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Rachel Rayburn

This Past weekend our youngest son Ethan 3 1/2 yrs. old broke his left arm right at the elbow therefore let him up to having surgery and two pins put in. We had the best of care for the 24 + hours we where there. All the Doctor's, nurses or anyone that was involved with Ethan's injury, Was so knowledgeable in any way that you could possibly think in this situation we couldn't have been any more pleased with the help the kind words the joy that the doctors and the nurses put on our three-year-old son face Ethan every time they entered his room(if not asleep) And answering our questions the most professional way to the patients parents (Mat and I) that parent's wants to hear answered correctly so it made everything much more easier. So thank you Arkansas Children's Hospital for the wonderful experience I and my husband Matt. And in the near future where we will be going for our children if there is any case of an emergency with them we will be at Arkansas Children's Hospital.

Ashley Roper

They help me they the best.

Andrew Nicholson

My doctor referred me to their neurology department when I was a kid. My parents set up the appointment, got it approved with insurance, took me out of school, drove hours to get there, checked in, sat patiently in the waiting room. When the doctor finally came in they said why are you here, we explained my medical condition, and they stopped us and said "no, why are you *here*". We asked what they meant by that - and they said "this is a children's hospital, you look like an adult". I had just turned 16 - which they would have known if they had even looked at my medical records before they bothered to ask such a question. My parents had already asked if I was too old before we tried to book an appointment, and we were assured that I wasn't too old. The doctors basically said sorry, they couldn't help, and sent us on our way.

bazgha zia

If i had option of giving a below zero score i would give it. Never take your childern to this hospital, you will have no right to ask a lot about your child n doctors mind if you ask a lot , they never allow you to touch your newborn without your permission n finally thanks to them that with their negligence i was able to carry my newborn dead back after 2 weeks of doctors experimentation with her.

Mississippi Gazette

Invested money in NWA but the main hospital in Little Rock needs some updating to allow for more light and color to seep into the dark hallways of the hospital. The sanitizing stations throughout the hospital are manual and attract germs as people have to manually pump the dispenser. Public bathrooms have only one stall in the older parts of the hospital which is outdated. Most of the staff seemed to not like their jobs and were depressed during our visit with a surgical patient. The foundation didn't return our calls when we called to donate. The media relations team has never returned our emails or calls from our several media companies. The hospital really needs a good cleaning and face lift.

Erica Villines

I have had nothing but trouble with these people. You cancel an appointment, they say you lie. They make you late for other appointments and scold YOU for it. They schedule appointments and not tell you about it.

beckylee tibbitts

very exclient. they saved my life when i was a kid. They have the best doctors and nurses I've ever met.

Clinton Chronister


Jessica Whitworth-Mccall

If it wasn't for Arkansas children's my daughter would not be here. Everyone we have had has been amazing!

Amber Metts

Fastest service I have experienced in a hospital setting. Great doctors- they have their process down pat. Truly made for a calming experience given it was an ER visit!

Rob H

Oncology and hematology dept is wonderful. Clinic as well as 4k. Love those people.

Mia Kamille Foreman

The staff was proactive. I was in and out within 90 minutes! Everyone was pleasant to my child and I.

amp831 .

If I could give no starts I would. This has to be the worst hospital experience I’ve ever had. We brought my 3 year old into the ER after having a 104.7 fever and other flu like symptoms. While waiting we kept watching multiple families go in before us. It was frustrating to see since my son was continually getting worst. I had to ask a nurse to recheck his temperature and not once was medicine offered to reduce his fever. After waiting over 3 hours, him getting sick in the waiting room and a conversation with the “team leader” we finally saw a doctor. They finally gave my son medicine, never rechecked his temperature, swabbed him for the flu, gave him some juice and sent us home. To say I’m disappointed is an understatement. I could have stayed home and follow up with my PCP. They say to go to the hospital if your child has a temperature of 105. I can tell you that I will NEVER bring my son back with this kind of staff and treatment.

Larry Huey

If you ever have an extremely sick child this is the place to go in Arkansas. Arkansas Children's Hospital is a teaching hospital so the level of attention you get from the time you come in the door is amazing. I honestly can't say the upper level doctors are any better than what you would find at your larger regional or metropolitan hospitals, but, combined with the large support staff they enjoy you walk away thinking you had the best care on the planet. If attention to detail, no wait time and quick access to physicians get you brownie points then this is two large pans of brownies!

Tremele Cobbs

So far the ER room doesn't look clean. Hair is all over the floor and trash/ suction containers etc in the trash can. From past experiences, housekeeping cleaned/ sanatized, mopped each room and pulled the trash after each patient. So for hair to be left all over the floor leaves an impression like did they even clean the room in the first place.

J. Leonardo

You can never have a great time in a place like a hospital if you are in there because a family member is sick, But the staff was very helpful and supportive. They are a life savers and I will never doubt them. Thank you.

Emma Kelley

If it had not been for Arkansas CHILDREN'S Hospital both of my children would not be here today.

Toni Marion

The wishing pond of pennies caught my granddaughter's eye!

Christophe Bouteille

Top notch hospital. Staff was amazing every step of the way. Encountered an issue and the staff responded incredibly well and very reassuring and professional. Greatful and blessed that this hospital is in our backyard.

