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REVIEWS OF Perma Mental Health, PLLC - IN Idaho

Anne Whitwood

I love Brianna's customer service and Dr Wills kind and confident tone. We're getting great service and tools for success here

Emily Giehler

NC Smiling

The absolute worst excuse for a professional I have ever encountered. He will retaliate against you for anything you do not agree with concerning your own medical care and cause you grief with your other treating professionals that do care for you and what you want for yourself.

Katherine Andrews

This guy is a fraud...can't believe he has not been shut down. I have two separate family members who have had horrible experiences with this man. Beware.

Dil Fuller

$50 copay for only 20 minutes, and all he tells me to do is “work on breathing exercises” even thought I’ve told him time and time again they don’t help do to the severity of my panic attacks

Patrick Pacheco

I lived in chaos for most of my life. Through the combination of treatments Dr. Wills used my life has never been this calm and in my positive control. I have slays many of the perceived giants that were always winning.

Ashley Scott

I was referred to Doctor Wills by my primary doctor for medication management. I was a bit uncomfortable about going to another doctor but his energy and environment made it easy to relax and communicate openly. He took his time to ask specific questions, and I felt that he listened attentively.

Michael Quintana

I am very pleased with my treatment so far with Dr. Wills. He has helped me moderate the right medications and I feel they have been very effective after the initial side effects of course. He listens and makes recommendations and always takes notes which is very helpful for future sessions to reference too. I would recommend Perma Mental Health to anyone!

Sean Hurst

Moved here from out of state was on meds for over 10 yrs from my previous doctor he did not care he just wanted the $ don't go to him if you are seeking treatment from a previous doctor!

Kelly Teater

Flexible scheduling

Judy Shock

My husband visited with Dr. Wills. Great doctor - takes Medicare. Win - win!

Jasmyn Bandurraga

Very helpful they do walk ins and i like that they have a textline

tim boyenger

My experience with Dr wills was great!

Coty Ternes

I had my first visit with Dr. Wills and it was a fantastic experience. He made me feel very comfortable. I felt like he truly wanted to get to know me. I plan to come back to Perma for all my mental health needs that they can address. This first impression has gained them a customer for life.

Brad Lee

Tyler is very professional, thorough, and compassionate. He offered suggestions and protocols not mentioned by past mental health care providers.

Melania Moon

Tyler is the best mental health provider I've ever had, he actually cares about the well-being of his patients. Ashley is a rock-star, she should honestly be the manager, totally deserves it, she is very easy to work with, very charismatic, very good at dealing with patients in a respectful tactful manner. Will try her best to work with your schedule, because she too, cares.

T. Griffith

I visited the office for a VA rating. The office was very thorough and listened to my concerns about their portion of my process.

Shannon Pape

Dr. Wills makes everything so clear and helps me see things in a different light. He has been very helpful and is easy to talk to.


I was shocked to see any negative reviews of Dr. Wills at all, honestly. I've been to many providers (incl. many in Boise) and have found this office to be the most professional and helpful of the bunch, by a wide margin. The scheduling staff is great, the doc is great - just all around stellar experience.

Madison Allen

This place has helped me through some very hard times over the years. They are always very nice and willing to help me work out my feelings and emotions in a safe space.

Bonnie Kelley

I am so thankful for the help I’ve received from Dr. Wills at Perma Mental Health. From mental illness, to binge eating disorder, to even spirituality, Dr. Wills has helped improve my quality of life immensely. He is compassionate and creative with his treatment methods. He offers support, guidance, and even additional resources, but never makes decisions for me. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their life. I will forever be grateful for my time with Dr. Wills and the specialized care I receive. The entire staff is very kind, sensitive, and supportive as well! I feel safe and taken care of the moment I arrive to my appointments. Thanks Perma Mental Health!

