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REVIEWS OF John J. Seaberg, MD, FACS IN Missouri

christian Levi

Dr. Seaberg recently did my top surgery and I couldn’t be happier. The level of professionalism from Dr Seaberg and his staff was top notch not to mention the amount of care and precision that went into my surgery. If you are looking for a surgeon who takes pride in his work this is your guy. I would highly recommend Dr Seaberg!!

France C.

I came all the way from Florida to have my surgery done by Dr Seaberg. He was strongly recommended. I think he is amazing. He is a great surgeon, he takes the time with you and cares. The results were spectacular and I strongly recommend you to go see him.

Erica Schulte

I found Dr. Seaberg by doing an internet search for plastic surgeons in the area. I was interested in getting a breast augmentation. I came accross his website and was very impressed. I called to schedule my appointment and went in for my visit. Dr. Seaberg and his staff were very helpful in making sure I chose the right size and made the right decisions regarding my surgery. I had the surgery and everything went very well. I cant say enough good things about Dr. Seaberg and his staff. My results are fantastic! I couldnt have asked for better!

Nancy Hanks

The best plastic surgeon for my breast cancer reconstruction. Dr. Seaberg and his entire staff are extremely knowledgeable and gave me back my confident in my self image. They made sure I knew what to expect by explaining all phases of the expansion process and final implants. If you need reconstruction I urge you to contact Dr. Seaberg. Cancer is awful and you worry if your life and your body will pull through the many trials it goes through fighting this dreaded disease. Thanks to the good Lord and the skills of a great plastic surgeon and his lovely staff, I have another chance at a long life. And looking better than ever! :) Highly recommended to those needing reconstruction. TEN STARS!!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Shannon Francis

Dr Seaburg very well saved my life! I had a mole on my breast that no one would touch because the scarring 'would be worse than the mole.' Dr. Seaburg listened to my concerns and worked much longer than scheduled to make sure it was perfect. He did an amazing job and then my biopsy came back as melanoma. I'm so grateful he listened and took off my mole. When further surgery was needed he was there afterward to stitch me up again. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for someone who truly listens and puts in the time to make things perfect. Thank you Dr. Seaburg! I am certainly grateful for your kindness and expertise!

nicole lucas

Dr. Seaberg seems to no longer care about his quality of work. He did quite a number on a close relative of mine and when she suffered a hematoma that was serious in nature all he would say is "well, is the sky falling?" basically mocking her. She had to go to a surgeon in St Louis to fix the terrible job he did. Needless to say she definitely did not want him to operate on her again. The excellent surgeon in St Louis was appalled at what Dr. Seaberg had done. He should really be ashamed of himself. Time to retire when you care so little about your work and patients.

Jennifer Hale

He was very good with explaining what was going to happen with my Breast reduction. Dr. Seaberg and his staff was great with everything.

Aminat Ishadimu

If I could give this review zero stars, I would. The level of disrespect and rudeness I experienced during my consultation with Dr. Seaberg was unbelievable. From making me feel extremely unwelcomed to asking me why my last name wasn't Jones, I couldn't believe I was interacting with a so-called professional. Initially, I thought nothing of his poor racial "joke" regarding my last name but that coupled with his extremely condescending tone and cold manner brought me to deem him a disgusting racist. Because I was so offended, I couldn't even complete my consultation. I told him about his immense lack of social skills, his offensive mannerisms, and his inappropriate racial joke in hopes that he'll go out of his way to make future patients of color feel a lot more comfortable than I did. If possible, I advise non-white individuals to seek another surgeon at all costs. We're clearly not welcomed at his office and he's made that very clear to me. Yes, he has great reviews but let's look at the individuals writing them. I wouldn't trust this man to cut an apple for me let alone into my chest. On the bright side, he's probably a great surgeon though. It's just a shame that such a great talent had to be wasted on an individual like himself.

Brett G

My wife had to have a breast revision due to a failing implant done from a different doctor in California. Dr. Seaberg and his staff were very knowledgeable and answered all of our questions with class. My wife and I are very happy with the work Dr. Seaberg did and will recommend him to all our friends and family.

Bob Tripp

He operated on my hand for carpal tunnel. He did an outstanding job. After 5 weeks, it's hard to tell where it was. He also has an excellent staff.

Satisfied Lady

I found Dr. Seaberg on Google and scheduled a consult. I was so pleased with him during the consult that I scheduled surgery for a breast lift that same day. Within 2-3 weeks I was having surgery. I had a horrible time in recovery with being sick. I remember each time I would wake up seeing his face either in my post op room or in the nurses station. I have never seen a Dr's face that much after a surgery. I was in recovery for almost 6 hours and was so shocked that he kept hanging around to make sure I was ok. The next morning I received a phone call from him personally (on a Saturday) checking to see if I was ok and if I needed to come by the office. I was so impressed with him and his care and concern. Once I had my follow ups and had bandages removed I was absolutely overjoyed with my results and felt like a completely new person. I highly recommend Dr Seaberg and his team.

