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Delores Thompson

Marina Plastic Surgery is the best all-around center for services that include numerous options. Over the last few years I have received various treatments by Jennifer Tinelli, NP-C. She is an amazing nurse practitioner with many years' experience in this field. She is extremely calming, incredibly competent and has the most pleasant personality. She has given me Ultherapy treatments, facial laser treatments, injectables, and recommendations for skincare products and treatment that I follow. With her treatments and skincare product recommendations, my face and skin have improved to the point that many people assume I am 10 to 15 years younger than I am. Thank you Jennifer for all that you have done and continue to do for me and thank you Dr. Stevens for having her on your staff. I am a loyal client of Marina Plastic Surgery and will continue to be so for many years to come.

Lorrie Tonelli

This Surgery Place Is Amazing I wouldn’t trust or go anywhere else.!i have had 2 surgeries and I’m very very pleased with my results. Honestly I wouldn’t trust my life with anyone else

Samantha Agricola

I cannot say enough positive things to properly explain how amazing Dr. Grant Stevens and his entire staff are. From the moment, I entered his office I was treated like royalty. There's coffee on request as well as ice water in the waiting room. The waiting room is just like every other aspect of this practice, impeccable! It is clean, pristine and has a huge eye catching aquarium. Sometimes I did have to wait a bit to be seen but I can honestly say it was always worth the wait. In all honestly I chose Dr. Stevens somewhat by chance, but after meeting him and learning about his practice I knew there was nowhere else I would ever go. His entire staff is kind, patient and informative; include the front office staff whom always have a smile and a friendly comment when checking in. I believe my surgery was as problem free as any surgery could be. I felt very well taken care of and felt much like a work of art, with Dr. Stevens being the artist. He takes great pride in his work and genuinely cares about his patients and how he helps them to make their lives better. I truly feel very lucky to have had him for my doctor. Also his nurses Maria, Patrice and Tammy are absolute gems. Each one of them is just wonderful. I called many times (and continue to do so) or emailed with questions, and they are always very fast at getting back to me and responding to my concerns with complete sensitivity and compassion. For example, I was worried about how one of my scars was healing and had written a quick email, hoping for an email in response: instead I got a phone call within hours from one of the nurses hoping to alleviate my worry. I would recommend this practice and this doctor to anyone doing any type of plastic surgery procedure. When you choose to go to Dr. Stevens he makes you feel like part of his family.

Tristan Solomon

What a great morning! My appointment for my facial was at 8:15 am with Paulette who was amazing! As usual, I was welcomed with open arms and smiles. If you ever thought about plastic surgery, botox, facials or little enhancement this is your place to go. No need to wait, always available and on time.

Ebony Riley-Lewis

Dr. Ziyad Hammoudeh did an excellent job with my tummy tuck. After giving birth at 41 yrs old I was truly unhappy with my stomach. It was amazing to have a Doctor who I not only connected with, but who made me feel good about my decision to have this procedure. during the healing process with them. The ability to email questions or send pictures was hugely helpful. The practice managed my pain before I realized I was in pain. The staff was amazing! I felt supported and respected The atmosphere was welcoming from the moment that I first made the decision to use this practice for my procedure. All of the staff I interacted with were friendly and open to discuss any concerns I had.It was their friendliness and communication that allowed me to walk into the hospital on the day of the procedure with little to no concerns. When I look in the mirror now I feel like my body finally matches how I've always viewed myself. I'm a confident woman and my body before the surgery was the only thing preventing me from fully experiencing that confidence. It's like a burden has been lifted...or rather, cut off haha...thank you Dr. Hammoudeh and staff. Ebony

Adrian Uys

I had a breast augmentation surgery and the results were nowhere near what Dr Grant Stevens had shown me they would be. I will be going and having the revision else where as Dr Stevens wanted to charge me to redo the work he did poorly. I did not get anywhere near what he showed me the results would be and then he wants to make more money out of me to fix his mistakes!!!!

Anni Bricca Falcon

Dr Stevens and Marina Plastic Surgery are the best. I can't recommend him and his office enough. His results and care are top notch.

Honey Wallace

Choosing a surgeon can be so difficult, a choice you live with long term, that's why I highly recommend Dr. Grant Stevens. He is extremely talented and has a proven track record. He completed my breast augmentation 12 years ago, and I chose to have them redone with the new " gummy bear" Implants which we did this week. I'm so impressed, and appreciative of his work once again. He treated me with the upmost respect, honesty and the staff at Marina Del Ray Plastic Surgery center was just as delightful. They were incredibly patient with me, kind, and addressed all of my questions and needs. I had moved out of the LA area so I started with a virtual initial consultation, and did the "fly-in patient" process. What a great experience!! I trust him and his work so much, I will be returning and sending my family and friends.

