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REVIEWS OF Karen M. Horton, MD IN California

Marsha Peterson

I believe Dr. Horton has created a masterpiece from the ruins of my breast post 2 lumpectomies, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. The pain from the surgical operations was intense and I'm just in my 4th week post operation recovery, but realistically I am looking forward to the finished product and full recovery by next year this time. Dr. Horton is a classy lady and has a disarming bedside manner. She can be yanking out drains or stitches and speaking in a very chipper voice about what to look forward to next week; therefore, I wasn't as anxious while she was doing these things. I fought hard to get approval for Dr. Horton to do my surgery since she was out-of-network. I am glad that I did and feel I was in the very best hands for this very complicated surgery.

Rosemary Omron

Dr Horton is amazing caring and incredibly knowledgeable physician. She’s is methodical and able to understand the issue, and mine was complicated, and give you the her best recommendations for correction, which is exactly what she did for me. She was able to correct a medical problem that no other dr was able to do. Throughout the entire process she kept me well informed, which is so good because I’m not a doctor and I didn’t want another physician glossing over my problem. She actually pointed out what was really wrong and she actually fixed it. I’ve been needing this for more than two decades and she was the one to do it. I cannot thank her enough for giving me the confidence that I needed/wanted. Here’s a tip, I interviewed multiple physicians first and after our one conversation I knew she would be the smartest doctor around. Kudos Dr. Horton, you don’t just put a bunch of fluff in your brochures- you delivered!

Kara Gutierrez

I am so thankful to have found Dr. Karen Horton and her team. An excellent surgeon, her compassion along with her lovely and lively spirit, shine as soon as she walks in. She immediately puts you at ease, answering all questions and explaining everything in great detail. Dr. Horton is a beautiful soul inside and out and she gave me hope when I thought I had none. I am beyond pleased with her work! My breasts are beautiful and my experience was awesome!

Barbara Christian

Dr. Horton is very reassuring and does excellent work. I feel fortunate to have been cared for by such a talented micro surgeon!

Diane G

Dr. Horton and her staff were fantastic! I had my bilateral mastectomy reconstruction redone after 10 years as I was embarrassed at how I looked and she gave me my breasts back, tattoos during surgery and all! I gave her 5 stars out of 5, she really earned 10 stars out of 5. Amazing compassion, professionalism, artistry and medical expertise! The pre-surgery education and post surgery education kept you informed making the process easier. Thank you Dr. Horton for helping me and caring for me. The 4 hour drive to SF for appointments was so worth it!

Jill Alter

Dr. Horton is a very caring and skilled surgeon. She has held my hand and given me plenty of hugs. She is always ahead in the latest procedures available and explains each with the pro's and con's and always let's the patient make the decision. What else can I say I recommend her to anyone that needs her expertise . She is a ray of sunshine and her staff is to.

Sam E.

(Part1)Meeting with Dr.Horton for the first time on November 2015 was a dream come true for me. I thought I finally found the right Surgeon who cares for her patients as though they were apart of her family. She gave me all the promises to have my breast corrected and back to the way It once was prior to the chemo & radiation I endured from stage 3 cancer. After countless visits with her she assured me It would only take one surgery to fix everything as well as receiving a tummy tuck with the help of her partner Dr. Bontic. Unfortunately the results was not as she had promised and she even admits that she does't like the way It turned and after countless visits with her prior to the first surgery she said I need to go through another surgery to fix It. My stomach was bulgy and when I asked her what about the tummy tuck you promised to do, she said " well i did half tummy tuck" which i never heard of a doctor saying they’ll perform half a tummy tuck on their patients. She then said "oh because you had two children that's the fat from when you where pregnant.” I forgot to mention i'm a 55 years old woman and my kids are adults. During my stay in Sutter hospital her assistant Dr. Bontic came to visit me to check on my breast. After I asked him If can leave he talked to Horton and she agreed with him and he started getting ready to remove the staples and thick tube coming out from my breast and while he was walking to the other side of the bed his legs got tangled with the some wires on the ground (it's the worst hospital you can go to because of the lack of professionalism by the staff, as well as the extremely poor hygiene that was apparent throughout the hospital) suddenly all I see Bontic falling on the ground I felt so bad asking him If he Is ok but the great Doctor sat looking at me his eyes full of rage and anger I can never forget the way he looked at me ,he stood up walked to me without a word and start pulling the staples roughly with such madness as If he is pulling a nail from a thick wood then without a warning he viciously yanked the thick tube that was embedded Into my skin as If his Intentions was to separate parts of my flesh. It was excruciatingly painful In which I was screaming out of my lungs and could hear his heart beat beating rapidly as he looked at me as If he took his revenge out on me. He then left the room and was talking on the phone laughing he made sure to stand next to my door while he was on the phone and all the while I was screaming In pain the nurses heard my voice and Immediately came Into my room and calmed me down. I was so scared to look at his face, I wrote a letter for him after he left and gave it to the nurse to make a copy i asked her about what happened and she agreed with me she encouraged me to complain, I left the hospital with so much pain I still cannot forget what Bontic did to me and the nightmare he put me through. It’s a chilling experience that will haunt me for the rest of my life. He Is a monster with no human emotions what so ever. The next morning Dr. Bontic had the audacity to call me acting so sweet as If he doesn’t remember anything that happened just the night before.

