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Sheryl Guillermo

Satu is an excellent psychiatrist. I went to him with really bad anxiety and depression. Dr. Satu really helped me see things in a completely different way and even helped me see things with a sense of humor. She gave me very practical advice and insight and helped me deal with very challenging situations. I highly recommend Dr. Satu.

Sheila Ross

Satu is an excellent clinician. She is very knowledgeable, patient, and caring. Her knowledge of pharmacology is outstanding, far greater than other clinicians who I have seen. She listens and works with you to find the best treatment plan and will adjust treatment to meet your needs. Satu is the best.

L Kel

If you're considering allowing Satu to try and help you with your mental health, I STRONGLY urge you to read all her 1 star reviews. I wish I had before I decided to share my most vulnerable thoughts and feelings with her. She is a very cold, spacey, uninviting individual. Let me preface by saying, I started seeing Satu for help with my irritability and marriage. Nothing more, nothing less. I also have a minimal germ phobia (a type of OCD) that I’ve lived with for 30 years. This is not what I was seeking help for. It is not my priority right now. Right now I just want to feel better mentally. She decided to throw medication at my irritability without taking into account a change in another medication I take (that, hello, could be a major factor). Still, I decided to persevere. I’d had maybe 4 one-on-one sessions with her, and each time I left feeling worse and worse. My last appointment, which was just yesterday, had me in tears on the way home. I might as well have been talking to a brick wall the entire time, because she wasn’t hearing me. Instead, she would interrupt me and say things like: “See, now that’s your anxiety talking”. Or, with strong irritation in her voice: “Don’t you want to fix this? I’m trying to help you!”. And THEN she literally said to me “You just have a very OCD vibe” after deciding that I must have multiple kinds of OCD. I honestly think I laughed out loud at this one. Oh, and she mixed me up with another patient at one point. That made me feel REALLY great. On top of that, after venting about parenthood, she also decided that my daughter must have OCD tendencies too because my husband and I both do. Seriously? All I wanted was to be heard, cared for, RESPECTED, and treated as a human being. If that is what you also wish, find someone else, because Satu isn’t that. I will give a thumbs up to Josh though, her scheduler, because he was always prompt and easy to get a hold of.

Ginny Stout

Jason Rowley

Satu has been great to help me figure out what my issues have been and get on a plan to help me move forward with my life. I would and have recommended her to anybody struggling with any mental health issues.

Michael Zaurov

I have known Satu as a colleague for several years. I highly recommend her services to those suffering from mental health issues. I would honestly recommend my own family to see her because she possesses all of the qualities and attributes that I consider necessary in a psychiatric provider: thoughtful, intelligent, caring, and intuitive. She is a great therapist who uses medications when appropriate, and she does not over medicate (which is a bit rare in our profession).

Chris Harris

Well Satu is helping me with my mental health issues. she is a amazing. I would highly recommend her to anyone:)

nathan prohaska

I have had a very poor experience with Satu Woodland. Came in during a very vulnerable and sad time and my life. After two visits I felt disrespected both times. I think she is a misguided individual that means well. However, as a professional, I would not suggest seeing her.

Adrienne Stevens

Satu is very easy going and gets to the point. I first started with her as she was all booked, but was able to fix my issues with the help of both of them. I will recommend her and this place for anyone who is looking for help.

Molly Hill

Satu listens, cares, and is a rare jewel in this field. I appreciated her patience in finding the right combination of therapy that works for me as an individual; without stereotype.

Dani Grigg

Caring and intelligent. Really knows her stuff!

Sarah Holland

I would not recommend her to anyone. I only saw her a few times, and like others have said, she always forgot who I was at my appointments. She was rude, judge mental, and I could not understand her logic. She has this creepy stare and will give you a fake smile every time you go in. I think all of these other people leaving her high reviews are just friends or people she asked to leave reviews because not one thing they said was true. Spare your time and money away from this lady!!! Go see an actual professional.

