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REVIEWS OF Wake Psychiatry IN North Carolina

Karen Herbin-davis

Everybody here is absolutely fabulous, courteous, caring, compassionate and professional. Have referred all my friends here. Dr. Tolin is the BOMB!

Kimberly Mugno

I have been going to see Dr. Tolin at Wake Psychiatry for 4 years now. The entire staff has been great and very professional. Dr. Tolin was able to diagnosis a problem that others misdiagnosed for years. She is very understanding, willing to help and listens which is the best thing that you could ask for in a Dr.

Shawn Sell

Dr Fields does a wonderful job treating my teenage daughter, who is a complicated case. Strongly recommend.

Joanna Carroll

Karen is very patient, kind and understanding. You can tell she truly wants to help. She helped me find a good therapist. The staff is great and the waiting room is soothing.

Lu Ann Rudolph

Cannot say enough about Karen. She listens and has a remarkable talent for sumation. Professional, yet welcoming in a relaxed atmosphere.

Tawny Cohen

If I could leave zero stars, I would. I have been to Wake Psychiatry 3 times in the past 3 months to see Matthew Feinberg. My first appointment I get there on time but have to wait 25 minutes past my appointment time. He apologized about making me wait, I was a little annoyed but let it go. My second appointment I get there on time and end up waiting 30 minutes past my appointment. Another empty apology and excuse. I am a little angry now but just let it go. My third appointment is what prompted me to write this review. I get there 9 minutes late. And they won’t see me at all. They say I arrived to late. I tell them that I have had to wait 30 minutes past my appointment but they won’t take me 9 minutes past? Seriously? So she proceeds to call me a liar and say that never happens. Even though it’s happened to me TWICE. This place does not care about their patients and I would advise that you go somewhere else that will actual care about your well being and your time.

janina johannes

Very pleasant front office staff! Really impressed with the medical staff as well! I am a pretty new patient, but already plan to stay on here!

Debbie Campbell

Love Dr. Tolin and the front end staff. Nothing is ever too much trouble for them and they always return calls quickly.

Carrie London

The most wonderful care and I feel like my mental health is truly a priority. Dr Tolin and Karen Day are the best!

Laura Balow

Dr. Tolin and her staff are wonderful. I have been with Dr. Tolin since 2008, and she has guided me through my struggles and celebrations. Her staff is top notch and has fought the insurance companies for me left and right. They think about each patient. They knew I was having a difficult time getting a band name drug approved through my insurance and did all of the necessary paperwork and even found me a coupon to bring the price down after insurance covered what little they did. These people stand up for their patients and have their best interests in mind. They want everyone to be safe, and have the appropriate treatment.

nicole kassebaum

Karen Day has been my NP since January of this year. I have followed her to the practice Wake Psychiatry and LOVE the new place. She has gone above and beyond to help me when I need it. Its been hard finding a person who genuinely cares about me rather than shoving medications down my throat and sending me out the door.

Sarah Jane Christenson

Just had my evaluation with Karen Day, FNP. She's a lovely soul with compassion and quite a bit of smarts. I feel confident in her care, and look forward to some positive changes in myself! Definitely recommend.

Luz Buitrago

paul mcswain

Dr Brown is a great psychiatrist and very easy to talk to.

Karen Medley

Mary has done a great job with my daughter and her depression. My daughter looks forward to her therapy session with Mary. Mary is such a caring, loving provider to her patients.

Shawn Smart

This is such a great doctor's office, I have seen two different providers here and I am very satisfied with the care I have received so far. Also worth mentioning, when we had the snow last week their staff was contacting me even when their office was closed! They truly care about their patients!

Amy Jackson

Dr. Karen Day is AMAZING!!! She and I connected initially outside of her professional setting. In general conversation I shared ongoing concerns my husband and I were having with our 8 year old son, previous findings from his then child psychologist and things we had tried to help him overcome his struggles. Immediately, she was able to reassure and comfort me that we were NOT alone and that help was available. She offered help should we want it. We scheduled an appointment for our son to see Dr. Day and we cannot say enough how grateful we are for her. She and my son connected well and he absolutely loves her. She understands his needs, is real with him, and a mutual respect exists (on a child appropriate level, of course, which is amazing)!!! There has also been a necessity to contact Dr. Day after hours and she was very timely in response and help when needed most. Dr. Day, the Lord sent you to our family. We love you and appreciate you more than you will EVER know!!!

Erin Scrimshaw

I see NP Karen Day and she is AMAZING! Thorough, answers all of your questions, and gets back to you right away if you leave a message for her. Front desk is great, too. Always tries to work with your schedule. Bottom line: a medical office that actually cares!

Luminecentmoon .

Super helpful, saved me majorly! Good choice everytime, they know what they are doing!

