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REVIEWS OF Ocean Psychiatric Group IN Virginia

Christi Sherman

Good luck getting through to anyone in the front office! Once a patient make sure to set up the portal to contact your doctor DIRECTLY! I absolutely LOVE Sharon Rhodes, and she frankly is the ONLY reason I still go here (and for the rating)

Salem Lecter

This is the worst psychiatric office I have ever had to deal with. As so many others have stated they never answer the phone which is a massive problem. Don't bother even trying to call because they literally do not answer this phone and leaving a message is pointless. And if you do finally get through to someone if you are lucky you get rude attitude. Nope. Done.

Shane Nana

Clowns basically. I can't add much that hasn't been addressed already by the unfortunate victims that came before me. Billing scams up the a s s, just a lot of c r a p and zero help ultimately. Leaving worse off and more damaged was my take-away. I'd just like to stress though in case it isn't obvious to anyone but me here... the reviews saying how "real" they are or "Reel" etc...hopefully people can use the most basic detective skills on the c r a p.

G Culp Environmental

THIS is a VERY PROFESSIONAL Operation/Office. THEIR Primary Concern is their Patients, not money or the many other REGULATION driven concerns of today; BUT THESE PROFESSIONALS TRY to swim upstream against all the layers of State Regulatory BS. I am NOT affiliated with Ocean in any Way, but as a pt, & I can without hesitation, HIGHLY RECOMMEND this practice. NEGATIVE COMMENTS BELOW: **** WonderWoman, if Ur a fair & just person; U should withdraw that 1 Star rating. Do YOU think THEY wanted their power out? Un-Cool to blast whole practice for their landlord's or Dominion Power's doing. (if this is how you assign blame, you need Ocean P !!) **** Commenter "CC": You are TERRIBLY WRONG about Dr. Dileo. "Surfing the Net" !!!! TOTAL BS. DrD's time on Computers is trying to work the 'damned new database'; with its meaningless inputs, required & forced upon Them All, with minimal training. NO DR Cares more about his patients than Dileo; I KNOW. Yes, he can fight the DB to get Pt history AND listen at the same time. He is Brilliant, & fully able to Hear you while working the DB. (Databases: have shifted all tasks & authority from people; over to some geek program writer; who didn't know, or care to find out, about the downstream Users needs. THIS: a Common Problem Everywhere. How many times must we hear: "My data base wont allow me to do that." !!!! Sick of asking "So, what can YOU do???" & hearing "nothing".) THE ALLEGED CENSURE was State Regulators scapegoating him as an Example to introduce their new USELESS & DRACONIAN "Regulations". All Compliant people must suffer the fools that write "one size fits all" regulations of uninformed state bureaucrats, who likely have not seen their 30th birthday. ALL so they can feel good about their "contribution", or get their noses grotesquely brown in the rear end of Politicians, to try to save a few JUNKIES who will OD anyway, just a matter of time. IT's all BS, & Dileo was merely an early on TOOL, they used to assert their authority, all because he tried to help a 70 something person who was in pain. GREAT WORK Va Board of Med. (the idiots). Punish all for your precious Junkie Heroine Dopers. SICK!!!!

Clarissa Caudron

Awesome practice. Staff is friendly and efficient. Therapist and med mgmt are caring, understanding, when I feel stressed and unsure of my decisions I go there. I feel safe and secure when I am there and healthier when o leave. It is a great feeling. I feel everyone should go to a therapist at least once and with an open mind. You can be amazed at what you can learn about yourself, especially if you make questionable decisions during your life, they help sort your goals to help you make good decisions from your own ideas, not theirs. I will continue to see them. Life can be confusing but with their guidance life can be a great way to succeed.

C. D-F

Billing manager will not return phone calls or refund what money is owed. Overpaying last few years on co pays and will not refund my overpayments.

luke pierce

Amber Bozin

I am extremely happy with my provider, however getting into see her is next to impossible if you have to rely on someone answering the phone. They DO NOT answer the phone EVER! And leaving a message is pointless. Save your energy and your frustrations and drive up there. That is the only way you will ever be able to schedule anything.

