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REVIEWS OF Dr.George Boris MD IN California

Ana Jimenez

I had tummy tuck done can’t wait for summer but also great services

Ofelia Briseno

Tengo 3 semanas de mi cirugía de aumento de busto estoy muy contenta con el gran resultado,me trataron muy bien el doctor es una persona excelente junto con todos las personas que trabajan con migo....Gracias Arlette por tu Ayuda

Candy Rodrigz

Thank you Olga and Katie, I appreciate the both of you. Olga you are amazing and have patience in explaining when one does not understand and seem very confident in what you do. Katie you are very kind and willing to help.

Andrew Chavez

1. They did not have the correct tool to do implants during surgery anesthesiologist and nurse argued as they thought i was already under nope i couldn't speak or move but i can hear Uu the nurse was so rude to anesthesiologist scary to be in the bed arms spread no dr yet and to hear them arguing before my surgery about not having the correct tool available and that dr will get mad tool was being sanitize omg im thinking im about to get butcher.. They realize i am awake told ya i dont go under that easy so anesthesiologist puts me under btw dr boris still on his coffee break .. 2. Wake up in sOoo much pain next day pain worsens 3 day I realize omg I have a real bad HEMATOMA i called and called and these peoples showed their true colors they did not care finally go 6 days later omg they are horrible made me feel like I WAS BUGGING a nurse drains the blood out of my belly button incision not Dr. BORIS cuz he can care less in the time it took them to reply AND SEE ME i got scar tissue and skin/tissue thinning where hematoma was huge my whole right breast rib and back TURNED BLACK well now almost 1 year later i can see and feel implant and scar tissue when I bend foward it looks disgusting i have excess skin even gyno tripped when he did breast exam the ruffles are ugly where i got the hematoma hello I knew i needed a lift they told me I didn't.. I have bad NERVE DAMAGE all under armpit side all the way to elbow i regret this ALL THAT PAIN AND THEY STILL ASKED ME TO MASSAGE MYSELF AND BE ALL THIGHT UP SEEKED ADVICES FROM OTHER DOCS THESE PEEPS MESSED up bad. What they did to me was shady and it saddens me that peeps will see this review and still go cuz they cheaper not that cheap 5500 and I am unhappy THE reason i didn't go back after she drained all blood out so painful and now i realize illegal from what other docs told me well the reason is i do not trust them to ever lay hands on me they made this experience the worse ever made me feel lil they are not professional and will not care.. ALSO I ASKED NURSE WHY HASN'T DOC SEEN ME DOES HE KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO ME SHE SAID YES BUT HE CANNOT WASTE HIS TIME WITH LITTLE THINGS LIKE THIS HE IS TOO BUSY TO WORRY ABOUT PETTY THINGS WOW THATS ALL I HAVE TO SAY WOW.. ...................... This is a response to the owner who left a comment first of all that account has my sons name how about you look for a Veronica L Nov2nd 2016 and ask Olga if she remembers me she is the 1 who drained me 2xs what do i get from lying nothing I am stuck w these results nd I never said she used a drained she reopened my belly button incision and drained my blood through my belly w really painful massages i didn't wanna use names but ok U got me.

esmeralda dejesus

Had tummy tuck, very satified with the results. Great staff, nurse was on point moat recommended.

Yesenia Morales

I been there for 3 years already getting Botox i always get an excellent service with Katie and Arlette you guys are the best!!!

amber rodriguez

Lemon Lomeli

I had a lower bleph and Dr. Hughes did a great job. He advised me to take the best possible care of myself and the results would be long lasting. Years later, I am still very happy.

AJ Ortega

Loving my new nose, its spetacular . Dr.Boris did a great rhinoplastry job and at a very fair price! I wiki Refer muy friends ando Family... Thank you....Ariete a bbr Staff

Kevin Meas

I am very happy with my results.

Stella Typhoon

Fabulous staff, experienced doctor, safe in the hands of professionals. Highly recommend this facility!

victor fernandez

I Had surgery here a month ago did my eyelids look 10years younger and loving my results Dr boris is a great doctor with a lot of experience thank you Dr boris and his staff you guys are the best I would recommend you guys to come on in (: great doctors and great results

Sandy Cortez

Hi just wanted to say I got my breast augmentation about 3 years ago and just have to say I’m very satisfied with my results. The staff and doctor Boris are always so welcoming and get treated very nice. Love this place and would recommend it to my friends and family.

vlak as

Board Certified Plastic surgeons you can depend on for the best results possible. Doctors are hands on with every patient and sensitive to their needs. You will receive the best possible care in patient and post surgery. Competitive pricing.

