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Amanda James

I returned as a former patient as my anxiety and panic attacks began to control my life again. I was very impressed that I was able to get an appointment within 2 weeks. My former physician was no longer there, so I was set up with another one. This time around, I was not happy with my experience. There was no medical history questionnaire, and the physician was very condescending. She didn't seem to understand that my recent panic attacks didn't have a trigger, and continued to change subjects when I didn't respond the way she wanted to. She didn't take the full hour with me, and instead wrote me scripts and sent me out after 30 minutes. Needless to say, all she did was place a bandaid instead of trying to figure out a solution. She was more concerned with why I was denied coverage through Medicare, and how there's completely no way I can afford treatment out of pocket. Oh, and if I want to see someone else, it's another $150 and I have to be seen as a new patient again. I won't be returning.


The most unprofessional office I have ever been too. I asked for a second opinion from the PA Fran I was assigned too. I waited 3 weeks for my scheduled appointment with the psychiatrist in the office. This staff cancelled my appointment via TEXT. I am a military wife that I battling anxiety and depression. If you are military patient BEWARE OF HOW THIS STAFF TREATS YOU. I ALWAYS WAITED OVER 30 minutes or longer to be seen for my appointments on every visit. Tricare should drop them for the lack of unprofessional care they provided me and other wives that have gone to them and never went back. . I drove 1 hour to be seen and was treated like I didn’t matter. A PATIENT SHOULD NEVER BE DIMISSED OVER A TEXT!!!!!! If I would have ever canceled over a text I would have been charged $50.

Julie Ferland

This place is a joke. Thankfully they’ve started to get a new front desk young lady. She’s sweet pats attention knows me by face. The lady who’s usually there (mind you I go every week) always makes me say my name a provider. She acts like I’m inconveniencing her by making her do her job. The same older receptions SHUTS THE PHONE OFF AT HER WILL. I just called trying to get ahead of an episode to book an apt and she’s shut the phones off an hour early. She doesn’t this every Friday and Saturday too. She’s actually had the audicty to charge me a no call no show because I had to drive in on a Saturday because I spent all day Friday and Saturday calling them and no one answered because their phones were off. When I asked to reschedule they informed me I’d get charged a fee for rescheduling my Tuesday apt. The only reason I go there is because Sandra Jarvas is AMAZING. If not I’d be finding a new place.

KathyTalley Talley

Jane Bass

All I can tell you is don't try to go here if you are over 65. They don't accept medicare or Tricare for life. I've never heard of such a thing. I was willing to self pay but I'm too old for them to bother.

Teresa Fontaine

I have been visiting this practice for over 8 years and would not leave my doctor unless forced to. I referred two people to her years ago and they both still see her, also. I am pretty sure I know the receptionist of whom people are speaking. However, I have never had a negative experience with her, she seems fine. I just accept who she presents herself to be, like I do with everyone. I'm not there to see her, I'm there to see my doc (my doc that I love, in case I didn't mention that). I have had a couple instances where my appointment was delayed, but that happens at every doctor's office, doesn't it? It's totally maddening, but it happens. Maybe I'm too laid back; maybe my meds work better than yours. (*shrug*)

karen everett

The only problem that I have had is in the 3 times that I have been there, and twice on the phone is the receptionist is not very welcoming. I will give it one more try before I give my complaint to the doctor.

Niki Buchanan

The psychologist that I have met at this practice is very kind. However, the receptionist has been very rude every time I've talked to her. Sadly, because she is the first person people come in contact with, they may choose to go elsewhere before giving them a chance.

luke pierce

Welcoming atmosphere and staff, got me in for initial appointment quick. After talking with Frank Kara we decided they weren’t a good fit for me personally but I would recommend this office based on my experience overall and their honesty. I was respectfully treated, it was simple to schedule here after making 7 other unsuccessful calls to get a psychology appointment in Hampton Roads and I will say I didn’t wait long at all to be seen.

Kelly Hadley

I have been a Patient with CPA for over 4 years now. I have had nothing but great service from all of the staff at there clinic. There trained and experienced staff helped me through many crises. Even with my very complex mental health history they were able to help me get on the road to success and conquer some debilitating mental disorders through therapy and medication management. I specifically have been a patient of Amanda Rhodes and Laura Dewitz but I do believe all of there providers are highly educated and experienced enough to help anyone struggling with mental health issues.