Deborah Murray

Pat Pacheco

Dr Wills is very well versed in his craft. We quickly and focused, he kept me very focused, discovered and targeted the issues I am facing. He combined medication work therapy. Then he coached me in how to use the therapy in real life. Went over how I can get support so I will continue to use what he taught. I could not be happier how we are going down this road to healing and getting past decades old issues. Thanks Pat

Taylor Boyle

Katie Bako

The staff here is AMAZING!!!! DR. Wills has helped me see so many things that I never realized I needed help with. He also listened to me with all my concerns. Great experience with him and the staff.

chris verdi

Dr. Wills and his staff are very friendly and make us feel at home. Thanks for all you do!

Nathan Geissel

I recently moved to the Boise area, and went looking for a psychiatrist here. I called Dr. Wills after seeing him on my insurance provider list, and he was able to fit me in within a matter of a couple days. I was thinking this was a great sign, and was hoping to get a lot of ongoing issues addressed. But in all honesty, I didn't get anything out of my treatment with Dr. Wills. He insisted that I follow up every week, didn't want to change my medication dosages, and wasn't terribly friendly. I feel that Dr. Wills would be great for someone who has their medication dosages well locked in and just wants to have someone maintain their mental health, but for someone who is still having issues, Dr. Wills is not for you. The office seems to be more worried about getting you in each and every week for your money rather than actually worrying about the patient.

Angel Kester

I've been seeing Dr. Wills for over a year. His techniques were new to me compared to other providers. He's always walking me strategically through each problem I have. I will admit, the first couple of visits were different for me-as in his style. However, after seeing him a couple of times, I really liked him. He takes action but does it in a collaborative way. If you say you don't want to take more medications, he helps to find other methods. Just the same with therapy. When I've said I needed it, he jumped right in. Not many psychiatrists will do both but Dr.Wills does. He does counsel me on my eating habits but I don't take it personally. He just wants to help. I actually appreciate that he uses his laptop so much during our sessions. His multitasking abilities are excellent and it comforts me to know he's taking detailed notes about my care. It shows he cares. Dr. Wills also treats my son for ADD. My son showed nearly immediate response. My son is exceeding in class now to where before, he could barely read. Can't thank Dr.Wills enough.

Janelle Jennings

Dr Wills' reception staff are super pleasant and understanding to scheduling needs.

Caitie Harrison

I love how caring Dr. Wills is. He truly sees the value in all humans and helps me to do the same. No one is less than in his eyes; everyone holds infinite worth and value.

Brittany Roberts

Dr. Wills is awesome! I really enjoy having him as my primary Psychiatrist

bumpinbug 68

william Matthews

Alysa McLaughlin

I've had two appointments so far. The first was with Tyler as a new patient and I had a wonderful experience. It would be 5 stars if it wasn't for Doug. Doug did my genetic testing appointment and he was horrible. It's made me 100% doubt whether or not it's worth seeing Tyler again or if he's just going to turn on me too. In fact, Doug has me doubting whether or not I should continue counseling or handling my mental health at all, and if I should just give up entirely, since "it's not impossible, but extremely hard to be anything except copies of your parents". That's a paraphrase, but it IS what he said. He also said that the genetic testing is a good idea so I can see if I have something like bipolar disorder, since I wouldn't want to pass that down to any children I might have. Which, implies, that I shouldn't have kids if I have any sort of genetic condition. As someone who was starting to talk to her counselor about having kids with her husband soon, that was obviously another level of traumatic. So no, I don't recommend this location, because even if Tyler is the best in the entire world, he still let me be alone in a room with Doug.

Jared Bruno

Everyone is super friendly. And easy to talk to. 10/10 I'd have a beer with anyone in there :)

Sarah Scott-Scudder

Alex Buckthal

Dr Wills was personable if not professional. On my second visit the scheduling office had lost my appointment and I had to reschedule. I would prefer to see a different psychiatrist but options are limited in Boise

Todd Abbott

Dustin Sacolick

Glad to have been able to find this company. I called multiple companies to schedule an appointment and they were the only ones able to schedule me within a month. Also Dr. Wills was great to work with. Thank you so much

Thomas Wilson

Dr. Wills is helpful and compassionate. Highly recommend.

