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REVIEWS OF Springwoods Behavioral Health IN Arkansas

David Woodkand

I am a Travel RN who has worked behavioral health for 22 years at multiple facilities. I have also taught mental health nursing at the university level for 10 years. Springwoods delivers care that is top notch and patient centered. I am given the leeway to develop my own educational classes and teach what I believe to be in the best interest of the patients. This helps make sure the education provided is tailored to the patients and they get information pertinent to their illness. Springwood’s staff truly care about the patients and work hard to meet their needs. They are professional in their craft and have expertise in behavioral health through all disciplines. Management listens to staff’s ideas and implements many of their suggestions. I also see management out on the units making sure staff have the resources they need to provide excellent care. I am nearing the end of 7 months of helping Springwoods deliver exceptional care and will leave with the knowledge that they are helping those that need help and will seek opportunities to implement best practices as research finds new ways to treat the mentally Ill and those with addictions. If they should need RN help in the future I will be back in a heartbeat! They are a quality organization and strive to get better each and every day.

Brandi Hebling

Wonderful staff, Awesome CEO. I am a very proud employee of Springwoods. I absolutely love my job and my co-workers are team-oriented and extremely caring towards not only patients but their families as well.

Annie Nevin

Gross neglect was what I experienced here. Dr. Massey on the woman's unit couldn't even recognize that I was having a Manic episode, with mixed features. If I could I wouldn't even give this place a one star, maybe the one for the half decent food.

Ron Foster

AVOID AVOID AVOID!!! Run like hell somewhere else. I would not let this place take care of my dog. If you or someone you love are suicidal, homicidal, or having hallucinations, go to Vista Health, not Springwoods. It is a for-profit place that is poorly managed by greedy people who will do and say anything for a buck. JACO should shut this place DOWN!

Amanda McDaniel

Do not ever go to this place if you are seeking compassionate and quality care for yourself or for your family or friends. These people have lost sight, if they ever had it before, of what their job functions and purposes truly are supposed to be--and that is to help people who need it most. I was advised by my psychiatrist to check Springwoods (a place where he works when not at his practice) out to see if it was indeed a place where I could go and have a bit of time to breathe and reflect. I left his office and went straight there. My psychiatrist had expressed NO concern over my well being or me being suicidal when I was at his office. I was hesitant and asked him that if I went for the assessment at Springwoods I would indeed be able to leave if I was not comfortable for any reason. My psychiatrist answered me with a resounding yes. Upon arrival we were stripped of all personal belongings (my husband, THANKFULLY, managed to keep his cell phone) and they were locked in another room. We were escorted to a small box of a room and then "assessed" by a male who did not have a clear understanding of the even the handbook that he gave us--this handbook we scoured and found contradictions, vagueness and innumerable elementary typos and grammatical errors. When questioned for clarification, the assessment proctor could not provide clarification and had no desire to get clarification for us. The business rep then entered and she herself seemed incompetent over the simplest of things. It took us over ten minutes to get out of her what the actual cost was going to be and when we stated that the cost was out of our reach she challenged our sincerity on getting help. After she left, my husband I decided that it was not only the money that would be the deciding factor for my not staying, but the extreme and rampant incompetence of the staff and the actual environment the facility provided for their patients--this was not going to be the environment in which I could rest and reflect. The assessment proctor then re-entered the room with contracts to be signed and initialed. We explained to him that the cost was out of reach and we were not comfortable with the quality of care that we thought I would receive. After refusing to sign, the assessment proctor left the room, then shortly after re-entered again with the Director of Assessment and Referral and they stated that I was being placed on a 72 hour hold. When asked why, we were informed that it was due to my assessment and the doctor on campus' advisement. Pure terror washed over me and I became very loud and emotional demanding that they release us. Our demands were met with comments such as, "There's nothing you can do." "This is the way it is." The law is on our side" "Don't you want to get help?" I then demanded that I see the doctor who was admitting me and was mockingly laughed at and told that was "Unrealistic." Two other individuals entered the room, all standing over me. A male in a blue shirt moved towards me as though he was going to grab me and I held up my hand and stated, "Do NOT touch me." We again reminded them that we had just left my psychiatrist's office and he had not had any concern about me being suicidal or a danger to anyone. More mocking, more yelling, more bowed chests. My husband then pulled out his phone and started making phone calls to both my psychiatrist and my psychologist. The staff seemed to readjust when they saw that we were actually speaking to the psychiatrist that had sent me there and who actually worked in their facility. The room cleared. My psychiatrist made a very quick call to the facility and minutes later the Director of Assessment and Referral entered the room and asked us to sit. We refused, saying that we were not going to succumb to the intimidation tactics that they were trying to use. He then said, "Well, you called the right people, I guess. We're letting you go." We could not have run out of that place any faster than we did. DO NOT GO TO THIS FOR PROFIT NOT FOR PEOPLE FACILITY.

