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Eric C

Getting cosmetic surgery is truly a journey. Knowing where to start to making sure it’s the correct surgery. Then, of course, picking the right surgeon. I was always insecure with symmetrical profile of my face. I decided, at the minimum, to seek out a few consultations to see if I could get anything done. I was focused on getting a chin implant/augmentation. After choosing 3 surgeons, I knew I found the right one in Dr Rahban. The reasons I found with Dr Rahban’s consultation could be weird for many, but it was a good fit for me. He simply shot from the hip. None of the frills or sales pitches. He was straight and to the point, and told me if my wants were possible. He could even border intense at times… I saw it as passion for his job. I remember at our initial consultation, his first question to me is “Don’t tell me what you what you want, tell me what you see in the morning that’s bothering you and I will tell you if I can help you.” It simply was more my style. It’s a more direct and honest approach. Anyhow, at the end of our consultation, I knew I had my doctor. Now that I had my doctor, I had to fugure out whether I really wanted or needed the surgery. I mean, after all, this is my face I had for 40 years and is it even going to make a difference? I took 2 months to think about it and called Sally, Dr Rahban’s coordinator and jumped in with both feet. It was just something I had to know. I did enough research to know the power or the potential results, so I was willing to take the risks. When it came to surgery day, this kind hearted man came to me and put his hand on my back and said “hey you made it.” It was Dr Rahban! I laughed… He went from intense to this gentle man who really knew when to switch gears. He knew I was nervous and boy was I ever nervous! I remember right before the anesthesia kicked in, he said “don’t worry, it’s” all going to turn out great.” An hour passes by and we’re done. Im bandaged up and picked up by a friend and off to home I go. That same evening I get a call from an unknown number… I never pick those up, but for some reason I decided to, again it was the Dr. He was calling to check up on me and to tell me the surgery was success he’ll see me soon. My first post-op appointment was 5 days after surgery. We removed the stitches and I looked in the mirror and I almost cried. I cannot articulate that feeling into words. It was life changing… It was just a freaking chin, but had such an impact to my immediate view of myself. I couldn’t wait to get out of the office and get home to examine it more and more. The work was tremendous. The beauty of this journey was not a single person has made mention of the procedure. That’s really the point… I personally believe procedures like this should be done NOT to make others happy but to make yourself happy… it’s about self fulfillment and self empowerment. Thank you Dr Rahban’s Staff for being there every step of the way. Thank you Dr Rahban for being you and bring there and doing the great work!!! I am very pleased!

Madison Larsen

After 17 years of being unhappy with my nose and 3 months of research on who would be the best fit to fix it, I finally stumbled across Dr. Rahban. He was without a doubt, the most impressive pick (both visible through his testimony pictures and beautiful website). His precision and perfectionism is extremely evident in all of his work. Both he and his entire office made this life-changing process worthy of any contemplation. They are simply lovely. The office is warm and the family atmosphere is very inviting. Rahban's bedside manner was comforting and professional. He was very informative and worked with me to get the results that I was looking for. My expectations were far exceeded. To say that I am thrilled with my results would be an understatement. The procedure was painless, and Dr. Rahban is an artist...the Michaelangelo of modern plastic surgery. Being a singer, I was nervous to alter my nasal cavity; however the worry was not worth it, everything turned out perfectly. Thank you Dr. Rahban, I am so grateful!

Anica Gold

Dr. Rahban is a true magic-worker! His work is very natural, the scarring is minimal and most importantly, he truly listens to his patients and then works to achieve his/her personal goals. I couldn't be happier with the work he has done; the recovery was seamless and he delivered exactly what I expressed I wanted. For icing on the cake, his team of nurses are very easy to work with and quick to respond to calls and emails. Overall, a wonderful doctor to work with and highly recommended!

Marla Rodriguez

I can’t think of a more experienced and talented surgeon than Dr. Rahban. I never had plastic surgery and was looking for a surgeon that met my needs but also someone who I was comfortable with. I had my initial rhinoplasty consultation in January and surgery in June. At the initial consultation the staff and Sally (office manager) were all welcoming and accommodating. Dr. Rahban does not take pictures and show you how the end result of your surgery will look like. Instead, he informs and walks you through the process regarding your selected surgery. Some might not like this method because they want to see the end result; but this is what sets him apart from other surgeons. He explains what the surgery entails, what he will do, and what you should do pre and post surgery. I really liked this aspect because I was not given a false expectation of what my nose would look like after. Before surgery Dr. Rahban goes over what you should do before and after your surgery. Post-surgery I followed all the directions given to me and had a smooth recovery. I had the hump removed and my tip slightly raised. My nose looks natural and goes with my face. I am now 3 months post-op and my nose looks better everyday. Like with any major decisions you always want to be well informed in order to make the best decision. Dr. Rahban is amazing at what he does and makes sure his patients are always well informed. I am so pleased with the outcome and couldn’t have imagined it any better. I couldn't be happier and am grateful I chose Dr. Rahban!

Maria Anonymous

Let me begin with saying that Dr. Rahban is a true perfectionist and an ARTIST from God. It was a privilege to have Dr. Rahban operate on me and I can't begin to thank him enough for my new me. In May of 2017 I had a tummy tuck done by a double certified "best of the best" surgeon in San Diego. I was sold by 1500 five star reviews on RealSelf even though I was a bit confused by the non existence of photos of the scars and unwillingness of the doctor to perform a T cut ( I had no extra skin and weighted only 89 pounds). Long story short but I ended up with a butchered stomach and the feeling of being an idiot for not doing enough homework. After months of crying I started to look for a doctor to get a scar revision. When I found pictures of most perfect non visible tummy tuck scars performed by Dr. Rahban I started to shake from happiness and hope. It happened so that at around same time I was finally done breastfeeding my third and last baby. And that's when I discovered another depressing problem: my beautiful breasts shrunk to size 00 and I couldn't wear my regular clothes any more. The words "breast augmentation" sounded too scary for me but looking at Dr. Rahban's breast augmentation photos I realized that he can somehow make them look natural and beautiful at the same time. So I had scheduled a consultation with Dr. Rahban for a breast augmentation and a tummy tuck scar revision. Honestly I was blown away by the doctor during my consultation. So much wisdom, experience, talent, perfectionism was in this guy. Felt like he wasn't working for was more like a hobby for him, like creating a beautiful masterpiece from our imperfect bodies. All my questions were answered and all the fears were taken away during my consultation and I was excited to schedule a surgery with him. I haven't done a scar revision yet but I got my breasts done in September of 2017. My breasts look so natural and perfect that no one from people who knows me could tell that I had a breast augmentation! Dr. Rahban achieved the exact size and shape that I wanted. I am 6 months post op right now but I still jump up and down from happiness when I look at myself in the mirror. There is definitely a reason why Dr. Rahban is considered a God of tummy tucks in US. Just look at the photos of his work. Photos do tell more than words. Dr. Rahban is the ONLY plastic surgeon I will ever use in the future for any reason and I will always recommend him to anyone.

Felicity Hughes

I absolutely love that office! He made me feel beautiful and that's exactly how I feel within and I finally got to see it on my outside as well. The experience I had with them really pushed me to keep working on myself. I'd highly recommend him to anyone!

Vi Love

I have been wanting to sometime to have a reconstruction surgery on my breast. It was very difficult to find the correct surgeon to do this, specially after the past bad experience I had received. I made a choice of a media celebrity surgeon from E entertainment, all was in order for me to have my surgery.” I had booked the date etc” I decided to do further research and for my shock I came out seeing terrible reviews of these famous Dr. So I had no alternative but to cancel. I now had to start researching all over again and was during this research that I found Dr Radan. I was excited to read nothing but good and thoughtful comments regarding his service. I was particularly impressed that he was very professional, kind, honest and dedicated to his pacientes. And so I booked with Dr Radan . I flew to LA from London for my first consultation until the final surgery. I couldn’t not found a more caring and professional dr who explained everything to me in a smallest detail and clearly time was not in his mind. I knew them that he really cared for his paciente. My surgery went very smoothly. He explained the risks as it was my 6th surgery. I’m happy with it although I still have small problem which wasn’t his fault. It was consequences of my last surgeries. He pointed it out and was so honest. I will be back to see him in the future when I’m old :-) and I highly recommend him with no doubt.

Delanie Frame

I went to Dr. Rahban for a breast augmentation and I could not be happier with the results. Everyone at the office is really nice. I felt very comfortable and was provided with a lot of information about the procedure. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Rahban to anyone who is thinking about getting breast augmentation.

Jaia Arata

Dr. Rahban was not the first doctor i have seen when considering having a breast augmentation. I often found myself waiting for something better after having many consultations and being left unsure as well as a bit confused. This consult with Dr. Rahban was the most detailed, informative and enlightening consultation i have ever had. The Staff was beyond helpful with me, understanding and considerate. All of my appointments were very professional and hands on. After surgery all of my fears of scaring and pain were completely nonexistent. Ive seen bad scaring after surgery especially with women of my skin color and ethnicity. To see minimal to no scaring at all was what made me happiest of my results. Pain was very minimal as well, I've heard a lot of upsetting stories about how bad the pain is afterwards. What made a difference for me and my results was to specifically listen and follow Dr. Rahban and his Staff's orders. In doing so it allows for the best healing experience. Overall I am more than ecstatic with my results perfection would be an understatement. I have nothing but love and respect for this whole team because they truly have raised the bar.

Sarah Polaskie

I was so nervous and didn't know what to expect, I read his reviews and talked to the staff, but still was nervous, but I couldn't be happier with my end results. I would recommend any 1 looking for plastic surgery. Thanks again!

Hevily Ambriz Espinoza

About 6 years ago, I decided that I needed to make a lifestyle change and began to eat healthier and took up running. I even ran a marathon. The result of this running/ exercising was that I lost about 30 pounds and was feeling great. Once the high of losing weight wore off, I realized my skin was not doing too well. I had stretch marks and a saggy abdomen. I began to do some research as to what I could do about this. I looked into creams and other treatments but was skeptical about how well they would work. I then began to research a tummy tuck as an option. It took me three years to finally decide to do it. In my research, I had come across many surgeons (as I am sure you have too) and read so many reviews. I wanted to go to a local doctor and made an appointment with a doctor in Torrance, California. It did not go well. This doctor was very discouraging about me having a tummy tuck and instead suggested lipo and said that maybe in the future I should do it when I had more loose skin. Now in my research, I had seen women who were much smaller than me and had less skin get tummy tucks and so his advice made me feel like he was trying to sell me lipo then a tummy tuck. I was not going to be happy with lipo because that was not going to fix my skin. After that appointment, I was discouraged. However, a couple of weeks later I was back looking for a second opinion and that is when I came upon Dr. Rahban. I looked at his website and saw the stories people shared and thought, “He has done great work on women who look like they barely had any skin sagging. This is who I need to go to.” And so, I did. I had a consultation with Dr. Rahban and he answered all my questions and even touched upon topics I had never thought about. For example, as a Latina woman I scar differently. I had not even thought about that. For the record, my scar is super thin and looks great. I sent a picture to my sister and she said, “wow that is so thin.” I already knew I would have a scar from surgery but never thought it would look this good. I thought it would be thick and discolored because I had seen pictures where that is the case. My scar is also super low. This is also is also something I had not thought about. Scar placement. Very important. Now, in terms of the surgery. I was nervous about the whole process, but Dr. Rahban and his staff walked me through it step by step. I followed all their pre-operation and post-operation instructions. After the surgery, I was uncomfortable, but not in any intense level of pain. Taking my pain medication on schedule was vital to this. The uncomfortable part was having to sit in a V position for about 2 weeks. I was just sore and bored from doing very little. I decided to take 3 weeks off of work because I travel a lot and did not want to strain myself, but if I had a desk job I could see being able to go back sooner. I wore a binder for about 6-8 weeks (It was only 8 months ago, and I am already forgetting). This was just more of a logistical inconvenience and I felt like I walked like robot, but it was manageable. When I took it off to shower, I could feel how weak my abdomen was, so it actually felt good to have it on. I am now 8 months post operation and I am back to my long 12 mile runs and working out regularly. I still feel some numbness, but nothing major. I love the way my abdomen looks. I recently wore a crop top to a dinner with some friends and one of them said, “Your belly looks like that of a 20-year-old.” That made my day. As a 20-year-old, I did not have this body so to be told that at 34 is something I never imagined. I would do this again in a heartbeat and of course with Dr. Rahban.

