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REVIEWS OF Pinnacle Pointe Hospital IN Arkansas

Malia Rice

Horrible staff, horrible customer service. Nurse Melissa Rhude needs to go

Taylor Beliveau

I was in here for a week and admitted on my 17th birthday. When I first arrived a nurse made a joke about how I must've "gotten the wrong present" for my birthday, which I found rude and unhelpful. I was placed in the facility on false pretenses made by my mother and was never personally spoken to when being evaluated to be admitted. The staff was very inconsiderate and made me repeat constantly that I was in the facility for aggressive behavior (despite me having no aggressive record). They made me feel less of a human by refusing to hear my side of my story and choosing to listen only to my mother (despite my father and stepmother insisting on my behalf that what they were told was lies). I saw a counselor twice (although they told my mother that I had seen her more than that) and one of those times was during the mandatory family meeting before checkout. The school work was ridiculous being only cross words and picture searches, and when I wanted to work on my own personal homework that my dad had to bring in for me to have access to, I was only allowed to do so in my own free time which was basically never. Multiple fights happened while I was there and the staff seemed almost incapable of keeping their "patients" calm. They placed me on 100 mg of Seroquel on entry to the facility and only allowed me to lower the dosage after I had requested multiple times. On leaving I found out that Seroquel is a drug used for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder (neither of which I have). I honestly cannot remember much of the day to day things that went on due to being so medicated during my stay. I still to this day have a fear of appearing "crazy" and being sent back to a facility such as this. Horrible "hospital", this is just a glorified padded cell for kids that no one wants to deal with. I do not recommend

Jeanie Williams

Felton Jordan

This place is way to strict in my opinion. You cant wear shoes with shoelaces, cant bring in your phone and etc. You cant even go in to visit your child without having a ID and on top of that it's just one day out of week and you can only see them for a certain period of time during the day.

Jason Byrd

I was in there 5 months the staff was rude,inconsiderate,and did not do there job corretly when fights broke out,and were rude to my family,they did nothing about my bible being ripped.But the nurses were super nice

hi it's me, jayden

Bailey Rogers

I love the staff there. they help us out alot through life.

jesse scarlett

Staff so unknowing of what haooems kn the rooms or in the hallways.


i remember being here as a child the staff were abusive and looked for any reason to sedate the kids

Olivia G

HORRIBLE!!! I didn’t have a pillow for days!!! The staff was horrible and RUDE. They lie to you and mock you.

Vivian Woodward

When I arrived I wore hospital scrubs they give the patients. I wore the same underwear and no bra for 3 days. So my breast were exposed for that time being. If I wanted to eat, I had to come out the room. I had no choice. They diagnosed me as depressed and I didn’t show any signs of depression while I was there. Oh and I asked to call my mother myself for some clothes and they wouldn’t let me. I’d ask the staff and they said they would but turned around and tended to another patient. They also tried to prescribe me sleep medication and I quickly over the phone while I had a chance in that room with my mother on the phone and therapist right there, I screamed that kids are dropping on floors Bc THEY were perscribed the same thing. My mother quickly refused for them to treat me in such way. I stayed for a week and it was like a detention center. All the kids 4 and up would talk about is their release date. This place should be shut down and parents should handle what they brought into this world. I also had a hard time Bc I was white and the majority was black.staff treated me like I was a bad child 24/7