Jessica Greenwalt

Daniel Wright

Extremely rude staff

Tony Casey

Great place I would highly recommend it to people

Kerri Ogle-Griff

My daughter whom is 18 was there for 5 days and never seen a doctor only a nurse one did an evaluation or gave her any type of diagnosis.

Ariel Purkapile

you dont meet with a doctor for more than ten minutes maybe twice if your luky. I choose to get better on my own. they just provided a place to have a vacation from my family

Sarah Jones

I don't know how this place is open or why they continue to make staff put five star reviews. How about fix the facility and do something about this horrific place?

autumn clinton

This place is great in adolescence unit. There was only one problem for me. Okay, the food was great, staff will talk to when you ask, they give you workbooks to help you deal with it. They have amazing groups.They enforce the rules which makes them look strict, but you have to think about why they are rules. There is one nurse that I disliked. It was a male, another patient touched me inappropriately and I told the staff and so did a friend of mine. There is a thing called 10 foot where you can't be in feet of someone and the patient had it against all girls and they got off it after I told him what happened. Although, this nurse helped me through a horrible panic attack. I am thankful for this place because I am doing better. They also diagnose you.

olivia castleman

While I was in there for depression, anxiety, and suicide attempt. They wluld become very loud and almost everything was not allowed beside breathing and blinking. It was a much better than Vantage Point or Vista.

kaila deshields

harley ramage

Just called about the status of my account, and the lady at the front desk was really rude!

Jennifer Larsen

I went here because I was suicidal and homicidal and had been off of antipsychotic medication for over a month. The staff was friendly and helpful. The psychiatrist was a little insensitive but was even nice enough at one point when I said I liked one on one therapy to take the time to have a therapy session with me. The food was okay. Its edible and some meals were really yummy. I LOVED the structure and routine of the days. Thats something I lack in my personal life is routine so it was nice to have that. There was a nurse who completely changed my perspective on life. Kathy in the womens unit I think was her name. Blonde heavy set woman. She inspired me to go back to nursing school. Wendi the tech on the women's unit is AMAZING she's very funny and relatable and does great groups. Tracy on the womens unit was a great nurse and shared personal experiences in groups. Overall I was very happy with my care and the experience i had here. Met friends I will have for life. Thank you Springwood's!

Sydney Pejsa

Springwoods' staff was really nice and all, but the group therapy sessions would be really repetitive. Some of the girls in the adolescents would try to insult each other instead of trying to get better. At least the food was good.

Tom & Diane C

My husband went there after being referred by another substance abuse center when we learned that they did not accept our insurance but Springwood did. Let me first point out that no law enforcement, court, judge or doctor was requiring him to go - he was going on his own free will to get help for drug addiction. When we arrived, my husband went up to the window and explained that he would like to speak to an intake counselor. He was immediately asked to complete a form and upon completing it bring it back to the window with his insurance card and ID. About 10 or 15 minutes later a gentleman came out with my husband's form in his hand along with a metal detector wand. My husband was stripped of everything in his pockets and had this wand moved about his entire body. I was then told that if I wanted to accompany my husband I would have to empty my purse, pockets, etc. I elected to bring my purse to the car and locked it up in there. When I entered the informal, cold "interrogation" room they labeled "Intake/Assessment" on the outside of the door, the intake employee started asking with a cocky attitude of who referred my husband there and acted as if he didn't believe him. He then repeated his question a couple times asking if my husband was sure a court or parole officer isn't requiring him to come there. After finally being assured my husband explained that he needed treatment for drug addiction. The intake counselor then told us that they only do a detox program that lasts 7 days, after that time, the patient leaves and goes to a "treatment" facility. My husband said that he would rather go to a facility that does both detox and treatment, and would not be doing any detox at Springwood - and that if he could give us a couple names or resources we'd be appreciative. The intake employee left the room saying he'd be right back. After about 20 minutes of sitting in that "interrogation" room, we decided that we would just leave and get names of other facilities on our own. So, we walked out of the "interrogation" room - into the lobby, tried to get out the glass, electronic sliding door but the receptionist WOULD NOT unlock the door for us to leave. After asking her about 5 times to open the door, and reminding her that we were there on our own free will she still refused instead, the intake employee suddently appeared saying the head of intake wanted to speak with him. My husband explained he was not interested in speaking with anyone and would like for the door to be open. The head of intake finally appeaered along with a man in blue scrubs, who sat in the lobby as well as a security guard, who stood behind us. My husband was angry at this point, as was I, yet they still refused. My husband told this guy that he was there on his own free will and if they didn't let us go that he would file a lawsuit for being held against our will. The head of intake even suggested I come back into the "interrogation" room on my own and I refused!! Reminder: I was not the one seeking help!! After about 5 minutes of this nonsense we finally went back into the "interrogation" room with the intake employee and head of intake. The head of intake told the employee he could leave the room - and then began to tell us that my husband was indicating suicidal behavior and they couldn't let us leave unless they called the police. My husband told him to go ahead and call the police because he'd file charges for being held against his will. Finally after I assured this guy that my husband was not a threat to himself or me, he wrote that down on the paperwork and let us out the door just after he told us that what we should have done was gone in there and asked to simply speak to an intake counselor. I said, "that is exactly what he said when he first arrived". DO NOT GO HERE. They are all for the money!!

