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REVIEWS OF Hope Community Services Inc IN Oklahoma

Marlene D

I went to Hope as a patient in 2013 while staying at the City Rescue Mission. The psychiatrist was especially understanding. I have ADHD and do well with the meds. Just about no community service based center will prescribe these types of meds as a blanket rule no matter what. The psychiatrist understood and prescribed a med for me. I was able to get it free through the pharmaceutical company that manufactures it because I was totally, penniless indigent. Hope is a very good community mental health service.

Teri Farrell

The Staff here are very helpful and friendly. Have recommended this place to several people.

Smash Halterman

The people that go there makes me very nervous to bring my child with me to appointments. I stopped going. A guy came in talking about shooting the place up and they were just like...come on in...uh no!

Adam Hoffman

Best free place in town to take care of all your psychological needs and some healthcare needs as well

Ahmad Odetalla

Pretty good mental health facility

Amber Hinkle

Friendly and non-judgemental staff. The counselors I have personally met are all very understanding and listen well. Appointments for intake process during initial setup take many hours to get you started and seeing someone that can help you. However, once you are established, the appointments are however long you set them for. The wait time is also usually a little after your appointment time. They do a sliding pay scale and this is an extremely great resource they offer as you can recieve services needed even if you cannot afford them! I attend for free, even though I have a steady career and income, as my pay is lower than the guidelines for charging someone for services. I recommend Hope services for anyone needing a therapist, counselor, or any mental health professional.

Rebecca Penrose

Life saving place and the people are kind and helpful

Brett Blakemore

Very warm feeling upon arrival

Kassandra Mueller

This place is my fiances saving grace. They have saved him more times than I can count. The staff here are amazing and beautiful people.

Crystal Smith

Excellent place to receive HELP and counciling

Jeremi Smith

It's a great place and my therapist ( Scott Brewer) is awesome!

Victoria Mando

This place and staff really make you feel there is hope. If you need mental health help this is a great place to go. They do go by your income. Wish they had a medical clinic also.

Poppi Dee

Thank GOD, they are still open with all the cuts. I "must" have my meds and someone , to hold me accountable now and then.

Patricia Onyekwere

This place is a wast of time! I came to do a new patient assessment and waited for nearly 2 hours only to be told that i need to come back because they are too busy. I came back two days later signed in, waited for an hour and i finally asked whats going on and i was told they didnt have my sign in sheet. Then i was told to come back monday to speak to a counselor! This place is a pos and they are not organized or on one accord! Wasted hours of my damn time!!!

tj Drake

Very helpful n they have a big Tue over in employees

Julie Zzz

This place is a saving grace to many people who do not have insurance who are suffering from depression or any kind of mental illness. Now be ready to see a lot of people who are very, very poor and maybe even homeless. Just compare it to going to the DMV or the Social Security Office and you may be able to brave it. The wait is a few hours long but you can see an actual doctor and get prescribed meds. The staff seems to be very scatter brained but they are polite and helpful. If you are ready to not take no for an answer. A very important fact to know is that patients can purchase prescribed meds from the pharmacy at this place for substantially cheaper than at any other pharmacy. For example I spoke to a woman with no insurance who was saw the Hope doctor for free then went to the Hope pharmacy for and purchased $100 dollars worth of meds for only $15 dollars. Without Hope this indigent woman would have never have gotten those meds.

Desiree Ingram

Everything here is very helpful for ppl that have mental problems

Tabitha Moran

I love this place. Finally found a place thats willing to help me get my mental health in order. Also has a afforable Pharmacy to pick up any medication you need!

Rick Phillips

There is a great need for this type of organization in every Community. Especially in one with such a diverse group of cultures living in such proximity to one another. These people do great work, and if you find yourself in need of their services, you are in good hands.

Sheryl Steepe

Great staff and variety of community Services

Heather Percy

Great place to get services

jamie stevens

Rude people. Unprofessional.

Tamela Brown

They are always nice and willing to help with things that you need

Ernest Wages

Good help case management for depression

Tammy Squires

Took less than an hour to be seen by the doctor. Meds were all adjusted and forward too the pharmacy.

