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REVIEWS OF Family Counseling Associates of North Georgia IN Georgia

Garrett Vance

The most amazing service I have ever received! Would recommend to everyone.

Jonathan Bice

Have been going to Family Counseling Associates of North Georgia for a little over two months now. I could not be happier. The atmosphere is welcoming and the staff is truly friendly. I have seen therapists in the past but none hold a candle to Erich Edwards. I feel as though I am getting something out of every session with him. Which is the whole point of therapy, is it not? Erich is easy to talk to. Whether that is in casual conversation or in session. Making the hour fly by. I would highly recommend Family Counseling Associates of North Georgia to anyone looking for a stress free and easy counseling environment.

Shiloh Slaughter

I have worked at this facility in the past. My interactions with staff and clients have always been very professional. I have noticed the people who actually complete reviews are usually those who have a bad experience. The hundreds if not thousands of clients we have served over the years who have had wonderful experiences do not complete reviews. This is probably because they value their privacy and do not want the entire internet to know they are seeing a counselor (they are well within their rights to do this and it makes sense to me). However, people who don't mind tearing down others and making what are likely false accusation ( I know this because I was there when many of these things were said to have happened but didn't) always seem to find their way onto the internet. Trolls always do. It is very unfortunate because I know how hard these clinicians work day in and day out to serve their community with very little in the way of appreciation or compensation (don't even get me started about the insurance companies not wanting to pay claims). All I can ask is that you take each review with a grain of salt (both positive and negative) and let your experience be your guide. This facility is one of the nicest in North Georgia. The clinicians are second to none and work hard for their clients. Don't let the opinion of one or two angry and bitter individuals taint the good name of a business which helps to community on a daily basis. Oh yeah, one more thing. I love Tazo! He is the cutest dog in the world. Just my biased opinion :) Look at the will agree :)

M. Caroline Herrera

Excellent service, truly caring professionals.

Princess EllieBee

Elizabeth Jenkins

I am a huge supporter of family counseling and marital counseling. I think counseling can be an incredibly healthy addition to any relationship, especially in the face of hardships or trials. My Husband and I have done pre-marital and marital counseling and the counseling helped both of us tremendously in better communicating and understanding one another. My brother John Cathey is an intern at this particular office. I have heard nothing but wonderful things about this office and the counselors who practice here. The office environment is both clean and inviting, and the staff is incredibly friendly and welcoming. We will be going here for all our family’s counseling needs! I would certainly recommend this practice to anyone looking for professional services from a counselor.

Jonathan Savoy

Lindsey is absolutely amazing! She is Patient, caring, very direct and very fair. Did not know what to expect coming in counseling for the first time, but we had a homerun with Lindsey. She has worked with us in our relationship is stronger than ever and I have told Lindsey that she’s not allowed to retire for at least 10 or 15 years because I will go to her weekly as long as she is still practicing! Ty Lindsey!

Katie Jones

My 7 year old son has been seeing Laura Hafner for play therapy since the spring. In the few short months he’s been going I’ve seen a world of improvement with him. He’s able to control his emotions a bit more and he no longer struggles with his negative self talk. He is able to communicate his feelings more easily without immediately resorting to being physical when frustrated. I love the results I am seeing as a result of his play therapy. Laura has been wonderful and extremely patient with my son. I highly recommend this practice!

Gene Boyce

Been taking family counseling classes with Eric Edwards. Been very impressed with his professional suggestions for improving my marriage and daily family duties. Would highly recommend this establishment.

Brandy Bozarth

Dr. Amanda is awesome. I did some volunteer work where I referred several families to Dr. Amanda for counseling services related to adoption, foster care, and also more extreme child behavioral issues. I know that several families have greatly benefited from Family Counseling Associates of North Georgia. This service is excellent & highly recommended.

Rin Cook

All my life, my family has struggled to find adequate ways to communicate with one another. After reaching a breaking point, we finally decided to try family counseling. The office is clean and easy to find and the staff of this establishment is overwhelming kind. My whole family felt immediately at ease in such a welcoming atmosphere. Dr. Slaughter is so helpful and understanding, allowing all of us to feel heard, while also helping us to find better ways to express ourselves in honest, loving ways.

Dustin Lancaster

The counseling services provided by this office are in no way, shape or form healthy for any individual that walks through their door. Amanda Slaughter specifically has made some very earth shaking inhumane choices that I would 100% believe that if the proper authorities were to be contacted and made aware, the whole facility would suffer and the doors would be closed. I would not allow my dog to spend 5 minutes in the same room with this lady. She has a degree in phycology, you are right and she probably one of the most physio people I have ever interacted with. I will not blast the details of what she did behind closed doors to my step daughter and her mother. She will have to answer to her own maker one day. But if you have had a child in her care please take them to be evaluated by someone who is a professional. Her actions with my family left some major long term effects that will take a lot of healing to mend.

Donald Reynolds

Working with Dr.Slaughter has been a great experience. She’s able to communicate in a way different then that of other therapist in the area. For anyone looking for a good counseling service, Dr.Slaughter provides a great service.

Katin in the bag

When I arrived no one was in the reception area to greet me therefore no one knew with whom I had an appointment. When I arrived at the building I was a little lost because the numbers are so small I called the office number 6 to 8 times It all went to voicemail. Probably the most unprofessional disorganized office that I have encountered In the mental health profession. The owner was just as confused as the doctor, I received a text confirming my appointment at three on April 23 Tuesday and no one in the office new with whom I had the appointment the owner was just as confused as the other therapist.