Marsh KP

Dr. and his staff go above and beyond to get you exactly where you want to be.

Morgan Pledger

Where do I begin? I have so many positive things to say about Dr Rahban, his staff, the process, and my overall experience in general. I will start by saying I am more than pleased with the results of my rhinoplasty. I'm only two months post op and the best is yet to come! In my opinion, my rhinoplasty was going to be bit more complex due to how crooked my nose was. Like others, I wanted a few minor adjustments cosmetically, but my main concerns were being able to breath and straightening my nose, especially in the tip area where it was turned significantly to the right. To have my picture taken up-close made me feel insecure, because here I was with what I felt was a pretty face but had this crooked nose right in the center. I fortunately came across Dr. Rahban. I scheduled a consultation with him after reading multiple reviews from patients who not only had positive, honest feedback, but who were also very detailed. I figured if multiple people were willing to take the time to write a review at that length, their experience was one they felt compelled to share. On top of that, I was very impressed with his before and after photos. One thing that caught my attention was the fact that no two noses he had worked on looked the same. He made each nose fit that person's face and to me that spoke volumes. Dr. Rahban is very genuine, professional, honest and to the point (all things I admire in a person). I am a firm believer in saying what you mean and meaning what you say. Dr. Rahban did just that. I like to know exactly what something entails, so I tend to ask a lot of questions. Surprisingly enough, after Dr. Rahban went over everything on his end, there weren’t many questions left to ask. He made it clear that my nose would not be perfectly straight, but it was going to be 90% straighter, and that type of honesty I really appreciated. I knew right then that he was the doctor for me. Choosing Dr. Rahban just felt right. This huge decision I had hanging over my head for so long was suddenly an easy one to make after speaking with him and what a relief it was. The entire process was great from start to finish. The fact that lab work was a requirement to make sure I was healthy prior to surgery was so important to me. This is the first step to a successful and safe surgery. His surgical team made me feel super comfortable especially his anesthesiologist who put my mind at ease about going under, and for that I am grateful. The surgery went well, they called to check on me the next morning and were there to answer any questions I had along the way. It was not painful (something I didn’t believe when I read other online reviews). If anything, it was just a little uncomfortable and boring at times. A few bothersome things for me: not being able to taste food (since I love to eat), not breathing through my nose while the packing was still in, and my mouth being dryer than the Sahara Desert. One thing I cannot stress enough, patience. Do not get discouraged if there are days when you don’t like what you see in the mirror. For your nose to look its best, it’s going to take time, a long time. This is something I remind myself of daily. Being made aware of this in the beginning and understanding that I may experience some ups and downs during the healing process, helps me to be a bit more accepting but also see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am in awe with how well I can breathe since the packing came out, literally no issues, my allergies have subsided, and my nose is straighter. It looks and feels stronger than ever and I cannot wait to see the end result. I feel extremely blessed to have found Dr. Rahban. The best part of it all is that I still look like me, just an enhanced version. He is an artist who has skillfully made my nose into a masterpiece, by still preserving the qualities I love most about it. Thank you Dr. Rahban, the office staff and surgery team. It was a pleasant experience that exceeded my expectations and was so worth the wait!

Teresa prado

If your looking for a excellent and honest Doctor not out for your money, Doctor Rahban is your guy.

Dylan Greer

Dr. Rady Rahban is the best. From start to finish he told me exactly what was realistic and what to expect. My first consultation was in 2015. I was nervous and everyone in the office made it a relaxing and great visit. Dr. Rahban took an hour to answer all of my questions and explained in full detail what was realistic to achieve. I thought about having the surgery for a couple more years and returned in 2017 to pull the trigger. I had another consultation where we reviewed what we spoke about and he answered more questions. Then it was finally surgery time. The first week after surgery sucked because you cannot breathe out of your nose at all. It wasn't really painful, just annoying. Getting the packing removed was heavenly. After one week it quickly gets better every day, but I would still recommend taking 2-3 weeks from anything public if you are sensitive. I'm about 3.5 months out from surgery and extremely happy. My confidence is through the moon in comparison to what it is was. My nose isn't perfect, but it is so much better, which is exactly what Dr. Rahban promised. It is still slightly numb/swollen some days, and better on others, but overall pretty well healed. I highly recommend having a consultation with Dr. Rahban if you are thinking about any sort of procedure. Throughout the process everyone was amazing and answered any questions I had. (Dr. Rahban even answered a call while on vacation) I couldn't be happier with my results and the overall process. Thank you Dr. Rahban!


Dr. Rady Rahban has changed my life In such a positive way! As a young girl I never liked my nose (I'm currently 19) I knew I always wanted a rhinoplasty . But was not going to rush it because I've seen so many bad nose jobs, and I knew I wanted to go to the best plastic surgeon there is. I spent thousands of dollars on consultants with every Beverly Hills surgeon that performs rhinoplasty. But once I had my consult with Dr. Rady Rahban i knew he was the one I wanted to go to for my rhinoplasty, hands down. He took his time with me, was very honest, made me feel so comfortable, was very caring and also explained everything to me. Right off the bat I got a good feeling and went with it and I'm so happy I did. He listened to me and cared what I had to say with also giving me his advice. My nose now is everything I've ever wanted it looks better than I thought it could ever look. It's also stronger and I can breath better. I'm so happy I did it, it was close to painless for me and I'm so thankful I found Dr. Rady Rahban. I have zero regrets and would do it all over again in a heart beat. By far the best decision I've ever made. I 100% could not Be more happier with my nose. I'm truly grateful for Dr. Rady Rahban.

Lauren Mackin

Dr Rahban really give you his honest opinion, I come over from Europe just to see him . He's very professional & for me the best there is.

Melissa Sanchez

I had a mommy makeover with Dr. Rahban after 2 pregnancies (one of which was a pregnancy carrying 7lb twins). My abdomen was destroyed, belly button non existent, and tons of hanging skin. I knew from the initial consultation that I would choose Dr. Rahban as my surgeon. He made me feel so comfortable bc he just had so much knowledge. I had no questions after the consultation bc he answered them all. His staff was also very attentive and amazing. He made my body look better than it EVER had. I would recommend him to anyone and if I ever needed any more work done I would go back to him 100%. He's AMAZING!

Urosh Pajic

Getting this surgery wasn't the easiest decision to make. However, when every day you look at yourself in the mirror and have that feeling like something's missing and you can actually do something about it, you owe it to yourself to at least explore your options. At such a time dr Rahban came recommended through a friend who had the same type of surgery done. Being a guy, going to a cosmetic surgeon was at first a funny and awkward idea. But dr Rahban was professional and friendly (as well as the entire staff!) and it was the visit to the office that was the main decision factor. We discussed the options/goals and what's realistic and what's not, and I felt confident about doing this. Dr Rahban's staff went out their way to accommodate me with scheduling the surgery appointments and aligning everything to fit my schedule and visits from out of town. Again, amazing staff. Surgery went well (short), and recovery took about a week. No major consequences or pain. I was able to work from home and eat normally within a day after the surgery. Results: amazing. It's hard to explain how something can look like a minor change and at the same time make a huge difference in how you see yourself and how others perceive you. Everyone noticed the change and comments varied from "you lost weight" (for people that see me often) to "you're looking so much better" (people that see me rarely). No one thinks that you actually underwent a surgery (as they would for some other parts of your body), so you're in the clear - no awkward conversations or looks. Anyway, my sincere recommendation - this was an amazing experience and I am so happy I did it. Dr Rahban was the crucial part of that experience.

Rachel Levine

I’ve been seeing Dr. Rahban for almost 10 years and would never go to anyone else. I sort of feel like I won the Doctor jackpot with him. He’s extremely meticulous and honest which are two qualities I look for, especially when it comes to procedures regarding my face and body. I prefer a naturally enhanced look which is exactly what I get with Dr. Rahban. My biggest fear is to look “done”. Even after almost 10 years, I still look like me. I know if I ever decide on having a more serious procedure, I’ll go to Dr. Rahban. He also has an incredibly warm and knowledgeable staff which I didn’t expect. They seem like family and happy to work with him. Make sure to book your next appointment on your way out or it’ll be extremely hard to get in! He’s very busy!

ahmad kanaan

Fantastic work

Luci Diaz

Monika Nemenz

Dr. Rahban was recommended to me by my Gynecologist who I trust explicitly. My old breast implants of 25 years had ruptured in my right breast and the silicone had not only traveled to my lymph nodes which were seen by the Mammogram but thru-out the entire breast. Needless to say I was quite worried. From the moment I had my first consultation with Dr. Rahban I felt comfortable by the way of his explanation of how he would deal and fix this problem. I even had time-problems since I travel extensively but he made sure to get me in on time to do the procedure. At the surgery center he was upbeat, confident and made me feel very comfortable and gave me the feeling of being in very competent hands. Post Op was was easy and almost pain free. Dr. Rahban insisted on regular check ups thru-out the year, always making sure that the incisions were treated and taken care of the right way and that the right equipment (like the bra) was being used. I have very thin skin which in the end worked to my advantage because the incisions almost disappeared. I also bruise and bleed easily but none of that occurred during or after the procedure. I am a very happy customer today and will go back to Dr. Rahban for anything else I might be needing or wanting to feel good, to feel confident, to improve my appearance, to stay 60 for as long as possible.

colleen crowley

Dr. Rahban is an excellent surgeon. I am extremely happy with the results of my tummy tuck and the outstanding job he did. After having three ten pound babies my abdominal wall and skin was significantly altered in a way that no amount of exercise could correct. I am three months’ post-surgery and it is hard to believe how great my stomach looks now. Not only does the skin on my stomach and belly button look great but my core feels strong again and I have been wearing bikinis all summer! I believe what sets Dr. Rahban apart is his attention to detail and his discerning eye when it comes to a woman’s anatomy and what looks most aesthetically pleasing. Dr. Rahban really examined my own personal anatomy and was extremely thoughtful in working with my particular body and executing the best possible outcome. It is clear that he wants to get it “right” as much as you do and that he is passionate about what he does. He and his entire team were wonderful and I would highly recommend him. Colleen C.

Yvonne R

THANK YOU Dr. Rahban, Sally & Staff! From my initial consultation to my follow up appointments for my Rhinoplasty, I couldn't be more pleased with the process and my outcome. I reside in Northern California. He gave me real expectations & not once did I feel it was inconvenient to see him.

Jessica Deller

I always felt that I would get a nose job if, and only if, I was ever able to find the right doctor. I knew this would be difficult, like that scene in Practical Magic where Sandra Bullock dreams up a man she believes she’ll never find. I imagined a doctor that I almost figured didn’t even exist. I needed a doctor who was skilled, well-respected, board certified. I didn’t want someone to “sell” me a new nose. I wanted someone who could look at me, and objectively see the flaws I saw and could see how to fix them. I didn’t want a 3-D image of what I “might” end up looking like. I didn’t want a snake oil salesman in scrubs. I didn’t want a doctor who was more concerned with his TV appearances than his clients. I didn’t want a doctor who made me feel uglier just by going to a consultation (some practices manipulate you into convincing you NEED them to give you a new nose, a bigger butt, etc. otherwise you’re hideous). I wanted someone who was direct and honest. I knew finding the right doctor would be tough. I was 34 years old when I found Dr. Rahban. You could probably say that I’ve been looking for him for over twenty years. I also knew that my surgery was going to be trickier than most. I had researched enough online to know that I have a perfect storm of qualities that made my nose undesirable to work on. I had thick skin and a bulbous, amorphous shape. A thick, oily, blob of a nose. Short nasal bones and a boxy tip with no real definition or shape. And again, it would be difficult to give the nose any shape because of that thick, sebaceous skin of mine. It’s the kind of nose that most doctors take one look at and say, “No thank you.” I met with Sally, who is every bit the doll that she’s described to be in other reviews, just like everyone in the office. Sally gave me a price quote, and I choked a little bit on my saliva. This was more than most of the surgeons I had researched in OC and LA. But when it came to my surgery, saving a few thousand dollars didn’t seem to make sense. It’s like choosing between the polyester Forever 21 blazer and the wool Stella McCartney blazer. Sometimes you need an investment piece and sometimes you need a disposable wardrobe. A nose job is not disposable. So I set a date. My surgery took about 6 hours to complete. It was scheduled for 4 hours. Dr. Rahban wasn’t going to close until everything was perfect. That should tell you everything you need to know about a surgeon. Are you just one nose on an assembly line? Because this is how work is sometimes. You get assigned a task and think it’ll only take an hour and then three hours later you’re still working on it. Happens all the time. And it happens to surgeons too. I needed a surgeon who would keep on working until the job was complete, even if the amount of time he allotted for my surgery had already expired. While researching plastic surgeons, I began following a ton of the big names on Instagram. There’s one, very prominent surgeon, who posted his surgery schedule for the day. I was shocked. He had four back-to-back surgeries. Two noses and two breast augs. He was proud. His caption was something like, “So blessed to be able to help so many amazing people. #changinglives” What was supposed to be a humblebrag about his surgery schedule was one of the largest indicators that this was not a surgeon for me. Had I been this surgeon’s patient, there’s no way he would have given me the OR time I needed. My friends and family describe my nose as “me” just a lot better. Dr. Rahban studied my face, my vaguely ethnic features, and gave me the nose that I was always meant to have. And it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I read that Michelangelo said that every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to release it. That’s what Dr. Rahban did. He set my nose free from the blob. Thank you, Dr. Rahban. In setting my nose free, you've set me free, in more ways than you'll ever know.