Sharon Ledbetter

I joined Springwoods almost 2 years ago. Springwoods Behavioral Health support and recognize our staff through two programs that acknowledge our staff with above and beyond practices. Employee of the Month and our Good Catch Program. We promote and deliver a consistent professional mental health service to our communities. I, whole heartedly support our mission statement, values and commitment to serve those in crisis.


I wouldn’t allow anyone that I cared about even in the slightest to step foot into this building for help. I understand that there is a need for mental health facilities and how important they are but this place felt crooked to me. The counselor who was doing the interview process to decide if you needed inpatient or out was extremely nice - so nice it almost hurts to rate this a one star but the bad outweighs the good. She seemed very caring and genuine, not just like she was pretending to care but like she really did. Julian, the outpatient therapist, was also great. No complaints about him at all as he seemed to be very involved and very genuine as well about caring for each person in that room and what happened to them as well as leaving them better off than when they walked in his room which was comforting. Dr. Berner is why I’m giving this place a single star because the lack of care that he expressed was unreal. He made me nervous from the beginning and I wasn’t looking forward to meeting with him but it was a requirement sadly. After the first meeting with him I had asked if I could be switched to the other therapist because of how uncomfortable and uneasy he made me feel. If someone is there for help.. nothing productive is going to come from the therapy time if they feel uncomfortable and unwelcome to even simply speak. I wouldn’t even consider it “therapy” time because there was no therapy going on but rather judgement and belittlement. I can’t think of another time in my life that I’ve felt as judged and looked down upon as I did for those two sit down sessions with Dr. Berner. He told me to go pick up the antidepressant that he sent in and start taking it even tho I said countless times I wasn’t going to take an antidepressant because I wasn’t depressed which is my right as I wasn’t court ordered or inpatient but getting listened to and reapected wasn’t something that was being given in return even tho it was expected to be given the other way around. They send in antidepressants for everyone that goes into outpatient and I’m sure inpatient as well which obviously some people need it but not everyone and it should be a case to case basis but it didn’t seem as such. There’s no way every person in that building, in or outpatient, needs an antidepressant, at least not in my opinion. The experience overall would’ve been fine I believe had I maybe not had Dr. Berner but who knows. It just blew my mind that for someone who’s job is to communicate and try to help someone overcome their problems, whatever they may be, that they could be so blatantly judgemental without any shame about it and able to belittle someone in such a way. I’ve read multiple bad reviews on here about him but as always.. as long as they’re getting the money from you then that’s all that matters; not how you’re feeling or your opinion on things.

Indigo Lemon

Lmao all these employees trying to bring the stars up lmfao

Cap'n Ser

Yikes... took people's blood while they were asleep. V creepy

Maria VonTrapp

There's no way to succinctly describe how horrid this place is. Staff from the front desk to the doctors are incredibly rude. They simply do not care. It is not about you or your loved one getting help and feeling better. It is about holding that person like a prisoner to suck all the insurance money they can out of them. It is a cold and feeling less prison. Do not do this to yourself or any loved one. From child to elderly...this place is notoriously awful. You will leave here far more traumatized than when you first walked in.

Melissa Pfeiffer

Won’t help unless you have the money to pay. Or you can pay in two installments. I guess suicide isn’t a big deal

James Johnson

Do not go here or believe the amazing fake reviews. I wasn't even a patient here but had a family member who was and I cannot began to explain the horror of that week with them being in this facility. The lack of care and compassion from the doctors and nurses are very concerning. Trust me do not go here or bring anyone you know here.

William & Crystal Self

Discharged a patient that was no where close to ready. Still hearing voices, still full of anger.

