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This apartment complex has been amazing in the month I have been here. The staff is great. It’s a quiet community. They set the goal to complete work orders in a timely fashion while keeping you up to date on them. They take the stress out of living in apartments. They keep the grounds clean. There is always someone answering the phone when you call. Please keep up the great work!


Rude staff...incompetent people..would never ever ever everrr recomend someone stay here.

Rachel Preimesberger

kristin oreilly

Great apartments and location, however, the best part of this complex is the staff. Emilly, Audrey, and the rest of the management/leasing staff were incredibly helpful and kind; plus, if you have a dog they always make them feel like they are at home with lots of engagement and treats. I had an amazing time here, check it out!

Brent Scalia

Only been here a few weeks. but the property is amazing and the management staff couldn't be more helpful. Very impressive how they work together and seem to know so many of the tenants. Every time I've called with a question they have recognized me and been very personable. The property itself is incredibly clean and is first class in all aspects. Cannot say enough good things about Marquis at Desert Ridge.

Michael Krajnak

Beautiful property in the Desert Ridge area. Clean and well kept, the staff work very hard to keep it enjoyable for us. Emilly from the office has been extremely helpful and is the highlight of my experience. I recommend living here to anyone! Thank you to the whole team for your hard work!

Arash Rad

I love Sherry ...

Brian Lehman

This is an awesome place. It starts with an outstanding leasing staff, Both Jane and Rachel helped us rent our place from an out of state location. Our son was able to tour the community and thought it would be a great fit for us. We love how the office staff know who we are and appear to truly care how things are going for us. The maintenance team is so friendly and knowledgeable. We have mostly dealt with Santiago and Ryan and they are both fantastic. They are so quick to take care of the few issues we have had. They talk to us as if we were people and not just a number that is a service request. We are so impressed how this team keeps the walkways, the elevators, and the grounds clean and litter free. We only wish that a few of the lazy residents would help them out by picking up after their own dogs instead of expecting this great team to do it for them! You can tell they take pride in the community and how it looks. We haven't been able to go to many of the resident events because of other issues, but the few we have been to we really enjoyed. It is a nice way to meet our neighbors. We are surely glad that we found this desert oasis. Brian and Julie Lehman

Shanda Weil

I haven't moved in just yet but the experience has been amazing so far, so I wanted to make sure to write something. I asked for information from a few places in Desert Ridge and I got the same standard email response back asking to come in and see the location. Unfortunately I am in another state and moving sight unseen so I had to get as much info as I could elsewhere. Later that day I get a call from Jane following up on the information and she was incredibly helpful in getting quotes setup and providing details of the property. I was then able to play around with the quote system which is an amazing tool as a customer. It is clear and transparent with the option available, no gimmicks or behind the scenes magic which is a huge pro for me. I had more questions later and called back and talked to Lindsey (I may have that wrong) and she was also incredibly helpful and helped find answers about garages and the application process. All in all the service was above and beyond and I am so excited to move in this weekend with no concerns that I haven't been able to see the property before moving in. A few other awesome perks that helped make the decision to move into Marquis: 30-day "warranty" window to make sure we love it or we can move out with no penalties, garages included with most apartments and from discussion plenty of parking which has been an issue for us in the past, and excellent fair prices even with a shorter lease term.

Bear Iyer

I am a very happy resident! The staff here are amazing. They're courteous, professional and genuinely care about their tenants. The property is well kept and the apartments are very nice. Put in a service request and maintenance is on time and they get the job done quickly. I have been with CWS apartments since 2016 and this is my third property with CWS. 2 in Austin and then here. Marquis at Desert Ridge is by far my favorite! Keep up the amazing work!

Sean Goddard

This place isn't bad at all. Surprised by the bad reviews. It's true that the hardest to please are always the loudest. Every apartment complex is going to have issues. I've been happy with everything myself.

