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REVIEWS OF Dr. Smiley - Upland IN California

adrian alejandr

Allena Godoy

The amount of time and effort I had put worth in choosing a plastic surgeon was by no means done over night. I wanted to be sure that I would feel comfortable, secure and trusting with whom ever I would choose to do my procedure. I had been to 2 other consultations before I arrived to see Dr. Smiley. He was very warm and attentive to my questions and needs. I felt like he went over more options with me than the other doctors. Some of the recommendations were surprising to me because it did not require surgery. I am thinking that Dr. Smiley keeps up on the latest procedures and will educate himself as well as his staff to be as informative as possible. I am going to schedule the procedure with Dr. Smiley and will have an update at a later time. As for now, I am hopeful and excited to move forward.

Sarah Graves

I was more than happy with my results!!!

Marylou Gamon


Trudy Osborne

VERY VERY VERY VERY rushed and uncomfortable help from reception, was made to feel like I was not important and was thrown on hold with NO WARNING in the middle of asking a question at the start of my call VERY upsetting because I was referred to Dr by a friend since he is amazing!

Christian Stewart

Such amazing results. It has been about one month since the surgery. Now that the black and blue bruises have faded away and the swelling has subsided, I can see how astonishing I look. I feel that Dr. Smaili is truly a gifted and experienced Doctor. Thank you for everything.

tonya S

I am absolutely amazed. Dr, Smaili is truly a miracle maker. My nose is so beautiful. I am so grateful to the staff for making me feel comfortable throughout this experience. I highly recommend Dr. Smaili to anyone looking for a top notch Plastic Surgeon.

Evan Wilkins

Dr. Smiley performed great. I am very satisfied with the end result from my surgery. What a great way to start off the new year. Thanks a million.

Spann Pollard

I was referred to Dr.Smaili. After the consultation I scheduled my procedure. I am looking forward to the end results.

Brown Earnestine

Dr. Smiley was very professional and genuine. I "interviewed" 2 other top Beverly Hills plastic surgeons before I came in for a consultation with Dr. Smiley. I knew instantly that he was the one. I had everything picked out in my head but Dr. Smiley suggested a totally different approach. Boy! I am glad that I listened. I love the result! So do all my friends, family members and my fiancé. His staffs are are also very responsive and sweet. I couldn't imagine going through this life changing experience with someone else. Dr. Smiley is now my go-to surgeon for any future surgery needs.

Mariella Gross

What a wonderful Surgeon. Dr. Tarick takes great pride in his work and it clearly shows in my results. I look and feel 10 years younger.

True Love

Dr tarik smaili it's really bad surgeon he did my surgery few months ago and he messed up breast augmentation and lift I requested for 3 more size and he did only one and my lift was horrible and he was charge me again for fix the mistake I never recommended that kind of doctor to anybody.

April Gray

I absolutely love the results. Dr Smaili is a wonderfully gifted Surgeon. I highly recommend him .

Delvalle Turco

I am so overly happy with the results !!! The only thing I have to say is why didn't I do the botox sooner. I look FABULOUS !!!!! Thank you.

Sadie Hintzinger

Today was surgery day. Dr Smiley was a head of schedule so I went in a little earlier. I arrived to the surgery center, signed a couple documents and waited to go back in. Everything went smoothly. The nurses were AMAZING and sweet and really knew what they were doing. They made me super comfortable and reassured me everything was going to be okay. Dr Smiley came in to draw on me and talk about my wants and goals. He is probably one of my favorite human beings on this earth! He really knows what he's doing and really listens to what you want. As soon as I got into the operating room, it was super cold!!!! But I guess that's what happens when you are butt naked!!!! I got onto the operating table and Dr Smiley looked me in the eyes while holding my hand saying everything was going to be okay. I was squeezing his hand while the anesthesia was taking over. A couple hours later I woke up in the recovery room. The nurses here were super awesome too. Everybody was super nice! I'm so happy with this whole experience and I cannot wait to see my end results!!!!!

