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REVIEWS OF Capstone Treatment Center IN Arkansas

Laurin Porter

Capstone is a place where broken families with wounded sons can seek deep, meaningful treatment that works! Our experience was life saving for our son and life changing for our family. We will be forever GRATEFUL.

Tricia Beckett

My son graduated from Capstone and we recommend it highly. The founder, the therapists, the staff all approach their jobs with the utmost dedication and care. They love the boys and their families while they are in the program and long after, as we've experienced in aftercare. The staff to client ratio is as advertised. Safety is of the highest concern. Improvements are being made constantly. We have no regrets in our decision to send our son to Capstone.

Jennifier Barger

Cathy Diehl

Capstone was a life saver for our whole family. The therapists are amazing people. The aspects of the program are so well researched and intentional. We were all blessed. Our family is forever different.

Courtney Stivers

I have worked for Capstone since 2012. Though I am not a client, I have worked for five other companies who provide therapy services. One thing that sets Capstone apart is the high level of training that our therapists complete. All our clinicians, including me, receive specialized training to become credentialed as CSAT (Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist), EMDR Trained Level II (Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), and CTT (Certified Trauma Therapist). I do not know of any place who invests in the quality of therapeutic services the way Capstone does. My favorite part of our program is our Canine Therapy. Each client receives an AKC registered Labrador Retriever. He takes care of his puppy, and is responsible for training it. The relationship between client and puppy helps with healing intimacy and attachment wounds. They also learn empathy, responsibility, and self-efficacy. When they graduate from our program, the puppy goes home with the client to be his recovery companion. If you are looking for a residential program for a young man that is very therapy intensive, please give Capstone a call.

Jeff Graunke

The professionalism and skills of the Capstone staff (the entire staff) has changed our son and our family forever. They deployed their program, talent and passion to help our son and I believe it has changed the trajectory of his life for the better. I would highly recommend Capstone for anyone in need. I truly believe the entire staff cared for him as if our son was their own!

Steven Young

Jeannette Vandewalker

What a wonderful facility with outstanding staff, beautiful venue and Christ-centered focus! Capstone truly saved our son's life and he is now three years clean from multiple substance abuse. We cannot wait for their female facilities to open soon and help to eliminate this evil scourge in our society. Praise God for Capstone!

Kristina Welker, PsyD, LPC

Took my son out of this program after 7 weeks. Unethical counselor. No one ever called for a follow/up.

Thaxton Brown

Cheryl Gingerelli

My son went to Capstone, he refers to it as, "the best thing I have ever done." The staff are the real deal; they practice what they preach, unconditional love, hope, healing, and commitment. From my first phone call I knew Capstone was the answer to my prayers, and from then on, every encounter, whether over the phone, through email, or in person, I felt connected and that my son was being cared for in every way. He developed relationships at Capstone that he will never forget; his faith was strengthened, and he was given the opportunity to grow and heal in a safe, loving, encouraging, and challenging environment. I am so grateful for this experience. Thank you to all the staff at Capstone, and I know my son thanks you as well.

Tucker Bankston

This is a phenomenal treatment facility that changes lives and creates a whole new perspective on healing and growing. Now working in mental healthy myself, Capstone has become my first referral source for residential care for substance use or mental health! The team at Capstone is caring, attentive, and professional with the skills to help any young man who is willing to make a life change.

Michelle Jennings

I truly can’t think of words to describe how amazing our Capstone experience was! We discovered Capstone in the middle of a crisis. We truly felt like our son was close to death. I called Capstone and the admissions person was calm and patient and answered all of my questions. The admissions process was great! We dropped off our son while he was still hallucinating at times, his balance was off, and he was skin and bones (having lost 40 lbs). Our son’s counselor was amazing (we will forever be thankful for him). Family week was life changing. We have our son back! Every day I am beyond THANKFUL for Capstone. Every fun new memory we have with our son makes me thank God for the people at Capstone that helped our son and made it possible to have these new experiences! And I type this as our sweet Capstone dog sleeps by my side. Our son describes his dog as his best friend who walked through treatment with him.

Matthew Gudeman

Know that my wife and I found help for our son at Capstone. 3 years post Capstone our entire family unit (2 siblings included) is much healthier. There are three Cs to earning my trust, and Capstone met all three: They must be Competent: They are. You will likely learn a great deal. They must be Candid: They will get straight truth. They have to Care: Their love for hurting kids and families is genuine. If you have need for Capstone, go meet with the staff and see the facility first is too important not to. If you are considering Capstone, I am sorry for what you might be going through. Ask Capstone for many of us have likely been where you are. Keep on!