Alexa Rivera

Roger Najar

M. Maldonado

I had Otoplasty(ear pinning surgery) and i could not be more happy with my results, they look natural and I feel great about myself. Surgery was easy and quick, the recovery time was the hardest part for me personally. Expect to wear a bandage for a week and then a headband for about a month,and get used to sleeping on your back lol. But if you follow all the doctors instructions you will have great results! My experience with Dr Rahban and his staff was nothing but positive. Dr Rahban is very straight forward and lets you know exactly what you can expect. Every visit to the office was very thorough, at the end I was always asked if I had any questions and I could never think of anything they did not cover. I highly recommend Dr. Rahban if you are considering Otoplasty

Tamara Cisek

I am writing a review about a Rhinoplasty procedure with Dr. Rady Rahban. First of all I wanted to have a nose job forever. When I was18 yrs. old, I went to a plastic surgeon. My dreams were crushed when the plastic surgeon said he wouldn’t do my nose because my skin was just too thick and my nose would not look good. He compared my nose to the thickness of a down comforter where most people’s skin is like a sheet. Fast-forward 20 yrs., I decided to try it again. I went to a plastic surgeon that had a nice web site and seemed to do good noses. But, when I went to the office he showed me an image on a computer of what my nose would look like. He never discussed complications or what he would do to achieve this look. I was in and out and red flags went up for me immediately. My next visit with a plastic surgeon was with Dr. Rahban. First of all the staff was very kind to squeeze me in on a very full Saturday. Dr. Rahban spent over an hour talking to me about my nose. He is a very straight shooter who speaks simply so you can understand what he is saying. He addressed the fact that I did have thick skin and that was something that couldn’t be changed. He told me I would never have a “button nose” and I appreciated his honesty. He told me my nose could be improved and then went on to tell me how he would accomplish that. I was happy to hear he had a game plan and knew what he would do with my nose even before I went into surgery. I asked him all kinds of questions about how a nose job could affect me and he was able to answer them all with honesty and set my mind at ease. I was also happy to hear that he was on the same page with me that I want to improve the appearance of my nose but not at the sake of my nose’s integrity. He was completely on board with this and I think this is why he made such a huge deal to me that he could not give me a button nose. He said to check out other doctors but warned me if they promised me a small button nose that the integrity of my nose was at stake. He explained it to me like this, if the nose under the skin is like a pencil, we can shape and change that. Then when you lay the skin back down on top of that pencil, each skin type is different and will change the way that pencil looks. So, if your skin is like a sheet of paper, the definitions in the pencil will really show through. If your skin is like mine, let’s say 15 pieces of paper, the definition will be less. I loved his analogy. I was also very impressed with his before and after photos. Which I found out he takes himself because the man pays attentions to details. He is a stickler for the little things and that is important to me it tells me a lot about a person. I ended my search for a doctor and scheduled my surgery with Dr. Rahban. My surgery went great! It was not as painful as I thought which Dr. Rahban had said. Truly the hardest part for me was taking it easy for 6 weeks because I felt so great. I have been very happy with my nose; it feels like the nose I was suppose to have without being so obvious I had work done. It really is a masterpiece; I know noses can be extremely difficult to do. Believe me I’ve seen some horrible ones and read horror stories. I kept telling Dr. Rahban, “I’d prefer to have rhinoplasty and have no one able to tell. Don’t lose my noses integrity it’s more important to me than my vanity.” That is exactly what Dr. Rahban did. If you are considering Rhinoplasty I give a full-hearted recommendation for Dr. Rahban. Listen to what he tells you and go in with realist expectations and I know you will be completely satisfied and as happy as I am. Dr. Rayban and his staff exude professionalism, genuine kindness and provided an overall amazing experience. Thank you for a wonderful experience! Warmest regards, Tamara

Alissar Bekhdoud

6 years ago I broke my noes and made the mistake of going to a local ENT to get it fixed. A year after the surgery my breathing got worse, eventually the procedure affected my appearance as my nose began shrinking and looked lopsided due to the left side essentially "caving in". This year I had enough, I was nervous about getting it fixed but desperately wanted to breathe again! I did some thorough background research and decided on Dr. Rahban. The main deciding factors included the following: his experience with "ethnic" noses (given I am Lebanese this helped), his passion for rhinoplasty (apparent throughout his site) and his goal to keep things as natural as possible. From beginning to end I was completely skeptical and was consistently satisfied. He is amazing, I can breathe again and I feel like I have a fully functional beautiful nose as if it had never been broken. I wake up grateful for my decision every day! A couple side notes, the staff in the office are really nice and professional, they are on top of it! I had my procedure done at the surgery center and the staff there were some what rude and unprofessional. I would recommend getting the procedure done at the hospital if at all possible. I remember becoming very uneasy on the day of surgery due to how the staff were treating me, Once Dr. Rahban came in and talked about what to expect I felt a lot more comfortable. I am positive that Dr. Rahban gives his best effort to all of his patients, he has my trust and I will recommend him again and again! I can not thank him enough!

Gabriel Simoes

Great team! Dr Rahban did an amazing job on my nose

Melodye Wintemute

Thank you Dr Rahban for our twin make over. My sister and I 6 weeks ago , had a facelift, eyelid surgery and fat transfer to our faces and we couldn’t be more thrilled! You were completely thorough, as you gave us All the information we needed to know on exactly how our outcome would be. You and your office staff were so welcoming. You took 10 years off our faces! We are 62 year old identical twins and we feel fabulous. Thank you Dr Rahban. If anyone wants to feel better about themselves, I highly recommend Dr Rahban!!

Liz M

MY STORY: Going in to get plastic surgery was not an easy decision for me. I always told myself that it wasn’t for the everyday person. I never thought it was something I would need. Becoming a mother changed that for me. As a petite and athletic woman I never had weight problems or saw myself in a negative light. I became a mother in 2010 and again in 2012. I gained over 60 lbs. I breastfed both my children for a total of 2 ½ years. Both pregnancies and breastfeeding did a number on my body. After losing my pregnancy weight and weaning my children I was back down to 105 lbs with LOTS of excessive skin. My breast in particular took it the worst. I was a small C cup before children. I blew up to a Double D while breastfeeding and after weaning and dieting I shrunk down to an A cup. I have to say, I lost my breast to fitness. My body was a ripple marked mess. I finally decided that not only did I need to have a mommy makeover but that I would also make sure to choose the BEST doctor available because I was NOT going to be someone who ends up botched. DR. RAHBAN: I made an appointment and met Dr. Rady Rahban after doing tons of home research. At this point I was still not sure of my decision and was ready to hit the door running. After walking into his office I immediately started feeling my doubts slip away. His staff is not only kind but super friendly and they make you feel right at home. Meeting Dr. Rahban further made my decision to continue with this huge step. His bedside manner is not only informative but friendly. His easy going attitude will make you smile and his knowledge of his practice will keep you feeling secure in your decisions. I’m a very well informed person and Dr. Rahban was able to answer every question I had before I even had to ask them. After my appointment he introduced my husband and I to Sally Chacon to discuss pricing. She was a breath of fresh air and I felt like I’ve known her for years immediately. I walked out of the office feeling like I couldn’t be happier with my decision and couldn’t wait for what the future held. MY RESULTS: Not only is my body back to looking like I’m 20 again but it’s actually better than ever! My tummy has never looked so tight and shapely. My breast are beautiful and after only 10 weeks the scarring is almost INVISIBLE. That is saying a lot because I’ve had a wide anchor breast lift and augmentation. I can’t believe how beautiful my body looks and I’m so happy I trusted Dr. Rahban to take good care of me. I 100% recommend Dr. Rahban to anyone and everyone. Even though I don’t need anything more done, I almost wish I did. Just so I can see what magic he could work with me. The only thing I can say now is thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Shawna Horton

Dr. Rahban is the most skilled and conscientious physician I've ever had the pleasure of meeting, and he has a wonderful bedside manner. You will feel very safe in his capable hands. Any cosmetic procedure should be very carefully considered and before making a decision you definitely need to meet with Dr. Rahban. He and his staff are amazing!

Stephanie Ortega

JI me

Consultation is $350!! What a joke. Obviously a sales tactic to make you feel you didn't lose that money so you can book a surgery date. And if he isn't the right doctor...too are out of 350. What a ripoff. Alot of drs do not charge. I shouldn't be paying you to interview you...this is afterall a job interview.

Maya Samardzija

I was looking to find the best tummy tuck plastic surgeon in SoCal to repair my protruding stomach resulting from 3 full term pregnancies, and I just did that when I found & chose Dr. Rahban to perform an extended tummy tuck, and revise my futile, ill-suited, and ineffective "mini tummy tuck" that was done by another plastic surgeon. According to Dr. Rahban, liposuction was not needed in my case, so the surgery addressed the diastasis, umbilical hernia, and stretched out skin, all courtesies of multiple pregnancies. The result was astounding. My muscles are now tight & defined, I have a waist, perfectly flat stomach, thin and very low scar with ideal distance from the belly button, and no dog ears or pleading at the ends of the scar. Moreover, due to my stomach now being held in a compressed and proper place, I feel fuller after meals quicker which aids my weight loss (an unexpected and welcomed surprise). Dr. Rahban truly reversed the trajectory of my life. He is simply the most skilled, precise, artistic, visually and technically astute plastic surgeon one could imagine. He is also a kind, genuine, and candid doctor you can trust will put your interests above his and will guide you to the best outcome.

Ricardo Pulido

I'm a 28 year old hispanic male that never really had a problem with my appearance until i suffered a severe auto accident when i was 20. It left me with a deviated septum and a pretty noticeable hump on my nose. It bothered me for years until finally about a year ago i started contemplating plastic surgery. I said " Why not" who cares if i'm a young guy , body full of tattoos, and so forth , there's nothing wrong with somebody wanting to improve their appearance. So i started to do my research and began to book consultations with top rhinoplasty surgeons. I had about 3 and they were all pretty good , i saw what i wanted to see and heard what i wanted to hear but i still wasn't convinced. I guess i'm a little bit picky but this was going to be on my face for life so making the right choice is key. I put the surgery plans on the backburner for a few months until i motivated myself again and did a little bit of more research. I came across Dr. Rahban read his reviews and decided to check him out. I arrived to his very nice office and was greeted by his very friendly staff ( i could write a whole review for them as well) and felt at ease while i did my paperwork. When he attended me he was very informative and knowledgeable i knew then that he was the one for the job. So i pulled the trigger and had my surgery about a couple weeks ago and everything was a success . I was a bit nervous at first but Dr. Rahban is such a cool guy that he makes you feel at ease . I returned to his office a week letter to remove the splint and cast and to finally catch of glimpse of his work and I couldn't ask for a better result ! it takes a while to see the final product of rhinoplasty but two weeks in and the results are incredible. Dr. Rahban truly is an artist and i just wanted to acknowledge and commend him for his acts. Thanks Dr. Rahban !! You the man!!