Jennifrr Taylor

I've been going there for a cuple months now, the foreign guy that does the meds was very rude racist and nasty and does not need to be around mental people at all! However my therapist Emillio Cortes is very nice and funny therapist, not sure about the rest of the people there but I would only recommend him!

Lauren Staffeld

Horrible customer service! They called the morning of my appointment to cancel on me. Then when I called to reschedule they couldn't get me in for 2 weeks at a super inconvenient time that didn't work for me. After that the first available was a month out. I just canceled my appointments and will find care elsewhere. Very unprofessional first impression not worth wasting more of my time.


Extremely disappointed. Therapists would rather discuss their personal fitness goals and experiences vice dive into the causes at which being patients to their facility. Prescriptions? Forget it! Half of an anti-anxiety pill left and have requested refills for a week and NOTHING. Here goes a pleasant experience cold turkey.

Katie Delich

I called two weeks ago, crying mind you, to see if I could get in. The soonest they could schedule me was two weeks out, so I took the first appointment and just hoped for the best. My husband left work today to watch my kids so that I could go to therapy. Upon arrival, they have me written down in a special white book, but no one put it into the computer. Understandably, people make mistakes, however, all I got was, sorry for the mix-up, someone can see you next week. Thanks but no thanks. I'll go cry on someone else's shoulder. Poor organization, poor response. Remember that you are dealing with fragile folks. Maybe put the appointment into the computer next time. I wouldn't recommend this practice if you want to make sure you are actually valued as a client and won't be forgotten or ignored.

Kay Rolen

I've had very good experience here. Amanda Rhodes and Laura Dewitz are both very good and thorough.

greg morog

This is a business. I felt they wanted to get you in and out. I didn't feel truly heard or cared for.

Emily Gerald

Awful. I scheduled an assessment 2 weeks in advance, but after I drove the two hours to get there I was informed my appointment had been cancelled and I could reschedule. Thanks for making getting help less of a struggle. I suffered for YOUR scheduling mistake. Don’t even bother with this place.

Shanta Wilson

James Morrissey

Terrible. The counselor I saw said maybe 10 sentences each session for the two sessions I saw him and didn't contribute anything meaningful. Acted like he was barely interested, and answered a phone call in the middle of our session. Also distractingly chewed gum the entire time. Will not be scheduling further appointments.

Arnella Swetof

Kristen Redmond

Robin Hope

I love this practice, I've been going here for years. The staff, Doctors and PA's are caring and understanding. I've always felt comfortable talking with them since day one and always get a genuine feeling that they care about their patients.

Lynnet Lindsey


Easy going professionalism at its finest!

Gilbert Davis

Very disappointing initial visit. Beautiful office but unprofessional staff. The receptionist had no record of my appt. After eventually finding my file and contacting the docter no exceptions were made. I waited 2 1/2 hours to be seen. When the doctor arrived she made light of the oversight and took at least 15 min. to straighten her desk and organize paper work. How could I value her professional opinion. When it is clear that I was not valued as a client.

Diane Nance

I do not recommend this place at all. I’ve had several visits here with a PA. And one missed appointment with a therapist (in which I incurred a $50 charge for not cancelling in time due to a very last minute emergency-that they also didn’t care about...). The PA was alright my first visit, but then after that my appointments got super short despite meds being changed with every visit. And the wait time was awful. He had to read information about the med from the drug book that he had at his desk every time and didn’t seem like he knew off the top of his head any of the common med info, ever. This practice is money hungry. $50 for a single missed appointment is crazy-especially when there’s an emergency involved. The first thing you do when you walk through the door is pay your copay, and if you don’t have the money, they’ll send you packing. They do not care about the state of your mental health and unfortunately this isn’t the first place I have encountered with this mindset. I’m seeing a naturopath practice now who actually CARES about their patients to the fullest extent and doesn’t get Pharma kickbacks for prescribing certain medications before others that may actually work better for you. If you are suffering from ANY postpartum mental health issues, do not waste your time by visiting this place.

