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REVIEWS OF Freeman-Burchfield & Wells Institute for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy IN Arkansas

Christine Weaver

To find comfort when you are hurting is a true blessing. That is what I received from Ryan on every single visit. She is compassionate, attentive, and highly engaged in helping you find solutions to "life's events" and the "black cloud" that sometimes comes over us. She is a very knowledgeable professional who imparts wisdom and guidance with humor and grace. Life is too short to suffer in silence. I am so grateful to have found Ryan and the wonderful staff at Premier Counseling.

Nicole Rogers

I've been seeing Ryan since October 2015 and she is so comfortable and I feel relaxed when I leave. I highly recommend her, actually all the ladies there make you feel welcome and it's such a great atmosphere. Nothing like some of the uppity places I've been to before. Love this place!

Meagan McCall

Having worked with both Torie and Ryan previously, I have witnessed firsthand what strong boundaries coupled with compassion can do for people.


NWA Premier Counseling has changed my life. I have been seeing Ryan now for almost 8 months. I am 23 and have suffered from primarily panic as well as anxiety. Ryan is an expert in this. I have learned that everyone on this planet has some sort of mental illness as the brain is the most complex organ and it's time to dismiss the stigma of mental illness. I've never felt more safe, accepted, and empowered than I do now. It's the best decision I've made and I'm forever grateful. I have also spent time with both Ryan and Kati in group sessions. Through the group sessions I've been able to meet people from all walks of life braving different struggles. It has helped me to not feel alone and feel understood. Taking care of your mental health is the most courageous and loving act you can do for yourself. I have learned why I am the way I am and ways to change negative thoughts and habits to live a more stable, enjoyable life. Life is about living, not just enduring. Everything you want is on the other side of fear!

J Blackston

My experience at NWA Premier Counseling has been nothing but enlightening. Ryan has been accepting, understanding, and most importanly she has been able to positively improve my life for the better. The staff is warm and inviting, and they have provided an open environment that I can feel comfortable in receiving care. Over all, I couldn't provide a higher recomendation. If anyone is considering them, absolutely do not hesitate to call. I didnt, and I'm better for it!

Kaala House

Kati Gilmore is extremely professional and I have really enjoyed working with her. She holds herself to the highest of standards and is an excellent display of character. I am thankful have gotten the opportunity to get to know her and her business. NWA Premier Counseling is a beautiful establishment with great people.

Christopher Wilson

Kati is absolutely amazing at helping not only individuals but also couples work through tough times! I always felt that she truly cared about me and my relationship, she was able to help my wife and I navigate a very difficult period in our marriage. She does wonders as a neutral moderator but isn't afraid to step in when needed and explain what you or someone else is doing could be perceived as hurtful or doing harm in your relationship. Kati is extremely compassionate and I truly felt that she wanted us to get better. Kati made herself available when we needed her and provided me with vauable input from a woman's perspective that I would have never seen otherwise. She made me feel like I could tell her the good the bad, everything and I never felt judged by her at anytime. I would strongly recommend Kati for any couple who's marriage is in dire need of help of even couples who have a healthy happy relationship. I think talking through things even in good times continues to provide vauable insight into the happiness of your spouse and how you can always work on things to keep them happy.

Olivia Smith

I was so reluctant and nervous going back to therapy but I instantly felt a connection with Ryan. She is extremely genuine and I never feel judged by her. I always leave sessions feeling optimistic and energized. She has endless knowledge of anxiety which helps me make better sense of my disorder. I would highly recommend her to anyone and am so grateful for everything she's done for me.

Nicole Hamilton

Ryan is the most sweetie person you can find to have. I adore her thoughts towards my issues on depression I have dealt with for years. Also is great to figure out solutions for your anxiety.

Jacqueline Tuma

This is a very safe, secure and inviting environment to be able to express yourself in. I have been able to receive very much help from Katie Wells. In the past, i have not been very open minded to talk therapy and thought CBT had something to do with marijuana extracts. Seeing Katie regularly has made a believer out of me. I am working to change some very deeply indoctrinated beliefs that have led me to hold some very unhealthy thought processes and behaviors. I highly recommend this young lady for anyone who is seeking a sincere and professional environment in which to air feelings and thoughts.

Ellen Burleson

I have worked with Ryan Freeman Burchfield in a professional capacity for many years. She is the most caring and understanding therapist I have ever met. She also was an amazing leader with great instincts and immense knowledge in the mental health and relationship fields. I would highly recommend her to anyone! I learned so much from her and I could go on and on.

Felicia Mendez

Truly the best councelars around. I see Ryan Burchfield for anxiety, depression, and just for life help. She is definitely my miracle and my rock and I don't know how I would be getting through life right now without her. She is super caring and genuine and one of the most down to earth non judgemental people I have ever met. And I am giving her all the credit in saving my husbands and I marriage. I come from a rough past with no family and have fallen down such a big hole that i thought I could never get out. I feel like I am broken beyond repair, but she makes feel like superwoman again and gives me so much hope and understanding about life. She is teaching me how to love myself, thrive and succeed again. She is an amazing woman, councelar, and friend. I would keep writing about how amazing this place is but im going to stop here and let you see for yourself. I have tried a lot of places but this is the only one I recommend. They truly care about you and not your money.