Anon omyous

My biggest concern with Arkansas Children’s right now is their new uniform policy about to go in effect. Employees and patients alike enjoy that they can wear whatever scrub color of their choosing paired with a scrub top or a ACH t-shirt. I’m very grateful for a past CEO that allowed this, because I think it has truly helped with employee satisfaction. The idea of wearing a designated scrub top and pants has been tossed around at Employee forums for months/years. Administration has found it difficult when they have been passing employees in the hallways, cafe, and elevator what their position is and who they are because there is no uniform. Although, it’s policy that we all wear a badge that state our name and current position that should help identify each staff member. Furthermore, I am often wondering why I’m so unapproachable in my purple scrub pants and ACH tshirt that admin can’t strike a conversation and ask me who I am. When they’re in a suit or business casual, frankly I have no idea who they are so I either ask or look at their badge. As an employee, I recently helped ACH become a Magnet hospital. ACH is among some of the best hospitals now. I have also experienced firsthand the many, many changes that have happened recently with a new computer system, EPIC, and new clocking system, MyTime. Every change that happened I may not have loved, but I still watched the tutorial videos, went to additional classes, and worked hard to understand the changes. The uniforms I will never understand and it’s making a very disgruntled employee out of me and many others. Most of my concern is the transparancy between admin and employees. For so long it was a “rumor buster” that wasn’t happening and then all of a sudden it was. What else is this organization not being transparent about I have to wonder? Also, there are so many new nurses that go through Versant each cohort. They’ve just graduated nursing school and have bought dozens of new scrubs in all colors. I understand there’s no easy time to change a uniform policy, but this org has just infuriated a lot of new nurses which make up a large portion of this hospital. Many departments are upset, feel bamboozled, and that doesn’t seem to help with job satisfaction which in turn doesn’t look appealing to future employees. -very disgruntled staff seeking their voices to be heard

Brian Dodson

We waited for 5 hours and still hadn't seen a doctor. Our grand baby had to suffer through this terrible experience and her mom had just had surgery two days prior. This hospital has really gone down hill from what it at one time was. The patient care is ridiculous when you consider that they are seeing children. If I could I would have given them a negative 5 rating. What we endured was pure negligence on behalf of those who were on duty at the time of our emergency room visit.

Sardis Rollans

Ive been here they're good doctors.

Ted Laudermilk

Poor service. After hours clinic turning kids away. It's a doctors oath to treat anyone including a 3 year old. Pathetic excuse for a place of healing.

Julio Gomez

Very nice facilities and staff. The bathroom wasn't the cleanest when I was there, but it's no big deal.

Gloria Schwammlein

Our grandson was admitted with a brain tumor. He had surgery one day later on a Sunday, no less. We are so grateful for the surgeons and doctors who informed us well before the surgery and also afterwards. All staff - surgeons, nurses, administrators - were knowledgable, had time for us and treated us with great understanding, empathy and respect. All in all a place of excellence. Thank you to all.

Becky Wallace

I don't know what is going on with this hospital. There are so many residents seeing patients that have no idea what they are doing. I have had 2 very bad experiences in the ER. The physician sends the residents in the room who have broken English and are not well educated. I heard alot of 'i don't know answers" from the resident. I am a registered nurse and you don't tell a patient "I don't know!" Much more appropriate to say "I am not sure but I will find out from the Doctor." The quality of care has declined over the past couple of years. Very sad. It could be a wonderful hospital.

Carolyn Ishoda

The staffs are the best.

Christina Mason

Not satisfied at all. My son has been sick for two years with no reason. He has been dismissed from Children's and still staying sick.

Jimmy Aiseia

My son has heart defect and have his 1st open heart surgery. Doctors and Nurses are friendly.

Divateressa Boom

The staff that answers the phone to connect you to where you need be is very rude as well as their Supervisor. They hang up on you which is not a connection problem but the person actually ending the call. They forget the whole purpose of someone calling that number is for a sick child. Wish there was another hospital to take my child.

jason Kersh

This place is a blessing!!!

Michael D. Kaczkowski

Having been involved in the best hospitals in NYC as well as experienced the care of other hospitals in different States, Arkansas Childrens Hospital is World Class. Not only are the physicians and staff as skilled as the top hospitals in the biggest cities, but also express a level of care I have rarely witnessed with such consistency. A true State treasure.

Gary Childers

We have a 2 year old with GI difficulties. From my understanding the GI department is only able to perform lower scans 2 days a week-they told us it would be September before they could schedule us? Why? We have an emergency situation and we’re forced to move on from ARChildrens persuing availability in St Louis, Memphis and Dallas. Thought ARChildrens was first experience

Yas Yas

Thumbs up

Michelle Lynn

I have to give one star to leave a review. We took our son in late Friday night with a fever of 104.7 and flu symptoms, he could barely walk. Waited in the waiting rooms for 1.5 hours before going back to a room to be told by the doctor that maybe he had the flu, maybe he didn’t, and they don’t worry about a fever under 105. He had some chest pains (and he has high BP for unknown reasons) but since he is an “otherwise healthy athlete” per the doctor, then we shouldn’t worry. He didn’t test him for anything, didn’t prescribe anything, didn’t give any advice except wash our hands, and left. The nurse was more helpful. A resident did see him first and she was very nice and prescribed something for the nausea. Four days later he is still extremely sick and fever stays around 100-102 and now he has a cough. This is the second bad experience we have had with the ER. Twice we have gotten doctors that seem like they really don’t care at all and have been rushed out the door. They do act like they are irritated that you are even there. I agree with the other reviewer, I don’t feel like they should bill my insurance company at all. Maybe children coming in on an ambulance get better treatment, not sure, but if you are walking in with your child, good luck.

