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Kevin Green

I attend GMU. I am sorely disappointed with how Student Accounts mishandled my loan by not accepting full amount. When I asked for clarification, I didnt receive any straight answers. Parents/students should be wary of how there are certain departments on campus that dont effectively do their tasks in a timely and satisfactory level. And instead of trying to meet the customers that attend GMU they give very distasteful attitudes. Highly recommend going to any other main 4 year college, i.e UVA, VA Tech, etc to acquire a higher level of thats needed so students dont stress over poor choices made by underequppied bureacries.

Google Name

DOZENS of GMU students were asked if justice Brett Kavanaugh should be allowed to teach a law class. Only ONE said yes. He was CONFIRMED by the senate. Deal with it snowflakes.

Meredith Hargrave

Such a great, diversified school with tons of connections to DC and global businesses. So many different, amazing cultures and we all feel the Patriot Pride.

Drake Henry

I work there the people are nice

Sumit Digra

Very gud facilities having gud placements we have all engineering branches we have sport facilities also

Achyuthan J.R.

Good universities with good sports and fitness facilities. Most of the professors and staff are friendly and helpful. Some of them however are not very good at teaching and conveying their ideas. But that some is a very small segment. Good school overall.

Tyler Gassan

Proud to be a patriot! Definitely give the campus a tour.

Jenny Kay

This is a good school. Trust me. I attended Eastern University in Michigan and it was horrible. This school is very easy because it has a large class. You have no homework or project. IF YOU attend a small class size, then they give out a ton of projects like crazy. This school is very good. Bring the recorder to the lecture and record it. EXAMS are exactly what they say in the lecture. EASY SCHOOL....

Kevin Doan

Clean campus with diverse student population

Kevin Turner

Great University! Excellent Professors and Beautiful Campus!

Joe Ng

Awesome school!

Rohit Madhu

YC Lin

The registration network so worse

Joseph Naylor

Why is attendance required?

Philip Wilkerson

Great place to work!

Alden Zabawa

never been her looks legit tho lol

Mina Nabil


sagar tiwari

Very concerned about rising seniors who were guaranteed 4 years of housing and have worked extremely hard and done very well

flexsup 12

(Translated by Google) 10 of 10 (Original) 10 de 10

Thảo Thanh

George Mason University

Akshay Sonawane

Best infrastructure

Joel Myrick

Haley Holderfield

Jason Gross

“Virginia is hosting an institution that the Kochs practically control.” ...”the most heavily libertarian staffed institution of higher education in the country.”

Amir Parviz Sehati


Rahul Kumar

Good university in the city.

Katrina Shanice

Very neat school. Nice staff

Rubian Pilar

When I first arrived at GMU, everything seemed normal and cool. I was excited about starting my graduate program at the Fairfax campus but after one semester there I now know better. This was one of the worst experiences in my life and I am almost 30. I was stalked by someone from the school for over a year. I have such bad PTSD as a result that I start shaking uncontrollably when I think about it.