Rachel Rose

As a patient from this horrible place, I can honestly say that this is probably the worst place to send your children in the United States. I went twice, the first time I was there I had to stay for a week. I was admitted to this "hospital" at just about 135 pounds, and by the time I was put on the heaps (and God, do I mean heaps) of medication they felt necessary to put my "psychosis" to rest, I left that place at no more than 115 pounds. First it was Seroquel, which started out at 50 mg but then was bumped up to 200 MG THE VERY NEXT DAY because I had such a "severe case"!! 200 mg? Why?!! Not to mention the fact that I literally passed out in the middle of the "dayroom" (which was just a crappy little room they kept the kids in during the few minutes of free time) because of the meds. I missed my parents severely but if I cried about it, they threatened to extend my days because "something was wrong". I stayed in the room with a girl who had tried to hang herself with a pair of pants. And on top of that, I was discharged from the hospital I was admitted into for psychosis on a medication used to cure blood pressure problems. What even is that? How did that help me? The second time I went, get this: THEY FORCED ME TO GO on December 20th, and I had to stay until December 29th. I had to spend Christmas at this hell hole, all because they threatened to call DHS on my parents if I didn't go that day! While I stayed in this facility, I soon realized that the staff was completely full of unsympathetic a**holes who wouldn't even care if you died, so long as they got paid. The staff that walked through the rooms to check on kids as they slept wore flip-flops or high heels with clacked against the floors, waking me and everyone up every time they walked by. Oh, and another thing: one of them came in one night and tripped on her heels and spilled hot coffee all over my room mate, waking her up at 12 AM and making her take a shower. I didn't have a pillow the whole time I was there, and in the dead of December my only blanket was a thin hospital sheet. I had a jacket I came with, but because of my back problems that they were COMPLETELY aware of, I had to use it as a pillow because I can't sleep without one. I met a 3 year old girl who cussed more than a full grown man. We "met" because she walked up to me, smacked me, and called me every name in the book. Not a single worker said anything to her. I almost got into a fist fight with a girl and they just looked at us and laughed. My cousin called to try to talk to me and they rudely hung up on her before she could try to explain that she was my family. I had a panic attack while I was there and they literally threw me into the isolation room (it was on the 4th floor, and they had an unlocked window in there. Had I wanted to, I could've jumped.) and left me for a few hours, then came back and made me take 2 pills and refused to tell me what they were. They knocked me out hard and I woke up in my room the next morning. The counselors (cold, heartless jerks) gave each patient a free journal, which was great, but they read them every single night as if they felt it necessary to violate a child's privacy. I got in trouble once because a girl who looked similar to me tried to push a door open and they thought it was me. I was put in a camera room, which they specifically said was only for people who were there for suicidal tendencies. They didn't wash our laundry, just acted like they did. They didn't inform us I would need my own shampoo and conditioner, so I had to use the cup full of soap they supplied us with for showers. 98% of the time the water was cold and they rushed you if you took more than 10 minutes. Let the record state that I never had a suicidal thought one until this place. I still, 3 years later, have nightmares about going back. I don't ask for professional help anymore because I constantly fear that they'll send me back here. I was fine until this place. If you have a choice, please, for the love of God, DON'T SEND THEM HERE. Take it from someone who knows.

Gregory La'Mar

kids who go to Pinnacle Pointe are worse off than when they arrive. hell on earth. the friendly face of fascism. not to mention the rampant infestations of parasites. places like this teach kids that the only way out of their situations are to learn to manipulate the people who are paid to have power over them and arbitrarily exercise that power. the idea that "hospital" staff are above the human standard of casting judgment upon others is a fool's cop-out. You want your kid to stay off drugs? talk to your kids. stop abdicating your responsibilities to strangers who are paid to uphold a corrupt system.

Ana Medina

Peyton Wheeler

I love the staff there honetly but I'm won't be going back

Deanna Booher

This place was hell, I wish I could give it 0 stars I was there for ten days in March of 2016... Constant fights breaking out, I remember that a fight was so bad, that the main door to the floor was busted and broken.. The first time I had to change rooms, my roommate specifically said "I might choke you in your sleep" I rarely ate breakfast and lunch and dinner when it was most likely food out of a cheap store bought can, The doctor prescribed me medicine that was for someone with an eating disorder, which I definitely don't have , that I gained 20lbs Let me just say, I would not recommend this place to any one and I hope y'all get shut down

Tracy Knight

Wil White

Elizabeth Howton

I only stopped self harming so my mom wouldn’t send me back to this place, it was a lot more hell there than at home.

becky scott

I was torn on having to send my son somewhere to receive help. I chose for him to go to Pinnacle Point and am so glad I did. Everyone that had anything to do with my sons stay there was amazing. I am so very thankful and appreciative of all they did for my son. Yes the food may not be great all the time but my son wasn’t sent there for the food he was sent there to receive help. He also learned that he wasn’t the only one going through what he was going through. Thank you Pinnacle Point for your help and I appreciate each and every one of you from his doctor, to his therapist, to the individual who did paperwork and drew labs. To any one and everyone THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU

unicorn juic23

I don't really know, it wasn't exactly the best, but I felt that connecting with some kids there helped my issues. The restrictions on certain things were too much, but understandable . It did make me feel pretty crazy, too, especially around kids there with some for real problems. It was definitely a interesting experience.

Jayden Newcomb

staff is so rude i was so scared i had been away from my parents 3 months before i went and still to this day i think about it and i cry

Tasha Patterson

The staff at this facility make it seem more like a factory. Push one child in and push another out. I was disappointed with the treatment towards myself, family, and friends. They did not make sure that my child was showering, brushing teeth, and wearing clean clothing (he's young with memory issues.) A therapist and one nurse were the only two staff members that seemed to care. After discharge I was not able to fill the medication given and called the person in charge of that several times a day and never recieved a call back. I was very disappointed with the stay and would not recommend it unless it is an absolute emergency. They will not allow you to see where your child sleeps, plays, or any other part of the hospital floor.

Justin Hollis

I called up there a day in advance to let them know I was dropping off personal items for my sister and also asked when the visitation hours were. They said 7 to 8:30 P.M. So next day I showed up at 7 and visitation was already over.

Official Lu

I stayed there 8 days on the 4th floor it's really a great place the staff was really nice and understanding the other kids were really cool the only thing I can complain about is the food.

