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REVIEWS OF Aesthetic Surgical Associates IN Louisiana

Cameron Metzinger

Scarrlet Buttler

Dr. Metzinger and his staff are the very best! They are kind, compassionate and caring. All of my questions were answered and I felt safe and secure in my choice of Dr. Metzinger for my procedure. I called the office several times to ask questions that I forgot. The staff and Dr. Metzinger were very accommodating in answering all of my concerns. After my surgery Dr. Metzinger's nurse Rhonda call to check on me of a week. I truly felt cared for by all of them. Liana was a great help in answering all of my questions. She spent a great deal of her time helping me with all of my business to help me get ready for my surgery. Liana made me feel like I was family. What a lovely person she is. Thank you, Dr. Metzinger, Liana, Rhonda, Chantel, Kimberly and Katelynn! If I could I would give ya'll 100 stars! Every doctor should be like you Dr. Metzinger and your Great staff!

jamie johnson

Peggy Chehardy

Just completed another visit to Dr. Metzinger's office and I wanted to elaborate on my previous 5 star rating. Dr. Metzinger and his entire staff are, in my opinion, the best! As a patient of Dr. Metzinger for many years, I can say without hesitation that I have always been treated professionally and with respect from Dr. Metzinger and each member of his team. I have a complicated medical history and Dr. Metzinger has be tasked with the repeated removal of different cancers and tumors from my face. HIs skill in identification and removal of my cancers has been praised not only by me but also by my physicians at MD Anderson. Time, patience and care is what I receive from each and everyone in the office. I feel like one of the family when I am there and even when they call me at home just to check on me. Everyone goes above and beyond in making sure every detail is taken care of for me. I have never felt rushed or left there without an answer to whatever question I can dream up at the time. Start to finish...although I never get finished...I can honestly say that everyone there plays an important role in my care. Paperwork to surgery...follow up to after care...everything is handled in a caring and professional manner by the entire staff. Nothing is too much to ask and most of the time the staff anticipates my needs before I do. I am grateful for Dr. Metzinger and everyone that works in his office. As I said...they are all the best!

Michelle Juro

Jennifer Perry

Jaime Manale

Dr. Metzinger and his team are absolutely delightful! I highly recommend him for any services that you may need. You can always reach out to Liana and she can assist you with anything you need. She's always friendly and professional.


Dr. Metzinger and his staff are so wonderful, every appointment feels like a quick catch up with old friends! My decision to have a “mommy makeover” did not come lightly, but I knew from the moment I met Dr. Metzinger and his amazing staff, that if anyone was going to operate on me, it would be Dr. Metzinger and Rhonda. Even though I’m still in the early stage of recovery, I’m very pleased with my results!


Wonderful Dr. and staff. Dr. Metzinger takes his time to listen and understand his patients' needs. You never feel rushed.

Jimmy Allen

Dr. Metzinger is a true miracle-worker! His work is very natural, and he truly listens to his patients and then works to achieve his/her personal goals. I couldn't be happier with the work he has done; the recovery was seamless and he delivered exactly what I expressed I wanted. For icing on the cake, Liana was very easy to work with and quick to respond to calls and emails. She was very professional and extrembly caring. She worked very hard to make my visits as stress free as possible and made the whole experience wonderful. She went out of her way to to answer all my questions and listen to all my concerns, truly a great person! Overall, a wonderful doctor to work with and highly recommended!

Donna Brown

Dr. Metzinger is the most qualified and knowledgeable plastic surgeon in the state of Louisiana! He's always looking to educate himself and enhance his skills with the latest techniques!

David Shaw

Steve is the best plastic surgeons in New Orleans area. Gentle, caring and has a deep concerns about his overall patients health and well being. His staff is efficient, effective and even ran my prescription downstairs when I left it on the counter. Could not ask for better.

