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To this day this business receives a rating of 2.4 stars over 5 and that score was based on 56 reviews.

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REVIEWS OF Rivendell Behavioral Health Services of Arkansas IN Arkansas

Sydney Lamb

im doing a lot better now than when i was but school could be better

John Collins

My son was sent for a 72 hour evaluation. He had one 30 minute session with a staff member, but never saw a Doctor. They kept him for 7 days, because that is their policy. We had two visits allowed during the entire week. Any of our questions were not answered, but referred to another counselor who never called back. As a parent I could not get any answers from any staff member about anything.

Bradley Logan

jesse scarlett

Dr. Gary Tharp put me on medication that would impair my senses to keep the staff incontroll when i was 11 years old at 5'8" and 250 lbs.

Douglas Cheever

i went there and it was horrible the disrespected me and i didn't see my councler there until the day before i went home all they did was put me on meds that place feels like a boot camp

Tara Wittig

M Warner

With regards to the treatment I received while at Rivendell recently and the staff, i would like to give 5+ stars. However, due to a direct and blatant HIPPA violation this medical provider made only 3 days after i was discharged, overall they would get a negative -5 stars if that were even possible. The custodian of records apparently has no idea how to properly follow HIPPA required regulations. I have filed the necessary paperwork/complaint information through the Dept of HSS and will update this post as soon as they confirm the HIPPA violation. 12/4/2017 - received confirmation from US Dept of Health & Human Services regarding HIPPA complaint. US Dept of Health & Human Services is going to provide "technical assistance" to Rivendell as a result. Why do we even have HIPPA rights if there is no punishment for those that wrongfully violate them???

Hope Badger

I highly recommend receiving treatment somewhere else at all cost if you can. They're incredibly understaffed. They only have two psychiatrists, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. However, because there are so many patients, it takes forever to see them and it's only for 5 minutes the first day and for 3 minutes the next. They also don't listen to what you say. I went voluntarily meaning I could leave after 24 hours if I gave them an 8 hour noticed. I arrived Tuesday night and did every group thing on Wednesday to prove that I wanted to go home. When I told them on Thursday that I wanted to go home that day or even Friday, it was rejected and I was held until that Sunday. Most of the nurses are pretty rude and if you need something, it takes forever to get done or even not done because they're so understaffed and the nurses would rather gossip at their station. One of the medicines I'm on is birth control. They apparently didn't have it so my dad had to bring it to me. I ended up starting my period and when I was discharged, they were so busy gossiping that I didnt get it. The food is pretty terrible. It's well rounded but because it's so cheap the only way to eat it is if you're starving. They're supposed to have two adult units but they only had one when I showed up. I suffer from anxiety, which is why I was there, and psychotic and non psychotic patients were mixed. I was there to relax and figure out the best treatment but there wasn't one time where it was quiet. There's group therapy all day and the activities they have are for children. A lot of the medicine they prescribe can cause the side effect of sleepiness, especially the first week. If you try to take a nap to help deal with the sleepiness, you get in trouble for not showing up to therapy. They don't have individualized therapy. They assume that what they do will work for everyone and what you say you want help with isn't really covered. I wanted to learn new coming skills, how to not emotional eat, and work on bettering relationships with the therapist but seeing the therapist was exactly the same as the psychiatrist.

Sherry Lynn Turney

This place is horrible. I wouldn't recommend it to treat a dog. The staff where horrible except the techs were great the only help I received was from them. The doctor wrote the wrong dosage on my file and I passed out twice. Then I was put in a wheelchair for 5 days with no help I wasn't allowed out till the day I went home then I could hardly walk but I would have crawled to get out of there. I would commit suicide before going back there.