Annie Jackson

Worst person to deal with is Leesten. Harrassed an employee of mine on her personal number.

Mike Strother

Nice staff that are there to help you

Jaimee Gray

Good place to go for mental health

Maria Martin

Love my son's case manager and my support lady

david painter

They are a life saver. They help more people get back into the main stream of living than anyone I've been affiliated with.

Lana Pruitt

I have tried to get help for years through different places said to help people in need or disabled but never have i gotten any help i only see them helping drug addicts and people discharging from prison but blind persons needing help amd nobody cares also on several occasions that I've spoke to people at this place and they just down right rude if you are visually impaired dont bother asking for help there is none

Danielle Hamrick

They really are a good place for low incomes. Very crowded and usually long waits.

BabyGirl Gamer

Always nice staff. Very helpful when it comes to mental health.

Jennifer Gold

Help me change my life.

Daphne Rhodes

They help people alot

Radio Head

Hope is a wonderful place to get help. They have a very caring staff that goes above and beyond for their clients.

Mason Phillips

I work here. So I love it.

Mike Revels

They give you hope for your issues...

Tammy Nelson

They help me out altot

Lisa Lynn Harris

I got great services here they will help you if you let them

Tammy's Crafts & Crochet Nook

They used to do more and they seem more interested in they're buget numbers then helping people. They've really gone down over the last year or so

Brenda Berry

Visits with Kandis Gatewood are always so helpful and employees are always friendly.

Billy Mason

Hope comunity serbvices has beem wonderfuul to me for the last 20 years and taken me in as a goodman and lori and mike more andthe whole staff im. Foever greatful from my whole heart and always rember that i just com down and breath it will be alright so to the pepole im so blessed to have yaw and the guys who gave me pizza thanks so much for these blessings ive always knon taws my angels love yaw so much love Billy joe Mason

David Popowsky

Wonderful staff willing to do whatever it takes to help anyone in need.

Pablo Chicon

If you need mental help try and find somewhere else to go,cause their not trying to hear what you saying,but they do have a good staff of casemanagers that will try to help as much.

Becky Walker

An amazing place and amazing people who offer their resources, help and guidance to any and all with mental health and substance abuse issues who seek and ask for it!!! I'd recommend them to everyone!

Teresa Skipper

This organization offers and extend hope when there is none. This organization care if bag lady pushing a cart or a homeless veteran has a roof over their head; and they aid those in need obtain services that they have neglected for themselves. This organization help those in dire need or just need their life back. I have only used their services for former medication when I was uninsured. However, I have witnessed this organization house and help a lot of poor people in need. This organization does what Mitch Synder and the Salvation Army does for Washington, DC.

Skylee Michelle

this place helps so much. I appreciate them

Steve Rodgers

the very good program they help people in the community.

Lydia Summers

They really care about the people that come in for help and i ended up w a whole life team behind me that has helped me get myself on my feet

Monica Stewart

Love this place. The services here helped me and my life is on track and I'm happy.

Vickie Courtnay

Well I am getting the help I need but it takes a lot of time and patience to get there.

Sarah Klein

This place is beyond amazing. They truely do care.

Kelly Alyce Birdsong

Great program however I like Northgate better...

Viscera Music Productions

I go here for therapy. And for the first time in a long time have a therapist that actually understands that I'm not just trying to set goals and get to my deep-rooted issues and actually listens to me and converates instead of the usual "and how does that make you feel" and "we need some goals to work toward" and that nonsense like most therapists do. These people actually care about their patients theyre not just in it for the money.

Cesar Cardenas

Great place, helping people with a smile.

Jamie Johnson Wood

Great experience friendly staff very helpful would recommend to anyone looking for counseling or mental health issues

Joslyn Martin

People are most of the time really good I love my counselor I've had her long enough to be able to tell her ANYTHING and she doesn't judge me. My Dr. is really brisk and doesn't really talk to me but he writes out my scrips so I guess its ok

Maria Boone

Warm and caring staff.

Jennifer Tate

This is truly a God send. The services are such a blessing. They truly have so many selfless truly good hearted caring staff that work so hard for their clients. I could never say how much of a blessing they are. And a million thank you's would never be enough.