Amanda Levy

Karen Day has provided our son with options to assist mood swings while creating a well-rounded plan for his complex personality. Being a mother who was hesitant to medicate for so long, I wholeheartedly believe we are in good hands with Karen. She is extremely knowledgeable, and creates a warm and caring environment for her patients. Even when a slight issue came up with our pharmacy running out of medication, Karen immediately jumped in to make sure the situation was handled properly. Update: After what began as a positive experience, our time at this office took a turn about 6 months ago. Not only did the fees go up, even when our insurance did not change, our experience with Karen changed dramatically. Between the passive aggressive/judgmental comments and the lack of empathy, we decided to change providers. Not only did the mood change but requests being made by our provider required me to get multiple opinions which only validated our desire to switch psychiatrist.

Nicole Smith

I called to make an appt and was told to fill out documents online and someone will call me back. So after I filled out and submitted all my paperwork I received a call but had to call back. When I did i was told I had to wait 3 weeks for an appt for new patient, but the website states they do next day appts. The lady then told me with most places I have to wait 3 weeks I told that is untrue all the other places had availability within one week, and I will go to another place she said ok in such a nonchalant tone. UPDATE: I just called and was told it's normally a 3 month wait for new patients, all other appts are for established patients. This is terrible service.

Caitlin Kline

I have been a patient of Dr. Tolin's for 10+ years and have always been pleased with my experience in relation to clinical treatment and customer service.

Chiqui Mama

This practice has been through a lot and they still rock!! Sometime in July their building had a fire and they were not able to get back in to see patients in that building. That same week I had an appointment and they relocated to a temporary setting. Then in August I had another appointment... they were still not back in their regular building and had relocated to ANOTHER temporary location. The admin staff was always clear in communicating where I should go for my appointments. For the first move they emailed and I confirmed by replying to the email. The second move, they emailed me, but I did not reply... LOL they called me left a voice mail, AND then I also got a text, just to make sure I knew where to go. Thank you! They moved like gypsies but boy, do they have smooth operations! I have to hand it to them. I would have crumbled if this happened to me.

Karen B

Very impressed with Karen Day, PA who has been assisting our family and my teenager during a difficult transitional time. From the first visit, she was action-oriented, efficient, and compassionate. She went above and beyond to communicate with us this past weekend, as we are facing some tight deadlines, regarding paperwork for program placement.

Taylor Greene

This local guide does NOT recommend Wake Psychiatry. Here's a few reasons why: Went here for a year or so. Initially was beneficial; however, I arrived maybe 5 minutes late one day and got the 'be grateful we're seeing you' attitude even after I said I'm still paying full-time and I'll just leave at the normal time. Could tell the therapist didn't want to see me at all the whole time which felt like the other sessions were disingenuous. Here's the 1 star reasoning -- My therapist was out so they put me with another only to find out months later in a bill that that therapist was OUT-OF-NETWORK. That's a BIG NO NO! I was not made aware of it nor consented to be seen by someone who was out-of-network. They admitted fault and said they got rid of that employee, so I asked if I could just get my overpayment last time and be done. Nope, I still OWED THEM due to 'insurance regulations' that somehow requires a patient to pay even if service was given erroneously. Strange because that happened at another practice, and they charged me nothing. Well they got two things from me. 1) My money. 2) A brutally honest review

C Co

I'm so happy I found this place, from making an appointment to meeting Mrs. Day has been awesome! The girls in the front are so helpful and very informative that they have made things so easy on me. I recently started seeing Mrs. Day and she has been nothing but great to me. She is very compassionate, helpful and easy going. I'm so appreciative for the girls in the front and for everything Mrs. Day has done for me so far.

Brandon Greene

I've been a patient here for about 3 months seeing Karen Day to address my ADD symptoms. My experience with Wake Psych and Karen have been great! The office staff that I've interacted with have been nothing but courteous and professional! Karen has been very kind and respectful about everything we've discussed. She's very good at explaining the "why's" and"how's" things are working vs how they should work, as well as presenting the different options available to correct the issues. She doesn't push anything! She takes your feedback and concerns and balances those with her recommendations. I'm now on a stable schedule with follow-ups every three months, and that's because she did a great job of asking the right questions, listening, and addressing the issues! Highly recommended! For anyone who's concerned/upset about not getting quick results, just remember that addressing these types of issues is a process that can take a while, and possibly involve some trial and error to find what works for you. Be patient with the process, honest and accurate with your feedback, and you'll get there!

Megan Southard

The medical team and staff at Wake Psychiatry are helpful and knowledgeable. The online portal makes it easy to access records, get new appointments, and send messages without having to wait for office hours. The office staff is organized, pleasant, and efficient. Karen Day takes the time to really listen to her patients and asks follow-up questions before making a conclusion. She explains the reasoning behind her decisions and asks for patient input before offering her opinion. She is incredibly patient and kind and makes it easy to talk. I would definitely recommend this office and the medical team.