Dalton Christal

Brett Carter

This place does not even deserve one star! Biggest scam of a hospital I've ever seen! Only there for insurance money! THE WORKERS ARE RUDE! They don't mind letting suicidal people back on the street, they know they'll be right back, because they're the only hospital around with room for anyone (supposedly). There's definitely crooked activity going on here!!! Time to get 7 on your side on this hospital!

michelle rhodes

Robert Crawley

Great food and excellent service and excellent staff

Jon Doe

Ruined my childhood there on campus school was a joke

Lulu and jett Forever

Angela Hare

My mother is currently at Rivendell for the second time this year and my aunt, uncle and myself have been trying to call to talk to her but they are either not picking up their phones, hanging up on us, redirecting us to an indefinite "waiting" line that has us on hold for half an hour or longer or they tell us it's not phone hour and to call back at a certain hour. When we do, we get the same treatment. I have to wait for my mother to call me if she wants to or if and when they "let" her. This is getting extremely tiresome of not being able to contact her.

Anna Lupton

Parents, guardians, or family members, please, if you truly care for your loved ones, DO NOT send them here. This "hospital" lacks empathy, compassion, and respect for its patients. I was hospitalized at Rivendell in the adolescent unit for self harm. I had a very deep self-inflicted cut that required 9 staples. While I was at high risk for infection, I was given no antibiotics and despite my multiple requests, did not get my bandage changed until over 24 hours had passed. When I asked for a dressing change, a staff member told me, "why do you expect me to have sympathy for you? You did this to yourself." I did not receive my normal medication until the day after I arrived, and I was given random new medications without being informed beforehand. When I asked what they were, I was given very limited explanations. I was NOT informed of the rules or my own rights. When I first arrived at Rivendell in an ambulance, it took about 20 minutes just for them to answer the door, which should tell you a lot about how they do everything else. I once asked for some Tylenol for a severe headache, and I had to ask 3 times before it was finally given to me. My family also had difficulties reaching me and were given very little information upon my arrival. Staff was rude, showed me little respect, and yelled at me for not knowing the rules they failed to inform me of. I could go on and on, but hopefully you get the picture - this hospital is far from the ideal place to send someone you love. Please choose a different facility.

Autumn Laird

I would NEVER recommend this place to anyone the staff are so disrespectful and accuse you of doing things that you know you didn’t do this place felt like jail and they talked about kids at night and the day time shift people are very racist

William Rogers

Dr. Street told me in 2014 if I ever get into it with my mom he has the power and authority to hold me at a mental hospital the rest of my entire life. He said I had better respect him and my mom or I will be held here the rest of the life. One time he took me off some medicine and put me on some new medicine and kept yelling at me for around 3 minutes and said I'm just trying to see if the medicine is working. I had a prescription for 600 MG's of lithium ER when I came back. On a prescription slip he prescribed me 600 MG's of Lithium ER and that is a deadly combination. I always took regular Lithium Carbonate Capsules and a mistake that he made could have made my lithium levels spike up high and I could have died.

SoloKenny .

worst place in the state to send a kid if anything this place makes the kid feel worse about them self shout out to my roomate and all the fine ass girls in there....and the food was kinda lit

amy lemlyn

I just left yesterday there was a mis communication about my discharge (yes it happens, amd yes i freaked out and treayed staff members badly.). I was there cause i tried to commit suicide. My first day i was extremly rude to wveryone who i came in contact with me, i did that for like 2 or 3 days and the staff kept calm and kept extremely xheerfully in a professional manner. Dr. Streets was great as well as beth i kust played hard ass with them until i left and they still came and talked to me everyday i would recommend this place to anyone who needs mwntal or treatment help i plan om going back for my drug use before my grand baby is born oh yeah the nurses are eztremely knowledgable as, well as friendly especially when they work the amount of hours they do but to be as friendly and putting up with some patients like me who give them a hard time for no reason what so ever.