Kesha Mcclellan

Jeremy Erickson

Great place with a very caring staff.

Douglas Davies

Just be very careful and ask for details if they tell you that your deposit is REFUNDABLE

christy myers

This was life changing for our family. There was not a person in our family who did not benefit from the healing that Capstone provided. There really are not adequate words to describe Capstone and their excellent therapists. World class therapy, but also genuine care and relational investments in the boys and families they service.

Stephanie Bird

Life changing experience!

Adele Snyder

Jennifer Black

This is a wonderful place. You will not be disappointed with the therapy, the compassion, or the teachings. I'm so thankful we found Capstone when we did. It was a true blessing.

Molly Pfalzgraf

We truly believe that Capstone, saved our Sons Life and Our Family!!!! This is the place real, lasting healing happens!! Pick up the phone, call Capstone and experience the miracle of healing, that happens here!!!! THIS IS THE PLACE, YOU HAVE BEEN SEARCHING FOR!!!!

Erik Iwaniw

I am a past patient of this treatment center and I can say that my experience here was not only life changing, but life saving. I know that through my past life if I were to continue down the same path that I was going, I most likely would have been dead a long time ago. My one problem with this treatment center is how they were sketchy with my family on the payment. They told my parents that the insurance covers your expenses 99% of the time (their words) and my parents ended up getting reimbursed only 0.7% of the total cost($62,500) that it was for me to stay there for 95 days. It is still a financial burden on my parents and I will always have a sore spot in my heart for this one event towards Capstone. Other than that, I would recommend this treatment center to anyone who needs help. Just make sure that before you sign up, make sure your insurance will help cover the costs of you or your sons stay.

chase russell

Sally Barclay

A very helpful treatment program for our son and the entire family. All staff were well trained and it was a very positive and beneficial experience.

Tim Ide

Terry Smith

Capstone created generational recovery and saved our family. We are forever grateful.

timsangide .

I agree with the other positive reviews here. Capstone was the pivotal part in our son's recovery. Their program is comprehensive and well thought out, but flexible when needed. I'm VERY thankful for the work that they did with our son. As an aside, even though there are few review, it seems typical that people use google as a place to give negative feedback but Capstone has nothing but great reviews here.

Joe Fazio

Truly a God send!

Janie Nickles

Saved our son! Capstone has the best of the best therapist. The program is top notch and deals with the core issues. We were in a crisis and Capstone saved us.

Curtis Black

David Fugitt

Capstone was where our son began his healing journey. The staff was very well trained and qualified. The Christian part was effective for our son, but we feel Capstone would have had success with him even without that aspect of their treatment. Capstone's staff are well trained and certified and were more effective than the other facilities we used. The therapy they used was able to get to the core issues of our son's addiction.

Gregg Ferguson

In 2013, we made the decision to admit our son into the CTR. Many will see a positive change in your son upon graduation. Some more drastically than others... but you will see a positive change. The "lifetime" kind of change is dependent upon the parent's level of participation and accountability. That's a level of humility, sacrifice, and commitment most will never experience in their lifetime. Understanding how we got to this place, and teaching me, how to deal with difficulties moving forward, was invaluable. I took away the single, most important, point away from this experience, and still refer to it constantly. It provides a peace of understanding, when I find myself, my wife, my children, or my friend, confronted with a moment of failure. Help your son and find your "thing" that makes this opportunity a "lifetime of change."

Domain Admin

This place is amazing for families struggling with addiction and depression issues in young men. Our son got off track early in college. He was self medicating to deal with major depression. A friend told me about Capstone and I am ever so thankful for that. It was not an easy road but our son is on track and hopefully soon to graduate college. His therapist was amazing and will be a lifelong friend to our family. There were many dark days but Capstone walked with us through them and helped us reach the other side. They use exercise, mindfulness and the love of a dog to get these guys back to a healthy place. Capstone was a Godsend for our family.

Tim Shearer

Capstone is a lifesaver, literally, these are the most amazing people, they rescued my son out of severe depression when no one else could. Feel so fortunate to have found them when my 19 year old needed help, at age 19 in other treatment programs he was put in with men in their 30's and 40's because of being considered an adult. The age range at Capstone perfectly captures that critical age of transition from boy to young man with a philosophy informed by author John Eldredge that is so needed today.