First-class practice. Was able to fill out first patient document online, and save time in the office filling that out. First appointment with NP was a couple of weeks out but receptionist encouraged me to get on the cancellation list. Got a call the same day for an appointment the following day :)

Susan Anne

The waiting room is very pleasant and relaxing. The office staff is excellent and I feel welcomed.

MaryBeth S

My Dauther in law has had a really hard time since having her baby. I have seen a difference in her since she started seeing the doctor there. Had she not started with this practice her marriage and life would have fallen apart. I have hope that she will be the same cheerful and strong woman she used to be. Thank you for all you do!

Erica E

I saw Matt Feinburg at Wake Psychiatry for several sessions. I was frustrated in session 1 due to the lack of empathy and lack of understanding around my symptoms and severity. I was prescribed many unhelpful medications like buspar and gabbapentin that did nothing to treat my symptoms. I have since switched Cary Psychiatry and am much happier with the care I received.

Shanice J.O.

I love this place everyone is so nice and the staff there make you feel like your the most important person there. I promise you if you decide you need mental health help or just need someone to talk to go here id give this place 10 if i could ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Kimberly Schoolcraft

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Wake Psychiatry is the best place to start!

Michelle Wright

I have been a patient of Dr. Tolin's since early 2011. I use to sing her praises to everyone I knew and recommend her to everyone who needed psychiatric care. However, over the last 3 years I have become more and more dissatisfied with her care and have made the decision to leave her care and find another provider. For the last few years I have been telling her that I feel like my medication needs to be tweaked, that I am not emotionally or mentally where I would like to be. She just brushes it off and says, "Well at least you are not depressed." She also always answers me with, "You need to see a therapist." Even after seeing a therapist and the therapist telling me I don't need counseling anymore because I have learned how to handle anxiety well from a coping mechanism stand point, Dr. Tolin still continues to tell me to see a therapist. This last time I went to see her I took my husband with me to be an outside person's prospective to try to get Dr. Tolin to see that something is wrong with my medications, I am having rapid mood swings. She completely ignored my husband's concerns and gave me the same answer that she has given me for the last 3 years. She used to be very personable and seemed to really care. Ever since she bought out the practice she has become more and more disconnected and cold. I have seen another provider, of whom I am very satisfied because he actually listed to my concerns. I was misdiagnosed by Dr. Tolin, as I thought might be the case. While she did help me in the beginning, it seems like all she wants to do now is keep my medications the same, continue to have me come in every 2 months and collect my money. Be warned!!

Salena Tyson

Karen Day has been extremely understanding and knowledgeable. I most appreciate her ability to put the patient’s need and desires first. She really takes the time to understand her patients before recommending a treatment plan. She is knowledgeable of all options available for treatment and works with me to determine what fits best for me. I am so grateful I found Karen because I have tried several professionals and never was happy with my treatment plan until I starting seeing Karen.

Kelsey Mirkin

Karen Day is incredible. Initially I was nervous for the appointment as a new patient. However, she is so knowledgeable, and approachable with great recommendations and experience. She has proactive plans for you as a patient, and a beautiful/comfortable office space. I highly recommend her.

Monica Perez

Horrible experience. Front staff was NOT friendly and I was told to "quickly" fill out my paperwork and I was a NEW patient. Dr. Tolin was rude, judgmental and non-sympathetic. Stay clear of this place!!

Amy Revue

Dr. Tolin is an exceptional psychiatrist. She is down to earth and easy to talk to. She is wise beyond her years, knowledgeable, and highly intelligent. She has a true gift not every psychiatrist possesses. She has helped me so much and I am so thankful. I cannot say enough about her.

Suzanne Stanard

Every person I've dealt with at this practice has been helpful and kind, from the front office staff to the practitioners. I've worked with Karen Day and Kellie Tolin, and they're both wonderful. Highly recommend.

Norwood H

I have seen 2 different doctors here at Wake Psychiatry and could not be more pleased. Mary is top notch. Aside from my medical issues, I am a hard person to deal with and the ladies up front and sweet and kind to me no matter what.

Helen Lewis Gibbs

I've had a great experience with Dr. Tolin and her office staff in addressing my needs associated with post partum anxiety/depression. The staff has been friendly and helpful, calling repeatedly with appointment options when I've needed to see Dr. Tolin sooner than scheduled. Dr. Tolin has been interested, thoughtful in her recommendations, and educated in her knowledge of medication options to find the right fit to both address my symptoms while also minimizing side effects.

Eric Suncin

I recommend this place. Excellent practice with experience professionals. The members of the front desk are always accommodating and super helpful as well. Craig Kasek and Karen Day never hesitate to assist by any means necessary. They have helped so much.