Sherelle Ishmo

They are disorganized and unprofessional. Would not recommend anyone to use their services

Earnest Young

I went in last month on the 16th and I thought I was going to be in a room on my own. Instead I was in a two person room. I left on the 31st(hollowed), and felt even I gave it a second shot.Irealized that I needed to be in the doctor's face, telling him everything I possibly could. I felt like I was alone so I stayed to myself. Every now and then I would have a cigarette, but usually I would stay to myself. I wrote poems and I also painted. I would have loved to take my pills when I wanted/needed to. I would have loved to smoke when I wanted to also.i must admit that it was a little bit cooler on the male side of ACU. I like how it(the building)was designed. A Pentagon. I also would have loved to see a psychologist on spot, not just once. I made sure that I minded my business and spoke when spoken to. I was in the part where the phones were by the doctor's room. When we went outside to smoke, we lined up in the hallway. I sure would have loved some caffeinated coffee in the morning.Since I been out I straightened myself up, been taking my meds, and sharing good quality time with my family. Shot out to Shirley! Ambilify.

Brittany Quinn

Amazing place!!!

Kitten Claw

They DO NOT CARE!!!, they tease every patient and trigger you to make you mad then they keep you longer because you get mad because they made you mad!!! What's wrong with this place!!! The food sucks!!!! I was on a diet of NON FAT EVERYTHING!!!. they hand out pieces of paper asking if you wanna die or kill someone, and if so how bad and why.... Like how can you ask something like that!!! And they would ask it out-loud as well!!! The staff had some of the worst attitudes and were the most rude people i have ever encountered in my life, UR sucks!!!!!, IBC suckss, and on my first 2 days there i went off and had panic//anxiety//depressive// attack's all at once during my attacks i basically went crazy and didn't have control of myself so they had to hold me down on my bed and give me 2 shots of different medications mixed together and i slept for 1 1/2 days it was terrible and i was very sore for days.... On my last day the staff said there glad I'm leaving because they didn't like me at all and did not care about anyones feelings at all!!!!! Some staff members were very nice and others were very hard to not just wanna hit them in the face everyday!!!! They were very rude and sassy!! My therapist was very helpful tho and i made very good friends and i came out a completely different person i am not who i used to be but I'm not sure thats a good thing because what I'm telling you is that place drove me crazier coming out than i was going in but now i have cured my addictions and i have came out a very strong person, but........ now i am still monitored on house arrest... with a court and facility ordered therapist!!! DON'T SEND YOUR KIDS THERE IT IS A TERRIBLE PLACE WITH NO CONCERNS ABOUT PATIENT CORCERNS,ISSUES, SAFETY, OR RESPECT!!! ONLY RULE'S!! FOLLOW RULES OR GET DISCIPLINED!!! VERY EXPENSIVE$$×××!!! WOULD NOT RECOMMEND!!!!

Kelly Speck

Stigma Exists

So thankful for this place! It has helped me so much over the years. I don't know what I would have done without Rivendell. My stepdaughter was struggling with depression and self harm and is now in college, doing great! The doctor knew exactly what protocol we needed, and I can't say enough about the therapists and the staff in admissions. They helped us through one of the toughest times for our family, and I will be eternally grateful. I suffered with anxiety and addiction as well and found their outpatient program for adults in recovery. It isn't free, but it WORKS!! (If you work it.) My insurance covers most of the cost and what I pay in copays is worth it for peace of mind. I have my life to show for it. I was at the end of my rope as a parent and as a professional, could barely keep my head above water. Thank you for giving me my life back.

Rai Jones

Food good. Get to smoke for free. Staff is friendly and sweet. Very open.

Sommer Grant

Well not much communication between therapist and parent, however 7 days is a short time and it is a big place so I understood

Susan Jones

Cierra O

The staff/doctors were unhelpful. Seemed like they had zero intentions of helping our loved one. Truly ashamed that these are "professional's".

Candie Lewis

Horrible place. Lack of information and communication between family members and staff. Went in with one problem and came out a week later with an even bigger problem. Older patients are allowed to prey on younger patients. Nurses over medicated several times with one medicine and withheld others. Staff only there for a paycheck, they have no desire to actually help patients or provide them with a safe, supportive environment. Patients spend the majority of their time coloring or doing word searches. Therapists do not provide effective therapy. Doctors do not provide effective therapy. They just pass the buck back and forth to one another. Patients aren't provided with hygiene kits at night so they can brush their teeth. They have no soap to wash their hands after using the restroom. Supervision is lacking between wards. I could go on and on. Consider my one star to have a negative in front of it since I can't give this place zero stars.