Mel Macleod

Dr. Horton is so fantastic, as well as her whole office staff! I interviewed several surgeons and she was by far the best in her field! Dr.Horton has always made this experience a positive one and I appreciate that after a long year of breast cancer. She recently performed the DIEP flap surgery on me after I finished chemo, so this was the end for me. So many people keep telling me how amazing my breasts look. Dr. Horton is a gifted surgeon with such a warm-heart and fantastic bedside manner. I strongly recommend her to anyone!

MWM Pasache

Christine Buell

Pamela Fondacabe

I am happy to recommend Dr. Karen Horton. I have found her to be a great listener and a talented surgeon.

Tina McGovern

Dr Horton is a talented doctor. She deeply cares for her patients, and calmly explains procedures thoroughly. She gave me a new lease on life. Forever grateful. Great staff treat you like family. Thank you Dr Horton.

Liz Acosta

If you're just THINKING about scheduling a consultation with Karen, don't wait! DO IT NOW! I was a young and desperate breast cancer patient when I found Karen. All the plastic surgeons I had seen for my breast reconstruction didn't seem to understand the particular needs of a young cancer patient. From the moment I spoke with Mary -- Karen's right hand lady -- I knew this would be the team for me. Mary was so compassionate and able to schedule me right away. When I met Karen, I KNEW she was the one, and suddenly there seemed to be some hope in my cancer treatment. Karen claims she is not a fairy godmother, but don't believe her! Almost by magic, she helped me put my life back together post cancer. What I love most about Karen is her mastery of her craft, and the skills she brings to her work. So don't hesitate -- call her now and schedule an appointment!

Janice Dunn

Dr Horton is Amazing! A true professional who mixes her passion with incredible expertise! I knew within minutes that I had found the absolute best surgeon to perform my breast cancer reconstruction and give me back my self! I often wonder why I waited 11 years to make this decision - now I know! Dr Horton has made this journey a life-changing experience! Her staff is wonderful - a true TEAM!

Amy Miriam

I watch the show "Botched" (Where screwed up plastic surgery is fixed) like crazy, so when I was looking for my own surgeon, I had a list of qualifications. Dr. Horton hit all of them and MORE. She is kind, caring, compassionate. She is HONEST about what to expect, what you need to deal with, what results you will get. She does not push you to book right away, she gives you time to think it over. I spoke to her other aitents and they all had nothing but nice things to say about her and her service, and I totally see why. I LOVE my results, I look great, but also natural. I appreciate that her staff also do scar management therapy. I just started doing it and I am already seeing results. Post surgery, she has been super kind, given me lots of great advice and encouragement. I appreciate I could text her with questions and get a reply same day. I am so happy I found her.

Breanna B

Ursala Richardson

I am so glad I chose to have a breast reduction consultation with Dr. Horton. I had almost given up on finding a doctor - I actually did give up for a year before resuming my search for a doctor who I felt comfortable with enough to trust with my life and achieving a desirable result. That’s exactly who I found in Dr. Horton. During my consultation, she had such a personal and friendly demeanor that immediately put me at ease; she asked questions indicating she cared about my whole person where I almost forgot what the topic of my consultation was. But I could certainly feel the passion in her eyes for improving the lives of many. The dedication to her craft that surely propelled her into becoming a top ranked surgeon was not lost on me. The elusive feeling of confidence that I could not find in any other surgeons I consulted with had risen to the surface and I knew as I sat with Dr. Horton’s office, listening to her calm my fears as she describe the procedure and everything involved in great detail and viewing her awards of recognition and diplomas showcasing her professional achievements was very reassuring. To say the least, I am very pleased with my results. I am very pleased with my pre and post operative care. As such, I highly recommend Dr. Horton for anyone who is unsure or are fearful about undergoing surgery as a means to improve their lives. You do not have to continue putting off surgery out of fear. I know from experience that one of the most important and anxiety inducing areas of this process is finding a surgeon you trust will perform a job well done. You have found such a surgeon in Dr. Horton.

