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REVIEWS OF BEX Realty IN Florida

Vicki Gonsalves

Highly professional

Irini Lygnos

Robert Urquhart was wonderful, I would absolutely use him again. My only regret was not listening to him about which mortgage company to use. It set us back some time, but I finally took his advice and we closed in no time! He is knowledgeable and he takes the stress out of buying a new home! Definitely will be using him for all my real estate needs.

Keith Wood

Greg Iannelli

Anthony San Martin was the best real estate agent I ever worked with. Completely professional and an absolute pleasure to work with.

Libby Gurgis

Jeanette Riccardi is a very reliable, friendly and honest real estate agent. She helped me purchase my condominium and 10 years later, helped me to sell it.

Mary Fox

stuart Rosen


Esther Lipschitz

Thomas Fanelle

Peter Tsetsis

Dreedy Duke at BEX Realty helped me sell my property in less than a week!

Matthew Williams

Amazing staff, office and representation of professionalism.

Marianna Wilhemina

Deirdre Deputy

Team Doan



Jody Jones

Melissa Coleman and Melissa Perry are absolutely on the TOP of their game. They made the home selling/buying process a breeze. Melissa C. Sold our home in fort pierce- a very unique property that would be challenging for anyone to handle- she met and surpassed every challenge and obstacle gracefully, professionally, and completely. Melissa Perry helped us with purchasing our new home- which was across the state! She was so on top of everything- scouted properties, set up our appointments, handled everything with the long distance seller... it was awesome. And her knowledge of the Tampa area is unmatchable. Blessed to have had these ladies work with us!

mark duggan

Mary Ann Korkuc

David Carlton

Looking for an amazing firm with professional agents? BEX Realty has it all!!

Ronnie Pollard

Janet Cope

Almirado Kobarosa

They are not helpful not going to use their services. Lack of information and none modern approach to customer service secretary is outdated..

Jenny Colwell

Fran Klimowski

Michelle Stahl

Unfortunately I cannot give a good review for Wendy Jensen or Bex Realty. Wendy confirmed through text and email that her seller accepted our buyers offer on Good Friday only to tell us Easter Monday that sellers had gone with another buyer's offer. Not to mention she tried to poach our buyer through a text just hours before we sent over our offer. Wendy is not an honest, or ethical agent and caused heartache to our buyer and their family. I do not recommend Wendy as an agent or using Bex Realty. There is no shame in being honest. Everything that is wrong with the industry (your words) is centered around conduct unbecoming a Realtor (our words). And because we love this industry and adhere to NAR’s Code of Ethics, we will not be bullied into thinking that telling the truth by way of a review is anything short of the right thing to do. And to that end, for those reading this review, we are here to “inform” rather than play judge and jury. Confidence herein lies that you can reach your own conclusion if deceit is customary in this business or an admonished anomaly. As for the assertions I made, they are absolutely, unequivocally true and I emphatically stand behind them. The only false statement is what we were told by your agent, Wendy Jensen, when she stated in writing that our buyer’s offer had been accepted. And if this is you, Donn Wonderling, Broker of Bex Realty then you have been provided a copy of both Wendy’s text and email. The only shame that could be extracted from this commentary is your inability to hold an agent accountable to deal honeslty and fairly (you know, the preamble to being a Realtor). Had we been informed up front that the buyer’s offer was not accepted, we would have no problem with that outcome as it’s customary in this business to hear the word “no” when presenting offers. Frankly, we are used to being told no, and use the opportunity to interject with additional negotiating to meet an outcome agreeable to all parties. Pretty straight forward communication route. What’s unusual and unacceptable here is to be told the buyer’s offer was accepted and then learn the realtor continued negotiating with other buyers while our offer was being circulated for acceptance. Need a refresher on the timeline? Follow me. Wendy advised us on Friday (text and email) the seller accepted our offer, she even went so far as to say it was a great deal for our buyer, and on THE NEXT BUSINESS DAY (Monday) we were advised by Wendy she went with another offer. The kicker, Sunday was Easter. Blessings to you and yours, huh. The buyer returned the contract Monday, signed, only to find out they were lied to by Wendy Jensen and that, in fact, the seller had not “accepted” their offer as implied. Writing an honest review is not smearing. It’s transparency. There’s honor in integrity. There’s respect in honesty. #goldenrule

Irena Tigranyan

One of the most skilled real estate brokers I’ve ever worked with.