Jessie Tarvin

PLEASE READ! my 15 yr old son struggles with depression, O.D.D, and self injurious behavior, he was admitted on monday 4/16/2018, after Friday 4/13/2018 making suicide statements and pictures on Snapchat, I took him to the er at saline (another joke) that fri night only to be discharged from the "on-call counselor " I had a sleepless weekend worried as to what might come, on Monday I went to the Benton Police and made a complaint against the responding officer that Friday, they placed my son in a cop car, took him to rivendell and was admitted, as any parent I was worried sick, only wanting help and to check on my child, eveytime I called the nurses station went unanswered, and I spoke to the therapist on Tuesday she said she would call back, (another joke) I made unlimited call with either no answer or no call back until the following Saturday, after I expressed my option which wasn't nice, she started to stay in contact, however the nurses station went unanswered, my son was set to discharge on Tuesday but do to a set back phone conversation with his dad, that made him upset and he made suicidal and homicide statements he wasn't released, so Tuesday I got a call from geletta the therapist telling me my son is getting discharged on Wednesday after 3pm. REALLY???? But he just made a harmful statement!! So please, please don't take your loved one here, they honestly don't care of their well-being, Sencerly one pissed off mom


You guys are pretty neat. Great food. Pool was a little underwhelming.10/10 would stay again

Amber Accardo

Scott smith

This place sucks!! My son was admitted there and they where no help at all!! Told them he needed med changes due to anger problems and they said it was due to his autism. They released him without any med changes. The staff told him that if he wouldn't due what they said they would deny him food.

Heather Crawley

I don't even want to give you one star because you don't deserve it. My son who is 10 yrs old came in for suicidal issues and now hes came home with sexual issues. Look forward to seeing me again once I get completely to the bottom of this because hes already told me 2 things that happened while he was there and he's telling me that's all he can tell me. When I get to the bottom of and you idiots didn't do your job you will be seeing me in court! You done nothing for him for the 7 days I had to be without my son. All you did was put him on more medicine that's got him in a daze for the first part of the day. Pat yourselves on the back for working there for the paycheck only not because your Dr's and Nurses care about their patients. Yes I said it and I can say it I was a nurse for 6 yrs and I cared about every patient I ever had. I treated them like one of my own, like family. Also the day his counselor called me (only 1 update from her with my child) it was his birthday and I was a mess emotionally not only because my child had to be 2 hours away from me but because it was also his birthday. She assured me I would get more than 5 mins on the phone with him that day because it was his birthday. Not only did I NOT get extra time I only got 2 mins talk time with him because it was bedtime, I called for 4 straight hrs and started gaining severe anxiety thinking they might have been on lockdown because for 4 STRAIGHT HOURS NOBODY WOULD ANSWER THE PHONE!!! If your any kind of mother at all I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS HOSPITAL TO HELP YOUR CHILD or ANYONE FOR THAT MATTER!! Like I said I will get to the bottom of this me and my son have a pretty close bond and when I do you people will DEFINITELY be seeing me again this time it will be angry mother bear tears if you let something happen to my child.

Alex Grey

I spent the last week there for cutting. I literally got outmlike what, 6 hours ago? While I was there, I had a anxiety attack, and I took the clip metal piece out of my bra (which they were supposed to take, sincenit broke safety code) and cut my wrists deep. Not a one person, staff, doctors, or patients, noticed. This shows the doctors don't care at all. They are just there to get paid.

Brandon Puckett

I spent 9 days in the acu after attempting suicide and a year later i have my ged a job and im doing much bettet

Antonio Travis

Im a MHA and I Love it to be a servant to the public and those in need

Hannah Bull

I am now 40 yrs and if it wasn't for this place when I went when I was 12 after my father passed. I would not be here today with 2 kids and a husband. I still remember being there very vividly. Like its was yesterday. The LEIs, etc., This place saved me.