Karen Torres

Mateo Nikolav

Julie Tayag

I'd give a higher score, but unfortunately my experiences with the office of student financial aid taught me how disconnected some of the departments are with one another. I was told to have a dependency appeal filled out and was misinformed that I had to fill it out ASAP before my advisor would go out on vacation; turned out they already did, and I rushed to put together my documents for my appeal. I ran all over the whole campus trying to get documents from housing, CAPS, SSAC, and the police department. Housing wasn't sure about who was responsible for filling out reports, but thankfully they pulled through and got me the info I needed. CAPS would not provide me any documentation since I didn't come to them last semester for any help (I went to them several semesters ago), but they told me to try going to SSAC. The SSAC was very helpful and even provided me info about Stay Mason, which is my last hope in hopefully getting any extra aid. As for the police department, I was hoping to get a letter from one officer involved in an incident with my parents, but since he was out of town he was unable to type out a letter. I also paid $5 for a police summary that essentially said nothing about the incident. Thankfully, housing's documentation provided a detailed version of the event, so I should have never paid for that. Overall, all that work lead to me getting denied a dependency appeal anyways. They probably figured that since the FAFSA was already filled, I may as well work with that. This would be fine had I even had a job to begin with that made enough money and tons of other scholarships to cover a whole year, but I really don't have that much to cover for even ONE semester and I don't even qualify for private student loans without a cosigner. I guess I should have parted with my parents before I even considered to fill out the FAFSA or just prepared for myself financially for college. I do thank the SSAC and housing department very much for their help, but I'm losing hope. I've especially lost ALL faith in the OSFA; sometimes they give the wrong information or they just don't care to help. Freshman year, my parents didn't prepare for me financially at all, and my advisor was the least bit helpful, only referring to their websites rather than give in-depth explanations. Most of my freshman and sophomore year was me having to look up ALL the information on how private and federal student loans worked all by myself. It didn't help that my parents would give me the wrong information to put into FAFSA or private student loan applications, and it would take weeks for me to get it fixed because they had little to no understanding with how to fill in the information. And this summer, after breaking off with my parents, my advisor brushed off my parent's abuse in my personal statement for my dependency appeal as if it was silly. I just felt helpless and insulted and at that point I knew he was not going to be any help. Honestly, I'd give 5-stars for housing and the SSAC for helping me out, as well as the game design department for being fairly responsive. They at least showed me to look at the positive side of things and were way more active in giving help to students when needed!

Greg Duncan

George Mason University is one of the best universities in the United States, with very little in the way of competition when you look at all the facts. I attended GMU a while ago, and then went on to do some graduate work, and also earned a graduate degree from another University too. Mason's proximity to multiple major universities (Georgetown, George Washington, American, Johns Hopkins, etc, etc.) and Washington DC give it access to many of the top scholars not just in the U.S., but in the world. It has numerous winners of the Nobel prize, Pulitzer prize, and many other faculty who've been recognized as the best in their fields. The diversity of the school is almost unparalleled, and gives students direct experience with other views and ways of thinking that might only be experienced through extensive travel. It has many very active international student organizations, clubs, and events that make this a very inclusive school learning experience. To those who say it's a commuter school, I'd challenge them on the purpose, experiences, and value of a university education. Few schools have such a large number of very high calibre professors and students, and offer such a rich tapestry of opportunities. Mason is grounded in the realism of our modern world and offers its students the chance to learn, be challenged, and build lasting experiences that contribute to maturing mind and perspective, while also preparing them for future professions and contributions to the world.

cindy lou heinemann-catlett

Mallory Lee

I would not listen to the overly optimistic. This school has too many problems right now. The student body suffers from extreme group think and incredibly stupid. It is a wonder on how they even got in to college. The professors know what they are talking about but sometimes they are not ready for teaching what they know. The administration is very unorganized and very out of touch except for a few of the offices. Many of the activities on campus are not well advertised for students and most of us don't know when things are until the day off. The food is mediocre and the dorms are decent. If you have another choice, I wouldn't go to George Mason at all unless it's for graduate school because that is where it excels at for sure.

Nick Basinger

Great Mathematics and Education Departments. Great student clubs. Great people. Go here!

Kyle Windahl

Went to GMU for grad school, and loved my time there! The location and campus are great, and the connections Mason has to a wide variety of programs and agencies is a wonderful advantage!

Clifford Baker

Nice area with some great professors. Also some bad ones but that's to be expected anywhere I guess.

Salim Alwaili

Excellent university. Proud that I studied here.

Eduardo Alcazar

Parking is overpriced, half the professors teach worse than High School teachers, and the administrative departments here are run by incompetent morons. Spend your money on a better education elsewhere

Esma Boukhalkhal

Mason amazed me

Nurziyod Ergashev


Satish Kumar Yadagiri

Excellent and safe campus

Shareef Rahman

GMU ~ I love the ease of stress on students. This happens b/c the "system" of counselors, administrators, IT and many others were always there for support! Thank you GMU faculty, students & alumni. Shareef Class of 2009

