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To this day the firm receives a score of 1.9 stars over 5 and this score was based on 26 reviews.

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REVIEWS OF A K Vijapura M.D. P.A. IN Florida

Candy Taylor

I know she got knocked out already one time lol thats why they put the glass up there, i cant believe these people are in practice, someone should shut them down! The receptionists are inexperienced and plain stupid! To file a complaint google the states medical review board. And stop these people from hurting people that are already hurting, the reviews speak for their self these people have been getting away with this for too long it's time to stand up

john miyasato

I think the office is good other than the lady at the front desk she's a pretty older lady who is very rude and conceited she shows no one any respect I was just trying to get something straight with my doctor from what I was told by him I need to speak to him she would not let me speak to him I called her Friday to speak to him he didn't call back called again today Monday and she still wouldn't let me speak to him and she also said it was policy for me to make an appointment before I leave the office but they didn't make me last time I was there so it makes no sense to me they didn't tell me that I usually don't like to make an appointment for I leave because I'm not allowed to reschedule without a $40 copay so I would schedule a week in advance and no then cuz I would probably forget she was very rude and said I should seek help elsewhere she said I was arguing with her I was not arguing with her I was just agreeing with her she's a very rude person and I probably will be seeking help elsewhere I don't need that that's garbage you don't need employees like this terrible I'm going to call Dr vijapura's office and try to speak to him and cell. This woman and the front it was very rude I was not arguing with her I was just disagreeing with her and she didn't like it well I'm sorry your office is getting such bad ratings but it's basically because of this woman there you need to remove her from that area get someone who is more friendly

Mr. Handsome

This place is a joke. They are horrible. They did not help with anything. They saw a patient without even finding out if he wanted to bring back someone to help explain what was going on. They let a paranoid man leave without even evaluating him correctly. It was a huge disappointment. They robbed us. Took our money for a 5 minute conversation.

ana Infantas

The one on the back office is nasty to people

Lori Spino

If I could give a 0 than I would! The receptionist named Tammy is absolutely rude, condescending and never treats you with respect at all! They only take cash for a copay. So when my next appointment was made I put in my phone calander the 22 of May at 12.I got there early and went inside unlocked door to sit in waiting room as it was hot in my car! The first thing Ms Sourpuss tells me to leave and not come back till 12!!! Then she tells me my appointment was for the day before. I'll be the first to admit that I could have made a mistake but I know the difference between 21 and 22. She then tells me in a nasty tone that I must pay 25.00 missed appointment fee in cash on top of my cash copay to be seen again! When I was in waiting room earlier on my last appt. Another patient had to correct the data that Tammy said so it's possible it was her fault! This was obviously a mistake and I wish there was someone to voice a complaint to but you cant seem to get past the bully and highly unhappy mean Tammy! I cried every single time that I had to deal with her. So if anyone other than Tammy reads this I would like to discuss how harmfull she is to vunerable patients. She needs to take classes on how to treat people or she needs to be fired! I worked in the medical field and customer service my whole life and I am appalled that she is allowed to treat people this way.

H. H.

I have been a patient of Dr Vijapura’s office for many years. I have been guided over the years to a better state of mental health. It takes time to be seen, it's a very busy practice - but when you do, it's clearly worth the wait. They are very attentive, thorough, up to date on new procedures and medical protocols. They are personable and gracious. I highly trust and recommend this practice.

Rebecca Rickman

Never ever use this practice, and I hesitate to call it that. I cancelled my appointment with them the day before and was told since is wasn't exactly 24 hours they would be charging me $25.00 missed appt fee, which I had been trying to call all morning and the line was busy. I read the reviews and wouldn't bother trying to get care from them.

Danielle Henry

i have never had a less helpful receptionist in my life she is not only unhelpful but she will hang up on you if you ask too many questions, even in a kind natured voice when you're just trying to understand how to transfer doctors. After my first visit here i realize that they clearly take on a lot of drug-addicted patience and things of that nature so maybe it's just not the demographics for me however i do think that if you do not like your job that you should find a new one and that the four people that are drugged addicted or the ones like myself who have mental health issues do not deserve that kind of treatment. My prescription was never electronically sent but the receptionist refuses to communicate with the doctor to see what the problem was so now i have to wait a month until my next appointment.