Cody Logan

Denver Dowling

My name is Saige and I recently went and saw Dr. Tsao was amazing! He stayed after hours just to see me! He also called the next day to see how I was feeling! HE PERSONALLY called not his staff! Love this office I would recommend to ANYONE

Dawn Mitchell

The Dr’s are great!!. Unfortunately the front desk staff isn’t, and being they are the first ones you encounter before you see the Dr isn’t good. When I called to leave a message for my Dr, the receptionist ( I’m not going to say her name this time) was so rude. I was simply asking for a return call from my Dr when she asked me WAAAYY more questions than was normal. I gave her a complete message, and she continued to pry, almost like she was the Dr. Then she went on to say things about my medication being a controlled substance and etc. She almost made me feel bad for having a condition that required the medication. I’m sure there are H.I.P.P.A laws that protect the clients even from the receptionist. She wasn’t very nice nor considerate.

Rana Simpson

Love it

James T. Kirk

They left a collection account on my credit report not to be removed for SEVEN YEARS for a little over 100 dollars. After filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy! They put me into collection the second I missed a payment actually and didn't even know it yet in JANUARY THE FIRST MONTH MY POLICY BEGAN. They were seeing me regularly, billing the f##k out of my insurance and me, and ruining my credit all simultaneously. Illegally blowing up my cellphone with collection calls. IMMEDIATELY! This is the severe level of pettiness of the "doctors" here. Good luck to you all. You are going to need it, for sure. So will your credit!


I love how Dr. Dileo bills me twice for my appointments while he surfs the net and pays zero attention to what I'm saying. I'm surprised he remembers my name from appointment to appointment. He probably uses a cheat sheet for that. Maybe a minimized window next to Facebook while I'm speaking to him in case he needs to recall it quickly. This town is a cesspool of mental health care. Complete garbage. Even the medical board gives zero s##ts. More good ol'boy BS. Yawn. Apparently though someone that mattered at some point got Dileo sanctioned. Doh! Pass go, don't collect 200. Oh nevermind he did collect, twice. I guess someone needs to pick up where that trash Dominion left off. Traditions must be carried on after all. Keep in mind, when things seem too good to be true...

Annie Ray

Everytime I come in everyone's always kind and patient with me. The receptionist are helpful and seem happy. My therapist is really warm and welcomed me in with a smile and is always ready to listen to me. I feel blessed to come here.


I wish I could give no stars at all, but they force you to give one. I scheduled an appointment with this practice in the end of April, for an appointment in June with a specific therapist. I called to check to confirm the day and was told I missed the appointment and the therapist wasn't rescheduling due to them moving. I never received a reminder call for my appointment. Every other doctor's office I have EVER been to gives you a reminder call 24 hours before your appointment. How do you expect someone to remember they have an appointment when they scheduled it in April? I don't suggest coming here!

Lori Batten

I have been a patient with Ocean Psychiatric Group for over 5 years. The Doctors and Therapist, and staff are fantastic. My doctor is Dr. Mark Schreiber, My Therapist is Joyce Tsao, and I also see The Neurologist, Katherine Heatwole. I love the staff and they go out of their way to help the patients. I will staff with them. Lori Batten Virginia Beach Long time patient