Isabel Zenteno

Claudia Salamanca

The "Doctor" Boris has no professional ethics. I had very bad experience.

Andrew Roblex

Money hungry!!! They did such an awful job! Dr Borris may be the worst surgeon I've come across!!! Go somewhere else for surgery!!

Blanca Albillo

I had a tummy tuck and lip on April I am so in love with my results couldn’t be happier I definitely ready for summer and would recommend friends and family to come great prices great doctors and staff if you haven’t came in definitely don’t miss out on there special thank you dr Boris and team !!

daniel LEVY

Unbelievable Service and Work...Really made me feel safe and comfortable and showed me all the possibilities , really made it feel like it was no big deal and this would be quick and easy.. I Highly recommend Dr Boris and this clinic.

Esperanza Uribe

I am now 5 months with my new breasts and so Happy to made that decision with them...

connie gemao

Very unethical ., you go to the first visit and the day of your surgery another Doctor does the surgery. I paid a lot of money , Iam unsatisfay with the results., could of done better.

Shaniece Williams

Love this place staff very friendly and helpful

Blair Red

I got my breast implants done in 2016... and I must say I am very very please with the results. They went through my belly button witch left no scars highly recommend the staff is extremely helpful especially Arlette was very professional from Scheduling My appointment n getting my in ASAP thanks for all your love n support to the team!!! And can’t forget about olga!!! N dr Boris ❤️

Sherri Michaels

Dr George Boris is a gem! A man of skill, character and integrity. He has a wonderful family.One of his sons works with him and is also a fine man and skilled businessman. Dr. Boris knows what to do to enhance your youth but not change your face. That is the key to his success. Many plastic surgeons listen to their clients without taking into consideration that could end up looking like a unhappy version of their former self. Not so with Dr. Boris. He is specific like a sharp shooter. Of course staying out of the sun helps and using the great neck cream and lists of facial products. The injections are the key as a combination. Looking young in our society is so important and more importantly feeling good about yourself. Dr. Boris taught many of the Beverly Hills surgeons his techniques over the years. He is generous to a fault. I have really never met a finer human being except my own father. He makes you feel at home right away. Dr. Boris and the entire center are full of skilled people. Panta for cool sculpting is amazing and her staff as well. Dr. Boris knows how to communicate with his patients. First of all, he treats you almost like family. He has one of the best personalities of anyone you have ever met. No seriously EVER! He rocks and trust me you will be thrilled with the effects.

skyler rubin

I got a breast agumentation here, a year ago ! And I can’t thank the staff enough for making me feel at home throughout my whole experience! From the first day I came to Boris all the nurses and the receptionists were so friendly! Olga is just one of the many beautiful nurses here that has helped me so much throughout this adventure and i had to shout her out cause she’s the best ❤️ Besides the incredible staff , the work they do is amazing! I’ve gotten so many compliments this past year ! And will recommend everybody come here and see for themselves how amazing this place truly is! And an extra big thank you to Dr. Kinal , who gave me the confidence I’ve been striving for !

genesis villatoro

James Reyes

My surgery experience was awesome. Both the Dr. And staff made me feel comfortable

T Ardoin

I love my experience and new bod.

Charles F

Great place! They did a great work

Ashley Orozco

Amazing experience. I had my nose done and everything came out perfect. I love my results. Thank you so much Dr.Boris.

Maria Rivero

Yo estoy muy contenta con mi operación de mis brazos y la atención de Olga ,Arlette y katie y de los recomiendo

Vonny R.

I had my breast Augmentation done in 2009, had a baby in 2014, breast feed my son, and my breast are still in Prefect condition!!! I'm so happy I went to Doctor Boris office, his staff is Amazing, and very professional My favorite staff member is OLGA she taught me how to massage my breast and the do's and the don't. I got 400cc in both breast, saline, high profile (I had 4 kids in all) I now want to go bigger!!! And a tummy tuck!! Thank you Doctor Boris and Satff!!!