Jazzie Young

Dr. Rady Rahban is amazing. He is straightforward and honest and delivers on his promises. I am beyond happy with my results.

john reid

I want to share with other people considering a facelift, a brow lift or eyelid surgery (called a blepharoplasty) the experience that I had with Dr. Rahban when I had all three of the above done sixty days ago. I apologize if I go into a lot of detail, but I like reviews that get into the details as I feel they give me more information to make a good decision. My initial appointment with Dr. Rahban took about 45 minutes and was quite thorough. He examined me and asked what I was seeking and then examined my face very thoroughly. He explained what he could do, what it would cost and how recovery would go. One thing that impressed me was that Dr. Rahban demands that patients have a physical examination and complete lab work before he will operate; I liked that he wanted to determine that I was healthy enough for all of the procedures. He also uses an aftercare facility, Serenity, which is fully staffed with nurses and is located adjacent to a major hospital. This gave me great comfort that I was both healthy enough for the procedures and that in the event of a problem, which I viewed as rare, competent assistance would be immediately available. On the day of the procedure, I went to the surgical center. They were professional and the facility was spotless. Dr. Rahban met with me before the surgery and I also met the anesthesiologist, who was very professional. I woke up after the procedure several hours later and was transferred to the aftercare facility. I had no pain on awakening and was quite comfortable that evening; nurses checked on me throughout the night, checked blood pressure and administered pain medication, I had food available on demand and it all went quite well. The next morning the facility took me back to Dr. Rahman’s office where he checked me out, asked how I was doing and then sent me home. I had no bruising, very little swelling and a minor amount of pain. Dr. Rahban insists on no exercise for six weeks after surgery and I followed that direction; that was probably the hardest part of the recovery as I am used to exercising on a daily basis. I healed very quickly and got a wonderful result. First of all, the look from my facelift is very natural; my friends comment that I look very good, or very youthful, but no one says “Did you have some surgery?”. Secondly, the eyelid procedure has exposed so much more of my pupils which were half covered before; my wife says she didn’t realize how much the eyes had been covered until after the surgery. Aftercare has been great; Dr. Rahban has promptly answered all my questions and told me how to treat the tiny incision along my brow line to aid in its recovery; it was initially red, but is fading to an almost invisible white, just as he said it would. I would add that this is my second facelift and the contrast with the first strikes me as significant. For the first facelift, I had done homework, talked to people and identified the most qualified plastic surgeon I could find in Ventura, my hometown. I was not instructed to have a physical or lab work done beforehand. I was sent home after surgery with no restrictions on exercise and I went home immediately after surgery, as opposed to an aftercare facility. I had a fair amount of pain, plus swelling, plus a lot of bruising. I was generally pleased with the result of that surgery but the approach taken by Dr. Rahban was significantly more professional than what I had then. Finally I would add that Dr. Rahban’s staff does a great job. In all my visits to the office they have been friendly, supportive and professional. If you are considering plastic surgery, I would highly recommend that you consider Dr. Rahban. I am very glad that he was recommended to me and that I got such a great result from him.

Abby Kara

To those of you who are simply unsure or completely decided on having surgery, you owe it to yourself to at least meet with Dr. Rahban for a consultation. This is a life changing procedure. He will be completely honest with you. He is there to help you be happy with yourself. He provided me with a life-changing gift, which has made me more confident and happier. I no longer dislike the way I look. Dr. Rahban and his staff are gifted professionals who care. Going into this surgery, I had extremely high expectations and I couldn’t have imagined that the end result would surpass them.

monae taylor

Dr.Rahban is an absolute miracle worker. He is not only an incredibly talented and well educated surgeon, but also kind and made me feel comfortable throughout the entire rhinoplasty surgery. I am a 20 year old African American woman, and did a lot of research on Los Angeles based plastics surgeons and was impressed by his work. In our first meeting I knew he was the one to go with due to his honesty, close attention to details, and personal care for his patients. After every meeting I felt well informed and equipped for surgery day. Even though I still felt butterflies the day of, I was calmed by the staff and knowledge that Dr. Rahban had given me, and of course my experience was smooth and painless! I would recommend Dr.Rahban to any African American or anyone who is looking for a caring, knowledgeable doctor and amazing results. I am completely ecstatic about my new nose.

Melissa Sherman

I am BEYOND elated to write about my recent experience with Dr. Rahban and his staff. After having a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure done by another Plastic Surgeon that required a lipo suction procedure in order to transfer the fat to my buttock area I had noticed a major difference in the texture of my skin and belly button of my abdominal area. It just did not look right. The skin was no longer smooth and my belly button had a “popped out”, sort of look to it. Being that I am a Certified Personal Trainer who also has future goals of expanding her career in the Fitness Industry it is imperative that my physical appearance be at it’s best at all times. This was something that I needed to have fixed before I could confidently move forward with any of my goals, so the search began. After seeing several Plastic Surgeons I had gotten many different options from each Doctor as to how they could fix my stomach. One Plastic Surgeons estimate for a surgical procedure was close to 15k. I also would’ve been left with a noticeably large scar. I thought that was the only solution, to be cut open and left with unattractive scars. There was another consultation I had with a different Plastic Surgeon who wanted to operate the same way however the scar would've been in a different area of my body, around the same cost. One Doctor told me there was nothing that could be done and it was something I should get used to living with. I was beyond frustrated and conflicted. I honestly didn’t feel confident about any of the consultations I had until I met Dr. Rahban. I have never met anyone like Dr. Rahban for several reasons. He was extremely personable, down to earth, beyond knowledgable and most of all, he was genuine. After explaining the other consultations I had and how I was at my wits end, he spent a great deal of time with me, assessing the problem, thoroughly explaining what he thought was best to do and this is the the most IMPORTANT part of the entire experience. He offered a solution that wouldn’t require a COSTLY surgical operation, where he most certainly could’ve. It’s an unbelievable rarity you meet someone like that now a days. I was in an extremely vulnerable state and he could’ve fully taken advantage of that however he did not. He was ethical and clearly, it was truly about helping me and not just about making money. I’m truly grateful to have met him. He used a series of Restylane Lift fillers around my belly button and literally filled in the con caved skin around my belly button that was making it pop out. He didn’t end up having to use that many syringes so in the end it saved me a TON of money. The results have been great so far and I am extremely happy. I hope other women who are considering plastic surgery read this and understand why it’s so important to make sure you are being treated properly in all aspects prior to having a cosmetic procedure done. I would confidently recommend anyone to Dr. Rahban. I feel beyond grateful and thankful that I found him! Also a special thanks to Dolla and his entire staff who went out of their way to help make my experience with Dr. Rahban that much more special. They were beyond accommodating and such a pleasure to meet!

Crystal Cragun

Dr. Rahban and his staff go above and beyond to get you exactly where you want to be. I had a mommy makeover at the end of May. Recovery was rough at first, but I feel 100% now. Dr. Rahban is an artist. I went to him because I wanted someone who would care about my body as much as I do. He listened to everything I wanted and delivered. I couldn't be happier with my results.

Aniela Sidorska

Amazing surgeon! I've been going to Dr. Rahban for about three years now. I can't imagine a better Doctor and trust him implicitly. Also the office staff is great, especially Sally!

tara gill

I spent months and months doing research on chin implants, trying to find someone who's work I was impressed with. One day I stumbled upon Dr. Rahban's website and found a before and after picture of my General Practitioner. I thought "Awesome! Yay!....I can just go talk directly to him and get his opinion." So I make an appt for a consultation....get to talking to Dr. Rahban. I really like his bed side manner and how he explains things so I figured while I'm here I might as well as about breast implants. In the end, I opted for both procedures. Also, his staff is friendly!!! I am so glad that I did! I went from a non existent A cup and absolutely no chin (I weigh 121...I shouldn't have a triple chin when I look down!) The results and the experiences I've had since having the procedure are amazing. I literally feel like I now match the image I had of myself as an adult (when I was a kid). Most don't even know that I've had anything done. Everything looks so natural!!!

Hannah Hodges

I spent twelve years researching plastic and reconstructive surgeons for rhinoplasty. Seven years into my search I came across Dr. Rady Rahban’s website and immediately knew he was who I had been searching for. He had done many cases similar to mine and the before and after photos of those patients showed the results I had been longing for. I read about his attention to the tiniest of details, his conservative approach, his refusal to use deceiving digital renderings and the importance he placed on creating a structurally sound result that would stand the test of time. By the time I met with Dr. Rahban, I was confident about my choice. At my consultation he thoroughly studied not only my nose, but my entire face so that the results would be balanced. He gave me time to voice my own concerns and then explained everything he saw, taking his time and going into great detail. He informed me that my case was a very complicated one, as multiple parts of my nose needed fine tuning and I have thin skin which is unforgiving. He then surprised me by telling me not to have this procedure done if I was seeking perfection. He told me to be honest with myself, and that if I foresaw myself endlessly picking apart the minute details of my nose even after achieving wonderful results, I would never find happiness with my nose. He told me not to go through with this if I thought it would make me a happier person because true happiness could not be found in the superficial. I took his words to heart and I deeply appreciated his honesty. I left his office feeling that this was completely my choice and that I was in the hands of someone who wanted the best for me. He never pressed me to move forward with the procedure. It wasn’t about just getting another patient. It was about me making an informed decision and him being able to give me something that he felt could help me. Dr. Rahban is not just a surgeon.... he is a masterful artist and a good man. And on top of my beautiful results, I feel confident that my nose is stronger than ever. I was one of his hardest cases and I am completely, one hundred percent satisfied. Tomorrow I go in for my 6 month post-operative appointment and I can’t wait to tell him how happy I am with my results!

Louisa Vuittonelli

I found Dr. Rahban through referral by his prestigious colleague and friend Dr. Garth Fisher. I was in search of a top breast revision plastic surgeon. After sending photos of my breasts to Leslie at Dr. Fisher's office, I was told that they recommend Dr. Rahban. Leslie spoke at length with Dr. Rahban about my breasts and showed him my photos. I was told then that Dr. Rahban agreed he can do my revision so I should book a consultation with him. I called his office, asked whether I needed to bring anything for the consultation since I live in San Francisco and then booked my appointment. After three weeks of waiting for my appointment date, I made the long journey and drove from San Francisco to his Beverly Hills office. I called the morning of my appointment to confirm my 1pm meeting for the second time, asked for directions and was told by the receptionist to come in early to fill out some paper work. I arrived 15 minutes early at 12:45, was greeted, filled out some forms and sat down in their lobby. Two women came in after I sat down and waited along. At 2pm (an hour and 15 mins passed), no one came to check up on me and the two women who came after me were already seen and one had left, so I asked the receptionist if the doctor was aware that I have been waiting for over an hour. She said the doctor knew, that I would be next about ten more minutes and offered a glass of water. Ten minutes later, she moved me into one of the exam rooms where I waited again. At 2:45pm (two hours has passed), I went back to the receptionist and told them that I didn't want to wait any longer and wanted to leave. The three women working there sat staring at me while the receptionist told me that it would be only two more minutes as the doctor is wrapping up with a patient. She asked me to wait since if I wanted to leave, it would take them 5 minutes to refund me my consultation fee anyway. She then asked if I wanted to reschedule for another day. I told her that I had made a special trip from San Francisco just to see Dr. Rahban and waiting two hours to see him is excessive. Five more minutes passed, they refunded me my money and still no Dr. Rahban. While I am aware that finding a skillful plastic surgeon who cares about their patient is difficult, I don't know whether waiting two hours to be seen when you have an appointment is common. It seems excessive. As I waited in the exam room for Dr. Rahban, I asked myself whether I was overreacting. I had already made the long drive from San Francisco to LA, spent money on a hotel and still needed to drive back, what's another hour or two wait? As a patient who has gone through the experience of a previous doctor who promised me results that he never delivered and made deliberate lies, I was looking for a doctor who can show me integrity, honesty, good communication, timely appointments and an overall compassionate professional relationship. The consultation appointment to me was not just any doctor visit, as I already knew the technical aspects of the surgery required after numerous consultations with other plastic surgeons. It represented how I would be treated as a patient and an opportunity to get a sense of Dr. Rahban's knowledge and his attentiveness to my specific needs and concerns. In the two hours that I patiently waited, I wished that he could have at least taken a moment to personally update me for a longer wait, that his staff could have alerted me prior to my appointment time that Dr. Rahban was experiencing significant delays. Knowing I made a trip to see him and that I left after waiting two hours, Dr. Rahban never even followed up. I am giving one star because not only was this experience a waste of time driving back and forth to LA with hotel and gas costs.If you are considering a consultation with Dr. Rahban, be prepared for long hours of waiting. The name on this review is my alias, to protect my medical information. Thank you.