Junior Mayberry

They help a lot of people

Stacey Fikes

They have met my needs for the last 10 years. Great people and facility. Thank you Hope.

Mike Mitchell

This place offers of your idea of services for different people I mean

Jerry Starr

Good place to get help


One of the best place to receive health care I love this clinic I will recommend to all the people lovely personal and professional

Tressa Rollison

They what to help people to feel better about themselves

Tiffany Beasley

I love it I've been going there for years and it is great

Kevin Schupp

Always a great place to go. Very nice staff and helpful.

Bill Kozak

They're really good at helping me with my problems and other stuff I need help with.

Jason Thole

They are very helpful and the services are free. You only half to pay a small fee for perscriptions.

Curtis Strother

They have an excellent staff that creates a comfortable environment for their clients.

Gayla Soto

I'm sorry but I will no longer see treatment there. On count of my medication that I'm need of. On my mental disorder. When I have to explain why. Or the reason being. When I live so far away from Hope community services. Which medicine I needing maybe at first I should have all three of my medicine filled out here by where I live in Spencer OK. Now b .Cuka trying to tapered me off on my anxiety medication. When I really needed it for my mental illness. I will no longer be a client and patient for Hope community services . Seeing my regularly psychologist Dr.Feliano. is much better then going to Hope Community Services with Dr. cuka taking me off my meds. For aneixty. I will no longer see them for my mental illness health. I rather do with out any medication for my mental illness.

Mandi Youngblood

I love my doctor. He makes sure I'm on the right meds for my illnesses. The pharmacyis great and convenient and the staff is good

Jamie Johnson

It's one of the best places I've ever found I've been going there for 4 years now and I recommend it to anyone people care and her friendly and make you feel comfortable and welcome

Sandra Norrbom

Very clean, smells nice, Great people who work there. They are really amazing and truly aim to help people in need. Wonderful.

Michelle Speers

Saved my sobriety.



Denise Marciel-Collins

I went there for my monthly medicine that the manufacturers send to them to give to me and they send it for the whole year yet Everytime igo get my monthly medicine there always out of it and never have it and send me to there pharmacy to go get it it's 200.00 a month!!!

Debbie Hayes

Very helpful and caring staff.

Joyce B

Very glad I was referred here!

Tara Alexander

They are also eager to help you and go to Great Lengths to make sure you get what you need. I love Hope and I would recommend it to anybody who may need it.

Cynthia Pelman

Love this place, what a blessing it has been

Heather Hill

I dont know what i would do without the help i get from everyone at Hope

Elaine Barrett

Hope has saved my life. If it wasn't for Dr. Horn and Regina Tompson who is my case manager was so helpful to my recovery and mental problems

Mason Storm

They offer you all kinds of Mental Health Services when you enroll as a patient there. But they are so understaffed that I've never gotten the counseling I was promised and the only thing that I do is go visit the doctor I want to get my prescriptions. And even that takes a very long time because they're so crowded everyday. The pharmacy is not open on weekend so if you run out of your medications on Friday you're screwed. And if an altercation between two patients happens they shut the whole facility down until cops are finished their investigation leaving a lot of patience with important appointment and things of that nature. But on the good side they do take Medicare

Beverly Pruitt

Very helpful and good staff

Amber Judd

They take great pride in their patients.

Robert Kent

Great doctor's and services

Angel Joslin

Great peps that care bout their clients

Russell Stacey

Slower than the sloth on zootopia

Kayla Persona

This place is helpful and efficient to those in need of help for mental health services. They even have staff that makes sure you are taking your medications correctly! Plus they take Sooner Care!

Mari Mansana

Thank you for the help that you have available. It means a lot to know that someone cares and takes the time to listen to help figure out what is best.

Stonie Brown

Love this place. Giving me the help iv so badly needed

Patricia Ray

Great place for people to get community help with very many different problems in life.

Jason Cook

Hope has helped me since 2013 when I tried to commit suicide. They got me into Section 8, they put me in counseling, and the meds they gave me were invaluable. I'd be dead if it weren't for them. I HIGHLY recommend them for any mental health or personal needs.