Savannah Solis

Very great doctor!!! I just recently did my lip fillers a month ago and Botox and everything came out beautifully!!! They told me everything I need and how to handle before and after procedure is done. Very happy with my lips and face overall, I can’t wait to go back next year for a touch-up!!! Thanks Boris ❤️ Arlette Juarez

stephany mendez

The staff is very pleasant especially arlette she helped since the beginning and she takes the time to answer all your questions. Thank you to Arlette and Olga for all their good care and patience. I am planning on coming back for the next procedure. I am very happy with the entire process from beginning to end. Already recommended my sister and friend and they also love their surgery outcome.

Haha Lol

Got my breast done here 10 years ago with dr boris i absolutely love them they look and feel natural best decision I made coming here thank you dr boris and his team if you need a good dr and have doubts come to boris cosmetic don't miss out on there great price

Josefina Almaraz

Can’t brag about how awesome dr Boris is love this office and the spa! Please come on in and enjoy the holiday specials I know I am love Katie she’s the best in the front helped me with all my questions

Veronica Zaldivar

Well I don't even know where to begin. I had a very bad experience. I had my surgery on April 2017 a tummy tuck gone from bad to worst. my advise to anyone and everyone is to please search and search good and please don't go to this office or you will regret it like I did and still do. I can't give him a star he is a really bad Dr and they don't care about you, they only care about the money that's all. FOR ME LESSON LEARN don't just go because you're fallowing him on instagram or Snapchat and because everything might look good and professional because is not. Do not fall for it like I did.

Raul elpapi

Dr. Boris is amazing!! I love my new Body and my results are Amazing!! And I want to thank Arlette and Olga for taking care of me and being patient with me and I would recommend all my Friends and Family....Thank you Staff

Candy Moore

Boris cosmetic changed my perspective of myself I’m glad I came in for my free consultation dr Kinal knows how to give you all the information you want without having to ask and makes the whole procedure feel safe he has his protocols and I love that ! That’s one of the main reasons why I had my surgery here and I don’t regret it great results good staff ‘ and great doctors thank you

Esperanza Barajas

Really bad experience!! I never recovered my self steam after a bad practice tummy tuck! Sad to see my belly everyday,look horrible ,low confidence!! Bad staff

Maria Garcia

I’m 37 years old and I had a Tummy tuck, liposuction on bra line and my love handles. Love the results, I feel like 17 years old again with my body. I would recommend everyone to come to Boris cosmetic !! Thank you to all the doctors and nurses best care

Alma Garcia

I had my surgery 2 months ago and I'm so HAPPY with my new body Dr.Boris and Dr. Kinal are The greatest..I will so recommended my friends and family....THANK you Arlette for your great Help and staff

Adriana Trancoso

Hi everyone, I had my breast implants about a year ago here at Boris Cosmetics . Everyone here is great . Dr. Boris did an Amazing Job with my surgery. I feel great and confident. All the nurser here know what they are doing . Holga is amazing too. I recommend that everyone comes here for a life change. The whole staff is very attentive especially the front staff Katie and the whole team

mimi monillas

my surgeon was Dr Kinal and nurse name is Olga!!! very satisfied with my results! recommend people to come on dr boris and his staff are the best !my whole experience was outstanding. love the front staff arlette very friendly and greet with always with a smile love this place will be back to do more (:

Gloria Arriaga

Dt Boris is amazing, perfect Surgery and great treatment with Olga as an assistant, Thank you doctor Boris I’m feel so happy with my procedure

Jackie Allen

Dr. Boris is amazing. The entire staff is awesome. Especially Olga.

Hilda Noriega

Doctor boris cosmetic, is the best clinic l ever meet. I like the service, every time l come in, is like family, l love everything here, thank you dr boris,

marie be

My experience here was very disappointing. I had bbl done about a year ago .To start off I was so extremely excited to come in the morning of my surgery ..right .. so im in the back waiting room and the Dr that was suppose to do my surgery told me I'm not doing your surgery dr.boris is , I said ok since I heard he was the main Dr. That's fine...Then when one of the staff introduced a man to dr.boris pretty much he was a new surgeon ...the convo pretty much was... I m excited to be given a chance to show you what I can do and let's see how it goes, I heard the Dr. Say the patient is scheduled @ 10.....I'm like oh heck noooooo I asked the nurse who was doing my surgery I wanted to be sure and she said it was dr boris.......ok its done..the nurse rushed me out saying they don't pay her for 1 -I pretty much slept, looked in the mirror it looked real 2- as I was felling the new booty I noticed my left cheek was bigger ...Ok, i immediatelycall the office to tell the Dr ,I got the nurse she said it's swollen give it some time, a week later it's the same I called to tell them but could not get the DR or the Nurse o. The phone..umm hello I'm telling you it's not normal, the lady said if it's an emergency call like really ur office did this ...long story short i have a very Noticeable Cheek ,I feel real stupid and the 9000 and some change was not worth it.