Moon Madkhali

It's the best hospital. My baby was very weak, sick they help her to be as a normal baby .. Thanks a lot ACH

charles pilcher

Lack of care. They seem to be more concerned about sending you home.

Blaklie Allen

Gives amazing treatment to all of there patients.

Emily Stanchak

Great doctors!! Glad y'all found a diagnoses for my legs! THANK YOU

Angela Wilty

Great icu burn center

Neil Richardson

Long long wait but they took great care of my 16 month old!! Excellent staff and facilities!

Eric Rodgers

Couldn’t believe they had a 4.2. These folks are better than 5 stars. The best period.

Lisa McCullough

NICU saved my baby's life. Awesome people, so kind and helpful. Love this place.

Erin Taylor

Very please with the line of care my son received at the burn unit on 5/5/18. I give 5 stars all around to the hospital, the first responders here in Ash Flat and the emergency personal here in Ash Flat.

Melyssa Lloyd

We absolutely LOVE ACH! I hope and pray we can give back to this blessing one day!

Jason Marshall

Arkansas Children's has failed us 3 times in a row! Failure 1: We took Reaghan in during flu season. They thought she had a stomach bug, prescribed meds for nausea and sent her home. Failure 2: She was not getting any better so we took her that same week to their childrens clinic. The doc checked her heart, eyes, and ears and said to just let the bug runs it’s course. Long story short, she did not get any better so we took her to an Urgent Care and one of the first things they did was test her for the flu and it immediately came back positive. The Urgent Care staff was shocked that Children’s did not test her for the flu during cold and flu season. So, needless to say Reaghan was laying around with the flu untreated due to the negligence of Children’s Hospital. Failure 3: We decided to give them another chance and took Reaghan in last week for a sore throat and upset stomach. They checked her throat and ears and to our surprise tested to see if she had strep. Her test came back negative so they just said to have her drink plenty of fluids and let the (unknown virus) runs its course. Fast forward, Reaghan developed a bad cough over the weekend so we made her a doctors appointment and come to find out she has tonsillitis. Why were these very simple illnesses so hard for Children’s Hospital to diagnose but not hard for other healthcare clinics to diagnose? Smh

Saundra L. Williams

My Granddaughter has a rare bone disorder and we spend a lot of time at ACH. She loves going there and they love her. She's there again today.

Lakyn Ross

Do NOT take your child here. We are new to the area and it has been a challenge finding a decent pediatrician. My child fell ill a few weeks ago and I put in two calls to the nurse and never heard back. I've never seen a doctor there, only nurse practitioners--and they rush you through an appointment. My son was sick this morning and it took forever for someone to answer the phone and when they finally did, I got a person who clearly hates her job. The front desk staff alone is enough to make us never come back.

Terri Henry

They are very helpful. Great Nephrology and Urology staff

Brison Reed

If I could put a negative 5 star I would.The only thing they have going for them is a decent nursing staff but could be better. To mad to tell any more. Don't recommend taking your child here.This is coming from three bad experiences this year alone

Jack Stillblud

Fast but didnt do that great, I had a knee Injury that was very swollen, they took x-ray when it came back not broke they just gave me crutches and said it should get better. Went to orthopedic because it was getting worse and turns out my tendon is torn and will need surgery.

Jeremy Van

This is the only review that mattes. THIS IS A 10 STAR HOSPITAL. Our family has been in and put of this hospital for 20 months (that's how old my son is) and I have NEVER had not one complaint. That's all I need to say. Staff-100% Doctors-100% Nurses-100% Not only taking care of patient but making sure parents are ok-100%.

Silly Lilly

We been twice to Arkansas children’s hospital, went went to Emergancy room and then again 4 days later but was admitted after that. Staff was attentive, caring and compassionate. The Emergancy room operates based on severity of Emergancy, we were their for 7 hours on Monday, i know that seems extreme but you have to keep in mind they have 4 helicopters that bring in severe patients in addition to the ambulances, with kids being flown in from all over. After we got admitted the second time my kid got the care she really needed, we had a wound we had been trying to heal for 3 weeks with nothing working but they got it almost healed in 4 days, they completed X-rays and did everything needed to keep my child healthy and healing, her hair got matted after severe vomiting so they even helped us wash it bedside so I could get the tangles out. My main complaint is the cafeteria food on floor 2, it’s a hit or miss we got sick from the pizza, I didn’t need food poisoning ontop of caring for my kid. Not all the food is bad, the cheeseburgers were a-ok. River bend snacks on floor one is a better alternative but they mainly have sandwhiches. If you need a soda or snack you can find it at either location and they take debit cards to. The gift shop is located on floor one and is one of the largest I’ve seen, it has something for everyone. If you get sick of cafeteria food you can always order from bitesquad online and they can deliver food from a local restaurant for a minimal fee and tip.

Kelly Kundert

Dr. Garcia in CVICU Is Great! No one else like her, she sleeps very little, always UP, with a smile on her face & big heart for her heart transplant pts. Love you!!

Jaye Jaye

took good care of my son

Valerie Rouse

This is very poor patient and family service. I have been here at ACH for 4 hrs. A nurse or someone could have come by to assure the patients family that they haven’t forgotten about us. We got here at 11:30pm and it is now 3:54am. ACH as remodled and technology has definitely changed over the years so I would think service would be better than this. There’s only 13 patients on the board. Staff is walking by laughing and conversing but NO ONE has Checked in on us since my 4 yr old nephew had his abdominal X-ray. There’s blood stains on the floor in the room where we are. This is absolutely ridiculous!

