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REVIEWS OF Sterling Behavioral Health Services IN Virginia

Izzi Aliriza

They never see you on schedule be ready to sit In lobby 30 min at least.

Benjamin McComas


Rahima Jahani

Wow money management experiences needed come here.. But I like Dr, yer Mohammad. He is the reason I straighten coming here.

Alek Walter

Poor customer service. Never returned my calls about scheduling an appointment.

Mohamed Fofana

unacceptable behavior from Sterling Behavioral Health Services

David Gilstrap

Lisa Nicholson

I've been seeing Dr. Mohammed for years & he is a psychiatrist who pay's attention to valid cares and concerns. It took time to find medications that were the right fit & he actually listened to me regarding what I felt was working & what wasnt. He allowed me to be an active participant in my own care. He is also knowledgeable & comfortable working with recovering addicts (which can be very hard to find). He knows how to deal with my addictive personality without batting an eyelash. Janice who works with Dr. Mo always comes through with helping me manage my medications. My ADD doesn't always make her job easy & I know it. Dr. Pittman was the perfect addition to my mental health team. She asks questions which really make me dig deep for honest answers without it feeling uncomfortable. She was suggested by Diane at the front desk as a good fit for me & she was absolutely right. ALL the ladies at the front desk are incredibly helpful & even patient when some of my less cooperative bi-polar traits are on display. All in all I have had a great experience with this group on all levels.

Maggie O'Toole

Dr Rizvi is great but the receptionists are always super rude and there is always a significant wait if you arrive on time.

Michelle H

Horrible! They refused to let me speak to my child’s psychiatrist and instead repeatedly read off a script. Please take your loved ones elsewhere!

Vikram Khare

Very Unprofessional - we went there for an appointment. We were supposed to get paperwork after the appointment to have filled out - they didn't have it at that time. They said we would have to come back another day to pick it up. We called 3x to see when we could come by - no calls back. I went in on my own and they didn't have the paperwork ready. This completely messed up our ability to have a follow up appointment because this was paperwork the school would have to fill out. I asked the front desk "Why aren't we getting calls back? How do we fix this? We really need help - and you guys aren't even bothering to acknowledge us". She didn't have an answer so we canceled our follow up appointment. No interest in resolving the problem or following up with us. My wife & I were very professional in dealing with them. A total waste of time and money on our part.

Chelsea Fulton

Called during business hours to schedule an appointment and I was put to voicemail. No one has called me back. Decided to email and the lady forwarded my email to the front desk and still no response.

Pedro Israel Orta

Zero stars. All they are interested in is in collecting money from patients. First visit despite the deductible having been fulfilled with the insurance, they demanded to collect full payment front as escrow. I was not the patient, but I know the patient. Therapists miserably failed to provide basic services creating a catastrophic situation by providing a clean bill of health to the patient who clearly had issues. Find another place. All they want is your money.

Annie Collins

I attended therapy here for about four months for my anxiety/OCD. I reached a point where I didn’t feel the need to continue my sessions, and I can attribute most of this decision to my therapist’s help. There were times I felt I did all the talking and got little feedback, but I got most of what I needed from her services. It can be hard to find the “right therapist”, and I don’t think we will always be 100% pleased with our experiences in therapy, but I can honestly say I made a great decision to come here and do recommend it to those searching for mental health aid.

Diana Angelilli

DO NOT VISIT! One of the doctors made an erroneous note in my file during a recent visit which just recently had my health insurance denied. They have been unwilling to work with me on getting this cleared up and removed from my file. Save yourself the headache and find another office.

Jonathan Broga

Lead times of two weeks or more for a simple prescription refill, and charged for a full appointment each time for a medication I have been on for years. Front desk staff is often rude, unhelpful, or unavailable.

Jonathan Stewart

When you need help with issues you want to know that the person you are talking to cares about you. Sterling Behavioral did just that. They took the time to know me and my child. They undertood what was going on and they helped us through it. We had no issues with front desk staff and can only report good experiences with all the people we had contact with.

Trevor Parker

The worst office staff I've ever encountered, good luck ever getting an appointment scheduled as the office staff NEVER anwsers the phone. Nor do they schedule over email, you are relegated solely to leaving voicemails and HOPING they get back to you (which is about a 50/50 chance in my experience). Honestly it's a real shame the doctors have to put up with the office staff because the doctors are actually quite good, but nothing is worth dealing with the office staff they have. This place needs a serious overhaul, or they'll continue getting horrible reviews like this one.

Sarah M

Dr. Rizvi is awesome and has helped me deal with some of the most difficult times I've been through. If something doesn't work, he'll find something that does. Heather is amazing and I'm shocked that anyone on here would say otherwise. I know she's insanely busy but she goes above and beyond the call of her job to help. She'll call pharmacists that won't do their jobs and gets pre auths done in 2 seconds.. I've worked at an urgent care.. The person in charge of those could take a week to even acknowledge it. She doesn't get enough credit on here she basically runs that place and does a damn good job, she's friendly and understanding. So you must be talking about a different heather that worked there a long time ago because you couldn't be more wrong. I'd definitely be up the creek without her there.

Bpart Change

The therapist are great, Karen C, is wonderful. However the person that you have to deal with to make the appointments, Heather, is very unprofessional and frustrating. It seems Im not the only person having a frustrating experience with her. She needs to be reminded who her customers are.

Rafael Hoyos

aswoop xp

Chris Ebbets

A Google User

Stay away!! Our daughter saw a counselor who talked about her own problems. The second counselor was ineffective and the psychiatrist nearly killed her. They DO NOT know how to treat adolescents at all!!! Medication management is not on a case by case basis. Psychiatrist has a recipe she uses for ALL the kids. The next practice had a group setting and 80% of the kids there had been through this practice and had the same experience. This place is terrifying and should be investigated. I'd give zero stars if I could.

Laura Olson

Love Dr. Band, he is excellent. He doesn't accept insurance but he is worth paying for. He takes time with the patients.

AMD Ryzen 9 3900X

They nickel and dime you. I went in on the 6th for an emergency appointment and needed a prescription refill. They need to see me again on the 16th just to write me the prescription. Money grubbers.

sam williams

Tommy Ng

Lori Stertz

We love love love Dr. Chitlu! She is absolutely wonderful with kids. We've gone for several years now and highly recommend her.


Copay decreased from $25 to $15. Like Dr. Park and Dr. Wilensky. Insurance covered. Doctors are helpful. Appointments are easy to schedule.

seniz yasar

dr Rizvi is excellent !!!! customer service I see are always there to better service and help customers, Office manager will go out of her way to help out . Thank you SBHC seniz yasar

Syed Rizvi

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