Thea Jordan

Bad business. I scheduled an appointment and canceled the day before due to not having childcare and received a $50 no show fee over a month later? I did not sign anything, give insurance information or any other personal data. I was not given a notice of upcoming appt either BECAUSE I CANCELED!!! Very disappointed in their business values; individuals come to psychologists for mental and emotional help. I’m sure it makes potential clients feel real good when you take food off their table for whatever miss communication happened on your end.

Depressed Angel

Katie Joedeman

Dell Sue Hewitt

Dr Willis listened and we worked on a plan. The typing on computer is the 21st century thing but didn’t seem to interfere with the visit.

Cheri M

BUYER BEWARE I started going here several months ago. Without getting into why. I know the provider Dr.Wills was great when I got to see him. First visit, was professional, they took my information, they took my insurance and took my vitals. I was scheduled for weekly appointments, and they told me every other time they would take my vitals. Second visit, i cant check in, because the person I check in with is on the phone. Dr wills doesn't even remember my name. The office has changed locations in the building. No vitals, because duh. It's becoming harder to reschedule Because all of the times that work for me are taken, I am told it would be easier if I go to the new office, but it's in a location that would be way out of the way, and I can't afford that additional gas money. Third visit I am having memory issues, and I have almost missed my appointment due to the fact I'm having a known side effect to the medication. Which is short term memory loss according to No worries, I am told to just come in. Fourth visit a person shows up after me, who was late for her appointment. 25 minutes after my appointment I get called for my appointment. The appointment lasted 5 minutes and they billed for 30 minutes. No vitals btw even though I had just been to the ER for a potential side effect with the new medication. Fourth visit: I check in, no vitals and I debate on walking out for them wasting my time, clearly this isn't helping. 5th visit : I Am trying to call to cancel my appointment. No answer, the phone system hangs up. It's finals week and I need to cancel. I call again no answer and the phone system hangs up on me. I panick and decided maybe they were updating and to call back. I bite the bullet and text the number, a hey I've been trying to call and cancel but the phone system hangs up on me and no one is answering. I get a text acknowledging the technical issue with THEIR system. Then I'm called and told because it is now the day before my appointment, that I'll be charged a late cancellation fee. It's 25$. I don't re schedule. They bill me the 25$ according to my insurance: they are an in network provider and cannot bill me, without first billing them... so I don't pay it. I get another bill and it's essentially the last notice one gets before they send me to collections. I call the billing office. She tells me, that the reason they are able to bill me this, is they took the money for appointment number 2 and moved it to the fee and stated that I never paid for that appointment, even though I have the payment history in my bank statement which reflects this is paid. So, in the spirit of not being sent to collections by a company that's hell bent on hurting people who just want help, I paid their 25$. I am livid, I feel robbed for even going here. I'll never go back. Today is the day I file a complaint with my insurance describing how unprofessional, and how much of a nightmare this was. I am also going to need to request some additional information: not sure if 30 minutes could have even been billed for my 5 minute visit. I guess it's over now and they are not taking me to collections for a 25$fee that was due to an error with THEIR phone system. So I should just be happy, right?!

Amy Michele

He’s been the glue that’s kept me together. I don’t know what people are talking about him not being caring or invested. I had a traumatic pregnancy and his expertise with medications, compassion and true care for my condition kept me together and able to deliver a healthy baby. I love that he doesn’t just push pills but offers other things that have therapeutic value and change the way I see things. If I didn’t have him, I’d be locked up in a looney bin or something worse. Thanks Dr Wills and staff for all you do!

Amy Bahnmiller

Not sure why it didn’t take before but Dr Wills and staff are amazing! He is compassionate and listens to what you have to say! I commute thirty minutes to see him and he’s been worth every trip!