Marie Aldrich

Sleep Clinic is fantastic

Robyn Moss

As a new parent the friendly staff has been amazing! They always go above and beyond to help

Angel R

I’d give a zero if I could

Kasey Young

They are really sweet

kevin peters

Great staff! Being new to the state, i had a very rocky start with getting my medical care sorted out. They went out of their way to make me feel welcomed, not only met but exceeded my expectations

Alex Tafolla

Rude staff. Long waiting period. We were given a bed with blood on it from the previous patient. We live 2 and a half hours away and they kick out anyone under the age of 18 at 9 P.M. regardless to how far away you live and are forced to find somewhere else to stay. Le Bonheur Children's Hospital is 100x better than this.

Russell Caldwell

My daughter has had two appointments in the last couple of months, we had to wait over an hour for both. They send you a letter and call to make sure you know how important to be on time, for what to wait an hour for them. We have a long history with Children's and it is a shame After they were taken over the focus on the patient has gone and all they seem to be concerned about the numbers. One appointment is at the dental clinic and the other was at neurology so it seems to be a culture and management not just a one time occurrence.

Braylyn Smith

Children hospital is a terrible hospital they take there precious time, I have a child there now an they are giving up on my child they not giving her what she need, they are just giving up on my child an it's sad that I never hear good new from my child it's always bad news. Next time I will not be with children hospital an there laziness

Kendra Botley

New Emergency area is awesome. Fast, kid friendly, & fun. The staff was very sweet to my son. Thank you Children's Hospital :)

Tameca Giles

Specialty care, makes you feel like your child is the only baby in the hospital.

Sadie Haury

Thank God for all the men and women who work extremely hard here. My family always feels welcome. The staff make sure of that with their wonderful attitudes.

I AM Divine

It was very excellent care there they made sure that everything was good with the person I asked a lot of questions make sure if any questions you need answer

Hayley Dunn

I’m commentling solely on my emergency room experience. I’m actually STILL in the waiting room of the emergency room after being here for 4 hours. Our pediatrician sent us over here because my 7 month old had been vomitting for 4 days, wasn’t drinking and wanted some IV fluids administered and some blood work/uralysis taken. From the get go (at triage) we were made to fee like this wasn’t a “serious” enough reason to be at the emergency room. Again, not our choice, following pediatrician’s orders. We were basically told by the male triage nurse that she was fine, and acted like we were stupid for even bringing her to the ER, as long as she was peeing three times a day she was getting enough fluids despite her vomitting up everything she ate. I’ve had to feed her by syringe in 5 minute increments every four hours (also instructions from the ACH helpline), so I guess I was supposed to just continue this until the end of time. Not to mention he blew off the fact that she had blood in her urine in her diaper (a cause for concern by my DOCTOR) and said it wasn’t a big deal. I am absolutely appalled by this ER. When did nurses lose their ability to empathize? A nurse (Leslie) came out to see how my daughter was doing in the waiting room and again, basically said she was fine (despite the fact that she’s only drank about 6 oz in a 10 hour period and threw up half of that). I’m not saying my daughter is anymore important than any other child in this waiting room; however, I also believe she deserves to be seen just as much as the other children. I really expected more from what I’ve heard is a great hospital. I’m just sad we didn’t receive the same care as others.

Jessica Gilmore

My son had valve replacement surgery this past December. The cardiology department was amazing. Nurse Amber and Nurse Kelsey took amazing care on my son in CVICU. Dr. Greiten was amazing so caring and came and talked to us every day and listened to all our concerns. Along with the whole team. Could not ask for a better experience.

Cas Green

You all need to close the triage doors while obtaining patients information in the ER. What if someone in the waiting room hears something about a child they have no business hearing? That should be a HIPAA VIOLATION!

Dilek Polat

because of new system epic, all the drs are in training. They don't give enough appointment slot. They force you to go er and wait 6 hours!!!

Tatianna Lee

Every nice and welcoming people

Carina Sanchez

They took care of us fast in the ER and the staff was super compassionate and friendly.

Shaney Watts

They have a very kind and caring staff. We received the best care and it was explained to the smallest detail. I highly recommend this hospital and I can't say enough good things about it.

Jane Bakari

Usually they rush through the appointments.


I had my tonsils and adenoids removed here and they gave very straightforward instructions and were very nice. 5 stars!

Karen Miller

Professional, caring, empathetic, and the willingness to go over and beyond to save a child and support a family has been my experience with everyone connected to ACH. From the custodial staff to the nurses and doctors it has been a place filled with love and compassion and the true desire to help and heal. My grandson is alive because of you.

Brendon Polk

The burn surgeons , nurses , room service staff and even housekeeping were all nice I love them best hospital I've been too

jessica smith

They took great care of my son. The staff is amazing and so is the building. Best hospital for children. I love it!

Jenna Rodgers

My daughter was in the ER at Children’s and we had the best experience you could ask for. All the ER staff went above and beyond to make sure my daughter felt comfortable. Dr. Jessica Campbell Morrison was especially wonderful, she is my daughter’s new hero. She is the most compassionate and kind doctor we’ve ever had the privilege of encountering. I wish Dr. Morrison had her own pediatric clinic because we would surely have her as my daughter’s pediatrician! Thank you Dr. Morrison and Arkansas Children’s Hospital for taking care of my baby in the best way possible! Our very stressful day ended on a high note because of the great ER staff!