Vadim Sokolov

fatih gezer

I attended the GMU as a PhD student but ended up with transferring to another school. My conclusion is, GMU is a boutique school which is trying to be a good university. First, I would like to criticize the management system of the university. As an international student, I did not find their international office's work very efficient. They have inexperienced staff and they are not able to solve problems quickly. Same thing for the HR, library services, health services, payment services. GMU has a very small endowment and budget, comparing with other schools with similar ranking. This causes the lack of the facilities. For instance, their library, student centers, gym or labs just meet the minimum requirements and did not give a WOW at all. There are computers at the library, but they are very slow, and does not have essential software for students, not even adobe pro. Their library database is not good at all. I usually used my previous university's library database to find articles or books because GMU library database did not have them. Library closes at 12 am, during weekdays and it is a big disadvantage. It is hard to find quiet spaces.There are three gyms in the Fairfax campus. All of them are very small. Their equipment are old. Not clean. Student centers do not have cool spots to spend time. Not enough numbers of restaurants or coffee shops. There are a lot of blind spots of WiFi. Restrooms are very dirty. I have never seen a dirtier restroom in the US. They really need a good cleaning staff revision. Parking is expensive. General parking for 9 months is $390. There is no parking next to buildings. There is big parking areas. You should park and walk wherever your building is. Usually parking lots are full because they sell more parking permits than their maximum capacity. You hardly find available places far from buildings. Average walking from parking will be 15 minutes plus the time you spend until you find a spot. Keep in mind to arrive way early than you supposed to be. I also had personal problems with my department. However, I skip to mention it here because it is not about the university's overall review. Since it is not a college town, there is nothing next to campus on walking distance. Also, as a graduate student you likely to live off campus and housing is very expensive. For instance a one bedroom apartment in 15 mins driving distance is around $1,500 per month. You may reduce this price by living with more people. Also be aware of their high penalty fees. I was forced to switch two courses after the drop add period by my adviser and penalty fee is 33% of the tuition after the 3rd week, and %66 after the 5th week. To sum up, there are not enough things on campus which attracts and motivates students. Not many events. Events that I attended were very unprofessional. School does not offer you things which will make you happy or happier. Sometimes even printing something becomes a problem. Please come, visit, spend time in your building, labs, offices, student centers, gyms, library and ask previous students about the school before applying. For me, it was a disappointment.

Dare Devil

when you enter this campus you are like entering another world, nickname “Mason Nation” yes it is true you will enter a “Mason Nation”... Actually I am not an outgoing person, but since my first semester here it’s turned me into an outgoing person ... In fact it does not feel like living in the US or feel like studying at the US but “Mason Nation”

Vincent Graham

George mason university

Mitchell Roy

Elsa Jean is from here

Ameen Karim

I was here for two years after my time at Nova CC. I was with the Schar School of Policy and Government. It was a fantastic experience I wouldn't trade for anything. The professors are all experts in their fields with PhD's. Everyone in my classes were respectful and engaging. For a social life it was average, you have to make your own friends by joining clubs or living in dorms with your door open. Be polite and talk to people. The woman are attractive and kind which is always a plus. Infrastructure wise there is a huge effort by the university to modernize. With the Peterson Medical building, Nguyen Engineering Building, Fenwick library, exploratory building, and the new Robinson building that is being built in the middle of campus, it's gonna be great. For now the construction may put people off but it will become a great school for students and graduate students alike. 4/5 would do it again. Not really but still.

Scotty ST

My alma matter. Wonderful education and facilities. The dinning on campus could be better. School spirit is low but this is due to not having a football team or Greek life on campus. You will learn a lot from this school. Networking and finding a job is easy to do at mason. Our career office is amazing. They will help you find a job or internship. There is so much to do at George Mason in regards to preparing you for the future. If you want to study abroad, there are many programs to which you can apply to. The proximity to DC, Arlington and Reston is perfect for part time internships. For parents thinking this school is a good choice for there kid: they will get a decent job afterwards with little student debt if they work hard and intern while in school. For potential students: you will find a great education here but not a great 'party school' experience. There are parties here, but you have to look around for it. It won't be in your face like other state schools.

Carla Davison

Richard Head

Great experience. I graduated many years ago and still keep in touch with some of my course professors.

Feliciano salcedo

Brian Steckel

Great professors and facilities. The Patriot Center hosts tons of different events and concerts all year round. Even though GMU is considered a "commuter school" the student community is still ever present.

Estrella Zuloaga

(Translated by Google) Good morning I'll say it in Spanish would have to end the nuclear wars would be a way for other countries to end so well with terrorism. (Original) buenos dias lo dire en castellano tendrian que acabar con las guerras nucleares seria una manera de que otros paises acaben tanbien con el terrorismo.