Teresa Robinette

Talley Gale

Springwoods played a major role in my mental health recovery. It promoted a supportive group environment and helped me develop tools to cope. I did the partial hospitalization program and outpatient programs. I felt that the staff was competent and caring. Only note might be that the classroom was a bit sterile-feeling.

Jane Doe

The staff was awesome and I met some wonderful people while I was there. Great food with little time to eat and they keep you busy all day so you can't dwell on why your there. Only complaint was they need someone to clean the place because it was dirty. Perhaps there is a new career for me there ha-ha..

Thomas Alberson

Do not take your dog here, much less family. I will write more soon. Count on it.

Harmony Reynolds

My friend went there and said she liked the soda and food alot, btw i am also my friend

Casey Armer

This place was a nightmare, I went voluntarily and they wouldn’t let me leave (I now know it was the insurance money!) they need to be investigated- highly inappropriate and horrible behavior by staff. I think I have ptsd from there.

A. E.

NEVER GOING TO THIS PLACE! Was referred there by a counselor who informed me that I can ask question first and not get an assessment. WRONG! LETS JUST SAY I WAS NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE AND WAS THERE FROM 2.30PM TO 7.30-8 AT NIGHT...

Jeri Johnston

Currently looking for a place for my sister. This will not be the one. Thanks for the honest reviews. If it werent for the employees leaving reviews, it would probably be less than 1 star. I have been a nurse for close to 20 years and have never left a google review for a facility that i have worked in. It is obviously a shady operation. No thanks!

Nathan Shaffer

I really like Springwood. Is it wonderful and fun? No it’s a HOSPITAL. That being said it definitely doesn’t suck. Breakfast is so so, the rest of the food is pretty good, maybe 1 out of 7 meals aren’t good. The staff is WONDERFUL!!! I can’t say enough good things about them. Yes they have rules they have to stick to but they try to do what they can to make you comfortable. I’ve been there twice and will go back as soon as I feel unsafe.

Kimberly Booker

Martel Jackson

I was admitted to SBH after a week of anxiety attacks. Caused by depression and a sense of helplessness. My stay did nothing but perpetuate my anxiety and caused further damage. I have waited to calm down before writing this review so that I may be able to properly inform others of the dangers of sending a loved one or yourself here. To begin, their intake is formal. There is no way to truly know if their intentions are for profit or for truly identifying and assisting the needs of the patient. Devin (assessment giver) was polite and understanding. He asked a series of questions to identify trigger phrases that would allow for admittance (i.e. suicidal, homicidal). I was admitted by a doctor that I have never met, and I would not meet. During my assessment I was terrified (for having to come here in the first place), anxious (not sure if this was going to be the right fit), and unsettled (there was no clear explanations of the process). I contacted my family and friends about where I was going. I wish I had spent that time reviewing SBH. Their policy is for at least a 72 hour hold. I was sent home after less that 48 hours, when I began questioning their process, and demanded to speak with my doctor. That is when things came unhinged. No one was able to answer any of my questions, before I knew it , I was surrounded by multiple employees of unknown responsibility. They began putting on gloves and talking among themselves. It was obvious that my file had gone unnoticed or reviewed. My biggest issue has been that I have been violently attacked by groups of people in my past. Here I was having it happen to me in a place that was supposed to be safe. Dr. Berner (aka Dr. Bummer), entered the room I was in. Here I was face to face with the "Dr" that had admitted me. He immediately began attack me. Not once did he or any of the staff attempt to comfort or console me. I asked specific questions that were related to my well being and issues with the approach they chose to address them. Dr. Berner made no attempt to offer any help and walked away. He only asked them to call the police and for ME to arrange a way home. I called my roommate shaking and afraid to come rescue me. Many of the other patients who chose to stay and defend my concerns were forced into another room against their will. I was in the most unsafe and unprofessional environment I have ever witnessed. In the end the only "treatment" I received was unwanted tranquil meds and a nicotine patch. Forced group sessions, zero opportunity for fresh air, and an empty stomach (I am an athlete with a high metabolism. There was no attempt to supply the adequate nutrition i needed). There was no explanation of anything, and not even discharge paperwork of their discoveries. This place gives other good facilities a bad name. They are all in it for the money, and only wish to help people that they are able to manipulate with medication. If you are an intelligent person with social issues, continue searching for somewhere else. My stay there has only worsened my conditions and made it increasingly more difficult to trust in another inpatient facility. Dr. Berner should go under review, as well as their entire staff. The CEO must spend his time playing golf and living it up all over the world. It's obvious by the cattle barn he calls a hospital. Never ever send anyone you care about to Springwoods Behavioral Health. It's a death sentence. You would be better of trying to show compassion. My name is Martel Jackson, I have a double major in Psychology and Kinesiology. After college I spent a year working at a mental health facility in San Marcos, Texas. I resigned and moved on after witnessing much of the staff abuse their power, position, and patients. I have my own battles with trusting others and authority figures. It has been experiences such as the one I endured this weekend that makes it difficult to find the help I so desperately desire and deserve.

