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Antonio Bermudez

I was there and the food is kinda gross The beds are only mats about 2 inches thick They have you sit almost all day

Matt D

I'd give it Zero Stars if i could. I paid good money to be there and was very willing to comply and work with the staff. I was treated like a criminal, when i was in the for major depression and bi polar disorder. I can not believe this place is still open. Please consider Tulsa for any inpatient care. I feel i wasted about 4,000 of my dollars by going here, dont waste your money. Felt like a state ran facility, not a private facility.

Dessa khosravi

I was inpatient for 5 days, I didn’t see the doctor until the 3rd day I was there. I spent 5 days doing kindergarten worksheets and watching movies. I maybe spent 20 minutes in total talking to professionals. I went outside for 10 minutes 2 out of the 5 days.

Beth Cabe

Andrea Lavoie

I've been here personally and the staff are very strict on their stupid rules Monday to Friday we have a ton of groups to do, that never really help. Every night and all day there were nothing but young children banging on doors and screaming at all hours of the night. You can be one of the happiest people there and they will put you into residential where they can either keep your for 30 days or send you to another facility. The staff make you raise your hand for everything and your not allowed to have your own brush they force you to use their hygiene supplies if you want a brush or a comb they give you one that tears out your hair, and to top it off you have to sit in hard chairs all day everyday until 9:00pm when they make you go to bed; they have 3 tables and 4 people at each table, males sit with males and your not allowed to talk to other people at the other tables, and they have two elementary school desks on each side of the room where they will make you sit if you are and I quote "Not working your treatment" when you sit in those chairs you aren't allowed to talk at all to anyone other than the staff. In this facility the only thing they do is teach you "coping skills" to "cope" with everything in your life but for someone like me I wanted help, I needed help; I had been coping for years and the only thing they could do was teach me more ways to hide my real emotions. While I was there I became more depressed then I was when I first arrived there and i was glad to go home to people who can actually help me. Honestly most of the staff are ok but, there are the rude and mean ones, I suggest to anyone seeking treatment for any mental health issues to search for another facility these people don't know how to help you and that I can guarantee. Now this is only my opinion and you don't have to take my word for it but I personally feel like I shouldn't ask for help again because I'm afraid they will send me to this facility once again.

Anah Hyatt

my special needs 15 year old daughter is currently in patient at cedar ridge right now.. AND I AM NOT HAPPY WITH HER TREATMENT AT ALL. she went in Friday night for attempted suicide. and she is being discharged tomorrow. I have NOT talked to a doctor and her counselor has changed more than once but I have not talked to anyone but nurses about med changes and felt like I was being bullied into her "HAVING TO TAKE THIS MEDICINE" when I call to check on my daughter either the front desk doesn't know how to transfer the phone or the nurses will just tell me "she's fine" and hang up on me... I have called and gave a false name and asked for information on my daughter and they just give out what her meds are and that she is there after I was told I or anyone calling would be ask a "code" and that since I was the only one on her call sheet I would be the only one allowed to get information on my daughter... my daughter told me tonight on our 5 minute phone call (that's actually only 3 minutes) that she is being told by the counselor and doctor that she is being discharged tomorrow. I have not received any return phone calls from her counselor and we have not done any kind of family sessions. I DO NOT RECOMMAND THIS PLACE AT ALL.

Taylor Hearon

It was horrible. Just got out of here recently and the the doctor didn't come till later on the day of my family therapy and I had no idea when I was going home so I freaked out at family therapy and the later the doctor said I was supposed to go home that day but I was too attached to my mom and I "needed to work with being without her". He claimed I had attachment issues which made my mom very upset. And they made me go cold turkey on a antidepressant that I was taking before I got there even though the doctor that prescribed it to me said there was a risk of seizures if I went cold turkey. The doctor was rude and very impolite. I would not take my child here ever. It's like a prison.

Angela Ayling

Absolutely horrible. They are only interest in $$$ Not helping the children there. Whatever you do, don't let a family member end up here. There are other options that are actually invested in helping your child not how much money they can bill. Therapy is basically absent, food isn't fit for human consumption, no short term and long term goal plan. They just want to keep them until insurance runs out. Also violent staff that over uses "holds" that are very traumatizing for kids to witness let alone be subject to. State should shut it down!

Tish Gray

I was here for 7 days with no control over my care. All you do is sit around or sleep to pass the time. No help whatsoever

angela townsend

Management do not care about the staff and the patients. They are always putting people lives in jeopardy.

Emily Tryon

The saved my life when I was suicidal. I'd never want to go anywhere else when i need mental care.

Dutch Van Der Linde

I went to Cedar Ridge last summer. It was a weird experience. I met many good people, and many bad people;, staff and patient alike. The staff there were amazing. It felt like they actually cared for you. There are many staff members that I remember. Mr.Thomas. Mr.Will. Mr.Nick. I totally forgot that puerto rican guys name but he was also cool. Ms.Cheyanne. They were all respectful good to people. The food was alright. Everything was good overall. The only thing wrong with it was... the supervision. For example, one of the patients, ill call him joe, was making shrooms. none of the staff knew about until joe gave it to the wrong person and that guy freaked out. and there was this dude that liked to cut. nobody noticed except some of the patients. Later that day, same dude tried to hang himself with a shower curtain. This place was a truamatizing experience for me, but the staff helped me throught it. Tom Morris

Lovely Lovatic

I give Mr. Brad the nurse a five star review because I promised I would if he bought a deck of cards and he did.

Kathy Reed

I'm only leaving one star because I have to... Seriously not let yr child come here! ! This is a shady, unprofessional place...if you have private insurance they were keep yr child as long as they can....they will lie to you and charge yr insurance as long as they are there...please please don't trust them w yr child....they are playing w their mental state to make it worse. P

David&Christina Contreras

The staff is wonderful and very informative.