Josette Cruce

Dr. Stevens and his staff are incredible!! They are pleasant, patient, and kind. Dr. Stevens is an absolute artist. His surgery is world class, and people travel from all over the world for his talent! His surgery has changed my life, and given me so much more freedom! He has a kind heart and I can tell that he genuinely cares about his patients. I feel absolutely amazing and free!! Thank you to Dr. Stevens and to his impecible staff, for changing my life!

Clark Rockefeller

Michelle Masoner

I traveled from out of town to have Dr. Dan Gould treat my face. he did an excellent job. he was very gentle and informative and made me feel at ease as I was very nervous. he treated me with BBL laser treatments and also some injections of filler and Botox. the injections did not hurt at all And the BBL was really tolerable. i encourage anyone who wants to try this type of treatment to check out Dr. Gould and his associates who are also very kind and professional, and so helpful. I came home feeling rejuvenated and re-invigorated! this sort of treatment really does make you feel good about taking care of yourself.

Ana Stasia

the worst experience i have ever had. i got botox done by Laura Pietrzak.i was gonna do a brow lift. whatever she did, didnt work at all whats so ever. she refused to do the injection again or give me my money back. i thought it was very unfair and rude. i have waisted 375 for nothing.

Carol mccright

Ann is my facial angel. When I leave, my face feels like a baby's b. She really knows her stuff. She deserves a nice bonus. Thank you MPSA.

Claudia Sarnowska

Kelly Golden

Dr. Stevens and his staff are incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. I went for a complimentary facial after I had a consultation at his medspa. It was relaxing and my skin was perfectly glowy afterwards. The parking lot is paid and there is no validation, but that’s never something that has bothered me. What matters to me is they have great manners and consistent follow up.

Terri P.

MPSA is the best in the west. I had a Breast Augmentation done with Dr. Stevens and am beyond ecstatic about my results.Charlie made me feel welcome, comfortable and walked me through the entire process :) I've also had facials done with Rachel, Ann and Paulette. They are all incredibly talented it always makes it hard to choose. Definitely a place you want to check out.

Joe Attinello

This is feedback from Joe's wife: "It is my nature to be cautious and to do my homework whenever entering any type of business endeavor, especially those that concern my health and well-being. That being said, I was beyond impressed with Dr. Grant Stevens' credentials and accomplishments. It comes as no surprise that Dr. Stevens was voted as one of the best plastic surgeons in America by his peers. Having undergone three operations by Dr. Stevens, I am able to attest that he and his staff are very thorough in everything they do. The results from all the surgeries exceeded my expectation. In addition to having Dr. Stevens at the helm, you also get his incredible staff who simply are the best in their respective field. Thank you, Dr. Stevens, for proving Botox can address frown and forehead lines and for the laser treatments. I am so grateful to Dr. Stevens and his caring staff including Patrice, Lindsey, Cory and Desire for making me feel secure and comfortable during my stay there." Zarohee

Kathy Marshall

I started with Dr. Spring with a trial procedure. It was very successful and I was happy with the results based on the procedure. I've went back for another procedure and again was happy with my results. This last visit to Dr. Spring she helped me with a decision of having some plastic surgery to make me feel better. I appreciated her honesty with the results and didn't try to talk me into any other procedures. I feel as if I have a relationship with Dr. Spring and will be back in the future (near) to have any other procedures I feel are necessary. Tami is a wonderful nurse and so friendly and filled with helpful information and great advise. Katie Jo who does Dr. Spring's schedule was always so helpful in working with my schedule and her guidance with the financial aspect with very helpful. I'm thankful that I've found Dr. Spring her her amazing staff. I highly recommend Dr. Spring for all your plastic surgery needs.

Cian McAllen

Writing this on behalf of the wifey, she went in for some small scale stuff, botox, lipo, the "keeping it together" package as she calls it. They took good care of it and she was happy with the results. They front desk was polite and helpful. The docs were available to her when she needed them and scheduling/followup wasn't a hassle

Dr. Tiago Baptista Fernandes

I am a Plastic Surgeon from Portugal, went through a huge number of flight hours just to visit Dr Grant’s clinic. I was amazed at the quality of the clinic and staff, and was very happy to learn some great tips and tech pearls on cosmetic surgery and medicine. Highly recomend!