Shaunda McGhee

Fairly good place, but the employees are awful. They are very rude and unprofessional. I think Amber is the worst. I wasn't even thru talking and she hung up in my face. How rude!!

Jessica Shrader

My daughter stayed here a few years ago and was attacked multiple times by a group of girls. The girls were allowed to stay at the facility, bullying my daughter who was there for help. They made my daughter sleep on a cot in the nurse's station for fear of her safety. I went and took her out and they kept making light of the situation. How is someone to get better in a place where they feel threatened and unsafe?

Sarah Henderson

I had a great experience there. Dr. Lange was great and I finally was on the right meds. The therapy was good to and surprisingly the food was yummy.

Angela Gomez

Loni Plumlee

Allison Drye

Psychiatric care was excellent. Group "therapy" is dull, pandering, humiliating, and a poor excuse for the money and time. I entered for "care," and was horrified by the fascist treatment. Outpatient? Wanded down, TSA style, forced to eat lunch, traumatized, not allowed to even use my vaporizer in my car. They are horrifying. Do not go.

Garrett Mitchell

This place traumatized me, and now I owe them over $4,000 (I have great insurance). I will never be able to trust another mental health professional again because of this place. I saw patients repeatedly attacked by other patients, and staff did nothing but move people around. The entire week I was there I spoke with therapists, and doctors combined maybe 30 min. Group sessions are a joke, and are horribly mediated. This place is just a prison that you pay through the nose to stay at. Then they try to milk you for thousands more with their outpatient program, and threaten to keep you if you refuse.

Eunice Alberson

This place is a joke. They don't care about your family members. All they care about is the initial intake so they can get the insurance money. The doctors and nurses obviously could give a damn about your family or they would actually do their job and help the family member get better. Especially elders. They don't care about them and wouldn't treat younger people like this at all.

London Jason

very very very unpleasant and unprofessional staff!! They are apparently connected to the UofA. Don't feel confident just because you get a UofA Referal, I believe the UofA is just a business funnel for this place. Dr Massey is not board certified. They care more about your insurance coverage than the patient. Diagnoses and treatment will be proportional not based on the need of the individual. My recommendation- get a couple of opinions from other places or doctors before ever admitting yourself or anyone you care about to this facility.

Justin Jernigan

as a combat veteran they did not report me to the VA like i requested so now they are trying to hit me up for the bill. if they would have done like they was supposed to the government would have paid. i was promised by the government to have my medical bill covered. now i am being stuck with a bill i cant pay. o and dont let them tell you the VA cant keep you due to no over night facilities that is a lie. the medical staff is good there but the billing and staff are crooked.

Cassidy Nick

Do NOT go here. Right when we walked in the door I knew it wasn't good. SO SO SO THANKFUL we didn't stay or do the assessment. We were spoken to very sharply and unpolitely. We walk in, the lady asked for my spouses' drivers lisence & insurance. Quickly made a copy and it was almost like she was in a rush to get the whole process going. We were told we had to put allllll of our stuff away (even me-who was just there being a support) and then the assessment would happen. I asked how long it would take (I had to get back for work) and she said about 45 minutes. We drove several hours to come. We said sorry we can't and she suddenly was very curt and said since we were 'checked in' (apparently because she scanned his drivers license?!) that she had to make sure there wasn't any paper work to sign before we left. Um....seriously?! There's a sign on the door saying you can't leave until staff opens it. She calls someone else to come out and talk with us, lol. He asks us why we're wanting to leave. I say we need to get back because I need to go to work. He says, 'Oh so you were going to go the the hospital but you have something more important to do?' & we say yes. Then he asks if we'll be back and we responded with 'No. We will find something closer we drove several hrs to get here.' He says 'ok you're free to leave'...the lady from the front desk opens the door and we go. Seriously, I have NO idea why this pace is still open and I feel so bad for the people that are trapped there. God help them. Whatever you do, DON'T go here.

Judge Ackerson

I have been in and out of places like this over the course of my life and mastered the art of getting out quickly, but at springwoods I finally felt like I was cared about and could get the help I needed so stayed past the 72 hour hold voluntarily. I highly recommend this facility if the need for mental health care comes up for you or a loved one and will return myself should the need arises in the future. Dr Rahman and Boydston are both professional and caring and the rest of the staff also shows genuine interest in patient's care and progress. They have good classes and group sessions that are informative and truly helpful in fostering personal growth and ensuring patients are equipped to cope prior to being sent home.