Lyne Kiedaisch

Very Progressive University. Large campus with a homey feeling. My daughter is loving it there!

way et

Worst University Ever. This university is literally for losers and retards.

Angel Cabrera

I love this place. Largest research university in Virginia, one of the most diverse in the nation, youngest school to reach top tier research status in the Carnegie classification, no disparity of outcomes among ethnic or socioeconomic groups, home of first Nobel Prize winners in DC or Virginia, in a perfect location!

Olivia Yoh

I attended George Mason University for the Washington Journalism and Media Conference in July 2016 and it was amazing! The door rooms were great; the people were incredible; and the experience overall was one I will never forget. I'm so happy to be applying here this fall, though I am disappointed it's so far away from my home in Florida.


I transferred from VA Tech and I really love this school. Sooo much better than Tech. The population is very diverse and have never seen racism or treatment of students unequally based upon age, gender, race. The wonderful professors truly CARE about your education and the business school is bomb. If you're looking for a good education with small classes and amazing professors, come here!! I wish they would stop raising the prices on parking though, it's getting obnoxious.


I like this place

Simon Thanoj

Campus approach roads are narrow and crammed with shuttle busses and students cross walking anywhere on the roads. There are no exceptions for VIP visits ,road blocks and gas leaks. Students are thrown out of class for not making in time to classes. Its an amazing campus with maze like approach hope it gets better.

Abul Hashem

Joe Pelczar

Great faculty who care about your learning, excellent food options, and many ways to be fully involved in the university' culture through sports, clubs, organizations, and fraternities. The career department and job placement is especially exceptional with many opportunities.

Snape Snape Severus Snape

I like how open the school is there are many things to do on campus and I like the reasonable class sizes and I love the food! I'm a freshman here getting ready for my spring semester and so far everything is going good! #GMUPRIDE

Mary Brody

I was expecting Mason to be great school for a commuter with a full time job like me based on it's reputation. I was very disappointed. The professors (with a few exceptions) don't care about the students at all. Choosing classes was difficult to impossible because I work full time for the government and very few of the required classes for my major are offered in the evenings or online. Dealing with staff made me even more frustrated because they're out of touch with my lifestyle and don't care about me. I am very ambitious and I feel that was DISCORAGED by many at the school, suggesting I slow down and don't try as hard. Very very disappointed, disheartened and sad about my experience at Mason.

Scott Walker

Ignore this university. It is just a disappointment.

Uyen Hoang

Brandon Allen

Wonderful campus, wonderful facilities, wonderful experience as far as campus cleanliness/resources are concerned As far as the party scene goes if that's what you're looking for I might not advise you attend mason. So in light what matters (dormitories, food, facilities, financial aid, on campus programs) this school is an A+

Netaji P

Good university to do masters


Love the campus, facilities and best of all, the academics. Its just getting better with time. Has a diversified student population and decent private housing near the university. Close to Washington DC and located in the heart of the 'pretty' Fairfax city which makes it accessible to some good places to hangout for the weekend. Bike-friendly campus. Very safe. Great infrastructure. Plenty of on-campus jobs. The fee being a bit pricey for non-residents is a con I see next to pricey car parking across the campus. A complaint many students share is some of their good courses are offered infrequently.

Joshua Richards

Vkurp Max9

Very nice atmosphere here. I spent a week here in the summer holiday. Everything is clean and well structured. They have a very good facilities.

Saleh Al Faheid

I would love to study master of accounting in GMU. But I found better city to complete my future. Bye bye GMU