Jeffrey Soto

Landry Vezina

Christina Teahan

Fantastic Company!

Debra Fernandez

stephanie james

Extremely helpful and effiecnt

Janet Denti

Eileen Reilly

Ornit Granit is a consummate professional, with an attention to detail and a down to earth personality. Her kindness in a very stressful situation was extremely appreciated. We, whole heartily recommend Ornit for all your real estate transactions. She is certainly our agent of choice.

Dee Berhan

Letty Fazio

Great company! Highest level of professionalism and integrity!

Lee Lanktree

Great research, superior communication and nothing but 100% professional, just pleasure to work with.

sandra ruffalo

Jaguar Joseph

Brian Atkins

Greg Wearsch

Lance is great. Thank you for the help

Oscar Gomez

Great and knowledgeable agents.

Mike Hurwitz

For any of your real estate needs,i highly recommend using Rob Urquhart. His knowledge and understanding of the market is unparalleled.

Anthony Melman

Mark Modzelewski

Incredible company to work for.

Murray Favus

She was thorough, arranged for a walk-through after we indicated we were interested. She also had a considerable amount of information available to more fully assess the condo we expressed interested in.

Emily Hill

Pam Becker

Mark Schoonover

Anthony San Martin

rogerstv rogers

Linda Heitner

Joseph Tuccito

Celia Ciotti

Becky Davis-Starr


Janice King

Beach Blonde

Arnold Friedman

Mitch Frank

Quality ,professionalism and the most market knowledge you could ever expect. Would never work anywhere else.

Mary Foley

The BEX Realty broker we worked with, Kristen Chaney, was great, very professional, meticulously well prepared, and always very pleasant. We highly recommend them.

Hope Dillon

Highly professional & knowledgeable Realtors, who work hard to service their clients. That's why BEX Realty is the leader in luxury home sales!

R G.

Needs updating

Elizabeth Schwab

Curtis Chan

BEX Realty is the best real estate company around, whether you are looking at buying or selling, there is nobody better than BEX!!

Corina Gorban

Kate Michalik was absolutely amazing in helping us getting our dream home. From searching for the right home until closing she was there for us in every way possible! Could not ask for more! We basically chose the house we wanted and she did the rest. She works with an entire team of professionals all dedicated to satisfying customers needs. It was incredible! We didn’t do anything more then just choosing the house and signing the documents that made us proud owners! Thank you Kate and your amazing Team for al you efforts you put in finding our Dream Home, we are forever grateful!

Mike F

Great Real Estate company with knowledgeable agents

Iron Mask

Tarra Olsen

Swede Fullson

Great agents! Debbie was the best!

Linda Walter

We are very pleased that we had Caroline and Scott Doan of Bex Realty sell our Fort Myers beach condo last week. They were both so professional and knowledgeable about the beach market. They guided us through the selling process explaining each step and updating us weekly on the status of showings and internet interest. They advertised the condo on every medium available but also watched for trends that would assist us or slow down our sale. They were terrific to work with and no question went unanswered. They held many open houses and followed up all leads but we saw no high presssure selling. The brochure they created was beautiful. They relayed potential buyers questions to us when they did not know the answer. The offer process was very smooth and sewn up quickly, which was a great relief. We believe they got us the best possible offer. They assisted with closing documents and despite hitches from the HOA, got the answers needed to finalize everything. We would recommend the Doan team and Bex Realty wholeheartedly. Thank you Caroline and Scott!

Karl Wendel

Honest people. I don't need to say anything more.

Amy Miller

Great Service, Great People that get great results!!

Tom Fair

Melly Branton

Karen Maher

Innovative technology and dedicated knowledgeable agents provide clients with an unparalleled real estate experience.

