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Labia plasty, has been over 6 months with no complications. I recommend Dr. Alex Colque MD

Susanne Espinosa

I chose Dr. Colque after two other consults with plastic surgeons (his was complimentary, the other two I paid for). He listened to my concerns and gave me options without pressuring me. I vacillated between two options in the weeks leading up to the surgery and his staff was very patient and accommodating, assuring me that my comfort with the procedure was their number one concern. The OR staff at the hospital (employed by the hospital, not Dr. Colque) were very complimentary of him and his work. It's been almost two years since my surgery and I am incredibly happy with the results and with my overall experience with Dr. Colque and his staff. I have recommended him to my friends which I believe is the highest praise I could give.

Kimberly Lowe

I was referred here by my ER surgeon after I cut my forehead. The staff here is really nice, welcoming, knowledgeable and patient. I ended up scheduling a consultation for a breast reduction which I had been thinking about for a long time. If you are thinking about any plastic surgery procedures, I would definitely recommend you at least come here for a consultation. Edit: I ended up getting approved for a breast reduction. The full consultation was not free, but Dr. Colque's office took pictures and measurements to file a claim with my insurance hence the cost. Dr. Colque's staff is very adept at working with the insurance company because I was approved within a week with absolutely no problem. I only paid a small fraction of the consultation fee (~$60) because my procedure was deemed medically necessary. To the ladies who don't think they will be approved for a breast reduction: just get a consultation and have the office submit it to your insurance. Edit: It's been about a month since my surgery, and I am feeling great. I wish I had done this sooner! I actually scheduled a consultation with an aesthetician to talk about non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

Jeff Trinkle

I blew up my hand with a mortar. My thumb was hanging by (maybe) an inch of skin, the top half of my middle finger was blow off, and the tip of my ring finger had to be amputated, and wad partailly degloved. The surgeon somehow managed to completely save my thumb, and made physically and cosmetically pleasing amputations on the 2 middle fingers. Lucky to have him, couldn't have asked for more. 5 stars


I had a CO2 level one treatment performed on my face approx a week ago by Dr Colque and the results are astounding! All the years of Sun exposure that caused pigmentation discoloration, odd dark spots and unnatural copious freckling is completely GONE! I had some small roundish acne scars that caused my skin to be "white" in comparison to the rest of the pigmentation and those are gone as well! My skin now looks totally even, "Bright", and best of all, no weird discoloration or freckles from the sun damage is visible! I noticed my moisturizer absorbs much better and I don't even need to use cover-up/base makeup any longer as the skin is so "even". I just dust it with powder now and out the door I go! The procedure itself was pain free, took about a half hour, and was very affordable.The actual sloughing off of the old skin took the course of five days with each passing day, producing the newly revealed skin tone and texture. I strongly recommend if you are looking to remove sun damage, uneven skin tone, etc, that you call and consult with Dr Colque. He and his staff are highly experienced and have been nothing short of professional when dealing with me. I have seen many plastic surgeons over the years for various reasons (reconstructive surgery for the bridge of my nose after taking a B-line hit from a softball that shattered it, had a brow lift done a few years ago and later, a mini face lift).These were all done by different surgeons over the last 20 years and I also recently had Juvederm injections done in CA that caused many adverse reactions and problems that Dr. Colque and his staff have been instrumental in helping to correct. I become aware of Dr. Colque's practice 10 months ago and I drive a long distance to his clinic and for good reason- He is definitely the best and I will never trust anyone but him to touch my face again. He explains everything in detail and LISTENS to my concerns while promoting the outcome I want;not what he wants for me. Anyone who has been to less than reputable surgeons knows what I am talking about with that last statement... Ok, back to the CO2 treatment- I could not be Happier with the results! My only regret- not taking Before and After pictures but the comments from friends and co workers these last two days is testimony enough! Thank you to all staff, in particular, KIM< BOBBY< AMANDA AND Dr. Colque!!!