Taylor H

Mark Garvin

Working at McDonald's is better than this place

Conner Roach

Logan Paul

Foxy Queenzel

Beds were uncomfortable. Gave us only one pillow. Never let us go outside. There were rude staff. Very disrespectful.

Miyonne Houston

Theressa Cantrell

No communication with family. If child is injured staff will not call. Personal belongings are stolen. Therapy is questionable. No guidelines

lou nelson

We put our daughter at Cedar Ridge cause she said she wanted to hurt herself and she claims she believes bugs are in her skin and in her scalp and she was seeing things that wasn't there and that her doll is alive and it talks to her. She is 17 years old and instead of this place giving her the treatment she needs. They instead Tell us she is depressed and deprived of attention. In which they claim it is our fault we have a 1, 3 and a 16 year but they say we need to give all the attention to her. They also asked her what she wanted changed in the our house and trying to tell them about what she is doing like manipulate them and making up stories and her violent behavior. Its like talking to a wall And we have contacted their advocate number and called the doctors Still no one listing so if your kid is having issues please do not take the to Cedar Ridge they will not help them they will only make it worse.

Emily Highfill

I was a patient in this place for a few weeks and it was absolute hell. The only thing that got me through was a singular tech that only worked in my ward a couple times. The main tech we had woke us up every morning by banging on our doors and yelling at us to get up. We were not allowed outside. We were only allowed 5 minute phone calls with our parents. We were only allowed one hour visitation. They wouldn’t even let my outside therapist come see me, they said that I had to only work with the “therapist” they had that worked there. Yet I only saw that “therapist” twice in the weeks I spent there. One of those times being when I was checking out. They treat you like a prisoner, not a patient that needs help.

Sagun Mishra

Not good hospital at all!. My wife was admitted for 20 days for the treatment and she discharged yesterday. She is still acting like the first day of the admit. I do not know, how a DR. can be this much careless on patient's life and the hospital management too. But some of the RN are really caring. I am giving this one star to those good RN not for the crap hospital like this. Please every body if you have your any relatives or family member who has the mental problem than this hospital is not that you are looking for. I feel real bad that my wife is still sick.

Bekah Flanagan

Pleased with their services! I am not sure what the low ratings are for. I have read some of the comments and we did not have an experience like this at all. They do only allow visitation on Sat and Sunday for an hour. My daughter got a 10 minute phone call each night. It was really hard to relinquish control, but every staff member we encountered was caring and kind. We always got a call back and she saw the doc every day. She also saw the therapist everyday. We had private insurance and they did not keep her longer for more money. I feel like others' expectations are skewed, maybe. This was our first experience with this situation, so maybe we do not have much to go off of. We were happy with the result and our daughter said the place really helped her.


Maureen Moore

Just not the type of care facility I was looking in regards to my son. Was looking for treatment and therapy for him. He only saw the doctor and therapist once a week. This place is ran more like a prison than anything. You get one 5 minute phone call a day and 2 visits during the weekend that last one hour. You actually only get about 45 minutes of your visit because it takes time to get the kids down. Nobody cares to communicate care to you. I was called about putting my son on a medicine, then called a week later like they forgot we ever talked. I had outpatient services set up for my son but they made sure to ruin those plans for us, so be it. My advice would just not use the facility. Saints was so much better.

Michelle Rogers

It's a beautiful place

larita wooten

My son whom I have shared custody of was placed here and the Hospital not only has yet to return my calls on how his biological mother can be blocked they began screening my calls and not answering. How unpprofessional can a facility be? I'm concerned about what has happened to him while in his fathers care and now is continued to be isolated in this strange place where None of his family members may hear his precious voice, give him words of encouragement and tell him they love him. So many people want to see him be great but once again his fathers control has casted another shadow on any rainbow in my sons lives. How is this even legal? Praying for my poor child!

Ireland M

This place traumatized me. Literally. This was a horrible place. And I hated every minute of it. Please, do not go here. Seek a better facility.

The Foot

Julie Engstrom

I don't like this hospital. I admitted my 8 year old daughter there back the last week in October 2015. Since I have talked to her counselor 1 time. This is December 2, 2015. I haven't talked to a doctor or psychologist at all. She was put in an area where violent kids are mixed in with non violent kids. My daughter had been slapped in the face and punched in the back by one little boy. She got clawed by another little girl over a book my daughter was reading. When I asked if they could separate my daughter from the violent kids they said they don't have the means for that. My daughter asked one visit if she could have her favorite stuffed animal with her they told her no in a most cold hearted fashion and the lady jerked my daughters arm to turn her around to go back to her dorm. Have the time I call I get no answer. They have cut my daughter's phone time from 10 minutes to 4 minutes. She has been coughing like crazy when I talk to her. She had lice since being there. When I ask the therapist when is an estimate of discharge she just said it's an 6-8 week program. My daughter is being bullied by the other kids there. Her safety and well being doesn't seem to be a concern for them. The staff has bullied me in agreeing to give her a medication I know doesn't work for her. This place is a mental hell especially for young children. Please do not let your child end up at this facility.