Dayan Crutcher

I am a breast cancer survivor and had DIEP flap surgery over 10 years ago with a great result. When I needed a revision surgery, I searched all over until I found Dr. Seaberg right in my backyard! He was kind, he listened, and his Assistant was very helpful and has a great sense of humor. I am extremely pleased with my result. I visited 3 other surgeons, including one at Barnes in St. Louis and one in Dallas and I chose Dr. Seaberg because he took the time to listen and was very thorough in letting me know all of my options. I made a decision that I am very happy with and he was respectful of my choice.

Teresa Nielsen

I recently had a tummy tuck and breast augmentation. Dr. Seaberg and all of his staff were so easy to work with and very friendly. My results met my expectations and beyond. He does amazing work and I love how I look and feel. I would highly recommend him. Dr. Seaberg was a perfect choice for me. He was able to answer any and all questions I had as did his staff members. I would definitely go back...

Shell Bell13

I would highly reccomend Dr. Seaberg and his staff to anyone and everyone.

Jetawn Smith

Dr. Seaberg performed my breast reduction on 10/26/17. After years of suffering from back pain caused by my large breasts I reached a breaking point and called around to book an appt for consultations. Wendy was very friendly over the phone and answered my basic questions that I had about the process on how to get in to consult with the Doctor. I was able to get a consultation right away and have my surgery less than 2 months later. My surgery has been the best thing that I have done for myself. My back pain is nearly gone and I feel more active and better than ever. My self esteem has definitely increased as well. Dr. Seaberg is very professional and cares about his patients and his work. He is patient and answers all questions thoroughly and honestly. I would recommend Dr. Seaberg and staff to any of my family needing the services he offered, in fact I would feel more comfortable knowing that they are in good hands, literally. If I ever need any other plastic surgery I will only go to Dr. Seaberg as I am comfortable with him and his medical abilities. Dr. Seaberg took great care of me, I will miss seeing him, Wendy, and the rest of the wonderful staff. They are very kind and patient.

Tammie Warren-Betz

After a healthy choice to lose weight, I found myself with excess skin. I had always (20+ yrs) had a "pooch" and after meeting with Dr. Seaberg, I finally felt comfortable enough to finally do something about it. He was GREAT. I had the TT done almost 7 weeks ago. I was instantly happy with my results. The only regret is that I didn't meet Dr. Seaberg earlier! I highly recommend him. He listens.

hu al

i'll try to be as sincere as I can in this review . I went in for a lip injection (my first time with him but I had many before him with a dif doc) asked for HALF a syringe to be split between my top and lower lip. he injected more than half a syringe only in my upper lip, kept asking me where to inject!! (how would I know??? i'm not the doctor) that wasn't the worst part though. i can live with extra perky lips. the problem came in how and where he injected it. my lips started twisting when i talk( no numbing was used).it looked extremely misshapen and asymmetrical and the protruded in the center too much while the sides were paper thin . I looked like those horror botched pics u see on the internet. AS IF THAT WASN'T ENOUGH, HE STOOD THERE AND MADE JOKES ABOUT HOW I LOOK!! I asked why my lips are twisting when i talk and he referred to a cartoon character and told me i'd have to tuck my lip under my teeth when i talk like the cartoon character. I was so angry inside and asked if that was a joke with a very confused look and he said it wasn't! he was cold heatedly just laughing at me. I really thought that the reviews I read here are coming maybe (no offense) from a sensitive person who read too much into what the doc said or did, but NO! they are true. I went home crying and took 2 days off from work because i couldn't even hold water in my mouth it would just sprint out drip down to my neck. my lips were too swollen (never had swelling before with injections or even surgery) . he didn't have the hyaluronidase in the office that's supposed to melt the filler so we waited 2 days. this product is important to have when doing an injection in case something goes wrong like the filler going into a blood vessel which can cause serious damage. bright side? he was more professional the next visit. he held a mirror and asked me to specify what i didn't like and what I wanted to do. he listened and did exactly what I asked this time. He went ahead and ordered the product and squeezed me in his schedule within 2 days. he removed the filler in 2 sessions and my lips looked normal ish again. he didn't charge for the removal and refunded the original amount i paid. in short? I got the opposite of the cosmetic results I desired, but it was resolved nicely. I learned a lesson about picking a doctor carefully ( never ignore bad reviews, people are not taking time out of their day to bash on someone who provided good service). that was just an injection, imagine how devastating going under the knife with this kind of service would be.

Jordan Freesmeier

I had a breast augmentation done in April of 2017, the outcome has exceeded all expectations that I had going in to the surgery. Doctor Seaberg was very thorough and answered all of my questions in my consultation, so I felt extremely comfortable when the day of my surgery arrived. I highly recommend him and his staff for any procedures that he offers!!