Elegantly Stated Home Staging

One of my friends shared with me that she had a tummy tuck and showed me her scar. I couldn't believe how flat and faint the scar was. I had no idea a TT could be so successful. When I shared my concerns and fears with her, her words of wisdom were to make sure that whatever I do, I find a doctor that specializes in abdominoplasty. With that advice, I began my research for a doctor who would not only exceed my expectations, but also attain the same level of perfection that I was seeking. My first thought was to return to my original plastic surgeon who performed my breast augmentation. Meanwhile, with all things that could go wrong with this particular procedure, I decided to thoroughly research a viable alternative plastic surgeon that could provide a second opinion. At my consultation with my original plastic surgeon, I came away feeling unsure and not convinced that he was the doctor for me to perform my tummy tuck. Mostly I felt this way, as he left the decision entirely up to me as to whether or not I would like to have a mini or full TT. Thankfully, having had a back-up plan to consult with another plastic surgeon I proceeded with my consultation with Dr. Rady Rahban. Prior to meeting him, I had learned so much about him through my online research regarding his extensive experience and credentials, as well as the successful results of his patients. One of the highlights I had read about Dr. Rahban, was how he gives his patients his undivided attention and all the time needed to discuss every aspect and question one may have about their desired procedure. During my consultation, not only did I find it true regarding the time Dr. Rahban spends with his patients, but I also appreciated how compassionate and detailed he was in his explanation to help me understand why he felt I should have a full TT and not just a mini tuck. He took into consideration the shape of my hips, extent of the sagging skin and the lack of muscular shape of my abdomen. Additionally, I was experiencing much trepidation with undergoing general anesthesia. Dr. Rahban had such a way of connecting with me and putting my mind at ease, that I immediately knew by the end of my consult, that I wanted him to perform my TT. His high level of emotional intelligence and sincere interest in giving his patients the best possible and realistic outcome for their particular body frame is an exemplary characteristic that in my opinion most plastic surgeons just don't have. He does not look at a person and see a cookie cutter procedure; he really looks at you and assesses how he can improve your particular body shape. I should mention, that working with Dr. Rahban comes with a bonus of also working with his amazing, personable team of people. They are so welcoming, always smiling and taking an active interest in you as a person, rather than just a patient. Everyone there has such a huge sense of camaraderie that it makes you want to be a part of their team/family. Following my procedure Dr. Rahban visited me in recovery. He clearly was interested in how I was doing and what I was feeling (another plus side of his great bedside manner). At my post-op appointment, I felt like I had more questions now than I did prior to the procedure, yet again he gave me as much time as I needed to effectively and thoroughly answer each and every question I had. I am so happy I chose Dr. Rahban and that I heeded his professional opinion for full abdominoplasty and did not opt for a mini tuck, as I know now that had I decided on the extent of my procedure, I would have been left with the consequences of a not so successful outcome. Dr. Rahban's results undoubtedly justify his deserved reputation as a world-class Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. I highly recommend Dr. Rahban to anyone seeking a trustworthy, candid and personable plastic surgeon, who has the eye of a perfectionist and can deliver a truly amazing result.

Claire Bourquin

Dr Rahban recently did a rhinoplasty for me and replaced my breast implants. I highly recommend him if you are considering cosmetic surgery. He is an amazing surgeon with a clear vision who puts his patients first. He is uncompromising in the quality of his work in that it’s perfect. He has a very nice team of people who support him and make patients feel welcome. I am so happy with my results and can breathe well through my nose for the first time ever. Thank you, Dr Rahban and team!!

K Mooney

I had been thinking about getting a nose job for as long as I can remember. I always felt self-conscious about it and didn't like to be photographed. I had been saving for it since I was 18, so it was a HUGE decision deciding on a doctor. The procedure was done a month and a half ago (along with a chin implant), and I am extremely happy with the results. When I first met with Dr. Rahban I was really intimidated by his demeanor. He is very matter-of-fact and told me my results might not be what I'm hoping for because of my ethnic nose and thick skin. I was really disappointed after my consultation, but I really liked the fact that he didn't sugar coat anything. He also recommended a chin implant to even out my profile (which I ended up adding onto the procedure). I consulted with two other doctors and did hours upon hours of research of other doctors in Los Angeles. His positive reviews, experience with ethnic noses, and great before/after photos led me to choose him for the surgery. I had one more consultation before the surgery and his assistant led me through all pre/post-op instructions, and I spoke to the Dr. one more time. I was extremely nervous the day of surgery. I don't have any family in LA and hadn't told anyone I was going in that day. I cried and completely questioned my sanity for deciding to operate on my face!! The surgery went very smoothly and afterwards a friend drove me home (I was definitely super loopy on the pain meds). The recovery period was not as bad as I thought it would be! I took a week off of work (would definitely recommend that) and watched Netflix and drank smoothies. There was honestly no pain- just slight discomfort from my nose being blocked up with gauze! I've had a few more appointments since my surgery. I didn't like the results after the first week when the bandages were taken off. My face was SO swollen, and I was not prepared for that! After two weeks, the majority of the swelling went down and now at 6 weeks, I LOVE my nose and chin. I'm so happy that Dr. Rahban recommended the chin implant. It looks great! I think it's important for people to have realistic expectations about plastic surgery. If you want to look perfect, it's not for you. Dr. Rahban helped my set realistic expectations- I'll never have a tiny, cute nose but I do have a smaller nose that doesn't distract from my smile anymore. So grateful to Dr. Rahban and his staff! I feel so much happier with my appearance and my confidence has definitely increased.

Roya Barzani

Laurie Yahnker

Dr. Rady Rahban is now my doctor of choice after a few less than stellar experiences with other doctors. Dr. Rahban allowed me the time to ask all of my questions in an un-rushed atmosphere. He has given me the look that I am hoping for, without allowing me to go overboard, which I really appreciate. He is the absolute best!

Amber Christin

Where do I even begin, from the first time I met him he was very honest and spent a quality amount of time with me so he knew what was ideal for me. Dr. Rahban is so particular to detail and that's why he is so good at what he does. My husband is a great supporter of my makeover and he felt that Dr. Rahban was the best choice and has a great liking to him as well. Along with his professionalism that him and his staff exhibit you can tell they truly care about their patients. Can't thank him enough. He changed my life.

Danika Butler

I went to Dr. Rahban two years ago for a chin augmentation. When I arrived for the consultation he walked me through every step. He made me feel comfortable in my decision and told me how a chin implant would change my face. It wasn’t about picking out what I wanted but what would work for me. He told me exactly that and even further what I would need to do to be happy with my chin implant. Like having additional fat injected and coming back for Botox. The day of surgery he was relaxed and confident which helped me relax. I had a bandage for a week and then went back to normal life. I had swelling for maybe two weeks, but nothing noticeable to anyone but Dr. Rahban and I. I am an actress and since having the surgery I am much more comfortable on camera. I am no longer worrying about my angles, and if my double chin is showing. I go back every few months for a little Botox in my chin, and to say hi to the doctor, he also has made sure to follow up in the healing process and make sure everything is healing properly!

Celeste-Anne Trevino

Dr. Rahban was my fifth plastic surgeon I had consulted. I discovered him with a simple Google search. I first viewed his gallery, I was happy to see his very natural-looking results with clean scarring. After reading some very pleasing reviews, I called to schedule an appointment. When I entered his office, I immediately felt comfortable. His staff greeted me with a genuine smile, and was very friendly and helpful. Dr. Rahban’s establishment is not your typical plastic surgeons office; it is inviting and homie. I saw Dr. Rahban in February 2016 to talk about a possible breast augmentation and rhinoplasty. I am 20 years old and I have always been self-conscience about my breasts and large (or at least that's how I feel) nose. I had large, saggy breasts to begin with but then I lost forty pounds, which made them small and even saggier. Dr. Rahban examined my breasts first, measuring them and then measuring them again to check his numbers. He spent at least forty minutes explaining to me my options: why he would do this instead of that, his procedure, recovery time, size and shape, what my goals were, what he believed he could achieve; all with incredible detail. He really took his time with me and listened to all of my concerns. When he asked if I had any more questions, I hadn't any because he was so clear. He is also very straight forward, when he examined my nose, right away he told me not to mess with it. Most surgeons will tell you that they can do whatever you want but it may not be in your best interest. Dr. Rahban is not a salesman, he will tell you how he really feels but he is still understanding of your wishes. I truly believe Dr.Rahban looks out for your best interest; I feel that his ultimate goal is to enhance your beauty with as little modification as needed. After our consultation I knew I had found the perfect doctor for me; I scheduled my breast augmentation with them that day. On the day of my surgery my mother and father both came with me for support. My father had never met Dr. Rahban and he was kind enough to take some time to explain to my father what was going to happen. Dr. Rahban works with two anesthesiologist. The woman who helped me was very sweet; she came into my room before surgery to meet me and tell me a little bit about herself. Then, before I knew it I was on the operating table. Dr. Rahban and his staff made me feel very comfortable, they even had me laughing; I was not scared at all. I woke up from surgery with a large bandage and ugly sports bra on, which I had to wear for a week. After one week I saw Dr. Rahban again to take out my many stitches. I must admit I felt somewhat like Frankenstein but already I could tell my breasts were beautifully improved. He is so detail oriented, all of my scars matched up perfectly which excited me because I knew they would heal nicely. I have seen Dr. Rahban twice since my one-week post-op appointment and I have a six-month post-op appointment scheduled, which is great because most doctors only see you once after surgery. Dr. Rahban has transformed me into the person I knew I could be. My breasts look fabulous and I am an even more confident me. My mother and I have even gone back to Dr. Rahban for Restalyn injections. I completely trust Dr. Rahban and I am confident that his work will always be amazing.

Natalia Medeiros

My name is Natalia. My experience was amazing! Dr. Rahban is an amazing doctor and a genius. I have 2 kids. My son is 2 years old and my daughter is 11 months. I was always fit and liked working out almost everyday. After I had my second baby my tummy changed. And I was very unhappy with my body. I saw some horrible tummy tucks out their. So I did a lot of research and I found Dr. Rahban. I was very worried with the bellybutton and I saw some amazing pictures of his work, and because he had great testimonials. After a saw those amazing tummies, I decided to do it. I can say now that my tummy looks amazing! I can see my 6 packs! Dr. Rahban made me love my body again. A definitely can say that anyone that decides to do any plastic surgery, do it with Dr. Rahban. I trust him 100%.

Juan G

The story with my nose started more than 30 years ago. When I was about 10 years old, I broke my nose in School. When I was 15, I had my first rhinoplasty with an otolaryngologist to correct a hump with very poor final results in the bridge and the tip of my nose. Two years after that, I had a second rhinoplasty to improve a little bit the results, this time a plastic surgeon performed the surgery. Even though there was a little improvement of my tip, the two surgeries left my nose with a lack of structural support and with difficulties to breath. Needless to say, I was never pleased with the results. After about 30 years, I finally decided to find a plastic and reconstructive surgeon to examine my nose. I did my research. When I talked to Dr. Rahban, I was very impressed with the detailed examination he performed of my nose. He was extremely honest about my situation and possible outcomes. His honesty, professionalism and clarity made me stop looking for another surgeon. I had my revision rhinoplasty with Dr. Rahban in June. It has been six weeks after my surgery. Even though I have to still wait more months for the final results, I couldn’t be happier. I didn’t except such great results could be possible in a case like mine. Dr. Rahban did a fantastic job correcting the poor structure and shape of my nose. Even more, I can finally breath very well after so many years. Dr. Rahban is great and I couldn’t be happier that I found him. He is not only a fantastic surgeon but he has an artistic eye that is so important in this type of surgery. Thank you so much Dr. Rahban, you are the real deal. The staff in the office is absolutely amazing !

Emily Tucker

Wow where do I start. I had been wanting this done since I was a teenager. Now, at 25, after years of researching, I did it! I had been following Dr. Rahban for a while, as creepy as that sounds, and being an out of state doctor I really wanted to make sure there wasn’t a more local alternative. After a year or so of following a handful of doctors, I knew his work would be worth traveling for. Dr. Rahban is caring and to the point. He won’t try to sell you through deceptive photo morphing and will tell you if your expectations are realistic. You can tell he genuinely wants to help you in whatever way he can. My recovery was pretty easy. Watched Netflix, was able to sleep upright pretty well (aside from waking up drooling all over myself). I recommend getting Act dry mouth spray, small round gel ice packs and a neck pillow. Other than that, no pain, not too much discomfort, just a whole lot of doin’ nothin. Let your body take care of the rest. After all the reviews I read I knew it would be an emotional experience and even though I was prepared for it there can be ups and downs. Your breathing might feel weird the first few weeks—it’s normal. You may feel weird after getting your cast off and seeing something different in the mirror after so many years—it’s normal. You may swell up one day more than another—it’s normal. Have patience. You’re healing. Even after just two weeks I loved my nose. Dr. Rahban says “your nose won’t be perfect, but it will be better” but I truly believe it’s the perfect nose for me. There was a moment a few weeks ago where I was grabbing drinks after work with my coworkers and having a conversation at the bar, aka having a conversation from my profile view, and it hit me that I was making eye contact, smiling, and not anxious—a rarity prior to surgery. I never wanted a wedding because I never thought I would be comfortable in my skin enough to be a bride. It sounds silly but it’s true. I truly hope Dr. Rahban knows the profound positive impact he’s had on his patients. You can tell he puts everything into his work and just wants the best for his patients. He wants to see you after 6 weeks, 6 months, a year, etc. (far more follow ups than any other doctor I researched) because he cares. Simple as that. He was worth the years of researching, worth the travel, worth the money, and my only regret is I didn’t do it when I was younger! And his office team and surgical team are the best! Everyone is so sweet. It only makes me want to get something else done so I can keep visiting them ❤️. In conclusion, thank you Dr. Rahban and your amazing staff. Truly life changing experience.