Amanda Hodge

Long story short, the place is a f***ing joke. They said my daughter had to stay 3-5 days for an evaluation that her school required before she could return, and Cedar Ridge kept her for 12. No, you can't just go get your kid out whenever you want, even if going in was voluntary. It's like prison and you have like no rights once they have your child. Visitation is only on Sat & Sun for one hour, in an uncomfortable "cafeteria" similar to a prison visitation area, and your child can only call you once a day for 5 minutes, which IS timed. My daughter is 7 years old. I don't see how this place thinks you can basically imprison these kids, only let them see their family for 2 hours a week and talk to them for 5 minutes a day, and expect any kind of improvement. Oh, and I forgot to mention, visitors have to be at least 8 years old. My daughter and her 4-year-old brother kept saying how much they missed each other and he wasn't even allowed to visit. Again, I don't know how they thought it would help to isolate a 7-year-old from her family she's used to being with every day. One night, she was apparently "inconsolable" and they gave her an antipsychotic without consulting me, because it was an "emergency situation". I was told about this after the fact. I'm sorry, but I can't imagine how much of a threat a little 7-year-old girl could be where you needed to tranquilize her. I asked her about this fit and she said she was upset because another kid got to go home but not her. I could go on and on but, long story short, get care somewhere else if you can. This experience has been terrible for our family and I'm just glad she's home. We homeschool now through Epic Charter and she's doing great.

Liberty Jackson

I'm giving them a two, because of staff. Other then that it stinks. I was a patent there recently and the whole time I was there I just wanted to kill myself even more and my anxiety was always high. The doctors tell you you'll only be there 7-8 days just to get your medicine right. I was there for a month. I didn't know when I'll be able to go home. I only had 5 minute phone calls. I only got to see my family for an hour. The only thing that got me through my experience there was the staff and nurse. They encouraged me to keep going and showed me love and attention. Not all the staff members at Cedar Ridge are cruel. I promise.

fayth marie

The staff when I went was absolutely amazing. As a former patient who didn't want to be there at first, I'm oh so happy I was admitted. I'd be dead (literally) if it wasn't for them. Cedar ridge is amazing.

Ciara Garcia

Sharla Cobain

They charge $12,000 and for that they treat you like a second class citizen. You have to have no regards for your child's mental well being to send them here.. Any self-esteem they have will gone once "they decide you can leave". It's like a very high priced jail

Sheshe Watson

The medical records staff was so rude that I had to hang up the phone on them!!! Very rude and unprofessional.

mama bear

I dont agree with the bad reviews that i have seen on this site. Rebecca and April the nurses have been truly amazing along with my sons therapist Bella. Everyone always calls if they get new orders. They dont give updates every day but I call them EVERYDAY and They are nothing but helpful and let me know how my son is doing. They can only help people that want to help their selves. Yes things happen but what do u expect when u have all those children in there. I could only imagine how hard it is for the staff when u have the kids that act up and They are big enough to do damage. They have no choice but to put them in a hold. They WILL call u after and let you know what happened. My suggestion to some of the unhappy people is be envolved with ur children dont think they are the only ones that are going to fix EVERYTHING.

Rachel Garland

Greer Sullivan

The life of RenNisha

Nice place

Cassie Wooten

They stole my boyfriend:( imma be by his side through every bit of it tho just waiting for the day that I can hug n kiss him again- cassie

Shellie Jones

Tyler McDaniel

It was horrible please don't ever let anyone go here staff was okay. But other than that all around bad horrible place needs shut down.

Phoeby Simpson

Bad service

Hannah Laymon


Brent Cushing

Brittney Rumsey

Dont send your child here!! Mine has been her for 6 days and I havent heard nothing.... I only get to talk to her 5 minutes a day. I been trying to talk to the therapist for 3 hours and nothing.... They want to keep her here Residential when she isnt a threat to herself or others......

Katie Crammer

I went to this hospital in 2010 for major depressive disorder. I am just now convincing myself to go back to the hospital again & am only on here to find a decent place & it looks like this place has not changed at all. I went in just to do an assessment & be transferred to another facility because they were full. During the assessment, they conveniently discharged someone after they got my assessment & then put me in there on the spot. I was only here for 5 days. If I wasn't truly suicidal before I went in, I was fully willing to take my life in this place. I sat in a cold room on the floor for three hours while they served food to the other patients & were unaware that I was in there the whole time. My mom sent me things that I never got because the staff lost them. My father sent me a letter that I wanted to read when I was better & I never got to read it because they kept that too. My mom sent me stuff to have while I was in there & they never gave it to me. They woke me up at 5 in the morning to draw blood & took nearly 6 viles! I had a busted vein after that & I have never had a problem getting blood drawn. I only spoke to someone once while I was there & it was only 30 minutes. I had to sleep on a thin mattress on the floor most of the time. There was a woman there who was rude to me & acted like I was stupid when no one explained to me how to do a process & I was confused. The doctor told me that I had a uti & it was because my partner & I were not clean enough. The point of this place is to get you in a position where your rights are stripped from you & you are forced to take a medication every day & be asked how you feel 3 times a day until you convince yourself that you love that hell hole. Anyone that puts a five star on this place is either a crappy employee there or someone who has not come off their meds yet. I became suicidal again 3 weeks after I left & felt like I couldn't say anything because I'd be punished for having emotions by the time I got here. This is a terrible place. Please do more research on hospitals & help when picking a place that deals with people in their most sensitive & vulnerable time. This place is exactly why I am so hesitant to get help.

Nobody Nobody

I was E.O.D.'d there, then signed myself in. My name is R.K.Bynum. I loved it, the staff was who they were suppose be. they weren't fake or two faced. They did there Job and I am fore ever Grateful. I needed the vacation. Doctor Norie was the best Doctor I could have hoped for. And I'm doing as he suggested. he made me realize some doctors do care and for that I'm truly grateful. And I want to thank my peers. They Know Who They R. The people that directly over saw my daily Care Need A ******* Raise!

madi pipkin

i was a patient here- horrible experience

Vivian Samples

Cathie Forrester

They kept my son a week then sent him home. 11st night home He's beating outside door with hammer, trying to break windows with large rocks....yeah some help.