Evangelist Amanda

It may be a good hospital, but they did not do well for my son. Even when he had a need for immediate acute care he was turned away. I hope I never have to take my son back to this place.

Melonie Marie Buckholz

Brittney Harrison

Thank you, for keeping my records for over 10 years, thank you for seeing in me what no one else did, thank you for giving me a chance to hold my abusers accountable for their actions. What you guys are doing is important. The day I got the records I cried as I read what the professionals said, your doctors saw what everyone else was trying so desperately to hide. Just remember some of those children could be hiding gut wrenching secrets that could break anyone, they need a voice!

brandy hindsley

This place is absolutely horrible. I would not send my child back here!! They sent us home last Friday with prescriptions. We never got to see or talk to a doctor. My child is very drugged up. I called to see if I could talk to the person who wrote the prescription. Of course they told that she would probably not call back because we are not under their care anymore. Also everyone I talk to tells you something different. They did not set us up with anyone to see. I have done it all After reading all these horrible reviews this place needs to be shut down. Update I'm editing this today to let everyone know that the person who wrote the prescriptions did call me back today. She was very helpful. So I do really appreciate that. Also said I could call her if need more help till we see s doctor. I really dont like being negative so I did update but overall just was not a good experience for us. The Doctor I talked to even apologized and said it should not have been that way when my child was there That we should have been communicating like this the whole time.

Christine Adams

I wish I didn't have to pick a star because this place doesn't deserve one.Do not send your child to this place! My son has a underlying immunity problem that requires him to take antibiotics and anti-viral. They decided that he did not need them and QUIT giving them to him. Plus the therapist only gets back to you when you feel like it. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL. My son left in size 10 clothes and returned with *husky clothes falling off of him, so he had obviously lost weight. Then after him being there 3 months, they thrown a diagnosis on him that makes NO sense, and discharge him saying he wasn't making any progress. The techs are a joke. My son was constantly in fights and getting bitten and bruised. Supervision is a serious lack there. Please do yourself a favor, DON'T SEND YOUR CHILD HERE!!!

Chloe Gehring

Reagan Doster


James Roberts

To the owner, your SORRY!!!? If any of those things happen to my kid you can bet I would be speaking to your staff!!!!!

Gina Dailey

Lyndsey .

I was a suicidal mess when I went into this place. A mess. I was struggling with so many things, and the staff mocked me for it. It’s been 4+ years since I’ve been there (I was only 14 years old) they would prod at me to try and make me angry, they would mock me for hurting myself, I was not comfortable there. Please do not send your kids here, they focus more on filling us up with medication than they do actually helping us with our problems. I was a kid. They mocked a 14 year old CHILD for trying to kill herself. Terrible staff, horrible food, mishandling of clothes, I could go on for hours.

Eric H

donna monk

Elizabeth Deathstrider

It's quite the crazy place. Good: The majority of the staff were nice to me, the beds were comfy, and activity time was pretty fun. Bad: The staff barely pay attention to what happens, they mix the depressed kids with the anger issue kids, you aren't supposed to talk to the other units, no phones, and homicidal roommates can be pretty scary.

Kari Williams

James Sparks

An asylum ran by sociopaths. If you can at all help it, STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!

Brandon Mcpherson

that place was a hell house people fighting and one kid got his head busted open i hope i never go back there ive been there 2 times worst misstake ever

Tiffany Carson

"Feels like home" is what I've been told! Kind and concerned staff are great!!

Lilian Standridge

I hated it there it was a personal hell the staff is so mean and horrible food

jennifer peterson

Horrible place!!! The staff was very rude grabbed me by my shirt and jerked me back many times. So bad I cried my self to sleep at night the whole 3 months I was there

why would I tell you my name ?


Ebony Helfrich

I highly recommend this hospital. The food is very good the staff are really nice the doctors try their hardest to help you and they really do care they also try to get you home as soon as possible to be faur though i was on the second floor with the little kids so they had to be nice, and i was only there 11 days but I still found it was fun a very good hospital and i do recommend this hospital highly.

Daysia Richard

Its a really great place with excellent food and care. The majority of the staff was great. I enjoyed my stay but do not intend on going back.

Dannielle Jones

My daughter was in there for about 2 weeks she witnessed an 8 yr old little boy screaming and crying for his mother the staff locked him in a padded room all night the next day her and her roommate heard the child still locked up crying for his mother this place is horrible and mental abusive from what I've heard and read on this review I went and got my baby maybe all the mother's and father's should do the same get your children outpatient help its working for us no matter how your child behaves the most important people to them are you.

Angel Joy Brown

The work for children done at this hospital is done with care and compassion.