Iam Private

Wonderful doctor and wonderful staff. Simply a class act from top to bottom. They have my utmost respect and confidence. I could not recommend more highly.

debra hendry

Susana Beckham

I've been a patient for over a year now. In this time I've come to know everyone in this office. Dr. M is amazing. He performed a surgery on me that other doctors had turned down due to the possible nerve damage to the face. Yes it was delicate but I couldn't be happier with the results. No nerve damage!!! His surgical assistant, Rhonda was my lifeline during my recuperation. She called daily for the first couple of weeks and made certain I was taken care of. Love her. Liana, the business manager, answered all of my questions and helped me get everything taken care of beforehand. She was more than helpful with calming my nerves, answering questions, and had a wealth of knowledge. Kimberly the receptionist has been a burst of sunshine always. Her smile is contagious and her voice conveys that smile through every phone call. I recommend Dr. Metzinger and his staff. They are all highly professional and caring people.

Karen Jennings

I just want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone at Dr. Metzinger's office. They TRULY take care of you there!! From the Doctor himself to the sweet girls at the front desk. I want to give a VERY special THANK YOU to Liana Drouilhet. She is THE most caring, considerate & helpful person I know. She would answer any questions day or night & even on the weekends. I think I texted her 20 times. She truly went over & above for me & because of it, I have referred several people so far. On top of it, Liana is entertaining and very funny. Makes me look forward to my office visits. Thank you thank you thank you Dr. Metzinger and your amazing staff!

Kim S

Had consult recently and just not a fan of this place, sorry. Wont return.

Rebecca G

He was extremely rude to me. Seemed aggravated every time I asked him a question. I had never gotten this procedure done that I was asking about, so I had a lot of questions. I ended up leaving and deciding I didn't want someone with that little of patience to do any type of procedure on me. I am honestly so disgusted.

Robert Todd III

Dr Metzinger and his staff took care of my son when he broke his nose. As a concerned parent I had a million questions and concerns and Liana was there patiently guiding me and my wife through the obstacle course the insurance company set us in. The surgery was spectacular and I cannot say enough about the care and concern that was displayed by Dr Metzinger and his entire staff.

MA Smith

Chiquilla Brown

The staff is professional, competent, and friendly.

Lauren Paz

Dr. Metzinger and his staff are amazing! I’ve had several things done throughout the years and am extremely happy, always!

Mandy Mo

Just made 1 year since My surgery. I have zero negative things to say, these people are phenomenal. Surgery was so pristinely done I hardly needed any pain meds. Professional and beautiful staff. Walked me through the entire process and gave me the breasts I always wanted. I cannot thank Dr. Metzinger & Ms. Liana the office manager enough for making this process stress free and for giving me proprotionate results. They're softer than a down feather comforter. Seriously go here. I love these people. Thank you for everything. Sincerely, Mandy M

kaitlynne toups

I was very skeptical about having a breast augmentation done. My friend Kimberly works for Dr. Metzinger and thoroughly recommended him with very high claims. From my first visit and consultation to this day I am more than pleased with Dr. Metzinger, his work, and his staff. My surgery went great; no complications. Followed his healing instructions to a T and it came out wonderful. No visible scars and they are beautiful. The service is superb. I recommend him to anyone who asks!

Connie Michaels

I started to go to Dr. Metzinger about 5 years ago. When his new staff started in 2015, I felt as though everything there improved from an experience standpoint. Liana Drouilhet always has a big bright smile on her face and goes over and above to spend as much time as necessary answering all of my questions (and believe me I usually have a lot!). It is obvious to me that she is not only very good at what she does but she truly cares about me as a patient. Chantel Babin is an outstanding aesthetician and person in general. Like Liana, Chantel spends so much time with me and recommends only what she thinks is best for me and my skin type. Both of these women have made my visits to Aesthetic Surgical Associates a wonderful experience. Dr. Metzinger has always been top notch not only in surgery but in his bedside manner and how he treats every patient. Everyone is friendly and they all go out of their way to take very good of each and every patient. I cannot recommend this practice more highly than I do. They are the very best!

