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REVIEWS OF Southwest Counseling Services IN Wyoming

Trinity Weskamp

Not helpful at all. The income based billing is based on ur household income. Married or room mates, sharing finances or not...if they live there u must supply their income with yours or be placed in highest billing tier by default. Insurance plans do not cover 3 nites of classes for anywhere near the # of weeks this program requires as a minimum. But....haha insurance also does not cover the bill of any services rendered by a non certified, not credentialed provider (Which happens to be a large percentage of the employees at this agency). Contracted to work thru a certain date beyond their graduation they are allowed to work under the study of certified clinicians as they take classes to test & be certified. Before they test & earn their certificate they are no more than an employee that aspires to be a clinician. Not to say that a non credentialed provider in this profession can't rock their job. Some likely deserve the title more than a fellow certified staff member with a certificate framed on their office wall. It's the kind of job one is born to do, destined to become type thing. They will make a change in people. Ain't nothing gunna change that. But BCBS says they ain't qualified & they won't pay & ain't nothing gunna change that. I have long since been done with their programs. I do encounter many current patients and employees in my job however & from the outside looking in the whole pyramid of people involved in the top of the food chain so to speak is a big conflict of interetest. There is no freedom of choosing your provider. There is something so wrong with that. Especially when 1 agency says you qualify based on a points system for level t treatment. The provider that u can afford finds that u need level 3. Level 3 seems to be a 1 size fits all program. A traffic violation that got out of hand to a sex offender with victim under age 10 are all in 1 group. Told to exchange numbers & lean on one another for support they by contract if on probation cannot associate with any other member in the group whom is also on probation or has ever been in trouble with out risk of a violation. And finally if in a therapeutic place & need to disclose things (get to the core of the issues that have ultimately led to self destructive behaviors) who is going to feel safe to share in a room where a probation officer sits and takes notes. Just there to observe and suggest add ons. Follow clients out after class, approach them in regards to matters shared that are not allowed per probation rules. I for one say it's not a safe place & cannot believe it is allowed. Just sayin. But I told them to get bent & served my time vs sit in their circle. But that's just me.

Wyoming Cowgirl

It's pretty hard to accept the fact that you have been discriminated by the only people who are the only ones that you choose and Trust. It's pretty rude when someone like the manager will not allow you to have a new psychiatrist unless you're old psychiatrist will sign you over. It's really rude when you call and they tell you that no one in the whole facility wants to work with you for no reason. It's also rude when they close your case and say that you haven't made an appointment when you've been calling them constantly and trying to figure something out but your psychiatrist isn't even in because they're gone on medical leave until the end of October. It's kind of sad that you've been someone's client for over nine years by choice and they can't even call to see if you're doing well or not. It's kind of messed up when you tell your counselor that you're having a political issue crisis in your life and that you know that the president and the people who are running for president in the year of 2016 will come and they will help you cuz you trust them and you know they'll come if only the facility would contact them so that leader elected politicians can ensure that the client is educated officially and correctly and that they know that the people who are running are safe . It hurts my feelings to look at my notes and know that the therapist was laughing at me silently because they state that those people that are running for politics Don't Care About Us the American people. And that all we are is a number to them. It's kind of rude when your facility keep on sending somebody to walk-in clinics and other Healthcare facilities because they refuse 2 treat them for their mental illness that you and another in your facility have diagnosed them with. It's embarrassing to be sent back to your facility because when the client goes to other places those other places call the cops on the Clint. The other healthcare providers prescribe black box label prescriptions and the client says that they would rather not have that prescription because they feel that it will harm them because they have already taken tons of medication that your facility prescribed to the patient and do not want to experiment anymore and know what medication is available for their illness that has been diagnosed by you. And before these facilities even called the cops the person has already called an officer and ask an officer to escort them to the doctors and have been denied and told by the police department that they are not their bodyguard and no they will not escort them to the doctor. All in all the me client has request e d a grievance form like three times here at this facility at all facilities and no one will give me one. The grievance is a discrimination grievance also simple fact that I've been taking all these medications and now I have no medications to take except for the ones that I have left over because I decided that I will not be experimented on any longer. I still have the old medications that I never use just in case of an emergency if I need them. I'm just waiting and I just want you guys to know that if you think it's an opiate epidemic in this town Maybe it is or maybe it isn't. For me that's not the case . Thank you for advocating for me for such a long time but sorry the first day I walked in your door when I was 17 years old you guys failed the test. It's in my record and I would like a grievance form please.

Alice Shinski

Disgusted. I have been waiting over a month to see a psychiatrist through Southwest. Last week I asked where I was on the waiting list and was told I was number ten. Today I called and asked again where I was on the waiting list. I was told I am now fourteenth on the list. I am farther from getting the help I need not closer. This makes no sense. I regret that they have made money dealing with me. I would rather have to cope unmedicated than be given false hope and lied to. How completely unprofessional!

Dwight Bliss

Jordan McCurdy

They saved my life and have helped my family! They are kind and truly good people!

Rex Geldert

The beast that did my evaluation claims she's married, well he must be a saint she is an absolutely miserable person who would benefit from anger management

Dennis Robertson

Arrived at my appointment early to fill out paperwork just to find out the counselor had taken the day off. No notice or courtesy call, not even a sincere apology. Once finally in, the "counselor" has done far more to purposely cause mental, emotional and financial harm, than provide any help.

Court Wilde

Seems like every counselor there, could care less about you and the way you feel. I’ve tried everything to explain how I feel but no matter what they seem to know everything and that I’m always wrong about how I feel.

Cynthia Fabela

This place changed my life and I had the most amazing time there! I loved everyone and met dome of the most amazing people there.

Jacqueline Davis

Well I've been going there for many years had ups and downs and I've hit a big road block yesterday I got a call from them saying the person who gives me my meds is on medical leave and don't know if he will be coming back and they sucks me with someone else who I would much rather not see due to I know I won't get along with I've heard many bad things about her and I've see things about her I would much rather not see her but in order to get my meds I have to see her so I guess iam stuck due to this issue they don't bother asking me what I would like to do they just say this is what your going to do what happen to giving us a choice so I'm looking for another place until then I guess I am stuck this sucks

Rhett Wilkinson

Staff wouldn't give a straight answer when asked how often it takes employer-sponsored insurance. That seems to be typical of mental health organizations, however (sadly!).

Natalie Boren

We have been very happy with all the staff we have dealt with. Monica spent 30 minutes this morning helping me and never acted like it was inconvenient.

Bethanie Petersen

Kristy Bonnette

Would never go to them for treatment! My Dad called and asked for help repeatedly when he was suicidal, and was told they couldn't get him in for an appointment until 2 months later. He took his own life the next day. The counselor the next day when she found out said "oh I meant to call law enforcement, but I forgot." Dealing with them outside of this, they are unorganized and make unethical decisions.

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