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REVIEWS OF Wind City Physical Therapy IN Wyoming

Dennis Baker

Jim Malone

The folks at Wind City Therapy were very friendly and encouraging. They completely understood my injury and helped me overcome my fear of using my injured shoulder, letting my pain be my guide. They gave me appropriate exorcises and stretches to use while I was healing. But most of all they gave me the encouragement I needed to quit babying the shoulder and use it as appropriate while healing and I think that made all the difference in my healing.

Melissa Berg

Brian Morrison

Judy D Baker

Caring & compassionate therapy with results! And you get back to moving again!


Jo DePaolo

I was in to see Josh yesterday for knee pain and after an extensive check up, he chose to do a laser treatment on my knee. I was able to sleep through the night with no pain and woke up pain-free this morning. I would suggest this treatment for anyone who is dealing with any kind of pain. Wind City PT is absolutely at the top of their game, hands down! And if you have doubt, check them out! Their staff is amazing!

Mike Leyba

Very pleasant and inviting staff. Work on my stiff neck has improved tramendesly after three visits.....cant wait to feel great again.... very knowledgeable and explain everything to where I could understand.

Anita Staten

Casey Hanson

Brittney and the rest of the staff are awesome! They really care about your personal needs and listen to all of your concerns. They're wonderful!

Staci G

Wind City is amazing and I would recommend them to anyone needing therapy.

Janice Warr

Professional, friendly, prompt and caring!!!!!

Blair Par

Nancy Mulligan

Wind City is a leader in Wyoming for physical therapy clinical education. They are a strong group of passionate professionals that are always challenging their clinical practice and the profession of PT to be the best and to help get people moving again. Thank you from Regis University, Denver, CO

John Fanto

Mitzi Delo

These people are the best that I know. I have known them for a long time. I feel better when I leave and I love to see the smiles and hear the laughter. As always Serious when needed. Thanks guys

Chrysta Politte

If you're having neck and/or headache issues I highly recommend Wind City Physical Therapy.

Abby Arross

Bonnie Wasserburger

Chris Howard

I just started @ Wind City Therapy. I'm going for shoulder pain & neck problems. I had been treated by Leeanne Park @ another facility for rehab of my bi-lateral knee replacement. She did an excellent job.She's very personable & knowledgeable. . Treatment is helping until I can have replacements.

Michelle Bustos

As a teacher, feeling healthy is imperative. After only a few treatments, the individualized attention and therapy I have received has taken my pain from a 8-10 daily to a 1-3. I greatly appreciate the knowledge and expertise to bring me back to a functioning level. I would highly recommend WInd City Physical Therapy.

Angela Lehmbeck

Great service. The staff is friendly and knows what is best for the patient.

Tracy Root

Kaylee Christensen

My mom really like Kira at WCPT. She was fun and knowledgeable. She would definitely recommend them.

Susan DePaemelere

Kerrie Larson

Very friendly and helpful staff! They listen to your concerns and help you overcome adversity.

Kat Fischer

In just a few short visits I feel better than I have in years. Things I thought I was just going to have to "live with" the rest of my life I found out they were painlessy fixable.

Andrew Tkach

Very courteous and professional!

Merle Hagen

Becky Duffey

Melissa Martorano

Kathy has magic hands. She expects a lot from her staff and they are highly trained. She is also so enjoyable and brilliant. Very happy with my experience here. I highly recommend. I am pain free because of Wind City. Kira is phenomenal for dry needling. very happy.

Mark Hendersen

Cassandra Mastin

Wind City Physical Therapy is Awesome! In just the few weeks I have been going I have noticed a huge difference in my knee getting stronger. It doesn't bother me near as much as it did before going. I have a slight tear in my meniscus and we are trying to strengthen my knee and try to avoid surgery! Thank you Wind City PT!

Randy Isennock

I have been to several Therapy Centers; Wind City is the BEST! The Therapist are extremely knowledgeable and Caring. Love going there.

Loretta Benardis

I recently had an inner ear infection ( neuritis) and Vertigo. I was referred to Wind City Therapy and that is when I meant Karlee Nordstrom.She worked her magic on my dizziness and got me fixed up ! I would highly recommend Karlee .If you need a Physical Therapist, she listens to what is going on ,then makes it all better ! Thanks Karlee, so nice to be normal again!

Miriam Gomez

I’d been suffering from dizziness for a couple of months when I came to Wind City. The staff is very friendly, Karlee Nordstrom was my therapist. She was very patient and thorough with finding the reasons it was happening. She listens carefully to what you have to say and takes into account everything you tell her. Now, I no longer suffer from dizziness. She’s a great therapist, I’ve gone to see her twice for unrelated issues and she’s helped me with both!

