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REVIEWS OF Achieve Whole Recovery IN Colorado

Val K

Amazing Service & Providers! Welcoming and comfortable environment.


Dr. Snyder is an intelligent, conscientious and open minded medical professional. His practice has grown since I began seeing him. Where before he was able to give personalized patient specific care on his own terms. In order to accommodate the relentless opioid crisis has been forced to work within the morass of regulatory guidelines, rules and as with anything take the good with the bad. Rest assured he has the patients best interest in mind. For me personally he was able to look beyond the status quo. We traveled down a new path and luck was with us. My life has improved dramatically. I will always be thankful for his care. And I will never forget the exceptional care I received through his extraordinary practise. Thank you Dr. Snyder (P.s. no relation)

Petra Rey

Jasmine Mai

Dr. Snyder will give up on you and make you want to give up on yourself if you don't get better in a time that is convenient for him. That's how I felt after about a year of treatment with him. I originally chose to see him because he had a small, private office. Not a huge company like Aspen Pointe where the the doctors are overwhelmed by caseloads. The initial intake appointment was strange, and from then on I always felt that Dr. Snyder would give me literally any medication I asked for, not prescribe me what he thought would work best for me based on an expert medical opinion, experience, or several degrees. At one point, I think was around March, this man flat out told me nothing is going to help me or work for me. That made me feel great about myself, yet he still continued to schedule appointments with me and dish out pills. Not really sure why anyone would really choose to go here, other than the fact that these "doctors" have the ability to do that one thing... Since his practice has grown, I have had a lot of issues with his front desk staff being rude, not returning phone calls, not sending in my refills, and failing to update my information after I got married. I feel, that as a patient, I should have the right to Express these grievances without being or feeling retaliated against, however, that is exactly what he did. I was unhappy, and instead of fixing the issue, or working harder to help someone with mental health issues, (which is his job), he gave up, like everyone else ever has, and he "discharged me as a patient." He also mentioned something about me now having TriCare, which he accepts, but that I can go see someone else instead. Further, he has hired people who I am familiar with from Aspen Pointe, and it made me extremely uncomfortable when he tried to make me see one of those doctors instead, when my report was (more or less) with him. No one likes changing therapists or psychiatrists, it feels like starting all over. I wasn't even given a choice in the matter.

Dominique Williams


Be careful about going to this place. They do not care about patient confidentially. I have personally seen a 15 year old "Boy" (Nick) handle patients folders, containing personal and private information. He has access to "Christy's" computer that contains all this info as well. I have overheard therapists talking to patients about other patients. Even using names. I really thaught HIPPA Laws stopped this stuff? So, If you are in recovery? And want to survive your addiction? Maybe you should stay away feom places like this.

Veronica Sullivan

The location on Elkdrive on the 2nd floor leaves little to be disired. I went there because I was sent there by my doctors office. i requested not to see a therapist named Lisa and since then they have continued to lose my appointments and be extremely rude to me. As i understood it therapy was about talking to someone you are comfortable with and i was very uncomfortable with Lisa's conduct during our session. now i have shuffled off to another office because Debi the Admin Assistant doesnt want to deal with finding me EMDR treatment. I hope future clients do not get this run around when they so desperately need help. Oh and they also keep trying to have me work with substance abuse therapists and i have never abused any substances but coffee in my entire life.

Marti Sommer

This place gave my son wrong medications.. They apologized but the Harm was done already !