Lindsay Wallingford

This place is racist!!!!!!!!! Please don't send your loved ones here!!!! My boyfriend was admitted into this hell hole this past week. He is a black gentleman and was left in a room for over 8 hours until he was finally admitted in. Of course all the white people were processed in immediately but the black man had to wait for over 8 hours before anyone even came to talk to him at all!!!! In a room ALONE for over 8 hours! How is that caring or compassionate like this facility says they are??? I would never recommend this place to anyone not even my worst enemy.. He and I have both been in these types of facilities in the past and have never ever been treated this way! Yes I'm playing the race card here because it wasn't until a black man came on duty that anyone even spoke to him!! This is not the end of this. I will take every avenue possible to get to the bottom of this! I will rain hell on this place for the treatment of the man I love and care about! They have not heard the last of me. I will be contacting every higher up person at this facility and in the state of Arkansas!!! I will also be contacting my lawyer Monday morning!!!!!

trent smoke

I have been there the staff was great a little over worked ,but they were all very nice and helpful and caring i would and will go back if i every need their help again

Anna Ro

I've been admitted twice. All the workers give it their all. It's a safe place to be. Boring? Yes. But safe. Please go if you need help!

Bethany Walker

Please just whatever you do, do not go here. All the reviews describing their terrible experience here is completely true. The staff is the worst part about this place.


Staff wonderful and your concerns are their concerns.

Mark Hebling

I am a charge nurse at Springwoods. Staff is wonderful. Management is involved with us, patients, and families to provide the best treatment plan possible. Great place.

Sarah Sharp

I haven't been in a long time but I remember the experience well. I was forced to go so I was mad as hell, the nurses threatened to send me to the men's ward if I didn't "shape up!" The doctor was on his phone the whole time and told me "I want you to live, I really do." With the most nonchalant voice. The only good thing that came out of it was the friends I made and the food.

Princess Kitty

The staff is amazing. The food is pretty good. The people I met there and bonded with will be in my hearts forever. It was an amazing life changing experience and I'm so glad I went through with it. ❤

Vickie Ferguson

Forced to stay until I threatened to leave AMA. 5 days I felt tortured. They gave me PTSD. Had a fall while I was there. No Medical help at all. Totally drugged. Called 911. The 911 issue was fraudulent. I had 2 insurances and I feel like that was the reason they wouldn't let me go. I had admitted myself for some help with depression. I'm worse now than when I went in. It was like everyone had a script that they memorized and used when they had gotten some kind of challenge. The atmosphere was just like jail. No call lights in my room. I had to put a washcloth in the lock of the door in case I had an emergency or something. OBTW, I had to have an order from the doctor for a stinking washcloth!! Please please please if you hear of someone that you know or love is thinking about going there, sit on them or something and do NOT let them go to that place. I'm totally serious!!! I did a lot of praying and my family came to finally take me home after 5 days. AMA.

Mary Green

The Outpatient Program is well worth the investment! DBT should be required in schools! It is amazing how much you can learn about yourself and just how capable you really are! If you are struggling and need that little bit of extra but don’t need impatient then their outpatient program might be the right fit! Check into it! You are worth it! You deserve happiness! Business department is killing springwoods’ reputation and doesn’t show much willingness to help you figure out a way to afford treatment. Payment options are few and far between. People come seeking help during a very scary time in their lives. The business office needs a lesson in compassion.

Linda Hobkirk

Please, please do not send your loved ones here. My grandson was not helped at all. He was simply drugged and received very little counseling. On his second visit he was again drugged, made fun of, and ridiculed. His work disability was denied because the Dr failed to give requested information despite being asked many times. Unfortunately my grandson committed suicide about a week after leaving this facility.

Mark Davis

I been to spring woods a few months ago and they treat you so well I was in the adolescent section and it felt like home.

Andrew Newman

The staff is very professional but my friend said she felt like this was prison. They threatened her and terrorized her and every time she called she was crying. They had lied to her and said she would be not admitted then she was not allowed to leave. Then if she asked to leave, they threatened her. She was there three days before they gave her a sheet to sign and told her this was to show that they had explained her rights to her, but later found out that the paper they made her sign was actually and admission of aloping. I feel this place needs to be investigated. Read the law before you get involved with this place. They still have her there and they will not let her out.

Kerri Christensen

Our daughter was admitted into this facility for behavior issues. The Dr Allen something called the next day was wonderful and explained everything that was going to happen to her in the next 5-7 days. He made us feel at ease and comfortable with our child’s stay. After the doctor spoke with our child and us he gave his recommendation of what needs to happen outside of Springwood Before our child comes home. He then gave his recommendation for depression and anxiety medicine for a child. He asked if we felt comfortable enough to put her on medicine or would rather wait. I really felt like he cared for my child and wants to help.