Loretta & Dennis Chadderdon

Richard Hewitt``

Jeremiah Schossow

Linda Gatza

I found the staff to be willing to go the extra mile as far as my care was concerned. They were also considerate about my financial concerns and worked out a payment plan that works for both of us. Thanks Wind City for being there when I needed you!!

Linda Jordan

My therapists got right down to business and found the soft spots. Each session, we work them with old, and new, exercises, and each session, my pain becomes less and less. They people here are all caring and greet you with a smile. I highly recommend Wind City for your Physical therapy.

Susan Shell

Daniel Sandoval

Lorene Peterson

They are amazing! The work they do truly helps. You can tell they really care about each client and their individual needs. They are experts in their field, and tailor therapy to each need.

Keli Tatum

Kade Walters

The people and the treatment provided at Wind City are amazing!

Katrina Gunlock

Great PTs! They have helped me immensely with my past sports injuries! Thank you Kathy Blair and team!

Sandy Hurley

Maria Kellogg

What a wonderful place! The staff is super friendly and become an extension of your family. My care has been top notch and I couldn't ask for more. I have utilized dry needling, Red Cord therapy, exercises, tissue and muscle work. Almost every aspect that is offered. I can't wait for race season to start and be enjoyable again after all of their help!

Justin S

Therapists are very friendly and knowledgeable.

Jody Burback

Bibi De La Rosa

Becky Thomas

Michelle Blake

James Allen

Devin Martin

Staff are all very polite and make each trip enjoyable. Each therapist is knowledgeable in every area of the body no matter what you come in with. And their exercise guru Leif will get you shaped up in no time.

James Judge

Wow, I was initially a bit worried about going there for treatment. Not any longer. What a great place, and Marissa was absolutely fantastic. Helped me with my wrist issue, diagnosed it properly, and helped me with appropriate exercises. Much much better now. Also owe Amy Gruwell of Platte Family Practice a kudos for setting this appointment in the first place!

Sara Sawyer

Robert Marley

Dr. Vincent Galici, Sr.

There is much to learn in how to handle and manage my condition and become vibrant and athletic again. This is my goal. Leanne has been the best in helping me attain it. Now that she's at Wind City, given the staff and facilities there, I am my confidence is growing that this is, indeed, possible.

Brandy Barton

Sandy Ferraiz

Great group of people. Very caring and helpful.

Rich Brunken

Modern facility, well educated and trained personnel make for an efficient business. And a perfect recovery ......Marissa is the BEST PHYSICAL THERAPIST I have ever had treat me. She is very knowledgeable and diagnosed very quickly the cause of my lumbar issues. I am feeling much much better and starting to ambulate pain free for increasing distances on a daily basis. I have an exercise program to work with at home and Marissa explained in layman's terms the purpose of each exercise. I would recommend Marissa to anyone who is seeking a GREAT physical therapist.....

Carla Dunn

Love Reim, she is going above and beyond with my Lymphedma care!

Pat McAteer

I had been experiencing vertigo for over 5 years before I received a referral for physical therapy with Kathy Blair. I have had several Doctor appointments over the past year as the vertigo became more of a problem including nausea and danger walking and driving. I was prescribed meclizine on one occasion and Transderm-SC patches on another. I discontinued use of both due to the after effects that made the use a no go for me, so I stopped the use of both. I was given a physical therapy referral as another option which I agreed to not expecting a great deal of relief. WOW, to my shock after one session and a few days of at home therapy I was Vertigo free!! Kathy gave an in depth description of what I was experiencing and demonstrated with her in office props what she was going to do that would take care or my problem. Kathys explaned that the medications I was prescribed were merely masking the effects of the vertigo. After less than five minutes of my explanation of the triggers that created my vertigo she assured me that she would make it disappear. She did it and I have my life back. Thank you so much, Pat McAteer

char morgan

Everyone in this office is very caring and personal. They helped me walk through the insurance process as well. As far as my injury, it was all hands on deck trying to figure out how to get me relief. I would recommend Wynn city physical therapy to anyone!

John Naquin

Kathy Blair has been working with me on a jaw issue. She has improved motion of my jaw during the past week . I appreciate the detailed work and attention to detail she has given. I would reccomend wind city therapy to anyone that has issues they need assistance in.

Sable Donisthorpe

I love the open, friendly environment at Wind City Physical Therapy. I feel like all my questions and concerns are addressed in a caring and professional manner.