Alyssa Copeland

The staff is always accommodating, kind and professional. I feel like I have a family when I visit this office. I also feel secure and cared about. So, so thankful for this group of exceptional people.

Karma Love

Worst place ever

Zach Arias

The receptionist at this location is racist and so is the doctor for not stopping the discrimination that just occurred against me and my sister. We went to see the doctor and were rudely thrown out because she had a sandwich and water bottle she used in the waiting area. We were the only brown skin people there and when i ask the receptionist to see the supervisor she told me she not gonna listen to someone like me and i need to get out. She is so RACIST wow!

Shelley F

If you care anything about your mental health, then choose another office. I had been seeing another psychiatrist but had to switch physicians because of an insurance change. Unfortunately, this office was the only psychiatrist that accepted it. I had been seeing Maram Yosef for about 4 months. At my last two appointments I tried to explain to her that the medication she changed me to was making my issue worse. She increased my medication on both of those visits. I told her that if I started feeling that there were no improvements or kept feeling worse I would stop taking it. She agreed and explained how to titrate the medication down so I could safely stop, she also wrote it down for me. After about two weeks my condition was much worse and I called the office and spoke to the receptionist. I explain to her that I had decided to stop the medication and if I had any more trouble I would call and make another appointment and if she would please let the doctor know. She said she would give the doctor the message. I had an unexpected death in my family, which obviously, would make anyone with/without depression and anxiety a wreak. I called the office and needed to make an appointment. The receptionist told me that she would have to speak to the doctor to "see if she was still interested in seeing me as a patient." When I asked her why, she said "it is because you are non-compliant and didn't come to your last appointment." I told her I stopped the medication and cancelled my appointment because I was having adverse reaction. She said there was NOTHING in my chart. I didn't hear back for 2 days, so I called them back. When I asked if she had the opportunity to speak to the doctor, the receptionist rudely responded by saying that "the doctor was out of the country and she would call me back when she had an answer!" Fast forward one week later.... Call their office again because I haven't heard from them. I asked the receptionist if the doctor had made a decision. Her reply was that "the doctor was out of the country and she didn't have an answer & need 24 hours to return phone calls." I said that I had called last week and hadn't heard anything. She said "look the doctor has every right to go on vacation and WE decline seeing you, have a nice day!" and hung up on me. The receptionist is going to be the down fall of this practice. I have been in the medical field for 30+ years and she is lacking the basic skills that are vital. (ESPECIALLY WHEN DEALING WITH PEOPLE WHO SUFFER WITH MENTAL ILLNESS) She is rude and has absolutely no empathy or compassion let alone communication or people skills. I wonder who's making the decisions in this practice, the unqualified to do so receptionist or the doctors who pay her salary? Seems to me, it's all her. I just have to ask... does the doctor know how patients are treated by the front office? SHAMEFUL

Araina Vance

I have been turned away for reasons unknown not only do they stick you in a room with no air for horus, I was displaced do to hurricane irma, stuck with no place to live,moved from florida,s.carolina,cherryville NC, Reidsville NC, 6 different places in choctaw Mississippi and just recently was able to get back to Florida and on my insurance again, my dr immediately gave me a referral to see them again and get back on my medicine I desperately can a dr that sees that you need the meds they prescribed you turn you away because I've been moved everywhere, this office is very uncaring and unconcerned about people's mental health, I believe they are all about what money they recieve through insurance companies and be shut down immediately

Jayme Harris

I have been a patient for 2 years and have always received great service. The new office location is a lot bigger and very nicely put together. I really like the new office as well as additional parking there.

Sonja Lopez

I have been going to Dr.V for over 10 years..I have never had a bad experience at his office.The new office is so much bigger and alot more parking space.. .great PA's and also great staff..I would highly recommend Dr.V..and i have also saw him personly on many occasions..Thank you Dr V for your great service to Plant city!!!