Lenny Rose

I am thankful for Dr. Smaili and his wonderful team of associates that helped me to acknowledge and be proactive with treatment. You also have a wonderful staff who has allowed me to voice my concerns and treated me kindly. Much gratitude to all. Lenny Rose

Glenn Lopez

I always read about business and or doctors before I decide to give them my business. I have always relied upon other opinions in regards to business but am aware that not all reviews are correct. I will base my reviews on my own experiences and no problem writing how my experience went , good or bad. I can honestly say that my experience at California Surgical Institute went very well. Dr. Smiley was just fabulous. He was so caring and kind and was not at all making me feel rushed when I came in for my consultation. I have booked my next appointment and am looking forward to the changes he will be performing on me. Thank you for making me feel comfortable enough to move forward with you and your team.

Claudia Gabriel

I had a procedure done called the concentric breast lift. Dr. Smiley was able to correct my sagging breasts and he also was able to re-position my nipples. They look so perky now. Thank you so much for doing a excellent job on me.

Michelle Valentinez

Read about him on yelp!!! He doesn’t even deserve one star.

Yolanda Marie Elizarraraz

I had Surgery with DR Smaili ... a breast lift and augmentation .. I had problems since the 1st month . He performed my augmentation in Beverly institute .I could not find him.. he no longer worked for them .. when I located him his staff was really rude from receptionist to manager . He gave me the run around for 2 years .. to keep massaging my breast.and I said to him it isn't getting any better u need to correct this .. He said he would only charge me for anesthesia $1,500.00 In the end he wanted to charge me 3,900.00 . He would never return my calls kept rescheduling me. At that point I did not even want him to touch me.. I would never EVER RECOMMEND ANYONE TO HIM..

Sunshine Gelhard

I had Dr. Smiley perform a Brazilian Butt lift. I am ecstatic with the results.

tahoe og mars hydro led john

Bad service from the front desk to pr larson, heidi n before I say anything her sociology starts out your young there shouldn't be anything wrong with you ,first of all lets let science do its job not base your information off my age or insurance to be exact , I go on to tell here this and that is going on with me for her to just keep saying im fine blah blah blah and I cant come in for more then one problem so meaning come back for each issue you have wrong with body even if its serious or not government conspiracy 101 these are the real bad guys.

nikki peterson

I love Dr. Smiley and his staff! I am going for my round 2 BBL in about a couple months. Dr. Smiley told me when I got my first bbl that I would need a round 2. So here I am and I am ready. I need my butt to be more round on the bottom. I also would like to get lipo on my back and tummy. My first BBL went great and I look forward to finishing what I started.

Bri Alvarez

When for a consultation, it was short but i think the dr. knew what he was taking about. Great pricing!

Pressley Ferretti

What a remarkable difference after the liposuction procedure. I am feling great just after a short recovery time. Thank you..

Reaper Holzman

My consultation was great. Dr. Smaili went over a few options and procedures. Dr. Smaili was very nice and took his time with me. I was pleased with the staff as well. I am going to be back soon for my procedure and I am excited. Thank you.

christopher smothers

The Rhinoplasty went very well. The corrective procedure has allow free passage of air as we had discussed in the consultation. The results are as you explained to me and I could not be more happier with the results. I would have given 5 stars however I felt the wait times where just a bit longer than I expected. Other than that...job well done.

danny b

I have recently seen the results of some other tummy tucks and I Truly am amazed by the results we got from Dr. Smaili's work in comparison to others.

Lundberg Horn

I have had the most wonderful experience here at California Surgical. Dr. Smaili is very extroddinary. Dr. Smaili made my procedure very pleasant. I am so happy with the results, I wish I had done this sooner. My family and friends will know who transformed me. Thank you so very much !!!!!!

francessadavis francessadavis

I wouldn't think of going to another Doctor because I have never had a bad experience with Dr. Smiley. Trust me, I have had some doozies in the past. I will be honest, I take part of the blame but I feel like the Doctors should have my best interest in mind. I appreciate the fact that Dr Smiley is honest and will lay out all the facts. I am able to make rash decisions because of his unsightliness.