Marlena Torreano

I went to consult with Dr. Spring regarding, primarily, a facelift and possibly a redo on my breast implants. At my age (50+) I didn't really want to spend any money on my breasts, as my bikini days were long behind me, however, my breasts had gotten very hard and misshapen over the years due to scar tissue. Before Dr. Spring came in to the exam room, I had a very relaxed and informative conversation with her nurse Tami. Tami knew exactly what I had been experiencing with my breasts, the embarrassment when you hugged someone, the discomfort, restrictions on certain clothing, etc., the things I had just accepted as "normal". Tami and Dr. Spring both convinced me of first the health hazards of having 23 yr old implants and how happy I would be with the changes. They had me so excited at the prospect, that I actually scheduled the breast surgery before the facelift and, boy, were they right! Dr. Spring spent hours in surgery removing all of the scar tissue that had accumulated and spread to my armpits and high up on my chest. She also did a wonderful job aesthetically of reshaping my breasts when placing the new implants. I am thrilled with how they look and how natural they feel. And, as a bonus, people think I've lost weight because my breasts don't start under my collar bone. I would recommend to all women, older or not, whose breast implants have gotten hard and unattractive, spend the money, treat yourself, you will be so happy you did. As far as Dr. Spring and the whole staff at Marina Plastic Surgery Associates, they could not be nicer, more professional, responsive and right on their game. The sincerest form of trust and appreciation is repeat business and I'm going back next month for my face!!

Gracie Rothwell

Rob Zwemmer

I went over to Marina Plastic Surgery to find out what cool sculpting was about and see if it really works! I was sceptical to begin with however I am real believer that this really works. The staff was amazing from making the appointmtent to explaining the whole process. After 2 session of cool sculpting you can really see the difference. No down time , no pain and straight back to work after the treatment. Planning to have a third session done next month :) Rob

Chris Client

Dishonest Dr who only cares about being paid. The results were completely different then they showed us. Zero customer care. Do not trust him, he is a liar.

Karl Haus

We had an awful experience with Dr Grant Stevens. He was at least an hour late to every appointment for which he never even apologized. After the surgery, my wife and I had a follow up meeting with him in which we brought the images he had generated for us of the expected results. He refused to even look at them. Let me repeat, he refused to look at pictures of what he said the end results would be. We tried to discuss with him that the results were nowhere near what he told us and showed us with the pictures. He refused to discuss it and stormed out of the room. Yes, that's right, a professional we hired and paid thousands of dollars to, stormed out of the room when a client expressed a concern that the end result did not match their expectations.

Jamie Lee

Unfortunately I had an awful experience. I had breast augmentation surgery and Dr Stevens would not answer my questions and got frustrated when I had concerns. After the surgery I was in extreme pain and scared something was wrong but when I tried to reach the doctor he did not respond to calls or emails at all. I could not even get answers from the staff. The results of the surgery are nothing like what the Dr showed me with his computers. Again I tried to discuss this with him only for him to storm out of the room. I am going to be finding another Dr to fix the mistakes Dr Stevens made.

Alicia Vance

Arrived for my appointment and no one was there. Stood in the hallway for about 10 minutes waiting and then left. That's really all you need to know about this business.

Christian Staine

I feel these doctors are with you every step of the way! It's such a nervous process to consider augmentations that you want to make sure you're in good hands. The most important thing to look for in a premium plastic surgery practice is that you feel you're heard as a patient; that what you desire for yourself can be understood and carried through by your Doctor. Marina Plastic Surgery hits those standards!! A+

PabelJR Tiney

Joan Burga

karen Juarez

Jennifer Taylor

I cannot say enough fabulous things about their injection, skin care and laser specialist, Jennifer Tinelli, NP. Not only is she a master's prepared, nurse practitioner, her years of experience and genuine caring for her patients shows with every interaction. I must say that I originally met Jen Tinelli when she was working in Beverly Hills, but followed her down to Marina Plastic Surgery (although the drive is quite far from the valley) because she is simply the best and I cannot imagine ever going to someone else. I see her regularly in Marina Del Rey for botox or dysport and the fraxel laser, but whenever she recommends something as a "pick me up" or something brand new that's showing amazing results, I go for it!! The ultherapy treatment was just what I needed for my birthday!! I book my next appointment on my way out and look forward to it for months. I will be seeing her soon and cannot wait to see the phenomenal results in the mirror!!

Juan Luna

I absolutely love the staff at MPSA! Especially Silvia! I recommend this place to anyone.

Naomi gould

I went here and saw Dr. Gould. He did a BBL laser treatment and injected some filler. Everyone at the practice was extremely welcoming and knowledgeable about each procedure and gave great advice for the results I was looking for. I hardly felt the injections and my skin is glowing! I will definitely be back and would highly recommend you give them a try if you are looking to freshen up your look or take care of acne or skin damage!

Karlmon Nieh

Horrible results, they looked nothing like the results he said he would get. He then throws up his hands and says they are only estimations. Yes, we paid him to get as close as possible to our desired results, and he failed. Zero customer service from the office.