Elaine Chou

Dr. Rahban is an artist and a perfectionist! I have a history of keloids, Dr Rahban was so meticulous and mindful of my health while keeping my idea of beauty in mind, the incisions were 99% invisible. Not only did I not develop any keloids, the look and feel are extremely natural. 10 out of 10! I love it so much!!! Dr. Rahban called me personally after my surgery. He also have his staffs contacted me to check with me. He really cares about his patient not only before the surgery but also after the surgery. He make sure that I go to my follow up appointment and he take his time to explain everything that I need to know. I can just say, him and his staffs are there for me every step of the way. I really appreciate everything that they have done for me. I have to say I am lucky to find him and he is really a best surgeon.

Shyra Renee

My experience with Dr. Rahban was absolutely amazing. I have been following my gifted doctor for many years before I had my consultation. During my research I only had a few doctors that I was considering to perform my breast reduction & lift. Dr. Rahban really stood out from his peers and he was the first doctor I saw for my consultation. During my consultation he was very honest, detailed and passionate. Before I left his office I knew he was the best choice to perform my surgery. He was the only doctor I had seen and the last. I was very impressed by his knowledge he knew exactly what to do with my breast; and he also explained my particular situation which was not I really felt very comfortable and safe to move forward with Dr. Rahban! Being an African American I had to be very cautious since we are known to scar really bad and get keloids. Dr. Rahban educated me on this matter and during my consultation he explained that he does the final closing of incisions and NOT a surgical nurse! Which is so important to have your incision closed very neat and meticulously. I'm so happy and over the moon scars are so minimal and are healing very well again I'm super impressed by his craftsmanship! I would like to add a special bonus I'm wearing vitamin infused surgical tape to help with my scars this was provided by my doctor and you can not buy this at your local drug store or pharmacy. This has been a long journey for me and I did my research. Please if you are considering breast reduction & Lift please book your consultation! P.S. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me:) Thank You, Stacey


Just as I suspected Dr. Rady Rahban was absolutely amazing. After years of research all roads kept pointing to Dr. Rahban. The first time I found his work was several years ago, I called and was going to schedule a consultation, but I couldn’t afford it. I kept searching for other possible ethnic Rhinoplasty surgeons, but I was never fully satisfied with their work. Some doctors had some great work, but it wasn’t consistent. My nose was not a typical bad nose, it had its fair share of defects and only a highly skilled surgeon was going to tackle it successfully. A highly skilled surgeon was not going to be cheap, so when I finally reached a point in my life where I could afford it, I decided to schedule the consultation with Dr. Rahban. I booked the consult aware that the procedure was going to cost me 10 – 15 k. The consult was day and night compared to others I’ve attended, it was very personal and obvious he truly cares about his patients. He was not a sales man, he was professional and very straightforward and let me know what he can and can’t do for me. I booked the procedure the same day and anxiously waited for the big day. I fell in love with my new nose the second he took off the cast. I’m currently 8 weeks post op and it keeps getting better.

Tammy Grim

After 3 children and gaining and losing 80 pounds, my breasts needed help. I was the girl who had sex with her shirt on, yep, that bad. I have researched and interviewed many doctors over the years. Unfortunately, I left each interview feeling less than excited. I just couldn’t see spending so much money to be disappointed. I found Dr. Rahban when we moved to California. At first, I thought he was too good to be true. His website included photos of women who ALL had incredible results! Getting my first appointment was a bit of a challenge. However, I understand why. He is that good. Once I got my appointment, Dr. Rahban addressed virtually every question I had without me having to ask. I felt he truly understood what I was concerned about and what I was hoping for. Even so, I just knew as soon as he saw my breasts, he would have to disappoint me. I literally stood there sweating and hoping Dr. Rahban would be my miracle. He asked me what I was wanting as a result. I told him I wanted to stay about the same size or go even smaller. At 50, I didn’t really care about size as much as aesthetics. I wanted to feel confident. I wanted to have sex without being half dressed!! He suggested a breast reduction with an implant. I was shocked! I didn’t even know that was a thing! He also told me for the best results, my body type needed no smaller than my current size. In that moment, I knew he was my surgeon. I can’t tell you exactly what it was that helped me decide. Maybe it was his confidence or that he never flinched when assessing my situation. Maybe it was the way he spoke about getting precise results and that he sutured all his patients himself. Maybe it was his discussion about using photos in the operating room I would choose to make sure I got the results I wanted. Or how much of the time in surgery will be setting me up and down, making sure I got the those results. He was all business and a little OCD and I was thrilled!! During my pre-op appointment, Dr. Rahban was so kind and patient. I had concerns and as the surgery date got closer, those concerns seemed to get bigger. He answered all my questions while making me feel like he had all the time in the world. That alone helped so much. I want to interject here to let you guys know how fantastic his staff is!!! They truly deserve their own shout out. I gave Sally, who sets the surgery dates, a bit of a hard time by changing my surgery dates. She went above and beyond in helping me figure that out. I also want to acknowledge Heidi, Dr. Rahban’s right hand. She is the most patient woman. I must have called her 20x’s post-surgery and she was always kind and helped calm my nerves. Although those were to the two ladies I worked with most, everyone in the office is simply the best. Surgery day came and my husband couldn’t be there because of work. I was ok with it because I was so excited about the surgery! Dr. Rahban and his team had me well prepared. Even so, Dr. Rahban’s head surgery nurse sat with me and kept me company before surgery. I will never forget her kindness. I am sure she had a million things to do, but I was her priority. For some reason, I wasn’t worried about anesthesia. For those who are, the anesthesia doc was the best!! When they took me in to surgery, I didn’t have time to get nervous because they are so good at what they do. I went home and did absolutely every single thing they told me to do. If I even had a doubt, I called the office. One week later, Dr. Rahban took the bandages off and I literally stood there and cried. I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing on my body!! He was my miracle after all. I cannot thank Dr. Rahban, his office, and surgical staff enough. I am still in shock at the transformation. This was truly one of the best things I have ever done. My only regret is that I didn’t go ahead, bite the bullet, and have my tummy tuck at the same time. Oh well, I guess I will get the chance to spend more time with all these wonderful people next year.

Mrs. Momma.Hooper

Best Man for the Job! #Rhinoplasty

Larissa Linde

Dr. Rahban and his staff are truly amazing! Currently 10 weeks post op Breast Augmentation and couldn't be any happier with my results. As every patient should I did my research on Dr Rahban, read countless reviews, looked at every picture I could find, the process took months for me to decide that he was the doctor I wanted to perform my surgery. This isn't my first go around, I'm a 31 year old female that currently had 320cc saline implants. These implants were in for 7 years, went through 2 pregnancies while breastfeeding two beautiful boys. After the years the implants became deflated, visible rippling started showing, while having a pretty decent gap between breasts.I was always self conscious about the size of my areola's so in my mind I knew that was very important to me to get a reduction. Knowing implants don't last forever, I knew then it was time for an "upgrade." Scheduled my consult and flew down from Montana. Walking into his office and being greeted with a smile was just the first step of an amazing experience with his whole team. Consultation exceeded my expectations, I was left speechless at the end. He had so much knowledge and expertise, I left there knowing I didn't need to search for another doctor or even have another consult anywhere. Being a stay at home mom and living in Montana I needed to take the time and plan out my surgery accordingly so I had someone to help me recover while planning flights from out of state. I was able to lock in my surgery date and his staff stayed in contact with me and sent me everything I needed pre op, instructions on what not to take and do prior to surgery etc. I flew down the day before my surgery, met with Dr Rahban for my pre op appointment and went over what was going to happen in my surgery. Fixing the pocket on my left side so my breasts were closer together not in my armpits anymore haha, reducing my areola's, switching from saline to silicone, and increasing in size. Day of surgery went great! Nurses, anesthesiologist, Dr Rahban all made you feel at ease probably when your at your highest point of anxiety to get the surgery done. My husband was there to pick me up and take me back to the hotel where I stayed and recovered until my first week checkup. During that time Dr. Rahban did call to check in on me and make sure everything was going as planned. First couple days your at your roughest, nausea from the anesthesia, a little dizzy and unstable. Pain medications were there to help in that department and after 2 days I was able to get off all pain meds. Your placed in a surgical bra with wrappings underneath, "no peaking" until your first week check up. Week 1 checkup, I had all my stitches removed from my areola's and my under the breast incision. This was the first time that I was able to see my new breasts! Let me tell you, they looked amazing, I was blown away by how great they looked. Everything I wanted was done beyond my expectations, they were and are perfect! I decided to fly back home for a week until my 2 week appointment. Being at home was a little more comforting and relaxing than a hotel room. Week 2 check up, breasts were healing beautifully, we went over again what not to do for the remaining 4 weeks. No lifting over 5lbs, no cardio, wearing only your surgical bra etc. until your cleared at 6 weeks. Since I live out of state he was ok with me coming back at 9 weeks post op for my next checkup. I resumed lower body weight lifting, cardio, and a little upper body once I hit my 6 week mark. Able to wear sports bras and wireless bras. 9 week check up, my breast incisions are still healing but look great. Breasts are larger in size, still soft and natural feeling, I had 320cc saline implants prior which put me at a 32c, now I have 520cc silicone implants and I am a 32DDD. I work out 5 days a week mainly bodybuilding, I have had to change my exercises slightly to make sure I keep my amazing results for many years to come. I would recommend Dr Rahban in a heartbeat! Big Thank You to Dr Rahban, his staff & everybody in between!

Gabriel Sim

Dr. Rahban is probably the best nose surgeon in Los Angeles. I was first afraid to do a nose job, because I had fears that my nose would become to feminine or different. It looks amazing. See the pictures below, before and after surgery.

Abigail Ayvar

I never really considered getting a breast augmentation until early last year. Let me explain that it wasn't for the lack of wanting them, but for the fear of getting botched or having a look I would eventually regret. This fear was instilled due to my twin sister having two breast augmentation surgeries done within the same year. I was so traumatized that the same would happen to me that I never actually considered ever getting it done. That was until I met Raddi. 5 years after my twin sister got her surgery (I'm 24 now) I decided to do some research on surgeons in Newport Beach and Beverly Hills. Why? Because if you want a Mercedes, Audi or BMW you go to the dealer right? Not the corner used car lot. Just figure of speech for looking for quality lol. Anyways I went to about 4 different consults and not one of them made me feel more comfortable then when I went to see Raddi. He said everything I needed to hear to feel confident in choosing to go through with a breast augmentation IN GENERAL! I wouldn't have gotten it done if it weren't for Raddi. Now 6 weeks post op I feel amazing! Not only am I exercising and getting back to regular life, but I'm also looking and feeling better then I ever have before. I still have a few more months until my chest looks more natural but I am enjoying the process because it's developing beautifully. Thanks Raddi! For making me look amazing!

Joyce J

Lip reduction- An amazing plastic surgeon. Finally found a doctor for an upper lip reduction due to silicone I had put into my lips 18 years ago. He did an awesome job, I could not be happier.