Mary R Scott

From the very first visit, I felt reassured and confident that Dr. Karen Horton was a true and gifted clinician and surgeon. Her manner is so gracious and reassuring, her plans were explicit which she clearly explained in layman's terminology. The staff that supports the office are all wonderful and do a great job to make you feel welcome and cared for. The morning of my surgery, she came to see me as I was getting prepped and made me feel safe and in an caring, excellent hands. The outcome was beyond my expections and I have already referred several friends to her practice. It is always a bit scary to have surgery, but when there is someone like Dr. Horton, it removes all fears. Thank you Dr. Horton, I will forever be indebted for the your amazing ability and compassion. Sincerely, Mary R. Scott

Samantha Tradelius

Today I am 6 weeks post op from a Tummy Tuck. Today I am ready to share my story. Hi, I am a 38year old mother of 2. I had 2 gigantic babies via C-section, that turned my stomach into a very sad place. I work out, I eat well, but no matter what I did there it was. The crumpled-up skin and shelf I knew as my body. I hid it well. REAL well. Nobody knew, but I was dying inside. Finally, in Jan I scheduled my surgery. Dr. Horton was first on my list. Why? Because she gets it. She is a mom, a businesswoman and a person that I knew when I spoke of my struggles, she got it. We spent hours chatting about expectations, what was going to happen and the recovery. June 20th I went in. 6 am I arrived... checked in, get in a robe, lay down, IV in, pass out - wake up 4.5 hours later.. to a new BOD… that’s when the FUN STARTED. Did it hurt? Not at first. I stayed overnight and was pretty drugged up the first 48 hours. After about 72 hours you start coming back to life and it feels a little weird. You can’t stand up straight and things like moving are a challenge. I was lucky enough to have my mother here to take care of me for a week. Mostly the first 10 days I slept, and rested. Pain scale overall harder than a C-section, but not something you can’t handle. It is about 10 days of difficult then just sore. Week 2-3 were healing time lots of naps and resting. By week 4 you round the corner and now 6 weeks out I feel like a million bucks. The feeling of difference is immediate. The results are exactly as Dr. Horton described. She told me what would hurt where and how long this would take to heal etc. Dr. Horton as a woman is amazing. As a surgeon she is brilliant. I went to sleep with her holding my hand, I woke up with her smiling at me. I went to sleep night one with her coming to visit and when I awoke the next day, she was there checking in on me. Would I do it again. YES. Would I recommend Dr. Horton 1000x YES!!! She is a real woman who understands our bodies and sets real expectations. My journey has been a long and hard one. I am so proud to say I am on the other side now. If you are thinking about this surgery, my only advice is to really select the right doctor that actually hears what you want, and take a month off.. you will need it!

Toni Lajoie

I've had a mastectomy, reconstruction, and the loss of the other breast as a result of infection and complications from a surgery to replace implants. I came to Karen Horton broken and discouraged. Words are insufficient to express my gratitude to her for her compassion, talent and expertise in reconstruction that is, in my case, natural and, I think, beautiful. I lived for 30 years with breasts and disfigurement that caused me to avoid intimacy. That has all changed thanks to the work of Karen Horton.

Paula Murray

I experienced severe complications from treatments from my 2006 breast cancer. By 2013, my mammogram showed changes from the year prior. In working with a different medical center, there were four surgeries over the course of 2013-2014 . The damaged tissue resulted in squamous cell carcinoma on my chest wall which was removed, but the damaged tissue was still in place. I decided it was time for a second opinion. A friend told me about California Pacific Medical Center and I was fortunate to meet with Dr. Horton. From that first meeting I knew I'd found the right doctor. Dr. Horton is extraordinary, caring, compassionate, and an extremely skilled surgeon. Dr. Horton and her team performed had a chest wall excision and reconstruction with a diep flap in June 2014. Dr. Horton was there for me in many ways at a very difficult time in my life. I feel like a new person and can't thank Dr. Horton enough.