Anthony Nichols

If things are not right with life, Satu can help. An old saying goes that fruit doesn't fall far from the tree. If we should judge the character and competence of her by just that, then she should have more clients than she could aid. If you're lacking direction or dealing with debilitating issues, she can help you get things on course. Sometimes words that encourage may be difficult to hear, but if your plan was working, you would not be looking for help. You may get a pat on the back, but always expect veracity in her strong yet compassionate treatments.

Tayler Weston

If I could give negative stars- I would. PLEASE do not waste your time by seeing her. Huge mistake. I came in because I wanted to get better control of my anxiety. The first time I went in, I already could tell it was weird and awkward but wanted to give her a chance. Well- it got worse. Her religious beliefs get in the way of her job and she will judge you based on if you drink/smoke. Also, she won’t prescribe you certain medications because of HER beliefs. Sometimes I would go into her office and she would get me confused with another client. Extremely scatter brained. I never once left her office feeling at ease. To top it off- I had to cancel my appointment because I left town earlier then planned, and got a nasty email from her saying I manipulated her and that she shouldn’t have refilled my prescription. She is charging me $100... yes $100 for giving a 24 hour notice instead of her ridiculous 48 hour notice in the “contract” that I wasn’t aware of. She is not empathetic and will just stare at you and nodd most of the time. This is not the person that you want to go to, trust me. I have never left a review before but based on my experience with her, I’m hoping I can help others.

Kristina Russell

Great service helpful and professional reasonable rates and a crucial provider of mental health services at a time of long waiting lists difficult access to mental health diagnostics and overworked with Satu. Thanks for your continuing help and support well done!

Tom Scopazzi

Clark Craig

Satu has an in depth knowledge and understanding in ALL of the different options when it comes to treating mental health issues. She has been a tremendous help to myself as well as my family's understanding of my own personal mental health and educating those around me in order to better understand what I am going through.

Laurie Stradling

Satu is an excellent practitioner who really cares about the overall health of her patients--mental, physical, and emotional. She is on the less-is-more side of prescription medications, and works to drive straight to the heart of the mental issue to promote emotional healing. She is a compassionate, non-judgmental person. Would highly recommend, especially to people looking for an LDS therapist in the Boise area.

Andrea Romero

Rocky Radabah

Just Joplin

I like Satu. She’s caring. She’s also direct. If you disagree with her tell her. She’ll listen and reconsider if necessary. Don’t miss an appointment without notice. She’s self employed and it has too great of a financial impact on her (and you) if you do. She does sometimes oppose use of some medications like benzodiazepines but provides alternatives that work. She’s a good person. I like her and her office staff.

Paige Rodgers

Krista Boss

I personally did not have a good experience with Satu. She is honestly not professional at all. I would not recommend her. She is not competent in the least and has failed to fill medications in a timely manner. She is also extremely rude and cold. I had an out of state meeting with her and I was late (which was my fault) and she was fuming and was not in the least bit professional about handling her obvious anger. She then proceeded to tell me she was missing a family meeting for our is that my fault? I couldn’t help thinking, so this is the person who is handling my medication? I’ve have since found someone else who is actually a kind and competent person. Also she called me when I wrote my previous one star review (that I took down per her rude request) and she actually asked me if I could give her at least a four star review. If that’s not pathetic, then what is? So here is my final review that will not be taken down.

Jean Mimeaux

I recieved rude looks from her and condescending remarks and just a general nasty attitude from her in the first 5 minutes of my appointment. She couldnt stop looking at my tattoos all over my arms and clearly saw me as a person with bad intentions right off the bat. I was desparately seeking proffessional help to be free from my addiction to Kratom. She would ask me a question, i would answer her honestly and thoroughly, and she would immediately get dismissive and shut me down as if i was trying to manipulate her and she was uncomfortable and felt threatened by me. All she saw was this 6 foot 4 man with tattoos all over his body in her office who wanted her to give him drugs and feared for her safety. I REPEATED 3 TIMES THAT I AM NOT SEEKING DRUGS FROM HER. I already have medications. After 5 minutes she sent me out the door and told me she could not help me. Saying she felt very vulnerable and uncomfortable with me. I was polite and honest the entire 5 minutes we spoke. This woman is a pathetic excuse for a therapist. She is prejudice and judgmental. I find her to be quite a vile human being. All i wanted was some professional help.

