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REVIEWS OF Village Behavioral Health Treatment Center IN Tennessee

kayla akins

this place was amazing. i was there in 2017. i loved the village. they helped me see a lot of things. i still miss alot of staff there and i still talked to a couple like my boyfreind mom ms.stephine stanley.

Marley Joe

Jessica Geiger

This place isn't necessarily a "get help" facility. It's a "help yourself" facility because when you're there you only have yourself to lean on, to fend for, and to trust. It does make you grow as a person and realize the importance of your home life, and make you appreciative of things and thankful, but overall it sucked.

Dalton Bowman

I was discharged on november 8th 2018 and the village is not a good place to go to while i was there my trust issue's got worse because of everybody there lies including management and staff but dont get me wrong there are few staff that care. The program is completely unorganized you never know what your doing there is a schedule the staff just dont use it kids get jumped all the time the transport vans are all beat up the seat belts dont work the cabins are over 30 years old and if your kid has speicel needs that is not the place for them the kids are bully's the village is a horrible place if you want good treatment for your kid sentmd them to youth villages inner harbor campus in douglasville georgia

Steve Williamson

Lauren Henley

don’t send your children/patients here if you don’t want them to be burnt in a restraint. cannot tell you how much trauma i’ve gone through here.

Brenda Holland

If you had a child at this hell hole please contact me how was they when they had out? My grandson stays in isolation for days i have no idea if they feed or plain forget about them this place lies unsafe for chilfren abusive and neglectful keeps my grandson dope up so he can tell anyone what is going on there and hes so called mother doesn't care if you have anything you would like to share get in touch with me

Anton Kotesky

Orange Cross

Haley .

I was placed in this horrible place for three months in the summer. We had no air conditioning whatsoever in the cabins which made sleeping very difficult. Along with having to walk two by two everywhere we went, we had to follow or else we would get in trouble. If you do get in trouble you don't get enough "points". The points basically determined nothing. The first whole week I was put in there I was in an isolated building. Two rooms, no doors on anything not even bathrooms, and the two plastic couches we were supposed to sit in all day. I never stepped foot out of that cabin for that whole week. In addition to that, we were not aloud to touch each other. I couldn't even have my hair braided by another girl. After I was placed in a cabin, everything switched to more of a prison made to look like summer camp. At least three of the pictures shown on the website are from the offices which we were never aloud into. The "academy" was a beat up trailer where 90% of the books were falling apart. Might i add that in that one trailer there were around 15 girls and three teachers. None of us had a computer or at access to the outside world. I had no idea what was going on in the world. Over the entire three months I was there I saw a counselor five or six times. I remind you that I was there for depression. Every time we got to leave with our parents to "visit" we got strip searched with the cough and squat. Plus the visit was only two hours. The food there is designed to make you gain lots of weight which did nothing to help with my self esteem. Also, if you didn't finish your food the "overseeers" as I called them would write that on your daily report which they gave to the offices to determine your fate. I never once saw a psychiatrist and was never aloud to say anything about what drugs they gave me. I was told that of I didn't take the pill I would be forced to take a shot instated. I became more depressed than I ever had in this hell hole. After a couple weeks I just became numb to the point where I felt like if I died in my sleep I would be perfectly ok with that. If you ever send your kid here, then you are a horrible parent. This place completely ruined my life and has scarred me forever. Just thinking about it makes me want to cry or scream about it. This place feels as if someone put you there because they didn't want to have to deal with you. It was my personal hell hole. If I could, I would burn it down completely just so no one else has to go through what I did. NEVER send any child here. Please.

Ryan Bridenbaker

Stephanie sutton

The stories I have seen about this place is horrible. This place should be shut down. As a parent of a troubled youth I decided to read the reviews and i was scared to death. How can u people treat these poor kids this way? And then completly lie and try to cover it all up? Some people realy need help. Your destroying the hope any parent has for helping there child by allowing these things to take place. And if what I say don't like up with your pathetic mission statement its because your in complete denyle and need help your selves.. everyone that is apart of THIS pathetic place should be locked away perminitaly...