Nicole Quinn

There were little the staff knew but they had clean places to sleep and eat

Compulsive Reviewer

Therapists that lie, falsify documentation and then act like they did nothing wrong. Try to get your child help here and you might as well go ahead and call the police on yourself.

tea ca

I came here 5 years ago and seeing these reviews just shows this place hasn't changed at all. The main problem I had with this place is that in the units had all ages in them. There were people ages 3-17 and one of the older boys was flirting with a 10 year old behind staffs backs. They also played with our dosage and gave me seraquel during the day and got mad and yelled at me when I would fall asleep. I told them not to do that because seraquel could make me fall asleep standing up. The food was fine and the staff in my unit weren't terrible but they did more flirting than helping. And the classwork was elementary stuff. I can't prove it but I got the impression that some staff were having relations with the patients. And i witnessed quite a few students having sex which should not be allowed. It's not good for actual help just a place to get away from a bad home life.

Brenda Johnson

I had a friend that had a child there. I went with her several times & the staff was sooooooo friendly & professional.

Mason Steinbeck

food was horrible staff where mean i cried myself to sleep

L7avid CbourN

Cam Blue

Rhiannon Rhys Madowc

Over the course of my stay in 2014, we never went outside. Our gym time was restricted to "instructed fitness" which left us all aching for days afterward. Therapy was unfulfilling, doctors were uncooperative and callous, and school time was dominated by boredom as we sat in silence and completed word searches for hours on end. We were ordered to our every destination in a military-style queue and waited between "activities" sitting on the linoleum outside of our assigned rooms. Evidently, Pinnacle Pointe is fond of the exhausted maxim, "children should be seen and not heard." Even when we were invited to speak, we were quickly cut off or hushed. It was as if my input as a patient was totally irrelevant to a formulaic plan of treatment that existed for the soul purpose of fulfilling legal directives to the bare minimum and pocketing several thousand dollars of my parents' cash when ARkids deemed the treatment "unnecessary." Staff were unpleasant at best, borderline abusive at average. The time in which I was incarcerated-- I refuse to dignify such mistreatment by calling it anything other than what it is-- was among the last my stepfather spent with us before his death. For the ten days in which I was held, I was permitted one phone call every Friday which was not to exceed five minutes. I was denied the opportunity to visit my family after a week of separation when a therapist filed an erroneous abuse report, prolonging my stay while a social worker visited my house. As expected, she found the allegation baseless, which is part of why my insurance rejected the bill. This account is not embellished; in fact, it is abridged significantly. I felt like I had been sent away like some broken toy to be repaired by strangers who could offer only drugs and mouldy truisms. For the past three years, I have continued to experience symptoms of PTSD diagnosed by another doctor, symptoms which I did not exhibit at the time Pinnacle Pointe evaluated me prior to admission. I came in with possible anxiety and left with psychological trauma. Monetary concerns and the fact that I am still a minor are the only reasons I have not pursued legal action.

Larry Underwood

Zero help or information from staff. My daughter was supposed to be released tomorrow. Now nobody can tell me if that is true.

Aidan Hopkins

This place helped me a lot and I learned a lot in the 5 and a half months I was there and shout out to Mr.sam he was awesome

Laura Perez

Jodie alexander

This place is an awesome place for children and adolescents for mental health needs. The staff there are very caring about the children's needs. They are also Military oriented.

Natalie Fletcher

Wish I could give it no stars

Vazken Vandervelde

I wish I could give them zero stars. The staff were just awful. They were so rude to me and yelled at me whenever I did nothing wrong. I got into countless fights there, (I didn't pick them, I was targeted.) and was bitten and bruised. I got no medical attention for the bites or bruises. The food was awful, they wouldn't give me a spork, and never told me why, so most of the time I was just eating sandwiches that were made with stale bread and old meat. I didn't eat much and they put me on eating disorder medication. I had no eating disorder whatsoever. They put me on medicines that had nothing to do with my depression and suicidal ideation. I was put on medication for aggression and anger issues, even though my mom and dad kept telling them I wasn't ever angry and stayed away from fights. I felt so bad for my poor roommate, she was petrified, and she cried for her mom every night, and she told me about how dad and how she was scared he would find her and hurt her. The doctors rush you and just ask you how you feel, they don't ever give you time to talk. I was in here for my birthday which I hated. The classes just have you do wordsearches and random activities and call that a 'grade'. The fights between people were awful, and one of the kids actually got outside of the building, but he was caught. This place is mentally traumatizing, and I don't ever want to come back. I would never send anyone to this place. Its horrible and disgusting.