Luise Harrington

I was referred to see Dr. Smiley by my mom. I came in to see what sort of revision could be done to correct a botched procedure that was done by another surgeon whom I will not mention. This review is for the great care and concern Dr. Smiley exhumed which in turn made me feel cared for and comfortable. I can see why he comes recommended. He is excellent in all that he does. Thank you.

tricia whitley

The breast reduction worked out very well. I could not be happier. I am so happy now. I don't have any problem throwing on a bathing suit or low cut dress. I am symmetrical and loving it !!!!

Tyisha Saliba

Thank you Dr. Smaili for doing such an amazing job on me. I have waited so long for these implants. I am really excited and glad I came to you. I will tell everyone who ask's me where I went for the implants to come in and see you.

Betty Fredrick

Looks like 10 years have been wiped away by the fabulous treatment I received. Dr.Smiley knows what works well and will recommend options after going over all of the fine points. You are just a fabulous, professional and knowledgeable Doctor and for that I thank you. I also appreciate the fact that you keep up with the latest research.

Darcy Del Cambre

I suffered from chronic lower back, thigh and left calf sciatic pain. My personal physician kept advising me to strengthen my core. I had all the physical therapy and pain management anyone could have with no real results. My co-worker gave me Dr. Smaili's number I made an appointment for a consultation. I was very pleased with his advise on strengthening my core. My surgery went exceptionally well with minimal pain. I no longer have any back or sciatic pain nor do I wear any braces for my back or leg pain!! I followed all the directives and my down time was only (4) weeks!! This procedure was "MONEY" well spent for my life style. I highly recommend Dr. Smaili and his staff for their professionalism, courtesy and the genuine concern for the patients. Keep up the good work!!! Thanks again for the great work on my tummy!!

Aletha Obertson

I received a breast augmentation by Dr. Smiley. Since then, I have referred two family friends to him who have gone through the same process and have had nothing but wonderful things to say about him. My experience was beyond what I expected and six years later I love my breasts just as much as I did when I left surgery! His ability to make you feel comfortable and at ease was very reassuring when going through this experience. He is highly spoken of around our friends and family.

Andrew Santana

Super super great dr. My recovery was super fast !! Sure will recommend

Nancy Jarjour

Waste of money!! I did an otoplasty plastic surgery (for my ears) that I was told it is very easy and results should last atleast few years. The first surgery didnt even last for 6 months and one of my ears went back to its old position and then Dr. Smiley said I can do a second surgery for you as soon as you spend 6 months minimim after the first surgery. Second surgery was done few months ago and guess what??? One of my ears is back to its normal position as if I never had a plastic surgery done for them!! He already ruined the shape of mu ears and they are not even pinned back!!!!! I will never recommend Dr. Smiley to anyone.. I dont know why doctors say this surgery should be a piece of cake when they dont even know what they are doing. Even if Dr Simley offers me a complimentary 3rd surgery to fix them, I would never step into his office again. He doesnt deserve a one star review..

Starr Williamson

Dr Smaili is a professional, extremely knowledgeable surgeon, who will take the time to sit and talk to you.. After listening to you he gives his suggestions, goes over everything and together you dictate a plan. Thank God for these kind of surgeons!! All 3 of my procedures went well and uneventful... As an added plus he has some awesome staff..

Maryam Zabrionka

Dr. Tarick has done a wonderful job at fixing a mistake made by another Plastic Surgeon. I am extremely happy with the results. Thanks the the staff as well, they are all so nice and helpful.

Harvey Simms

The professionalism of the surgeon, receptionist, medical assistant and physician consultant have all been excellent. Thank you for a great visit.

