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REVIEWS OF Al-Botros Adonis MD IN Oklahoma

Casey Pregent

Dr Albotros is awesome. His PA dr, Mary S. is amazing. My only complaint is the front office staff. The office manager is just awful... Rude, condescending, down right abhorrent at times. Once you get past the front office though, they're great. I would recommend this place. Just remember that once you get past the front desk, your brain is in good hands. It's worth it. But I agree with most other reviews, in that the front office management is not good. I will update this if that changes.

Jonathan Lindsey

I waited an hour and a half. the doctor spoke to me for all 5 minutes, I should say he spoke down to me. Charged me almost $200. Absolutely ridiculous.

Nikki Is Sweet

Horrible front desk that is so mean they will leave you in tears. Worst psych doctors office I’ve ever been to. Prepare to be treated like a drug addict and made to feel that you don’t matter.

Adam Trueblood

I have seen Al botros for four years, and my life has gotten nothing but worse since I began seeing him. I started seeing him because my former Dr retired. First thing he did was change all my meds, say that my former Dr misdiagnosed me, that I needed all these new meds. I was perfectly stable on my former meds but I am open-minded, so in good faith I took said meds. Had a bad reaction to them. Got in an altercation while in a med induced psychosis caused by his meds, and was hit with a hammer. I the hospital they ezplaexpl I should have never been on several of the meds he gave me. So they put me back on my normal meds, I stabilized. But next appointment again he changes the.meds. when I get home they are in the same class as the last ones. So attempt to find another Dr. But everytimei make an appointment with someone else they call back saying he won't release my records that I'm an uncompliant patient. Please avoid Al Botros at all costs

Paul Compton

Outstanding doctor with outstanding staff! Keep up the good work.

Hilary Hunter

Office staff was completely rude and not helpful. Look out new patients!

Julie Zzz

The office staff is very incompetent, rude and, ignorant. They lost two very important forms that I needed to be filled out by the doctor. They offerd no apology. What they did offer was alot of attitude. They lack the proper skill to be working in this line of work. The saving grace of this office is Mary Schlecht. She is very knowledgeable and capable. She woun't prescribe anything that you don't feel comfortable with. This is expecially important when you're a parent.

Ryan Vice

Grace Ranger

Astonished at the girl behind the front desk, she was so hateful. Was rude to me from the second I walked in and talks to you like your an idiot. but when they took me back to get my blood pressure taken the nurse was so sweet and kind, I wish I could have had her for my whole experience. The doctor seems nice, I told him what was going on and where I'm currently working- he then 2 minutes later asked where I was working like he hadn't just been listening to what I was telling him. I was back there speaking to him no longer then 5 minutes. Already canceled my follow up apt and will suggest no one comes here. Save yourself time, money, and the displeasure of dealing with the awful staff and don't come here.

Marina Jones

If I could give him a lower rating I would. His arrogant, and dismissed me. Told me 'You are too young to have these mental issues", and dismissed an important diagnosis that 3 other healthcare providers said I needed to get check. Overall, worst psych. I ever had.

Cary McFarland

Worst healthcare provider in my history of using healthcare providers. Must make a fortune seeing 10-12 patients an hour. Spent a total of 10 minutes with me in 12 visits... Fought for a year to get copies of my records, still not complete. Would give minus-stars if that were possible.

Natural hair

I'm never going back again!

glofly glo

Dr. Al-botros staff is not very friendly, the nurse is friendly. They're not quick to get you back, sometimes it's a really long wait. It is a medium sized room a few books provided for children & a few magazines for adults. If you don't have insurance it is a very expensive session with a Intimidating man that can do a good job but is dismissive to others, partly due to gender. However Dr. Mary S is amazing she isn't so distant more empathetic. She cares about everyone. Oh & just use your own pharmacy. It's never opened when you need it & they avoid relaying your messages to the Doctor. Unnecessarily went without meds a few times.

Wade Pierce

Stay away. Al-Botros prescribed me the wrong medication, so I let him and the office know immediately, CVS called him three times... I couldn't get it fixed for THREE weeks (when my next appointment was setup). If I were suicidal, I would've left him a crappy Google review and offed myself waaaay before getting help/a response from this sad excuse of a psychiatrist. For your own health and safety, go somewhere else.

Edward Jordan

Dr. Al-Botros is a very compassionate and knowledgeable practitioner. He helped my wife during crisis deal with a situation that normally would have required a inpatient hospitalization on an outpatient basis. She was terrified during the ordeal and was greatly relieved to find out that she could rehabilitate on an outpatient basis.

Carly Phillips

I’ve been a patient for about 6 years. I continue to go because Dr. Albotros and Mary Are absolutely amazing. The front desk staff, is as others have said, VERY RUDE. I feel personally offended every time I have to deal with them. There’s a woman with black hair who talks to me like I am so stupid and the biggest inconvenience.