Dwan Friemel

So disappointed to say the very least. I have behavioral problems with my 11 year old daughter. She has caused harm to herself and tried to hurt others as well. I've had her in Valley for trying to burn our house down and that continued after being released. So in desperation I called Pinnacle Point Hospital. Apparently, unless your child tries to kill you or actually does burn down your house this place isn't trying to help. I gave one star, bc you can't leave a rating with zero. Don't waste your time, unless your child is already on a road to destruction and a flat out killing spree. (Which obviously it's gonna be to late)

Ravin Cabrera

Worst place ever i almost killed myself and they didnt inform my mother. staff are horrible and disrespectful. i would never recommend this place

deadra stoner

Heather Morrow


Molly Cummings

The night I got there I was throwing up with a migraine. They acted as though this was a huge inconvenience for them. They then proceeded to give me a brown paper bag to throw up in and they left me in a dark room for god knows how long. Finally, after throwing up 2 or 3 more times they took me upstairs to floor 3 - the depression ward where I sat outside the nurses station. They then yelled at me for throwing up in the brown paper bag. It wasn't my fault the staff gave it to me. I don't know why they didn't just give me a trash can or something or let me use the freaking bathroom. So I was then strip searched and taken to a room. I was hysterically upset. This was a new place, a place I didn't want to be in. The staff kept telling me to calm myself down. I said I didn't know how to. They said well then I guess you'll be up all night. I was for the most part. My poor room mate was a sweetheart and stayed up with me. Anyways, I don't remember exactly what happened in order because days go by slow as hell there. However, I do remember the second day I woke up nauseous due to a nerve disorder I have that they were aware about. We went down to the cafeteria and as soon as I smelled the gross hospital food, I told the staff I felt like I was going to be sick. She said "well you better calm yourself down because if you throw up, you're cleaning it up". Basically they have no compassion at all. They treat you as if you are a criminal. School is doing word searches and playing jeopardy. Group therapy is a joke and you're put in a group with people who aren't on your floor and are there for completely different reasons. You see your doctor once a day for about a minute until he/she rushes you out. They put down in my chart that I was aggressive yet told my mom I was extremely cooperative. I was there for suicidal ideation. How was I aggressive? They diagnosed me with "DMDD" without talking to me. No one ever asked why I was there or what happened. They took my moms word and my doctors word I guess. They also put in my chart that I used PRESCRIPTION PILLS! Not true. I confronted them about this and they claimed they didn't know who put it in my chart or why. Very professional. I didn't have clothes when I arrived either because I didn't expect to get sent off, neither did my parents. So I wore the same clothes until they got me some that were sizes too small. I told them this but they said I just had to make them work. We were hardly allowed to talk and yelled at for doing so, and spent time in the day room watching the same movie half of the time because the tv was broke. We were ordered around as if we were in the military. Single file line - no talking. They'd threaten us with not being able to eat dinner if we were heard talking. The staff threatened patients and each other quite often. One woman threatened to cut off a teddy bears head right to a patient. I witnessed several little kids, between the ages of 5 & 8 crying for their mom and dads. The staff would just grab them by the arm and whisk them away which broke my heart. You also rarely see your therapist. I saw mine once but then again I got out a lot earlier than most because when my parents came to visit me, they were horrified. My dad said "you'd have it better off in jail". He's probably right. The next day they got me out against medical advice. Those people tried everything to get them to change their minds. Saying since my birth parents (who I have never met) are alcoholics and have done drugs that I need to be treated for substance abuse, blah blah blah. They want their money. The staff is SO far from compassionate. Please do not send your child here. I came out feeling worse than before I went in. I have nightmares about that place. And I also left with bed bug bites all over me.

Renee Wells

Butler, Shamekia

Christopher Williams

montana levy

Tiffanie Turner

As a therapist in CA, I have actually referred a family to Pinnacle Pointe in AR because of the quality service they provide. The family was very grateful that Pinnacle Pointe thoroughly and patiently addressed their concerns and made them feel hopeful.

Kacy Mathews

I was admitted for 2 weeks when I was 15. My finger was broken while playing volleyball and I was told it was jammed and to not worry about it. After I was released I was able to go to the doctor for X-rays and was informed it was broken and needed to be rebroken in order to set it right. They gave me emotional and psychological evaluations before I was allowed to eat, i am hypoglycemic and have blood sugar problems. The "medical professionals" here do not care.

JL Byrd

I have had children of both friends and another family member that have received treatment at this hospital. Both hospital stays were important steps for the safety of each child. Of course no one wants their child to be hospitalized. However, when it's a life or death situation, you want to make sure they're getting the best treatment available. One parent had nothing but positive things to say about the staff and how well her child was treated while being evaluated. The other couldn't say enough about the difference she's seen in her daughter since her short stay. I would recommend this facility to anyone having a child in need of crisis intervention services.

Gage Ledford

worst experience of my life. NEVER send your child to this place.

Madison M

This place is absolutely horrible. If I could I would rate it 0 stars. Please trust me when I say DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD THERE! Most people do't really understand how bad this place is. I promise it is a horrible experience for any child/teen to suffer through. It's dehumanizing for the kids because the staff treats them like they are in a factory or something. The staff is very mean and are not friendly with the kids. They don't give them the love that the most likely have lacked most of their lives. The have absolutely NO RESPECT for them and it's unsafe to be there bc fights break out constantly because of gang rivalries and of kids who are uncontrolled. Also for kids who suffer from depression, suicidal thoughts, self harm, ect. and are sent there it makes everything worse because this place is traumatizing and VERY UNORGANIZED. Again I will say this do not send your child there! Please trust me!