Jessica Blair

I started coming to Achieve Whole Recovery in October 2017 after battling substance abuse and mental health issues most of my life. This was the first practice I'm aware of in colo spg that both takes Medicaid and is a suboxone provider. I had tried going through an office in Denver but I did not have reliable transportation to drive there 2x a week initially plus come up for random drug screens. So needless to say I was thrilled to find and get in this office in the springs. Now I do agree with others that initially it was a small office with only Dr Snyder, Dr Rob and Ashlee R. And so yes, I was incredibly fortunate that it was a small practice so I got the extra attention, nurturing and support that i desperately needed in a very critical time. My journey has not been easy. I did relapse more than once, and honestly I'm lucky that I was kept on, because I know of many clinics(both here and in different states) that have very cut and dry policies of terminating services with a relapse of any drug. But here they worked with me, through lunches, after hours, investing their time counseling me. But I also was very honest with them about my struggles and I know they knew how desperately I wanted to stay clean. But that first year was a challenge. I now can say I have not had any relapse since Thanksgiving 2018 and I can say with 100% certainty that I would not be here today writing this review if was not for AWR and especially Rob and Ashlee R. Who have gone and continue to go above and beyond to be a support in my recovery journey. Now I know that since the practice has grown there are both more clients and staff and you do lose some of that individual connection that was a instrumental part of my process. But I can say I still feel that if one is ready to embark on their recovery process achieve is a great place to go. But you cannot expect the staff to care or put more effort into you than you plan on putting into yourself!

Karta K

Awesome staff that care

Clark White

Find a different place.

Thomas Kittelsen

Dr. Snyder has a busy practice, and does his best to accommodate people's needs. I would gladly send one of my family members to see him. That said, not every doctor is a good fit for everyone. Psychiatrists able, and willing to take insurance are getting ever more rare. Doctors can now easily go to a cash only practice, and avoid the chaos. Getting a psychiatrist that is a good fit, is not easy.

Stephen Simpson

They are more than willing to work with you if you are willing to work your recovery.

Cynthia D

*EDIT* Since posting the review below, Dr. Snyder personally reached out to my son and I. He and NP Julie Brain have been amazing in helping bridge what could have been a catastrophic gap in care. They are both incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. Speaking with these wonderful humans has made me go from giving this company 1 star to 5 stars.

Jennifer Herbst

I'm not sure where the communication issues arise from as the provider blames the staff and the staff blames the provider. My daughter has been seeing Melanie Sida for several months and each time we schedule an appointment I get a call within a week to reschedule the appointment due to the provider being out of the office. Today I called to move her appointment and found out the Ms. Sida has moved her practice. The staff told me she should have called me. Upon calling Ms. Sida she told me they were going to inform her patients of the move and now she no longer takes my daughters insurance. As my daughter isn't a critical case this isn't such a huge deal, but I imagine it is for many patients. I'd recommend really researching the individual provider before selecting this clinic and weighing if the disconnect in communication is worth it.

Mindy Vogel

Thought I was seeing a new psychiatrist. My medications had me stabilized by my last psychiatrist for years. Unfortunately he retired after us working together for over 7 years. This new l.p.n. took 4 of my medications away from me in 4 months resulting in panic attacks hallucinations depression and insomnia... most of the reasons I started seeing psychiatrists almost 20 years ago. Do not see Dan Lou!

Danielle Overly

If I could give them a 0 I would. They are extremely disorganized and I have never come across a business that has so many issues with billing. I was getting call after call to contact my insurance that they wouldntt pay, and we all know how long it takes to get through to an actual person to talk to. The insurance would tell me everything was fine that they were putting inappropriate modifiers. Yet, every week I would get a call saying that there was an insurance issue. Don't these people have to go to school for billing? At least graduate from high school?

Mel Ann

Struggled for quite some time trying to find a decent psychiatrist/therapist until I came across this office! I originally was put on a wait-list and the wait was not long and very well worth it! I love my Drs here and the staff is great. Waiting times arnt ever too long and it’s always clean! 10 stars!

Tim Oleary

Terrible experience!!! Mark who is one of the providers there yelled at my two year old child because he got to close to his "desk" and said get your child away from my desk! Was also extremely rude and very unpardonable I was seen at this practice for a few months and I decided to leave because of him most the other staff was kind there except for mark. He has a dog in his offc quite often and that is around his desk all the time yet my child gets within. Two feet of his desk and he throws a temper tantrum very childish.

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