Ma Dude

It's so appalling what has become of "mental health" in this area. I'm at a cross roads personally. This facility and Dileo personally responsible. His careless, "absent minded professor" garbage always left me very uneasy. For very good reason. This, or any place in my experience so far in this area, isn't the place to be for severely mentally ill patients. We are not able to be fixed by the anti psychotic darts at a dart board approach going nowhere. It's such a f'ing joke on us. Probably, this place at some point tried to do something or be something, but they failed severely. Signed a failed mental patient of theirs. If you have a simple and easy diagnosis, do this place. If not, if you really want to survive, I recommend you get out of this area to survive it and yourself. If you don't understand what I'm saying that's ok, if you do, you are welcome. Also, Ella, your goody two shoes act is cheap. Fake, poor and low. That's what it all is. I'm sorry I got involved with you too. Showing up an hour+ late on a regular basis, always pretending to be so above average cr@p but you are actually the puppet master. That giggly cutesy thing. What is that? And the spiritual heavy references? I'd do an actual gut check on your real motivations lady. SERIOUSLY. You are poisonous and damaging. It took me a year to even talk to another therapist after I left your "care." I found one absurd note or two from you recently. No wonder I was such a disaster and counting. How fun was that for you? How many giggles did it take to get to the center of me? Probably none because I foolishly trusted you. Easy peasy in Ella world. Low low low class people who funny enough all kind of think you are the opposite of that. Maybe you guys should seek some counseling of your own. Because you all sure need some serious life perspective. Obviously you guys are all cosigning each other's BS, you need a reality check for sure! Clearly Dileo has completely gone into full dementia. Maybe Ella can pinch hit and diagnose. With his almost completely illiterate post, posing as a mental patient in Google reviews, Dale Bob Der Der Der. Is that as that clown sees us? What an ultimate insult. How low and really just abusive really. This is a classic example of his own unstable mental state that really needs a close look. This is so atrocious Dileo. You are a really sick man. Happy Thanksgiving anyway you guys. I hope you can find some much needed peace. I'm praying for you and me too. Mostly for me though. You guys seem just fine, or at least SNAFU. But all of this will catch up to you guys at some point in life. That's what life is. Actions, reactions, and circles of different life lessons coming at us until we change things. Signed, PTSD Patient Alive for one more day

richard flandera

Dana Just Another Navy wife

Unfortunately, I can't even get anyone to answer the phone. Glad I only wasted 11 minutes of my life. So glad I read the reviews before continuing the calls. Very troubling trying to find care here in VA Beach...

Kimberly Ferland

Love love love this place dr brown is amazing she really is very helpful

Monica Thompson

Great therapist & medication management. Many providers to choose from.

Annie Powell

My dear friend has yet to be allowed to have a private appointment. After numerous requests from her, the psychologist continues to allow a relative to monopolize her sessions. I don't know of many reputable medical professionals that would allow this. According to my friend the first few sessions she didn't even get to say one word. So the introductory was what the relative interpreted the problems were, a real good way to start off...not!! So early on the "professional" likely based an opinion on what the relative claimed. My friend is no better off than when she started, I want her to be well. It isn't going to happen as long as she's not the priority and they don't see her alone. There have been numerous incidents of what I believe most would consider very unprofessional behaviour. I've called and complained but nothing has changed. I hope my dear friend gets the courage to ditch this horrible place.

11111111 1111111

Dee Fletcher


Only try to do business with this company if you want your phone calls, emails, messages to go UNANSWERED with no follow up. They have NO customer service skills- nor do they care about their patients. Their waiting room was the most uncomfortable set up... just don’t go here.

Jessamyn Manzeralla

If you want to try this place out, don’t waste your time! No one EVER answers the phone for the “new patients” option, nor does any voicemail come on. It just keeps you waiting for as long as you’re willing to stay on the line. And if you choose the “all other matters” option, if someone answers, they will rudely transfer you to the voicemail for new patients (which as far as I know is the only way to even leave a voicemail). The voicemail message is very telling, as the woman states “leave your information and I’ll get back to you at MY convenience.” I mean, how rude! It’s like saying “I don’t really care about doing my job or helping anyone who calls.” I’ve left 3 messages this way and no one has ever called me back. Completely unprofessional.

