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Matt Stivers

Worse place I've ever been to so unprofessional. I can't even remember my psychotherapist name but the card they gave me to come back for my 2nd appointment says Patricia. They didnt tell my doctors office up front that they require a 2 appointment minimum which frustrated me since i was paying out of pocket plus the 6 dollar card fee that they dont tell you about until you pay. On top of all of that she got mad at me for being late which wasn't i was on time but they gave me a book to fill out in paper work and then told me it was my fault because i should have arrived early to fill out paper work. So if you have to go here dont pi** this woman off she will totally work against you and try to diagnose you with something that has nothing to do with your problems. All she wants is your money and could care less about anything. So now after spending almost $300 dollars with this woman I'm having to go pay yet again with someone else to get a 2nd opinion. Bad part is i seen her the last time on a tuesday and had to see my dr on a friday she still had not sent in her notes on me by friday. But she did call my dr and tell her to not have her nurse tell people that she requires a 2 appointment minimum she's getting payed 150 dollars for 30-45 mins by me to not even do her job. I will never return to this place and advise if you have a choice in the matter take your business elsewhere.

Shunthia Montgomery

C Johnson

The previous review by all appearance is written by my ex. He became angry at her after a secession that included me. He has a history of abuse towards women and children. The review is just a continuation of his abusive behavior and cruelty while blaming others for his actions and mistakes. Including not keeping appointments and financial irresponsibility. Patti is a proven leader in her profession. She is my medical doctors first choice to refer patients to. Patti continues to be an asset to my step-daughter. Please do not let his nonsense sway you.

Lana Potter

My experience with Patti has been a true blessing. She is a lifesaver... showing me respect, concern, and a genuine interest that is rare - from anyone. I have been consistently surprised at her ability to remember details and later connect them when most relevant. She listens, and hears, without judgment, but instead guides through natural progression and reading between the lines. The office staff is kind, friendly, and efficient, and I've seen them go out of their way to assist clients in many ways (uncommon traits, anymore.) I've never had a billing or scheduling problem, and that, too, is rare for any office. The art and decor create a peaceful, comfortable, interesting space in which to wait, so it feels right. I had the opposite (nightmare) experience at another local clinic: the disorganization, boxes of files, missing files, misspelled forms, inaccurate bookkeeping, staff turnover.... So finding Patti was a godsend all around.

CM Hill

I've been seeing Patti for years now and I couldn't have asked for a better place than this. The environment as soon as you walk through the door is so warm & caring & her staff is AMAZING! They're always on point with everything, from scheduling appointments and keeping up with the billing & they are always able to answer anything. This center is the only one I will ever refer my family & friends to because they make me feel at home. Always so full of compassion and love. Couldn't ask for anybody better than them!

Stephanie Lisk

I enjoyed seeing Patti and really appreciated her input. However, the billing practices are questionable. One of my payments was not posted to my account even though it had cleared my bank. I was sent a letter explaining "what happens to your credit if turned over to collections" even though I had made a payment to them, that payment was not reflected on the next statement, and the time frame was 0-30 days total.

Sondra G

I’ve been seeing Patti for a long time, which is a testament in itself. She’s been a tremendous help to me and I feel fortunate that she’ll be by my side as I continue on my path to a better me. I know I can always reach her when I need or night or even weekends...she’s always receptive and is very dedicated to her clients. Sarena and Steve, her office staff, always make me feel welcome and I can’t imagine her office without them...they’re great. And I have to mention Mr. Smokey, the office therapy dog...he’s always good for a cuddle. I’ve never had an issue with billing, etc., and I know neither Patti or her staff would ever willfully make an error or be dishonest.

Lola Manriquez

Debbie Stutler

Patti is the most compassionate, caring person I know. I don't know how I would have made it through some of the most excruciating times in my life without her guidance. The staff is wonderful as well. My visits at APC are very important to me.Thank you,, Patti, for everything you mean to me!

Susan White

I love Patti. She gives me the perspective I need. Her staff is loving and very professional. I have been every week for three years and they have always helped and gone out of their way to make me and my family comfortable.

Sheila Hall

I would highly recommend Ms Scott. She’s always been easy for me to talk to and I have never felt judged in any way. I’ve been very happy with my treatment & glad that she is who I was referred to. Serena & Steve have always been extremely friendly & very helpful.

Cassie Pownall

Most profession atmosphere with a very knowledgeable staff that is always trying to help in any way possible. Patti is always courteous and encouraging and always knows how to help. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed coming here and would highly recommend Patti and her staff to anyone!

Callie Matthews

She's the best

Jessica H

nyankittyashlii Graves

My appt was cancelled on me and im being billed for not showing up. Now im in collections because of this. Horrible place.

Upside Down

I have been going to Patti Scott since 2011. She and her staff are like family to me! I LOVE THEM! They make me feel loved and like family, as well! To those with negative comments or reviews, no family is perfect, but we love and accept each other, flaws and all. Sometimes there is a wait...that happens at every doctor I go to. I have waited nearly two hours to see my OBGYN before, since babies tend to come when they want to despite someone else's schedule, but I still go to my yearly checkups and other necessary appointments. If you have to wait, it's likely due to a patient showing up late, and throwing off the schedule. Patti and her staff lovingly, graciously accept everyone and they understand things happen: traffic, kids, etc...just like her patients should understand things happen that can cause them to wait a bit. Also, communication is key in any relationship or interaction, so if you had a billing or other issue, you could call and talk with them and they would be more than happy to work with you to resolve any issues, rather than just leave negative feedback for them and resolve nothing. I saw two different therapists in Little Rock before I found Patti, so I speak from experience when I say PATTI IS THE BEST! I appreciate Patti, Steve, and Serena so much and I cannot recommend them highly enough!

George Bolton

I refered a friend to Patricia Scott after seeing her for 8 months last year. They googled her name and I was appalled by some of the slanderous comments. Her office and staff were very professional, and all policies in regards to broken appointments and no shows were well explained. I should know I work in a medical office and some individuals are just angry unhappy people. Sometimes a billing error is made and these issues should be addressed with Ms Scott if a person feels they aren't being fixed with billing rather than give a one star review. No way does that rate a one star rating and neither does her office in any way.


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