Mike Titus

Teressa Bobbin

Such a wonderful experience. I was very happy with the consultation with Dr. Smaili. He is so wonderful, energetic and knowledgeable. I appreciate the information given to me about the procedure. I also appreciated the information about the chances of possible results that might not be to my liking. This tells me that he is an honest person and not one to tell me what I want to hear just to make a buck (believe me, I have come across a few Doctors that didn't have my best interest in mind). I will go home and give a lot of thought to moving forward with this procedure. If I do decide to correct what has been done previously, I will be coming to Dr. Smaili. Thank you and your friendly staff for being compassionate and non-judgemental.

Marta Vallone

I wanted more fullness and roundness on my butt and he did an amazing job. Dr. Smiley does amazing lipo which is another reason I will be going back for round two very soon. The staff bends over backwards for you and always treats you with respect. Overall a wonderful experience!

Scott Bani

Laverne Griffin

Best results. Best Surgeon. Hands down.

Lyle Ayala

Final results ? Phenomenal.

Stella Корcheck

I had seen Dr. Smiley at the Brea location previously. I am very happy with Dr. Smiley and his staff. I had some concerns regarding followup and wanted to be sure that I was healing right. I was able to go to the upland location to discuss my concerns. I am relieved to know that all is going as planned. Thanks for seeing me!

orodrian robert

Dr. Smiley is professional, caring, talented and very hands on. I believe his work speaks for itself. When you forget you had a procedure and it feels like it has always been a part of your body, thats amazing.

Irene Ruiz Coronado

I had problems immediately with my breast augmentation. My left one broke through the muscle and had 2 additional surgeries to repair it which again wasn't done correctly. Last visit I was concerned about the implant breaking through more. He assured me it wouldn't did along accompanied by pain. His resolution would be an additional cost to fix what wasn't done correctly in the first place. Extremely disappointed along with embarrassed by the augmentation procedure.

Faye Horn

Evelyn Aniced

I have wanted breast implants since I was about 16 years old. I remember my mom being interested in them when I was around that age, and her showing me all of the before and after pics on the internet. I finally made the decision to take the step forward to enlarge my breasts. Thank you so much for making me feel comfortable and confident with this decision.

Suzy Gilman

I am pleased that my husband loves my new boobies. Thank you.

Patty Poulsin

Bringing in the new year with a great big smile on my face. The reason for the smile is because of Dr. Smiley !! His name and demeanor go hand in hand. I also will never trust another surgeon. I have been through 2 procedures with Dr. Smiley and am fully appreciative that I can trust his expertise. Cheers to you and your staff.

John Walker

Dr walker does NOT work at this facility any longer, by choice.

Rosa Acosta

Franklin Sandoval

No suggestions - Dr. Smaili is awesome and Andrea is awesome !! Thanks for helping me and working with me !!

Jessica Diaz

Kimberly Anderson

Regina smith

I am happy I came in for the free consultation. I was able to talk over all aspects of the treatment including how long it takes to recover. My mind was put to ease. Thank you for having a great bedside manner. See you soon !!!!!

Liz Montes

They charge 300 consultation fee???? No other doctor has charged me.. and if you book surgery then it’s credited..

Edwin Duran

Outstanding interaction with entire staff. Great experience from initial call in to make the appointment to the end result. FANTASTIC !

Stefffiie Lynn

Tonya D

I have to give them a 5star rating. Great service, great personel. Dr. Smaili was very great and explained to me the difference of saline and silicone. He also explained to me what size was best for me. I went from a 32A to a 34D. I am very satisfied with the work he did. there is no scars and look very natural. The nurse was very nice and explained to me what was going to take place. i was seen the next day for a post op visit. if i ever wanted to get more work done i would defeniatly go back to Dr. Smaili.

Arnis Paeglis

You get what you pay for. Money well spent. Will see about future . Happy and grateful.