You will wait here for hours-- and I mean hours and hours -at their ER sometimes but there are excellent doctors and nurses once you finally get seen.

Chelsey Shores

Took really good care of my daughter and did an excellent on her open heart surgery. Is so friendly and loving place

Lacy Medal

They are great people and care about the kids sweet and loving to the children

Crystal Cox

They have have helped me out so much. This is a wonderful place to help kids.

Dj J

3rd time that I've been to children's for an emergency with my son and ended up leaving because by they time they even called me to the back his Actual Doctors office was open! APC opens at 8am I went to children's at 3am.. My son could be in critical condition thanks to the rude and extremely slow staff of Arkansas Children's hospital emergency department! I WILL NEVER IN MY LIFE GO TO THIS HOSPITAL AGAIN! I'd rather take him to A regular emergency room like Baptist or St Vincent! Very unprofessional and EXTREMELY UNDERSTAFFED!

Jerra Scott

My review is in reference to the General Pediatric Clinic ONLY! All other areas of the hospital and staff have been more than I could ever ask for. I switched my son (16 months) over to Arkansas Childrens Circle of Friends Clinic and the GPC Clinic simply because they have a ENT clinic there that I did not need a referral to go to and were quick to get in with. I quickly discovered that I could not get an appointment for sick visits at Circle of Friends as they are always booked out at least 3 weeks and so I was instructed to schedule his shot visits there otherwise use GPC. I loved the thought of the GPC clinic. An after hours clinic that also was open on Saturdays! Wow! I used the clinic for a circumcision question as my son's was growing back and new parent freak out mode occurred. I was treated SO rudely. The older doctor may have been in the room for a total of 3 minutes before just leaving and answering none of my questions. I had to call the head nurse in for reassurance. I got a referral to a specialist. Fast forward to sick visits with the same symptoms each time (green runny nose, ear drainage with his tubes, some coughing, eyes matted with green gunk every time he woke) Every time I got an answer that it was just a cold and they do not give medicine for colds. The last time I went was after my son woke up and both eyes were matted shut so bad that he was screaming and could not open either one. I went straight to the doctor and at first a younger doctor agreed he needed an oral antibiotic (for which he has not had one in 6 months). Then an older doctor came in and decided against it. Said that "that is not the way we do medicine here." And when I asked for a second opinion she got defensive and said "you don't get a second opinion I am your second opinion." I immediately called and got him switched back to his original pediatric clinic. The doctor discovered he has a sever sinus infection, he is wheezing, had a ear infection and a tube is about to fall out of one of his ears. Today the doctor listened to me and my son's symptoms and immediately prescribed a oral antibiotic, a steroid, ear drops and an inhaler. I will NEVER return to the GPC Clinic. After leaving this place, I found out that I am not the only one that has had this exact problem. To be one of the most sought after hospitals in the nations they sure need to step up their game on their general pediatric care. UPDATE: It has now been a month later and after 4 calls to the Patient Family Care Rep to alert them of the issue and have someone contact me I have still not heard from them. DO NOT TAKE YOUR CHILD HERE!

Matt Baum

I have tried for MONTHS to get an optometry appointment (via referral) for my son. I get "transferred to the nurse's line" which apparently no one answers. Ever. In the history of mankind.

Nova-Dawn Mauldin

Had to take both of my son's to the ER. Got in quickly, staff was very friendly, patient, and helpfull with my sons. I am very willing to drive 1 hour just to go here for care!

Dominick Miller


obumselu victor

Get well soon Belushi. Amusing hospital. Thanks

Cecil Haury

They are all very professional and caring they are like family

Edmar Junior

I have never been there

YoureTheObi WanForMe

Amazing! ACH's is just amazing! My son has heart defects that require two open heart surgeries. The cardiologists here are so sweet and truly care about you! We love Dr. Kwan, Dr. Lang, and Dr. Bollin! My son has many doctors but these three really stood out! We see them every month and they remember you and remember everything you talked about in the previous visit! The nurses are awesome too! They also remember you specifically to the point they noticed I had cut my hair! The staff in the CVICU are so sweet, caring, funny, and truly a joy to be around. They make everything easier on you while you're going through difficult times. I was there for a week right after giving birth and they helped me take care of my son! They'll change diapers, bathe, and rock your baby for you! I was pooped and sore from birth and they helped me so much! Also, I was there for 5 hours for a checkup (they were looking at his echos and discussing surgery dates) and a lovely lady came around the waiting room with snacks and drinks! Wonderful staff!

Stephen Kader

My 4 day old son was transfered here from Saline Memorial because he was having severe seizures to the point of not breathing. By the time I had met my wife there my son was in the PICU department. I have to say the entire staff was very caring and thorough. Even the doctors that were in training were very professional and made our stay so personalized and comfortable. They tried everything and tested for everything to figure out what was causing the seizures. They even listened to everything we had to say and ask. There was not a single nurse that I would say was not amazing and the doctors including Dr. Carlisle, Dr. Xioma, Dr. Frye, and Dr. Jared were amazing. Dr. Jared constantly came in just to check on my wife and I and our son and helped comfort all 3 of us. He would come in just to see my son and it was just so above and beyond from what I have ever seen at any doctors office or hospital. The story doesnt stop there, after they got our son to stop having seizures we were moved to the neurology department at the recommendation of Dr. Frye (whom was our neurologist from PICU). Even up there the staff were nice and Dr. Scott was very pleasant. I have to say my son will be here to see the doctors as soon as one of the pediatricians has an opening for a new patient. My son is now at home and in great health. He does have to take a couple of meds but he is lively and happy. He is my first child so all of the staff made such a critical moment for me amazing. Thank you ACH for your amazing hospitality and knowledge base. I will definitely return.