Jonathon Hesley

GMU is a great university! Students are extremely friendly, the professors are great, and the facilities are modern. Yes, you will get a well-rounded college experience, but you come here to get: Jobs… High-Paying Jobs! The students that attend this school are very career-focused, and take full advantage of being located near DC and Northern Virginia. Mason students are very driven people, and you will be motivated by your peers who get local internships at the Pentagon, FBI, Capitol Hill, Ernst & Young, World Bank, and the Smithsonian Museum among others. Give credit where credit is due: Mason is a very young university, founded in 1972, that has grown so much in reputation. In 2016, GMU was the newest member of an elite group: "R1" which is a group of 115 US research universities that perform research at the highest level, ranked by the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education. I’m also amazed to see it climb up the US News rankings so quickly, with many graduate programs in the Top-50. When I started in 2005, GMU was barely a Tier-3 school. For 2016, Mason is a Tier-1 school ranked at #135 (up from #138 in 2015) among all national-level universities, and is #68 among public national-level universities. So the take-away point is that compared to the expensive private colleges in downtown DC, GMU is the best value school when factoring tuition, quality of life & education, and job prospects. GMU is 19 miles/30 kilometers west of DC in a very safe and wealthy suburban setting in Fairfax County --the #5 wealthiest county in the USA (Forbes, 2015). You have metro/subway access to get to DC, Uber & Lyft options, and a car-friendly campus if you own a vehicle. You get everything good about the DC region for half the price ---or less if you are a Virginia resident. I am a consultant at a major DC-area technology consulting firm. -JH B.S. Public Administration (2011), George Mason University Master of Business Administration, MBA (2015), University of Maryland

kalyan ram

Marcelo Arnez

Worst school ever, nobody knows anything. Things constantly change and they will suck your blood if they can. Offices hours are very inconvenient; they open there office while students are in classes and open closes while students are in break time.

Mehedi Hasan

Best place in Washington suburbs. Huge campus, world class facilities. Diversity at its best. Good faculty members with real life experience.

A Kahn

Dafer M. AlShehri

One of the racists school I’ve ever visited

Chebili Chebili

Alyssa Farrell

Dorms seemed very small, but very nice campus and lovely town!

Hà Nguyễn


Jack Martino

Mason is exactly what its reputation says it is, a great commuter school. If you are planning on living on campus, be prepared to have a lot of headaches. Students in the residence halls are generally rude and lack manners/common courtesy. As far as the housing directors go, they come across as disingenuous as well as incompetent at their jobs. Dont go here unless you are commuting from home or living off campus on your own.

Abdulla Al Faham

A very nice University.

Diego Posada

Susan Woollard

Horrible!!!!! My daughter doesn't have an advisor and after many attempts to get one----nothing. English is a second language, and the history professor called her a loser. UNACCEPTABLE. Everyone is very rude.

John L. Davis

Our family has no complaints. Our student is on campus and is thriving in the community there. Campus amenities seem more that sufficient for whatever we need.

Nora Vegas

Great place to live and study. Visitor tour

David Morris

Dakota Brown

I like Mason. I've been here about 2 years and the Campus has a lot of cool events and diversity. There are a lot of options for food but it can get bland as the quality is just okay. I've heard great things about the economics and law programs. I'm in the IT program and the classes are just okay. The dorms are nice if you don't live in the commons. Commonwealth and Dominion are a step up from the commons but still not the best. Hampton Roads was nice. There is plenty to do in Fairfax and lots of opportunity with the nations capitol close by. The school provides free shuttle access to the metro which is great!

Aaloong Lau


songyue huang

Computer science is the best program in GMU trust me!


One of the Best Schools in the Metropolitan area of Washington D.C....where Innovation is Traditions.

JT O'Brien

Great school, very beautiful

Miranda Yocom

Gmu is incredible :)

Nathalie Rosado

I completed my undergrad at Mason as a DI athlete and had a wonderful experience. As an athlete I had full academic support and was able to push myself to achieve high grades and graduate in 4 years. I'm now working on my MPA at Mason, and the graduate student support and opportunities are just as good as for undergrad students. All the professors I've had (within the college of humanities and now school of policy, government, and international affairs) have been excellent. Professors of mason have a great share of work/real world experience as well as academic experience.

alicia suchicital

Lorne Campbell

Low quality education, and campus is dangerous. Campus cops have a reputation for incompetence.

Alexis McPherson

Jack Hilton


Only if I could rate it 0 out of 5

Ben Ludden

Never been, but hey! I'm in a good mood!

