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REVIEWS OF PsychBC of Avon IN Ohio

Alexander Smith

Mariah Quinn

Ryan Hunt

Kandeise Thomas

Zoe Millard

lisa falkenstein

Great experiences with the Avon office. Highly recommend!

Drips DG

Charlotte Wenneman

Dani Roder

Emily Borocz-Johnson

Maya Chaaban

Brian Reed

Patrick Burchell

Therapist Kim Hardy kicked my suicidal brother out of a group therapy. From what he told me she lacked the basic training in Carl Roger's Humanistic theory. Rude and apathetic. I tried contacting the company and they completely ignored me. Kicking out a suicidal patient is to me unbelievable. I had to watch him until he could see a psychiatrist to make sure he didn't harm himself.


Sharon DeColibus

Great counseling; unfortunately, counselors seem to come and go too much.

Noone Inparticular

When I came to this place I thought, "it's going to be so great to finally be diagnosed and have my problems dealt with instead of acting like they don't hurt me." Boy was I wrong. Since this place seems to have a zero tolerance policy for missed appointments, I am gonna have a zero tolerance policy for them. The appointment I missed was in February, on the day of primaries last year. I thought I would go to my second appointment and it would be a fantastic day. Nope, the person taking me would have required a jackhammer to wake up and I had no way of cancelling. Apparently it took them 17 months to say that our "relationship"was terminated, even though i called last week to make an appointment and i was supposedly fine, and the person who called for me a week earlier also said that an appointment would be made. So basically, their secrataries know nothing about the patients status with their doctor or therapist, so we basically wasted overa year of my life waiting for a diagnosis that will likely never happen. Thank you PsychBC, you reminded me to never trust anyone.

Jenever Utsey

Hailey Standen

Kim is the best!! She’s very open minded and always helps me put a smile on my face, even if I go in with a frown! All the office workers are super nice as well! I would recommend to anyone looking for a good support system.

Tami Marquardt

Meghan McCarthy

Caitlin Jones

David Ramirez

Upon entering the office of Dr. Christopher A Wright he told me that I was "clearly agitated". I didn't feel that way at all. I was feeling nervous, scared and vulnerable as I had never met this person in my life. I was in his office for maybe 10 minutes and was attempting to describe to him what one of my manic states was like. I was using the metaphor of the feeling one has after being on a roller coaster to express the elated feeling of a bipolar manic state. Out of NOWHERE he looked at me and said "YOU KNOW WHAT... WERE ARE DONE HERE!!!". At first I thought this was some kind of tough therapy. He then stood up opened the door and told me that I was being "EXTREMELY RUDE" to him and to "GET OUT OF MY OFFICE!!!" Note: in his bio it stated that he specializes in Bipolar treatment. Completely shocked at how I could be rude to someone I had never met before, I repeatedly asked him "what are you talking about? rude how?" He just kept reiterating that I had been "VERY RUDE AND TO GET OUT NOW!!!". I went to the reception desk and asked if I could speak to an office manager. I was told there was none. He then came back out of his office where I stated that "I was sorry if I came across as rude". Something I probably should not have said because his response was. "OH SO YOUR ADMITTING YOU WERE RUDE"!!!. At this point he was yelling in my face. I stated "Wait... You told me I was rude." I was not admitting to anything. He again told me to "GET OUT NOW" and said that I needed to leave out of the back door. I got into my car and balled my eyes out like I hadn't done in 20 years (I am a 48 year old man and I consider myself to be pretty tough) I thought to myself "Wow I must really be a piece of s*** if a professional treated me like that". (don't worry that feeling left me soon because I am a pretty rational guy). His type of behavior could potentially cause someone to have a mental break; possibly encouraging someone to take their own life or worse take out the lives of others like we have seen in these mass shootings. I feel that Psychbc is risking serious damages to the patient and the community resulting in possible legal action. Christoper A Wright has 100% no business practicing psychiatry. He is dangerous and needs to be blacklisted so this kind of treatment does not happen to anyone else.

Tina Vance

Michael Louis

I would ABSOLUTELY NOT go to Christopher Wright at the Avon Clinic. I can't attest to his knowledge of mental health, But I can say he was not there for my brother when he needed help the most and in reality was unkind, curt, and unsympathetic. He turned my brother away as you would to a door to door salesman. Lack of empathy is not something you want in a psychiatrist, especially if you're looking to help you or your loved one's mental health. And frankly I think he needs to do a little Self Examination on himself before he continues in his practice. Find someone else otherwise you're just getting another Textbook Shrink who knows nothing about the human condition


Great therapy sessions with a wide variety of options depending on your style

Savannah Starkey

Kathleen Marincic

patricia white

I am very pleased with the doctors here. I am finally getting my health under control. I am always treated with respect by the receptionist and the doctors. I would definitely recommend psychbc to anyone in need of a good doctor. My doctor is Patty Rodgers and I just love her. She is very sweet and makes me feel at ease.

Lauren Matras

Tried calling for an appointment and they never answered.

Karen Koenig

Amazing therapists, clinicians, therapy groups! I love the trauma groups that Kim Hardy facilitates, her dedication and insights are very valuable to my recovery and I am sure others. The whole company is beyond my expectations, I would refer everyone to go there.

Dan Kelsch

E Peterson

Tony .

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