David Poley

The people at Wind City Physical Therapy are kind, caring and thoughtful with their work. They take pride in their work and make sure you feel better when you leave then when you came in.

Brent Blair

Karen Harrison

Every single staff member is friendly and professional, and most of all knowledgeable. This facility is a great asset to Casper. Brittany is such an amazing Physical Therapist, and so warm and genuine. I wouldn't go anywhere else! I strongly recommend you give them a try, They're the BEST!

Rebecca Barten

Chris Hawkinson

Friendly and very professional! Catered to my specific needs! Would definitely recommend and will use again if needed.

Bowhunter G

Shelley LeClere

I went to Wind City Physical Therapy because I had lost mobility in my arm and was experiencing pain in my shoulder. Josh Henderson was my PT and I can honestly say that Josh was awesome to work with. He was patient, professional, and was able to trouble shoot the issue. I have made great progress and am well on my way towards full recovery! Thank you Josh!

Kierah Dunbar

I had the pleasure of working wih Kira at Wind City and she was excellent. I feel as though my needs are being met and I have gotten the help I needed to live more comfortably. The facility is very nice and everyone has been incredibly friendly. The staff are knowledgeable and clearly well-trained.


After working with Kira (she’s great!) for a few weeks my issue is merely 10-20% of what it used to be! I’d definitely come back if I have another PT need

Rhonda Pitts

Lance Elliott

Best Physical Therapy I Have ever had for a variety of issues, both traumatic and post surgical

Kara Brutsman

Kevin Jones

Extremely knowledgeable, exceptionally professional staff!

Carol Hewitt

I am very happy with the excellent care I received at Wind City PT and would not hesitate recommending my family and friends to them if they ever need physical therapy. Staff are very knowledgeable and well trained.

Cody Buettgenback

Thank you Marissa for setting up an exercise program to rehab my neck and shoulder. It is working wonders. I would highly recommend Marissa and the staff at Wind City - Casper is very fortunate to have them!

Amy Reese

I see Leanne for dry needle therapy to deal with back pain. She is amazing! Thorough, calming, professional. She communicates every step along the way. I'm thankful for this service in our community. The facility is clean and provides privacy for these sessions.

James Turman

They are very nice and knowledgeable. They have helped me be able to make it through the day.

Kelli Mcintire

I was treated horribly because I needed to reschedule my appointment under personal circumstances. They only accommodate their patients/clients who have some change in their pocket apparently. If you don’t have good insurance or any insurance at all they will treat you like trash. If I could rate 0 stars I would. Also “Cathy” the supervisor I spoke with was extremely patronizing and condescending, speaking to me as if I’m a child. Absolutely unprofessional.

Barbara McConville

Sarah Boothe

I was very skeptical about dry needling when I first made my appointment, but I needed some relief from the constant headaches and neck/shoulder pain. Leanne is amazing! She has a way about her that relaxes you and she really gets to the root of the issue. My family thinks I'm crazy that I look forward to being needled. Thank you for getting me to the point where I no longer have constant headaches, and I can sleep on my side again!

Lonna Huss

Denise Dockweiler

Karlee is very good at what she does. I never felt like she was rushing her time taking care of me. She is friendly and knowledgeable. she has helped me with my balance issues and recommended several exercises to do at home. I recommend her 100%

Sue Ith

Kathy and the other staff at Wind City have been great! I really appreciate the care I am receiving there.

Geneva Engelhart

Kody&Doug LaCount

robyn nation

This place has changed my life. I recommend it to anyone in need if pain management care as well as a great place to work out.

Carolyn Herzfeld

I have gone to Wind City almost from the beginning. It has up to date equipment and great therapists. I wouldn’t go any place else The staff is helpful and pleasant to work with.

Monica Johnson

Holly T

Kira, my physical therapist, is incredible. She is extremely qualified in her training and education. I just feel lucky to be working with her and look forward to my appointment time because I always leave Wind City feeling better. I highly recommend Kira Donnelly and Wind City Physical Therapy.

Jana Pehrson

Awesome place with very knowledgeable PTs and PTAs. The whole staff is kind and always glad to help. They are there for their patients and they get results!!! I love it at Wind City Therapy

Brenda Pfister

Bob Leathers

Lorraine Reed

I've done PT, laser light therapy and now the wellness program with Leif..all really wonderful . The entire staff are not only knowledgeable but super friendly . I also love how the program is tailored to your ongoing needs - and fun! I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Cyndi Brainard

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