After extensive research I chose Dr. Horton to be my daughters surgeon. The entire staff was knowledgeable and friendly and so respectful of my daughter and her needs. The procedure is done in a hospital ,we chose to have her stay overnight to be absolutely safe on pain control and it being her first surgery. The hospital staff was equally amazing, I personally have never seen a kinder night staff in a hospital . She is thrilled with the result ,as am I. Dr. Horton is such a skilled surgeon the scarring is healing beautifully and minimally . I trusted her with my child and she did an amazing job keeping her safe and healthy. She changed my child's life!

Dianne Nakanishi

Dr. Karen Horten is a great surgeon. She performed breast reconstruction DIEP flap. When I was recovering from surgery, the nurses all said that I had an amazing dream team and if they were ever in need of the same surgery they would definitely be using the same team. She is always cheerful and patient and tells you exactly what you need to know in order for you to make the most educated decision.

Joy Tatarka

The short: Dr Horton and her team of professions are amazing and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. The longer version: I met Dr Horton and her staff in late summer of 2018 when I decided to go in for an initial consultation. The office was professional, but warm and inviting. All the staff were friendly and helpful. What struck me when I first met Dr Horton is how sincere she is about your health and your goals. She does an honest assessment and is straight with you about what will help you achieve them. She doesn’t try to oversell you, or push you in any direction. She is warm, kind and thoughtful. I had met other Dr’s before deciding, and none of the others had that same factor. Once I decided to move forward with my surgery, the office was sure I had all the information I needed. The pre-op appointment with Nurse Mary (who is also amazing) was very helpful to both me and my husband who would take care of me the next few weeks. And, at this point Dr Horton gives her patients her private cell number to call or text if you have any questions or concerns. We did use it 2 times, and both times she answered addressing our concerns and letting us know what to do next. I have felt cared for, understood and empowered through this entire processes, and I am SO HAPPY with my results. I had read the reviews that say sometimes the office runs late, so I was prepared for that. And I can say honestly, the office was often a little behind schedule when I had appointments, but no longer than you might wait anywhere else. Overall I am pleased with my results, all the staff, and Dr Horton. She and her staff are some of the best. I almost never leave reviews, but I highly recommend her and her team.

Alyson Miller

I'm 10 days post-op and feel and look better than I ever could imagine! What surgery? Dr. Horton and her team are great and extremely supportive. They let me contact them any time of day post surgery to get any worries handled. I was also referred by them to Nurse Hope to pick me up and take me to my hotel room and care for me the day of surgery, and she was so kind and fantastic! All in all I would do it again. And would go to them for any other surgeries or needs!!

Danielle Sorrenti

Best doctor patient care you will get! Dr. Horton and her staff are by your side from the moment you walk in through out your entire procedure. She is very detail oriented and cares deeply about her patients and her work. Her support staff are wonderful. Nurse Mary is pratical, down to earth with a fantastic beside manner. Mary will go above and beyond to take care of billing and insurance. I just wish there were more doctors out there with Dr. Horton's care for her clients. Highly recommend.

Tara Farbstein

I love Dr.Horton and her staff. From the moment I met her, she put me at ease and made my breast cancer journey a little easier. My surgeries went great and I'm so happy with the results. She is fantastic!

Anne Corbin

I had a breast lift on my right side only and augmentation with Dr. Karen Horton 6 weeks ago. 10 years total of nursing left me with very deflated uneven breasts. My confident and self esteem suffered a lot because of this to the point where I couldn’t wear a tight shirt without an insert on one side to even them out. I Initiallu chose Karen because she has amazing before and after and because I appreciated her views on implants and being placed over the muscle. I was looking for a natural look and something that wouldn’t interfere with fitness. I live in lodi which is an hour and a half away, usually two or more because of traffic. Her prices were more but.. I wanted the very best surgeon! Travel, inconvenience and money did not matter to me because Karen is that good. She is responsive very friendly and seems to genuinely care. She puts her heart into her work, and I believe being passionate about a job like this is essential. During my pre op her nurse spent over an hour with me making sure I was comfortable and all my questions had been answered. Karen went over my “wish pics” in detail taking note of every aspect of each that I wanted to achieve and making me explain why I wanted certain attributes. She was tuned in with me and understanding of everything I desired. Made me feel very comfortable with something that can be embarrassing and intimate. On the day of my surgery she came and talked to me and was alert and friendly and smiling. Surgery day was one of the best days of my life! Go to sleep wake up and felt amazing! Minimal pain, her staff cared if I was prone to nausea or anxiety and addressed all my needs. Karen gives you her personal cell number and you can text or call her anytime and she always answers! Even small seemingly silly questions she answers quickly! So comforting to have that and I know lots of ladies who do not have that relationship with their surgeon. She had warned me I might look a little strange on my one side that had a lift compared to my other for the first 6 weeks or so and I was so pleasantly surprised that I loved them from day 1. Absolutely gorgoes cleavage right away! I look thinner and feel much more confident. It’s honestly amazing what having beautiful breasts can do for you! Also.. Karen did free lipo on my armpits! Love them now! My sister wants to travel all the the way from Seattle to see Karen because they are that beautiful! From the bottom of my heart karen thank you for giving me back my body!