Becky Sowders

We were there to get a loved one admitted. Our appointment was at 10 am (we were told that was the earliest they start assessments). We showed up at 9:45. The assessment took about an hour. We were told the doctor was in a meeting so it may be a few minutes. This took place at 10:30. We sat in the assessment room, which consisted of 2 very uncomfortable chairs, a desk and an office chair, until 12:00. We had to finally ask someone what the hold up was. They told us to be patient. SERIOUSLY! They explained one other person was in front of us and after they were admitted it would be our turn. We sat out in the waiting area while we waited. About 12:15 they brought paperwork for us to sign. Then again stated it would be just a few minutes while they get the other person settled. At 1:45 (remember we started this process at 9:45), we finally had enough. We were tired and hungry and no one had acknowledged us since 12:15. During this whole process there were maybe 2 other people there other than us. We told the front desk we were leaving. She made a phone call. 10 minutes later, someone came out and said "we are ready for you". Hmmmm... that's ironic! We had lost all faith in this place at that point. I cannot speak to the care of the place, but just judging by the admittance process I would not recommend it. There is no reason that any hospital facility is only able to check one person in at a time. That is very inefficient. I would not recommend this place.

Hunter Marshall

it was such a good place the food was good and the people there were so nice

Michelle Hernandez


Chris Lawson

Michael Janusz

Great Place to get the help you need. Highly Reccomend

Diablo Smac

DO NOT GO HERE!! Every bad review you read about this place is true. I heavily contemplated ending my life after being discharged from Springwoods due to the level of anguish and despair my commitment brought me. I was openly mocked by the nurses when I was admitted. They were incredibly rude and unkind to me. I no longer trust anyone in the mental health care field mostly due to my experiences in this hospital. The only available therapy when I was committed was group therapy, usually run by a preachy and unqualified member of their staff (typically a nurse so not even a counselor). I begged to the point of tears to speak to someone one-on-one and was told I could multiple times, but they were just placating me. It never happened. I had stitches in my arm from a self-harm injury at the time and multiple members of the staff looked at my arm and made disgusted faces which in turn made me feel terrible about myself. Some of them even made wildly inappropriate comments about the scars. Very few nurses seemed to have any empathy. You have no freedom in Springwoods. You cannot even sleep with a blanket without a doctor’s approval. I was given 2XL scrubs and when I asked for something my size (small or medium) the staff laughed at me and told me “that’s all they have”. They let you wear your own clothes eventually but it takes days to get anything “”approved””. The food didn’t taste bad but it was very unhealthy (aside from the pathetic salad bar). Soda should not be available at a hospital. The snacks were all carbs and junk food. If you work at this place, particularly if you are posting one of the many false 5 star reviews, you should be ashamed and disgusted with yourself. I hope one day you have the self awareness to realize you are oppressors at best and sadists at worst and that you find work elsewhere, preferably far away from other humans.

Scott Finn

Current, soon to be former, staff member. . Several times this place admitted more patients then they had beds for and made pts. sleep on the floor on foam pads. They think nothing of putting someone on hold if they try to leave, especially if they have "good" insurance, yet many times they have suddenly discharged a suicidal or otherwise dangerous patient because they owed too much money on an old bill and were not able to pay any of it. Climate control ducts are filthy but it costs too much to clean them so they stay dirty, irritating patient and staff resp. systems. They have bunches of times admitted dangerously violent and combative patients and put them in with detox and suicidal patients. They've also admitted patients with contagious conditions (scabies, lice, hepatitis, ringworm, C Diff, flu) and put them among other patients. The cafeteria food is all frozen and they just heat it up. Even the coffee is instant. If someone in the kitchen calls in absent they give the patients a ham sandwich on stale bread, canned peaches and a cup of milk for dinner. Also where the food is served there are several notices posted that say "YOU MAY HAVE ONLY ONE, and it is strictly enforced. "Snack" for a grown man is two (2) oreo cookies, and it is all he'll get between 430 pm and 730 am. Fall of 2015 they were told by state to clean the place up and make repairs or they would shut them down, took them almost 3 months to do it. They run a skeleton crew cause it cuts into profits if they staff for acuity and it makes the front office people look good cause they saved the company money. This place is all about the money, your health and well being as a patient, and as a staff member, are secondary. There are other options in NW Ark, PLEASE consider those first. Then Little Rock, Tulsa, etc.

