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Deanne Francois

Absolute nightmare!!!! Staff is horrible!!! The care there is a joke!!! I would not recommend this place to anyone!!!! This place needs to be shut down immediately

Glend Mefavivi Sy

angelica and suzie

my dad went there and i still hate him

Trisha Lewis

First time ever reaching out for help! Went here because my employee assistance program referred as in this was in my insurance network also close location. Staff absolutely great with intake process and getting a quick insurance authorization for coverage. BUT, once I was taken to the unit it looked like a physic ward on television. No color on walls, nothing to assist with anxiety other than heavy doses of medication. Shared a room with a woman who snored and mumbled but was very helpful at times. I was so heavily medicated I could barely walk to the restroom which was about 10 feet from my bed. The ONLY time I spoke with medical staff during my SHORT stay (LAMA) is when they would come to medicate me or check my vitals. No well checks to see how your doing. If I hadn't had the roommate I wouldn't have had water until staff came every 4-6hours. Again, even the floor staff were nice, but nice will not support your needs when heavily medicated! I only stayed 24 hours as I was also worried about my child, but had I had more comforting support I may have been able to make other arrangements. I shared with the Dr. my home concerns and asked could I leave if things did not look better at home? He stated of course as I was there voluntarily, but he advised I stay for the entire course for full treatment. I was very clear when asking he Dr. if I leave before scheduled/ advised discharge date will I still be provided the medication I need to continue on path to recovery? He stated I would not be penalized for LAMA but he does not suggest that and he would provide me the necessary medications upon discharge, but I would need OP support for follow up medications. Well I feel like I have been penalized as I was not given medication for home and now I am trying to reach out to this place to continue out patient support and they informed the agency that requested my records that there is nothing relevant to share to support OP care as I was not there long enough??? Well I did an intake isn't that relevant info, they gave me medications to start my treatment; wouldn't that information be helpful? The Dr. has NOT completed my FMLA paperwork which now I believe will NOT be done because I left against medial advise (LAMA)? They should be open to providing all information if the patient is seeking treatment elsewhee to support the patient! Right?! This place is great if you need to rest for a few days and enjoy being medicated (heavily). It seems I was not a good candidate for this facility as I was not as bad off as the norm of patients they receive? Tim, the supervisor THANK YOU, as you will save lives for getting patients in your facility. The INTAKE lady THANK YOU, for being compassionate during the intake process. Hamilton, the intake Nurse, thank you as well! Dr. D Huy, if you could please complete my FMLA paper work as you promised to do during out introduction I would greatly appreciate it. Good Luck to those seeking treatment, support, detox, mental health services. Because this place didn't work for me, it may be great for you! This was my experience.

Alexandra James

John M.

Hardworking and respectful staff. Very compassionate and supportive. Disregard previous negative reviews. You have to actually WANT treatment for it to work. Doctors and nurses can't force feed wellness. They changed my life. Thank you Cascade!

Jonah McIntosh

Felt like I was being listened to, but not being heard. Walked away with no issues being addressed. This place is also amazingly expensive. Expect a total of 400 dollars of expenses for two visits.

Myra Aimee

The best staff and case workers drs and physicians they took great care of me and everyone there with me...I highly recommended it....

Pat Horne-Brine

I'm rating this hospital as a Mom of someone who desperately needed some mental health inpatient treatment to get on the right meds, to be stabilized. Two previous hospital stays had not resulted in a good level of needed medication, but Cascade gave him the time he needed to start his recovery. He said it was the best hospital he had been in, and the food was great; he opted to stay an extra week. With no release of info (something that needs to change for parents/family who are the safety net), we weren't allowed to go to the hospital to see him, but we continued to advocate for him by bringing in letters of things they should know. We can tell they took this info into consideration. Their assigning him to NAVOS for outpatient treatment for 3 months also helped him on his path to recovery. I wish all hospitals could be like Cascade.


Best place and staff to get well don't believe anything these one star has to say. They just never went through with the treatment.

Diamond Haney

If you really want help staying sober and you are mature. Great place to be treated

Mc Jade

Christina Smith

Jacqie Mousseau


This a horrible place that offers no help. If I could I would give this place no stars. The majority of the workers here don't give a dam about any of the people here. I honestly feel like they get a kick out of working people up so they can keep them her until the insurance runs out or you snap. At which point they will mock you and talk about you in front of others who are not workers here. They will even tell you what medications others are using and what they are here for, which is a total breach of privacy.