Anthony Raulerson

I was in Peninsula Village from 2006 to 2007. I was in the Mustang clan, and then the Hawks clan. I am where I am at today because of this program. As I understand it, there have been many changes to the program to make it more amenable. Dr. Bob Pegler really cares and was able to get through to me. There are ups and downs when attending a long term care facility. Some folks focus on the negative and blame in on the program because it's an easy scapegoat. I started out in STU, and once I was ready moved out to the outdoor program. This is not a resort. It is a place for introspection, learning how to communicate, group therapy, etc. If we were out fishing and having a grand time I wouldn't have learned to appreciate the little things. These resort like rehabilitation facilities that are being advertised on your T.V. or internet do nothing but enable you to waste money and enable you to hide from reality. I had many ups and downs in PV and after 14 months, I was ready use the life tools I had taught myself and the tools that where taught to me. As a side note, I begged my parents to take me home many times and tried to scare them into taking me home. This was in the first few months. If I would have succeeded in manipulating my parents in taking me out of the program, I wouldn't have learned what I did. Plus, I would most likely have blamed the program for *MY* issues. I am coming up on my 11th year of sobriety thanks to me, my parents and Peninsula Village. If I have a child that starts heading down the path I was heading, I would send them to this program so long as it's a similar program. Tough Love is the best type of love.

Name brand Codel

It was a nightmare and I still struggle with horrors I experienced there. Never let your children go there!! I had to report my experience and the lady that talked to me told me there has been many reports against the village and that people are trying hard to shutting it down.

Austin Massengill

The Village Behavioral Health Center might be scary at first but it changed my life it is help me to realize stuff I don't need to do all the staff there are awesome they will help you through the way they may have some trouble Sunday but just be nice stay on Platinum and you will make it through the program in three or more months I got it in for a man name is Austin Massengill

Andrew Bergin

Misery you will experience here, this place should not even be resuverd for the violent, let alone the kids with depression or mental disorders. Stear clear, as i am a survivor, the horrors i witnessed and heared about here will haunt me forever.

Jonni Knoblock

If I could rate this facility lower, I would. I was a patient here for 5 months from May-October 2015, the worst 5 months of my life. During my stay, I experienced things that only made my problems worse. When you first arrive to the village, after you are checked in, strip searched, and drug tested, you get sent to Magnolia cabin. In Magnolia, you get very little chances to talk, you rarely go outside (but when you do, you’re stuck in a fenced in front yard that really doesn’t get much sunlight). Most of the time in this cabin, you’re either in the classroom teaching yourself your school work, or you’re sitting in a hard plastic chair in the day room staring at a wall not allowed to talk. You’re allowed 2 outfits while in magnolia, but you have to ask the staff to get them for you because all of your belongings are in a room behind the staff desk. Only when you prove yourself with your best behavior can you be transferred to an outdoor cabin. While I was in the outdoor cabin, fights constantly broke out. At any point if you got upset, instead of trying to talk to you and calm you down, you get out in a hold and get injected with Benadryl to calm you down. Luckily, I never had to experience this myself, but I watched many of them take place. At one point during my stay, one of the staff members in my cabin disappeared for a few weeks. She later returned, and she told me why she had been gone. She had attempted suicide, and even showed me pictures of the graphic incident on her phone. The “school” they have on campus is just a double wide trailer with desks. The teachers don’t actually teach, they sit at their desks and have conversations with each other and some patients. If you want to learn, you have to teach yourself with the falling apart textbooks they provide. The only thing I got from coming to The Village were nightmares I still continue to have, and the fear of messing up again because I was scared to get sent back. Please, if you care about your children, please don’t send them hear. There are plenty of other behavioral health facilities that will actually benefit your child, and aren’t just in it for the money.

Do I Look Like I Know What A JPEG Is

Please for the love of god parents do not send your kids here. I was here when I was 12 I believe and not only was tranquilized for doing so much as humming to myself but I promise you sitting in silence staring at a wall and using barbaric means of punishment when you do anything else is not going to help any child, it's only going to hurt them mentally even more. Listen to all these other negative reviews and DO NOT send your children here under any circumstances. On top of all of this, the ones who did make it through the whole program came out mindless zombies with literally no emotion. Dont do it.

Joseph Shults

I was in the village back in 1995 threw 1997 and i built pioneer cabin and all i can rember is how i was treated i rember when i was in stu the councilors would read my letters out loud where i was begging to go home. And i can still hear the sound of the alarm going off and 5 or more grown men tackleing me for refusing to talk to my step dad..and i was afraid of what to say or do because he beat me my whole child hood and pensulia took their side. As i grew up i struggled with addiction and now still have trouble showing and talking about anything.. And ive been dionosed with ptsd but after they told me that i stopped going because i have trouble talking about it face to face when i do makes me feel like when i was a child hiding from anything authority because all they done was make life harder....