Stephanie Nishikida

Dr. Rahban is a godsend!! I feel compelled to write this review because I am so grateful, from the bottom of my heart, for having found him to do my surgery. Dr. Rahban is truly an artist and a perfectionist who genuinely cares about the whole person. I initially walked into my consultation with tremendous anxiety about even talking to a doctor about a breast augmentation; however, after meeting with and talking to Dr. Rahban, I felt empowered about my body and the knowledge he gave me about the surgery and about my options. Before the consultation, I had worried that I wouldn't be able to convey how I wanted to look, but Dr. Rahban sat with me for an hour going over meticulous details about my anatomy, as well as a realistic plan for achieving amazing results (he even drew pictures to help me visualize what he was talking about). And by realistic, I mean that he is honest about what is possible for each individual. I knew without a doubt that Dr. Rahban and I were on the same page in terms of expectations for the surgery because he spent so much time with me going over details and looking at pictures of what I did and didn't want prior to the surgery. I took great comfort throughout the entire process knowing that he truly cared about EVERY. LAST. DETAIL. He was there with me in the operating room even before I went under anesthesia, he closed up my incisions himself (normally a tech does this), and he was there when I woke up to make sure that absolutely no detail went unseen. Not to mention, he spent more than twice as much time as necessary on the operation in order to really make sure that everything was perfect. It is an amazing feeling to be that confident in a doctor! I think it goes without saying that I am ecstatic about my results! The outcome is far better than what I ever thought possible!!

Jenna Gerbino

I spent the better part of my life hating my nose, and spent the last five years researching surgeons all over the country. This year, I was fortunate enough to find Dr. Rahban, and after a wonderful consultation and some deliberation, I decided to move forward with a rhinoplasty. Now, I live in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, which isn't exactly close to Beverly Hills, but when you're considering plastic surgery, I can't express enough the importance of never compromising. The minor inconvenience of traveling for surgery and follow-up far outweigh the consequences of choosing a doctor that is cheaper and/or closer to where you live. For me, as I'm sure it is for most people considering plastic surgery for the first time, I wanted to do this once and do it right. I have friends who are on their second and even third procedure to fix the unsatisfactory results of a cheaper, more conveniently-located surgeon. And though the traveling the distance may seem insurmountable for some, they've spent more money and countless hours in multiple surgery recoveries than they would have if they just considered going to the right doctor for the job in the first place. Dr. Rahban is the real deal, and I'm grateful every day that I made the choice to travel to him for my procedure. I'm now a little over two months out from surgery, and I couldn't be happier. Aside from being one of the most talented plastic surgeons, Dr. Rahban was kind, empathetic, honest, and collaborative every step of the way. For anyone who is worried about recovery from a rhinoplasty, let me just tell you it's an absolute breeze. Zero pain, and I mean zero, from the moment I left the surgery center until the day the bandages came off (a moment, which brought me to tears). Dr. Rahban's medical team is incredible (his anesthesiologist has been with him for 12 years now, I believe), and his staff is just the loveliest, most helpful group of people you can imagine (shoutout to Heidi, Carolina, and Sally!). I just visited his office again for a follow-up and I'm so sad that I won't get to see him or his team until my next follow-up appointment, which isn't for another six months. Dr. Rahban changed my life. I could go on for hours about how, but if you're even thinking about getting plastic surgery, schedule a consultation and see for yourself.

Moni E

I saw Dr Rahban 7 years ago and he was priceless. He was not only careing....but honest. I went in wanting one thing, and he suggested another that was much less than I would've spent. That to me was integrity. I was prepared to spend more, and at the end I spent less. He would not allow me to do something he didn't think I should do. That is integrity. I was very happy with my results. I would absolutely see him again....thank you for being ethical and kind! SOOOO IF You are looking for a good surgeon that truely cares. ..see Dr Rahban!....

la flautista

I wanted to write a review, not just on my amazing experience and results with Dr. Rahban, but also the process I went through to find the best plastic surgeon in the first place. I know the anxiety that goes into finding the right surgeon, so hopefully this post is helpful. I couldn’t be happier with my results, so all the time snd research I put into this beforehand paid off! I’ll start by saying I currently live in Fresno, and drove 4 hours down to Beverly Hills and back for my surgery, as well as all my pre and post op appointments. There are board certified plastic surgeons here in Fresno, but I didn’t choose to go to them (and went to Dr. Rahban instead) for the following reasons: 1.) Just because someone is board certified in plastic surgery does NOT mean they’re good at what they do (or good in the specific area you’re looking to get done). I looked at the before and after pics of the surgeons here (those that had any) and compared them to Dr. Rahban’s, and it was night and day! Dr. Rahban’s clearly gifted and his breasts all looked beautiful, but not all the same. I didn’t want to come out of surgery looking like Dolly Parton and was really seeking a surgeon that had a natural touch, and I could tell that Dr. Rahban custom designed all his work differently for each patient and their goals...and was good at it! 2.) I looked at their social media accounts and was specifically looking for before and after pics. It’s SCARY how many plastic surgeons either don’t have social media accounts, or have them but don’t post any before and after pics. Plastic surgery is cosmetic, and social media is a highly powerful visual medium that is perfect for promoting your plastic surgery practice. So if I don’t see any before and after pics, that’s a red flag that they don’t do good work. Dr. Rahban posts all his work, and his work is incredible (in many areas)! 3.) I also was looking for a surgeon that was into patient education. Usually surgeons that are teaching are at the forefront of their field. Dr. Rahban has a podcast on his IG account (@drradyrahban), where he answers a lot of common questions and misconceptions about plastic surgery. That’s a big focus for him, which made me feel much more comfortable. 4.) I liked that Dr. Rahban closes up his surgeries himself. Many plastic surgeons let their assistants close, which can often result in uneven scars. 5.) Lastly, this may sound random, but I also liked that Dr. Rahban has done mission trips and pro bono work. Plastic surgeons can often come across as self absorbed and not really listening to their clients. But I got a sense of genuine care from Dr. Rahban’s practice and his staff (who are all amazing!). I knew that I would be paying more by getting work done with Dr. Rahban, rather than a surgeon here in Fresno. But to me, it was worth it! I’d rather pay more and only get it done ONCE, rather than go the cheaper route and end up with a potential botch job and have to pay thousands more in fixing it. I didn’t shop around or go to a bunch of different consults. I did my research, made my selection, and paid my deposit knowing Dr. Rahban was going to be my surgeon. Trust me when I say, if you get work done with Dr. Rahban, you will be VERY happy with the results! He’s the best, and I couldn’t be happier with my results. I got a breast lift and augmentation, and the scars are already hardly noticeable, the shape is AMAZING (and natural), and were worth every penny! If I end up moving and ever wanted more work done, I would 100% fly to Beverly Hills to get the work done with Dr. Rahban. If you have any questions, concerns, cautions, etc., make sure to follow Dr. Rahban and submit your questions to him to cover in his podcasts.

Caro Edelstein

Amazing experience with my breast implant removal, reduction and lift!! I was so hesitant to get my breast implants removed, worried about how the outcome would look. I couldn’t take the weight and pain anymore so decided if I was going to do it, Dr. Rahban was my best choice. After lots of careful research I found that his work was phenomenal, proof is in the pictures on his website which are real, and now the proof is on me. My breasts look so perfect, natural and even. Not only am I incredibly satisfied with my physical outcome, which of course is most important, but also with the level of love and care that is shown by Dr. Rahban and his staff! They truly care about their patient and their work. I am so grateful that I took this journey and recommend Dr. Rahban to anyone who is looking to have natural looking, beautiful breasts with the best doctor and staff around.

Saida Andrade


Dr. Rahban, Sona, Sally, and the rest of the staff at his office are great! Very welcoming, nice, funny, professional, and fun. :) I got an open Septo-Rhinoplasty and although it cost me 15k it was totally worth every penny. It's been a life changing experience. My nose was so messed up, crooked, and large but now I love my nose. Thanks for changing my life Dr. Rahban! If you're on the fence about going to him, do it. It's one of the best decisions I've made, and I have no regrets about going to him. Btw @ the lady that said she had to wait in the waiting room for 2 hours and left before speaking with him. I had to wait no longer than 15-20 mins in the waiting area all 4 times I went in, so I can't relate, but now 6 months post-op, I would have sat in that waiting room all day, and spent the night there if I knew then, what my face would look like now 6 months later thanks to Dr. Rahban. You probably should have been patient and waited.♡♡

Stefan Ubach

I had been dissatisfied with the look of my nose thinking it was bumpy and too big and began thinking of cosmetic procedures to alter it. After a little online research I chose Dr. Rahban because I liked the way his before and after pics looked. I was ready to spend a LOT of money thinking that's what It would take to enhance my appearance. Fortunately, after examining me Dr.Rahban explained to me that a non-surgical approach would be more efficient and more suited towards my particular type of nose and boy was he right I absolutely loved my results I was in complete awe!! I was very happy about his honesty and so was my wallet!! Dr. Rahban took his time addressing all of my concerns and I gotta reiterate that I really appreciated his honesty. If I had gone to a different surgeon it pains me to think that they would've agreed to anything as long as they got their money so it's inspiring to see someone as ethical as Dr. Rahban working this business and I just wish more people out there were just as ethic. The man is a genius, very very passionate about what he does he's a damn artist and I definetly recommend him to anyone seeking to get a little something done, he knows his craft so well it's insane. Shout out to his friendly staff as well!!!!

Arina M

As far as I can remember, I had a hanging columella and a hump on my nose so I never really cared about the aesthetics of my nose. But a few years ago, I accidentally broke my nose, which left me with a very bad case of deviated septum, to the point that I would get excruciatingly painful headaches even if I did a short hike. As a result of that , I decided to do some research about rhinoplasty and plastic surgeons. And so, I came across Dr.Rahban and started doing more research by looking at the before/after photos of the patients, reading all the testimonials, and reviews. And I really liked the natural look of the patients nose so I decided to go in for a consultation. From the first visit, I knew he was going to be my surgeon. He was very honest, straightforward (two very important characteristic of a surgeon, in my opinion) , knowledgeable, and caring. Being the perfectionist and detailed oriented that I am, I was pleased that he was able to answer all my questions and concerns that I had in regards to my procedure. Hence, I decided to go thru with my procedure. The day of the procedure went by very smooth without any surprises as well as the recovery. I did not have any bruises, minimal face swelling, and no pain!! (which I was very worried about prior to surgery, even thought Dr.Rahban ensured me that I will have no pain)!! When my cast came off, I could not be any happier with the result! It was exactly what I wanted my nose to look. After being so reluctant with doing plastic surgery and putting it off for so long I could not have found a better surgeon than Dr.Rahban. He truly is amazing. P.S. He has the best staff!

Farnaz Pirayesh

I am a 35 year old female physician who has wanted to get a rhinoplasty to change my extremely Persian nose since the age of 12. Ever since I can remember, compliments always followed with a pause and a “well she can change her nose when she grows up.” This did not make me insecure about my nose, but it brought it to my attention at a young age. My challenge was finding the time to get the procedure done and more importantly, the right plastic surgeon. During medical school and residency, I had rotated with plastic surgeons and ENTs who did rhinoplasties and so I became familiar with important aspects of not only what constituted a great rhinoplasty, but also a great plastic surgeon. I put a lot of time researching plastic surgeons. Many surgeons offered photo morphing to their patients- those were easy to filter out. That is a set up for disappointment-this is a very complicated surgery and not a something that is accomplished with a few clicks. Another commonality was that a lot of plastic surgeons seemed to get all their patients a very generic nose- there is nothing aesthetic about that. When I finally came across Dr. Rahban’s website, I recognized that he was very different than a lot of other plastic surgeons out there. He talked about maintaining the structure of the nose and I appreciated that his patients appeared to have very natural looking noses. I decided to book my first consultation with him and the fact that his office offers monthly Saturday appointments was perfect as I live 4 hours away and as a physician, my schedule is very limiting. Dr. Rahban’s bed side manner is second to none. He is warm, has integrity and is very honest and humble. I could tell he values what he does and he is dedicated to his patients. I believe he truly understands and appreciates how important these decisions are for his patients. At no point did I sense that he was rushing the appointment to go on to the next one- he was fully present at each and every appointment. He asked me what I thought was wrong with my nose and after telling him, he took a few minutes to study my nose closely and told me the changes he would make to my nose. He reassured me that he will not give me a nose that looked “done up.” What was important to me was that he did not give me any false hope. He was just honest with what he could achieve with my nose. He patiently answered all of my questions. With that one visit, I made my decision and his wonderful office staff scheduled me for my preop and I scheduled 2 weeks off from work. My nose appears natural and fits my face. Other than those who know me extremely well and those I have shared this process with, no one has been able to tell that I have had rhinoplasty because it looks so natural. This is how I always pictured myself to be physically in my mind. I cannot express how happy I am with Dr. Rahban’s work. If I had to do this all over again for whatever reason, I would want Dr. Rahban to be my surgeon.