Ronnie Swadley

DO NOT take your child here. No matter what. They will keep them, not tell you why. They will lie, not give you copies of what you sign. They will lie to your child. They will draw blood from them in their bed while they are asleep. I can’t begin to explain the horrific nightmare it has been taking our child there just for an assessment. They won’t tell us why he has to stay. A 72 hour hold. But since it’s the weekend the 72 hours doesn’t even begin until Monday. So sure they will get paid for 5 days instead of 3. And for what? Our child doesn’t know. We don’t know. These people are as shady as the day is long! If you are reading this review please trust me!!!! RUN!!!!

Sherly Mendez

too bad you can not go into the negatives but i can tell you the negatives of this nightmare * will not let you go until they suck all the money they possibly can * they do not care about their patients * staff was incredibly rude and inconsiderate * the doctor saw you once out of the many days of being forced to stay * your “therapist” also only sees you once * staff twist your words * they keep you indoors until they feel like taking you outside ( i didn’t see the outside nor smell fresh air until i was discharged ) * staff loves to yell at their patients. *** in a nutshell they treat you like a prisoner as if you killed someone, you come in, in one condition and leave with ptsd. i would not wish this place upon my worse enemy, springwoods is not the way to go.*** positives * chicken enchilada was the bomb and so is was the carrot cake ! *

Tanya Arreola

1 ten minute phone call a day is ridiculous especially for get more phone calls in jail than that!plus i live 2hours away and was told if i was able to get up here when my daughter was discharged they would give me a gas card to make sure myself and my 2yr old got home.i got lost trying to get to Springfield and they DID NOT give me my gas card so now i have to try and make it home with hopes and prayers.

DJ Spiff

Atrocious disrespect for patients. Incompetence of staff, Uncaring attitude for smokers. This is not a place for you or anyone you love and should be shuttered.

Jill Davis Berta

Silver Weston

It was really helpful, and although it was cold all the time, I was able to get help.

Kandice LAne

Truly professional caring staff that is willing to do anything to help you out. Always something to do to keep your mind busy. Best place to go when nothing else has helped. :) Dr.Priest helped me alot.

Herb Holloway

Sorriest place to take a loved one. Tell them on the phone " oh yes, cone on we're ready to take them" then when you get them there " can't admit them, they don't meet the insurance criteria"

emily pearson

I stayed here for a suicide attempt and I feel worse. A therapist told one of the groups she didn't care about us, a child found his roommate seizing on the floor (he was throwing up that morning, buy he had never ever had a seizure before), then he had another one in front of everyone after he was put in the hospital, everyone was making out in the unit, a boy fingered a girl under us table, and the doctor made fun of me and wouldn't tell me why I couldn't leave. This place is a hell hole. Do not send a child here Also nichole on the kids unit should be fired

Tara Prestridge

Josh Allee

Janette McClain

Best mental and behavioral health hospital!! Caring and compassionate staff who realize it’s not about them but it’s only about you as a individual and how to best meet your needs as a individual! No other mental health hospital in the area can compare!

Sharee Hulsey

My 18 year old daughter went to see her doc to get put on anti-depressants. They referred her here for an assessment, which she was told that she would receive a gift card for gas, she never did. Once she got there, she told them that she did not want to stay at the hospital that she just needed to get put back on her meds. They have made up all kinds of stories, placed her on a 72 hour hold because she wanted to leave, took her phone rights away, gave them back, and then took her visitation rights away. All because we, her friends and family, are fighting to get her out. The staff is very rude and lie about everything. DO NOT EVER TAKE YOUR LOVED ONE TO THIS PLACE!!!! We are still trying to get her out of here, and are even hiring an attorney. She is still in this place and finally got to see a doctor today. He was going to release her saying that she is not a threat to herself or anyone else. Then he seen that she has a 72 hour hold, he decided then that it was better for her to stay in this place. They keep making threats to her, taking her phone rights away and her visitation rights away. Working on getting her transferred to another facility if they do not release her tomorrow when her hold is up. Please do not take your loved ones to this place if you truly care about them. Vista is a much better place for you in this area!

Paul Bonney

Go Go's Energy Cafe

Johnny Johnson

Breanna Davis


Gina Riggio

Kimberly Smith

Springwoods is my go-to for adolescent assessment, acute, and outpatient care. I have had a positive working relationship with them for the past 6 years. Many times I am able to reach out to them with just questions I may have about finding apprpriate care for a student. It is a very scary experience to have to put your child in the hospital for mental health. I feel Springwoods does at good job at a very stressful situation. They have helped many of my students get the outpatient care they need to function on a daily basis. This is not an easy business to be in. I would trust my children to their care, if they needed that.

Morgan Parker

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