Dale Shea

Our Daughter was placed here. The staff was friendly and helpful but still we were apprehensive. Yes It has fences and locked doors and seemed like a Prison. Next morning we read reviews and they were HORRIBLE! So naturally we got deeply concerned and had fears the staff would keep our Daughter for ever. Reviews stated bad staff and awful conditions. We wanted help but not loose control of our child, or have no say. Immediately we were on the phone with them. They were understanding and helpful. They understood our concerns and were compassionate. They even let us talk to her that afternoon on the phone. We were first told She would have to stay 3 to 5 days. Most reviews said they were stuck for weeks to months. Our Daughter only stayed 6 days. The staff communicated with us about any changes and medications. Her Counselor talked to us NOT over or DOWN to us. The visitation is short only one hour but is a reprieve for the patient and the parent. Her hygiene was not great at the time of our visit. dirty clothes and no recent shower. but that was corrected that day. they were smooth and easy when discharge time came. You will read reviews and they will state horrifying things, dont let it wind you up. Call them and talk with them. They seem like they have limited staff but do the best they can. Our road to recovery started here they gave a good push in that direction. YES there are shortcomings but really they are there to help and take care of your families situation. If your worrying, that is natural please let this review put your mind at ease. Be on guard, Be active, Ask Questions, Have patience, but Please dont worry. I hope this review helps someone!

Shy George

When I was 17 I was put here by my abusive aunt. I'm a type 1 diabetic, They tried to take my diabetic insulin pump away from me (because of the cord/tube) I fought with them about for like an hour but I got to keep it. I was put on meds I didnt know. We slept on thin pads and a sheet. the pillows were made of the same thin pads we slept on that were less than half the size of a normal pillow. we were only allowed a quarter size amount of shampoo, no conditioner. if you didnt wake up when they said to you would be marked up, if you didnt shower you would be marked up, if you didnt eat every bite of your food you would be marked up, and so on. You talk to the doctor for like 5 minutes and you get a new pill. The only good parts were some of the staff. After everything I told them about my life and the issues they had me sent home after the holiday to the abusive aunt. if I could give 0 stars I would. (also the salads they made were pretty good though only that would get 5 stars).

Macy Lewallen

The staff is the best!!!!! They made me feel at home. They do their job really great and they also made me feel loved and happy!!!

alex adams

I went to cedar ridge, and it didn’t help me at all. Sure I got some coping skills, but it’s pointless to go there. It doesn’t help, you’re treated like little kids.

James Hertz

My wife is currently being held at this facility under false imprisonment. I took her to the hospital in Ardmore OK for severe migraine. During an interview by a non licensed professional counselor she was coerced into making a false statement. This lead to the hospital detaining her by security, later apprehending her hand cuffed and transported by police to Cedar Ridge. I have demanded her release, I have also hired two attorneys to aide in her release. They refuse to give me or her any information. At no time has she been seen by a doctor. They have demanded she provide insurance information. This evening I will be contacting every news station in OKC with this issue in an attempt to get some answers. She has been told that they could hold her for several weeks but refuses to tell her why! She currently holds several professional licenses in oil and gas she is a Senior turn around project manager and supervises over fifty employees. She is also a retired combat MP of the United States Army. I have also contacted the United States Government regarding this issue.

thatsA nono

The doctor never told me I was going to residential for long term, and I was only told as soon as I was going there and it gave me a mental breakdown and I wanted to kill myself so bad. Then they kept me there for another 2 weeks to just monitor my meds

Mike T

My son was there as a residential patient for a few months. He was there long enough for the staff to see many of the things he did at home that landed him there. Before he was released back home to us, he had numerous successful escapes with other children from their facility while under their watch and from what his counselor said, he was very disrespectful towards the staff during his "moments". We were told the reason he was allowed to come home was that he did not meet the requirements for being there any longer and got a short notice to come and pick you son up. My reasons for the 1 star are due to the lack of security and lack of communication. My son and a few other patients successfully escaped their facility while under their watch. Specific details were left out why he was returned to us considering his actions a few days prior to his release and the short notice of him coming home. His original counselor was great but the assignment of his replacements was troubling. Unfortunately there are few options in OKC to take loved ones when this type of event occurs. This was his 4 time there.

Shane Barker

Gabi Orrostieta


vinnie hamlet

If I could I would rate this place 0 stars but I cant there is a staff there named mr Carlos and he would 1 minute be playing and the next be mean to me and the other peers and Mr Thomas would try to help u and when u would tell him somthing that wasn't funny that u struggled with he would laugh and Mr Jon he is a white guy kind of bald and the day before yesterday me and my peer where in the quite room and he came over and said we can't do what me and my peer where doing we we're kicking a stress ball in the quite room when Mr Andrew said it was fine and brought up what I did in the shower and Mr Jon knowing that my peer would here him say it he said it I had a 4 hour pass and Mr Jon was trying to minipulate me in to losing my pass and I said I'm not going to let that happen and he siad to my peer that what I did in the shower i would choose my friends wilsey and he said I'm not in this Mr Jon said I'm not trying to put u in this then said u guys are good friends you guys like breaking the rules and there a couple things Rong with that picture 1 they say don't make friends and 2 they say we would be treated equally and I could go on and on I could right a Bible on that place but I'm going to stop here moms and dads don't send your chiled here its like being in prison before 18 . Just dont and if ceder ridge is wondering who this is it's Vinnie b****!go to hell ceder ridge

Mariah Dutton

They saved my husbands life

Pastel Olly

I was a patient here last year. It was a terrible experience. Some of the workers don't need to work with older kids(there were many complaints about Mrs Barbra from everyone), though some were excellent and very understanding, I wish I remembered their names. They don't understand that we are there for a reason. The food was always cold and they wouldn't heat it up. The beds were very uncomfortable and noisy. I was only able to talk to someone for about five minutes a day which I was told by many doctors that it should have been at least an hour. And we had community a couple times a day. I basically stared out a window the whole time and that was helping more than they did. They treated us like children that didn't know what they were doing. Their communication was terrible, you could only talk for about five minutes a day with no privacy. You were rushed taking showers, which is the only time you get any privacy. There are many other reasons you should not go here or bring your children here.

jelyna fanta

They are not organized about there schedule and they r not considerable about paients feelings they slam doors and laugh and talk loud at night where the paients cant sleep

Cherish Tooahnippah

barry Harry

i loved it the staff was the nicest pepole ever. i meet a fiend named mia harrkins we had the most in comon then any one else in there

Sagan C.