Oliver Williams

This has to be the most unprofessional and unsafe place to leave your child at. They allow girls who “believe” they are boys stay in rooms with other girls. They are called boy names and treated as one. They even let them use the boy bathroom. I was forced to have a “boy” roommate. They have females live on the ALL BOYS unit. This place is so backward! The most uncomfortable week of my life. A girl went into the boys bathroom because she believes she has a penis and freaked out when she saw a real one. Take your children somewhere else

Alex Grey

I went there back in 2015 for trying to kill myself. It was the most tramatizing expirience ever. On my frist night there, my roomate woke up in the middle of the night and hit me, then went back to be. I was in a camera room, which is for people who have self harmed or attempted suicide. Yet somehow, they didnt see her do it. The thing is, even if you move just a little bit off your bed, the camera signals the staff. So how could that girl not have been caught. They made us do crossword puzzles as school work. Yes, because that is gonna help us get better. And how is that learning. When i got out, i ll one of my teachers asked me if i knew how to do the work we were doing and i was so tempted to say "well, i b know how to do cross word puzzles." Also, if you ro aend your child there, send them their own shampoo and conditioner. All they give you is a little cup of soap. No conditioner. If you need conditioner you have to have a medical excuse. They gave me 3 different pills and refused to tell me what they were. They made us everyday tell what we were in there for, mind you i was 11 or 12 at the time, and i was really shy, and i had a panic attack 2 times while talking infront of the group. Do not send your kids here.

Christi Gray

Taylor Nysten

Lol I got sent here when I was like 11 and my defining moment of that place was when one of the staff members called me and another kid faggots multiple times.

Kayli Reed

I hate it there the staff is rude and they yell all the time .

Zachary Williams

my son hated it there.

wormy bb

never, and i mean NEVER send anyone to this place. it has traumatized me. i was sent back in may 2017, and i hope to god this place goes out of business.


There are so many things to say about this hospital. I have been three times, from ages 15 to a month shy of my 18th birthday. The staff is rude, do not care about the patients, and are there only to get a paycheck. There are staff members having sexual relations with the MINORS who are patients. They have no program for anyone struggling with eating disorders or drug/alcohol addiction. The school work that is done is word puzzles and coloring pages for kindergarten children and WELL UNDER the recommended materials that are needed for children of certain ages. If you are in school, and have work that has to be done for YOUR SCHOOL, they do not give it to you, rather they give you a puzzle and send in your "grade" to your school. If you misbehave they take away your visitation rights. Things are constantly stolen by other patients and the staff has no care for the things stolen. There are fights that break out constantly. I do not even want to get started on the gangs that are in there. I have talked to several people in this hospital who have said that the Juvenile Detention Centers were the equivalent of this hospital. The amount of gang activity going on in this Hospital is sickening. Even the staff members wear and support their gang colors. If you are thinking of sending your child to this hospital I would kindly ask that you don't. This is one of the worst hospitals. They do not care, at all about any of their patients. I have seen instances where a girl was molested by another patient, and she got isolated because she wouldn't stop crying, and that boy that did that to her, got in NO trouble. DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILDREN HERE.

m i r i o

Alright, let's get into a long winded review everyone. Long story short, I would rate this no stars if I had the choice. I was sent here a while ago for having suicidal thoughts. I was with their counselling program at the time, which was just as bad, so of course they would send me to their hospital. I was in here for a week, which felt like a month. Let's start with the staff. None of them cared. I can only think of two who actually cared about their job and were actually nice to me at the very least, and they were night staff that went into your room and shined a flashlight in your face every 15 minutes to see if you're asleep. All of the other staff cursed like a sailor. They would ask how the other staff memebers were doing and they would reply with something along the lines of "Making easy money." I guess it was a joke between them, but it came off to me as they were only working there for the money, which I wouldn't actually doubt. There was this one staff member that I remember vividly, but I'm not going to give his name. He would treat us as if we were children and would seperate us if we were sitting within half a foot of each other, saying that we were sitting too close. He is probably the most annoying person I've ever met in my entire life and everyone hated him. One of my friends that I made there even went so far as to attack him, punching him in the chest and biting him in the arm. I wanted to do the same to him very badly. The doctors were not any better. None of them knew what they were doing, and I almost passed out when they took my blood because they did it wrong. They took it from my arm first, my finger, my knuckles and them my palm for whatever reason. Now let's talk about the sleeping conditions and what all we had to do there. The bed were like sleeping on a slab on concrete. We were allowed only one blanket and a pillow that was just as hard. Every morning, a staff member would walk into your room and slam their fist down on the wall, screaming at you to get up, and if you didn't get up, you would be marked down as refusing something. I believe we got up every morning at 6 a.m. There were no clocks, and no such thing as sleeping in. All we had to do was go do "school work," which was supposed to act as all the work we were doing if you were there during the time of school. All it was was word searches, no joke. When I got back to school, I was so lost because they were not keeping me up with the work and what we were actually doing at school. We would go outside sometimes, but there was nothing to do. There was a single basketball court and a swingset with only two or four swings on it. There was nothing else. They had a swimming pool as well, but they kept it covered up and did not let us in it. Different units would fight over the gym and it was always a race to get into it. I was only in the gym once. I did not enjoy it at all, not because I'm not athletic, but it was always a drag because no one really had any motiviation to do the activities that they were screaming at us to do. I have no idea why everyone always wanted to go to the gym. We would also always go watch some movie and get a snack before we go off to our hellish beds, but I always just got my snack and went straight to bed because the movies they played were always some kids movie that I had no interest in. And finally, let's talk about the hygine they offered us. We were only allowed to wash our hands and our entire body with a small paper cup of hand soap. We were not offered shampoo, conditioner, or body soap. It dried my skin out really bad and by the time I got discharged, my skin everywere was flaking off and my hair was like straw. We were only given a single wash rag to wash our body with and a single medium sized towel to dry our body off with. Surprisingly enough, they did give us deodorant. It was a tiny stick for girls, and a tiny stick for boys. We did not have choice in which one we got. They did give us a tooth brush with hard brissles and a tiny stick of tooth paste. We did not get hair brushes.