Dharmidasa Dharmi

The (accelerated) nursing program here is absolutely atrocious. Not because of the subject matter or work load but because the women who administer the program and a large number of the instructors they have hired are vicious, toxic, evil and/or incompetent. Our advisor is a pompous, incompetent buffoon who, despite her doctoral degree, probably has IQ of about 90, bullies students regularly, and yet has been there for 25 years. Most students avoid her like the plague. One classmate told me, "She has too much power over me. It is very scary." Others have talked about how very unhelpful she consistently is and how almost all of her communications contain wrong or inadequate information. She hires the clinical instructors and then apparently encourages them to be harsh and punitive toward students. Together, they create a terrible, hostile clinical atmosphere in which it is hard to focus on learning. The head of the department is a complacent Pollyanna who sweeps problems under the carpet and lacks moral discernment and backbone to stop the bullying by firing bad eggs and properly training instructors. She seems to automatically side with the instructor or administrator even when they are obviously engaged in abuse of students (How convenient for her! Rocking the boat would make unpleasant waves! Who cares if mere students suffer!). Many of the clinical instructors, who are given absolute power over students, are extremely petty as well as moral and intellectual mediocrities who lack conscience and who bully and mistreat students, using unnecessary threats, fear and intimidation. Some of them lie and make false accusations to hurt students. They threaten to fail you in the class based on very minor or inflated errors simply because they can--even though this would put a student in extreme jeopardy and could destroy his or her life because it would force the student to wait a whole year to continue in the program and meanwhile, the loans are ticking away or could be lost, with no job on hand...And yet the administrators never question the mindset or stop the aggressive actions of clinical instructors before they go too far in their abuse of students--this even though bullying by nurses is a widespread and known problem. Only one out of four of my clinical instructors so far has been a normal, decent human being. The others are very nasty pieces of work indeed. Make no mistake. I am not kidding when I say that a great many of these women are deeply evil. They are not normal human beings but demonic freaks of nature. This nursing school is a nightmare. Go elsewhere! Or better yet, choose a different career because nursing is chock-full of truly nasty, vicious individuals. Addition: Try to comprehend the depth of their hypocrisy: They close the links for evaluating classes and instructors BEFORE final grades are posted. Think about that for a minute: You have been bullied and abused all semester and now when you have the chance to express your disgust, they time the availability of the evaluation link so that you fear a bad grade in retaliation for honesty. They make students feel powerless. They thus intentionally discourage really honest criticism, anything that reflects badly on them. So, they have no sincere interest in improving things. The quality of instruction ranges from mediocre to disastrous. Addition: If you are a person with any spiritual or noble sensibility, stay away from GMU. A preponderance of administrators and instructors are evil people--deeply vicious, emotionally disconnected, hypocritical, insincere, lazy, nasty and morally repugnant. I call them evil.


Really great

Kana Nagato

Love it. Has been worked here for 10 months.

Deborah Subayi

(Translated by Google) Of (Original) De

biruk esubalew

Batka Alt

Great school. The teachers are great. In fact, some of the best teachers I’ve ever had, teach here. Reason I took away some stars is that when it comes paying tuition is it’s very inconvenient for students. Only accepts cash or check like a pawn shop. Due date is on the 1s day of school.

Johnathan le

The George Mason University is better than I expected going in. Many Norther Virginia High School students don’t really want to go to this school because they think it is not that good and they do not want to stay home. This is a great place to learn especially is you are on a budget. Stay at home and commute, it is a great way to save money while getting a good quality education at a university. This school is great and although there is not much on campus culture, there are many things that make the school amazing. This was not my first choice school, but I am content with the decision I made.

Steven Black

Great, especially the economics and psychology departments. Full of enthusiastic professors. They are also rapidly expanding and one of the top rated "up and coming" universities in the nation.

Shawn DiePie

Great school paying 50k a year for my biology degree I'm gonna be rich who needs scholarships