If I could give zero stars I would. My autistic son was dirty everytime we saw him, even down to his fingernails, the explanation we always received was he didn't know how to bathe himself. My son knows how to clean himself he has been doing it for years, no amount of explaining that to them seems to help. I bought him new outfits,socks,underwear, and shoes when I saw him in other childrens clothes only for them to disappear. Staff was extremely rude not only to me and my husband but also to my son. I received a phone call late one night from the nurse telling me my son tied a sheet around his neck in attempt at suicide, no doctor saw him, right after telling me that she said he was discharging in the morning. Don't send your child here.

Freedom Smith

I think it helped me because Katoya and Jessica always helped me through everything. They never gave up on me. I should know I was a patient there. I'm 17 now or going to be this month.❤️❤️❤️❤️

lindsey prentice

we thought we were sending our son to get help...they explained everything to us it sounded great then it turned into a terrible 5 yr old was almost over dosed by the staff on meds that were not suppose to be given and they did it without consent from us! when comfronted they magically discharged him...noone would speak to us face to face...nor could anyone explain anything to us. my son had terrible stories of things that happened to him & other children while in there...please be mindful on sending your children here...the day we brought him home his behind was torn up and no one again could tell us why? we take him the same day to a dr. and they said it was due to there being too much medication in his system his body was trying to get it out! horrible experience never again!

Spencer Cameron Reede

Good people there

Levi Feehan

I think the other patients here complaining about how """"prison"""" like it is, is being petty and dramatic because, you know. They were sent to a mfing health facility lmao. It was very nice. Mr. Tyler let us go outside and exercise after we requested it, we got a full hour outside. Most of the staff doesn't enforce the 5 minute phone call rule, because even they think it's stupid, and if you behaved that day they'll let you. Mrs. Ari was the first person I met there and she was wonderful. She, Tyler, and Brad made it feel less like a cold facility and more like a gentle home. Also? Brad commented on my Green Day shirt and said he liked them too so frankly? godspeed you funky little nurse. He recommended me to a program called Green Shoes, for heavier trauma therapy. I'm going to try and go to it, and I trust that he wouldn't lie to me about it. This place is great. It's clean, you shower everyday, and you can still be in contact with your guardians. Your hygiene is up to you, not them. They're satisfied if you're not nasty and your bed is made. I'm doing so great because of this place. I'm not suicidal and I've been doing amazing. I've got coping skills that actually work for me now, and I've finally let go of a few things that stuck with me. This facility is amazing.

Joseph Collins

Its not bad you just have to stay to your self

cedar ridge

Cedar Ridge provides support to children and adults when the person is in the most need. The staff is nice and the doctor's really care.

MaKayla Hendry

I stayed at Cedar Ridge for having suicidal thoughts. I was there for almost a week and we did nothing but sit in the day room and do work sheets. The food is pretty bad and the beds are very uncomfortable. The staff at night would slam doors, talk very loudly, and leave doors open after checking on you, which makes it very difficult to sleep when light is shining in your face. Most of the staff was very rude and disrespectful, like we need more of that. Phone calls every night are 5 minute that the staff time. Overall I wouldn't recommend this place AT ALL

Jessica Phillips

Ashlyn Freeman

I wish I could do 0!! Erica and Jonathon (both receptionists) have started directing my calls straight to Sesilly the director without answering first even not knowing what I will ask so they so not have to speak to me. Then, Sesilly the director spoke with me yesterday after i waited at the front desk for 2hrs and 15 mins about getting an AMA. Sesilly is ignoring my calls now after promising me yesterday that my daughters doctor would see her at 10am and she would push the dr to let her be released today. Well now she will not answer and they are trying to keep my daughter over the weekend without my permission! I called to see who I can speak with above sesilly because I kept getting lied to and Erica the receptionist said there is no one above her. Really?? There is nobody else I can speak with? Also Timothy, the man who went through all the paperwork with us, who bold face lied to my husband and I about boys and girls being separated and people going into bedrooms with them, magically disappeared and nobody knows who he is now. So, NEVER bring your children here! I am getting every name I can from this place! These people lie and do whatever they can to get you to bring your children in. I keep calling and either my call just rings or goes straight to voicemail now! I wasn't aware that the staff could ignore concerned parents who just want to check on their child?! But apparently they can!

Hunter Draughn

Food is horrible and the beds are extremely uncomfortable but the staff are nice although some units have weird rules

