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REVIEWS OF Riverview Behavioral Health Hospital IN Arkansas

Dawn Camila Marie Garcia

Going here was the worst experience of my life i will forever be traumatized by the time i spent in there. I tried receiving help for my identity and instead i was told to “stop feeling that way” i was threatened by other patients and almost assaulted in my room. The majority of the day you sit in a room and watch tv with other patients. You are stripped searched once you enter so if you are someone who has gone through previous sexual assault this just makes everything 10x worse. Please you’re loved one deserves better than this place.

tara franks

While I was there I was approached on multiple occasions and asked if I wanted to hook up. I was grabbed, touched, pulled off into the bathroom, and told that he would slip into my bedroom later that night. The techs saw some of this and told him to stop but he never did. Other girls were touched, and offered blue pills by the same guy. We told the staff and nothing happened but us writing down what happened only because we would not shut up about it. A older women who could not take care of herself was left to tend to herself with dirty food stain clothes and she had not been bathed in over a week. She had sores all over her feet and limps from pain. Me and another patient helped this sweet lady get her clothes washed and loaned out some of our clothes so she could be clean. I witnessed many fights there. One of which a man was in a wheelchair and some crazy patient walked up and started bashing him in the head over and over again. He later had a seizure from said beating. Nothing was done! Another fight happened and a patient was threatened by another patient she was gonna smoother her with a pillow that night. It was so scary several of us went into having panic attacks. There were roaches in the room, black mold everywhere, and just a very nasty place. I never felt safe here. The ceo just acted like she was shocked but she knew this place was a nasty dump with no therapy whatsoever!!! If you lobe your family don't send them here!

May Black

My experience with Rivierview was very positive and the staff was always helpful.

Littlnet Vickery

Just saying bad experience as a Grand-parent involved in the family session, the session was held by what appeared to be a non-experienced person with that said the session was all over the place, with so many family members in to show they each care for one another in their own dysfunctional ways. Case Manager or Intern didn't have a clue and did not seek any other assistance for the session. Kid was admitted for Depression (overdose by otc pills) sent home with more pills after 5 days and 1 family session, no individuals with family. I understand they get paid by grants and insurance which requires a minimum and maximum service. This place is minimum. I hope people in the ER with the adolescents have a choice to say no my child isn't going there until changes are made.

Brittany Johnson

Very unprofessional do not take a family member here! They don't care about your well being

Lillie Parker

Do not go here they serve left over food from weeks ago. They never have ENOUGH FOOD . the Dietary Maneger there CANT COOK. There is only TWO real cooks there.

Renee Stafford

Horrible place!! When someone is mentally ill they cannot be responsible for their care yet the staff is so uncooperative with the families they make it impossible for the patient's to get the help they need to get better. The patients act like they are scared to talk to you when you visit. Totally useless for all involved. We never gave them any information about our family member or any history on her. How is that beneficial for anyone? Don't waste your time or money there!!

Felisha Smith

Gary Snider

This place is like a jail! Do not go to this place! They deal mostly with children and teens and the staff treat the adults just like they treat angry, rebellious teenagers and kids. Abandon hope all who enter here. There's only a few good people on staff, the rest are horribly disrespectful and very negligent. They have faulty equipment and broken security doors. The cafeteria serves awful food and there's black mold in the cafeteria vents. A friend I made inside broke her wrist and the staff were rude, disrespectful and negligent to her and her injury. They expect to be respected yet do nothing to earn respect! If you're placed here be prepared to be ignored, talked down to, and treated like you're back in elementary school. With complete seriousness; May God have mercy on those in Riverview...

Laura Dillard

Got the job done. Perception is reality.

Connie Brown

Rebecca Cartwright

Great hospital service and care

Tara Hatridge

I went in for grief counseling. They got my depression and anxiety medication perfect the first day. I also have insomnia and have since I was 10. Been through countless meds trying to sleep right. They found the right one for me. The only reason this place did not get 5 stars: 1. I had only 1 session in a week that was 1 on 1 with my therapist and it was 5 minutes long. 2. The food was either not enough or inedible. 3. It was cold enough to hang meat in there no exaggeration. 4. Schedule was always changing back and fourth late and early. Other than those four things I really brought a lot back from that place that I use daily. My meds are still working and I'm still keeping up with out patient therapy.

Bailey Akins

We struggled with the decision to seek help for my mother-in-law but it ended up being the best decision we ever made. Complete turnaround in terms of her mood and self-esteem. Thank you!!


you ruined my best friends life ... they shock you and hurt you WORST PLACE EVER!!!

Chris Pelfrey

This place is a joke. When I had had enough of their incompetence they threatened to call CPS on me. Will be filing a complaint with Arkansas medical board.