Tyler Frasier

I moved out of these apartments over a year ago. I received a collections on my credit a couple months ago, I never received any type of correspondence before this. I talked to the manager several times there to dispute this due to when I moved out there was nothing wrong with the apartment I left it the way I moved in! The charges were for a "chewed up" base board which was like that when I moved in and did not have any animals and the other was a chip on the stove again was not done by my wife or I. I asked for photos before move in and after, also a invoice. All she sent was just a invoice and has not replied to my emails after that regarding pictures. I spoke with the assistant manager Sherry many many times upon moving out and after move out which she informed me that I would NOT be charged for any of these and that she would clear my account, because she remembered all this that happened with previous management and knew it was not us that did these things. A year later of that conversation with Sherry about my balance being zero dollars I had the collections pop up. Shady company and does not support proof when they make claims against someone! As of 09/07/2018 still no correspondence from anyone and still have the collections for $296 Dollars! RENTERS BEWARE! SO WAIT YOU YOU WANT ME TO CONTACT THE COLLECTIONS COMPANY THAT ALREADY TOLD ME THAT I PAY IT OR IT JUST STAYS ON THERE. THERE IS NO REASON I SHOULD HAVE TO DO SOMETHING THAT YOU!!! GUYS PUT ON THERE FALSELY. HANDEL THIS OR I WILL BE ESCALATING YOUR FALSE PRACTICES FURTHER.


I am a resident in this community and have a covered parking but not the garage one .... someone in the apartment community hit my car wind shield ... there is no security cameras or site security in this community. I feel it very bad that they have broke the glass twice in a week .. . A community without security? I would think twice

Rocko Holmes

Daniel Locke

Marquis at Desert Ridge is incredible! Not only is the apartment complex absolutely beautiful, but the staff are also so attentive, helpful and supportive, which makes all the difference! Shout-out to Emilly who was especially wonderful. As I am currently living out of state, she went out of her way to gave me a virtual tour of the apartments and amenities, which was so sweet! She was also very responsive to my e-mails and calls, and her generosity and kindness made the entire process much more manageable. I highly recommend living here- they make you feel so welcomed and their warmth makes you feel right at home.

Ayham ubt

Great apartments, great staff Quite, safe ..... highly recommended

Em P

Mike Prosek

I was a tenant here for a year and just moved out last month. The experience my roommate and I had to endure with the management staff was easily one of the worst experiences I have ever had with human beings. The management does not care about you, they only want your money. Their sales force intentionally has the most convoluted pricing system designed to confuse you, and they straight up LIE to your face: guaranteeing things such as how the housing market will change. Once into my lease, I realized the internet we ordered from Cox Communications was terribly slow and would cut in and out. The management staff told us to go through their own service man instead of dealing with a Cox service man instead. The reason for this was because the wiring of our building 8 was faulty, and was incapable of maintaining a strong connection. Cox Communications directly suggested that management replace the wiring in the building, as it was unsuitable for their service provisions. Upon hearing this, management told us that they simply didn't care enough about the concerns of one unit even though eventually all units would share the same problem. After giving the allotted 60-day notice that we would not be renewing our lease, they then charged us a $365 late fee even though we informed them well in advance of the 60 days. The owners and management DO NOT CARE about their tenants, nor do they have even the slightest shred of human dignity or respect for their fellow humans. They will take every opportunity possible to squeeze money out of you. They claim to offer 5 star service and amenities, but that clearly is not so. I would live on the streets of Phoenix in the summer before I lived here again. Do NOT rent here!


I am a pretty tough critic when it comes to service. It’s what I do for a living, so I expect to get what I give when I punch the clock, especially where I reside. I get that here. It’s quiet, the windows make a good seal, doors are high end, and the location couldn’t be more gorgeous. My experience with the staff thus far has been top notch. I can tell that Ryan and the rest of the maintenance staff take pride in their work. The young man wouldn’t even except a tip when I was locked out of my garage! I can certainly say the same for Victoria, Alexis, and all the women in the office. To be fair I have only been here about a month, but it’s been more than satisfactory since day one.

Ramon Cordova

Ron Fennemore

Exceptional staff, beautiful complex, top notch maintenance, awesome amenities, quiet complex, location can't be beat. After searching many apartments, Jane was the only leasing person to take a moment to listen to our needs instead of just going through the routine of showing the models and floor plans. Although there was not an available unit that met all of our needs, Jane was aware of one that would open up soon. We were so appreciative that she didn't wear us out showing us units that just wouldn't work for us. Thanks Jane for listening! Maintenance and cleaning staff rushed to get the unit ready for us in a hurry and did a top notch job (we were in a time crunch to move in quickly). After moving in we noticed a few minor issues that were promptly and professionally taken care of by Ryan on the Maintenance team. They were super quick to respond and Ryan made sure everything was good before leaving. Thanks Ryan! We've also been impressed with all the other staff, everyone has been super nice and eager to offer assistance. Thank you! I would not hesitate to recommend Marquis at Desert Ridge for your next home.