Katelyn Williams

All I gotta say is FTV!!!!!

Jourdan Brae

If I could give this negative stars, I would. I agree with the abuse part, this place made me 10x worse with my drug addiction. Made my depression worse and made me feel so much rage that I’ve never felt before. There were kids having relations with staff, and i’m not sure they were consensual. I learned nothing in my 3 month stay besides how to fake a drug screen. I’m not even exaggerating, if you’re considering taking your kid here, PLEASE read some more comments. I have been to 4 places since i’ve been out of the village and and everyone i talk to from other places call the village “useless” , “waste of time” and said it was just like juvenile. If your child is suffering from mental illness, do not put them in a place with criminals. It is not helpful. Please take these concerns into consideration before admitting your child.

mileena ireland

This was worst facility I've ever experienced. I went here looking for help and was constantly neglected, the website and pictures are false advertisement. I honestly felt worse while and after being there. If you suffer from any type of mental illness or you have a child that you wish to help please don't ever send them here.

Jesse King

Julie Burns

I was sent here from Fall 2003 - Summer 2005 because both of my parents died and my aunt and uncle did not know what to do for a depressed child. They also did not want me. This treatment center was absolutely awful at the time I was here. Some would say it was torture. We had timed bathroom breaks (one minute) and were given consequences if we went over a minute. We had physical consequences for everything... We had chores almost every half hour and were verbally abused when we missed one speck of dirt. We were forced to carry all of our belongings with us and hold a rope so we would walk in a straight line. We were treated like trash. It was a life outside but it was hell. It was our punishment for being who we were. For being in our circumstances. We were troubled youth. We were bad. We knew it. . We were treated horribly and degraded. It was no place to send any child in pain. I would never recommend this center to anyone, even my worst enemy. The man who was in charge of psychiatric care on the unit was not even a doctor. This facility is a joke. I am currently trying to obtain my records from this place but the counselors told us we had to wait seven years to ask for them. I am 32 years old and after years of filing taxes, I now know they destroy your records after seven years. Do your research on these places before you send your kids away. This place cost me (yes, everything my dad left to me went here) around $151,000 and that was over 13 years ago. It is NOT worth it as you are basically treated like servants. I am still recovering from the psychological abuse this facility put me through. The people who ran this facility back then should have gone to jail. I wonder if anyone ever filed any charges or if we are all still too damaged. Please do not listen to whatever the “new staff” and recently released kids say. They are probably brainwashed, as I once was. They made me sign a waiver the day I left. I was terrified. Who knows. Maybe they have a real psychiatrist and psychologist on staff now. However, any facility that puts their patients through such torture and never reaches out to see if they are okay is evil and doesn’t deserve any type of accolades. I pray every parent and loving guardian receives the help they are looking for. It is so hard to find a good mental health facility. I wish every searching and distressed family all the best of luck.

Morla L.

My parents made the mistake of not checking the reviews other than the ones on their website. This place was traumatizing. If you are dealing with mental health, go to Rodgers in Wisconsin, please, I know it’s expensive, but please. Many kids here have already been through so much in their lives.... don’t add to it.

Kayden Ogan

I was put here in oct 2016 at 13 for a total of 120 days. I'm so glad I got the opportunity to go here. This place has honestly turned my life around. I can cope with things. I am no longer depressed. The staff at this facility really do care about the kids. They are also trying to make this place more kid friendly. Instead of a punishment for bad behavior, you get a reward for your good behavior. Rebecca Henry was my therapist and she was awesome. If I was having a bad day or was having really bad anxiety she would make sure she could meet with me that day. She helped teach me coping skills that are going to help me throughout my entire life. And the other bad reviews are probably from kids who didnt work the program correctly. But I highly recommend this place to anyone in need of treatment. It's a great place. I want to thank Village Behavior health for helping me better myself.

life shock

Makaila Bosak

was here from November 2018-march 2019, and it wasn't that bad of a place for me to be. it helped me a lot. the staff were nice, aside from the few staff that any place is gonna have that aren't the kindest, but nowhere is going to be perfect. granted every place is gonna have its bad parts about it which this place most certainly did, but it helped me get through the rough patches of my life. I made a lot of positive connections with people while I was there and it helped me a lot. this place put me on the right track with my mental health and I am still on the right path. and I oop-