Brit C

I walked into Dr. Steven's office as a 25 year old looking for my 3rd breast aug. Yes 3rd at 25!!!!!! I had encapsulated, deformed, and embarrassing boobs from two previous surgeries. My fear, nerves, and discouraged self only hoped that he could bring some normalcy to my chest. After meeting doctor Steven's I felt encouraged with the professional and personal Dr. patient relationship we immediately had. Broke but desperate I decided to go through with the surgery. I remember saying to him at my pre-op, "I just want you to make my boobs look good" and he responded with, "I'm going to make them look great." He kept his WORD! I could not be happier with my results! This man is an artist and a master of his craft. But not only is he talented at what he does he truly cares about you the patient. I left his office in tears, literally cried from happiness, after seeing my before photos and looking down at my new breasts. HIS WORK IS LIFE CHANGING. There is no price I could put on my new sense of self confidence, you get what you pay for. As a veteran in this experience, both good and bad, I can say that Dr. Steven's will do it right. It is scary to put so much trust into someone, especially when you've had a negative result. All I can say is Dr. Steven's and his STAFF were so helpful, answered all my questions, and were a complete class act. Will not go to anyone else, but him for any procedures. THANK YOU DR. STEVENS!!! :)

Debra D_

I’ve had two procedures done by Dr. Stevens. The first was back in 1991 and the second was just a few weeks ago in 2018. I chose Dr. Stevens the first time based on his reputation as a skilled plastic surgeon and his easygoing personality. I chose him the second time because I was very happy with my results back in 1991 and his reputation is stronger than ever. He and his staff gave me so much support throughout my current procedure … from consultation to follow-up appointments. He did a beautiful job again and I am thrilled with the results.

Sherry Booe

Dr. Lowe is by far the most amazing surgeon and kindest person I have ever met. He has treated me with the utmost compassion and respect. His assistant Whitney is also amazing.

Anne Thompson

Marina Plastic Surgery offers not only incredible surgical procedures to enhance your facial and body features, but also offers extensive options for injectables. I have had several Ultherapy treatments by Jen Tinelli, NP, with amazing results. Her bedside manner is sensitive and compassionate, and her technique and use of the equipment is outstanding. I am 69 years old and cannot believe the youthfulness of my skin. My next step will include some injectables that she will recommend. I am also interested in their sister institute, Orange Twist. I have heard the staff and their performance is outstanding, especially the Cool Sculpting. They also offer HydraFacial, Juvéderm, Clear + Brilliant, Botox. I am so excited about the numerous services they offer by extremely professional staff. Thank you, Jen, Dr. Stevens and everyone associated with Marina Plastic Surgery and Orange Twist Institute.... I will see you soon.

Yasaman Jami

Had a great experience!From initial consultation, through post operative appointments. Lindsey Poag who is a patient acquisition manager was one of the hardest workers I have seen. Lindsey has a wide skill set, she is a positive person who is willing to do whatever it takes to help patients. Extremely professional, supportive and friendly. This whole process could not have been better! She has my highest recommendation for any new patient. What I was very impressed about her is that she is a compassionate listener and makes each customer know she values their time. She can deal with furious customers with a calm and rational attitude as she understands how to make sure that customers are satisfied. In my opinion, she demonstrates how providing excellent customer service has a lasting effect on customer relationships and customer retention specially when the health of a person is involved. More importantly she treats the customer with respect and courtesy, I am very very impressed and happy because of her!

Son Stokes

When reviewing a medical office, I think it’s important to have some background on the reviewer. I work in the medical field, and my top priority is excellence in clinical care. Wait times, friendly staff, spotless floors—I’m not discounting these as relevant factors, but they are not what ultimately counts for me. This review will be on Dr. Macias’ knowledge, care, and integrity, because ultimately he did not treat me. After a comprehensive and thoughtful consultation, he counselled me against any procedures and gave me a well-reasoned and patient explanation why. This to me is what separates the great surgeons from the good. I hope any patient is as lucky was to be under his care. And for those who care, the office is stunning, it’s like walking into a spa, and the staff are all wonderful. The wait times are what I would consider to be on the longer side, but it’s worth the wait.

Julie Adler

Dr. Stevens and the staff at Marina Plastic Surgery are the best. You will find Dr. Stevens is so knowledgeable, very precise in his work and delivers the best outcomes for his patients. Dr. Stevens and Marina Plastic Surgery I highly recommend.

Simona Maghen / Simona RTW

I had gone to the office this morning after seeing an ad to inquire about a comestic procedure. At the end of the consult the very pleasant Carla handed me a $150 gift certificate towards a facial. Upon checking out at the desk I was told that if I wanted to get a facial immediately that they would take me, having the time I said, "why not". About five minutes later I was greeted by the lovely Ann Yacullo, who took me to the room, and listened to me about my concerns regarding my skin. After listening to me to she customized a facial based around my skin type and the products that I am currently using on my skin, so there would not be an adverse reaction to any of the products she was using on my face. As she proceeded with the facial she clearly explained what each product was, contained and what it is intended to do for the skin. She was very professional, knowledgable, polite and made me feel at ease. I would highly recommend her, as well as this entire office for any cosmetic procedure.

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