Carmen Segnitz

I look forward to seeing Satu every month. She is an integral part of my psychological wellbeing. She shows concern and compassion for my health consistently.

Dave Woodland

Professional, excellent listener, assigned homework between visits, I highly recommend.

DR. Bell

Satu is very helpful, and if your looking for help I would recommend her services to anyone.

Guy Roberts

Satu has been a true life saver. She actually cares about his patients and treats me like he personally wants to see me succeed. She has exceeded my expectations and continues to do so with her compassionate heart.

Jurriaan van Duren

Her office staff were very kind and helpful and got me in quickly. She is very kind, warm, down to earth and direct in her approach. She took the time to make me feel heard and she appears to be very knowledgeable of current psychiatry trends. I am very happy I went to her facility for the treatment. I am happy again and my life became so much better then i ever expected!

Nellie Kelly

Satu is so polite and helpful. I just don't understand why there have been so many changes lately. A few of the staff that were I first started coming there knew me well and I miss her.

Kendra Kae Hillier

On my very first visit, Satu shared with me her religion which I thought was completely irrelevant and totally unprofessional. Further, it impacted how I approached the visits. The way she approached my condition was that, "You're behavior is not normal. This is what normal people are like." She was very bad at explaining things. Her form of therapy was to go through a workbook. She asked a lot of questions that I think blew my condition way out of proportion. She charges way too much. My insurance was billed over $400 just because my husband came along for moral support. My appointments by myself were over $200, which compared to my current therapist, is over double. She missed things on my labs and was forgetful. Her attitude toward me made me feel a lot of shame for having mental health issues. In my opinion, she should not be in this profession. If you want to feel shame for needing help, but not pay for it, go to a relief society president and let her shame you for feeling the way you do.

Michael Scovill

As a mental health professional myself, I have been grateful for the good experiences my own clients have had with her in the services that she provides. She is a collaborative and concerned professional who takes her work and her clients seriously.

Bear Palmer

Based on my past experiences with other mental illness specialists in the valley, Satu's kindness, empathy, and interpersonal skills are far more valuable and influential than that of her contemporaries. She is always there to go above and beyond to lend a helping hand to those who are in need of sincere help. If I could sum up my experience in one word that would describe our talks over this last year and a half it would be TRUST. Satu is very trustworthy.

Fred Rodriquez

Satu is Awesome! It is very hard to find a good person to talk to about your child and maybe putting them on medications, the people at Satu explain everything so well even I could understand what they were talking about. She is incredible, 10 minutes of counseling felt more productive to me than years of counseling with someone else. Another thing I noticed was the atmosphere is not tense like it is in a lot of mental health places.

Valli Martin

Tyler Freeman

Michele Harris

Satu is a multi-faceted practitioner and I refer clients to her frequently because of her knowledge and expertise.

Lynne Wallace

Satu is highly skilled, understanding and responsive to my concerns and issues. In rapid fashion, she was able to diagnose my problems quickly after I had seen other doctors for years without making significant progress.

JD Kramis

Suffice it to say that I didn't have a good experience with Mrs. Woodland. She seemed determined to manufacture and treat problems that weren't there because "I sense that this might be an issue for your", despite there being no more than a single, thin shred evidence to support it (evidently, being unhappy with my body weight means that I have OCD). She offered advice that is, in my opinion, dangerous and irresponsible: that I should never ever read or look up any information about the efficacy or side effects of a medication she's prescribed. Ultimately, she refused outright to address the issue I was there to discuss.

Jerome Johnson

She is excellent whom I have been relying on for regular medication. She is a very good listener and pleasant. She is not necessarily complaisant at all time, but she is down to earth and will go out of her way when she has to help someone who needs help.

Venus Code

Very knowledgeable

Granado Joshua

I was referred here by a friend and very pleased with my experience. The treatment here has helped me a lot. I am so appreciative of all Satu did for me! She is amazing, understanding and professional, definitely the best psychiatrist I will probably ever have in my life. I highly recommend here!