Lindsay David Dimitri

Pat Norman

I am truly fortunate to be a patient of Dr. Metzinger and to be taken care of by his fantastic team of personnel on his staff. Steve is a talented and caring surgeon, who takes extreme caution when treating his patients, covering all possibilities involving his treatment; i.e. before and after care with office follow-up visits. I would absolutely recommend Steve to my family and friends without hesitation. Patsy Norman

Amay Milavic

EDITED REVIEW with only FACTS: This practice has taken legal action (but I am utilizing freedom of speech) against me bc of my bad review. So, this is how they operate. FACTS ONLY: I was a very dissatisfied customer and I do not recommend this practice. Your main contact will be a lady named Liana, who canceled my surgery and kept $500 despite knowing my father is dying of Cancer. She canceled my TT bc I learned my father was in Stage 4 Cancer and I was scrambling and spending lots of money trying to help him. I asked for part of my deposit back twice. She then told me this was abnormal practice and told me to go elsewhere (FACT). Anyway, the part of canceling, well, I could care less, except Liana made no mention of my father and then took it upon herself to keep $500! When you have an extenuating circumstance like terminally ill parent, no reputable Dr should ever keep your money. Ive since filed a complaint with the LA state Medical board. However, I do not recommend this DR bc of this business situation, I can not comment on him personally as a surgeon and know no one who has had surgery done by him. And this likely has more to do with his consultant Liana, then him. And this is about being treated fairly and ethically which I feel I was not. I do not understand keeping a woman whose losing her father's $500 given you know this and she did not utilize your services. (FACT) And, I am within my legal rights to express this per the First Amendment. Again edited review since rather than doing the right thing and refunding me they have gotten a lawyer involved (FACT).

Rachael Mullen

I went to Dr. Metzinger for my second Breast Augmentation this past May, I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Metzinger and his lovely staff of ladies. I ruptured one of my implants and needed reconstructive surgery, Liana was able to fit me into their schedule and I was able to have my consult, pre pop appointment, and procedure all within two weeks. Coming from a woman in the fitness industry you can see where a deflating implant and torn pec can pose as a problem. I am now 4 months post surgery and look and feel as great as ever. I am able to perform at 100% and I owe it all to Dr. Metzinger and his nurse Rhonda. Thank you for all that you do, and I look forward to seeing everyone at my upcoming visit.

John Guillot

Fantastic place. Dr Metzinger made us feel informed and his results speak for themselves. His staff love what they do and it shows. Thank you to Liana and everyone there.

Barbara Burton

baby babin

Excellent Physician, Office Manager, Front Desk and Assistants. They are all very friendly and helpful every time I see them, and I've never had a bad experience. I highly recommend this office!