Heather Staggs

Zandra McClendon

This place is unbelievable. They are the most uncaring people I have ever encountered. Both receptionist are vial human being who have the compassion of a fire ant. They do not give messages to the doctors. Then Marum would not refill my son’s medication because she “ASSUMED” he wasn’t taking it!! WHAT !! Assumed??? We had the pharmacist call, we called with no luck. Finally I went to the office . When one of the PAs opened the door I asked him if I could ask a quick question, he said yes. Then as I stepped in the hall I saw Meram and started to show her my son’s empty bottle and was told I needed to check in at the front deck. I went to the front deck (btw I am 64 years old) where the extralarge receptionist had her ugly back to me. She got up came around front where I was and said “you have to leave”. I said what and why. She said I cornered the doctor and was trespassing and had to leave.she was rude and mean, other ppl in the waiting room were like is that necessary? She told them it was not their business. I was flabbergasted!!! I left, my son called later and asked to speak to Meram and was told the only way he could speak with her this one time was to never call there again and never go back to the office. That is when she told him she had ASSUMED he wasn’t taking the medication. He told her nothing was mentioned in their visit three days ago and if she had a question about it she should have ASKED OR CALLED HIM. As a matter of fact he told her in their visit he felt like running into traffic and ending it. What kind of place is that?? My son is an adult but in the shape he is in right now I will fight with every fiber I have to save him. I am going to call the regulation board to report them.

d e

I did and it did not come through. A book on real life experience with the older office manager for years. I'm urging patients, loved ones to report her. It is intimidating so I never told the counselor figuring they either don't want to hear it or after all you are there for mental health issues already. You follow? Her behavior is unacceptable. She gets a paycheck and is to be professional and that means KIND! She is making up false allegations and provides distorted facts of what actually happens with patients. She then discharges..says the doctor does but the physician only hears her and other front office staff that are scared of her. Now what? She won't give messages to the medical team if she chooses not to. Dr. V the PA & ARNPs are loosing loads of money. Maybe they figure they can bring on another patient as there is not much to offer if any in PC. Please report this witch. She is dispicable and needs to be terminated. She does not give messages to Dr. Vizupura nor the counselors. She just fabricates their reasons for unavailability and closes her window or hangs the phone up on you. For the love of God someone terminate her employment! Read the reviews! Just think of those patients who cannot post and wanted to! To bad my extensive review was not posted. Detailed and full of truths. No lies. I know my story is totally as an innocent bystander while she decides who she targets for the day. My own physician told me just how bad she was he said until you reach the medical team. True because the counselors are fine and the PA is outstanding. My question... Is this lady untouchable? NO! Fire her! She told me that they would not fire her as she was there from the beginning. Then says her Mother was there as well. I mean these employees need to be gone. It is almost inconceivable that these staff members are getting away with treating patients in this matter with no knowledge from the professionals. I find that hard to believe. Please post the PA name as I can't recall and would like to communicate with them. No way to get through to them. Wish I had their business card. I have no reason not to be seen other than that manager was upset with another patient and I guess I was in her line of fire. I will not cease until they are fully aware of this emplyee and her instability. She is truly abusive to clients/patients. Awful.

Dexter Outlaw

Randi Moore

The Dr was ok however the front desk staff is rude and unprofessional. They refused to give me my medical records unless I paid $25.00 per page. They did not respond to several of my employers attempts to retrieve records due to a work related injury. This caused me to miss months of work because my company was unable to clear me medically. I would not recommend this place to my worst enemy. They were also rude to other customers. They refuse to give a work email or fax number.

Brian Scheall

After 4 years going insurance made a mistake and didn’t pay for my visit so they decided to charge hundreds to me...and turned me away and I ran out of meds. Candice the office manager was so heartless and told me to come back when I had the money. She offered no resolution...4 years!!!! no phone call and I travel 30+ miles to get there. It’s only the front office, Candice mostly. There are YouTube vids of people recording her breaking hippa laws and just being nasty. The drs and their assistants are very nice. Sucks being treated like a number by your own psych office. Advice: obviously go to another dr


I have been a patient of Dr.V for about 3 years now. My personal experience has been Great! The Doctors and Staff has always welcomed me with a smile, and treated me with respect. I have been there on a few occasions when some patients obviously didn’t get their way or didn’t follow the rules of the Doctors office, and even then the staff handled the situation with the upmost professionalism. It’s like any other business, you get the respect, that you give.

Daphne Barber

This place is the worst place EVER!! I wouldn't refer my dog there. The front office staff are the worst, meanest and unprofessional staff you will ever come across. They go threw Dr.s and therapist like I go threw underwear, so do yourself a favor and DO NOT GO THERE!!!

Melinda A Greer

Roam Watson

This place is a scam and should be put out of business. Rude staff, underqualified Dr. who wouldn’t even look at referrals from another doctor. Don’t let them steal your money or time. If anything they will only make your mental health worse.

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