Patricia Luzi

Dr. Horton is the best. I found here because of previous problems suffered from another surgeon that needed correction. She was compassionate and understanding and truly wanted to do the best for me. Which she did. I would highly recommend her and her spa to anyone knowing only best services will be received. FYI - in my experience every woman needs a female plastic surgeon - they know the body, contours and can produce the best aesthetic results. Thank you so much!!

Sandy Bradley

As an older woman who is still dealing with the aftermath of a reconstructed breast after a mastectomy 12 years ago, it was so very, very comforting and empowering to meet a female doctor who is so totally pro- patient. I had a terrific experience with Dr. Horton and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone for any reason that is related to cosmetic or reconstructive surgery. Her team is amazing. The entire experience of meeting her, discussing my wish list and then experiencing it and it coming to fruition is beyond my expectations. This was a great experience and I am very thankful and grateful to have met such a supportive, creative, happy, team of professional medical providers. If you have any doubts, don't think twice. Just go for it!! You will be elated!

Morgan Young

I went in to see Dr.Horton regarding my axillary area due to a long time insecurity regarding my "baby fat" in the crease of my arm pit. After having a child it only got worse. First meeting with Karen, she really took the time and energy into getting to know me and my body image issue. She was so genuine and showed legitimate interest in empowering me to love my body and having the freedom to elect modern ways to help reach my goals. I am almost 1 month healed from having liposuction on my axillary area and wow what a difference! I shop for clothes differently, I feel more confident in the things I wear and I really do feel different. I feel beautiful. I knew I was before going in for the procedure but now I feel unstoppable. Thank you Dr. Horton. For helping me change my life.

Leo Poggione

My wife is a breast cancer survivor and had a nipple and skin sparing mastectomy about 11 years ago. Over the last 3-4 years her implants have really been causing a lot of pain, discomfort and possibly even some health issues. We had our initial consult with Dr. Horton about 2-3 months ago and she was so professional and positive that it almost did not seem real. Prior to visiting Dr. Horton, we had seen a number of other plastic surgeons (in our home town) that were insensitive and down right arrogant. Dr. Horton is the complete opposite. She is confident but not cocky! My wife just completed her DIEP Flap Reconstructive surgery and even though it has only been a week since her surgery we are very, very please with the results. It is absolutely incredible what Dr. Horton was able to do to create new breast for my wife and all out of her existing belly fat. Truly AMAZING procedure and Dr.! We are hopeful that by removing the implants she will also start to see some significant health improvements over the next 12 months as many other women have reported. Thank you Dr. Horton

Thomas Mautner

Both my wife, Cheryl, and my daughter, Victoria, are currently patients of Doctor Horton. She is a perfectionist and an AMAZING doctor, as well as a very special person! I have complete faith in her abilities as a surgeon and know that she will take care of my family's medical needs.

shannon grubert

Dr. Karen Horton is absolutely amazing. She was able repair and fix a very painful and unsightly breast reconstruction preformed by another surgeon using a DIEP Flap. My results are amazing and her and her office staff have been available every step of the way, including a cell phone number I was able to use if needed during off hours. Her bedside manner has to be the best I have encountered and she always makes you feel wonderful. I can not say enough about her surgical abilities, her office staff. The wait has always been very minimal. If you are in need of an amazing surgeon to preform a breast reconstruction, I personally have met and visited with dozens along the way. My recommendation is to use Dr. Karen Horton. A refreshing change from the typical surgeon! Thank you Dr. Horton. I love my results!

Jane S

Dr. Karen Horton is a talented surgeon with an excellent bedside manner to match. She performed a breast implant exchange to downsize my old implants that were too large for my petite frame. I was anxious going into this procedure because I'd had a bad experience with my previous surgeon who didn't listen to my desires and left me with awkwardly large breasts that looked and felt disproportionate. Dr. Horton performed a thorough review of my case, patiently answered all of my questions, and worked together with me to choose the perfect size. When I removed my surgical bandages for the first time, I actually cried I was so happy. She nailed it. My results far exceed any expectations I had going into this. My new breasts are soft, look very natural and are perfectly proportioned. I seriously couldn't be happier and would recommend this surgeon to anyone seeking a natural-looking breast augmentation. Dr. Horton is a true artist!