Mely Gome

I was so undecided with the procedure I was going to have and which doctor I would choose I’m glad my friend recommended me to boris cosmetic once I came in the front staff was friendly and the doctor was very patient with me explaining me the procedure and Adam the finance guy was very friendly as well, I would recommend to friends and family great work and friendly staff thank you boris cosmetic

Aurora Marquez

It has been a while since I had surgery here and let me tell you even after years of my surgery I haven’t been able to fix the problem they left me with around my belly button and the surgery was a breast augmentation through the Belly button. My sister had brachioplasty done here I and her arms were deformed by this surgery the scar was in a weird shape and the surgery was done by one of the female surgeons there.

Paula Ward

My experience with Boris Cosmetics was amazing. Dr. Boris was very professional and told me exactly what he could do for me and that I would be very happy. He was absolutely right. This was an amazing experience for me. Olga was great and very helpful and caring when I went for follow-ups. Should I need any more procedures, I will definitely choose Boris Cosmetics.

Daily Daisy

Very happy with my tummy tuck and lipo

Ash M

Dr Boris gave me the most amazing breasts, I am returning for another surgery and am extremely excited. The ladies in the front, Yvette, and ofc Adam were so helpful.

jennie marquez

I went for a breast reduction and I’m very please to say it came out amazing!!! I am so happy with the results. My experience since day one has been great. I am 1 month post op and I feel great, and the results are looking amazing each day that goes by. Thank you to Dr.Kinal, Olga , Arlette and the rest of the staff. Made me feel very comfortable and listen to my every concerns.

Stephanie Nissen

Hi everyone im so happy to have the honor of sharing my fantastic experience i had with Dr. Boris and boriscosmeticla on instagram . I had a beautiful nose job i had what u call a dripping tip and Dr. Boris took great care of it. I also had an breast argumentation from 545 ml to 700ml rippling free implants named Smooth Cohesive Natrelle top world leading implants on today's market. I had the privilege of recovering i Miami perfectly as a vip within two days. it takes about a year before i get my final result but i must admit i'm feeling like a movie star and taking this year to a whole new beauty level thanks to The Legendary Famous world wide Dr. Boris

Ricardo Carrillo

I want to start off by saying thank you so much To Doctor Boris for my wife breast augmentation Faviola A. She is very happy and very satisfied for the work you have done to her. Also how well she was taken care in surgery at Boris Cosmetics. Also I want to thank Arlette J for providing great customer service and care.

Idania Vicente

Tuve mi cirugía de senos me gustó mucha su atención lo recomiendo ellos doctores son unos de los mejores asta los cuidados de todo un año si están buscando vengan a Boris cosmetic (:

Eva Rivera

Everytime ive come to see dr boris he has left my face more beautiful then the time before. With age everything seems to change but the beauty he helps me to acheive is unmatched. Ive come her for years and would never ever think of going anywhere else!

Gaby L

Melany Aguilar

Julie Ego

I highly recommend Boris Cosmetics, George Boris did a fantastic eye bags removal on me. I'm so happy and have a boyfriend now! I feel so much younger and prettier now! Give Boris Cosmetics a try you won't regret it! Be happy! Love the front staff very friendly thanks Arlette

itz justkay

I had rhinoplasty with Boris ! & he is super amazing there’s not many people who do ethnic noses and make them look natural ! The staff is welcoming and i’d Goto him for any procedure! Thanks Boris !

Lorena Torres

The ladies at the front desk are so knowledgeable and so sweet. They make the energy in the office every time I’ve come in has been a joy. The results i e gotten here with Boris Coametic are priceless. I’m so happy to be a patient here.

karen valle

Staff is very friendly! I got a liposuction and breast augmentation and I am so happy with the results! They met my expectations and so much more. From the start they walked me through the process and answered all my questions. I definitely do recommend!

wendy Reeves

I can not express how happy I am with the results of my tummy tuck!!! The surgeon was very nice and made feel at ease during the initial consultation and the day of. The staff are always very helpful they are very busy but no matter what my concern is wether it is small or serious they are patient and understanding it has been exactly four months of my procedure and the results are just amazing. Thank you so very much to everyone at Boris Cosmetic!!!!