Monica Landeros

james ashlock

Best Dr I've ever been to. He listens, very caring and my medicine is right. Really love this place.

Marilyn T

I saw him 3/2016. It was a long wait, first a long wait for my appointment and then while I waited in the office. Then I went in after being drug screened, which they said they do to everyone. I saw the doctor and he just asked me to explain. So I went into my long history, medications, etc. He just nods. Afterwards he said he is prescribing me something and to get it from the pharmacy in the same office... I was dumbfounded that after all that he has no feedback and is going to prescribe me and have me leave without explaining what he was prescribing me (turns out an anti-psychotic that made me very drowsy to the point I couldn't* work even though I took it before sleeping which I had to stop taking after trying a few days). I tried to get him to talk to me and he was all brevity. Also, he wasn't supposed to recommend the co-located pharmacy, which was one of the papers you sign as a new patient that states the doctor won't and that you aren't required to. It was a terrible experience and thank goodness I see a different psychiatrist now that listens, explains, and works with you. I take medication that works for me and that was fully explained.

Cat Lady

This “mental health professional” asks traumatized women if they were drunk when they were raped, and why they allow men to rape them. Trash

cup cake

BEST DR AND STAFF! They put up with a lot of **** from ungrateful people - This office saved my life.


Outstanding doctor and staff.Love this place and staff.


Staff is very rude! Dr.Al Botros disregards anything that the patients family members have to say!! Over charges. Makes the patient come in every single month when the patient could be seen every three months ! Best advice to anyone who decides to go to this psychiatrists stay far far away from that office and staff!

shalena tillett

The office ladies are trash!!!! They don’t answer the phone, it will ring back to back to back! they are not professional, very rude and rush you off the phone. Don’t call you back, when asking about your own records they sigh and answer with attitude like your bothering them! I will be contacting someone about the behavior experienced in this office. If u can ever get past the front desk without catching a case, the Dr. is a great listener and very attentive.

mary Xyz

Psych Patient

I want to make sure everyone knows that this Dr's office is outstanding. These people who have left negative messages obviously did not get what they wanted! The providers and staff take care of all their patients despite the rude behavior they face with every phone call and or in person experience at the office. I have seen it. Look at the way they leave reviews, poor grammar, negative comments - like having a temper tantrum online.

Kevon Owen

I know and have worked with many of the OKC Drs. Dr. Albotros's level of care and genuine interest in helping his patients sets him apart! He's one of the best!

Linda Burch

I have seen Dr. Albotros for 16 years. I have been to other doctors but he is the best. He listens to you, doesnt rush you out of his office and is very caring. Highly recommend.

Rebecca Herrington

Sharon Moore

First time there, everyone was so nice, but when we got back to his office, he asked my grandson questions about hearing voices and seeing " figures ".... my grandson described the same figures since he was about 8 years old... he even stated that he had conversations with them... I brought the medical records ( copy) with us...gave them to the Dr... he stated that he didn't have time to read them. I told them they were copied just for him to read ...he could keep them.. didn't update his prescriptions. Just told me to watch my grandson to see if he was still seeing and having conversations with these " figures " ( grandson had already said he still did and even described a new one ).... had another appointment for july 25... got a call from his office today ( july3) to remind me of the Thursday appointment... call them back ( after4 tries I finally got the front desk) because they had a different dr down for him to see..the lady on the phone and was very rude.. she informed me that I had called on Monday to change his Monday appointment.. I told her I didn't call on monday that his appointment was on Thursday... she started arguing that I did call because he didn't have a ride on monday, I told her I didn't call ,and his appointment was for that Thursday at 2:15..I asked her about why it was with a different dr.... (a Paula Rother)... I asked was Dr.Adonis Al-Botros was in, that was who he was seeing on his 2nd visit ( the same Dr he saw in June ) she informed me he was in Spain, and I could set up an appointment in Aug... I told her I would find someone else.. they should have called or informed me in June that the dr. would be out of the country in July... never got medicine for my grandson... he was diagnosed when he was 16... hes 18 now, and just moved in with me from another city... and was trying to get his medication updated and changed to a place closer to home... I gave him the records from the other 2 Drs that diagnosed him .... I would advice anyone looking for a Dr. to not go to this one , just from what happened... he didn't seem to care about new patients.... so we ( the therapist and I will be looking for another dr...). Good luck to his " patients " .... be careful, it seems like the front desk get the patients mixed up...

Mary Dugan

If you want a horrible office staff that is consistently rude and OVERCHARGES for paperwork - This is the Doctor to go too. Charged me $25 PER PAGE for my FMLA paperwork. I called around to many offices and found out it is normal for $10 - $25 TOTAL for paperwork to be filled out. Yes this office charged me $100 - or they wouldn't even start the paperwork for me. MONEY HUNGRY - The PA in the office is great and the Dr himself is nice and listens to you, but honestly.... I can't deal with rude people giving me dirty looks and taking advantage of my situation by trying to nickel and dime me to death. I am currently looking for a new Doctor. He is a really nice doctor and knows his medicine, but if you need a doctor who is willing to put more time into your treatment, he's not it. He works at a very busy clinic in okc , and only sees patients 10 minutes a session, and don't be surprised if it's an hour past your appointment time and you still haven't been seen.