Gina Mauro

Leah Schreiber

Sierra Johnson

I received treatment from here when I was 15, which was four years ago. Although my life has been changed drastically, The Village had nothing to do with it. The place felt like a prison but they made it out to look like a summer camp. It was more like a concentration camp. The staff were brutal and would restrain you for just about anything as well as inject you with Thorazine to knock you ou . I witnessed several young women become addicted to it which led to them acting out just so they could get Thorazine which in turn slowed their treatment. Everything I felt got me put on a new medication which also slowed my progress. I've been off meds for 15 months and am thriving without them. I believe some psychiatrists like to over medicate and the one here was one of those. The boys and girls were completely separate . We never were allowed to look at or speak to the . I can see why this was but at the same time, I left with a new anxiety towards guys. It took me a long time to figure out how to allow myself to look someone of the opposite sex in the eyes or speak to them. We didn't have electricity in our cabins so we used lanterns for lighting and a woodstove for heat in the Winter. We had no way to stay cool in the Summer. The heat was unbearable. The only thing I liked was getting to chop wood and make fires and the food. The fact that we had to use porta potties was disgusting. They smelled and were probably very unsanitary. Everything had a time goal on it. Walking from one place to another had a time goal, eating had a time goal, showering had a time goal, using the toilet had a time goal, getting dressed had a time goal, making your bed had a time goal. Not meeting time goals resulted in certain punishments. Everything was do without asking. Questions were not permitted. You weren't allowed to talk to a peer without permission but also weren't allowed to talk to staff without permission. I felt like I was being trained for the military rather than receiving real treatment for my issues. Therapy was a joke and no one wanted to hear about your problems.

Laura Russell

If I could give a negative star, I would. My child tried to escape and was under constant supervision. We warned them twice that she told us she was going to find a way to get away and kill herself. They still did not notice for at least ten minutes that she was gone, and by that time she was at the river, they had to call the rescue squad to get her out. Luckily she’s fine medically, but this whole thing was very preventable.

Elly Rose

This place is truly a torture's baffling to me that the Village hasn't been shut down. I was a patient at the village for 14 months starting when I was 15, and the degree of constant cruelty, neglect, humiliation and abuse doled out by the staff was unbelievable. It's taken me years of therapy to heal from what I went through. On a daily basis (without exception) kids were physically and emotionally battered day in and day out, mocked and bullied by staff who blatantly played favorites and pitted the children against one another. We were in a constant, mind-numbing state of fear and anxiety. The entire experience was a "breaking" process made worse by an irresponsible psychiatrist who loaded us up with heavy doses of medication that left me disoriented and sedated. By the end of my "treatment" I was left subservient, claiming that "the Village saved me" (horrible Stockholm syndrome) but utterly broken as a person...I still have nightmares to this day about what I went through there. My mother (who terribly regrets ever sending me there) said many times reflecting back, "When I looked in your eyes, the light was gone. It's like you weren't even there." Please, please, NEVER send your child to this hell hole.

garrett raley

this place is horrible, all they want to do is throw you on the ground put you into a hold and then give you a shot. I told them that I was allergic to Benadryl which they put into the shot when you get put into a hold and they still gave it to me, which afterwards I had a allergic reaction that they did nothing for but put me in seclusion for acting out.this place is full of crap they have a pool but it is broke they cuss at you like you are in the military and be prepared for the first stage of hell dogwood for males and magnolia for females you are locked in mostly 24 hours a day depending on your BHT's you might get to go outside in dogwood and magnolia you get mostly nothing they teach you not to take basic things like soap for granted and in dogwood I didn't have a pillow for the two weeks I was in there and the first night I got beaten up while the staff watched and laughed at me DO NOT GO TO THIS HELLHOLE!!!

isabella blanchard

I was a patient here for just over a month in June 2013. I am writing this review in 2016 because I am still dealing with the emotional trauma that I suffered while attending this facility. I am writing this because this is all I can do to warn others about the care here. If you love your child, please please please do not send them here. I was in Magnolia cabin and it was the worst month of my life. I have been to other rehab facilities and I can say this facility was borderline abusive and not a place for any human being. According to this facility, everything is a privilege. I was denied food and bathroom "privileges" and I was traumatized by the way everyone around me was being treated. Scratching you arm (in the most innocent of ways) could eventually be led to being restrained. This place is most definitely hell on earth and I came out traumatized and much worse. If you have a loved one and are considering this place, I urge you to not come here. I would not be writing a review 2 years later if this was not something close to my heart to share. I went as far as to contacting the head of whoever is in charge of this place with my complaints, and I received an email back stating that there would be an investigation and I would get the results. Needless to say, that never happened. Please don't send your loved ones here- literally any other place would be better.