A Zenner

I have not written a review of my experiences with Ms. Woodland for a time because I wanted to get some distance and perspective from that period of my life. I was in a very vulnerable and mentally broken time in my life when I first came to her. I had never experienced such an episode of mental breakdown before in my life. I desperately needed to interact with a qualified therapist who could support me in that time, and be a comfort to me that all was going to be ok. Ms Woodland was not that therapist. My first visit, when I was barely coherent, while she was getting background information from me, she basically forced me to speak about an event of childhood trauma. On the FIRST visit, when I was already in a deteriorated mental state. I felt so appalled and exposed by this, and still find it to be utterly unconscionable behavior by a therapist. The only reason I continued after this is because she was going to help with filing paperwork with my job to get a leave of absence, and I just needed immediate help to get that done, and didn't have the wherewithal to make another appt at some later time with another therapist. By the way, she always seemed begrudging and suspicious of my wanting a leave of absence, acting as if I was trying to game the system to simply get time off. As another poster said here, she also just wanted to go through a depression workbook (CBT based) with me. That, to me, said she took a cookie cutter approach, and that she truly was not really equipped with the tools to approach each client individually. That was simply my impression, after having worked with several other counselors in my life before, and a great counselor since. I saw that she commented to a previous poster that she is "direct" and that style may not work for everyone. My current counselor is very direct, and that is very helpful and I very much appreciate it. I did not find her style to be direct, but to be skeptical and challenging me in a way which felt like she was adversarial and suspicious of my motives, and not really on my side, when I really needed someone on my side. I will say that she prescribed a couple of medications for me that were very helpful, and I remain on them. So I will not in any way denigrate her ability to prescribe meds. I am just giving my honest feedback on my experiences in working with her as a counselor. I strongly feel that is not her area of expertise. I also want to add, that I feel no ill will toward her as a person. I may have strong feelings about my professional interactions with her, but that does not extend to anything personal in any way.

Courtney Biagi

Angela Larsen

I attended a meeting where Ms. Woodland spoke on mental health issues. She has a wealth of knowledge and information in this field and is current with the latest research. Ms. Woodland is not only kind and caring, but a wonderful human being. I would highly recommend her!

Jeremy Joplin

Vickie Watkins

Excellent work shop helping folks understand signs and symptoms of mental illness, how to effectively prevent or manage a crisis should one occur.

Maureen Hawkins

I was suffering from stress and acute anxiety and Satu was help out. I moved from NY to Boise and had to speak to her and she made herself available on short notice. I am so glad that I was able to find her. Much of my recent success is attributed to her. Thanks for your help Ms. Satu!!

Shana Scott

Satu always does a wonderful job at making you feel understood and listening to anything that you may be going through. she is caring and wonderful and knowledgeable and really everything you could ask to her. I can’t say enough good things about Satu! When things such as medication aren’t working the best, she helps you find the ones that work for you. I would recommend Satu.

Pam Austin

My first visit was great. Satu really listened. She set a plan for me to get back on track. She was very knowledgeable and very professional. Great front staff too. They made me feel comfortable and welcome.

Douglas Evans

As a colleague of Ms. Woodland, I know that she combines a wealth of knowledge in field of mental health with well established therapeutic techniques and expertise in psychopharmacology. The good people of Boise are fortunate to have a skilled clinician such as she to provide holistic mental health care.

Dana Kelly

Having worked within the military industrial complex and emergency medical services for the past 20-years, I was looking for someone that would not only listen to me, but would work with placing me on a path of renewal, focus, and understanding. Satu Woodland continuously provides those tools each and every time I meet with her. I cannot recommend her or the services she provides highly enough!

Alison Lawson

I was having depression and anxiety, I didn't know what to do, I went on Google and found Satu Woodland. She was great, she really helped me so much. Thank you so much.

tena burnley

I've worked with Satu of health specialists. She is what a psychiatrist should be. She helps people rapidly make positive changes instead of just masking problems using medications. the best I've ever worked with.

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