Ashlee Ehret

Ryan Burchfield, and the NWA Premier counseling team are incredible. There are hardly words to describe how amazing they have been. I truly feel comforted, counseled, and cared for everytime I walk into the building. If you are experiance anxiety or depression in your life I urge you to please seak out NWA Premier Counseling. They are absoultly here to help, and I can say from experiance they have helped me trimindously.

Hollyn Karounos

Ryan is an angel sent from heaven. Bless her. If you need therapy, this is the place to go.

Lacey Roughton

I had the pleasure of working alongside Ryan and Kati and highly recommend their services and NWA Premier Counseling to anyone in need. Their knowledge and ability to connect with others is unmatched, and I was fortunate to be able to learn from these exceptional providers as they shared insights and passed valuable tools on to so many. They are gifted individuals with so much to offer!

Lindsi Miles

Jim Brandon

Strongly recommend Kati. Great office and very professional.

Lindsey Mona

When I moved to Arkansas from out of state, I struggled to find a therapist I connected with. After trying three others I found Torie and felt instantly comfortable. She is open minded and easy to talk to. I came into therapy from a dark and lonely place, and Torie helped give me the courage to turn things around and make positive changes in my life. Very grateful I found Torie at NWA Premier Counseling!

Ang Phay

Ryan is the best!! I see her for anxiety/depression, so it's not really easy to open up to what's really going on in your head.. but with her, it's honestly just like talking to a really good friend that you've known for years, you can completely trust your life with them. I recommend all of NWA Premier Counseling!

Erica Lanning

Torie was amazing at helping us all understand each other. Family Counceling, marriage Counceling, or just needing to talk. She is so pleasant to be around and so very very good at her job. We will use Premier Counceling for all of our family needs.

John Gregory

Ryan is the best therapist I've ever worked with. In 4 years of therapy at other places I've never felt as though I was making progress. After only a few sessions with Ryan I feel like there may be some hope after all. She's the first therapist I've had who really paid attention to me and how I feel rather than the cookie cutter type help I received elsewhere. She is very understanding, calming, helpful and just plain awesome! Regardless of what problems you may have you should definitely call her office.

Rhonda Boyter

Torie is amazing! Her gentleness, patience and kindness are unparalleled. I've been seeing Torie for about a year and a half now and my anxiety is all but gone while my confidence and belief in myself have skyrocketed. She has provided me the guidance and tools to unlock the magic within myself and share that with those around me. The difference that Torie has made in my life is simply remarkable. Thank you Torie for reminding me that everyone wants to sit in the sparkle seats!

Heather Hart

Ryan is a gentle, compassionate, and artistic soul who really has a heart to help others with whatever you may be working through. I've had the blessing of working with her and have witnessed the progress and growth her clients experienced. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for someone who will value you, where you are right now, and assist you with whatever movement you want to work towards.

Varric Dawson

I go here every week for Gender therapy with Ryan. She's one of the best therapist I've been with and she works with other things than gender with me aswell, I highly recommend her if you're looking for understandinh.

Lisa Mayberry

Learning Cognitive Behavioral Therapy through Ryan has saved my life!!!! No, I was never suicidal, but there is only so much your body can take from Severe mental issues, before it starts affecting you physically. I have had to endure losses & changes that I wouldn’t wish upon anyone. Through the RIGHT CBT, I have climbed the mountain and feel that I will survive and fulfill my purpose in life. My best advice to others.... Make Sure the therapist you choose listens.....then gives you the tools to change your thinking/behavior/reaction to survive the obstacles life throws you. When that time comes and you use CBT outside of a session and it WORKS!!! You will realize I’m going to make it and be a winner within myself. I thank the Lord everyday for bringing me to Ryan, so I could receive my life I have today and learn to love myself and move forward.

Lexy Alexander

I have been trying out therapy through my teens into early adulthood and was at my witts end when meeting Ryan. She showed me what REAL help is like. I have never had anyone be more understanding and kind to me during sessions. she really listens, pays attention and helps sort through what is going on in your life. I would reccomend her to anyone seeking therapy especially anyone skeptical of getting help. Shes the best!

Olivia Jackson

Best counciling service I have ever received! Lovely office, kind souls. (Kati is an angel)

Chloe Walker

My counselor is super awesome and very able to relate with me! Kati is super cool and it's fun to visit with her! :)

roxanne blake

I have recommended Kati Gilmore to family, friends and clients. She is passionate about her work and is attentive to her patients. She is the best in NWA. If you need to talk to someone, please call her today. She can help !!!!