Misha V

Kshitij Vanjare

Girl Next Door

I am applying as a transfer student from Northern Virginia Community College, and it has been nothing but me chasing down administration to make sure all of the paperwork has been processed properly. Every email I have sent the admissions office so far has taken at LEAST two weeks response time, even when I send follow-up emails. They say that their response time is 48 hours, but obviously my experience is nowhere close. It's not the beginning of a semester, it's almost October, so to me it makes no sense that it should be taking so long for a response. I called on the phone, and while the lady was nice, she couldn't provide me any specific information pertaining to MY application. Going in person is horrible because I have to pay for parking, receptionists are rude and act like I'm inconveniencing them, and my questions have been turned away before because I am not a George Mason student. Well, obviously I WANT to be a Mason student, that's why I'm here in the first place! I'm not even going to school here yet and it's already been a nightmare dealing with the administration side of the school. I feel unimportant, not prioritized in the slightest, and a nuisance for wanting to be sure. UPDATE: Tried to call several times because I was not receiving email responses. Twice, I was on hold for OVER an hour and my phone either died or I had to hang up the phone because I had other things I had to do. Going in person is not convenient for me in any capacity, but I finally went. All I was told was that my transfer application was complete and went through the system... It's also been a week since admissions said they would begin notifying transfer applicants of admission, as Mason students are already registering for classes and I want to secure my spot, too. Radio silence from the admission team. Only email I have received is that my application was received... Which was almost three weeks after I submitted it, by the way. Currently on hold so I can ask when the admission letters will be administered. UPDATE #2: I was finally accepted into the university after I insisted I speak to someone in charge who could actually fix an issue that was never my fault in the first place. So a literal WEEK before classes start, I finally get my damned acceptance. After pulling my hair out, having to call late into work only to be given a shoulder shrug and "there's nothing I can do". I'm going here because it is the most cost effective school for me, so I had no choice but to chase people all over creation. If I had other schools on my lost, I would've turned around long ago because of the absolute nightmare the admissions office has been. I did my part by submitting my application the day that submissions were opened, and I had to wait 3 months for a decision I was told would take 3 weeks. I will get my degree and I sure as hell will not be giving them my money for grad school. All you are is money to them. Another $100k in their pocket. They don't care about you at all.

YuChen Cao

where I studied

Sean King


Steven Garman

Decent facilities and location

Joe Name

"Advisors", "Counselors" and 99% of staff are worthless. The whole group of them could be replaced by a single parrot trained to say "visit our website for that information". If you're interested in enrolling in GMU and have questions, the only response you get is "We can't help you because you're not a student." So you enroll and get accepted. You go back again to ask your questions and get "We can't answer your questions because you haven't paid your enrollment fee." You pay the fee to become a student and from that point outward, any question you may have will be answered with "You have to go to the website to find that information." Completely useless people that can't or won't do their jobs.

Jason Yeomans

Amazing school, great experience so far

James Cueva

Studying in GMU is better than studying in UVA or other universities in Virginia because of its proximity to NOVA. Students in GMU have access to internships and coops that university students from other more farther universities do not have. I think this is a major major factor that students overlook. Having an internship gives a significant head start to students that graduate early.

Russ Nikov

Yousra Makanse

Beautiful campus and facilities.

Rinad Chowdhury

It’s a very unsocial school and the academics aren’t that great. They claim they’re one of the best research universities in Virginia yet the WiFi barely works. I regret coming here 100%.

Nabil Darwich

its k

Gnapika R

Iam not yet joined in this university. I have applied for it and waiting for the reply.I love this university alot eventhough i am not yet joined

Abdullah Aldossari

My second house ❤️

A.S. Berry Jr.

Really excited to see my family member graduate. The campus seems conservative but modest.

Livan Z

A year study here, gonna miss it.

Chelsea West

Only because my boyfriend goes there.

Robbie Fazle

Terrible. It's a decent school, and the professors aren't bad, the quality of education is good. But the students should be a little friendlier. It's decent at best. Go to UVA and Virginia Tech. This school isn't worth it.

Preston Smart

Great school. Don't listen to those that rate the school below average. As a military veteran, I see so many students in class that whine and expect to be handed As. College is what you make of it. If you put in the time and effort, you will receive a good grades. This college has a lot to offer if you study, attend class, seek internships and use your education to further yourself in your career and life.


I wish I had read some of the reviews prior to letting my son attend. The faculty is extremely biased , and the preferential treatment extremely obvious. It seems that the faculty does not have the best interest of the students at heart. I am ashamed to call GMU my alma mater

Jimmy Warrick

Great campus and even better food. I wish I went here. It looks beautiful and it is very close to DC

Obi Onyeador

Expensive but eclectic

nooshin Safari

# ASK Reasonable Questions from "Real" Students Before even Considering applying into this "R1 + WoooW" School! "Welcome To new Model of NY City"!