Caryn Carrigg

If Sharon, the psychiatrist, was as interested in her clients as she is her clothes, Im sure she could be amazing. First, she had me get the genetic test then had no idea I had done it. Second, put me on a medication without consulting said genetic test, wanted to take me off the medication without looking at the test all of which said I needed a higher dose. Third, I complained of EXTREME vision loss which I am still experiencing and she brushed it off. Told me to see a neurologist. Fourth, the neurologist saw me and within 15 mins said my vision loss symptoms were listed under severe reactions and immediately started a regiment to get me off the medication safely. Fifth, I became incredibly ill with a antibiotic resistant form of strep throat. Could barely breathe or speak. I missed an appt but had a note I was at the drs that day for it. She charged me for the missed appt and refuses to waive the fee. I have never had a drs office not be understanding that life happens and I have been a loyal patient despite what now is alarmingly obvious of willful negligence on her part. Lastly, her office staff is rude. I have called 4 times to resolve the fee issue. They cut me off, speak condescendingly and/or refuse to do more than "leave a note on the account" even though no one can confirm any notes. They want me to make an appt and come in.

donna elauder

Great Group. Care about patients, not just $$$$. These folks are real deal, and try to navigate the morass of regulations to get to taking care of patients.

Aaron Evans

Mary von Posch

Superior care.

margot wasson

Before you choose a psychiatrist, always check his license number with the Board of Medicine

Jo Rosenblum

I'm supposed to get a three month supply of my medications. I only got a month's supply for one of the five. Good luck in getting your phone call answered. Too many doctors in one practice.

Kelsey Mae

Doesn't even deserve 1 star. Doctor Russell Lantz can't even call a patient back to give them a prescription that they need.

Renee Sprouse

Ken Wells is an AMAZING therapist!!!

Eva H

I wanted to praise the staff at Ocean Psychiatric for the awesome job they do. I used to have problems getting in touch with them over the phone because the line would always be busy or they'd never be available. I realized that they get so many calls that it's impossible to answer all of them. I really want to say how grateful I am to have Sharon Rhodes as my doctor here. I've worked with her for a few years on my various mental health issues, most recently including a terrible bout of depression. I was always so terrified of trying out an anti-depressant due to the negative stigma surrounding them and she never pushed it onto me. I finally gave in and my life has gotten significantly better. If it wasn't for her patience and support, I wouldn't have taken that first step in trying a medication for my mental health and I'm so grateful for her. I definitely recommend her and I wanted to publicly thank her for what she does for her patients. Overall, Ocean Psychiatric isn't perfect but they try their best and they're one of the better options in VB for mental health.

Jillanna Wilson

I have had a disappointing time trying to find good mental healthcare in Virginia beach but I'm so very happy to say I will NEVER go to another place as long as Keisha is working here at this place! SHE IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST! I've never felt more comfortable speaking with anyone. She is extremely talented and observant. She will take the time to listen to your every word and she will give you very honest feedback. She isn't entitled or judgmental in some ways I've found at other places. She is very down to earth and understands life as we mental health patients have it. I am so glad I went to see her and truly hope others will go to see her.

Reel Deal Outdoors

I started going to Ocean Psychiatric last month and am highly impressed so far. I'm seeing a therapist, a neurologist, and am receiving medication management and all three have been awesome. Very thorough, attentive, and seem genuinely interested/concerned about my well being. The care I received at my last place just didn't come anywhere close to the care I'm receiving now. As of now, I'm very pleased with Ocean Psychiatric.

Jessica Hooper

Shae Cronin

This place is extremely unprofessional. I've been a patient for 2 years and I have had it. I don't know if they are just understaffed in the office but they RARELY answer the phones during the day, and you're lucky if you get a call back same day. None of the ladies seem to have a lick of empathy or professionalism towards the patients which makes me ask myself why they would choose to be in a field that deals with people who have mental illnesses. It blows my mind who would allow people with such sour attitudes to be the face of their practice. There's barely any communication going on between the receptionists and the staff. If they use a system or something, I don't know, but balls seem to be continuously dropped. I've called week after week to get some kind of communication going on and they literally just FORGET about you. It's been a miserable experience dealing with this practice and I highly encourage everyone to steer clear. It feels less like a doctors office and more like a business who is struggling to keep their sh*t together. Keisha is nice and deserves better.


