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REVIEWS OF Valley Behavioral Health System IN Arkansas

Ginger Ulmer

Rochelle Reather

DO NOT GO HERE EVER!!!! Admissions wrote lies on my paperwork saying I was suicidal and that I was refusing treatment and forced me to stay for 3 days with barely any contact with my parents and husband. They said if I tried to leave I would have to go to court. I will NEVER set foot on their property again!!!

Kaylyn Fargo

reading the reviews has got me scared for my friend this place sounds awful y do they drug u before bed o my lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angie Maguire

I don't see how the staff can be so RUDE to family members who are concerned for their loved ones. My loved one who is there said he had trouble even getting his blood sugar checked. I would love to rate this place with negative stars at this time. I suppose if your loved one is a danger to society and they need a jail like setting this may be the place for them. However, if your loved one just needs a little help over a bump in the road where they can GO HOME WHEN THEY ARE READY after a VOLUNTARY sign in, then this is NOT the place for you. I can't say I would send anybody that I love to this place ever again. I am so frustrated and angry as a family member that I am actually writing a review and I don't write reviews easily.


Stephen Bond

To be frank, I don't know what type of treatment they have at Valley Behavioral. What I do know is that my best friend was admitted for severe circumstantial depression, he stayed for five days before being released on a Tuesday. We found him dead two days later on Thursday, took his own life.

Destiny V.

Terrible place I was there for a week. My first night I came in to a PRISON they were fighting screaming banging on the walls ( caused me to have a panic attack ) after half a hour of that and then calling 911. I was asked questions which was difficult while hyperventilating and they regarded my answers and put me in the uncomfortable situations I begged them not to. I just got out of the hospital then arrived there so I worried about bleeding ( wasn’t my period had it 3 weeks before ) and they said they would let me talk to a doctor but the doctor they gave me was a mental one so I got embarrassed after explaining my problem to him. I hate doing school with others I’m uncomfortable doing it since I’m homeschooled but I was forced to attend or face going sub. I talked to my therapist 4th day there that was the only time I got help. There was a girl there who threatened to stab herself and then went and hid and everyone ignored her so I told them and they disregarded it. Then two kids escaped the faculty. I had no good experiences there until my dad cussed out the office for being so unorganized and telling him he could get me 3 hours before he could. Keep in mind he hasnt seen me in a week and the days beforehand I was in icu because a suicide attempt. I overall had no help and is currently seeking professional help.

Kayla Williams

Mary Schouweiler

Brett Chesley


Michelle Davis

Had a few great experience there. Love nurses and staff always caring and a great help. Thanks alot to a few special ones : Dee, Saige, Jim Ludden, Linda, and the nurses on Elm unit. Thanks everyone!!!

Paul Hollier

I am giving 1 star because there is nothing lower. In 30 years of psychiatric therapy, I have only received worse treatment from the government VA Hospital facility in St. Cloud, MN. The in-take staff totally misrepresented what services I would receive, placed me in morning group talk therapy only, which was worse than useless in dealing with my crippling and immediate dissociative issues & actually has made my symptoms worse, not better, as the whole facility is run like a jail - with constant reminders everywhere that all the doors are locked, you are under constant staff supervision and monitoring at all times, and surrounded on all sides by patients who are very low functioning mentally ill persons that might become hysterical or even physically dangerous at any moment, without any warning. The two mornings I spent there, and the near total apathy of the staff when I asked for help in finding appropriate therapy for my condition after it was blatantly obvious that group talk therapy with people considerably less functional than myself was making my problems worse, not better, has caused me to become even more withdrawn, untrusting of "professional" help, and unwilling to seek such help for my dissociative issues. The facility also had the bare-faced gall to charge me for the two morning therapy sessions, even though they were inappropriate, unnecessary, did nothing positive for my psychological problems, and actually caused me more harm than when I walked in the doors. Apparently, "first, do no harm" is not part of their treatment programs or philosophy. You would need a divining rod to find a kind word in my entire body for the unspeakably horrible and dysfunctional staff, system, and facility. If you are in need of psychiatric help, please seek it somewhere else! They freely mix the low functioning mentally ill with the high and medium functioning, and then enforce highly restrictive rules and conditions on all of the patients because of the needs and problems of the lowest functioning, at the cost of the dignity and sanity of all of the rest. Catering to the lowest functioning patients just drags everyone else down to THEIR level, makes those who can function responsibly feel imprisoned and unfairly deprived of their human rights, and interferes generally with therapy by making the high functioning feel constantly on edge about the possibility of hysterics or other negative behaviors, and the potential for physical attack by the low functioning patients around and surrounding them, at any given moment & without warning. I should not have been there, I should not have been put in group talk therapy with low functioning mental patients, the staff should have recognized that I needed different treatment at a different facility (instead of me having to figure that out on my own, and ultimately leaving - they would have gladly kept charging me for useless and damaging service that was making me worse and less functional!), and then they charged me for treatment that had made my condition worse! I can not think of a worse combination of systemic diagnosis & treatment errors & failures, or a greater violation of professional morality and ethics sacrificed on the alter of monetary gain & catering to the problems of the very least functioning patients, to the detriment of all the rest of the higher functioning persons. Thoroughly detestable people who I will never go near again, for any reason, due to the emotional, psychiatric, and professional trust damage they have done to me and my dissociative condition, damage from which I am still suffering many months later, after only 2 mornings of "therapy".

