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Danna Gardner

I have been seeing Dr. Berner for going on 4 months now, and all I can say is that you can't judge a book by its cover (or reviews). If you're considering him for your mental health needs and are browsing his reviews, please keep in mind that a large majority of people who post reviews are only there because they are angry and will spit out some exaggerated and false version of the truth. After almost 4 months of interaction with him, I have only ever found him to be calm and understanding. He is the first psychiatrist I've ever seen, and I wouldn't want anyone else. As for information of how he practices, everyone's case is going to be different. With me, he uses a more scientific based version of psychiatry with a touch of holistic. I'm the type of person that doubts the validity of holistic medicine, and without me needing to ask, he modified his methods to fit my individual needs. THAT is what makes a good psychiatrist. You don't want a doctor that treats your case identically to his other cases. 5 stars for Dr. Keith Berner.

Kristen Everett

Due to the fact that it can take a long time to get into a psychiatric clinic, I had scheduled appointments with two different psychiatrists. I went to the first late in the afternoon this past Monday, it went well, and I decided to stay with that clinic. I then intended to cancel the other appointment, but my world turned upside down a bit the following day. The day after that was a holiday so... anyway he calls the day after thanksgiving to confirm the appointment. I was at a friend’s for a Friendsgiving, answered and apologized telling him I needed to cancel the appointment as I had managed to get in sooner with another psychiatrist due to a cancellation. He rudely told me it would have been nice if I could have given him more notice. I apologized again saying I wished I could have as well, adding that I hoped I didn’t prevent anyone from getting the help they needed. He repeated himself stating I should have given him more time. I put him on speaker so my friends could listen as I apologized a third time. He abruptly scoffed “yeah,” and as I tried to peacefully end the conversation he hung up on me.

Melissa Daly

Cameron Dunaway

Don't judge a book by it's cover. Seems like the real deal, even if the office/waiting room leave something to be desired. Could be much improved by a white noise machine and or a sign on the door that says "do not disturb/in session" or similar. Friendly, listened, and help set clear goals and expectations. * yes, including keeping appointments/giving advanced noticed of cancellations* Happy we didn't get spooked by the reviews! Would recommend.

Jessica Louise


Dr Berner is a wonderful psychiatrist. He has worked with me for several months and cares about my wellbeing.

Gavin Scott

Don't even bother with this mess of a "doctor". When people seek you out for mental help, you shouldn't approach them with hostility and bitterness. As these are common triggers for those in need of mental stability. Being repetitively rude to patients, both past and future, is not professional and you should not be working in the mental health field. Go be a coach if you want to yell and scream at someone.

H. Grace Showalter

Dr. Berner has been far more receptive than most professionals I've worked with. My health is now more than a medication game and he trusts my choices with how I want to manage myself. He has been understanding, respectful, and kind. I highly recommend him.

Josh Medina

I went to this Dr. for a records review and a second opinion. I was impressed with how the appointment went. I actually was considering transfering to him as my primary because I was impressed with his wholistic approach to healing. The problem is that I never heard another word from him. He didnt say he needed anything else, didn't call me back in, didn't give me the medical opinion or even upload notes to his fancy app. He just took my money and ran. I have tried to stop in his office a few times now and he never seems to be there.

Molly Meyer

He's a nice guy but impossible to reach. I always have issues getting my precriptions and my pharmacy can never reach him.

Jamie Spradlin

Kieth Burner treeted me very bad and he madee give up hope. He made me withdraw from meds and made me loose hope so now I've gone off all my meds cold turkey and will never seek help again

Jeri Ann Alexander

Dr. Berner genuinely cares and treats with a more holistic approach, not just solely relying on medications. I felt he listened without a preconceived idea of what box to label me in, which made me trust him and feel comfortable with his diagnosis. If you're willing to put in some work for your mental health, Dr. Berner is the best!

Greg Wilson

Has been incredibly helpful; uses evidence-based medicine and integrates it with a holistic approach. Good taste in background music. Realistic yet comprehensive.

Allyson Harriman

Very unhappy with my experience with Dr. Berner. Appointments were always very brief and shallow, I left every visit feeling like I had just had a basic, entry-level, depthless questionnaire read off to me. Every visit throughout the course of 7 months was paired with a new medication promising to be better than the last. I experienced several to me, awful, side effects that were pacified with a new prescription rather than a “holistic” approach as he had advertised. My mental health under Dr. Berner did not flourish, nor decline - it just was. To top it off, I received a $150 bill for a 30 minute visit and have now left two voicemails with his office trying to get an explanation with no answer. I believe he is too inexperienced to help the amount of people he is “treating”, especially after seeing so many mirrored reviews like mine. Bridges to Wellbeing is a wonderful office with a great, caring staff.

Addie W.

I really enjoyed my appointment with Dr. Berner. I felt like he really listened to me and came up with an individualized treatment plan. He is a holistic mental health provider and suggests therapies other than medicine that help, eg exercise, having a spiritual practice and spending time with loved ones. I’m really glad I found him because I have not had the best experience with mental health professionals.

Chelsey Clark

My husband called a day before his appointment to meet with DR Berner to reschedule due to unexpected life events. Dr Berner called my husband rude and informed him that he no longer wanted to meet with my husband. What kind of mental health DR calls a new patient names and turns them away due to uncontrollable life events? My husband tried explaining something unexpected had come up, not necessary to go into details, but this DR explained my husband was not welcome in his office. I will be sure to publicize the type of “DR” he is. I highly recommend if you have a family, job or think any type of unexpected life event may require you to reschedule an appt with Dr Berner to stay away from this office! Otherwise, expect to be called names and turned away!

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