Jessica Brown

CJ Collins

I have been seeing Mary Hartsell for quite sometime and have always had a positive experience. Mary really takes the time to build strong relationships with her patients. I highly recommend seeing her!

Laura Kelsey Bartlett

I had an overall great experience with Wake Psychiatry - from the front desk staff to Karen Day. Karen listened to me and made me feel like she actually cared and understood me. She had many options in terms of medications and wanted to hear my input on each before we decided what would work best for me. I look forward to working with her more.

Karmen Turlington

I've been a patient of Dr. Tolin's for several years. Highly recommend her practice!

Aron Mikelzon

Can’t speak for all providers. But MATTHEW FEINBERG is terrible! Will give you meds in an effort to use their SIDE EFFECTS to treat your condition to avoid using actual psychiatric drugs. When it doesn’t work for you and you ask for an alternative he will reply with a request to schedule ANOTHER APPOINTMENT. The appointment wait time is 1 month keep in mind. What obvious greed and corruption to make more money. SHAME SHAME SHAME. I know multiple people who have gone to him with the exact same response to wait to schedule an appointment. Absolutely no care for anyone’s wellbeing who may be in pain. God forbid someone who saw you was going to hurt themself or worse. You should have your license taken away or sent to prison!

Sherif Matta

The whole office with its team members all of them have been nothing but a good experience to me. I am Dr. Tolin Patient, for like 8 or 9 years now. I was actually very surprised when I read those reviews. Dr. Tolin is an excellent doctor she is an excellent listener, and if you need her to call you leave a message and follow instruction she will call you back for sure Patients must understand to follow her instructions just like in any other office/business. She's very organized, and busy and likes punctual timing bc she has back to back appointments which is simple and no one should have a problem with it. In my case she has helped me overcome my problems and still sees me and return calls if needed. I strongly suggest if you need a good doc in the this field she's the best bc she will tell you as it is for your own good to get better.

Maria Smith

I have been seeing Dr. Tolin for several years. The bad reviews that she is getting seem to be from patients that have lack of respect for a doctor's time. Going to a Psychiatrist is not the same as going to your regular PCP or dentist where the standard of care is for the patient to wait for hours to be seen... When you go to see Dr Tolin you can expect to be seen exactly at your appointment time. Having patients arrive late is not fair to the other patients that are after you. If you are looking for a new Psychiatrist, rest assured that Dr. Tolin is excellent in every way and cares about her patients as I have seen this first hand for a long time

Johnathan Byerly

While Matt was nice enough, I would never recommend him. I came in on the recommendation of my therapist for assistance with anxiety. We played drug round-robin - being off-label prescribed nerve meds, blood pressure meds, and even seizure meds. When I pressed for actual anxiety meds, I ended up on an anti-depressant and gained 20+ pounds. It felt like my options were "let's use a side-effect of another drug" or "here's what the drug rep recommends". When I asked to meet with a different Nurse Practitioner, was told that wasn't possible. Instead, I'd have to wait nearly 2 months to meet with the doctor overseeing the practice. Went to a different practice, was placed on a non-addictive anti-anxiety med that was 1/5 the cost with the first visit. Also taught some breathing and other coping mechanisms. World of difference. Won't be going back.

Michelle Kearney

The staff are polite and warm. I have not had a bad experience with them at all and i have been seen by them for over 6 months. I really love the fact they are a smaller office.

Jenny Pehrson

I've been going to Dr. Tolin for way too long and I knew better. Someone here said she was rude and judgmental and I felt the same way from the first appt. I was having issues with medication though so I just wanted to get back to feeling ok and I ignored my gut. Went back and just let her talk about herself every appointment. She suggested adding Wellbutrin to my Prozac and gave me the XL which I've now heard is a pretty aggressive choice. I told her at our followup that I'd been clenching my teeth. Her answer was that I just needed to break myself of it. It took my husband pointing out the connection and timing of the Wellbutrin. I called and she gave me a different formulation but it was too late. The damage was done and now I have a broken root of my tooth and need an implant. Always follow your gut about a psychiatrist and don't learn the hard way like I have.

Seth Golden

I just started going to Wake Psychiatry and have been impressed. Are willing to work with you, try new medications and listens to your thoughts and concerns.

Ashley Morris

I have been visiting this practice for several years and they are ALWAYS so helpful, kind, and knowledgeable! It isn't hard to see that the staff cares about not only what they do but who they do it for. It's a great thing to have a trusted team of medical professionals when dealing with illnesses (and the pains of dealing with things such as insurance companies). Highly recommended!

