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To this day the firm receives a rating of 4.0 stars over 5 and this rating has been based on 77 reviews.

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REVIEWS OF The Oppenheim Group IN California

Peter Reid

Natalie Butka

Ggs Gsgs

Not professional, inflated egos.

Glenda Davidson

G Ba

Julian Iacobelli


I enjoyed the show but quite a toxic environment. Of all the ladies, Mary is the most professional. She acts her age. Is calm and very talented. Her heart and head are in the right place. Chriselle should find her own niche. She is clearly not wanted. She should stop bringing up her background, it was a little too much. Some memories and experiences are to be shared in certain places, at certain times. She doesnt have a friend there, even Maya is not. She was the one who spilled the beans. Chriselle also talks too much. Not a secret keeper. Christine: really admired you in the beginning but you are very trashy. Dont respect anyone even your boss. You are trying to show you are tough. Tone in down Heather: 2nd most professional person. Concentrate at the moment. Dont mingle business with pleasure. Davina: cant really place you. Direct, matured but you started this. You should have called out Chriselle from the beginning, in private. But you gossiped to Maya, who then told others. Overall, the office is crawling with estrogens, so expect DRAMA. Jason and Brett should get males in.

it-discount Deals

Christine Barb

Danielle Reid

Eve Christine

You don’t become known as the “dominant” real estate group in Hollywood Hills and on Sunset Blvd without putting in the backbreaking work. If you feel the appearance of these women is offensive then I would welcome you to take a good, long hard look at yourself (on the inside.) You can’t genuinely love yourself and criticize others’ looks. The Oppenheim brothers know that beautiful people sell real estate in their area and there is nothing wrong with capitalizing on WILLING and beautiful women. I gave this business a five star review because of their reputation and success in this part of L.A.’s saturated market. Lastly, the girls are hot, smart and successful, so either learn from them—or reevaluate your frustrations.

Paisley Barrows

thought the show was great, people are good, would love to do business... if i was rich

john cocke

My man Graham Stephan works here! But show is f'n cringe

Nihaal Albuquerque


Respect to the owners but Christine is unwatchable

Alexandra Sings

Hans McMurdy

Anyone who allows a business to be this toxic & utterly unprofessional doesn't deserve to be in business. People who do business with these guys should be ashamed of themselves for promoting a hostile work environment.

Johnny Nguyen

Hope for a Season 2!

Nora Chiutare

I would not have known about Oppenheim Group if it was not for the show. Oppenheim Group is all about professional upmarket real estate which you effectively deliver. You showed us such lovely and beautiful homes. I liked the fact that the agents research on the history of the properties, have knowledge on the area of the property/rooms and work hard to sell a property. Now looking forward to the next season where we can see more beautiful homes. Well done Brett, Jason and team!

Leticia Nicole

Georgie Dooley


Had a good experience look at homes with them late last year. staff pays attention to their client needs, and really helps me find a great house which I need.

C Dusa

Grace David

I have thoroughly enjoyed the show. The people and places I can only dream about, but for the time it is on, I'm transported to my dream world and quite entertained. Hope to see many more episodes. (By the way, I'm a Senior citizen living in Ensenada,Baja, Mexico).

Jakub Szarmach

It would be nice if someone got back to work at this place.

Dinali Dassanayaka

Heather Vangerud

Kind of funny to me how people are rating and judging people based on a show

Jason Code

Love the show but the egos are a bit over the top!.. There’s some really beautiful homes in California, I would want Heather as my agent, professional, beautiful and knows her stuff!

Jonathan Rader

Funny how this listing appears one day after the Netflix release

Julie Warstler

I loved watching this during my manicure in ALL captions! I'll be watching it and daydreaming about working for The Oppenheim Group. Heck I think I want to get into real estate now ha!

James D.

Watching this parody confirms why you should always hire a legal professional. A monkey (obviously) can take and pass a California Real Estate Exam. This brothel satire clearly conveys why anyone with common sense would run from the likes of this drama. Disheartening, during the ME2 era we have this cliche bimbo persona being propagated. Pretty disrespectful to an industry now saturated with delusional entitled millennials.


I love this show. Season 2 PLEASE

Dio 333

Victoria McFarlane

Jacqueline Alarcon

Marie-Hélène Paquette


Stacie Kidwell

Yanik Ottenbreit

Homer Hammond

I had two great experiences with the The Oppenheim Group. I just signed my lease with the help of Jasmine. She was very helpful and prompt to respond to my questions. She's also very friendly, which is a plus!

Gabriel Pépin

i'm comming to work with you !!! from Quebec

Cam Reed

Jacob Yamada

Josue Martinez



Leyoo Deutschland

If you see the sky falling over LA, you've probably bought a house here. Best Bros ever! Bless you !

Cecilia Clough

Ahmed Abbas

Mary and Christine are an amazing Realtors.

Shayteria Allen

I like the show. There's a pro and con to everyone there for me. Christine: She may be very aggressive when it comes to personal relationships but I think she can use more of that when it comes to marketing herself. She definitely knows how to party. Maya: Slightly professional but I do think it was messy of her to go back and tell Mary what the others said about her. But in the end, she seems like a sweet person, and I was excited to see she was expecting. Mary: Very professional and definitely a go getter, she inspired me actually. However, I'm not too confident about her relationship with the young man. It almost seems "forced." Heather: Also a go getter. I loved her drive to market her homes for her clients. She definitely has connections, which will get her far however, I also don't feel too confident about her relationship either. She's going to have to make a choice soon. Davina: Forgot she was on the show. They didn't film enough highlights about her life. Chrishell: I still don't see her fitting in with the other girls. She seems way too fragile. She's needs to either play the same game and fight back or she needs to find somewhere else to go. She let her guard down way too soon which led her to being attacked by the other girls.

Brent Knibbe

Mora Velasquez

CER Development

Ana Bottos

George L

Stephanie Sapin

Madame Madagascar

Livia Meyenberg

alan king

Rather than rate this firm based on realty tv, the review should be based on service levels to both buyers and sellers. I work in real estate in Scotland and looking at the Google reviews it’s totally misleading. Based on the average price of their listings then they must be doing business well. Good luck guys moving forward in Hollywood Real Estate. King-Residential, Scotland

Nikola Pantic

I hope for a second season! I love this crew from Italy!

Angelika Wlodyka

Tim Wilson

What a show they have on Netflix. Riveting viewing ☺☺☺

Sarah Grace

Great people, beautiful properties!

Respira Luz

Vanessa Beatrice

avinash shetty

Kristina Lee

Priscilla R

Karl Schmidt

We had an amazing experience with Nicole Young. She was a true professional and even though the selling realtor was not Nicole turned it around and made it wonderful for us. I would not hesitate to recommend her to friends and family. She looks after her clients and their best interests. Thank you!

Ryan Kelley

Reginald Horne


Jorge Núñez

Kinga Es

Simply loved being there. The girls are also very nice.

Brownie Button

Based on the TV show any place that allows bullying, harassment, and clear unprofessionalism is not somewhere I would spend my money. The Oppenheimer brothers should be ashamed to have a catty, distasteful work environment. The show is a true reflection of how this company would handle potential investments. Horrible!

Another Story

I watched the first episode on Netflix cuz I felt like watching some trash. But it actually turned out to be an addicting show, nice company and hardworking American realtors... I can't say anything bad.

Road Runner Taxi

Greetings from rainy and cold London ❤️ the Netflix's show

Kylie Starkenburg

Loved the show, very professional and down to business

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