R.A. Youna

C Young

So I have been here for two years now. I am a very normal, pleasant person. I write reviews like, never. so I'm probably like most of you guys looking at this right now. I read the negatives and want to bring a little clarity. cause this is a one year deal guys and I know any info you can get helps. I wanted to know everything before I moved here. DOG POOP, yes their was/is periodically a big old turd sitting in the grass... guess how many people were responsible for that... basically, it was about 3 people, 2 didn't matter too much, but one was a big dog and it was very rude of them to not clean it. what they did telling you is they took actions to take care of this issue by posting signs, even posting a sign saying their would be a fine if they were caught... what else can they do? knock on the door of who they thought was responsible and evict them? they left the turds at night when they were off work. so lets get real, their is not a DOG POOP problem, their is a resident who is a bit... well its a huge pooping dog, I wouldn't WANT to pick it up either, but that's why I don't own a huge dog. they should pick up after themselves and they choose not to... but hey, good luck finding a place without one of those guys. (come to think of it, I haven't seen the poop in months, pretty sure its all taken care of) NOISE... this place is so darn quiet you might start to wonder if you have neighbors. every building is different but its not like you can hear people talking next to you. every so often you'll hear a get together, but in the 2 years I've been here I have heard 6 go till 10pm, and one was till like 2am. so its acceptable. People here are independent professionals who take pride in themselves and their property. they know to quit up at 10pm. you don't have people walking around who don't belong... so don't need to be in fear of your stuff... if want silence 24/7/365 I know a great place in black canyon city. they keep the grounds clean! idk where this one is coming from... I've never seen an eye sore last more than two days. these guys are on top of it. the rude British girl... she is not rude, she is stern. take that how you want. but she knows what she is doing. trust me, at first I was a little set back, but she is a very sweat lady when we are not talking business. there was about a 2 week period where things were a little messy.... when they were transferring ownership... since then things have been back to normal. LIVE HERE IF: You want something reasonably prices, that is spacious and luxurious. If you don't want to worry about wonderers going through the grounds. if you like nice quit nights and AWESOME COMMUNITY EVENTS!!!! they literally have events that will blow your mind! like taco night! and they don't cater taco bell, its like really good.... probably very expensive cook on the spot tacos. and DRINKS! FREE. I mean, its pretty impressive. DON"T LIVE HERE IT: you cant afford it. but seriously, THE EXTRA $100-$200 you might pay a month over other places Is so fragging worth, just imagine how I feel when I bring friends and family over and they just want to know what I pay cause they are jealous... not trying to brag but, I feel proud of where I live. I work my butt off and we treated ourselves to living here. we got our monies worth. I have been a wallflower here... your experience shouldn't be much different than mine, and probably better if you attend all the event they put together. they are professionals here. You'll love it.

Emilly O'Reilly

Passion Graham

I am pleased to share my wonderful experience with Emily O’Reilly and her colleagues at Marquis @ Desert Ridge. From our initial conversation she has been warm, welcoming, insightful and extremely knowledgeable. I was a bit nervous because this is a cross country move and most of this process would be virtual. However, Emily put all of my concerns to rest! I am extremely fortunate to have found such an amazing property to call home and even more blessed for the fabulous team of leasing professionals who work there! A thousand thank you’s!


I lived at Marquis for 2 1/2 years and have loved it! It’s a quiet complex, neighbors are friendly & the maintenance & office staff are awesome! Especially Rachel- she’s always got a smile for me, a treat for my dog & is helpful whenever I need something. Highly recommended.

Chris Ratcliffe

I have lived at Marquis for almost 3 years and it has been a great experience. The staff is great and are always there if you need anything. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a great location that's conveniently located near restaurants, bars, shopping, gyms, and most importantly the 101 freeway. They also have lots of fun (free) events at the property. Audrey and Jane are great!

Justin Kline

Great place to live. Clean, well maintained, and staff were very friendly and helpful.