Amy Smart

Ally Sabados

I'm submitting this review based on my past experience working side by side with Ryan from Premeir Counseling. Ryan is a natural nurturer with one of the most genuine and kind souls I have ever encountered. She has truly changed the lives of many. I am lucky to have been able to work beside her and learn from her.

Jennifer M

The counsellors at Premier Counselling are caring and talented. They helped me through some very tough times and have helped me take control over my depression with one-on-one sessions with Ryan and group sessions with Katie. The office is calming and cozy and promotes a feeling of comfort. Thank you to everyone at Premier Counselling for your guidance and care. I highly recommend them to anyone who is ready to reach out for help.

Erika Karney

Wonderful allies of the lgbtq community! Ryan and Katie are amazing! I was a member of their anxiety support group and had great results with overcoming some of my fears. I also made great friendships with the other group members. With Ryan, I also did relationship and one-on-one counseling. I always felt better about myself after having sessions with her. She helped me find the confidence within myself to pursue my goals (one of those goals being to move across the country with my fiancee'). I will truly miss Ryan and hope to find a therapist half as warm and caring in my new home if and when times get hard. Thank you so much for everything!!!

Ajax LaCavera

Joey Barnes

Ryan is an amazing therapist. If you ever doubt how incredible and powerful you are, see her. She helps you unlock all your true potential and happiness. I'm honored to have been helped by her. These people are hands down the most caring, talented professionals you will ever meet. <3

anne onymous

I can't speak for the counselors that work here because unfortunately I was unable to make an appointment. The office assistant is rude and not helpful at all. After I struggled to get through to her, my insurance company called 8 times and left multiple voicemails that were never returned. I've been considering counseling for years and finally got the guts to make an's pretty discouraging that my first experience with counseling is so negative. Needless to say, even though I really need the help/guidance, I haven't and probably won't try reaching out to this office again, or any others anytime soon.

Rizzero Woods

I refer all my friends and family to them!

Jessica Kitchens

Great therapists with tremendous respect and joy to work with others to reach their full potential.

Chelsea Cope

Ryan is the most incredible therapist ever! If you want to find someone to feel comfortable with and reach a connection with, please go to her! She has always made me feel loved and easy to be open with all of my struggles! I never understood what it was like to reach out for help and to receive it in the easiest way until I met her! I couldn't ask for someone better to help me push past all my struggles and get to a place of comfortability and peace in my life. She helped me do this with her genuine care and amazing way of helping me through it with her advice on self care and genuine care of what she does!! I'm blessed to know her and the paths we crossed in each other lives!!

Reagan Bowerman

Premier Counseling is awesome! I've been seeing Ryan for a long time now and I can say from knowing her, she truly is an amazing counselor and an awesome person! I'm 18 and I've already gone experienced a lot of life's ups and downs, but Ryan has allowed me to feel at peace with my past and help me with coping skills for the future. Through Ryan I've established a better relationship with my family and better communication skills. If you would've told me 8 months ago this is where I would be, I wouldn't even believe I'd be alive, let alone successful in moving my life in the direction I want it to. Thank you so much for all your help Ryan! I have recommended her to friends and I would recommend her to anyone seeking any kind of counseling!! :)

Jim Scalfani

Premier Counseling should be a consideration for anyone who is in any distress or uncertainty. When I lost my mom about 3 years ago, I really needed relief from all of the pain, the fear and sadness. It’s tough to share how much pain I was in, while trying to manage work, home and my extended family’s needs and requests. It was a tornado of emotions. I needed any support I could find, but what I found was so much more. My experience was amazing. I learned the best way to handle what I was feeling, but most importantly, “why”. I got through so many other things too and worked through old ‘demons’ inside my head. There are many places around NWA, but I feel very fortunate to find a place that was mindful of my privacy, tentativeness and schedule. I’ve met most of the Therapists that work at Premier, but Torie was my therapist. She was amazingly supportive and provided clarity and insight that I never considered or had ever heard. Today, I’m such a positive, clear headed and confident person. I’m still me, yet a better version of me. My anxiety, fear and concerns are pretty much gone and life has become easy! Yes, things come up from time to time, but today, I know the ‘whys’ and how I want to proceed in dealing with each situation. I so much appreciate Torie and Premier Counseling for being there with me during the difficult times. I recommend Premier Counseling for anyone who has questions about themselves or anyone who wants to enjoy life and currently feels they don’t. Great things are happening for me and life is truly easy….and fun! Jim

Rosanna Rephan

Ryan Birchfield is such a wonderful counselor! I have never experienced a more calming, non-judgmental, and healing environment than the sessions I have had with her. I would recommend her to anyone seeking to improve their sense of well-being, enhance their relationships, or cope with mental illness.

Gwendolyn Henry

I would highly recommend going to see the very gifted and compassionate women at NWA Premier Counseling. From the moment you walk into the office you will feel the healing positive energy that is there and be treated with the upmost respect. These women are professional, intelligent, and offer many different avenues to help you experience peace and growth.

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