Never going here again. I should have read the reviews. I went there for my first time and their power was out, not their fault so I'm not blaming them. Or factoring that in. I checked in 15 minutes before my 945 appointment like I was asked to do. No issues. It's getting close to 10 when the power kicks on but the line is three people back so I have to wait. I get it up check in, pay my copay when suddenly Sharon comes into the receptionist area spouting that she isn't going to take the new patient because she is more then 30 minutes late. Luckily the receptionist told her that the new patient wasn't. Sharon goes, "I went in the waiting area and called their name." LADY stop lying to yourself You didn't do anything that's a damn lie and you know it. You called your 10 o'clock appointment that's it. Finally this so called educated woman in the field of mental health calls my name I get up slowly, put my paperwork in my bag, then I make sure that when my eyes met hers she knew I was pissed. You are supposedly a trained educated mental health professional yet you managed to act like some "to good to be bothered." So if you are so educated I hoped I radiated irritation. It amazes me with people these days. But you know what there's just another example in life that could have went a different way if I chose to act like an indecent human being. But I calmly was friendly and spoke to her with some respect as she did when we went back to her room. But as a first impression some advice lady watch your mouth. Will not be returning thank you.

Chloe Beemer

I have been going here for years.I’ve always been greeted with the kindest of welcomes from the front desk. Never have a long wait, affordable and accepts almost all health insurance, and the care is 10/10. Highly recommend!

Ashley Skye Barneski

Do NOT go to Oceans Psychiatric. They never answer their phones. Even when you call their after hours service and get through and tell them IT'S F'IN URGENT they call you the next day. They won't. So you have to physically go up to the practice and NO ONE is on the phone! Why can't I ever get through I've been calling since MONDAY! Horrible patient service.

Deborah Gries

Would give them zero stars if it would let me. Have been trying to make an appointment for 3 days for a family member. No one answers the phone during office hours. You call and it puts you on hold for 10 minutes before asking you to leave a message. Then you leave a message and no one returns your call. I even tried contacting them via their website and they didn't answer there either. Hard to understand how a place like this can get new patients when they never answer the phone, and I can't imagine their response will be better once you are a patient, so I am going to go elsewhere. I see numerous complaints about this very issue on here so maybe this practice wants to take a look at their reception desk.

Margaret Lacher

In addition to liking the folks my son works with - Ken Wells & Sharon Rhodes - the office is run pretty well. The ladies at the front desk are very nice and quite helpful. The only issue I have with Ocean Psychiatric is the difficulty callers have in reaching anyone by phone in a timely manner. If you have a last minute issue causing you to have to cancel at the last minute, good luck getting through! They do, however, have an online patient portal that allows users to send messages directly to their provider, among other things.

Hubert Greene

Very disappointing office visit. I had an 8:30 appointment with Dr. Heatwole, while checking in with the receptionist, which took longer than usual due to the insurance, Dr. Heatwoles nurse came out to advise the receptionist to cancel my appointment, I protested and stated I was not late and to re-schedule, I protested again saying the Dr. Heatwole, due to illness, re-scheduled my first appointment, and again I was on time. According to the hours posted on the website the office opens at 8:30, same time as my appointment which I was on time and while checking in at least one employee arrived after I was there. The staff there was very nice, but Dr. Heatwole's actions were unprofessional in my opinion, after all she wasn't donating her time. Very disappointed in the treatment I received fro Dr. Heatwole.

Anne Robinson

Went there for almost a year. Waste of time. Therapist was always so late it was ridiculous. Waiting room is freezing year round. Don't waste your time.

Sue Me

Memories... I mean flashbacks! Thanks f##ks. Good times. The beginning of the devastation of my life started right here in this office. Holla trolls! Heatwole, Dileo, that other hack who thinks she is sweet, but nasty, Ella something. I can't wait for you guys to get shut down like Dominion was forced to, for much of the same stuff. Abuusing and taking advantage of the mentally ill. Get it straight, consequences will come. You cannot do this forever, that is what Dominion mistakenly thought too. I will even come back for it! I'm counting on it. Your day will come, if it isnt already in the works, you ego maniacs.

Harold Megrath

The first window on the left when you enter the office, that lady has been the rudest person who I have ever met, I think that she is from the Bitter

Marvin Gumba

Sarah White

i’ve called and called and they literally don’t ever answer the phone

Maddie Gordon

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