Alice Garmon

Amazing results from the only Surgeon I Trust. Thank you so much for your expertise and knowledge .

Stephen Hudson

I have been concerned about an on going problem and I have been helped by a great team and Surgeon named Dr. Smaili at California Surgical Institute. Best experience I have had in a long while. This will be my new got-to for any other medical issues should they arise again. Much thanks to all.

george mccrary

Dr. Smiley is absolutely fantastic. Came in and he corrected a few things. Now look even more amazing. I know impossible right? LOL

Stephen Macek

Dr. Smaili and the office staff are incredibly efficient and nice. I would highly recommend.

Adam Graeps

Dr. Smiley and his staff are amazing. From my consultation to my post op appointments I have been pleased with their communication, honesty and professionalism. I looked at other surgeons and I am so happy I chose Dr. Smiley. I was referred by a friend and have definitely been referring anyone that asks.

Virginia Halverson

Outstanding. Dr. Smaili is the best in the field . He has done a remarkable job at fixing me up.

Robert Gooch

I loveeeee Dr. Tarick. My mom introduced us about a year ago. Thanks mom for referring me to him. Dr. Tarick you have been MAGNIFICO !! You are the best. P.S Good looking too.

Tammy Bishop

I am very happy with my new look. My breasts look even with the lift. My nipples are symmetrical too. I am very happy with the results. Thanks to Dr. Tarick I have beautiful looking breasts.

Amy Peterson

I am absolutely astonished with my results. I have never been so eager to share my experience with others. I am recommending Dr. Smaili. My decision to choose this Doctor turned out to be the right choice. Thank you .

Julianne Katharine

I cannot even put into words how amazing Dr. Smiley is. He is an amazingly skilled surgeon that knows what is the safest option for his patients. He communicates everything with you up until your surgery date. He never makes you feel rushed, and he puts you at ease if you're feeling nervous. I am so thankful to have had him be my surgeon. Thank you so much to him and all his friendly and helpful staff! Also, a huge shout out to T for helping me with my aftercare! Love you all so much!!!!

Penelope Gess

Dr. Tarick is a very nice , knowledgeable, caring and skilled Surgeon. He was able to put me back together with absolutely amazing results, you have given me a second chance at life. I am able to look at everything in a different light now. I feel like a new person in my old body. I can't thank you enough.

Whipple Pointer

Thank you Dr. Smaili for making me feel like you really are interested in my well being. I appreciate it very much that you are very patient and are considerate . You did not rush in out. Thank you and have a great new year ahead.

laily s

I have a bad experience from dr. Tarek Smile and the associate I never go back to them I never recommend anyone!

Martin Ramsey

Treated with care and thoughtfulness and great customer service. Wonderful staff, great care.

gail kinney

Overjoyed beyond words. Many compliments. Thank you.

tawna hertzog

Dr Smiley and his team are truly the dream team. The office is wonderful, the staff is exceptional... the results - incredible. I had a rhinoplasty performed about a year and a half ago, and am extremely pleased with the results.

Cisneros McKown

Very over joyed with my results !! My new nose makes me look like an intirelly different person ! Great job. Best doctor !! Thank you.

Miley Swink

Thank you for putting on the finishing touches. Dr. Smiley, you are the best.

Halle Leta

Dr. Smaili was very caring and made me very comfortable. He did very good work that looked natural and not plastic. My eyes are big and bright. He did excellent work.

David Whiting

Alita Spell

After years and years of considering breast augmentation surgery, I decided I was ready to move forward and began my search to find the best plastic surgeon. After a few consultations, I discovered Dr. Smiley's office and am so grateful I did. The intimate setting of his office and the gentle and professional nature of Dr. Smiley as well as his nurse and patient coordinator were exactly what I was looking for. Dr. Smiley was very careful to match my small framewith implants that would be natural and appropriate for my body, and I have been so pleased with the results. I would highly recommend Dr. Smiley to anybody, his practice is truly the best!

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