Shirley Wiggins

At this time I have my grand daughter their and the readings on this scares me to death.

Adam Clemons

New Wave Music Productions

This is to people who won't to put there kids here DON'T PLEASE I was here at age 5 and came back and forward since age 9 for no reason they abusive me I cried my self to sleep so many times while the staff listen and one day one of the staff grabbed me by my ear and hair and dragged me all the way down the hall and throw me into a padded room and I cried my self to sleep in there this is nothing but a HELL HOLE FOR KIDS I REPEAT PLEASE DON'T LET YOUR KIDS COME HERE and someone will be suing or the staff will be investigated soon please believe all of us you guys abusived got it coming

Robert Crawley

I love every one was so nice to me and they took care of me last spring they are so kind and caring I love the food and I love the hospital i like all of the nurse and doctors and everyone who helped me last spring thank you pinnacle pointed for taking care of me

Amanda Griffin

William Benitez

You guys kidnapped my friend, who had previously, but not now, been depressed, didn't even ask her parents if she could go, and we are worried about her and don't even know when she'll be back. This place should be shut down.

Sadie Crawley

I love the staff they made me feel like it was home they love me and I love them and they think I was funny they were caring to me

Sarah Glisson

celesta morgan

Almost 6 years ago I was here, and reading these reviews are disgusting. NOTHING has changed. ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING.

Haylee Wright

I was there for 5 months it is the best hospital ive been to

Cash Haight

The only good review of this place was by a parent who didn't have to go through what the children went through

Rhandi Brady

I have an 11 year old there who is under the guardianship of my stepmother. I am pretty sure they do not know that she isn't his biological mother and if they do they don''t care. I have asked said step parent about visitation to see my child and keep getting told "the therapists want you to have counseling sessions without getting to see your son before you can visit." I'm sorry, not sorry, but I shouldn't have to be the one in therapy when every single family member besides me has been able to go visit with no therapy. He has been "diagnosed" with a behavioral disorder and high functioning autism since being there. I am glad for their diagnoses IF it will actually help my child. Pretty bad when the biological parents can't receive any info about the child. I wonder if they bothered to check the court paperwork to see whom the child's guardian is....

Anna Steinbrugge-Stutz

They definitely made a difference in my sons life!