Julia Allen

If I could I would give Cedar Ridge 0 stars for verbal abuse, going against their policy and over all making me worse. I came to Cedar Ridge the Friday before Halloween, and when I asked if I would be going home anytime soon they told me I would be going home on halloween. Then halloween rolls around and I'm getting moved up to residential. When I was meditating Mrs. T started making fun of me, and the other kids said if I was Christian she wouldn't make fun of me, I was also criticized for my religion and practices when I was specifically told and I read that one of their policies was that I as a patient have a right to my religion and to practice it, but it doesn't feel that way. I was also yelled at for doing things that other patients didn't get yelled at for. When I was getting my blood drawn they put the needle in my arm and dug around, then once the needle was farther in then it needed to be the drew my blood; once they were done they VERY VERY VERY QUICKLY pulled out the needle and it scratched me and they didn't do anything about it. The food made me very sick. The only thing keeping me from misbehaving was 2 people there, Mr. Carlos, and Ms. Jordan. I was in residential for a week. They then told me that I was going to go home the next day and when that day came I was told I had to stay for 2 more weeks. Ms. Yolanda and Mrs. T WERE THE ABSOLUTE WORST. I got Diagnosed with "homecidial Ideations" when I never ever want or have wanted to hurt or kill others. They also can't control the actual problem kids. They didn't call my mom about anything, and when one of my friends mothers said they were going to pull their child out Dr. Jarman threatend that if she did she would call DHS on her. The education building is a trailer form a trailer park and it smells disgusting, and like old cigarrette smoke, i also think that i saw mold in almost every corner of the school rooms. the night staff are literally so loud and stomp up and down the hallway. I have PTSD from this place. If I could I would do something to shut down their buisness. I absoulutley hated being there. DO NOT TAKE YOUR LOVED ONES HERE. AND IF YOU ARE WONDERING WHO THIS IS IT'S JULIA ALLEN

Sylvia Jones

They would not admit my daughter here even though they acknowledged that she was manic, because she wasn't suicidal. That implies that they only admit patients with suicidal ideation. She had diagnoses of bipolar disorder, depression, had been off her meds 4-5 months due to running away. Was just trying to get her some help and was turned away. Now my daughter is missing again. This is what's wrong with mental health the United States!

Beth Stanton

My little cousin who is being raised by my Mom and my Aunt was placed in this facility, he came with meds already on board, he was very violent, and had many episodes of acting out. He was in there about 3 weeks, very little communication between the staff and my family, in fact they went for a meeting with the therapist on board and know nothing more than they knew before he was admitted and that same day they discharged him with no med changes at all, no family therapy, nothing. We feel as though this was a wasted stay and waste of money. We do not recommend this facility at all.

Shania Autry

Do never ever take your child here, this is a sick place. They forced my daughter to take medication, then when I told them I'm canceling her insurance they released her within that day, all they want is your insurance/money and they will say your kid is mentally crazy. Staff, and everyone else in there is sick and demented.

Melissa Hughes

This facility is a joke my 7 yr old stepdaughter had suicidal thoughts and severe ADHD which we could not get meds regulated for. They are kicking her out for no family participation. We do family therapy on the phone every week and attend in person once a month due to my child's father being disabled and having to live on a fixed income we live more than 2 hours from this facility. Due to my child not going on one weekend pass they are kicking her out on the grounds of no family participation despite 2 therapy sessions we have attended and some of our other family members visiting once and she has only been there going on a month. They have no desire to help her. She suffered some pretty significant trauma and abuse at the hands of her mom and her mom's new husband that she needed help dealing with. And because we are not in good enough health and financial standing to go running up there every day when they were told from the beginning we could only come to therapy once a month now they are just going to deny her help all together.

Xiola Gray

I don’t understand why there’s so many bad reviews, I had a very good experience at Cedar Ridge. This review will be a little long, but if you’re thinking about going I recommend you read this from an ex-patient telling you about the hospital. I have been here twice for a month each time (they gave me proper help, I just stopped going to therapy and stopped taking my meds so I fell back down the rabbit hole). The staff was really nice and helpful. When I was sick they gave me medicine (with parents permission), and reminded me to stay hydrated. I saw my personal therapist once a week, but had multiple group therapies every day. There’s also recreational therapy twice a week, where you play games or make crafts but also learn something. If you’re in acute you see the doctor every day, but in residential you see the doctor once a week. In acute you get one 5 minute call once a day to whoever your guardian approved, in residential you get a 5 minute call on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and a 10 minutes call on Saturday and Sunday. You get visitation on Saturday and Sunday for one hour. You shower every day, though there is a time limit since there’s multiple people there and only so many showers. That’s the same reason there’s a time limit on the phone call. Really, how long you get depends on what tech you get. Some will let you go for a few minutes longer. You’re also allowed to write and receive letters from the same people you’re allowed to call. If you’re in residential and have good behavior you’re allowed a pass (you can leave the hospital for however many hours the doctor allows and go with the same pre-approved family), they do this partially because being cooped up is bad for you, and partially to see how you interact with those people if you were having problems with them. The food is pretty good, but if you don’t like the foods of the day you can get something else (ham sandwich, turkey sandwich, pb&j, grilled cheese, salad, veggie salad; I also recommend if you get grilled cheese to get the potato salad as the side, it is the best potato salad I have ever had in my entire life and I fear that I’ll never find potato salad as delicious, and if a tech tells you they don’t do that anymore they may be wrong as they were last time so you should still insist they write it on the paper every time you get it). For Residential I was in the Cavaliers, which is an all girls unit. The unit was always decorated and you can hang drawings on the wall which was very nice, it made it feel a little more comfortable. Of course I do have a few complaints, but not many. You can’t go outside while you’re in acute, and you can’t go outside every day in residential. When you do go outside it is for an hour though, and on the weekends in Cavaliers we got to (or had to, depending on your outlook) do Zumba. The beds were not very comfortable, and the blankets aren’t super duper warm, but you can have a second one if you ask. You also have to raise your hands before you get up. This wasn’t a problem for me, but I know a lot of people disliked it. The reason they do this is so they can always know where everyone is and keep things under control as there’s usually only two techs in the unit at a time. My history teacher, Miss G, was kind of mean, but hey everyone gets a mean teacher at some point. And she’s not terribly mean, just a little frustrating. Also everyone in the unit is in the same English class so if you’re in high school it can be a bit boring doing low level work. My main problem was just that my therapist, Robin, both times had my mother come up the day before I was being released for group therapy. This wouldn’t be so bad except for we live two hours away and she knew my moms car wasn’t running very well so she had to schedule rides with friends. That part was very frustrating for both me and my mother. Overall it was a very good experience. Mrs Vicki is a very good tech, and if you’re in the unit with her you’re very lucky. I highly recommend Cedar Ridge if you’re in a bad place mentally.

michelle mounsey

DO NOT EVER CONSIDER CEDAR RIDGE!!!! my nephew was here after an OD on Zoloft & as soon as he was admitted they started treating him with zoloft!!! overdosing on Zoloft may result in seizures and when he was having these seizures they accused him of faking it to get attention!! he was there for a day and was already being neglected. it took them over 2 hours to notice these seizures and then just just ignored them. whatever you do, choose somewhere else.

