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REVIEWS OF Shahin Javaheri, MD IN California

Rita Santos

The staff was very friendly and so is the Dr. I just love them! The only thing I wish was different is the price of their Botox. Some places charge $10 per unit where they charge $15. But the service was great!

Sammar Shahidi

Highly recommend Dr. Javaheri’s office for Laser Hair Removal treatment. A brief summary of my experience: I had struggled with really bad ingrown hair on my thighs, under arms and even my face. With just one treatment at their office I saw results right away, NO JOKE. It just took one treatment to thin my hair and stop my ingrown hairs from scaring and building up. I started my treatment in small areas to test the results and I was honestly shocked by how much it changed my skin and hair growth. If you’ve struggled with ingrown hairs you know how bad it can impact your skin and appearance. I am SO happy I made the decision to go through with laser treatment here. The staff is incredibly kind and careful before, during and after treatment. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Paris Ford

Maricela Ayala

sh n

Google User

I had an IPL session yesterday with least I think that was her name...she's the nurse who does the treatments...and she was FABULOUS....i felt very comfortable, she was sensitive to my needs as far as pain goes, but in fact, the procedure was quite comfortable. Thank you so much for a very positive experience. it's too soon to know what the results will be so I cannot comment on that ..

Fred Moasser

Sandra C

Jamra is great and super sweet. Very knowledgeable and always makes sure I am comfortable during the appt.

Xiaojing Fang

The nurse who did my IPL Photofacial was professional. Highly recommended.

Ria リア

First visit for IPL Dr Shahin was very nice! Asked me Pain or not many times. Made me feel comfortable. Also Julie ( Receptionist ) was very friendly.

Afsaneh Ghadimi

Mariam moasser

Dr. Javaheri is the best. I am very happy with the procedures he has performed on me. The office staff is very nice and super professional. I would definitely recommend him.

Claudia Weise

I decided to get IPL for the first time and the lure to Dr. Shahin’s office was the Groupon. The first session went well and I had done enough research to know that these treatments have to be bundled to be effective. Yes, the front ladies offered me a bundle deal after my first treatment but they were not pushy. I decided to buy 3 more sessions. There is only one nurse that does them, her name is Jamra and she is amazing at explaining the treatment and very detailed about getting every part of your problem area treated. After my 3 sessions, I decided to get a Groupon with another provider. I wanted to get that low cost first time deal again. That experience made me run right back to Jamra at Dr. Javeri’s office. In fact, I bought 3 more sessions. All of my sun damage is now gone but now I do IPL’s on a monthly basis because it keeps my skin looking great. I’m done with facials and creams, they can’t do what IPL does. I got my first “what are you doing with yourself lately, you are glowing” comment last week. Thanks Jamra! That’s your work.

Mark Waffet

I'm never deceived! The whole employees is fantastic and their patients are really cared for. Dr Shahin Javaheri, MD is a GREAT surgeon as well!!!!

Lauren Howell

I saw Dr. Javaheri after being bitten in the face by a dog - he did such a fantastic job with the stitches and all of the aftercare. Dr. Javaheri and his entire office were so wonderful and made me feel so comfortable during a difficult time. I couldn’t recommend them enough!

Nicole Siminoff

Fantastic! Great knowledgeable and skilled doctor . Very friendly and helpful staff too

Doreen Dahl

Very thorough pre-op. Answered all of my questions. I did not feel rushed. I was made to feel that I could take as much time as I need. Looking forward to the results of my procedures. Very excited! A week and a half out from my J Plasma procedure and I can't wait to see the final results. The first four days were a little scary but Dr. Javaheri and his staff were very comforting. I called or texted him personally if I was concerned or needed clarification of my discharge directions. At this point I can see so much improvement in my face. All of the wrinkles around my mouth are gone and that was my most important goal. I have known Dr. Javaheri for years and went to him recently because I remembered him as a very caring person. Even during those first four days of recovery, when even the face recognition on my iPhone couldn't recognize me, I trusted in his work and now I am seeing how much it is paying off. Thank you Dr. Javaheri. The J plasma is coming along fine, removed many lines and creases. The tummy tuck needed some additional liposuction which was done free of charge and looks great. Very pleased.

Mikheil Meskhi

Sharon H

Dr. Javaheri is my life saver. I had lost all trust in doctors until I meet Dr. Javaheri. I went to doctors for almost a year being misdiagnosed with lupus. After several months of persistent I learned I had a rare skin cancer. The details of the disease and the first surgery by the initial doctors left me in the dark with unanswered questions. It was Dr. Javaheri who answered all my questions and saved my life. Dr. Javaheri has called me back every time I have called him including the weekends. Great follow up, compassionate and easy to talk to the best doctor when I was in a crisis.

Linda Schmidt

I have been seeing Dr. Javaheri for 5 years. I get Botox & Juvederm. Dr.Javaheri takes time to explain every procedure & his staff always makes me feel welcome. it's a pleasure to visit the office.

Diana Christine

Very calm confident doctor! Highly recommend. No hard selling or product pushing either:)

imane ben

Jeremiah Weilert

My wife went to Dr. Javaheri for a breast augmentation after our second child. Wow he did such a great job and the whole process was very thorough and consultative. I would highly recommend San Francisco Plastic Surgeon for any procedure. I see a tummy tuck in the near future!