Elizabeth Ward

DO NOT SEND YOUR LOVE ONES HERE!!!!! This company is a JOKE. UNLESS YOU ARE MEDICAID expect to have the full bill paid for in 6 months regardless of making payments monthly and fighting the insurance to cover this facility. They will tell you one thing then express policy I’ve never heard of. There is no communication with staff and parents. I even had to locate and find and schedule my sons follow up care with no help. This company should be reported to the BBB Rivendell has no compassion for anyone having serious mental health issue and for the love ones trying to speak help for them. All Rivendell cares about is a $ NOT THE PATIENT AND FAMILY!

Patrick Crain

Best vacation ever. The food is pretty good. All the meds you could ever dream of. The time out room is the best . I would recommend throwing a tantrum so you can get a shot in your bum bum. You will feel amazing I promise.

Joy Washok

My bestfriend daughter there she try to commit suicide. She just got there, yes i understand that insurance pay . going to say your co pay money on your room and board .. Kept pressure someone and telling them when are you going to pay this money.. Are you serious, what kind of place is this. All those people in that place , are trying to get help.. If your going to have nurses &staff people be rude and ugly to the patient... Its sound if you need to fired them and get better staff.. This a place where people are trying to get help. Not to be rude and ugly to them. And tease them . you need to be nice and make them feel comfortable . make them feel there safe... To put pressure on a young girl, because she need to pay her money, for room and board. How she going to pay it.. Hell she just got in there, for 1, she just try to commit sucide.for you to treat someone like that.. Whoever the CEO President , you need to consider in fired your staff get better people in there.. The receptionist at the front desk to get rude on the phone with people parents and anyone .it does not matter who call on the phone, they are people . .you need to be nice and talk to them in good matter.. I was a receptionist , i know how to talk to people. Worry about those phone lines.. That no reason to treat people on the phone.. If you can't do the job, its time to leave and go some where else... The stuff i am hearing in there i can not believe this.. Are you serious to treat people that are going through different problems and issues... You need better staff members , to know how to talk to people.. Not rude and ugly.. To tease bully people..

Sarah Billingsley

I was sent here after my grandmother and grandfather passed away when I was 15/16 years old. The whole time I was there it was terrible. They had me so drugged up I could barely walk and the staff was so mean. They encouraged bullying and I was attacked by another girl in the gym, even though they knew she was dangerous. As if being attacked and having my nose broken was not enough, one of the ADULT staff members basically told me that it was my fault, even though I had been bullied since I arrived at the facility. Do not send your kids or loved ones here unless you want to multiply their problems. There are much better options.

Alexis Bottoms

I went in thinking I was going to get help and learn to work with life. I saw a counselor once while i was there( i stayed for eight and i saw her on the six day). And the day time staff was really rude. Nobody took the time to be nice. So I do not recommend going here.

Shannon Moore

This place is a joke. Unprofessional staff and felt like jail. I’d suggest anywhere but here. I left that place with 13 medications.

Julia Hindsman

Worst place ever. Do not go here all they want is ur money and the food is horrible. The men counselor are innaprorite towards woman.

road trip

My husband has extreme anxiety and ptsd due to what happened to him here as a child. The man can not talk about the place with out tearing up. Do not send your kids here. Even now there are problems I have a friend whose child just went there. This place is the worst.

Page Brady

Austin Oglesby

I went here. It does NOT deserve even a half a star. I was threaten by workers and been out in a physical confrontation for absolutely no reason at all.

Joy Joy

A very crowded mixed up system best to find a real place for your family needs n help .this is strictly a production company

Zoe Bunch

Dr. Tharp...I was pregnant when I saw him. He told me that I would be nothing in life and the same for my child. I am happily married, have moved out of state where my husband now has a great job, and we are both going into the medical field. My son is a brilliant little boy who is so advanced. Could you imagine if I had believed him? How is he allowed to treat children who need help? He could push someone to end their life.

Terry Childers

Rayxor .

Gregory Holmes

My wife is a patient at this facility, had to give them our insurance information more that three times. My had an medical issue that I noticed during a visit, called back to check on her status nurse on duty refused to give me her complete name, would only state that her name was Donna, and was very rude.

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