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REVIEWS OF The BridgeWay IN Arkansas

Ashtyn McNeill

Krystle Wilson

My son was here and he was physically and verbally abused by the staff

Laquintha Henderson

Chadwick Turner

IF YOU LOVE YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS DO NOT SEND THEM HERE... This place is NOTHING like the webpage leads you to believe... In Unit 5 There was no Art therapy, Yoga or Pet therapy available for my partner when we checked him in. And those activities were the main reason we went. There was NO HOT WATER in his room. When he asked the nurse to give him a blanket he was told no so he froze the first night with only a flat sheet to cover up with. There were holes in the walls in the "Family" waiting room that had been patched up with about 4 different color brown paint colors none of which matched. There were not even enough chairs so we were sitting on the floor in the hallways, some of the other patients were asleep in chairs and in the hallways... Elizabeth who I spoke with in assessment TWICE either "misunderstood me when I asked what activities were available when I called" or she just has no idea where she works... Don't be fooled by the nice lobby you walk into... there are no paintings or nice green plants where the patients are held. No exit interview with the family to let you know how things went and what to do next... they just sent him to a holding room where I was waiting with his clothes and a bag... This place was like a bad movie. NEVER AGAIN

R Truth

maddie isom

I recieve my ECT treatments at Bridgeway outpatient and all the staff I've meet have been truly wonderful and kind. The staff and my doctor truly care about my mental health. The staff I've meet in ward 5 have been nice and kind when I go in for my physicals for ECT. I would recommend Bridgeway to anyone who is looking to help themselves

Gary W

It is what you make it.

Nichole Jenkins

Worst place ever. Forced to admit my child here based on events from 30 days ago. No updates on treatments plans without harassing the staff. . Tells you one thing and then does something else. . My child didn't receive her belongs until two days after I brought them to her. . Horrible place.

Lizzie Ronsick

It's a nice facility. The only way the therapy will help is if you are willing to take it seriously. If you go and play games it won't be worth it.

Dev Hat

Terrible place. The staff treats patients as if they're bothersome pests, like they're prisoners. It feels more like you're in a prison, you do not get the treatment you need, you are treated as a juvenile. Do not send anyone you care about here. It is a horrible place, needs to be shut down.

Mary Beth Poe

Melanie Fewell

This place is definitely one of the worst mental health facilities around. It really is a joke.

Kyle Huff

Group therapy is a joke, the doctor is a joke, and the staff are a joke.

sad hiroki

That place is hell

Cindy Hill

Very professional and courteous staff...this place made me feel very comfortable there....

Evangelist Amanda

I will not let my child go there again.

Ninjalette Brewer

K Waldo

Our child went to this facility. She was not watched for properly. She even starting cutting herself here. She never attempted this before. Group therapy time only allowed the kids to reminisce about horrible events, kids were never shown copping mechanisms for their concerns. The doctor kept telling us the patient never received outpatient therapy and he never asked. Which in fact, they have received therapy three different places!!!

Elizabeth Hurley

This place was were one of our friends young daughter went for help and it was hard it's supposed to be hard this is not your typical hospital setting this place is made for people with disabilities that need direction they are there for that reason the staff always kept my friend update on her daughters medication and they had council meeting it's what you make of it you either want them to help you and your family that's what that team of professionals are there for and what you do with it afterwards as well again it's up to the individuals there out there to help and support and guide, I seen a lot folks go into these places thinking that they drop them off and think that after a few weeks days it's supposed to have healed them fixed them that's not what it's about, at the end of the day great job to the teams trying to help these families and Cope themselves God bless and thank you for guidance for my friends bipolar daughters problems she's doing wonderfully now has Graduated High school and off to College

SonOfA Mother

Never again.

Katie Hatchett

Was refused access to a doctor, HIPAA was blatantly violated and I've never been more dehumanized in my entire life.

Kenneth and Angie Wilson

I would NOT recommend this place to ANY human being!!!! Awful. Awful!! Awful!!! Enough said!!

David Latcham

it really made me hapy

Diana Croom

I went there last week and i went in there for cutting and suicidal thoughts and trying to comit staying their was horrible the beds are like sleeping on latex gloves and its always cold. Not to mention when i was having a mental breakdown they didnt try to help me thru it they just put me in the night room with a boy that triggered me and left me there. And they would not let me sleep and feel comfortable, i sleep in basketball shorts normally and i explained that to them and all the nurses did was call me a hoochy mamma and laugh at me. And the first morning i was there they woke me up and took my blood and made me go see the doctor well i got really light headed so i plopped to the floor and the nurses just yelled at me to get up. In the week i was there there were 5 fights and they let some kids leave with my clothes. All they did was state the obvious and diagnosed me with depression and anxiety. When i left there i had sulfur burps and food poisoning. Do not send your kids here its an actual living hell. Not to mention they are giving a bunch of teens a pill called remrum and its ment for adults. I hated it there 0/10 for me im never going there again

William Rogers

I would tell anyone to please go to another hospital or use a better choice in life so you won't be admitted to a mental health hospital. Doctor Jarvis diagnosed me as mentally retarded and I was never in any special ed classes. It seems to me doctors believe they are always right when over half the time they aren't right. It seems to me their main goal in life is to get wealthy writing prescriptions and well they don't care if they slander a patients history on discharge papers. Just because you have a medical degree doesn't always make you a bright doctor. Misdiagnosis can be lethal.