Briana Pawka

Update: PLEASE DO NOT SUPPORT THIS MONSTER in any way. Heed the warnings of other victims here. My first review was a "nice" version while in recovery. It has now been a year since my first surgery and 9 months since my second. Dr. Horton PUSHED and SOLD me on the surgery, saying that without a doubt I would never see the hole that was left by my tumor. After she forced me into a lift and getting these awful Mastopexy scars that have ruined my confidence and life (and another surgeon and I agreed weren't necessary), I now have a larger hole than ever from my tumor because of her actions and miscalculations. Then she didn't put implants large enough to fill the massive pockets she had created in my first surgery. She RUSHES in surgery, and blasts music and is probably goofing off and not paying attention. Doctor Horton is a selfish MONSTER who does NOT need to preform ANY more reconstructive surgeries. Especially if you have Tuberous breasts DO NOT GO TO HER, she ALWAYS over expands the pocket and makes an extra fold on at least one breast (look at all her after pictures). She has a BAD eye and is very SLOPPY. The appointment system is RIGGED to her convenience. STICK TO DERMATOLGY! LIAR! Original Review: I was born with Tuberous Breasts and also had a lumpectomy to remove a large Firberadenoma when I was 18. I waited 10 years and only ever promised myself I would do this if it was the right surgeon and if I could pay for it. I went to Dr. Horton with my meager life savings and all the hope in the world. She assured me that my concerns of having an abnormality from the lumpectomy were unfounded (they weren't). I have since had 2 surgeries with Dr. Horton and many complications... too many of which I was not warned of. Many of those complications I believe to be simple mistakes she could and should have avoided. Short story... I think she has done a pretty bad job on me. And I know she has not really listened to my wants or concerns. This entire experience has been devastating and confusing.... She is a nice person, but not at all what she sells herself as. Please do not seek reconstructive surgery with Dr. Horton.

valerie gardner

I can only say Dr Horton completely changed my life. I had numerous unsuccessful surgeries before finally meeting Dr Horton. I was a 2 time cancer survivor and the radiation from my initial diagnosis had caused substantial damage and made reconstruction very difficult. I had unsuccessful breast reconstruction after my bilateral mastectomy at UCSF. She patiently talked to me about options and gave me the bad news that my body would need to heal for a year from the ongoing infection I had from my surgeries with my prior doctor. She told me what I needed to hear, not what I wanted to hear. I had numerous stages to my reconstruction. Dr Horton and I talked about how there would be a number of steps needed, for my initial surgery with her I underwent a free flap surgery. She was with me every step of the way. She gave me her cell phone number and called me immediately if I texted or left a message. She was always there to assure me when I was concerned. I am sad to see the negative comments. I am confident that Dr Horton never told anyone that all they would need is one surgery. No doctor can guarantee results nor outcomes. Every person is different and their bodies respond differently. I had to have additional surgeries due to healing issues which had nothing to do with Dr Horton, it was my body responding and it was still struggling with the radiation after effects. I also had implants put in under the flaps in a secondary surgery due to issues with my breast bone. ( again my body issue, not Dr Horton) She gave me a "makeover" and I am so happy with the outcome. I look and feel better than I have in 20 years! I sent one of my best friends to Dr Horton when she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She loved Dr Horton and had the same amazing experience that I did. The preponderance of comments are positive and reflect who Dr Horton really is. I have, and will continue, to recommend her. She is truly the best.

Juliana King

Dr Horton is skilled, professional, and great with her patients. I felt that I was in great hands the whole time. The compliments extend to her entire staff as well. I love my results!

Adeline Denniston

Dr. Horton and her staff are compassionate, understanding and are the epitome of reconstructive care. I came to her after having seen 4 other reconstructive surgeons to fix my post-mastectomy reconstruction issues. I am now over a month out from my surgery with her and wish I had found her a year ago. I recommend her to anyone looking for answers and solutions.

Anil Prasad

Dr. Horton made what I felt would be a very complex and difficult procedure into the most straightforward and perfectly-executed experience imaginable. I am incredibly grateful and recommend her and her staff highly. Fantastic all around.

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