Sarah Davis

The ONLY reason I gave 2 stars is because both times they have gotten my son stable. However, this last time, my son was discharged at midnight with scripts assuming it could be filled asap. We dropped off the scripts at 1pm. We found out that we needed prior authorization for the lexapro when we arrived to pick it up. My child was sent home and they didn’t do THEIR jobs to ensure he had what he needed. The doctor and staff have absolutely NO excuse for this. Im appalled and I will be calling the supervisor or who ever, to complain Monday. This cannot be how they do things. If it is, it needs to change!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike Woodard

Karen Kelly

Very dissatisfied with the quality of the facility . Broken equipment in kitchen area. Floor ice machine was out of order for 4 of the 6 days I was there. Patients were not allowed sodas but the staff would drink them in front of patients while we drank room temperature tap water . Windows in rooms were etched so you couldn't even see outdoors. No call button in rooms in case you needed nurse . Screening incoming patients , for the safety of other patients. Rooms were not clean . I took my bath towel and mopped my floor and cleaned the dust off the bed frame. No soap or paper towels dispensers in rooms. Hand sanitizer is available at nurses station . Nothing to occupy patients during free time . Need books , magazines , puzzles . It took 4 days to get my clothes from the main office . Very understaffed .

Anna Joslin

Stephanie Bumstead

I was there for anxiety/depression. They were understaffed, and weekend shift never fallowed protocal. They made adults lights out as the same time when they do adolescent unit because the staff was normal there. They kept trying to give me the wrong meds, the food wasn't healthy at all, it was greedy and deepfried. Which I can't have due to not having a gallbladder. I met with the dietitian and they were supposed to put in a dietary order and never did. The cafeteria staff said eat it or go hungry. After days of being stuck in the bathroom from cramps from the food, I went hungry. Only the weekday staff would make sure I could get a sandwhich or veggies/fruit. The staff actually left us alone (against protocal) they refuse to give me all my records when I requested. All they would give me was the forms when I came in, left and med record. Not any of the hourly notes or the incident report that was filed.

Tenkaiechi Budokai

After a brief stay in this "fine" facility, I was left with more pressing questions/issues than when i had come in along with the realization that I may have in fact been more intelligent than my therapist.... Don't bother. go somewhere else.

Courtney Cunningham

Don't let the negative reviews deter you from going here. Yeah the food is hit or miss, but if you actually want help, this is a good place to go. I went in voluntarily, and I can say that it really has helped me. There are different levels of treatment depending on your needs, not just inpatient treatment. I was in inpatient and am currently in the Partial Hospitalization Program, and I feel that this place has truly helped me.

Destiny Pence

William Wagner

Spent months getting the run around about scheduling an appointment only to discover they didn't carry my insurance and they just didn't feel like telling me.