Kathleen Ryan

Since 11/21/17 I have been in the, as I found it, most capable care of Cascade Behavioral Hospital. I have heard of some negative reviews, but not yet read any. I will! At this point I would venture to guess-ti-mate Poor Reviews, for the most part, come from bad attitude or bad perspective. I was at death's door! I barely maintained the 3 days it took to finally get me into Detox. They took VERY good care of me so that I wouldn't go into Seizures , which I have done to the point of calling 911. They provided what other med's I needed, food and clothing (scrubs) until I was past danger and able to transfer into Treatment. I determined from the beginning to stay Focused on Recovery, Open to all Learning offered, Willing to go for, take on, attempt the positive and look at this experience as an adventure! I am loving every moment. I'm now an Out Patient; still Learning and Loving It. I would honestly live here if able and could have my cat here, too! Sincerely, Kathleen R

Willie Peters

Ret Alake

ZERO STARS FROM ME. DO NOT LET YOUR LOVED ONE GO HERE!! My daughter has gotten progressively worse during her stay at Cascade. The doctor has not spoken to her care providers nor has he/she contacted me to discuss her health or her discharge. In spite of the fact that she is very delusional and seems to be getting worse, I just found out that they are discharging her today. During her first stay at Cascade of less than 72 hours, they reduced her medication, even though she was manic and was not there long enough for them to determine much of anything regarding her mental health. This place scares me and I am concerned about the level of competence of the staff at this hospital.

Robert Worthibgton

Set up an appointment for detox. They where 3 weeks out for an assessment for detox so my wife went cold turkey. However her Dr. Suggested counseling for behavior health reasons. Called before her appointment to inform them of her change. Set a new appointment and from arrival insisted she was there for inpatient detox still. Regardless of what I told them. Will be informing Tricare and CHAMPVA about this asking them to remove this place from their insurance. They entrap patients to inpatoinp only.


Desiree Segar

cindy snipes


Ken Coutts

Worst place ever no support from the staff they make you feel crazy when you know your not it's a horrible place

Faris Al Orfali

Suby Style

Great place to go for people serious about getting clean. The bad reviews are from a bunch of adults that have a mindset of a toddler. Its a very good staff and great counselors that care about your well . Its not a daycare for these people that are looking for Vacation instead of a hospital. Great food, All u can eat. Great classes, great rooms. If your looking to get good care from people while u get sober and acually learn something about yourself then call them today.

homicidalidiot .

I went here very recently and had no success at sleeping. The food was terrible and the way they treat their patients is insulting. They acted as though we were children. Btw, had a woman there scream about wanting to die. Not my proudest moment.


I was there depression and wanted hurt myself I wish gone somewhere else then this place they wouldn't let me wear my shoes and it was cold being there defently not enough heat there I went there in February 2017 there was only room there I hated group alot I felt like I was in jail there wouldn't let any of us patient go outside when I wanted to go outside if they fenced yard and let then where their coats I think it should be shut down or rebult. Heidi Burns rourke

Hannah Vonthun

If I could this place zero stars I would! This is a horrible place do not ever bring your family or friends here! I was visiting my grandfather and the staff were dragging older people around halls! If I could have taken my grandfather out I would have! I worry for his life in this place!

Danny Kike

I went here looking for help BEFORE I ended up committing suicide. I was willing to do just about anything to get well. I first ended up on the pysch ward because the suicide ward didn't have a bed. It was absolute trash. The nurses who are supposed to check on you every fifteen minutes sat in the hall way chatting and drawing on the back of their papers. When you needed to talk to someone they just drugged you. I didn't need my anxiety meds, I needed to talk to get my mind off what I was thinking. The medication did not get my mind off it. After about four days I was transferred to the suicide ward. I spend a few days there. They didn't do daily room checks so I was able to keep things in my room for self harm. They didn't even say anything when they finally did a check and found it. The nurses on this ward payed more attention and were friendlier but that only matters if they are doing their job. While I was there someone tried to kill them self and almost succeed because the staff wasn't paying attention. I have a unusual allergy to bell peppers, which paprika is made from. It was in my chart and the kitchen knew of it. There was potato salad and bbq chicken for lunch (dinner?) and I had to send it back. I didn't trust that they check the food after sending me a dish with large chucks of bell peppers the day before. When the plate returned they had put a good 1/4 inch of paprika on the potato salad. That was one of the biggest screw you the kitchen could of done. The psychiatrist put me on a low dose of anti depressant then after giving it just five days sent me on my way. I'm not any better than I was when I went in. They kicked me out before the medication could of even had time to work it's way into my system. I wasn't even warned about my discharge date. The day of my discharge the social worker came in and told me she was getting my paper work ready. If there is anyway to stop your loved ones or yourself from going to this hospital, do so. This place isn't useful or safe.