Kaylee Winters

This facility is not particularly fair to every patient. To be completely honest, the most therapeutic part is cabin life. I was in oak and the staff is phenomenal. I would recommend this place for most people. My tip of advice is to work your treatment, it's worth the time. My experience was great. A big thanks to the Village! I am now 3 months clean of self-harm.

Sierra Kennebrew

If i could give this place zero stars I would. I went here volunteerily in the year of 2015. This place is horrible. I was suffering with add, ahhd, anxiety and depression and my mom thought it would be a good idea. All this place did was make my situations worse. I am now 21 years old and this place still haunts me so much i cry when I see photos. I even have nightmares. The staff were nothing but bullies. They treat all adolecents as if we were slaves rather than children just going through tough times. The Villages is a place that makes you forget how beautiful the world is. In fact, its probably not different than hell itself. This place should def be shut down!

Gina F

Village Behavioral Health is an awesome place to send your teens. The staff there love the kids and treat them to the best experience possible. The caring staff makes sure the kids are supervised, well fed, attend school and therapy sessions regularly. The employees there really love the teens. This is an outdoorsy experience and there are bathhouse - like a summer camp.

Samantha South

Jenna Sellers

Any parent that puts a kid in this place needs help there self. Kids act out bc there looking for attention, love, and care. They just wanna know that theres someone out there who loves them. Its not the kids. Its the parents. Parents if ur having trouble with your kids hold them let them know u love them. GEEZZ.. place like this should be shut down. Make it a place where parents can come and talk and figure out how to handle it and life. And the parents who have sent your kids here i hope KARMA bits you in your Ass!!! No child is perfect!!! Get in church..

Sarah W

I worked at Village Behavioral Health for four years. My experience was very positive. The Village is a treatment facility for children with mental health and substance abuse problems. It is not a daycare or summer camp. Patients are encouraged to confront, process, and change behaviors which lead to placement in an inpatient setting. Patients admitted to the Village have both family and individual therapy weekly. They also have group therapy daily and attend school. Children admitted to the Village have very structured schedules which fosters therapeutic buy-in. Patients are allowed passes and earn incentives based on positive behavior. Many of the poor reviews are from former employees who were terminated due to failing to comply with work schedules, etc. If your child has not benefited from previous outpatient treatment and requires a residential setting, I would encourage you to call the admissions department and schedule a tour of the facility.

Izzi Hamilton

This place is horrible. They tried to discharge me when I was on suicide precautions. It was a nightmare. Do not sent your kid here. The first stage is magnolia. This is a place where you stare at a wall all day. You stay in this stage for 2 weeks or longer depending on availability on outdoor cabins. Eventually you get outdoors, where you get 10 min showers (10 min to undress, shower, and clean shower and dress), You get nasty food, and no sleep. I would never send my child to this place. I got worse going here. I got more in 5 days of church camp than I did in 5 months of this place. All they do is focus on school and credit recovery. Which is the only good thing about this place. The Village Acadamy. Also, the pictures are lies. Take a tour and you will see the true village. There is no canoeing, no zip lining and no fanciness about it. This place is a nightmare. If you get lice, then they sent you around campus with a bag on your head, and do not seclude you. EVERYONE gets it. Not to include all the bed bugs there. If you have to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, you have to go to a port-a-potty because there is no indoor plumbing in the cabins. The staff, well most of the staff is bitchy. There are about 5-6 unbitchy staff, but that's about it. NEVER SEND YOUR KID HERE!