Aaron Gatewood

I havent been there, but i totally noticed the gaggle of 5 star rating all in a row with no explaniations. Looks like somebody figured out how to boost there own ratings... shame shame

2d The Succ

This place is actually a living hell came in wanted to kill myself came out only got better at hiding it. The staff all hate their job. Don't go here. It won't help.

Deric Stubbs


Ellen Johnson

I checked in at 4:30 pm after trying to drown myself in vodka and pills for the two months after my husband died and six months after my 38 year old daughter died. I sat in a wheel chair at the desk, vomiting into a wastebasket, until around ten pm while the staff worked on their computers. I asked for a room with a call button, there were none. I asked for a room near the desk, there were none. Anybody with alcoholic tremors and lumbar degenerative disc disease knows how hard it is to walk in that state. I was put at the very end of the hall and told to wake up my roommate who was zombied out on Ambien if I needed help to the bathroom. I was ordered to take an Ambien even though I said I didn’t want it. A few hours later, bladder bursting, I staggered to the bathroom and fell between the toilet and the wall when I tried to get up off the toilet. I knew I had really hurt my neck and head, banging my head forcefully against the wall, but my roommate wouldn’t wake up. I crawled to the hallway and collapsed. My next memory is the EMTs putting me in a neck brace and being transported to the hospital where I was diagnosed with a C-2 fracture at about 2 am. I was in the hospital for 34 days. I was at Bridgeway less than 12 hours but they were sure I got a bill! I can’t speak to their program because I never had a chance to attend. I give their people a ZERO as far as compassion for the physical problems I had. They just wanted to knock me out and let the day shift deal with me. Now I wish I had sued them.

Kodak Mukbang

Cheyenne Templeman

It doesn't even help and nobody listens to u and the staff is rude

Rylee McDougle

This place is stupid. IS smells awful all the time. I hate it. We never have social interaction.

Greg inConway

Interesting place. Almost appears like the staff are in this field to find the answers to their own deep rooted issues. Some doctors are good but the support staff certainly are not enjoying their job... though that is the image they are displaying. Paying +$2,300 a day, I would think first rate care would be given. Quite the opposite. Recommend to have a nice meal at Waffle House and save your $$$$.

Breanna Motto

Horrible experience..I was on unit 5 and I got no exercise and food was terrible. A serious lack of empathy at this hospital. I was there two weeks and firmly believe the hospital made me worse. Group therapy is a joke on this unit.. the hospital needs a serious make-over. If you are considering going here ,dont! Go to baptist hospital

Emerson Ambulance

L Dunn

Deneshia Allen


Megan Fluke

I don’t know what this hospital was like before, but when I went there, it was all terrible. Patients were mistreated and neglected, and group therapy was almost nonexistent. My parents were not informed about what medicines I was on or about anything that went on. We will go to court before we pay.

Toni Bellamy

Adriana Baggett

I got discharged yesterday, and when they tell you 3-5 days it's a lie. You're going to stay a whole week. Group therapy is not therapy you're just telling other people your business. The night staff was the best. I was wearing the same clothes for 2 days because they wouldn't check my clothing and give it to me. There was a couple girls that forgot to get their toothbrush the previous night and the staff wouldn't let them brush their teeth in the morning. They don't watch the patients that self harm, and when the patient does harm their self they put them in seclusion and dont attend to the bleeding. It saddens me because people need help and the doctor doesn't see anyone for more than 2 minutes. I only saw a therapist once with 1 on 1 in the whole 7 days.

Maylea Richmond


That is sad how people talk about this place.So unprofessional. Do not put your love one in this place.People are human not dogs.

Lajohnda Petty


Shelley Thompson

I called yesterday morning for help. I was told they would call me right back. Waited for hours, gave up, just drove back home. If this is an example of how much they care I would give them an F.

Mallory Mae


Felicia Carrillo

My 10 year old was inpatient because of depression. He was there for one week. During that week, he had to protect himself from other patients, listen to staff and patients swearing, foul hand gestures and thug music such as "Once I was 7 years old". We can't protect our child when someone else has taken responsibility for them. This place is a licensed false representation of a so called hospital. Very poor communication. In the discharge meeting, they basically took credit for things that were initiated before he was even admitted there.