Filippo Morelli

Life changing for both the attending young man and the whole family. I doubt there is another program so comprehensive, so "team-based" with the therapists and staff, as Capstone has assembled and operates. A truly unique opportunity for healing and being equipped to grow. While a Christian-based treatment center, Capstone operates on Christ-based principals but does not push religion. We also ended up doing both husband and wife individual intensives that person invaluable to us. The cost was daunting as a choice to make and yet, in hindsight, was worth countless pennies more. We are in debt to the Capstone staff.


Capstone was an answer to years of prayers of how to save our son! Because of Capstone, our son is healthy and back to the person we missed for so many years. He is in college and able to do life without the addictions he once struggled with. Our marriage and family have been restored. I would choose Capstone again if ever needed and recommend them wholeheartedly.

Benton Marshall

Tremendous program that gave our son what he needed to heal, recover and thrive.

Suzanna Faagau

Jennifer Minckler

My son arrived at Capstone in the spring of 2017, just weeks after we lost my husband to cancer. We were a mess! From the very first phone call to admission to weekly phone calls with his therapist to family week and graduation I knew I had him in the right spot. The work is tough - for the clients and the family - but it is powerful, necessary, and life-changing. Capstone, unfortunately, was not the only treatment facility my son attended, however, Capstone is the only place that has always felt like family and I know without a doubt that they love and care deeply for each and every young man trusted to their care.

Jeremy Bohnett

Capstone was nothing short of life changing for both myself and my family. I can honestly say I've never met a group of people who love and care more for people than the therapists and staff at Capstone. They took me right in and made me feel like I was at home even though I came from over 2,000 miles away. One of the biggest things that Capstone did for me was allow me to figure who I truly am at my very core instead of who I allowed culture to influence me to be. This process was done through intensive therapy and of course my favorite, adventure therapy. I vividly remember coming in a very confused 19 year old and leaving as a confident, extremely passionate young man with a sense of direction in my life. It's been about five years since I attended and I'm now a college graduate with an awesome wife and a growing relationship with God. I am living out my passion every day and I honestly owe a ton of gratitude to Capstone for these blessings in my life.

Cindy Trumbly

Talia Sullivan

Love Capstone! The relationships the staff has with their young men and families is a game changer. True healing happens there. Thankful for Capstone's influences on families and clinicians.


Alissa Atkinson

After days and nights of pouring over the internet trying to find help for my son, I found Capstone Treatment Center. I knew, after a thorough examination of the site, that Capstone was different from anything I had found previously! CTS had people who would communicate with me day or night and would answer my endless questions. Capstone counselors said the whole rehabilitation process was Christ-centered, as opposed to other treatment centers which briefly included, "We also have a Christian path if that is the way someone chooses to heal." Capstone promised continued communication with me with weekly, hour-long phone calls from my son's counselor, sharing his progress with me every step of the way. Capstone included canine therapy, which I thought was brilliant. Additionally, every worker at Capstone who comes into contact with residents is highly educated and specifically equipped to understand and to deal with specific issues the young men are struggling with : trauma, drug/alcohol abuse/addiction, sexual addiction – whatever the issue is. And finally, the clincher, Capstone talked about LOVING my son! No one else offered love. Now, I can honestly say that the men and women at Capstone sacrificed themselves in many ways and were mightily used by God to save my son’s life. Additionally, they helped to restore and to strengthen the relationships between my son, my husband, and me and also between and my son and his dad. I have no regrets about our choice to send our son to Capstone Treatment Center and will be eternally thankful for “the process” which is continuing to work out in my son’s life and heart through CTS.

Julie Kuhl

The love, compassion and knowledge is incredible. My son is a new person thanks to their caring staff.

Jenny Schwartz

The Capstone family is amazing! Capstone’s approach is the gold standard on how to help young men and their families get on the right path to forgiveness, healing, recovery and change. The canine therapy factor is a game changer and unlike no other program. Now if only they’d open one for girls!

Alison Hovis

Jennifer Mihic

My son would NOT be alive but for God's intervention in Capstone. He was so out of control and bent on destruction. Capstone turned his trajectory to life and opened the door for our whole family. I thank God for Capstone.

Barbara Parker

Truly the best trauma treatment available. Super caring staff who get to the root of the problems. Simply amazing people who gave me back my son. Can’t recommend this place enough.

Tom Mayfield

We are so grateful for Capstone! They saved our nephews life and helped him start a new one! We highly recommend Capstone if your son and your family need a place of healing! A very professional staff who cares so much about the boys in their care! You will not be disappointed!

jackson chandler

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