Richard White

We called to make an appointment after being referred from our family Dr. and left a message wanting to talk to someone about depression. We didn't receive a call back over 2 days, so we called again. The person that answered the phone said we couldn't be seen for over a month and when we said we couldn't wait that long she suggested that another Dr could see us in about 28 days. We said that we might as well wait the month to see who we had been referred to. the girl said that no-one would be able to see us in less than 30 days. They don't care about people because after I called and left a message on the manager's voice mail about out treatment or lack of no-one called back to discuss!!! We looked online and called someone else and we have an appointment the next day!!!! People who answer the phone and represent the comfort & personality of the office should NOT be talking to people who are depressed and asking for help. If a counselors office can't make you feel at ease, then you are definately calling the wrong office.

nycmisee .

Dr. Alatise needs his Medical License Revoked. He is the worst uncaring person. The Hippocratic Oath states to First DO NO HARM. I AM HARMED Mentally and Emotionally. This Experience with him has totally affected my view on how people who seek issues with mental issue go for help and are totally discounted and ignored. The Doctor that is treating the person should be held accountable. He is Terrible. I wouldn't even send an enemy to him.

Fred Arters

This place is the worst. Read and heed the reviews people. For real. Charged for missed appointment that was made on a prior visit.. no reminders sent. No online billing. Called billing dept multiple times and could never get anyone on the phone and never received a callback.

melinda brown

they never return your calls even as an established patient we call and call for medication issues and they just do not call back.

M McBride

Kati leigh

Storm Hollow

I've gone to Julie for a long time and she is kind and amazing

Kelsey Ledesma

The psychiatrist I have seen is very nice and professional. Unfortunately, the older, blonde receptionist is suffering from the same bad attitude that a lot of psychological office receptionists are. She’s cold, rude, and almost acts inconvenienced by your presence and her having to do her job. If you can get past her, it’s a lovely office. :)

Rachel Bass

My husband visited this practice 3 times, I was with him for 2 another family member was with him for the 3rd time. The rating of 2 stars is only because they seemed to be able to get him in as a new patient in a reasonable amount of time which can be hard. The other google reviews proved to be true about the receptionist, not friendly, not approachable, overall poor people skills. As for the services provided by who we saw for treatment, we felt rushed, and that unwanted medication was being pushed. We felt as though the prescriber was not listening/or believing us and felt a talked down to. I cannot speak for all of the providers at this office as we only saw one. That was enough, we are very happy with the treatment we are receiving elsewhere now. I can only say to research and make the best decision for you.

Lauren Hope

TERRIBLE PRACTICE! THE RECEPTIONIST is the meanest woman I've ever met at a practice. I came in there on the brink of a panic attack cause my family had threatened me. I was so frazzled I came to the wrong location. The reception rolled her eyes at me and said it wasn't her problem. I broke down in tears. I was hyperventilating and she DID NOTHING TO HELP NOTHING! This woman is obviously not a mental health professional. A therapist had to calm me down i was so shaken. I ran into this woman in public and I ran. She is SO MEAN! BE CAREFUL.

Davey Rowe

I was apprehensive about all of these negative reviews. However, I took the chance. My experience was great. My provider was awesome (Justin), office is nice etc. Only drawback was having to wait a month for an appointment. No reservations about recommending this place. You’ll be in good hands.

Kyle Teague

Do not go to this practice, my wife has bi-polar and was seeking help for several months. The receptionist laughed in my wife's face as she asked them to please schedule an appointment so she could get help as she was getting close to the time where her prescription was running low. Even the doctor was very condescending and was not welcoming to my wife's three kids. Awful service, we will be moving to a better psychologist. It's funny that a practice that specializes in mental health would treat people this way, absolutely unprofessional.


Chelsea Hinson

The staff and providers here are great. I've never encountered the rude receptionist others have mentioned. I was very skeptical about seeing a mental health professional but both the psychiatrist and therapist I saw (Laura and Sandra) were both very attentive and caring. I would (and have) recommend them to any of my friends/family. I gave 4 stars because I think they could be a little better answering the phone. When I scheduled my appointment the lady put me back and forth on hold like 8 times trying to figure out my insurance (optima and anthem). But at least you can get to a real person and they have always returned my messages.

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