Laurie Brown

Great hospital and they have a GREAT staff

Millicent Webb

Only place I'll ever take my son under serious circumstances! Staff is great and place is clean and I highly recommend it to any and everyone!

Nicky Mcguire

If you have a serious problem....Do not go to there ER at 10 o clock at night. They will triage sprained ankles and headaches in front of you. Is time to review your triage policy ACH!!

Taylor Miller

I cant say enough in words this place is a place of hope care and love if it wasnt for them I wouldnt be walking today almost 20 years ago I had surgery I love this hospital I dont have kids yet but if I ever do they most certainly come to arkansas childrens no question.

Katie Burnett

Love them! They helped my son so much. Thank you.

Jake Corcoran

Saved my life, and my friend's.

Melissa DeSalvio

First I would say they really didn't treat my daughter at all we was only in the room for 54 minutes after waiting in the waiting room for 4 hours.... I wouldn't give the Children's Hospital ER any stars. Brought my daughter in due to a a chemical reaction both hands, arms neck and face were swollen I brought her to Children's Hospital ER hoping to find out what was causing the swelling, They absolutely did nothing for her except make her and I feel stupid for even being there They played the guessing game what might be causing the swelling they gave her a pill and sent us home. I don't care if my child is dying I will never be back to Children's Hospital ER and I'll tell everyone about our experience and hope and pray they listen. The doctor's didn't show compassion, concern, and acted like we were bothering them. Here I thought the doctor's were there to serve us...I was hoping for them to do some lab work, take some blood samples do something anything man was I wrong. I feel like my insurance shouldn't be charged at all because actually they did nothing but we got to sit in the waiting room for 4 hours guess they will charge us for that 54 minutes in a room and again we sat in there waiting for the doctor to come in so actually all we did was wait without actually being treated....I'm very very disappointed to say the least. Children's Hospital ER in Little Rock Arkansas

Jessica Benton

Negative numbers in my book. I had to sit for 4 hours before my 1 year old getting seen by the dr. Then when they were checking her in order to get a good heart beat it's best to take shirts off to get a clear check. They didn't do that. The room was very disgusting. Use to be the best hospital in the state of arkansas. That is a very big understatement. Never will I take any of my girls there.


Dont like the 1100 pm to700am aide . Was mad and they didnt liketo answer your call light....all the rest of the shifts was so sweet....Great Doctors! !! Good people that work in the BURN UNIT love u guys...My GOD BLESS YOU 'ALL... THANK YOU ALL AGAIN!!

Nicole Dungerow

I think we all forget that a review is supposed to be unbiased. Radiology made mistakes that cost my daughter 7 years of health but, other than that they saved her life in the very beginning and took amazing care of her for the duration of her stay. (Nurses spoiled her)

Miles Mu

great place to hang out and chill with friends

Benjamin Jerry

We were happy with how they treated our family

Amber Sanford

Yeah the remodeling is great but having to wait for 3hours in a waiting room while other people coming in two hours after you did are getting seen before you and the only reason you got seen with in the next 30 min is because the dude told you they didnt have any open rooms which made him look dumb because apparently they did have rooms or else why they calling people back to a room before you. Then he told me they dont call people in order. Oh yall made that clear!!! Yeah your building is updated but your employees not so much!!!!

autumn holloway

we've been going to children's since I was 26 weeks pregnant with our youngest daughter their cleft team is beyond phenomenal

Justin Burton

Amazing hospital! They have taken tremendous care of my son on multiple occasions. They truly care for their patients!

Ole Tommyboy

Helping treat and save children. Mine included. God bless all the people that make it happen!

Hadi is the cringe master lololol

Friendly Service, Great Doctors, I just love this place. It is a nice, big hospital and there is free transport around the hospital! The area around the hospital is safe, and security is everywhere to be seen. I can tell that this place is safe and secure. There nurses are very helpful while the doctors help make sure that the kids are healthy. 100% recommend to come here :)

Taneka Nelson

It is freaking ridiculous that patients have to wait so long to be seen. Some of the staff are nice and some seem to be short when asked how long the wait will continue to be. I've been here 3 hours. Only 2 freaking doctors on the floor. This is so unbelievable.

Brandon Gass

I was in the hospital for a weed recovering from a ruptured appendix i had gone three weeks with a stomach ache and vomiting. They drove me through the ambulance, once i was there they wrapped me in warm blankets and calmed me down till the surgery begun. I was very conformable and i thank my surgeon for saving my life. #thankyou

Elizabeth Dempsey

Hands down, the BEST hospital for children in the state! We've visited several times over the years--3 times for surgeries--and they've never failed to impress us with their professionalism and hospitality.

Wendy Pyle

Always a great experience with the staff. My niece is a regular patient and loves all the doctors and nurses and they love her. Could not ask for a better hospital. We love it.