Aleida Alfonso

I saw Mary Hartsel, who is by far the least competent professional I have ever had the displeasure of working with. It took her months to remember that I go by a nickname. She constantly bashed my therapist. And the icing on the cake was that when my dog passed away, she asked if she prescribed that dog to me! Which one, she never prescribed me a dog, and two, certainly not my dog that I'd had for years and had shared that I was worried about my aforementioned dog's declining health. I was constantly let down by this provider. She gave me expired coupons for medicines that cost $1000 after insurance and she constantly was confused about which medication she had prescribed to me before. And finally, I tell Wake Psychiatry that I want a different provider and they said they will not switch me to anyone else in the office and that I will just have to seek services somewhere else. I'm disappointed that they're more dedicated to a lousy NP than they are to the treatment of patients.

Bob King

Dr. Tolin helped me find the best medications for my particular problems, and for that, I shall always be grateful. She helped me get my life back. Her staff has always been extremely courteous and helpful with smiles on their faces. I would definitely recommend this practice to others. Donna King

Jessica Fruend

Easy to schedule, with text reminders for appointments. Karen Day listens very well to her patients.

Andrew Wright

Michael W

I've been seeing Dr. Tolin since November of 2007. Having PTSD, I was going through two and three t-shirts a night. With time and no-bull therapy, I have spent the better part of the last five years waking up in the same t-shirt I go to bed in. Dr. Tolin is the first of ten therapists I've seen that I connected with from the start. I was raised that if you're not three minutes early you're late. I get seen on-time. We start on time, we end on time. Her clinical skills extend beyond psychiatry and she remembers all of her medical knowledge well enough that I feel confident in trusting her with my medication regimen. My meds have been reduced in number over the years and I am on very few and very effective medications. I would recommend that anyone who is serious about their mental health, who wants to be pro-active, who wants to be on-time and most of all who wants to get better give her a chance to help.

Tina Mozingo

Jennifer S

After having tried numerous psychiatrists, I was glad to find Dr Tolin. She is the reason I have my life back. Overall, I give Wake Psychiatry a 5: Dr Tolin is great, the practice is clean and neat, parking is never a problem, I have not had issues with insurance or billing and the admin girls are welcoming.

Lucy Brown

I recently became a new patient here. I was greeted with a warm and friendly smile by Craig at the reception desk. I have been to several doctors offices and never been greeted like this before. Once I went back with my doctor, they took the time to actually ask me what was going on. I felt like a patient and not just another paycheck. I would highly recommend this place.

Jennifer Johnson

Wake Psychiatry, more specifically Dr Kellie Tolin, has been a god send to me and my family. Having PTSD I was on the brink of self destruction and my marriage suffered until Dr Tolin saved me. As a patient of any medical facility you make appointments for a reason, the biggest part of your care plan is ensure you are early or on time. When you come in late by 20 minutes you are delaying someone who was on time. There is a sign stating if you are 10 minutes or more you need to reschedule. I admire Dr Tolin and her staff for sticking to that. Be on time! That is a huge part of your care plan. Is it ok for you to be late for work? Same principle. As far as the front office staff Juanita and Zulema are kind and very helpful. Stop bashing staff and physicians for ADHERING to practices Policies. Grow up people.

t cahill

Matt has to be the nicest person there is. I have been seeing Matt for a while now, I followed him from another practice and even though this new location is further distance than the previous one, it it well worth the drive. Matt is calm cool and collected and an amazing health care provider. I am blessed to have found such an amazing person to take care of my Mental Health! If you are looking someone to manage your Meds look no further folks. Matt is the man to see.

Jessica Kemp

I don’t even know where to start, but I do know the staff at Wake psychiatry are absolutely amazing. We seen Karen Day, and let me tell you she is hands down the best! Over the years we have seen serval DR’s, and none hold a torch to her. She listens, explains why she feels what she does when it comes to meds. If they don’t work, she readjust so they do. My brother has never been comfortable around female DR’s and counselors...but he absolutely loves her! She is so warm, and welcoming! You know you have a great DR when you are willing to travel from another state every two months just to see her! We are sad to leave such an amazing office!

Misti Jones

I have only had positive experiences here. My son first saw one of the psychiatrists here and when I was referenced here myself, they were careful to not schedule me with the same physician my son sees so I started seeing Dr.Tolin. She is so easy to talk to and so friendly! I was very impressed with the amount of history she asked and documented during our first appointment and the fact that I never have to repeat information makes me glad that I was scheduled as a patient of Dr. Tolin's. I never have a problem with the time issues in other reviews. Dr. Tolin is prompt but never anything but professional about it and even if we get close to time, she doesn't cut me off to rush me out the door. People need to realize that everyone's time is just as important as their own - and that include the patients with the appointments right after theirs.

Diane Lynn

Can't say enough good things about Dr. Tolin. Have been to multiple psychiatrist throughout my adult life and she is by far my favorite. Very easy to talk to. Genuinely interested in you & your life. I feel like she's an old friend who really knows me.