Mitchell Stewart

Really good people that is helping me to get better


Outpatient mental health and substance abuse services. Knowledgeable staff. No insurance needed they will build dmh or Medicaid for your services. Mini specialized caseloads.

Brea Parker

I couldn't say enough about this place! If you need resources or help with medications or medical help they got you. They always have something for someone. They have saved me and my boyfriends family through counseling they are genuine people who get it and are understanding to your situations. I recommend them over ANY ONE else!

ruben sandwich

Been here since 2010 great service great help

Jr Langston

Good place.

Robin Temple

I go here for mental health services. The person whom I originally saw was great. He listened and even gave me advice that helped. I see alot of people go in there for different services and 99% are overall satisfied. The 1% being those going there to see if they can get narcotics and realize they can't. They are there to help those who want to be helped

God First

Exceptional. Helped me figure out how to get the things I need to get done today. Very nice and professor

LaTasha LaGrange

Great place for community mental health services

Jerry Golden

Great place to get ur mental health in check

Anita Varner

Good help with problems.

Ingrid LeMoine

I love everyone at hope ive been going to them around 23yrs some minor ups and downs but overall 98% to the good. Please give Hope a chance.

sheena carroll

The people seem nice but as always they dont do first come first serve like they say. They seem to let others go ahead of you that came in after you have. That makes me real mad.

Chrystal Matthews

They are helpful and understanding with you and for you the help to clear your head no matter the mental health issue is excellent

Laurie Brock

Hope has the best and most kind staff, and the doctor was so helpful. The Pharmacy was very prompt and also nice..thank you all very much

Tamara Wallis

I have made so much progress and it's all because of the staff. Great therapist, case manager and doctor. When I thought it was hopeless, I came here and I now have hope. Better than the psychiatrist that I paid $100.00 a week every week for 19 months who did nothing but prescribe a ton of meds that only made my situation worse. At Hope, they really do care about their clients. I'm not just a insurance claim here, I'm a person.

mike sutherlin

HOPE will help you get yourself and your life back on track. The key word is help and people don't seem to understand that for the help to work, you have to work at helping yourself. They wont carry you, so alot of people say they won't help you. Those people are ignorant and lazy and don't deserve a better life. No one should help you at all if you don't try to carry and help yourself. Just my opinion. Thank you

Courtney Yandell

Everyone here is so nice

William Kozak

That's were I go for counseling it's s good place as well

Stormy Schmidt

Wonderful community resources

Virgil Purvis

Really great place for your mental health issues.

Shelly Richey

Love this place. Alot of resources and help for anyone and everyone

Chiquita Nicole

What time you spend there is time we'll spent

Heather Holly

Always a pleasant experience. Staff is very friendly and welcoming.

Patrick Hopkins

I had no business being there medications will not restore the flame that will make me forget who I am, and make me numb to the pain I need to feel to know I'm not on the right path, the only way re-ignight the flame is to go back to the manufacturer, the maker of the flame and use the no questions asked Everlasting warranty, I will fullysurrender and trust God he will make a way God will restore everything in my life, I give all the glory to God

Shelly Joslin

Very helpful with lots of good resources

Kevin Campbell

This is a great place for low income families to get the help they need for Mental health care.

Keisha Duffy

They have gone above and beyond to help me. Love Dr. Horn!

Ashley Campbell

Not very good ... At times dont even know whats going on but nice people as staff

sheila bickford

I've been going to Hope for 3 years. At times they become under staffed and do not notify patients about appointments with staff that are no longer there. They change my case manager so much without warning that I don't even talk or attempt to know any of them now. I see the Dr's regularly and both of them are very nice and work fast to keep waiting down to a low. I pick up my meds there every month. Only complaint there is they make you pick up refills even if you are no longer taking it. The Dr has to approve removing script. Which has been an issue for me several times. I'm on a fixed income and the $4 co pay is hard to come up with for what I need and then I'm made to pick up unused refills and pay $4 for a bottle that gets tossed. That really gets under my skin. Other than those few complaints they are very helpful and offer help with other resources as well as mental and substance abuse. I love the new building and location.