Nick Rodriguez

Nick rodriguez Chandler yates

Brooke Vines

My son was born with bad ears and had chronic ear infections as a baby. We have had the best experience with the ENT Dept at ACH. After two rounds of tubes, both surgeries at ACH took literally five minutes each, we had the situation where his ear drum wouldn't grow back together after the tubes fell out. It was starting to affect his performance at school because he just couldn't hear well out of one ear. The ENT folks at Arkansas Children's Hospital fixed it last summer and he has been like a different kid. They were great to work with, explained very thoroughly every step of the process, and my son felt comfortable and confidant- none of those scary tearful moments a mom would expect. Highly recommend them if your child is having any issues with ears!

DJ Sayian

The only reason they get one star is because zero isnt an option. We have been lied to for the past 2 days. Very unorganized, rude, and condescending. We will be looking for care elsewhere even if we have to drive twice as far.

Gaming Diver

Great concussion clinic with Dr.Israel

Rebecca milon

Id like to take a moment to brag on Children's Hospital @Arkansas Childrens Hospital Little Rock! I have been here with my youngest daughter a few years ago and today with my grand daughter (of my youngest daughter). Everyone was awesome at Children's but I would like to give a special shout out to Del in cardiology, he actually held my granddaughter and sung to her while they got her blood pressure and pulsox, she calmed down immediately and on top of that he could sang! I just want to show some extra respect to him because he went above and beyond for us and it showed how much he loves children! Thank you Del, and thank you Children's for All you have done!

Hadi Maine

Cool great place! Amazing staff, know some people who work here, and they say it is a blast!

Destanie Harmon

All the nurses and staff are amazing and comforting!! They're so great!

Crystal B

After a horrible experience with 'the children's hospital' in Oklahoma City, my child was airlifted here to little rock. From the beginning the staff was extremely vigilante about his care. The doctors kept me informed of everything, even at 12:00 at night they came in and told me what tests was ran, what the game plan is and what might be needed. I cannot tell parents enough that if you need competent care for your child.. Come here FIRST and skip Oklahoma City children's hospital. Your child's life depends on you! We should of came here for neurosurgery as well. As far as the rooms situation, very adequate and spacious. They also had tablets to put in front of cribs so baby can watch movies ans not just have to lay there. I cant thank the staff enough for the genuine care for my baby!! I owe them my life.

yours truly

Most horrible service ever. I’ve been asking for a doctors release for 3 weeks now. They’ve been slacking on doing so. They never call my new employer back.

Joey Landers

Wanted to send year old nephew home with a collapsed lung and other one collapsing

N. Alan Hill

Saved my life but it was rocky. I rarely drink and don't take any drugs. Said the Medical Staff provided minimal to no pain management for my 2nd and 3rd degree burns. They would say "YOU need to experience the pain" and communication between Doctors and night nurses was poor in the beginning. Some great things to say but these stick in my mind the most.

Victoria Sunderman

Worst ER experience ever!! Expect to go to the ER for more that 5 hours.. its that way every single time we go... and expect to go home with no answers after hours of waiting!!!!!!! Horrible!!!! Ive already contacted ACH multiple of times about my concerns. They dont care they will never change its been like this for years!!


If the staff blatently lying to you about your child's care is a problem for you, do not even bother with this place. I had multiple nurses lie to me within the NICU, but one in particular lied to me bad enough that I asked her to be removed. I did not consider her competent enough to have my baby in her care. She had lied about the feedings, what the actual doctor's orders were (she changed them to suit her behavior so she wouldn't get in trouble), and she even lied to our social worker (who is her friend) and said she didn't think we had completed our discharge procedures when we had. I spoke to our social worker alone about the situation and requested for either the nurse be removed or allow us to discharge a day early because I did not trust her to care for him anymore. I was assured that a "team leader meeting" would discuss the situation and remove her. I was forced to leave to attend a discharge class, and when I returned to the NICU when it was over two hours later, the cow was still there. She made my baby sick while on her shift, deliberately overfed him, and removed him from his crib and walked with him around the pod MULTIPLE TIMES without permission. I am beyond upset about the behavior of this nurse along with the social worker. The rest of the nurses tended to fall short also, however I didn't doubt their abilities to carry out their duties on their shifts other than these two women. This hospital used to be decent many many MANY years ago, when I was young enough to go as a patient. But, it isn't anymore by a long shot.

ivoree louden

Love it they took good care of my babygirl and i love the security

Jerrod Rainwater

Great wonderful place you people posting horrible place and go on about petty stuff really are close minded and very very selfish people I have spent personally years at ACH appointments and hospital stay combined my daughter has 18 p deletion syndrome along with several other problems she was airlifted when born to ACH and just turned 10 a few days ago ACH has saved her life more than once this is what this hospital is all about kids people KIDS!!!! not how long a grown up has to wait for an appointment in the waiting Room lobby yes we have had to wait up to 2 hrs before. you no why BECAUSE THEY TAKE EXTRA AND SPECIAL TIME WITH EACH CHILD AND IF U ARE GROWN AND CAN'T FIGURE THAT OUT ON UR OWN I WILL PRAY FOR U AND UR CHILDREN. IF U CAN'T FIGURE OUT THAT NO NOT EVERYONE IS PERFECT AND YES THERE ARE ALWAYS BAD APPLES IN STAFFING BUT THEY ARE FAR AND FEW BETWEEN AND THE ONES THAT ARE WHY WOULD U MAKE A COMMENT ON HERE BE AN ADULT IF U HAVE A PROBLEM WITH SMBDY THERE BEFORE U LEAVE ASK TO TALK TO A SUPERVISOR OR ALMOST ANY ONE AT THE HOSPITAL I PROMISE U IT WILL GET FIXED HOW IS IT SUPPOSED TO GET FIXED IF NO 1IS NOTIFIED! !!!! Hello people of USA wake up its not about u its about the kids !! My name IS JERROD RAINWATER. IM FROM JONESBOR AR. IM A VERY PROUD FATHER AND PROUDLY SUPPORT ACH !!!!