Silvia Estrella

Katie me ayudo bien amable. Muy bonita esperiencia. Y muy buenas a tenciones

Virginia Aguirre

I am incredibly happy with the results of my breast augmentation. Since day one that I stepped into Boris Cosmetics, I’ve been treated with so much love and respect. I am the happiest I have ever been and I would recommend them to anyone and everyone! Thank you Boris Cosmetics!!!

Nancy Gomez

I'm very happy with my surgery I had breast implant 2 months ago and I'm very happy with the results


Dr. Boris is the best in town

james greco

This office and staff were amazing. Made me feel and look so amazing. I recommend them to anyone who wants the best. The Dr's there are the best...

Janeth Jimenez

At the beginning, I was thinking to cancel my surgery due to the bad reviews this clinic has; luckily I didn’t cancel it because otherwise I would be regretting of it. So far I am so happy with my results; thanks to dr. Boris staff and dr. Kinal who did my surgery. I feel more confident about my body and my life has changed completely. I’m 100% satisfied.

Raquel Zeeb

I Had a tummy tuck with lipo in Nov. and it was the best decision I ever made , Dr. Boris was my surgeon and he did such an amazing job , I'm still healing but I can say that I've never been happier. My body is finally coming together , I'm glad I chose Boris cosmetics I will definitely be getting more work done in the future , the staff also makes you feel so comfortable everyone is so friendly especially Katie and Olga they have been the best .

maria Gutierrez

It's been a year since my surgery and dr. Boris did an amazing job, the staff very nice olga took care me. I will reference to friends and family. Arlete

Henna Sk

I had my breast and my nose done. Doctor boris and Staff is amazing. I would recommend this place. After care is amazing.

Kimmy K

This review is about Dr. DRISCOLL who works in this office. Who does an amazing job on BBLs and Butt Implants. Dr. Driscoll was very nice. He made me feel really comfortable and he didnt pressure me to getting things done just to make money. I really appreciate his honesty and telling me what I really needed. He's a very smart man and I'm confident hes gonna do a great job on me

Jamie Recinos

I had a tummy tuck lipo and breast I am loving my results I'm i am ready for summer and loving my body would recommend to friends and family thank you dr boris

Elida Contreras

I was a little skeptical of have surgery done. I'm so glad I did it. Dr. Boris did such a great job!

Jen Anaya

I’m genuinely happy with my results I had forgot how good I looked in a two piece bathing suit not only did boris cosmetic help me look great but I feel incredible got my confidence would recommend to anyone wanting to make that change !

Griselda Cocolan

my mother-in-law's End up coming here because of me I follow them on Snapchat and I seen all their work busy day So I figure they're pretty busy they must be good. we went for a consultation end up both getting our lips togather with Dr. Boris we told him exactly what was our goal But he was such in a hurry.we waited two weeks and her lips were super swollen and on even we called him to tell them what was going on they told us to wait and give it some time . we came back after a month n told em we're not happy with results we told him our concerns her lips a super on even and we came here for a reason and pay you guys $700 which I think is a rip off for each and you guys don't want to fix them we were very disappointed when we left

Nam Le

I came all the way from boston to get a breast augmentation with dr boris since i was recommended by friends and i loved the work he did im super excited to see my results i did a email consultation and adam was very friendly gave me all the information i needed , would recommend to everyone

Stephanie Franco

10/10 would recommend Boris Cosmetics. They made me feel very comfortable. Thank you to Dr. Boris, Dr. Kinal & Olga! I’m very happy with my results :)

laura morales

I am very happy with the entire process from beginning to end. The staff is very professional and they take the time to answer all your questions. Special thanks to Ivette, Arlette and Olga for all their good care and patience. I would definitely recommend my friends and family. I am planning on coming back for the next procedure.

Marisol Garcia

Maria Garibay

I got done a tummy tuck and its great love my results nurses r wonderful and so r doctors i would recommend everyone to come to dr boris cosmetics

Jayy Jayy

My wife and I are so happy with the results she finally got her breast augmentation done the whole experience went well from the free consultation to getting more information about the procedure and you can’t beat there prices my wife and I had half and finance the rest very convenient would recommend to friends and family.