MrInstrument007 .

Great university that brings great events and culture to the community.

John Gibson IV

Non-ADA compliant. No acculturation services available. Apathetic Faculty & Staff.


(Translated by Google) Many Chinese students are studying here. (Original) 很多中国留学生在此学习。

Tom Brennan

Holly Johnson

GMU is a giant disappointment. The disabilities department is a joke and the administration of the entire school could not care less about the needs of the students. I would NOT recommend it.

Jasmine H

When i passed by there no one was walking.

Saisrivatsa Yeluri

ahmed nasser

Best prof and campus

Shahbaz Khan

Its awsome

Edward McKulsky

Great university and nice campus.

Khalil Amar

Nice Dorms, Nice Campus, Campus-Cops are chasing cars in the parking lots that don't have the permit - lol.

superman0steel .

Currently attending for Criminology, the campus is usually clean and busy, the staff are usually helpful if you're talking to the correct people, and the classes are usually well structured.

Denita Powell

Great day with the Green!! Spring Preview day had the chance to do a small tour of campus, wish we could have seen more of housing. Very large crowd of freshmen and family. Diana was our favorite Mason Ambassador! Helped my daughter loosen up and I actually thought I saw a smile, she even signed up for a couple of things!


Please don't make a football stadium. School will become more expensive for us working class folks.

diva bonilla

I attended GMU about 15 years ago. Looking back, GMU offers great benefit to the students for being close to great companies where the students can have Internship or CoOps. Something that other universities such as Virginia Tech and UVA cannot offer even their brightest students. My recommendation would be to go to GMU and get internships and CoOps so when you get out of the university you are ahead of VT and UVA students that have good-university degrees but almost no experience.

Yamuna ece

frnds im planning for spring anyone applying to this univ?

Ryan S

Mason is very diverse, which is pretty much the major crowning achievement it has as a university. Tons if international students, the Mason LIFE program, etc. They allow a lot of individuals to have an inclusive college experience. However, there is little school spirit among the students, and many departments are incredibly disjointed and disorganized. There's a phenomenon at this university called the "Mason Shuffle" where someone will get passed from department to department, office to office, just to have one simple question answered, form signed, etc. As someone who used to be employed here, I can say that this doesn't affect students, but also staff members. The university grew so fast, but its infrastructure didn't quite grow to the same level, and as a result it's hard to get essential things done. It's still largely a commuter school, which is great for locals who want to live at home and not have to pay for an [expensive] room on campus, but this further contributes to the feeling of the lack of community on campus. Mason talks about how they're right up there with Virginia Tech and UVA, but they still have a very long way to go to be at the same level of academia and recognition. They frequently tout that they made the Final Four for the NCAA Men's Basketball 2006! Over a decade ago! If that isn't living off old glory I don't know what is.

stephen shuqlz

The most commonly used nicknames for GMU are "rape central" and "RAPEU". 2015 - number of ON CAMPUS rapes, unwanted touchings, stalking and "dating violence" incidents average out to be over 7 per month. You can't go an entire week without getting a GMU warning email detailing how a woman on campus, in a school building, in a school hallway right outside her class was drug into a bathroom and raped. The school's response to combat this has been to send out an email asking students to visit a website that essentially says "rape is bad". 2016 is on track to have higher numbers than 2015.

alwaleed alzahrani

Very wonderful campus. Under construction at the moment at some places on campus but very great experience. Try to be active in the activities that the university places. Be careful which professor to choose.

Fatih Gezer

Disappointment. One of the worst experiences ever.

Charlis Foster

GMU wasn't my first choice. But I now know that choosing to attend Mason is one of rhe best decisions of my life. Lots of programs and activities. Great art program (my major is graphic design). All the instructors ans staff I have encountered have been helpful in every way possible. The facilities are beautiful wirh lotsof great amenities. Love the access to fitness centers with classes at no additional cost. Great food. The only things i would change is that they dont publicize all the activities well to off campus students and tranfer students as well as non traditional students can feel a little left out. And I wish we had football! I tell everyone that I love my school and it's true -- I really do!

todd harper



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