leah hesser

i have been to vbh twice. i was first admitted in august of 2016, right before my 16th birthday. i was severely struggling with an eating disorder, depression, drug use, codependency, ptsd, anxiety, paranoia, suicidal thoughts/ideations/attempts, and very serious self harming behaviors. i was admitted to residential treatment after i was stabilized at a short term facility and after being treated for the damage i had done to my body that almost caused me to lose my life and devastate my family a couple of weeks before. i was placed in magnolia, it was the cabin everyone had to be in, in order to transition to the outdoor cabins, and gain privileges. magnolia was full of people with behavioral issues and as i was in there each day and never outside, it began to feel more comfortable inside and i was afraid of everything outside. i was assigned my therapist, she worked so hard to slowly gain my trust and work with me patiently before we started to dig into the harder parts of my treatment. as that time approached and boxes opened my insurance dropped me and i was discharged. 6 weeks after i was discharged home, i relapsed on drugs and tried to hurt myself again, i was re-admitted to the village, this time for 4 months, and i was given the TOOLS to help myself. which is truly what every treatment should be. the treatment at the village was what you CHOSE to take out of it. yes, the girls pushed your buttons, there were so so many triggers, some of the staff were childish and self centered, you were away from your family, and you were stripped back to the basics. but believe me when i tell you i learned how to be with me. at the end of the night in my bed, in the corner of that cabin, i only had me. i learned healthy communication and relationships, i learned what were necessities and how to be thankful, and i really learned how to cope with my thoughts, distortions, and triggers. i learned how to step forward and even stand still, when i felt like stepping back. my therapist had individual sessions with me to address each obstacle stopping me from living my life, while teaching me the tools i needed to work on myself and continue to do so after leaving the village. i met many influences along my journey through treatment, but i start my freshman year of college at the university of north georgia in 12 days and i am majoring in psychology. i am planning on going through and getting a masters degree to help others do what my influences helped me do. the village was not perfect, some of these reviews are accurate. there were some very serious situations that happened while i was there. there was fighting and there were kids who were put in holds/restraints for trying to hurt themselves or others. i felt safe physically and i only felt as alone as i allowed myself to. it is true that the kids who acted out were given more attention than the ones who were strictly platinum, (i was always on platinum- my only behavioral issue was when i was poked and protted constantly by a peer when i was feeling vulnerable, i snapped a bit), there were on and off campus incentives for us, but it was difficult to talk to staff about how you were feeling if that staff member was preoccupied with someone throwing books across the room or writing on the walls with crayons, but then again we had ourselves and each other. many things need to change and improve, but between my first stay and my discharge date of my second stay, many improvements were made. i am forever thankful for my time at the village, especially my bad days. i am who i am today because of that experience. october marks 2 years clean from drugs and my last suicidal attempt i have relapsed on self harm since my discharge but i am so far from where i was before. i’m proud to say i have more old healed scars than new scars- and no cuts. i struggle with eating, anxiety, and distorted thoughts, but i was given the tools to battle these and i am more than capable of doing it everyday thanks to the assistance and shoulder i was given to help myself.

trina ree

kara stackhouse

If I could give this place negative stars or no stars at all I would have. This place is cruel and unusual. If you value and love your child then stay away from the nightmare of a place.

Julie Martin

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Abby Sebring

I just got discharged this morning this place was good wasn’t a 5 star. I was a great outstanding patient on platinum everyday and only was there for a month and 15 days. I think this place is more for kids that struggle with drugs, law trouble, fighting, running away sexual struggles etc.. not for self-harm, suicide,depression. There were physical fights to often and verbal arguments everyday. Each cabin has 12 beds so you share with the same (birth)gender. It was a very encouraging place all around. Way over the top of too much drama. And staff were outstanding I can’t complain much other than 1 staff not treating people with much respect and always having an attitude and 1 staff joining in with the kids and not leading a good example. You have to go to school everyday (year round school) also they struggle with having people to work, very short staffed. I loved each and every supervisor along with staff I got a long with everyone ! Everyone wants to help!!! I definitely recommend this place but come with a strong back and a positive attitude and don’t cause drama and stay out of drama. The only reason why I did not give 5 star is because this place could use a little organization skills and know the rules all around and not juggle them. Also use communication skills more clear. Also I’m not so much of a food person but for those that are I’m not so sure it fills you up to last you until the next meals and I also think meal times are a little to early for kids that are going place to place and being productive (breakfast-6:30 lunch-12:30 dinner-5 bedtime at 9) I personally think it should be (breakfast-7:30/8 lunch 1:00/1:30/2:00 dinner at 6:30/7 and bedtime at 9/10:30) i also think they should give us 45 minutes-60 min. to eat not 25-30) also I think that the kids that do nothing wrong should be recognized and not just the kids that cause daily issues.

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