Kim Crawford

The staff Olga and Arlette, Yvette are amazing and caring! Especially Olga I love her she awesome!

Ana Nunez

Martha Lopez

Hola mi nombre es Martha estoy super satisfecha de mis resultados muy contenta con el trato de las chicas la enfermera me encantó como me trataron y le recomiendo q vengan a visitar Gracias Arlette por ser tan amable

Simone Buchannan

Milca Galvez

I love Boris cosmetic got some work done in 2017 I So happy with the results I returned to have some work done in other areas I thought needed attending. I love their professional Staff in Particular Olga., and Arlette this Nurses assisted me every step of the way. I recommend the whole team at Dr. Boris Cosmetics. And prices are the most reasonable in comparison. Most sincerely Milca Galvez.

Alba Rosales

Agarre mis pechos y me quedaron muy bien me gustó como me trataron AQUÍ las enfermeras y doctores son los mejores AQUÍ les doy 5 estrellas gracias

Debi La Barrie

I had a procedure done in April of this year 2019 at Dr. Boris Cosmetic . . It was one of the best and easiest things I have ever done. I am so appreciative to the awesome team at Dr. Boris Cosmetics. It all starts with Katie and Yvette who are the Front desk and the face of the business . The first and last people you will see and there hospitality and smiles are infectious. Then Adam the office manager who’s personality is golden. And my favourite of all is Blanca the Pre nurse who I had the strongest connection with , Blanca the patience, knowledge and the extra self care that you gave me was greatly appreciated. I have never had any surgery before and she made me feel so at ease. Thank You Blanca... Arlette is the pre nurse also equally awesome! Julie and Olga the post nurse and post tech there is so much experience and knowledge from the two of them... Thank you as well. Let me not forget the men of my hour Dr. Kanal and Dr. Rapport . Dr Rapport was the anesthesiologist and made it a breeze. Dr. Kanal did my surgery and I am so blessed and honoured to have had you work on me. Once again. Thank you to everyone at Dr. Boris Cosmetic for making this an amazing experience for me

Gloria Gonzalez

I want to thank Arlette J. and Olga so much for being so amazing to me! Every time I walk in Arlette is so sweet and welcoming goes above and beyond to help me out. Thank you Arlette for being so sweet and kind you are amazing! And Olga, I can’t thank you enough for always taking care of me. You are so loving and patient with me. I love you guys so much! Your patient care is wonderful! Thank you again for everything that you girls have done for me!!!

Jackie Mora

MY husband and i are bery satisfied with the results.we plan on going back for other procedures.

Maria Lopez

So happy with my results ! I could of not have chosen a better place than Boris cosmetic , I feel and look 10 years younger I got a tummy tuck and upper eyelid surgery my friend recommended me and she sure wasn’t lying about dr Boris being the best .

Leslie Cortez

Boris cosmetic and the med spa are my go to places dr boris did my breast augmentation 5 years ago and came back for more the massage they give you if amazing I had to get the package definitely recommend to friends and family



Sunny Girl

This Med spa is a great place to start if you have been planning to enhance your beauty Ana is great with her technique and procedure, Erica leaves you glowing with her facials and abby is super friendly and great and is very accommodating to get you in when your pressed for time i highly recommend this place.

Alma Lopez

I has a tummy tuck with Dr bltis and I am 2 happy with my resulta souls recommend to Friends and family

Skyler Kendrick

Fabulous surgery. ....I love my breast implants, they are stunning

Ana Soto

Bad experience! bad bad stafff! unprofessional secretaries I never. Recover my self steam after a bad surgery .my eyes are ugly Please look for a professional place never but never go to this place .

Star Smith

So far my experience have been great. The staff is great and nice. They make me feel very comfortable. Dr. Boris been doing this for a long time so I trust him and I can’t wait until my surgery in 2 weeks.

Chiohko Owens

I LOVE this office! Olga and Arlette J are walking angels. So kind, gentle professional and compassionate! The back office staff are awesome as well. I appreciate Olga’s bedside manner during my setback kept me encourage and gave me strength to believe everything would be okay and it was! Arlette thank you for finding that vein! Dr Boris performed my surgery and made me a “new woman”! Love you Boris Cosmetics! Chiohko Owens

Leslie R

Very comfortable experience, I’ve never been to a place that treated patients with such genuine care. I truly appreciate the staff and the doctors not many places walk you through the process.