Jeanna Lewis

Complete joke. Don’t trust them with your child, they are incapable of scheduling or talking to parents waiting hours past an appointment time. We witnessed people coming to visit their children and a lot of staff members who have no clue what they are doing. We asked to speak to a supervisor to discuss why we were waiting for hours and assessments were booked on top of each other. The receptionist didn’t seem to know who a supervisor is, so you can have your review online for everyone to see.

DB Berry

I’ve never given reviews on any types of businesses, services, etc. I will however admit that I base decisions on companies reviews. After going through by far one of the most stressful situations in my life,in regards to my child, I had come up with the conclusion in my head (after looking at the ratings )that I was going to DAMA ( run fast as hell ). Thank God that everyone that I encountered at this facility seemed genuine and understanding because that would have been a terrible decision. I’m only doing this because I KNOW how terrible it feels to have to leave your child in such a place.Trust me, your going to cry and second guess yourself when you pull up in your driveway after the long,exhausting process . My main concern was if being in a place like this would “further more “ cause deeper depression and/or traumatize my child. Long story short, after being there for 5 days, my child is Sooo much happier and said that it’s not near as bad as we thought it would be. I want to personally thanks Mrs.Annie( or Ann) our intake nurse, Mrs.Karen,and the counselor Mrs.Rhoda for telling me straight and forward about my childs diagnosis.Mrs.T,I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting you personally but keep up the Great work,God has you there for a reason.

Michaela Lynn

First of all, you're lied to from the get-go. You're told you will stay there from 3-7 days, but really, the minimum you can stay is 5 days. You stay from 5-10 days. They don't do much to help you get better. You talk a LOT about "coping skills" but they don't help much. They don't want to help you become less depressed or suicidal. They just want you to cope with how unhappy you are. The staff is rude. It's like school, where you have to raise your hand to do anything. They treat you like it's your fault you're there. Like you committed a crime. Visitation is only on weekends for an hour. Phone calls are only 5 minutes long. The meals suck, but there's not much to expect from hospital food. The night staff switches out every night and they never follow the same rules. There's a 10 foot chair for being loud of belligerent, which is the reason some kids are sent there, so again, punishing us for what we cannot control. It's overall one of the worst things I've ever experienced. I made some good friends though, who all hated it as much as I did.

bassdragon 88

I stayed for about a week in Cedar Ridge recently. Nobody ever really wants to/enjoys going to a place like that but that being said, I would recommend them to ANYBODY needing inpatient mental health care. I felt like the staff truly wanted to see me get through my breakdown and stay on an upswing. It was both their words and their actions that spoke it to me. There were several groups throughout every day and being someone who loves to learn and understand things, it was very effective for me. I came out with more coping skills and a better understanding of myself and how to rewire my thinking in a more positive manner. I was put in when I was on the edge of killing myself, and the caring people working at Cedar Ridge helped me to realize that I don't have to throw it all away. I am deeply grateful for their services.


Id give it -5 stars if i could. Cedar ridge is absolutely otrocious. They'll assume they know everything about you by comparing you to the other kids. Force you to take medicine. 0 privacy. you'll never go outside. they keep you there and start making things up to keep you there. 100% boring, you just sit in a room all day doing worksheets. Forget your problems, forget your suicidal thoughts, forget you running away. they dont help with any of that. i struggled seem as "undisturbed" as possible just so they could let me go, they kept me up there 3 weeks regardless of me causing absolutely no trouble. this messed with me mentally as if i wasnt already mentally twisted. great. just great. One example is, the staff would come in to "teach". But even though this is a place you send kids for depression and suicidal thoughts, they expected everyone to be cheerful and happy and give happy big replies like when they say "hi" you say 'HEYY!!!!!' but because none of us were doing that, they punished us by not letting us EVER go outside. i never took a step outside. great just wonderful for your health. no vitamin d. terrible smelling food. amazing. 10/10 would recommend going there....if you need motivation to kill yourself.

Abigail Paredes

I got the help I needed and the staff was really helpful and understanding with each of the patients and the different issues we were going through, so therefore I highly recommend going here if you deal with any of the following- Depression,Eating disorder,Bipolar, O.C.D, Schizophrenia,personality disorder, panic disorder ect They truly just want to help out and I would personally just wanna thank the staff for leading me to the right path.

Zachary Knepp

I think I was more depressed when I came out...

Jessica Gerhart

Do not bring your kid here! It is impossible to get them out! And they will keep with against your will! I wish I would have known. I can only see my child on the weekends for one hour and only get one phone call day for 5 minutes. And no one calls to give you information about your child they just do stuff on thier own! I told them no medication at all and when I seen my son he told me they gave him a pill to help him sleep. Please take your kid some where else. Don't come here!