Michael McGarr

Great company...fantastic website in the business...

Jordana Casciano

Marina Alter of BEX Realty is a consummate professional. Whether you are a buyer, seller, landlord or tenant, she will tactfully and fairly guide you through any process to achieve the best results for all parties. There were a lot of moving pieces to close our deal and they never would have worked out if not for her dedication to her role as our agent. She was always responsive in a timely manner and had the patience to deal with the many parties that were involved in our situation. I highly reccomend Marina for your real estate needs.

Pallet Sellers

Great company to deal with. Eli Freidus is a very hard worker. South Florida real estate is very competitive and Eli is always willing to out work the next realtor.

Mike Sayson

Nothing omitted, but you’d want to begin with Wendy’s text to Theresa on Thursday the 18th telling her the sellers have accepted our offer, reiterating what a good house it was, and going so far as to give the ol “thumbs up” emoji to Theresa. You omitted that part in your reply, you know, the part where your agent expressly confirms our offer had been accepted. You also omitted that our contract was returned on the next business day, Saturday being weekend and Sunday (easter) a weekend day as well. This has nothing to do with our client “not getting the house they wanted.” The fact you hide behind that speaks volume to your inability to hold agents ethically accountable. It’s cut throat world out there with brokerages trying to onboard new agents, but you should not let the fear of losing an agent overshadow teaching moments when an agent comes up short on the integrity that should be sought and maintained in each transaction. It’s further embarrassing that you are echoing Wendy’s “highest and best” AFTER our offer had been accepted. Any offer AFTER our acceptance should have been vying for back-up position, but don’t that just from me. With over 200 transactions that I personally was involved in closing last year and over 68 different brokerages we closed with, Bex Realty was the only brokerage that we even had an inkling of unethical behavior like this. Hang your hat on that. As for the general public, they can read between the lines here. The golden rule…. Remember that… the golden rule.

Susan Cohen

Heather was amazing. She went above and beyond helping me find the best apartment!!! We climbed many hurdles together, which were all created by outside sources. She was with me every step of the way. Even meeting me evenings!!!! Heather is my forever realtor!!!

Julie Ojanovac

BEX Realty has excellent service and results! Easy to use, amazing technology.

Yvonne o'brien

Tom Rosen

Great company to be affiliated with. Have been an agent (REALTOR) with BEX Realty for almost 6 years now in Naples Florida. Great place to live work and play.

Gregory Ladas

Robert Aron

I seldom write reviews, but feel an obligation to share my experience of the past six months. My agent, Miles Rosenthal and I first met three years ago when a dear friend was buying a condo. My friend fell in love with a certain property; never a good thing to do to get a great deal. Miles and I recognized each other from the gym. He was a pit bull in negotiating and was able to get a phenomenal deal. I made a mental note that when my time came, he would be the guy. Two years later, I approached him to list my home for sale. His response was that it wasn't the time, and we should wait. Integrity not often found in a professional. As it turned out, he was correct. He listed my home six months later, and sold it for more than I expected. Miles arrived on time for every showing, gave great feedback on each showing, and choreographed the entire contract, inspection, and closing phase of the deal. His level of professionalism, knowledge, and skill in understanding the entire process are unmatched. This guy is awesome. The best thing to come out of Chicago since Michael Jordon!

Christina Schoelzel

REX Realty is an extraordinary, award winning luxury real estate company with high level of engagement, professional experience and customer service for their clients in South Florida.

True Living Organics

Spoke with a man named Jerry about renting a home. He found finding a home for me such a hard task he hung the phone up on me. I can't see how this company would be looking out for any of property owners if that's what they're agents do how do they sell anybody's home or rent anybody's home but their agents are just going to hang up on people that actually want the homes they have listed I would recommend you stay far away from this company and if they ever say I'm going to connect you with Jerry just hang up the phone immediately

Marla Hermanowski

BEX is filled with competent professionals who know market value and guide you accordingly!