Brandi Davenport

I don't know if the staff notices parents watch what the staff is doing, or at least this parent does. And from the day my son and I set foot in that facility I have been beyond impressed. Upon checking in that first night we not only spoke with two nurses but we're given the opportunity to meet and speak with the psychologist who promptly and competently answered every question I had. They told me from the start how they planned to help my son. Family therapy was just that. It was the entire family meeting in a room with my son and the therapist in a safe and stress free environment to discuss his issues with each member of the family and we were given the opportunity to share our feelings with him. I feel this helped and opened up avenues of communication that were previously closed. when he was released it was like I had my son back, he was happy he was communicative he wasn't tired or groggy from meds. He could carry on conversation and even cracked a few jokes. I feel like the staff and miss Amanda his therapist really genuinely care about him. Miss Linda goes above and beyond to remember each patient and each family member she's always smiling always kind and parent or child when this is all new and you've never been faced with leaving your baby alone in a mental hospital it's a very terrifying experience she went out of her way to make us feel welcome and as relaxed as we could be. my son, my beautiful wonderful amazing 16 year old baby boy has since had a relapse and is back at valley now. That is not the staffs fault. His battle is simply on going and far from over. We will fight for his very life every day. We won't quit and we won't ever give up. And it really does help knowing there are places like valley out there who don't just see my little boy as just another insurance form. They care. you can't fake that kind of care. They are amazing people. I don't believe anyone loves my son as much as I do. But I know the staff at valley really cares about my son. They have listened patiently to every concern I have, they have answered every question in depth with full detail. They are an amazing group of people who I'm extremely grateful to have fighting in our corner. I'm currently exploring long term options for my son and I find it unfair that because he had Oklahoma medicaid and the hospital is in Arkansas he can only stay a week. They are amazing but there's only so much one can accomplish in such a short amount of time. But all in all I can't say enough about how great they are and have been with my son. And I would recommend this place to anyone. Specially if this is new for you and your scared for your child as I am now. They can help.

Ruby Martin

My experience, as a visitor, was sweet. If I could give 5 stars for the precious lady at the front desk I would. I got to hold my loved one for a brief time. We laughed, we cried, and we talked-long, long overdue. But, as for the facilities-I wish I had read the reviews first. They are spot on! My family member is there and I would rather see him in jail, where a minister could visit or family could visit. Mental Heath has got to improve in this country! There is no help unless you're wealthy! I know that if good things were happening here they would abide by the "imprisoned" family member's wishes and give a sister (RN) copies of how he is being treated and results seen. Instead excuses were made and he was fooled by signing a paper that was worthless. How rude and what lack of compassion. I would not put my dog here-if he were chasing his tail until he passed out! Just don't do it!

Liliana Smith

My friend went there and had a TERRIBLE experience if anything she said it made her worse, and based on other reviews she isn’t he only one. DONT GO HERE

Richard Harris

I went to Valley for about 6 days. When I first arrived, it didn't seem so bad, but then when you actually walk in and get registered its horrible. There are 8 sections to valley for patients as far as I know. Acute girls, Acute Boys, Sub Girls, Sub boys, Acute Women, Acute Men, Sub Women, Sub Men. While I was in Valley, a fight would break out almost everyday, more than once. I think there was only one day I wasn't in there when there wasn't a fight. Sure, Valley has "healthy" food and drinks but I'm pretty sure when you have to go to bed and they give you a benadryl, the water was drugged. I don't know what it was. And Every other day I was in there, I was sick and didn't get to eat. I don't recommend putting a loved one in Valley unless it was absolutely necessary.


A loved one was in here about a year ago. She voluntarily committed herself, and we had to wait a good three hours for her to be addmited. She thought she would only be there for a night or two. She hated it there because she had almost nothing to do and wasn’t allowed her phone or iPod or anything of the like. There was no privacy, not even curtains on the showers. She wasn’t allowed to sleep in, and she said the nighttime staff were discussing how suicidal people are selfish and stupid. They kept her for six days, and didn’t let us know how long it would be until the third day. Had they released her after two, maybe three days, it seems like she would have been better. As stood, she was worse when she came out then when she went in. It was a miserable experience for everyone involved. Take my advice, don’t stay in a place like this or send a love one there unless you feel reasonably afraid they’ll slice their throat open if they’re out another night. It’s a last case scenario place.