Jeff Speight

My son is a patient of Karen Day and we are very pleased with her services. She has him on a great regiment in which we are seeing great progress. I highly recommend Wake Psychiatry

Annette Dowdy

my last 2 visits have gone better. I have to leave home REALLY EARLY for my apointment. you CANNOT be late! You CANNOT go to the BATHROOM!! I was told to leave home earlier! This past visit I felt I needed to go to bathroom but I would not go. Sure enough when I was called back, I needed to go, but I held it. Not fond of office workers. I was told I could not telephone them. I have to email. But Dr. Tolin was nice this past visit!

Ken Byrd

The entire staff at Wake Psychiatry is very professional, friendly, and willing to answer any question you might have. Dr. Tolin and her staff all go above and beyond making your experience at Wake Psychiatry a great one! Highly recommend!!!

Jeff Gregory

These people don't have a clue as to how to run a psych practice. I paid $100 for out of network after they told me they accepted my insurance on the phone, and I was seen by a NP, not a Psychiatrist. My illness is complex, and it takes a psychiatrist to understand it. If I wanted a nurse, I'd go to the Red Cross. He even had the audacity to try and talk me out of a PTSD diagnosis I have had for ten years! This little guy was a joke. The receptionist argued with every point I made, and even TALKED OVER ME. What an insult. I won't be back.

Jonathan Forsythe

I just wanted to let whoever is in charge know how pleased I am with this doctors office. It took a lot of courage to finally admit to my self that I needed help with my anxiety. It’s caused a lot of problems with my work and with my family. I was scared and nervous to call and make an appointment. I didn’t know where to start or what to ask. Lauren answered the phone and talked me through the process of getting an appointment. She was so kind and had a gentle spirit. She said if i had any questions in the mean time that i could just call and ask for her. I was very relieved at how easy it was. I look forward to my appointment which wasn’t how I felt before calling in.

Amber Wilson

This place is a joke. Don’t waste your time here. It is a waste of time and money. I feel cheated by Karen Day and her staff. I regret ever coming here. Don’t bother trying to contact her because trying to get a hold of her is like running a marathon. You get tired and run down. A real professional who actually cares about their patients would actually return your calls and voicemails. Oh and they also would not send you a letter in the mail saying they won’t treat you anymore even though they saw you less than a week ago and acted like everything was normal. Like I said. Pick someone who actually cares. Thanks Karen and staff for adding unnecessary stress to my life when you are supposed to help. Never again.

Flora Hight

Karen Day is so professional and always works with my schedule. She is pleasant, kind, and understanding. The staff are friendly as well and the office atmosphere is welcoming. It is so hard to find an overall good practice and this one definitely exceeds my expectations!

Elliot Shapiro

Even though I am no longer a patient, I kept receiving bills from a doctor no longer with the practice. After Juanita calmed me down, she was extremely helpful and fully took care of the matter. It is so nice to know there are still doctor's offices out there that will help you when things are going badly. Thank you Wake Psych --- and especially Juanita!

Steven Brown

Called to make an appt as a new client, was told the earliest they could see me was 5 months out..

John Tyler

I would like to commend Wake Psychiatry for a seamless transition with Dr. Mary Hartsell from my old practice. Dr. Hartsell and the office staff are all amazing. Highly recommended.

black mamba

Won't be giving this place my time or government funding. But, reading from the past patients experiences, it doesn't appear as though they'll need anymore patronage. They have plenty to keep their pockets lined with gold!

Anna Powell

I have had such an outstanding experience at Wake Psychiatry! Dr. Day is wonderful and I would highly recommend seeing her!

Ron Creitz

Although I am not a patient at Wake Psychiatry, I feel compelled to leave a review as this is a great health care office all around. I am a referral coordinator for a primary care office, finding good healthcare offices to send our patients to is a hit or miss... however, we have found a gem in Wake Psychiatry. The staff is extremely efficient and we dont worry if the referrals will be handled appropiately. When patients return to follow up with their PCP they have nothing but great things to say about the provider they saw and the support staff too.

E Pilgrim NC

I started seeing Karen Day after losing my mother to Alzheimer's. After many "one visit Drive by's" I've finally found someone with a fresh perspective as well as an established record of helping those in need. She is always present in our sessions and I'm made to feel as though I'm her only client. Her empathy for others runs deep and her clinical experience enables her to approach her patients from a 360 degree whole person perspective. I'm so glad that she is now with Wake psychiatry!

Karen Roberts

What a wonderful team, the staff is great and I love Dr. Day, she has been so helpful, compassionate and she really listens to you. I was not sure about going to a psychiatrist at first but I'm so glad I did. Thank you Dr. Day!