Lily Standridge

Akira Hayes

Bekki C

I was admitted here shortly before my 18th birthday for a suicide threat. Before I say my piece, I'm not stupid, violent, or melodramatic. I'm a good person and a good student. I'm in a good place now. When I arrived here, I was told that failure to submit to a strip search would result in my arrest. I said that they were lying and asked why they'd lie about that. They seemed disturbed. The woman who performed the check commented openly on flaws like acne. I didn't eat for the first three days I was there. They didn't seem to care. They also insisted on reading my weight out loud to me every day despite that I have had issues with eating disorders. I told them every time that I'd rather not know my weight; they chose to announce it anyway. I was drugged in order to have my blood drawn. This was at my own request because I strongly dislike needles. That is fine, except that I slept through the start of "school" and was forced to sit in a puddle of my own period blood because I had missed the designated time to take a shower. I ended up cleaning myself in a sink. My roommate talked constantly about how she was afraid her father was going to break in and rape her. She was a long term patient. The nurses neglected her, leaving it to me to comb her hair, tuck her in, reassure her that her father can't get to her, et cetera. She seemed incapable of doing these things for herself. I was attacked by another patient. She ripped out some of my hair. This was in front of staff, while I was reading a book. My bed was under a vent. One of my first nights I asked for an extra blanket from a female nurse. She said no. I pointed out that my roommate has two blankets and that I'm very cold. She said she'd get me one. I didn't see her for the rest of the night and sat by the door waiting for her. Eventually I stopped another nurse, this one male. He repeatedly leaned down to touch my feet while talking to me, and stated that he would only give me a blanket if I would go lay in the bed and allow him to tuck me in. I said something along the lines of "You're making me very uncomfortable. I need a blanket and I don't want you to touch me." I got the blanket. He seemed visibly disturbed by my ability to articulate my discomfort, and had a guilty look about him after I called him out. In truth, this man is the reason that I chose to post this. I am worried that he is targeting the young girls admitted to this hospital. They put me on two medications and refused to tell me what either of them were. I lost the ability to read and do math while on these medications--I later found out that one was a mood stabilizer that I was particularly affected by. Keep in mind that I was in a college level calculus class at the time and while on these drugs, I couldn't do addition problems without struggling. A collection of smaller complaints: I only saw a therapist twice the entire week I was there. One of the male nurses called all the girls "baby" and "sweetheart." A violent male patient that lived across the hall from me left a sexually threatening note in my shoe, which was in my room at the time--nothing was done about this. "School" was watching cartoons and coloring. This is not a hospital. It is a holding cell for unruly, violent children--a glorified babysitting service. Among the patients was a girl who was admitted for the sole crime of having sex with her boyfriend while having strictly religious parents, and a boy who had been there for two months after being told that he'd spend two weeks there by the foster system. He guessed he'd been forgotten. If you want someone else to watch your kid for a week, have at it, but if the person you're considering admitting has legitiment issues and you love them, do anything else to help them. In case you are wondering what was wrong with me: premenstrual dysphoria disorder. Birth control almost completely fixed the problem, along with a mild medication that helps me stay asleep at night. It's been about 14 months and I'm totally fine without the help of any mood altering drugs at all.

Vincent Kennebeck

Anthony Rainwater

Ben S

This facility deals with very difficult patients. I've never experienced them to be anything but compassionate, caring, and professional. I would recommend them to anyone in need of services.

susan mathis

This hospital is clean and efficient for what its for. Most of the staff are caring and informative. There are a couple of bad apples. The therapist gave me his office and cell number and was willing to help me get the answers I was looking for when other staff members wouldn't. Getting in touch with the doctor was a chore. One nurse, in particular, gave me the run around every time I called. So, for the moat part, this hospital served its purpose. If it's a necessity, then its just ok.

Hannah Maish

Tailor Collins

Great place & staff!


I have one serious question for pinnacle pointe staff as a whole but more pertaining to therapist and doctor nimmo and doctor hogan. Being that you are licensed psychologist qnd psychotherapist working in a pediatric psychiatric hospital larger and more equiped than alot of full service hospitals why exactly is it you can not formally diagnose my son with autism why do i have to wait for discharge and have him tested elsewhere? I dont understand why you all cant do this?

Jordan Pierson

Samantha Pennington

Mason Langley

I like that place

Tina Zently

My daughter was here for 3 months.. She still has nightmares. There is a woman who works there named Jackie.. She is mean and is racist towards white children. This woman yells shut up to the children and curses at the children. They don't keep the unruly children separate from the others my daughter had gotten into 2 physical altercations there, defending herself which had never happened in her entire life. My daughter had never been aggressive either, but I was told constantly she was. My child was also exposed to sexuality abused children that talked to my daughter about inappropriate stuff. Everything I called my daughter there would always be children running around screaming, and the adults would never stop it.. I would never recommended this place..

super poke dude

the beds are hard as rocks people are mean food is horrible and more i woke up to a kid cussing and hitting me in the face with a toy car one time and the entire time you eather color in realy crapy color books or watch stupid little kid shows and worse

180 Life Foundation Community Awareness

Patricia Polk

The staff are very knowledgeable and polite.

Go to finnfriday gmail

My good friend is there... I don't know when he will be back and I'm worried. Is there any way I can contact them?

Chelsie Sc

Tony Hamilton

My autistic son was sent here and I won’t rest until it’s shut down and the people that sent him there are FIRED!!

Virgie Toliver

At first I didn't want to be there but then It all was great. I got used to it and i even made a good example of my self and the staff was really nice to me. They always let me know if i was going to act right, I could go home. And i was in no state to pass that up. It was like home to me. And my favorite two staffs were Mr.AJ and Mr.Percy. They were very understanding and caring.

Priscilla Hall

Very professional. I got a call every time something happened with my child no matter if it was good or bad. I always got a call in regards to medication and as a parent i felt like the really included my opinion in his care. My child had nothing bad to say about the facility or staff. He said he enjoyed his stay and that he came home feeling SO much better. Thank you so much to the Staff at Pinnacle Pointe Hospital for all you have done. Sincerely, The Hall Family

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