Renee Grisbey

The facility is nice and clean. They seen me and was able to setup account to get services started and ill come back to talk to therapist and doctor.

william deason

Great people good doctor

Sheila Blankenship

A very helpful and positive place to go,the worker's seem to show that they care and they are nice all day long....

Athena Cogdill

Good place for mental health care.

Tania Valencia

I would recommend this hospital to everyone I know.. clean, friendly staff, convenient location..

Jerry Hammon

The Hope Center has been a blessing for my daughter, son and myself. All.this has been done professionally ,and rapidly. We are all in for the 1st time and the process isn't difficult at all.Thank you all,from the receptionist to everyone who we've been involved with.

Tasha Enriquez

Helping the needs of people across our city.awesome

Renea Parks

I have been going there for a while and I love the classes and people there.

Jessica Pyle

Great program. This place is a necessity.

Kati Bug

Seriously the only place that was able to give me exactly the help I needed.

Terri Stegmann

I've been going here on & off since 2002. They are always friendly & concerned about your situations. I recommend this place to everyone if you are reaching out for help.

Brandi Janine Schmidt Aka Momma Stormy

Wonderful place

Donnie Darko

For as many people who come for their mental health, HOPE has hired the right people for which job they carry out; but yet they have a high turnover rate. I have been coming for around a year now and I now am on my third case manager. My last two case managers have gone on to do bigger and better things. Just don't miss your appointments and always try to be a few minutes early. If it is your first time, I recommend showing up by at least 11 AM or by noon at least. Once you are in the system the wait time isn't as long.

Terrina Downey

My groups are worth going. And it also gets me out into public as well.

Shirley Lynn Miller

Great place to get right again

Lisa Threet

Very nice people, very helpful and polite. Will go out of their way to help you

Dorian Johnson

Despite problems I have had with a counselor from here in the past, I enjoy the staff here, and they have so much to offer to help you out. I also feel v comfortable here.

Chris Brown

If you need help with mental health, this might be the place for you. No insurance needed.

n s

I have found alot of help in a warm caring environment in this place.

christa marroquin

They have helped my family !!

Lisa Harding

Great place to get a medisl neeesc

Morgan Willis

My mom goes here for therapy and medications. I just took my brother in for an intake, and he will see a doctor and therapist in a week. I suggest being there right at 7:45 a.m. to be seen as quickly as possible if this is the help you need. They have truly blessed my family and many others with their free to low cost help. Intake and therapies are free, and meds are $5 per prescription for 3 months worth.

Henry Ford

Seems to be a lot of confusion about what help they can or will provide. So don't believe everything you're told until you actually see it. They do push medication though, so if you're looking for pills and not help this is the place for you.

Brenda Holland

Service is generally good. Pharmacy says that they will reopen from lunch atv1:30 but reopens when they are ready.

Lonnie Higginbottom

Without hope there would be no hope for me being bipolar and congestive heart failure they've helped the transition to disability to be okay I didn't want to have to file for disability but they made it clear that it's necessary and then helped me get through it they discuss with me all the time about ways to make life worth living I'm grateful

Monique dickey1103 Williams

I had a good experience the staff is very helpful

Paula Nance

This place ruined my life!

Tatum Sorrels

Very nice people make you feel welcome

Rick&Bunni's Smokeshop & Dispensary

Had an appointment at 9am went only to be told that my case worker had a meeting after I called at 8am to confirm my appointment time and was told I’d have to wait until their meeting to be over. Well you just lost a complete customer. I won’t be returning and the fact I was put on medication and had an allergic reaction and received no phone calls after I left several messages is ridiculous. WONT BE RETURNING

William Pratt

Never had someone other than my high-school counselor be so helpful and attentive.

Josie Roof-Bennett

A place to recieve, treat, diagnose, ECT any and all mental and substance abuse issues as well as assist in finding housing, other medical, ECT if they can't do it or don't offer a needed assistance they will put you in the right direction and also if need be assist you thru thier services

Lokita Ruiz

The doctors help you. Talk to you not at you. I love the whole thing...

Kathy Menaker

The psychiatrists there wants to push medications too much. Some of their medications they prescribe are too strong and want you to take too many at a time.

Clint Washington

Great place it's my home away from home

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