Amy McFarlane

I called in for a consultation, the office manager /receptionist was very rude and condescending on the phone- which made me not want to consider Dr Seaberg which is a shame as I've heard good reviews about the quality of his work

Jessica Meranda

Did my consult yesterday but was quoted almost 2k more dollars than what my friend paid for same type of surgery. 5400 seems like a lot for saline implants. 300 cc. Does anyone know what the avg cost is?


Sarah Morefield

I first went for a visit with Dr. Seaberg about a mole removal on my face and was worried it that insurance wouldn't cover it the cost. After Dr. Seaberg looked at it and removed it, test results came back, a precancerous cell. Insurance covered the procedure. Now, you can't see where this mole was, it right under my nose, a very noticeable spot. After I had this procedure I began to wonder about having a breast reduction. Something I have only dreamed about having done. I made a consultation appointment with him. We talked about insurance covering the surgery, the surgery it's self, plus recovery. I had watch videos of the surgery prior to my appointment so I had many questions for him and his staff. They addressed all my concerns and issues. I was very comfortable with my decision to finally have this surgery and for Dr. Seaberg to do it! I had been waiting 20 years to do this and never felt comfortable with anyone else. After months of the nurses working with my insurance companies, I was ready to set a surgery date! It has almost been a year since surgery and I am now comfortable with my breast size and shape! I never thought I would say that. Dr. Seaberg done an excellent job, I'm so happy with my results, I wish I hadn't waited 20 years to do this! I will be going back if any suspicious moles appear.

Jami Williams

Dr. Seaberg and his staff are absolutely amazing. He came highly recommended and was well worth the wait of getting approved by insurance for a reduction. Three weeks post op, my husband and I had a car accident and my surgery busted open. I was previously infected due to the fact that I am a surgical high risk because of my diabetes and the accident was devastating. Dr. Seaberg and his staff have literally saved my life, physically by helping me heal and emotionally by being the only constant while my husband was being treated in a trauma unit. He went far beyond and above my expectations. He's not going to fluff your feathers for you and he's not going to lean on the fence and listen to your life story, he is a surgeon and an amazing one and if you're going to have surgery, that's kind of what you want.

Mel Mazuc

After trying everything possible to get my breasts to shrink to a normal size, I talked to several friends who had had breast reductions and decided to get a consultation. Dr. Seaberg popped up online as a reputable doctor and I set up a consultation for the next day. The entire staff was professional and kind, and Dr. Seaberg took measurements and said he would submit a letter to my insurance to see if the procedure would be covered. After he received the letter that my insurance would cover it, I set up a surgery for two weeks later. Whenever I called with questions about the surgery, his staff was extremely helpful and informative, doing whatever they needed to ensure I was comfortable with my decision. The surgery went perfectly, though I had a negative reaction to the anesthesia and had to call him that night. He responded right away. It has been several months since my surgery and I could not have made a better decision. I look better and feel better. I have minimal scarring (though honestly my new, scarred breasts are much preferable to my non-scarred, giant ones) and am thrilled. It was two weeks after the surgery before I was able to do whatever I wanted again. Dr. Seaberg and his entire staff are kind, very knowledgeable professionals who made me feel comfortable with my decision. I can't imagine having chosen a better doctor for such a personal surgery.

Maria Perez

(Translated by Google) Excellent doctor. Passionate about his profession (Original) Excelente doctor. Apasionado asía su profesión

Elizabeth Sweet Christensen

I saw 6 other doctors about my scar and possible revision surgery. The scar reopened 4 years after the initial surgery and it would not close despite countless medications and procedures. Those 6 other doctors were not helpful in the slightest and only kept referring me to other people. On the first visit, Dr. Seaberg addressed the problem, set a clear path to closing the wound, and revising the scar. He has been the most helpful doctor and knowledgeable. Dr. Seaberg did what many others could not do, help me!

Coquettish Adventures

Dr. Seaberg performed my rhinoplasty four months ago. He and staff are very thorough in explaining how to prepare for surgery, what to expect directly after surgery and in the months afterward. He asked me what I wanted changed, and listened carefully, rather than point out what he thought could be changed about my nose and face. I had a few negative consultations like that prior to consulting with him, and I found his manner very refreshing. He was also open to questions from me and my long term partner on the morning of my surgery. The ONLY regret I have is that I didn’t consult with Dr . Seaberg sooner. He performed the changes exactly as I requested.

Stephanie Frevert

Dr. Seaberg is very professional and wants to do what’s best for his patients. You can tell he really cares and is not just out to get your money. His staff are all so nice, professional, accommodating, and knowledgeable. They were by my side every step of the way. I would 100% use Dr. Seaberg again and recommend him to anyone looking for a plastic surgeon.

Lorna Bybee

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