Gary DeLeo

Clive Sullivan


Christian Wiedow

Without going into detail, Ornit was simply phenomenal. She was such an integral part of me making this area my home. If you a need realtor, I am sure there are plenty of qualified candidates that while some may equal, NONE will surpass Ornit in making your experience an enjoyable one.

Sylvana Siegel


Amazing technology company if you're looking to sell they already have buyers looking in your community. No wonder they are the leader in Florida luxury home sales.

TrishEllen C

I recommend this company for buying or selling. The two realtors who worked with me to sell my house were terrific!

Traci Davies

Andrew Romo

helena kennedy

Love it!

David Reiff

Cindy Moore

michael landsberg

Rachel West

Martin Mauersberg

I recommend Duff without any reservations.

Ed Kvasha

Excellent experience, will definitely recommend this Real Estate to anybody who need my opinion in future .

norm nault

Great information source and quick response from their agents

Rosanne Kramer

Bex Realty did a great job. Would highly recommend them!!

Lexie Herrick

Tyler Counts

John Longobardi

Bonnie did as she usually does went above and beyond and got us into a home we love, she is tenacious and relentless in getting her clients into a home. For years she has been our agent and we wouldnt have it any other way!

Madeline Mannix

Can't say it was a good experience. Collen Koheler was the sales agent of a house we found. After telling us our offer was accepted she turned around the day after and after not returning non of our messages finally replied that our offer was refused. Extremely unprofessional. After reading the reviews I can see this is the way this company operates, they should not be allowed to play with people's time this way. What a shame for Bex Realty to hire agents with no ethics. Will never recommend and will put this review in all the social media.

Debi DiGirolamo

I inquired about information on a home in Vero Beach and was contacted by Kathy Worth immediately. It only took a few minutes after speaking with Kathy by phone to know that i had connected with the perfect agent! After being so stressed having to sell my current home in NY and purchase another in Florida, Kathy went above and beyond all of my expectations to comfort and insure me that she would do everything possible to find my new perfect home...and she did! Kathy guided us through every single detail that needed to be handled and always did it with compassion, hard work, diligence and a great big smile every time I met with her. I highly recommend Kathy for any real estates needs that you may have. She is unsurpassed in my book! Thank you Kathy for everything !!!

The Minisuper LLC

Raymond Blusiewicz

A real estate brokerage that prides itself with giving excellent customer service. BEX Realty award winning website and knowledgeable agents.

Leslie Greenberg

BEX Realty offers cutting-edge technology and the best group of professionals that work with integrity and diligence from beginning to end!

Don McKenna

Before we met Mitch our search process was filled with anxiety and disappointment. Once we started working with Mitch the process was efficient, professional and a great use of our time. Mitch was always available and ready to help in anyway possible. His incredible knowledge of the local community and various subdivisions made search for a home so much easier. We found the home we love and couldn't be more appreciative of all Mitch did along the way. He's an asset to the real estate profession.

Robert Marzigliano

bo French

Paul Niss

Integrity found here !

Leah Eggers

Laura Giambona

BEX Realty has outstanding agents providing an unparalleled level of service to Buyers

Kermnine Domond

Renata Rivera

Great company to work with!

Alex Wagman

When seeking a Realtor in the Boca Raton area, Michael came highly recommended by several friends in the Boca Raton area. Upon meeting Michael, I was pleased to confirm that he is genuine, honorable, responsive and extremely knowledgeable. At our first meeting, I outlined the criteria for the home we were looking for. We viewed four or five homes without seeing one we liked. Michael’s critical and creative thinking, paired with his deep knowledge of the area and market availability, ultimately guided us outside of our originally stated criteria to find a new home that we are excited about. Michael offered his assistance all along the way, recommending vendors, home inspectors and architects. His referrals were all of the highest caliber. I would definitely recommend Michael’s services for anyone needing a Realtor in the Boca Raton area.

Ted Rosenberg

Eric Whistler

this place is great but watch out for a guiy named jay robbins wat a scam artist

Kristina Schotzinger

Lee Lanktree and BEX formerly Boca Executives has been my Realtor for a purchase and sale of a home. He is the consummate professional. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell in SW Florida.

T Teahan

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