J Mooney

The best way yet

Kayla Robertson

Some Nurses are great some have attitudes and the food services are awful!

Rachel Turner

My son was sent here when he was born with a disease my husband had as well. They took care if him and us so well. I could never thank them enough for saving my babies life.

Karrer Kadum

It take long time to see the doctor. Too much time for waiting

Eric Coffman

The experience at Circle of friends, a clinic that is part of Children's Hospital, Is phenomenal. All that way from the moment I check my child in, to the moment we checked out. They work so well with my daughter I couldn't ask for a more caring team. They are thorough, kind, gentle, and highly thoughtful. To me and my daughter we couldn't ask for any better. The children's Hospital, and the clinic we see called, "The Circle of Friends." to me gets all the stars. 5 is there were 10 I would give them 10. Thank you.

Charles Bush

It,s a great children hospital

Hershel Thompson

One of the worlds premiere health care providers for children. The best of the best.

Nancy Stogner

My granddaughter was released from Children's on Sunday after being there for 4 days. I just wanted to thank all of her nurses, doctors, and the staff on 4D (Red). Everyone was great to her and to us while there. I would like to thank her nurse, the first day especially, Justin, who was awesome! Kalee had no energy and he had to pick her up multiple times. Thank you so much for having such a caring staff.


This is the best place ever. They have treated two of my kids here and I could not ask for better drs. or care. I recently drove 3 hours to take my son to the Er. to see if they could help find out what was wrong with him. I had more answers in the first 45 min. I was there than I had back home in over 6 weeks. They are all very professional and I would highly recommend to anyone with a sick child.

Zoe Johnson

I am twelve and i had surgery at the begining of the year and I love this hospital it has great staff and the service is great...and the have free wi-fi

Deidre W

Loved it...but there were a couple doctors I couldn't stand. One being Angela Chandler, she was the WORST in the NICU. She tried to tell me I was refusing my motherly duties by saying we couldn't attend a family meeting because we were BROKE. I mean broke taking out credit cards to drive there broke, we lived in Fayetteville and would require us to miss work (miss more money) and cost money we didn't have. AND KEPT SHOVING DOWN MY THROAT we were failing in our parental duties. I have never been so mad at a doctor. And there was one in ITU who did the same thing. But the best was Dr. Ross and Dr. Peeples in the NICU. And when we transferred to the ITU Dr. Ulloa I believe was her name, was so sweet. We were only there less then a month before we took our son home for his final days and she was supportive and spoke with us out as a person not our sons doctor! Dr. Peeples even called to check in on us after we brought him home and after his passing! Good doctors!

Alisha Parsons

Have two appointments for my special needs son. One in Echo opt. was changed by them for weather. Now mind I have to drive over 4 hours to get here. Been here since 10:00 am echo done then took to long finally in Neuro turned away. Until I spoke to front desk called all his doctors. Finally I'm in n talking to someone need to fix there appointment situations.

Amy Bradley-Hole

This is a great hospital, with wonderful doctors and staff. We've been going here on a regular basis for 6 years now, and I've always been happy with our care. However, their new appointment system is terrible. No one ever answers the phone, so you have to leave a message, and then no one ever calls you back. They're also bad about changing appointment dates and times without your permission, whether you like it or not. It's very poor service for what would otherwise be an excellent facility.

Tonza Gadsden

I enjoy the attitudes and laughter

Brittani Hill

I was not impressed with the dermatology clinic. The doctor wouldn't even address me, just my mother (who was there for support). I would say something & his response wasn't even towards me, just my mother. I eventually had to tell him he needed to address me, not her. Very rude and unprofessional.

Roll 5

Matt Whaley

Rebecca Brewer

I can not adequately put into words how special this hospital and all its staff are! Dr. Burford (AMAZING surgeon) did a Nuss procedure on my son in December 2018. We were in the hospital for five days. Had a pain management team, around 4-5 doctors, come to make sure my son was comfortable at least 2x a day. The nurses and aids were knowledgeable and so very caring. They gave meal tickets to family to help. Everyone, from those who worked in the cafeteria to the doctors, exuded caring professionalism. Thank you ACH!!!


Its good

Hill Family

They're really good. Period

Javier Jimenez

Hoping for the better for Fernando

Terry Gomillion

Good place to go to for medical problem and more

Cassandra Hokes

Great treatment with great doctors, nurses & staff! Good Recommendation at CH in Little Rock, AR.

Lauren Nicole

Best hospital for babies. They really care and their so passionate about their job!!

Gary Cummings

Fastest service from any hospital we have ever used. All staff very kind. Doctors and nurses very caring and thorough. Clean and beautiful facility

Brenda Wheeler

My Son Kyle Baker was diagnosed with Cancer and he had all his treatments there. The Doctors, Nurses and Staff were Absolutely Amazing!!! They went Above and Beyond what they had too to make my Son Comfortable and Happy as Possible. Even though I lost my Son I would choose ACH every time!!!

Tom Gilliam

Great hospital!

Rikki pearson

I had to take my daughter to children’s once when she was either 1 or 2 years old we had wonderful service and care . Luv children’s hosptial

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