Crystal Sturdivant

Absolutely the worst place for people who need help. If you don't have a job or insurance, and you can forget about medicaid, they don't want nothing to do with you. Took my husband there for homicidal thoughts, anxiety, depression and they said he wasnt "acute" enough, even though the day before he had an episode and decided he was walking from Ozark, AR to colorado and this was the second time in a week he had wandered off. All these people care about is your bank account. I would give this place negative stars if that was an option and I hope the people running this place read this because if you are. "YOU SUCK". Bridgeway should be put out of business. It would do the world a favor if it burned to the ground. Hopefully with all the staff still inside

Erika Ousley

Rachel Cox

This place is amazing. I've had multiple very good experiences here. They provide both outpatient and inpatient services. You may see a lot of people putting bad ratings on this place because they didn't find what they were looking for. People sometimes expect things from places like this that are impossible to provide for every patient, or they are mad because they weren't allowed to smoke a cigarette when they wanted to, or they threatened suicide and had to be treated as suicidal because of legitimately important rules. Some of these people are angry because they aren't in the right place in their life. I don't like seeing so much unwarranted negativity and I hope those people found what they were looking for somewhere else and are okay now. The review before mine has a breakdown of the Inpatient stay for an adult, 3-7 days. A lot of people are not aware of the Outpatient program, of which I have wonderful things to say. This is where you would go after the inpatient stay if you still needed help. It's mostly group therapy, and it's very effective. I would recommend that anyone go to this that need to and is willing to do the work on themselves. You will not get anything out of this if you are not open to doing the work.

Gabriel Jarrett

it was okay the food there is good the education is meh i went there but it didnt help as there was nothing wrong with me felt more like a school than a prison or even a mental institution we were actually treated very respectfully any abusive staff has probably been fired *probably*

Jessica Burton

David Samuel Levinson

I had such an incredible experience as an inpatient here. I received incredible care from the on-duty psychiatrist but mainly I bonded with the other patients. I spent five days in Bridgeway. I hope to take what I learned and put it into practice in the real world. The staff was marvelous. The food was good. But mostly it’s remarkable that the place exists at all. If you put it down, you didn’t do the work.

Spiiriti ¿

I went to bridgeway as a kid, and it was not useful. i went there to help my separation anxiety from my mom and they did not help what so ever.

tater bug

Amanda Huddleston

I think Bridgeway is great! Please remember when you’re admitted for suicide ideation the main point is for someone to be checking on you 24/7. If you’re allowed to stay home and your family falls asleep you’re at risk. My mom killed herself at night when her husband was sleeping (my mom was not a patient here. I wish she had been so she’d be alive). The second part is monitoring for medication stability. Thirdly, there are groups and a session with the psychiatrist daily (some exceptions on weekends). It’s apx 4hrs of therapy a day split into 1 hr segments. 3hrs is breakfast, lunch, dinner. Then fresh air breaks. This totals apx 8plus hours a day. Inpatient treatment is just the first step to get someone to a stable state and they do their best to accomplish that in 3-7 days. It’s to get you to understand how serious your condition has become so that when you leave you follow through with treatment. 3-7 days doesn’t cure anyone. Again it’s to ensure you or your family member stays alive and to being the process of healing using medication and counseling to set you in the right direction. Coping skills are taught along with other skills to help you with the initial days after discharge until your follow up appointment. The rest is up to each individual. My experience is with unit 5 young adults.

Crys McClure

I was recently a patient there and most people were great, giving me all the help I needed, but these two nurses, Tomeika and Tamera from Unit 5, were completely unhelpful. They made my experience horrible. I was great as long as I wasn't around them. Also, let me state this: I'm Female to Male Transgender. These two nurses, absolutely REFUSED to use my preferred name and gender pronouns no matter how many times I told them, I went to other staff members and the patient advocate and they still refused. If they hadn't been there, my stay would have been the best I've ever had because everyone else was amazing. I really hope that Bridgeway gets some LGBTQIAPD+ education classes or something, because this was unacceptable and wholly non conducive to a good mental health care plan.


Good Faculty

Anna Smith

They accepted my daughter Kimberly and didn't ask no questions.

Brandie Vazquez

Eric Fluke

This is one of the worst hospitals I have ever seen. My sister was sent there, and she was treated like absolute trash. When she could walk because her anxiety got so bad, her nurse forced her to stand up and walk and dragged her. The doctor gave her medicine that said would help but made her physically disabled for three months. I recommend you never send anyone to this hellish place.

Jernathern Rittermern

A stay at Bridgeway is what you make it as patient. The staff for the most part are very helpful if you let them help you. The only element missing is a solid introductory package. During my stay I found pieces of myself I lost over time. Much love to the "cool kids club" of staff and patients since I am now free to the fullest again. B)

Lapria Davis

Matthew Knuteson

Nobody wants to visit a place live this s but they treated me with respect and gave me the space I needed and the proper advice to move on; their meals need a little work or I’d give them 5 stars

Zach Springer

Brandy Fabacher

Great helpful staff

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