Phil Secora

If you ever have to go to the doctor, this is the place. Atmosphere and environment were very welcoming. Staff and nurses were knowledgeable and friendly. The accommodations were unlike any other doctors office I've been too. And Dr. Colque did excellent work piecing back together my crushed finger. Highly recommend.

Loveyour ownLife

The Dr. Put my thumb back in Its place and is very kind and listens to you. I would definently recommend this place to anyone

Shannon J

The BEST out there bar none... I had a "tummy tuck" done after losing 190lbs he and his staff treat everyone like royalty... my scar healed so well that when I went to get a tattoo to cover it my artist had me point out where it was. I have referred him to well over a dozen people (yes some got work done and are happy as well) and will continue too!!! ♡♡♡

Tim Henry

After going to 3 different consultations for my fiancé's BA and lift. We decided to go with Dr Colque. He was extremely thorough on explanation and had a complete understanding of what to do before and after, not mention he has this ability to make her feel extremely comfortable. He even called my fiancé on a Sunday to make a follow up after she had sent out an email to have some questions answered. During the day of operation, he made a point to explain helpful options to me for her post op, and how to assist her healing process. The staff in the office is over friendly and always responsive to our calls and excellent on returning calls in a timely manner. His choice of hospital to do the operation, is outstanding and sanitary. Even the nurses and anesthesiologist where there with smile their faces for comfort. They even expressed how intense Dr Colque's aim for perfection is. This is exactly the type of Dr anyone would want to do work on them. If there were more stars I could offer here on this review I would, I would recommend Dr Alex Colque to anybody needing plastic surgery. The entire experience has been great!!! Thank you so much for a job well done. (Procedure was done 10/6/2016) We could not be any happier with the outcome!!


Anon Ymous

We would not recommend having a procedure done with Dr. Colque. I had a procedure conducted here and was treated horribly by all staff in the facility that I came in contact with. I overheard at a follow-up appointment staff talking badly about a previous client. Extreme unprofessionalism and not a pleasant experience overall. I strongly advise anyone considering this doctor to follow different options.

Samantha Bartelt

I had a mole removal surgery on my cheek followed by a laser treatment for scare revision between 1.5-2 years ago. I did everything I was told to for the after care and my face is still badly scarred, and my cheek is indented and always super red still. It should not still be red at this point. Dr. makes you think he knows what he is talking about but he clearly has no idea how to revise a scar because he made mine worse.

Avn Gal

I recently had a double labiaplasty (majora and minora) done by Alex Colque, M.D. a Board Certified plastic surgeon located in Waukesha, WI. He specializes in this surgery but also does many other types of surgical procedures as well. He also directs the SKIIN medispa located in his office space. After weightloss and perimenopause my labia had quite a bit of extra skin and this would rub if I walked or hiked causing irritation. This issue also caused hygiene problems. I was eager to have my labia surgically corrected. The procedure itself took about 3 hours. I was awake and alert opting for local anesthesia only. The shots do hurt but they are over quickly and then you are completely numb. This type of anesthesia is not for everyone but for me it was a perfect situation so I could see the results as they progressed. Also there is a cost savings with a local as you can have your procedure in the office surgical suite instead of the hospital. The healing process takes time so expect to wait about 6 weeks to even begin to see how you will look. My results are fabulous. I healed well without any complications. I took about 5 days off to rest, ice and relax. I personally did not take anything stronger then ibuprofen but I am fairly pain tolerant. Any pain or discomfort begins to significantly fade after the first couple weeks. For me any increase in pain was always a result of activity causing swelling. Icing and ibuprofen make all the difference. Dr. Colque's staff are very professional and always took care of my needs. The doctor himself is an exceptional surgeon with an eye for aesthetics and symmetry. I am about three months post op now and my scars are barely noticeable. There is no pain and I can do anything I did before my surgery without issue. Since this is considered a cosmetic procedure it is not covered by insurance so it pays to take good care of yourself initially so you heal well and get the best result. I could not recommend Dr. Colque more highly and I am thrilled with my final results.

A Dieta Sin Sufrir

I had a tummy tuck, arm lift and chin lipo with Dr. Colque and he exceeded my expectations. Amazing surgeon!

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