Courtney Veeder

DO NOT RENT HERE. I am so incredibly disappointed with the way the staff treated us as we were moving out. We rented an apartment here for 7 months while we renovated a home that we own. We always paid rent on time or in advance. When we moved out we cleaned the apartment spotless. My husband and I own rental properties around town so we respect any property that we rent from and always take great care of it. Our garage door malfunctioned the entire time we lived there, but we didn't make a fuss about it. It would open on its own periodically and wouldn't always close when we clicked the button. The front office was made aware of it, but we were just patient and messed with it several times until it finally closed so we could leave. It was never fixed. We moved out on a Wednesday. The office left me a voicemail Thursday evening letting me know that we forgot some pots and pans. I didn't get the voicemail right away but as soon as I got it we drove over to collect our pots and pans. We went to collect them on Saturday morning (2 days later). No one in the office knew what we were talking about so they drove us over to our apartment and showed us some pots and pans that were in the trash can. It was only a few things so we took them home. Two days later I received another voicemail from the same employee saying that she wasn't on property when we stopped by to get our things and that our pots and pans were thrown away. Confused, we called her back. Apparently they threw away our BRAND NEW pots and pans Thursday night when the cleaning crew came to our apartment. They claim they had nowhere to store them. I just find it interesting and shady that an entire set of brand new pots and pans went "into the trash" yet our old junky stuff was still in the apartment when we went to collect our forgotten things. Clearly the apartment had not been moved into by anyone else plus we had an empty garage where I'm sure they couldn't put them even if only for a few days. I've had renters leave things before and have always made an effort to return them, even mailing thins to people post move because moving day can be chaotic. You would think there would be some courtesy and trust in a management company. We left that apartment spotless and completely forgot to check ONE cabinet. On top of that-they actually sent us a bill for $25 as a trash removal fee for throwing out our pots and pans. I hate to speculate but I seriously doubt those went into a dumpster. I'm sure someone who works there made off with them. I would absolutely beware of this place and would look elsewhere before renting an apartment here. The amenities look nice but they're not that great either, lots of things that never worked in the fitness center and pool area. Just absolutely disappointed with the lack of respect for tenants and lack of courtesy for human error.

Vaughn Allen

I love living at Marquis at Desert Ridge! The location is amazing and the apartments are gorgeous. I work from home and never have a problem with noise other than occasional landscaping which is normal. And a Rachel in the office is so great! She is super helpful and friendly.

Dave Saisslin

CWS Apartments own and operate this community. They do an amazing job, the office staff is knowledgeable, friendly and extremely helpful. The maintenance staff does a great job of responding quickly to work orders and completes them often within 24 hours. The grounds are beautiful and well maintained. The pool, spa, workout gym, gaming room, ping pong table, pool table and clubhouse are great for hosting neighbors and friends. They also host several social events monthly for the community and it's a great way to meet your neighbors, have fun and eat some great food! In addition with High Street and the Desert Ridge Marketplace just down the way you have shopping, entertainment and restaurants all within walking distance. I highly recommend making this your new home!

Patricia Trillo

Just read the reviews for Elan at Desert Ridge... they just changed the name, same crappy walls & floors!!! I'm so sooooo glad I am out!!!

Dave Weber

Udayshankar Rudhramurthy

I’m a resident that has lived at Marquis at Desert Ridge since 2015 and in the past 2 of the 3 years, the customer service has only gotten better. I have enjoyed being a resident and the management team is above all the best part! I like that they have a 24 hour maintenance guarantee and anytime they are unable to get to me, they would call to let me know. I did have a request in for pest control spray and it was overlooked by accident. The manager, Audrey was really quick to respond to my concern and I appreciate all her help resolving my requests. I definitely recommend this community to anyone looking for an apartment in the North Phoenix area. Thank You

Britny Forrest

Jason Bressler

I just wanted to take this opportunity to commend the "A" Team. Santiago and Ryan always do an exceptional job with taking care of maintenance requests. Requests are always handled in an efficient and effective manner. Even on weekends, Santiago and his team are available and always exceed my expectations. I have enjoyed living at Marquis at Desert Ridge for a few years and a major reason why is the service received by team members, including, but not limited to: Santiago, Ryan, Sherry, Rachel and Jane. Thank you.

Elijah Hannemann

David Sabrino

Horribly rude staff. Everything is always broken. Ridiculously expensive. Look elsewhere

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