Will Price

I am very pleased with the practice as a whole. The office staff went above and beyond to show me that I was welcome. Craig greeted me with a smile. There were issues with my insurance that Lauren helped figure out. I had to get blood taken at my last appointment and was nervous. Rebecca was patient and talked me right through it. I would highly recommend trusting your care with this group.

Denise Auger

One of the best run practices I have ever experienced. Administrative office is patient, kind, efficient. Treatment is great. Highly recommend Wake Psych.

Shayleh McCafferty

I have had the most pleasant experiences with the staff at Wake Psychiatry. I felt like Karen Day explained everything to me after a crisis in a calm way that helped me greatly. I highly recommend Wake Psychiatry.

Monica Smith

Wake Psychiatry has gone severely downhill in the past few years. I have been a patient there for over 5 years but I now will be going elsewhere. 2 months ago I was seen and was told I needed to be seen in 2 weeks to check on a new medicine I was given. They didn’t have any appointments in 2 weeks so I made an appointment for a month out. That appointment got cancelled, so I made another appointment and that one got cancelled as well because the provider “wanted to go home early”. I then made a THIRD appointment for two months past when I was supposed to be seen, and when it came time for my appointment they claimed I never made one. I made yet ANOTHER appointment, and today I got a call saying this one has been cancelled because my provider no longer wants to work Fridays. Do yourself a favor and find an office that cares about patients and is competent enough to do their jobs.

Lindsey Judd

I've been very happy with my experience at Wake Psychiatry. All the staff are friendly, professional and knowledgeable. The atmosphere of the office is relaxing. I definitely recommend this place.

M. C.

Each time I call in or go to Wake Psychiatry I have wonderful experience. The girls at front are sweet, and accommodating. Dr Tolin is a wonderful psychiatrist, she is extremely knowledgeable, highly insightful and on point. My meds have never been better. Could not recommend her any higher.

georgia Lineback

I followed my Nurse Practitioner, Mary Hartsell from her previous practice at Carolina Partners. Mary is a wonderful resource and I wouldn't leave her. She has seen me for 15+ years and our relationship is as fresh as ever. The new office is modern and organized and keeps up with my billing and appointments. I am happy to have Mary and Wake Psychiatry working for me!

Logan T

I've been seeing Dr. Tolin for several years. Her office staff is truly incredible. They're very kind and compassionate. Dr. Tolin is a great psychiatrist. Very informative about medications and mental illness. Only draw back: she is EXTREMELY strict about being on time. If you have a tendency to run a few minutes behind then this is not the psychiatrist for you. Otherwise I've had very pleasant experiences with Dr. Tolin and her staff.

t campbell

A family member of mine has been seeing Dr. Tolin for a while. She has changed her life around!!! Dr Tolin is tough, but she is honest and upfront and that is what my relative needed. Had she gone to another Psychiatrist that would sugar coat the entire session she would still be in the same state as before. Thank you Dr Tolin you gave my relative and our family her life back and we will forever be grateful !

Brandy Brown

Karen Day is by far the absolute best psychologist I have seen in many many years. She is so understanding you would think she lives in your head with you. She is spot on with medications and extremely knowledgeable, not once has she not been able to answer a question. I feel very very comfortable seeing Karen. Would recommend to everyone

Leia Gaston

Early 2017, I had an appointment scheduled with Vishali, who is Dr. Tolin's new PA. I called about 15 minutes before my appointment to say that I had gotten stuck in awful traffic due to a wreck and that my GPS was showing I would be at their office in 11 minutes. I was told to go ahead and come in because they had a 10 minute window to allow for possible lateness. I repeated, my GPS says 11 minutes and was told that she understood but to go ahead and come in so I wasn't charged for a no show. I literally RAN from my car and into the building and entered their office at exactly 10 minutes late. The woman working the front desk tells my, I'm sorry but you're 11 minutes late and we won't be able to see you today. I told her that I had called ahead and was told to come in even if I was getting their 11 minutes late. And the woman who I had spoken with got up from her desk and came to the window. She said I told you 10 minutes and you're late so we'll be charging you for a no show appointment. I reminded them that I had walked through their door at only 10 minutes late and this was ridiculous. And all she offered was to drop my no show fee from $75 to $50. I was only there for a quick 20 minute medicine check up so I asked if I would still be able to get my prescriptions and she said I don't know, you'll have to call and leave a voice message for your doctor. With shaking hands and tears rolling down my face, I wrote them a check for $50. I explained that I have no PTO for this month and my boss was being nice to let me have time for this appointment so I can just come back next week as they were requesting. Also, by charging me $50 for a "no show" when I had showed up, that I wouldn't have another $50 next week to come back. About that time, a nice man in the lobby who was the ONLY other patient waiting walked up and said "She's only 1 minute over. Can I just give her my appointment and I'll just come back?" And they told him no, that's just not how the system works. And with that I told them I didn't have time for how awful they were being and walked out of their office. I will never go back to their practice again because it was made very clear to me that the needs of the patient came after their greed to collect a fee for not showing up when I actually showed up.