Allison Skinner

This is my story, my information, my thoughts and experiences. I am a previous acute wing patient. I was seventeen at the time and my psychiatrist recommended my mother put me in inpatient treatment. I am manic depressant, bipolar and often struggle with social anxiety. Not once have I ever cut myself, took medication to feel "high" nor have I done any street drugs. I was so depressed to where I would wake up feeling "dead". I also have/had night terrors. Depression literally kills you, it gets you down and you don't wanna make an effort to move forward. Yet, I wasn't harming myself or anyone else. I begged my mother to not check me in and to let me go to counseling, but she didn't ever budge. I had a session with the lady at the front desk, and she assured me that the doctor makes the decision to be checked in or not, not my parent(s) or I, myself. I sat by myself for a long time, I cried and cried to the point of making myself physically sick. The woman then brought me dinner, keep in mind this is at roughly 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. That's when she told me I was being admitted. That's when I broke. The one thing I never wanted to happen, was happening. I felt like my whole world was crumbling down. My mother and I then had to leave and meet up with another woman who works the night shift on that wing. She asked me a series of questions which involved nightmares, medications, sexual behaviors, etc. My mother answered every single question, because I couldn't speak for myself at that point. Then, I was asked to be strip searched, cough and squat as well, just like any other facility. Then I said goodbye. I sat down for what seemed like hours to only cry by myself until one of the guys my age offered me something to drink and a snack. The facility only serves healthy snacks and drinks. The lobby or common area serves water all day long. When snack time rolls around you get offered juices and milks. If you're like me, they have you on a Non-Concentrated Sugars Diet (NCS.) It's honestly not as bad as it sounds. You get a lot of fruit, while other kids may get offered cookies or crackers. The only other restriction on food there is Finger Foods (FF.) You'll only get FF if you could possibly harm yourself or others at that time with a plastic utensil. You'll be asked several times a day how you're feeling. If you feel suicidal or feel like harming others. When you're angry or upset, you can pace back and forth up and down the halls, but only after you've received permission. Otherwise, you can get yourself into a lot of unnecessary trouble. In the mornings after breakfast and after dinner and medication they have Hygiene time. You'll get this plastic box with your name on it. It'll come with a disposable toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, lotion, a bar of soap, and body wash/shampoo. Ask your parents or guardians to bring you your own shampoo & conditioner. I left with my hair being very brittle, breaking off and even falling out. You're allowed two and most times just one towel and a wash cloth when requested. You must take them out and put them in the laundry closet after you've showered. It's considered contraband if left inside you and your roommates room. GIRLS ONLY You can't have a box of tampons, pads or wire bras. It's another form of contraband. Contraband includes: Shoelaces Jewelry Makeup (optional on different "levels") Boxes of femine items Strings Hoodies Yoga pants or anything form fitting. Just pack baggy clothes to be safe. Jeans are allowed though. School; There's a good chance you'll be split into teams, such as A & B. The A-Team will go to class in the morning and B will go in te afternoon. You'll line up by the front door and count. Ladies first, the first will say one, then two and so on. After the girls are finished counting the boys will continue the count with the number the girls left off of. Activities; You and your wing's behavior decides whether you get to participate in activities or not. If one person ruins it, it's all over. You may get to go outside to play on the playground.

lspencer55 .

This facility is not clean. My room was cold during my whole stay and the shower was cold too. When I got to my room it was dirty and the sink had toothpaste spit from last person there. There were curse words on the ceiling and the walls and floor was filthy. This increased my depression to think they care so little that your room is filthy and cold and it should be reported as a health hazard. The food is typical cafeteria food and very unhealthy. They keep you locked out of your room and have nothing to do except watch tv or color like a first grader. It was degrading! The staff is under skilled as far as caring for you and knowing really what to do and say. We had group discussion that consisted of outdated or questionable material. Was not helpful to me at all and stressed me out because everyone was required to speak in front of group and I’m extremely shy. I did not once get one on one counselors except to ask questions like are you depressed and are you suicidal etc. and a couple doctors that prescribed med to help me sleep. Other than that nothing changed. I felt like I was in jail and being punished rather being help. This is my honest opinion and I would not wish on my worst enemy. ITS AWFUL!!!!


Zack Oliver

Isaiah Portillo

Mike e

I was just in there for 10 days and they were really understaffed and had over 24 patients for 2 techs. In a way I would say it was like being in kindergarten prison. The food was unhealthy but they did have healthy alternatives. I really liked Rebecca and Willa. If you get Ashley as your psychiatrist she is the bomb! Once you sign yourself in its totally up to them when you leave. Its not your choose so don't go in thinking you can sigh yourself out especially if they are adjusting your meds you will be there even longer. If you have to go you will appreciate life in a new ways, its different being locked down and having someone tell you what to do 24/7. Just get through your groups and try to find a friend or two if you have to go and you can make it! Art is great by the way and so is music therapy. So with the bad also comes the good.

