it a miserable experience. I highly recommend taking your business elsewhere, unless you have the money to dish out for an overpriced home that they do not care if you get or not.


Easy and professional. The experience selling our home to Opendoor was the easiest most stress free experience we've had selling a home. All parties were helpful, friendly and very professional.

Allen Campbell

Open Door ROCKS! Professional people. Great to work with. They gave me a fair market value offer on my house slightly higher than my former real estate agent friend and I expected after running the neighborhood comps and deducting minor repair costs. Super easy deal that was finalized in just a few days. Initial web contact, offer, inspection, final walk through, closing, DONE, SOLD, EASY HASSLE FREE!!!

Whitley Rothe

Xavier Rubio

The entire process went smooth. Rae, our Open door representative was awesome. I recommend this company.

Jolie Byrd

Working with OpenDoor was such a pleasure. Everything was taken care of so professionally and efficiently. Morgan was with us every step of the way and ready to answer every single question we had. It is such a relief to not have to go through an experience of doubt, worry, or stress. It meant so much to us to be able to close on the day we chose without the hassle of putting our house on the market, scheduling showings, paying a realtor, etc. We are currently closing on the home of our dreams and it would not have been possible without our positive selling experience with OpenDoor. If you are looking to sell, OPENDOOR IS THE SERVICE TO USE!!! 10/10 Recommend to family and friends!

David Wyatt

Overall selling to Open Door was an extremely smooth process. I only dropped one star because I feel like some of their "repairs" were actually preferences, and not actual repairs - such as repainting a room because they didn't like the color. Aside from this minor issue, they made me a market competitive offer, maintained the originally scheduled closing dates and processed the closing payments quickly. I would absolutely sell to Open Door in the future.

Joe Boyd

I got laid off in November from a job I had for 36 years. I decided to retire and set about the business of selling the house. I have never been through a house sale before so I was lost. I happened to see an ad from Opendoor on the internet while I was looking for house selling tips. I got their free offer just for the heck of it and I was surprised when it came back about 30 K higher than what the house next door (which was in better shape) sold for a few months ago. I thought that this had to be a scam. I couldn't find anything wrong with it so I started working with them waiting for the catch. There wasn't one. I am so happy I ran across them. It was a perfect solution for a lazy bachelor like me. They took care of everything and I had my sales proceeds 60 days after first contact. The sale could have been sooner but I had to find a new place to live. They even had the notary come to the property to close. All I can say is I can't really understand why you would fool with realtors when this is available. No showings with a guaranteed sale. Their assessment of my home's condition was fair and there was not the 'nickle and diming' I expected. This was a wonderful surprise of a company to run across and if you are selling I would suggest you look into Opendoor as your first option.

Cherri Childers

I am so glad I chose Opendoor to sell our house to. They gave us a very good price and we did not have to worry about the inconvenience of realtor appointments and people walking through, as I work from home and have four animals. They have been extremely pleasant to work with and the process was so easy and smooth. The had my back all the way and kept me calm and reassured me that the all would go well. I would suggest Opendoor to anyone who wishes to sell their home. THANK YOU DANIEL AND OPENDOOR ASSOCIATES.

64 Jumpers

The open door team did a Fantastic job with helping us sell our home. it was hassle free, and really just a great all around transaction. If your looking to sell and you dont need all the extra drama that goes into doing it check them out.


BUYERS, DO NOT BUY FROM OPENDOOR. My husband and I got super excited about buying a home from Opendoor. Everything seemed perfect, that is until the inspection came in. For a home that was priced decently for the area, the inspection showed the home was in dire need for repair, making the home not worth what we offered because of how much we'd have to replace. For something that was advertised as move in ready, it was a fixer upper. The roof for starters was stated to be "brand new." Upon inspection, the roof was deemed as totaled and not insurable. There was wood rot, rodents in the attic, the dishwasher and the hot water heater did not work, to name a FEW of the issues. Not to mention the drainage system to prevent foundation issues was not repaired as recommended by the structural engineers report that was given to us. Everything about our experience with Opendoor was heartbreaking and frustrating. They refused to fix any of the significant issues. I feel sorry for the suckers who end up with that home because they're buying a money pit. I will never look at another one of your homes again and definitely won't recommend you to friends. I can't believe you'd try to screw people over for your own selfish gain.

Jamie Ball

We just completed our closing today. From the beginning to end, very easy process. At first we were hesitate, but at each step- everything was explained and fair. I was able to get quick replies from everyone I worked with and ready to answer any more questions. No showings, no waiting- done and over. Next time we sell a house, I will consider go though Open Door again.


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