Dr. Metzinger literally gave me my life back! Any woman who has had breast implants from over ten years ago must read my story... I had saline breast implants under the muscle back in 1995 by a great doctor in Baton Rouge. He has since passed away. I started feeling a little "achey" around 2005. My hands felt arthritic and my lower back was starting to hurt. By and by, I decided to visit a rheumatologist. He ran several tests and had a MRI done on my lower back. Nothing was wrong! Puzzled, I would continue to see him as my symptoms became worse. He diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia! Over the years things became so bad that I couldn't sit, stand or walk for too long. My husband and I divorced because I just didn't "feel like" going anywhere. (We never really thought it was the "fibromyalgia.") I was awarded social security disability and went from a respected respiratory therapist with a very nice home and family to doing nothing at all (except watching tv and sleeping all day.) From 2013 until now, I visited with a doctor who specializes in Fibro 3 hours away. Since I couldn't ride for that long, I would stay at a hotel in the middle then continue the next day to my appointment. I have had every test run known to mankind and have taken every drug, even for "off label" purposes. It was all trial and error. I became so miserable that I gave it all to Jesus... I was done. About two months ago, I brought my mom into see Dr. Metzinger for her eyelids interfering with her vision. The Dr. and I started chatting and I mentioned that I had breast implants. He asked who did them and when did I have it done. When I said "1995," his eyes opened wide. He proceeded to show me pictures of implants he had removed along with the "capsule" or scar tissue. My jaw dropped. They were full of fungus! He told me that these ladies complained of aches, pain & stiffness like fibromyalgia. I then jumped in and told him about my history. He slowly shook his head and explained that back then the implants were only warrantied for 10 years. The saline implants had valves on them and become leaky over time. He was willing to bet that my implants were the cause of my illness. Well, I looked at it this way: regardless, it was time to take them out, so I scheduled my surgery right away. Now two years prior I did call the office where my first doctor worked and asked the nurse if they had to come out. She told me "No, as long as you're not having any problems." Dr. Metzinger said "But you ARE having problems." I guess I was just thinking in terms of how they looked and felt. Not my other issues. After my surgery last week, Dr. Metzinger found a calcified mass the size of a man's fist under my left implant. It was so hard that he had to cut it off my chest wall! It was also present inside the bag. He cleaned me out put in drain ports, took biopsies, cut out the scar tissue and sent it all to pathology! Now I don't know what they will find, but it will be something that should not have been there! I began to feel better immediately! After 10 years of just existing, I was almost scared to think I was better. Ladies, please, if you're feeling fatigued or like you're living with the flu, and you have implants START with Dr Metzinger! Some women are actually allergic to the bag which is silicone. Yes, silicone is safe, but for how long? This intelligent man knows what he's talking about. I always thought contaminated implants were rare... not so! I've seen the many pictures to prove it. I am proof myself. He is very friendly and the staff is outstanding. The nurse even called to check on me everyday including the WEEKEND! Today's implants are good for 20 years and are prefilled and inserted not with a sterile gloved hand, but with an instrument that is definitely sterile. I hope that my testimony helps many of you. I would never consider another doctor, ever. Thank you Dr. Metzinger, for literally giving me a life!! Lauren W. Denham Springs, La

Liana Drouilhet

Amy Cook

I love Dr. Metzinger and his staff. They are so kind and friendly. They make you feel at home. Very easy to talk to and he does wonderful Breast Augmentation.

William Reinhard

I met Dr. Metzinger in January 2018 for an initial consultation. As soon as we met, Dr. Metzinger made me feel comfortable, relaxed, and at ease. He listened to all of my issues with interest, concern, and with an extremely pleasant attitude that conveyed to me his years of experience and professionalism. I knew from that initial visit that my search for the right surgeon was over. Details for my surgery were handled by Dr. Metzinger's excellent staff from setting up dates, times, and processing all the medical paperwork and forms involved. The staff's impressive knowledge, patience, and overall concern for me as a new patient further convinced me that I had made the right choice with Dr. Stephen Metzinger. I would like to acknowledge and give special thanks to Liana Drouilhet, the Chief Operating Officer for Dr. Metzinger's practice. Liana's kindness, concern, and friendliness made my overall experience really special. She made sure all the financial details of my surgery were concise, accurate, and handled correctly. Liana's professionalism is beyond reproach. Thank you Dr. Stephen E. Metzinger and staff for all you have done for me. I have the highest admiration and respect for you and your practice. Sincerely, William Reinhard

julie Brand

The most comfortable I have ever felt in a plastic surgeons office. Not only is everyone friendly and accommodating they are extremely thorough. The knowledge dr.metzinger has and his passion for sharing it with all of his employees is refreshing!

Cassandra Gore

I don’t know what practice “JS Farms” and Amay Milavic are referring to but their reviews certainly aren’t reflective of Dr Metzinger’s practice. I know the entire staff professionally and now personally and I can only sing their praises - especially Liana Drouilhet. She is always smiling, always making us laugh and a true professional in the business. I highly recommend this practice and look forward to every visit with this great group of people!

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