Julieta Miguel

El procedimiento de implante de senos con el Dr. Boris fue fabuloso estoy muy contenta con los resultados . Despues de el procedimiento las enfermeras fueron muy atentas . Despues quede embarazada y pude amantar a mi bebe sin ninguna complicacion . por esto recomiendo ampliamente a Dr. Boris Cosmetic.

Kay Mel

Best in la ! Recommended friends and family and they all love dr Boris work he is one of the best in la I’m glad I found him... and if you stop by don’t forget to stop by the med spa and get some work done by my favorite nurse ana

Jessica quinteros

Great Doctors second time coming in best staff in world specially Katie girl is the best..

Jays Gomez

Today was my last follow up and I’m glad I finally made the decision to get a consultation and get my lipo I’ve been wanting it for years and I feel amazing I had the confidence to get my work done and start exercising this has been a life changer thank you boris cosmetic and team you guys were good to me. Recommend to friends and family

Laura Aguilar

The staff is amazing specially Arlett and Katie always so helpful and they make you feel very comfortable.

Meli Loves

Heard about boris cosmetic on the radio and decided to come on in me and my sister got a tummy tuck and could not be any more happier with our results from the receptionist being friendly and polite to the doctor explaining all the details of the procedure thank you boris cosmetic for making me more confident with my body

Maria Rodriguez

Dr.Boris is great. I picked him because he was just sweet and caring. I consulted with other drs and it was all business no bedside manners. Dr. Boris is the opposite. I love how my surgery came out very happy with my body. The nurse is so sweet too after surgery they took such good care of me. My follow ups where great too. Dr. Boris came to say hi every single time. Very attentiVe.

Mary Bautista

The customer service is excellent, they listen, I love the results everytime! I highly recommend Boris Med Spa and Dr. Boris.

Jessie Perez

Let me start of by saying the doctors are the best and the med spa are so attentive and polite , the first time I came here was for a tummy tuck and lipo with fat transfer, let me tell you I’ve never looked so good! The post op nurse takes good cares and makes sure the healing process goes by as smooth as possible , the front staff always helps me out with my concerns and always have a smile on, let me not say about the med spa I love going for my juvaderm lip fillers with Ana the best in town I love both offices and would recommend if your in town stop definitely rate this place a 5 star!

NxzNiner Heygood

Doctor Boris is Honest and will give you the results you ask for. I come in for Botox and Fillers and love my results. Happy patient here :) Will recommend to all my friends! Arlette Juarez

Andrea Joseph

Olga and Arlette are AMAZING!!!! I am SO WELL TAKEN CARE OF and appreciate all they’ve done throughout my journey! I can honestly say I’ve never had a better experience with a doctors office and/or staff. Thank you Boris Cosmetics!!!

Mila Hernandez

I want to highly recommend Boris Cosmetics for any type of work needed to make you look and feel better about yourself! I myself herd about Boris Cosmics on the radio, thru other patients and I got motivated knowing consultantion was Free

Dany San

(Translated by Google) Surgeries shoddy not surprised as you let convince you raise all nice but after I leave you all deformed tell you from personal experience and be very careful not to get surprised (Original) Cirugías de muy mala calidad no se dejen sorprender mientras te convencen te plantean todo bonito pero después te dejan toda deforme se los digo por experiencia propia tengan MUCHO CUIDADO y no se dejen sorprender

anabely pacheco

It’s been 6 months with my surgery I’m so Excited!! DR. Mínale is Amazing...Staff was wonderful I would recommend family and friends to come and get the Results you want Happy Patient :)

Maria Martz

Came in for a mommy make over and got the body I’ve been missing for quite some time before the babies! I’m glad my friend recommended me to boris cosmetic great staff and great doctors and the after care nurse the best!


I had the lipo 360 & a bbl at Boris cosmetic and it was the best decision I ever made. They listen to what i wanted and needed and did exactly that. I would highly recommend them to any one who wants or needs a little change in their appearance.

Elia Garcia

(Translated by Google) In September I completed one year of my surgery I have not had any problems I'm very happy my recovery was fast (Original) En septiembre cumplío un año de mi cirugía no he tenido ningún problema estoy muy contenta fue rápido mi recuperación

Mayra Sandoval

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