Laura G Villarreal

I went to his office in SF for my first time getting Botox. I’m 24 years old. I had 20 units of Botox inserted in my frown lines. After a week I didn’t notice any results. They told me to wait at least 2 weeks. No results. They took me in and injected another 20 units of Botox. I asked why it didn’t work and he had no idea because it should have worked. It’s been a week now since my second visit and still no results. The only thing I noticed was my headaches which I will visit my primary doctor for. I feel a disturbing sensation in my forehead.

traffic cone

ellie amarlou

Dr.Javaheri I can't thank you enough for your care throughout my entire experience at your office. I am beyond pleased with my results and overwhelmed by your patience and kindness. You have my highest recommendation for any new patient.Thanks again

Amauche Ugbaja


5+ STARS. EXCELLENT service and outstanding patient care. Very thorough after treatment instructions. One can tell that the people staffing that office care a great deal about the people they serve and thats a great thing in ANY business. Especially medical care that involves unknown and often scary procedures involving lasers. I would recommend Dr. Javaheri's office to ANYONE who needs a referral or peace of mind about any procedure they elect to have

Carloa Flores

Best sevice ,great people


This might be my longest review, so be prepared to read for a bit. You may thank me in the end. So you usually go to a doctor for help. Sometimes you need a special doctor who has a particular skill. When you go to this doctor looking for help, & explain your horrific journey that brought you to him, and he listens, & "seems" to genuinely care, it gives you hope. Because nothing is worse than needing help & having a terrible time getting it. The help that you need is *not* considered "cosmetic" in your particular situation, & you know for a fact that your insurance will, in fact, cover the cost of the procedure. This doctor is in your "plan" & (allegedly) accepts your insurance. All that's needed is a prior authorization. You found it a bit odd that this doctor was suggesting alternative procedures to fix this issue, which he admitted to knowing they would NOT be covered by insurance. Even though you were VERY clear you only wanted to go through your insurance. Yet he persisted. Not just one alternative, but several. When you're firm about *only* going through insurance, he assures you it isn't a problem & that if necessary, he can acquire the specific items needed to complete the procedure. In fact, this doctor personally knows the doctor who previously did this procedure on you, & called his assistant (in front of you) for help regarding which billing codes to use. You're told that an "expedited prior authorization" would be submitted & to expect to hear back from his office very soon. You leave this doctor's office with the ability to exhale. You've had a terrible & long journey, but you've finally found someone who cares. Someone who will fix your problem. You're happy. No, you're elated. But when you get a call from this doctor's office not 3 hours later, telling you "your insurance won't pay for the procedure", you're confused. You ask how the insurance company was able to make a decision on a prior authorization so quickly. Within hours. Late in the day, no less. You're told that your insurance company considers the procedure as "cosmetic" & they won't pay for it. When you ask if they actually contacted your insurance company, they then tell the truth & say "that's what our billing department said". You ask if they could proceed with the prior authorization & you're told they'd call you "right back". And so when you get home, you call your insurance company in tears to ask them if, in fact, they consider this procedure as "cosmetic". They confirm that it is NOT considered cosmetic, & the doctor most likely just didn't want to do the procedure for the insurance amount that he'd be paid. But you give this doctor the benefit of the doubt, & wait for a call back. Ten days, to be exact. And you never hear from his office. The insurance company confirms that no prior authorization was ever submitted. The hope. The relief. It's all gone. I have *never* felt the need to write a poor review for a doctor. Someone who has taken the Hippocratic Oath in which it states, "I will use treatment to help the sick according to my ability and judgment, but never with a view to injury and wrong-doing." This doctor is different. I grappled with leaving a poor review, but it is the truth, & I believe it should be told. I left a review on a different site, & was called, texted, & emailed to the point it was harassment. They wanted me to remove my truth. At the appointment, I was advised that I needn’t pay my copay, as it was “only considered a consultation.” Yet SIX MONTHS later, they bill my insurance anyway & subsequently send me a bill for my copay. And should you choose to see this doctor, you should take this review into consideration. On the surface he is caring, he is helpful, & he is kind. But in the end, he cares more about lining his pockets than helping his patients.

Rola Najem

Ben Clark

These guys really are amazing. I've been visiting a few tattoo removal places in the Bay Area trying to find a good spot to get 10-15 tattoos removed and Dr Javaheri's office are by far my favorite. The feeling I got with other locations *cough* LazerAway *cough* was that they were simply trying to waste as much of my time and money as possible by dragging out treatments and forcing me to take more sessions. This definitely does not happen here; they care about your skin, but they're also focused on getting the tattoos removed quickly. On the money side of things, these guys are really reasonably priced and were way less than some of the competitors in the area. The staff are also really awesome, super punctual, quick to respond, and, honestly, just a pleasure to be around.

katie mcqueary

Loved my ipl facial. Great results

jo ballsax

Marcela Fornazari

Rick Bacon

Always a great experience from start to finish.