kregg Kittelson

Jeremy Walters

Cedar Kelly

Sierra Pease

I am online in a crisis looking for a new inpatient facility & remember staying at this place for a week against my will. I went in voluntarily & they refused to discharge me for 5 days. I can’t eat meat or dairy so i ate mostly apple slices and carrot sticks for my stay. Daily therapy is a lie. Only met my therapist to discharge. No exercise allowed. No fresh air. Not allowed outside or to crack a window. Showers are cold. Nurses sometimes showed up to work late and we had to wait for medications. This place is more damaging than healing. I am afraid to seek treatment to this day because of my experiences here. Please don’t go. This place is a danger to people who are suffering. You end up wanting to get better just because you are suffering and would do anything to go outside again. This place ruined a lot of things for me in my life. Plwase dont go

Seblewongel Odda


Paladin Of Love And Wellness

Courtney Blanchet

Saffiyah Hrahsheh

This place is the worst for seeking treatment. I've encountered an arrangement of new mental health symptoms recently and sought help, only to find an old, worn down building, no actual beneficial groups other than writing nonsense on a paper instead actually using your mind. They just dope you up on whatever meds and slap a liable a cross your forehead.The staff were ATROCIOUS. Many times I would encounter staff discussing PHI right in front of me, other patients, and outside visitors. They were loud and obnoxious PAST 10 PM, standing outside of patient rooms, laughing and talking loudly. The treatment teams don't really care about you- it's just a show. Also get ready for staff to laugh at you for your mental illness right in front of you if you ever go here. This place will forever deter me from seeking help again.

Canadian Cuber

I escaped! This place is the reason I went insane. They locked me in my room and took me off of my anti depressants. STAY AWAY FROM THIS EVIL PLACE AT ALL COSTS.

Kelley Smith

I am a provider for Senior Care, especially assisted living and memory care. And I find this team caring and trustworthy and they ALWAYS go out of there way to help us and our residents. I would like to thank Keith Roberts and Doreen O'Conner-Nash for all of their hard work and help!

Anders Covert

The way this place treats family members of patients is horrible. My mom got moved from valley medical center to here and nobody told us. They pretend they’re legally not allowed to tell me, but that’s completely not true. I ask to speak to a supervisor and I am told there isn’t one. If this is how they treat family that are simply trying to find out where their loved ones are, I can only imagine how they are treating psychiatric patients that can’t understand their rights completely at all times. I plan to fight these idiots to get my mom moved to another facility. I do not trust these people one bit, and nobody should. The fact that every 5 star review of this place has a statement about disregarding the 1 stars “because they are bitter people that couldn’t finish treatment” (I assume for drug addiction), or something similar... Really makes it sound like staff are posting fake positive reviews to discredit complaints from their patients. It’s really odd that almost every 5 star review throws an ad hominem attack at the 1 star reviews... don’t you think? You don’t see that very often. They more I find out about this place the more leery I’m becoming. I guess I can call adult protective services and have them investigated if this keeps up.

Sabrina Dolores

Sandra McKinley

The nurses are hard workers but just give you meds. The MD doctor was horrible. Psych Dr was great but only saw him 5 mins a day. Went for rehab. Didn't get anything worthwhile at all. Zero to offer. Lock down fauciity. Really super bad. No help!

Me Mel

they are not legit. stay clear of this place if you wish help . had to give star to post

Chelsea Morse

micheal verdugo

tina yenter

Avoid like the plague! Don't expect any calls back regarding your loved one. My relative was discharged with no after-care plan, wrong medications and none if the new clothes I brought in for her. Impossible to get anyone to call you back, very unprofessional staff. I can't think of one positive thing to say.

Juana Espinoza

Hailey Ramsey

I didn't actually stay in this facility, although I tried to. When I called they were unable to even give me a rough estimate on how much it would cost with insurance, gave very little information over the phone. The person on the phone emphasized that it's a crisis facility, and on their website it says you can come in for an assessment for admissions, although a call ahead for an appointment is preferred, so I called and I find out that the in facility assessment is only for drug rehab, not mental health, and I would have to go to an Emergency Room, pay for that visit, and then be referred to their facility, which again I was given zero information on how much that would even roughly cost. Based on the other reviews, I'd stay very far away

Azara Feroz Sayed

Would like to thank everyone at the hospital - from the operator to the nurses to the doctor who help families like us to manage the change that get thrown at us. Thanks for doing what you do - everyday - as part of your job - with passion!