Shannon Friedman

As a case worker, I frequently have to take kids in DHS custody for medical appointments, and am very familiar with this office. The nurse practitioner is excellent, but the office staff is not only unprofessional, they can be downright mean. On a good day, they're merely inattentive and unhelpful. Most of the time, you'll be snapped at or hung up on for trying to ask a question. I wish Paula would move to a better office, she's great with the kids.

Nathan Sparks

November Bowden

Ariele Betterton

One of the worst psychiatrists I've ever had. I had a bad reaction to one of the meds he prescribed me for ADHD after he refused to help me get back on my old regimen that worked for me. My reaction left me bedridden for a few days and heavily fatigued, and when I had to be assisted through the door to his office, he took my blood pressure, wrote all of my side effects off as anxiety, and ordered me to stop all my medicines and take a drug test. It was insulting and frustrating.

Michael Albotros

Jacqueline Underwood

Takes time with patients and definitely worth the wait.

Jeremiah Fox

Well no matter what you go in for... more than likely Dr. Al Batros will have an ssri or ssi medication for you. First thing they do is a super hateful woman at the desk will rudely throw her outstretched hand out of the reception window for co-pay with little or no instruction. After you wait for awhile a staff member will call you back for a UA test. Then you will get scrutinized badly and treated like a moron for 5-10 minutes before he throws an antidepressant at you. I wasn’t there for depression, never have suffered from clinical depression so I don’t know what that was about. He also had another person (whom I still have no idea who he was) sit in on my consultation even though I wasn’t comfortable with it. Horrible experience. Won’t ever go back.


Cassie Ferrell

Honestly love Dr. Al Botros and Dr. Mary Schlect, but the front desk staff are probably some of the most rude, unprofessional receptionists I’ve ever encountered. The nurse and doctors are so nice that it’s a shame the face of their office is so frustrating.

Pashen Bennett

My son has been coming to Dr. AL-Botros for almost 3 years now and he is excellent! Staff is absolutely wonderful and always very helpful and efficient!!!

CandiceRio .

My first appointment was an hour behind because they were understaffed. He only spent maybe 15 minutes with me and asked all of the questions from the forms I already spent 30 minutes filling out. Then he upped the dose of a med I was already on. I thought well maybe they were just really busy and I should go to the next appointment. Well I developed a skin rash and itching from the upped dose. I called the office and left a message asking what I should do or if he wanted to change the prescription. No response all day. I tried calling a few more times later on and got a busy signal. Finally got their voicemail again at 4pm. Tried to call again the next morning busy signal again. Waited til 3:30 the next day with no response still. I was able to get their voicemail again so I just told them to cancel my next appointment... Hope they get that message. Update: Got a call back an hour after leaving the message about cancelling my appointment. WOW. This woman started with an accusatory tone that I didn't leave my name with the first message. Never once did she say sorry someone didn't get back with you or anything of that nature. It was my fault that I didn't give her enough information for her to call me back. NOT TRUE, I know for a fact that I left my name, birthday, and phone number because I am not an idiot and know that all doctors offices need this information. Let's pretend that I didn't leave enough time in between the beep and my name got cut out of the message... ok so you should have at least had the phone number and then the reason for the call. So after she told me that I didn't leave my name so she couldn't call me back, she asked me why did you call? OK... I had a rash and itching all weekend and needed to know what to do about the situation. Because I hadn't heard back from them, I decided to go back to my original dosage. After I did that, the rash and itching went away. This woman then tells me, with an attitude you wouldn't believe, "So you spontaneously changed your dose on what medication?" Unbelievable. That question told me a few things, you have no clue what the doctor did with my medications, you believe that I am just thinking I should be in charge of my own medications and do as I please, it is possible that you didn't listen or care to my logic behind changing the dose, and you are an incredibly rude person that clearly hates her job. What a waste of time, now I have to wait till another doctor can see me to try and get myself on the right path. It is a shame that you people are handling mental health issues. I can't imagine that this treatment would be right for anyone. Do not waste your time with this dirty office that has a rude receptionist and doctors that are too busy to actually help you. If St. Anthony's makes an appointment for you to see this office because someone else is out of your network, please, please do the research yourself and know who is in your network and read reviews.

Jerzee Noggle

This has been the worst experience ever, when they do decide to answer phones, they are rude, short and don’t care to help. I’m dissatisfied with my experience with Albotros as well, very cold and monotone, unwelcoming energy. I would never recommend this place to anyone.


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