Julia Capistran Stevenson

Now, just so we are clear, not everyone is a jerk. There are some good people, but many times they have their hands tied. I was first put on the adult Mental Ward side. I have high anxiety, I'm bi-polar with deep depression, I have PTSD, and borderline personality disorder. On top of that a have several health issues like diabetes, breathing issues, migraine, night allergies, and fibromyalgia, plus I need a diet consistent with a gastric bypass. When I came into Riverview, I was still shaky from the night before. I took extra meds and was considered suicidal. The meds were not totally out of my system when you got there, so I was dizzy and walking was difficult. I was told that I would have to use a wheelchair, because walkers (which I had mine in the car) were not allowed. They could not find me a regular wheelchair, so they put me in one that all four wheels were of equal size. Someone had to push me - oh, but wait that is against the rules, for anyone especially staff to push a wheelchair - so instead I had to try with my short legs to get around. It was very difficult, and no one seamed to care. But because of the style of the wheelchair, it made it a safety hazard. I fell backwards twice in this chair, bouncing my head off the cement outside and and few hours later the floor inside. Now you would figure that an incident report would be made, I would be taken to a hospital or medical clinic. And that I would be put in a regular wheelchair right away. NO DID NOT HAPPEN. During the days I spent in that unit I was not give all my medication, because "they didn't carry that one. A special order would have to be placed, I leave a message for the doctor." I guess he never received the message or didn't care. On the second to the last day they just realized that I need my sinus spray and my inhaler! The nurse asked if I brought it with me! On my last day they finally ok'ed migraine medication as needed, till then I was getting Ibuprofen. So let's see, I covered my medication fiasco, my accident fiasco, now I'll talk about the food and snacks, then the major problem with the ward. FOOD, worse ever tasted. My special diet that since the first day, I had a consult with the dietician and was assured everything would run smoothly. My last maybe 3 days it ran better. Before that it was you eat your food or go hungry. The adult mental health ward. While the majority of the patients were there trying to learn coping skills, there were several that were violent and/or just not capable of being reached. There were a lot of fighting and arguments. I was in a constant state of anxiety and just plain scared. Due to my husband's being on top of things and threatening to report them. I was passed to the adult Rehab unit. Now it was a much more calming unit. Until they moved a male, with a giant chip on his shoulders, that caused so much problems that I had 4 panic attacks. Once again I did not feel safe. You would think that if they were really trying to help you, they would have a place for those that really want the help in a safe environment, they would separate them from the trouble makers. The violence was never met with a punishment, they were just rewarded by going ahead and letting them have their way. There are solitary rooms that are never used.

Saara Hernandez

Carl R.

Nothing but positive things to say about Riverview. The staff there helped me and my family tremendously during a very difficult time and I can’t thank them enough. I would highly recommend them to anyone with a loved one who is struggling with depression and/or addiction issues.

John Toews

They do their best to help all tho they are limited by government regulations.

Shay Murphy

Worst experience ever with any facility my son has been in. They haven't heard the last of me yet.

mike polk

My wife and I were sent here with my daughter because my daughter had been through something extremely traumatic. We were told she would get help with working out her issues and counseling. But it ended up being a mini juvi. My daughter is a victim!

D. White

When moments of crises strike it can be very scary as a parent trying to decide who to reach out to in order to get your child the help they need. The level of care our son received from Riverview far exceeded our expectations. It is so refreshing and comforting as a parent to know the staff actually cares about the patients there, and treats them as the individual they are realizing everyone has different needs. Our son had nothing but positive things to say about Riverview...and said the food was great! It has changed my sons life for the better and he is now smiling again. Thank you Riverview...I am forever grateful.

Amy Bley

This was the worst admission that I have ever experienced there is no therapy I am physically disabled and to make matters worse my family brought my cushion for my wheelchair along with my footpegs and they are missing I know someone stole them this place should be shutdown

hannah davis

kids in the facility were finding plastic spoons outside and breaking them, making them into sharp objects using them to hurt themselves. also, a little girl was violently scratching her wrist and staff did nothing about it. staff pick favorites and make it known which is not good for the kids who are sent there.

Phillip Wagstaff

staff was help full and kind

Bubble_Tae _sope


Ronnie R.

Can't say enough good things about this place!! The staff helped me immensely and I can't thank them enough.

S. L.

The staff were engaged and really seemed to care about my well-being. Treated me like an individual and not just another patient. That’s not the case everywhere.

Christine Isitt

The WORST EXPERIENCE IN MY LIFE. The place should be investigated for abuse and tortuous treatment of adult patients. Forsed to percolate in group therapy of 20 plus patients. Dr orders not followed. Staff not enforcement of rules of certain people. If you spoke about the treatment they retaliated by lolling you out of your room with nothing to do but watch by a controlled tv.

Christopher Pennington

Horrible experience! My child is currently there. My wife and I was not informed of their programs, the facility, the staff, nothing. We gave names of visitors and phone call list. They walked us to the door and that was it! We tried for three days to get in touch with the nurse to see about changing medications. Went to first visitation and the staff screwed around and caused us to loose 20 minutes. You only get an hour. Then only 2 at a time. We have two other children that went. So, after driving 2 hours, my wife and I saw our child 15 minutes a piece. I have been trying for 2 days to get in touch with counselors or therapists with no luck. They won’t even return my calls. My child has been their 5 days and saw a counselor one time. There are constantly fights and other mischievous things taking place here.This is more like a detention center than a behavioral health center! I would definitely not recommend this place if you actually want your child to get help!!!!

Amanda Shipp

Every individual has a heart to help the people who come into this hospital, some broken, mentally I'll, addicted.. and as we know some of these things can be hard to deal with daily. Yet, they show up every day and really care. They put in their best efforts to see each patient succeed in their journey. The staff is friendly and positive and honestly, there isnt a other hospital in arkansas I would more highly reccomend, for those suffering.

G Lawson

My teenage daughter was down and me and her father were at a loss as far as what to do. We knew something was bothering her but wasn’t sure what to do. Seeking treatment was the best decision we could have made and although my daughter was against it at first, she now agrees that it was the best thing for her....and the family. Completely different person coming out. Thank you.

G Lynd

Older facility but nice and very clean. Staff spends a lot of time with residents. Thaerapists are available for individual therapy but most treatment is done in groups which works better for me personally. Had an overall good experience at Riverview and would recommend them to anyone needing help with depression and anxiety.

Morgan Force

Mason C.

I can’t say enough good things about Riverview and it’s staff. I went into treatment in bad shape and they really helped me get my life back on track. Cafeteria food was good and the hospital was clean.

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