Iden Buck-Wheat

My stay here wasted my time completely. In three weeks, on the new medications they put me onto I gained 30 lbs. I was also sluggish (Mental & Physical Fatigue), depressed. None of the staff were helpful, at all. All the floor staff is, is a squad of muscled baby sitters that don't know how to help patients in need/ crisis. I was rush-released without any prescriptions (not that they were any good for me anyway), legal documentation, just my belongings, and nothing else. Come here if you want a sure fire way to be failed. This place is not even a joke, because at least a joke you can laugh at.

Mistress Dandeli

Lacy Smith

I was here for a week and only once after intake did a nurse actually ask me in depth about how I was feeling. You see a psychiatrist for 5 minutes on weekdays, just to find out they tell the same exact things to the other patients in "group therapy." There's no personalized therapy. I told the weekend psychiatrist my meds didn't feel right in the hallway and she just walked away and asked the nurse to check my blood without taking more than 30 seconds to talk to me. I watched a nurse ask someone "How are you?" and when they answered "Bad. I'm depressed." The nurse responded "Okay." and when asked if she had any advice or help for him she indicated she didnt know how, and walked away. The "groups" are minimally helpful and only half the groups on the schedule are actually conducted. Please, if you're researching a hospital because you are in crisis, go somewhere else. You will merely be babysat here and deprived of fresh air.

S Arnoldus

My niece was released from this "supposed mental health facility," worse off than when she went in. What an unbelievable travesty. While she was admitted, they cut her necessary bi-polar and diabetes medications, kept her a couple weeks, and then discharged her, sent her away in a taxi cab, totally delusional, to go out and fend for herself.

Vasheti Quiros

Please educate your intake staff! My daughter called for an assessment and was told that her Molina Medicaid was accepted with a referral from ER. She went to ER and the social worker was told that her insurance was not accepted. I called twice the next day and was told again that you did accept her insurance. So we went back to ER. Several hours later and after two days of trying to get her help, we were told by your admissions department that you only accept Medicare not Medicaid. This is unacceptable! Causing so much unnecessary confusion and wasting so much time for people in crisis who are desperately needing help is shameful!!!

mike b

had to be here once, nurses don't get the credit they deserve

Darwin Akil

Manda Mitchell

The health care in this establishment is absolutely the worst. The patient's are treated poorly, the medical care is neglectful at best, the psychitrists on staff are not comprehensive and the group activities are well below the average of intelligence. The psychiatric ward is treated as a geriatrics ward. It is not conducive to recovery in any way. It needs to be undergo a massive change. I personally went in on a suicide attempt. I am 31 and i became more suicidal after i left. I was traumatized.

Dino velvet

If u are looking for a medical detox from heroin this is not the place.f first off they are going to place u in the psych ward with all the psych patients. U will be doing group therapy with then ass well so u get no personal counseling The staff does not care about ur well being.t his place is all for profit if I could give this place no stars I would. What I'm saying is that they will just treat u like any other pshyc patient. And they do not treat them well either

Samual Goodman

Thank you everyone who shared your horror stories about this place. After reading I'd say 20-30 reviews on whats going on there, I myself was in shock. I do hope anyone who went their thats willing to stand trial as a witness and give their testimony under oath, and try to obtain evidence on this locations illegal activities and improper treatment from staff will have the courage to do more then just write a review. Go write a police statement and get a lawyer. Places like this will continue to operate unless drastic actions take place by those who were victims to this place of buisness.

Melissa Strand

kerri pishny

David D

I didnt even get a meeting because hey lost the paperwork only 3days later and my hand is broken. I got better things to do tbh

Angelina Jacobs

Excellent staff in the mental health area

Ashley Megan

Avoid this place at all cost. They have the worst employees who don't care about anyone's well being. If you are lucky you might get a couple of minutes with a therapist that isn't going to help ones well being at all. AT ALL COST DON'T GO HERE AT ALL!

Andrew m

Horrible experience overall. I've struggled with anxiety, depression and addiction for a good portion of my life. I decided that I needed help and referred myself to this "facility," upon admit the nurses were rude and made me feel as though I was some kind of inconvenience to them. After admit there was the switching of ALL my meds.. after about 48 hours of being there I felt my emotional state begin to worsen. Literally nobody was listening to me about how I was feeling. And to top things off they discharged me with prescriptions for the wrong medication and some how misplaced my personal items.. I highly advise against this place.

jthizzlefoshizzle .