Nathan A

Where to start Communication is lack luster at best. We had a daughter sent there for MDD (not our choice) The have taken her stuff or kept it for multiple days The food is pathetic they are kept inside 24/7 the therapist Rohda get super defensive when what they want to do is questioned. When I tell them I want my daughter released after the mandatory 100 hour hold they threaten me with DHS action. This place is all a bought the 1000 dollars a day they can milk out of each patient and has little to do with there care and well being. They are saying if we dont agree to residential care they will file a AMA with dhs even though i intend to get out own outpatient care. If you Value the care and well being of you child dont ever intentionaly send your kid here.


Terrisa skinner

They did amazing job with my 9 year old daughter

Melissa Walters

From a public education administrator and professional standpoint, do not take your child here. It is like turning them over to the devil. Even if you voluntarily admit them for something as simple as a med change, they will not let you have contact and they will file an EOD in order to take all of your parental rights away (meaning they can keep them as long as they want). They will threaten your child and twist everything your child says just to extend the stay. They will NOT deliver notes to your child. You will be breaking ALL ties with him/her if you bring them here. Also, contrary to their saying, the indoor facilities are nasty. I only gave them one star because that's what it takes to make a statement, they deserve 0 stars.

shy jones

I was an inpatient here. I had just lost my grandmother who I have lived with for my whole life, after her passing my aunt who was mentally and physically abusive, tho she was a rn so she left no mark on me nor my sister. After my sister scratched herself she was sent to integris Spencer on her own free will, then things got worse for me with my aunt, so I had to do something to get out of her house for fear of my life. She told everyone I tried to kill myself. But who would believe a 17 year old who just lost her only and last parent she ever had. I'll skip forward, workers don't care about you not your problems I was put on meds that just kept me a sleep even after taking them for weeks, but I would get in trouble for falling asleep, talking, not taking a shower (if you didn't shower they called it depression more than what it was) plus really horrible shampoo. I had to play like everything was okay between my aunt and I just to get out. I now have my own house, husband, daughter, and I rais my younger sibling, all at the age of 19 never have I nor will I ever speak to that aunt again, nor tell anything good about this place HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE!!!

Somer Ray

Mindy Davis

I currently have my 9 year old here and their communication stinks really bad. She didn't call me last night and tonight I had to call up there to even be able to talk to her. she was late to visitation cause someone had to go get her and I didn't get my full hour with my child. She told me it feels like a prison there with the bars, locks, and so many rules. I have never once talked to the dr and I was told I wont talk to him and I wont see him. I have to go thru the therapist. I wouldn't say its a bad place, but def. need to work on communication skills and answering the darn phone when people call the units.

Mary Whiteshirt

Eddie Quezada

C Schumacher

First off, if you have to read this review I'm sorry, because I know how hard it is to have to make the choice to allow your child to be taken into an unknown environment. I was terrified. Especially after reading the previous reviews. But I was very pleased with the care my son received here. I never had any issues with not being able to speak to a nurse, and I called a lot. If a nurse did not answer, I waited about ten minutes and called back. Everyone was very kind and helpful. My son did not come home with bed bugs, and he did not complain about anybody there. I am thankful for the care he received here.

kierra McClanahan I went to visit my boyfriend who was put in there and I get told to go home and change and that I can't see him because of my shorts.. what the hell? Their visiting hours are 6pm-8pm and I live to far to drive all the way home and back. Where is that rule posted? How the hell does one even know? How are you going to judge who I am by my shorts? I'm not a sick freak who's going to have sex in the damn cafeteria. I wish I would of gotten a name because he was the worst.

Andrew Munyua

Great place to help in nurturing best behavior

Chad Pressley

We have had experience here with our daughter a couple of times and have always found the staff to be very helpful and professional. We were reluctant to take her after reading the reviews but each time Cedar Ridge proved that their staff is competent and professional. Yes they can be a little difficult to communicate with but you have to remember the nature of events that they are dealing with on a daily basis. Anytime you are forced to employee the service of a facility like this it is inevitably a bad day and this is not a fix, do not expect to complete your stay and come out changed, it is designed to equip you with additional tools to continue healing.

BabyMoma Dye

Don't send ur child here! A staff member put there hands on my son leaving marks a swallow eye he's 13 and there he's been there since begging of April and they say he has to keep getting redirected when they had it approved for services in till Aug he needs out of that he'll hole

Nathan Culley

Kelly Ross

My 17 year old was taken here because we were told it was the only bed in the state and she was in mental health crisis. I had read the reviews but didn't think I had a choice. It was as bad as the reviews say it is. Once they get them in there, they are treated as prisoners. They only get one 5-minute phone call a day in the evenings and only have one hour visitation on Saturday and Sundays. They say it is because they are so busy doing therapy, but that is a joke. They "get better" because it is so bad they say whatever they have to to get out. If I were in this situation again, I would hold do whatever in the world possible to find another place.

Catie Smithson

if you have any say in the matter at all, Do Not Allow Your Loved One To Go Here. i wish i could have awarded them ZERO stars. 2 of our children ended up here. our 14yo daughter went here following a suicide attempt. at first we were hopeful; Rhoda seemed to be a good fit for her. but nothing was even slightly improved once she got home. then our 16yo son got sent here, and they insisted on turning him over to a state-run facility even though we had great insurance. when we challenged them, they wouldn't change their decision to send him to that facility. we said our insurance wouldn't pay, so they suggested that we not divulge to that facility that we had insurance (!!!!!). had we done that, we would have committed insurance fraud. they then turned us in to DHS as AMA (DHS performed a full investigation and ruled that we had done nothing wrong) and they wouldn't release our son's RXs to us for the meds they put him on. they thus endangered him of going off 2 antidepressants cold-turkey! luckily we had a family doctor who had been included on all of the details (much to the disapproval of Cedar Ridge), or our son wouldn't have had meds at all. i know mental health facilities in Oklahoma suck, but surely there's somewhere better than this?

jarexy xxd

Meena Chan

I felt safe here. Until I had to leave.

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