Talisha Neeley

Dislike it for personal reasons. I will NEVER recommend it even for my worst enemy

Jessica Mathews

Dalton Cantu

I was forced to go here a few years ago, I left more suicidal than when I came in. There's just so many things wrong with this place. It needs to be shut down, and the people that own it should be sued for all the money they got.

Treacy Ward

Wow, where do I begin. My daughter stayed from December 4th until today and it did not help her. In fact they made things worse. I found out yesterday there have been two rape lawsuits against Valley Behavioral health, which should come as no surprise when they house male and female adolescents together. The whole time my daughter was there fights constantly broke out and the place is understaffed. One patient was diabetic and she said the staff did not adequately take care of them. She also said they didn't have band aids or ointment for cuts. She was also having panic attacks because at least two other patients tried to attack her.

Frances O'Rourke

My granddaughter needed help and after being there for a few short days she is checking out. After reading several reviews I can understand why. What a poorly run place. Shame on you.

Caleb Emmert

This place is horrible

Ashley Harrell


Absolutely the worst situation we have ever seen! They only care about money! They don’t care about patients! They gave false information to our insurance company and just flat out told us they don’t want private insurance. The most pathetic excuse for a behavioral hospital I’ve ever seen. I hate I had to even give a star. -5 starts the the 100th power!

Kylie Sabart

This place sucks, but has amazing staff. And the food there is nasty

Marla Harrington

Hated it at first but then after being there a while it really did help you just have to be willing to help yourself get better it aint just the workers job to help you

Zach Parrish

Honestly I think that Valley is a joke because I was a patient there not three weeks ago and they just discharged me twice to no where and when I came back they kept me like 3 weeks and in those three weeks I saw a roaches in the cafeterias on three occasions and so pretty much anything they do is a joke

Rita Smith

There very gd people friendly

michelle stone

My daughter is currently in. I have had no real contact with anyone except the business office. Pretty sure they only care about money at this place because no other communication has occurred. No one from therapy, case worker, care manager, clinician... I have has to call daily to get any kind of update which is sketchy at best. I honestly would give a -3 star rating but there's nothing below 1.

Jeremiah McAdams

Went here for long term over the summer, i defiantly benefited from going here, they helped me with education, SI, and Depression

Wayne Kilpatrick

My room mate went missing on july 2nd at 1am said he was going to kill him self and they will not even take his name to find out if he is even alive or not they do not have to tell me where he is but could at least take his name and let him know he is loved and being looked for. I have filed a missing perosn report with arkoma pd etc .

tonya0210 .

There is seriously something wrong here. My daughter has been there two weeks and not once have I talked in depth to anyone about what's going on or about her "treatment plan." I have called several times to talk to her therapist and he has never returned my calls. I know my daughter better than anyone in that place. She's autistic, has mild schizophrenia, anxiety, and stomach issues that cause her to get constipated and impacted at times. They think she has an eating disorder and is depressed. I know if her stomach is hurting (because she's not having normal bowel movements)she won't eat much but she weighs 180lbs, so she is eating. She sees her normal doctors and therapists outside of there that haven't even been contacted. Looks like if they were really trying to help her everyone would be on the same page with her treatment and talking to all her normal doctors.

Kayleigh Emmert

This place is horrible. They kept a family member in and wouldn’t let him out and he WILLINGLY went in and tried to keep him against his wheel, they are liars and manipulative. All they want is money, DO NOT go to Valley. Unless you never want to see that family member again:) thanks

Averi Watkins

Christina Hendrix

My son has been here twice. Once he was 5 and the other time he was 6. Both times were terrible. This facility is dirty at all times. Upon discharge I wasn't able to get all of my sons clothes returned to me. The nurse was extremely rude about it. On top of that they had soiled clothes in a bad with all of his other clothes. My son came home cussing more than he ever had cussed. I would not recommend this place to anyone. He will never go back.

Emily Peugh

This place is a joke. I've been there twice as an adolescent. If they're serious about Harmon g themselves then you need to have look elsewhere, honest to God. They have vents in the rooms that some of the slats are missing on and they have sharp pieces sticking off from where they were being held up. I wad in there for cutting and I cut myself while I was there the first time. And the desks in the rooms had staples on the back that you could take out and use to self harm. The showers in the rooms had loose tiles that you could use, too. It's a co-ed hall, the boys rooms are straight across from the girls rooms and a while back there was this big scandal about them sneaking into each others rooms.

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