Was there for 4 days medically detoxing from alcohol. Horrible experience, staff treats you like your stupid, was given so many meds i was having irrational dreams and was a zombie. My roommate was an older guy but he peed everywhere except the toilet, brought it up to staff and was ignored.

Francis Scott

They simply want the $1000 a day your insurance pays. They will warehouse you as long as they keep getting $1000 a day from your insurance. If you refuse any treatment they offer, your insurance will stop paying, and then Cascade will hit you with a bill for thousands of dollars. Because of Cascade Behavioral Health I was forced to declare bankruptcy. Then I was homeless because my credit was ruined, and no landlord would rent to me. That sure helped my mental health.

Angela Lawson

I was hung up on while trying to leave a message for the staff caring for my daughter. The detainee had told me to call and give the staff a brief description of what the family had been witnessing with my daughter who is being detained for everyone's safety and my greatest hope is that they can help her. I just wanted to at least leave a message. When I called back on main day the same person answered the phone and let me know she remembered our conversation distinctly and counseled me on how I should speak to people. I asked to speak to a supervisor and conveniently none were availabel and she did not offer to have any one return my call. When I told her I would need to make a complaint if I could not speak with someone besides her she told me to go ahead. when I find the right office to complain which is more difficult than it should be.....I will be letting them know you can not treat families in crisis like that. It's scary enough to have your loved one talk about killing you and burning the house down let alone finally get help and another brick wall....


Olga Otero

They are discouraging and torture their patients. We nearly had 3 ppl almost died and we ended up finding them . They would sign off on their 15 check ins while sitting behind the desk. Just horrible staff. DONT GO IF YOU WANT AND NEED THE HELP! PLEASE!

Marianne Primeau

Charlie Woo

At first, I am not the patient of this hospital. I am living in Vancouver, Canada. Yesterday, I've been here cuz I lost my way. I supposed to go to my friend's house but my google map was stupid enough, so I got lost my direction. Fortunately, I saw a light which was coming from this hospital, so I went there. At that time, a friendly lady , the staff of this hospital , searched to find the house and even printed papers of the direction! Oh my gosh. It was awesome. I was like almost crying . Anyway, fortunately I found my friend's house and got in. I'd like to say really thank you to the lady who worked last night and if anyone needs helps like me, go there and ask help them. They're gonna help you. Thank you !

Cindy Berlane

My friend was an inpatient at this place. She has no family around, and they took her phone away so she couldn't contact anyone. She was even listed as a missing person because no one knew where she was, she couldn't call anyone because she was not in a condition to know or remember anyone's phone numbers, and no one could reach her because the hospital said that due to state laws they can't give out patients' info or to even affirm that she was there. That's complete BS because she's been at other psychiatric hospitals before and at those places they always transfer to the patient/nurse station and ask if she can/wants to take the call. Cascade won't do anything to help you as a patient, or your family member - if anything they'll make your condition worse! Stay away from this place!

Alexandra Hockman

Lael Hastie

If you or a loved one needs psychiatric care DO NOT allow them to be taken to Cascade. There is almost NO treatment there and even then if you win the lottery and end up with one of the very few competent doctors, who you may see for 15 minutes a day (except on weekends). "Group" consists of playing Bingo or being forced to sit in a room with the other victims listening to bad 1980's music. I witnessed one patient on patient assault every day. On one of those occasions a fragile you man was chocked within an inch of his life and when staff finally intervened a fellow inmate has called 911 from the pay phone. The victim was totally ignored while the abuser was taken away and was told that his rights had been taken away and he was a ward of the hospital so no charges could be pressed. The next day the victim was told by his "treatment team" that he had "deteriorated" while at Cascade and was being sent to Western State Hospital. Of course he was getting worse; he was traumatized by a serious assault. I was traumatized. I witnessed to other assaults which resulted in bloody head wounds (one included loss of consciousness, bleeding, and vomiting); the staff disabled the phone so no one could call for help. One young girl was finally was taken to hospital after much pleading. This is a for-profit hospital and needs to be shut down immediately!

Ann Naymie

My schizophrenic brother had a complete breakdown over Christmas because of mismanagement of meds and ended up in lockdown in ER. He spent his recovery at Cascade. We are grateful to the knowledgeable, caring staff who observed and assessed him then re-established proper meds and prepared him to come back out into the world. Particularly, Rosie Anderson, his social worker, and Dr. M. Strope were vigilant monitoring his progress. The nursing staff was helpful and welcoming.

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