Renee Reynolds

Dr Wills was very rude and unprofessional. He types on his laptop and only ask the questions that are on his format. After 30 minutes of him typing he prescribed an outdated meds and charges you 300.00 for a visit. Worst dr I have ever been to. I went to him because he had some good reviews. Learned my lesson next time I will get a referral from a dr... not reviews!

Cat Briggs

After two visits, I am receiving no help. The doctor spends 80% of the 30-minute appointments staring at his laptop and typing busily. When he deigns to look at me, he criticizes my Internist (thinly veiled by stressing I should see a NEW provider), doesn't like most of the meds I'm on, says he can't really do much for me until I change them (none of my meds are controversial and I've taken them for years with no problems). I had an extremely traumatic experience that he ignores as the source of my anxiety/depression.The worst is that he keeps hinting that I need a new internist. My internist is one of the best in Boise. At the start of my second appointment walking down the hall to his office, he said, "I care about you." Just out of the blue. He doesn't even know me. It sounded so sad--if he really believes it, then his definition of "caring" is shallow indeed. If he cared about me, he would listen to me and take my concerns seriously. When I timidly try to say something, he snaps "NOT NOW!" because he's glued to his laptop, typing frantically. Then, several times, he asks, "Do you have any questions for me?" I just say no. What's the point? I don't even know what to ask him. He prescribed drugs for me that were inappropriate for me because they are not to be taken for liver/kidney problems, which I have. Who prescribes meds without even knowing the patient's medical history?? I'm cutting my loses after two visits and finding a new doctor. In good conscience, there's NO WAY I could recommend this "doctor" to anyone.

Christine Kerin

For me, my first two appointments were different and I was not sure if Dr. Wills was right for me. His initial questions and use of his laptop were different than other older Drs. I had seen in the past. One thing that I have learned over my sixty-six years is that you never walk away until you know for sure that it is not right for you. After my third appointment, I felt relief! Dr. Wills has helped me both with medication management and therapy. A word to older folks, don’t be turned off by or afraid of NEW AND DIFFERENT ways. Don’t jump ship until it is sinking!! “Try it; you’ll like it”! Thank you Dr. Wills! ASHYIA WILLS

Derek SLG

The office is clean and accommodating . I feel very comfortable here and interactions with staff are always pleaseant . Doctor Wells is up to date with current methods and is very easy to talk to . I would highly recommend perma mental heath to other people ! I found this office via google and my insurance company . I am completely satisfied with my experience here . They are always willing to go above and beyond to give me the best service . I’ll be moving soon and I will miss this office, as I’ve grown to really enjoy the vibe of it all .

Nicole Daniel

Ugh, this "doctor"... So I first went to Dr. Wills over a year ago to get my depression med switched and he put me on the perfect Rx and I was good to go. Well over one year later I call to switch my Rx (which is good until 4/2019) to a new pharmacy and am told I need to come in to see Dr. Wills if I was my Rx moved. Um.. okay? So I came in and he was 10 min late for our 30 min session and charged me over $300 for meeting with me for only 20 min! During this 20 min time frame I was told I should really try a raw vegan diet, cheese is just as addictive as heroine and should be cut out my diet and that if his patients would just eat healthy and exercise none of them would have to be on meds. Well as if there isn't already a stigma tied to mental health! I am the epitome of good health. I workout 6 - 7 days a week and never touch fast food; so I don't need a psychiatrist to try to persuade me not to take an antidepressant that truly helps. After this waste of time I was told that if I want my Rx renewed I need to come in every three months. Are you kidding me?? My first Rx is and was still good and I didn't see you for over a year AND I clearly am doing just fine! Now, I get it, he has TONS of terrible reviews and this guy is clearly in need of business. Serious waste of time and money!!

Nate Kramer

Zana is a pleasure to work with. I feel that Zana is a provider that really cares about her patients.

Naomi Kulow

Dr Wills saw my husband for a year. He's a pill pusher. He doesn't care about the patient, he just tells you to watch YouTube videos and take pills. If you have any kind of serious condition, don't waste your time with him.

Cece Me

Not impressed

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