Kimmy K

I found Wake Psychiatry online and researched each of the providers. After reading all of the bios, I found Karen Day best suited to deal with the specific needs of my 13 year old daughter. I was pleasantly surprised with just how spot on Karen was. I immediately found Karen to be very warm and welcoming. Even her space is comfortable and relaxing. She listened with genuine concern and took notes which I can certainly appreciate. I felt very comfortable leaving my teen daughter alone with Karen to discuss HIGHLY sensitive issues dealing with past trauma and severe emotional issues. My daughter said Karen made her feel heard and valued and most importantly, my daughter stated that Karen made her feel PROTECTED. I found Karen to be very thorough in her clinical assessment of my child while still displaying a great deal of care and empathy. I would DEFINITELY recommend her to anyone seeking psychiatric care involving delicate and sensitive issues.

Sharon Brooks

Mary Hartsell is a great doctor. Easy to talk to, listens and gives great advice. I followed her from another practice and so glad I did.

Crystal Garrett

Everyone at Wake Psychiatry - from the front staff and office manager to the doctors - are the best. Matt Feinberg has been a Godsend to us as well as Karen Day. They are always available - no matter what. And they actually listen to you and even long drawn-out voicemails when things get tough. We've been through several doctors and it's obvious they actually care here. Not only are they knowledgeable but they are empathetic and that's something you can't teach in medical school. It's obvious where their hearts are. ❤

Tharaa Bayazid

Very unprofessional! Dr. Tolin has refused to see me because I was 7 mins late to my appointment and asked her secretary to reschedule me after 4 months. I never been late before, I have always been on time and sometimes before time. Also, today I had an urgent matter that took some of my time. What kind of a psychiatrist who doesn't understand the patient's situation? P.S. I am still on medication and I need those regular visits for medications refills.

Arturo Ojeda

The best service and the best professionals

Clif Carter

Reception staff is incredibly helpful! Dr. Tolin is a phenomenal doctor who I've been going to for many years. I recommend this place to anyone looking for a great doctor.

Living Fattily

I wasn't able to see the psychiatrist so I was scheduled to see the PA, Viashali. A lot of the usual questions, but then she looked at my previous diagnosis of PTSD due to child abuse and, in a very patronizing voice said, "so you *think* you have PTSD?" Keep in mind that I've been diagnosed and in therapy for several years because of trauma. she had me rehash a bunch of childhood abuse and then, again in a very cold way, asked, "so did that traumatize you....? or did it just *hurt your feelings*?" I don't know in what world she thinks years of physical and emotional abuse aren't traumatizing, but belittling someone's trauma is not only unprofessional, it just makes you a terrible person. Additionally, the medication I was on was causing a lot of problems and interfering with other chronic illnesses I was dealing with.. yet it took FOUR times of telling her I needed to be off of it before she even acknowledged that I had spoken. She just kept talking about staying on this med as if I hadn't said a thing. This practice needs to learn that their patients are human beings, not just numbers that you throw pills at. They also wouldn't release a copy of my blood work to me which I've NEVER come across before as patients are entitled to be able to get a copy of their own records. Absolutely HORRIBLE experience and I'll never go back.

Toni Hill

Mary Hartwell is a awesome therphies and if you are looking for someone I would pick her.

Mara Kurtz

I just want to say first that it is extremely difficult to find good psychiatric care in general in this area, and that's why I think we have to deal with poor service. I had to wait 6 weeks for my follow-up appointment from my initial intake appointment. Honestly, that is just bad medicine when you start a patient on a new medicine and your schedule is too full to accommodate them within four weeks. That had nothing to do with my schedule. She just did not have anything for 6 weeks. Then I finally make it to the 6-week follow-up, and I pull in the parking lot with two minutes to my appointment and I get a call that she is sick. I get that people get sick, but then she didn't have anything available for 7 weeks. 7? Really? Like, honestly, there is no accommodation here. I feel like this practice is about seeing as many people as possible and not about the actual care or being available to patients for care. I never received a call from her after the fact when I requested she call me, but they promptly call me about insurance or billing issues, of course. I just get a sense that they don't really need clients, so they just don't care. They over schedule and are not easy to contact via phone in my experience. I wish I could have had a better experience here because it is extremely difficult to find a good provider who genuinely cares more about getting you in and out, but I just didn't here.

Cheryl Harden

I have been seeing a doctor here since 2013 and this has been very beneficial. The staff is always very nice and courteous. Would definitely recommend.

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