Elena Farias

Dr Rahban is an outstanding doctor. He is kind, sensitive and very knowledgeable. He always takes the time to explain the procedures and answers all my questions. I have been coming to him for many years and would never consider leaving him. He treats his office staff with such kindness, that it creates a very warm and caring office environment. I trust Dr Rahban, he is very honest even if it means not having a procedure. Once I asked about having something done and he honestly told me that I did not need it! Hurray for Dr Rahban, he is the best in Southern California!

Laura Britton

Twelve years ago I had celebrity doctor give me a mommy makeover. While it wasn't quite a botch job, it never made me happy because the doctor didn't really listen to what I wanted. Recently, Dr. Rahban completed my scar revision and breast lift and I couldn't be happier. He was completely honest, told me realistically what I could expect and didn't promise the moon. When it was all said and done, he exceeded my expectations! He listened. He cared. His bedside manner is impeccable. If you are looking for a doctor for your surgery, you won't be disappointed with Dr. Rahban. He is the best! If I could give any advice, make sure to do your research and don't just shop for doctors based on television accolades. Read reviews and get more than one opinion.


My experience with Dr. Rahban has been absolutely amazing. During the consultation, Dr. Rahban was straight forward and honest on his approach on performing rhinoplasties. He was confident he could give me the best version of my nose. I instantly knew he was the surgeon for me, because I wanted my nose to look as natural as possible. His staff and surgical team are truly extraordinary. This was my first surgery and not only were they professional, but they were all compassionate and comforting throughout the process. I will never forget the comfort of Nurse Odette and Dr. Houston when prepping me for surgery. They assured me that everything was going to be okay and I was able to go into surgery calm and at ease. I was amazed on how easy the recovery was. I had almost no bruising and no pain. Not only does my nose look natural, but my breathing has improved tremendously. Going to Dr. Rahban was the best decision I could have ever made. He is truly an artist and he genuinely cares about his patients. Thank you Dr. Rahban!

Hessa SK

Cheryl B

Dear Dr. Rahban, I am writing this letter to say how very grateful I am for what he did for me and want to share my story. Dr. Rahban and his wonderful staff are incredible people who show dedication and commitment to their profession. I had a “mommy makeover” 10 years ago with very poor results and was told by the very well known doctor that nothing more could be done. After hiding my body for the last ten years and feeling as if it was only getting worse, I decided to once again, find a doctor who could help me. I did my homework and after researching many doctors, I found Dr. Rady Rahban. Dr. Rahban is an honest, upfront, personable and caring doctor. He spent my consultation time explaining everything to me so that I would have all the answers in order to make a good decision. After I left his office, I knew I had found a very rare doctor, one that has integrity and holds true to his professional ethics. My surgery was everything I had hoped and prayed that it would be with the end result exceeding my expectations. I no longer have to hide my body and feel inspired and motivated. Dr. Rahban is truly an amazing doctor and surgeon, who goes out of his way to make sure everything that can be done, is done, with professionalism, expertise and care. I can’t say enough about Dr. Rahban. He is the prime example of what all surgeons should be! I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Sincerely, Cheryl

brandi cloud

I’m so thankful for Dr. Rahban! He has certainly changed my life. I believe he’s the absolute BEST plastic surgeon out there. I spent a good amount of time researching plastic surgeons for rhinoplasty and breast augmentation. I had a friend share with me that she had gone to Dr. Rahban for her breast augmentation. I checked out his website…it’s great, and so informative!! I loved that I was able to see his patients before and after photos! I scheduled a consultation with him. Even though I live five hours away, after meeting with Dr. Rahban, I immediately scheduled my surgery. I knew he was the best choice for me! Dr. Rahban has an amazing and caring bedside manner. He’s very honest and a true perfectionist. I never once felt like he was rushing through our appointments, and I felt very comfortable and educated on the procedures he’d be performing. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always disliked my big Lebanese nose…and it was extremely crooked! But, I didn’t want a new nose that didn’t fit my face. I still wanted something very natural-looking. Dr. Rahban sure did deliver!!! Not only did he maintain the structure of my nose, it also looks 1,000 times better! I ended up getting a chin implant and breast augmentation and couldn’t be any happier with my results. You know what else I love….Dr. Rahban was just as excited about my results as I was (because he LOVES to see his patients happy)! What a truly amazing person he is.

Diana Sarkisian

He is truly the best. He is worse to come over to do a nose surgery all the way from North Dakota! He doesn't push you to do a surgery, he is being really honest and realistic about results you need to expect. I was 100% confident about my choice. Rady made me feel really comfortable about the procedure, I had no bad thoughts about something goes wrong, just couldn't wait to be over surgery to see the transformation. Sally, his financial assistant, is just a doll. Very helpful, understanding, polite and kind. I financed a part of my surgery with CareCredit, won't pay any extra and that made the surgery much more affordable. Also, all his staff is amazing - Carolina and Heidi, thank you! Rady is passionate about his job, about the quality of his work, his customer service. You feel like you have been taken care of. He is not one of this popular celebrity surgeons, that only want to get money out of you, and you are just another day of work for him. With Rady you are an individual, you are a unique piece of art. He is also a great photographer. I don't know anything I don't like about him. He has a great taste, great vision of your new look, great personality. Highly recommend him! His work is what I noticed at first, when I was browsing the internet, then I met him in person and had no wish to do my surgery anywhere else. He is an undercover wizard, I am telling you :)

Maru Garcia

jae tru

Loved how helpful they are and how stylish the office is!

Evangelina Aguilar

My entire experience with Dr. Rahban was awesome. I couldn’t be happier with everything. It truly exceeded every expectation I had. I have always been so terrified of getting any type of surgery. But after meeting with Dr. Rahban for my first consultation I didn’t even remember how scared I was. He made me feel so comfortable I knew I was in the right hands. He is truly amazing and his entire staff is just as amazing as he is. The girls are all so sweet and caring.

Justin Hasting

I had wanted to have receive a rhinoplasty procedure my entire life. I had always just felt like my nose was something that stood out all the time, but being a male the procedure seemed like something that only girls would do. I knew that it would help me, so I thought that I might as well go to the consultation to see what it was all about, not even fully expecting to ever get the procedure. I cannot imagine a doctor more professional, knowledgeable and genuinely enthusiastic and intrigued by his own work than Dr. Rahban. Being a male, he made me feel as comfortable as I could possibly be and explained the surgery and outcome in extreme detail. I always felt as if he was as open as possible to me and gave me realistic expectations about what to expect, always making sure I was doing it for the right reasons. Despite him giving me realistic expectations, the outcome was far more than expected. My nose looks as natural as if I was born with it, and I could not imagine a better outcome. His attention to detail is astounding, even in the follow ups. His staff is phenomenal and more than welcoming. Being a male, I know that there are plenty of people on the edge just like me, so I cannot stress enough to at least go in for a consultation so that Dr. Rahban can explain everything. I never felt like he was forcing me to do anything, instead he laid out the foundation and let me make my own decision. Whether a female or male, I cannot recommend him and his staff enough. If you are looking for the best possible outcome and experience, you have found the right doctor.

Christine Perl

My boyfriend and I spent close to 6 months searching online for the best doctor. We scanned countless websites and looked at hundreds of before and after pictures. When we went in for the consultation with Dr. Rahban he answered all the questions we had before we could even ask them. He gave us all the information we needed to make our decision, I did not go to any other consultations. I knew I found the surgeon I wanted. The whole process was very easy, his staff was extremely helpful and friendly. I waited to write my review until I was fully healed so I could give the most accurate information. My surgery was in November of 2016, my last post op was a few weeks ago (so about 7months later) I couldn't be happier with the outcome! He was able to achieve exactly what I had pictured for myself. To sum it up, he takes pride in his work and it shows. I couldnt be any happier with the entire experience!

Yvonne Lutz

Four months ago I decided to explore the idea of having my breast implants removed. They were visibly too large for my body. I first had them done over 16 years ago with the main objective being shape (genetically, my breasts were somewhat cone shaped). Unfortunately they turned out quite larger than I had anticipated, and over the years the wear and tear resulting from pregnancy, breastfeeding, age and gravity made them even more unattractive. When I went in for my consultation with Dr. Rahban, I was pretty set on the idea of having my implants removed without replacing them with new implants. I also wanted a lift, as I assumed that my breasts would be a bit saggy after having implants in for so long. After doling out my wish list (GIANT IMPLANTS REMOVED, THEN PRETTY THOSE THINGS UP WITH A LIFT), Dr. Rahban engaged me in a very honest conversation about what my breasts could potentially look like if he just removed the old implants without replacing them with new ones. Even with a breast lift, the chances that I would have enough breast tissue so that I could achieve the shape and size that I wanted was slim. He was very direct in explaining the reality of what I was asking for. While I was disappointed (I really did not want new implants), I did appreciate his candor- especially considering his vast experience, expertise, and reputation. He presented me with several different options, one of which was to allow him to use his judgment and make the decision to replace the implants with smaller ones (or not) during the surgery. This felt fair. I trusted his appraisal completely. As our discussions continued during my pre-op visit and even up to the day of my surgery, it became clear to me that Dr. Rahban’s chief objective was for me to have the absolute best outcome possible for the investment that I was making. Because ultimately the decision to have cosmetic surgery is a considerable investment; not only a financial and physical investment, but an emotional one as well. He wanted to get it right the first time. Measure twice, cut once (pun intended). He wanted me to be thrilled with my new breasts. In the end, Dr. Rahban did not replace my implants. As it turned out, I had enough breast tissue so that new, smaller implants were not necessary. I was thrilled. But I have to say that I would have been completely happy with smaller implants had we needed to go that route. And the reason for that is because Dr. Rahban took the time to educate me rather than simply giving me what I wanted. And for that I am extremely grateful. Dr. Rahban is a brilliant surgeon. His staff is incredible, making the entire process seamless. If you are looking for a surgeon who will treat you as an individual, evaluating each case on its own, then I highly recommend a consultation with Dr. Rahban.

Antoinette Anderson

Dr. Rady Rahban is the best. It is not often that I meet a doctor that I have absolutely no reservations at all about. I am a 60-year-old African American woman from Gary, Indiana. I made the trip to California after my daughter and I did a lot of research for an excellent doctor to repair an abdominal condition called Diastasis Recti . If you still look pregnant months after giving birth, you may have Diastasis Recti. That's what they call it when the rectus abdominis muscles in your abdomen separate during pregnancy, leaving a gap that allows your belly to pooch out. This was a condition that had been a thorn in my side for at least 25 years. Too often I heard about surgeries gone wrong, and you can never be absolutely sure that something won't go wrong but especially being a woman of color, I heard that I was more than likely going to develop keloid scars. I am pleased to announce that my surgery was an absolute success, I am now 7 weeks post-op and I am doing wonderfully. Dr. Rahban is an honest doctor. He made sure to let me know that I would still have work to do when I healed because of my age and prior physical condition. He will not try to push products or additional procedures on you and he was 100% straight-forward in explaining all the risks, limitations, and concerns before the surgery. The day of the surgery, I was greeted and prepared by an amazing clinic staff at the surgery center in Beverly Hills. Most doctors let their assistants close the patient after completing the bulk of the surgery, but not Dr. Rahban. That can be a disadvantage because the closures might not heal as well if the assistant is not as skilled as the surgeon. Dr. Rahban’s philosophy is that he does the procedure from start to finish. He takes his time and cuts no corners, from beginning to end. I couldn’t be happier. The recovery is tough at first, but again, I knew exactly what to expect because I was so well-informed before the surgery. Additionally, Dr. Rahban and his in-office staff were always willing to answer any questions or concerns that arose in-between my post-op appointments. Now, I’m able to return to my normal activities, wear clothes that I could never wear before, and live the life of confidence that I’ve always dreamed up. Plastic surgery is a huge financial and physical commitment. If you have ever watched the cable show "Botched" it should put a little fear in you to make sure that you choose the correct surgeon. But trust me when I say that Dr. Rahban is the real deal. I would urge you to still do your own research before pursuing plastic surgery, but I have no doubt that I made an excellent decision.

Jasmine Roozbanian

I've had consults with many other physicians and by far, my consultation with Dr. Rahban was the best. I had the best experience. He was extremely thorough and knowledgeable. I felt very comfortable and confident with his diagnosis and suggestions. He is very passionate about his work and believes in delivering the best product (which was not the case with my other consults). Go see for yourself - he's just that good - call, make the appointment and just speak with him, you'll be glad you did. !

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