Kalli Lancaster

Please be aware of this practice. I enrolled my child for therapy to learn how to coupe with a recent divorce. During the 8 sessions, my child showed no improvements. I reached out via email, to Dr Amanda, for solutions on how to handle some questionable situations involving my child and I received no response. When I finally received a return call from Dr. Amanda, after several attempts, phone she was extremely upset. She immediately denied what my child had told me when I am 100% confident my child was telling the truth. She became so offensive that she said she no longer wanted to continue providing services to my child; acting in a very guilty manor. After questioning her behavior she requested to see my child again. During the last session Dr. Amanda had my child in tears, begging me to not make her go back. Eventually my child explained that Dr. Amanda made her promise to never discuss their conversation where Dr. Amanda told my child that her mother was “crazy”. That she needed to be evaluated and placed on medication… and my child needed to help persuade me into getting help even though I had never even been evaluated by Dr. Amanda nor had we spent any time together for her to make such a huge “diagnosis”. This conversation was so inappropriate, hurtful and broke the trust between her and my daughter. No child should be placed in that situation and no child should ever be directed to hide or promise not to tell of the conversation that takes place between them and their therapist. This office is so unprofessional. The moment I walked in it felt like some cult. The therapists are not able to treat a wide variety of issues and are simply not trained properly. The time my child spent with Dr. Amanda was very damaging not only to my child but to us all as a family. Please make sure you do not take your child to this office! And if you do or have, I would sit your child down and speak to them about their experience with any therapist at this office. I would be very concerned with what has happened when the door closes and you are not able to protect your child from those animals.

Alexandra Richards Cathey

FCANG is a really awesome clinic offering a variety of services. My husband John Cathey so loves being here! I get to hear about his fabulous coworkers, Dr. Amanda's knowledge and creativity, and it's a pleasure seeing him so happy with this family centered work. Thank you for all you do FCANG!

A google User

Amanda Slaughter and her associates are highly unprofessional and do lack in the areas of working with traumatized children and their parents. They will not partner with parents to find workable solutions for dealing with negative behaviors of children. They prefer to get their updates on how the past week went from the child themselves even when the child is quite young and not a reliable reporter, rather than simply asking the parents for an update. Amanda does not greet parents when they arrive at her office. Overall, we did not see a change in our children's behavior after almost a year with family counseling associates. Amanda provides some questionable recommendations regarding mind-altering medications for children as young as 4I question the staff's education and qualificationsThe staff here was not qualified to work with my children due to the complexity of their issues. If I could do it over again, I would steer clear of Family Counseling Associates and find someone more qualified.

Kaila Copenhaver

I was very hesitant about returning to counseling after an extended absence of approximately 7 years, but I am so glad I did. I began seeing Brooke Harris in January, when I was at one of the lowest points of my life. She has helped me tremendously in turning my life back onto the right path, and I’m so excited about the progress I’ve made with her help. Brooke is extremely professional and personable, and I genuinely look forward to seeing her each week (who would have thought Monday’s would be my favorite day of the week?!). I’m am truly grateful for her, and cannot recommend her enough.

Jennifer Locklear

Jenny has been great with my son he has been several times making a difference!

Stephen Albert

First off, contacting the address is easy to find online. The location is also easy to get to. I have no issues contacting the professional associates who work here and booking appointments. The establishment is also a clean, professional workplace that is friendly to people of all backgrounds. Thank you for the great service. I will be recommending Family Counseling Associates of North Georgia to a friend!

Emily Mcgarr

I have visited this facility a few times now and am very impressed with the wait time and appointment scheduling. The wait to get into their office was much shorter than other places I have been to and it offered a much more personal experience. Also, the atmosphere of the office was inviting and clean and made me feel much more comfortable than I expected. Dr. Slaughter was very kind and I would recommend her services to anyone who is looking for professional and practical counseling services. CCA


Amazing and professional service! Would recommend to anyone in need.

Vivian Hosier

Maya Johnson

very nice feel i felt welcome as soon as i walked in the door. i don’t normally like therapy sessions but dr amanda slaughter made a comfortable environment that made it easier for me to talk which helped me a whole lot.

Melissa Darin

I am currently completing an internship with The Creative Spark / Family Counseling Associates of North Georgia in conjunction with finishing my Master's degree in Pastoral Counseling. Much of my degree has been comprised of learning counseling that is strength-based, hope and solution-focused, and resilience-building - and, I was hoping to find a counseling center whose culture mirrored this. I've definitely found it! The counseling center itself is beautiful. The rooms for kiddos are bright and joy-filled with access to every therapeutic tool you can imagine, and the rooms for adolescents and adults are very peaceful and serene. The team here is passionate about helping people, and is incredibly knowledgeable. Although I do not participate in seeing clients, I've learned so much from the team here that does. On top of the fact that they each are already very educated and experienced, they are also constantly researching and coming up with creative, meaningful ways to help their clients. They are a joy to be around, and I'm grateful to be learning from them!

Allyson Hibdon

Dr. Amanda Slaughter was incredible! Very insightful and skilled in her profession. Will be returning to her.

Nicole Wilkes

I have never met a therapist I felt so comfortable with until I saw Dr. Amanda Slaughter. She really has an amazing way of reaching people and gave me a great perspective!

Corinne Smith

Amazing service!

Maui Aducchi

Great service. Dr. Cooper was excellent. We are in the process of re-staring our therapy, she was excellent. Very affordable, she stayed with us more than an hour.

John Cathey

I love being here. As an intern, I've had fantastic experiences with the whole crew, and love our way of working with our wonderful clients. FCANG was my first choice as an intern and I feel remarkably blessed to be on board. Looking forward to every day I come in to this clinic!

Noah Stewart


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