Very professional and friendly. What I speatially like that they don’t perform procedures you don’t need. I had IPL facial and usually it’s repetitive treatment over few months. Looks like I didn’t research very well and apparently, I will not benefit from it . Thanks for saving my time and money :)

Mariam Pirooz

Dr. Javaheri is by far one of the best. I went to him for my scar treatment and shortly after for my lips filling, couldn’t possibly be any happier

Sun Kim

Doumao Tai

Jennifer Tucci

Excellent customer service. And my skin looks beautiful!

Danny Thongsy

Doctor and Staffs are very friendly! Their work is excellent. I went in for a tattoo removal and today my tattoo has disappeared with no scarring. I recommend this service to everyone.

Sharon Poeter

Love my laser treatments, the lady that does them is great

Taurus Mark

Simply incredible San Francisco plastic surgeon! His craft was truly talented. From the minute you get to the final consequence, he cares for you. Happy camping here

Saskia Baur

Very pleased with my treatment at Dr. Javaheri's office. I purchased the treatment on Groupon (it was actually my first time using Groupon) and right from the start, his office was friendly, organized, and well-informed. They phoned me right away to schedule my appointment and then I was scheduled very quickly. Jhamra was great; incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. Highly recommend this office for any service you may need.

Ben Riddick

In a bicycle crash I broke my nose and Shahin Javaheri, MD assisted me through the phase of healing without the need for surgery.

Farnam Fargam

Automatic 5 stars! Dr Shahin Javaheri and his staff are beyond great! From the moment you walk in, you feel welcomed by their friendly, amazing attitudes. The entire staff are very welcoming and make you feel right at home. I went to Dr Javaheri’s office for his Tattoo Removal services. After only my first session, my tattoo was almost completely gone (not everyone’s ink is the same. Some tattoos may take longer to remove, some will remove rather quickly) I am already booked for another appointment and I cannot wait to go back for another session. Tattoo removal is one of many procedures that they offer. I can tell by everyone’s facial expressions that come in and out of his office are very satisfied by their work, and by the staffs attitude towards customers. Very pleasing! I most definitely would highly recommend Dr Javaheri to anyone that is looking for not only Tattoo Removals, but for all his services. The work speaks for itself. You will not be disappointed!


Cheyenne Holmgren

I have had 5 tattoo removal sessions at Dr. Javaheri's and its been a wonderful experience. The sessions are quick, and the staff are both professional and kind. I was told it would take an estimated 6-8 sessions for complete removal. As of yet, the tattoo is nearly gone, without any scarring. I am so pleased with the results! Thank you!

Stephanie Fletcher

Dr. Javaheri is not only outstanding in his professional surgical work- he is also kind and approachable. He treats patients with respect and dignity before, during, and after procedures. I would recommend him without hesitation.

elena caselle

The Doc is terrific and his staff is incredibly nice. Always good experience. I had reconstruction and over 4 surgeries and each time- I am always well taken care of.

deloris johnson

Staff was wonderful . professional and kind and accommodating the Doctor Was knowledgeable , Very thorough. awesome personable informative And caring. After Interviewing many doctors I found that hands down this was the best doctor..

Carla Olison

There are certain things that I look for when meeting a new physician. Dr. Javaheri and his staff exceeded my expectations by far! They are nothing short of amazing. Upon my initial appointment, I felt relaxed and welcomed. The staff is so warm and professional. I've never had to wait beyond my appointment time to see Dr.Javaheri. The office staff always answers when I call and even called the pharmacy to advocate on my behalf when they were giving me a hard time. Dr. Javaheri was very thorough in answering all of my questions before and after my procedure. I cannot thank Dr. Javaheri and his staff enough for being so efficient in getting my procedure covered by insurance, in addition to getting my surgery performed within less than 45 days of my initial appointment. I love the new me, thank you!

Derek Nazarbegian

Clayton West

I thank the entire staff at Dr Shahin's office. Very nice and accommodating as always. Treatment is well done with proper bedside manner.

Cecelia Elfenbein

IPL nurse was knowledgeable in explaining procedure, administering a professional and thorough.. I would return for same treatment with her expertise.

Daniel Lawrence

Amazing experience!!! Shahin Javaheri, MD is fantastic! In every area, he is very knowledgeable. He replied all my questions and told me all I required to understand about this method. His employees was very friendly and pleasant.

George Samules

I went to Dr. Shahin Javaheri's office to discuss a tummy tuck with them and I enjoyed how they took their time to explain everything to me. The entire process and the expenses. Thank you, I look good now, and I feel incredible. Thank you

Elizabeth Cummings

Excellent doctor!

Angela Whitney

Gavin Brooks

Monique Fauxnique

D Villanueva

Dr. Javaheri is amazing and very skilled. None of the crazy up-sells the other places try to push on you.

Eric Vasallo

Doctor Javaheri has not only been an amazing, patient, thoughtful, intelligent doctor but a wise and tender soul. He was so understanding during surgery w local anesthesia removing a possibly cancerous skin tag. He kept me at ease at all times and I didn't feel a thing! I'm very thankful to have met this doctor and Joy & Julie heading up the office team! Wonderful place.

Gigi Law

Creator Down

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