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REVIEWS OF Dr. Scott D. Green IN California

Sondra Harrison

I highly recommend Dr. Green and his amazing staff.

S Sivongxay

Dr. Green performed a tummy tuck on me. I fell in love with his work during a seminar and going with him just felt right. I am so happy with the results. My stomach was a mess. I had lost 60 pounds and had my appendix burst which left me with a front "butt crack" due to the scar, then gained and lost 50+ pounds with two pregnancies. I now have a flat stomach for the first time in my life and actually have some ab muscles peaking on through. I finally feel like I have a feminine figure and LOVE to go shopping now because the clothes actually fit! Obviously plastic surgery is not cheap but I was blown away by how reasonably priced the procedure was and actually started crying because I was expecting a figure double what I was quoted. The staff was wonderful to work with as was Dr. Green. He never tried to sell me on additional procedures that I didn't want - which I experienced at a consult with a different surgeon. I highly recommend you schedule a consult with Dr. Green and find out for yourself what great work he does!

Amanda Rozell

This has taken me some time to write, not because of dissatisfaction, but because the positive impact that has been made to my life is so great, I want to make sure that there is nothing left to guess about my interactions with Dr. Green and his staff. I was born with a gap in my abdominal muscles and have never had a thin waistline. In high school I was teased as an innocent, being told I was promiscuous and pregnant. Upon my consult with Dr. Green, he was so patient and kind. I told him about the things that bothered me, things that were made much worse after 2 twin pregnancies. He gave me some options and let me ask questions. I proceeded with the surgery and it has been the best thing besides my family I have ever chose to do. The physical strength I am still gaining and the self confidence I never knew I could have, I can now share with my kids in the activities we do together. Invest in yourself; trust an amazingly talented caring doctor and staff; what have you got to leave behind?

Debbie Mallen

After 3 C-sections and now having just turned 50, I turned to Dr. Green to get rid of the sagging skin on my belly that no matter what, was never going to go away. I used to work in the medical/surgical field, I know a good team and a clean environment for surgery and this facility was top of the line. The staff was great, all questions answered and the results were amazing. I could not have been happier. Yes the process from pre-op to final post-op was about 6 months, but they are through and want you to have a great experience. If every I want something else done, I will go back to Dr. Green and his wonderful staff!

Amy Smith

I came from Arizona to have Dr. Scott Green perform a tummy tuck on me. It was the best decision I have ever made. I am 100% happy with the results and have no doubt it is because of Dr. Green's work. I have had multiple Dr's in Arizona compliment how natural it looks. He was very educational and friendly. I would recommend him to my family and friends for anything. Dr. Green and his staff were very kind and answered any questions I had even after I had my surgery.

Cynthia Ramirez

Dr Green is great it’s been a year since I did my mommy make over no regrets I loved my results since day one I would totally recommend him

Marlena Stell

After interviewing 8 surgeons for my tummy tuck and breast lift, I decided on Dr Green and have no regrets. Not only was my recovery easier than I expected, but my scars turned out really well! Before my surgery I had a panic attack (was so nervous!) and Dr Green sat with me until is passed. All the nurses took off, but the surgeon himself stayed with me. Says a lot about how he cares about his patients. I plan on going to him for any future surgeries as he truly is fantastic.

Ana Washington

It has been a year since a had my surgery with Doctor Scott Green and I'm very impressed with the results. My Scar is very light in some parts. This was an experience that started s year ago and has changed the person that Iam today. Thanks Doc for all you have done. I will surely recommend him as a Doctor that knows what he does.....

Anna Minaesian

I'm only three weeks out and I already love my results! Dr. Green does an amazing job and really cares about his patients. His prices are fair and I was really impressed with the after care. I will definitely be going back to Dr. Green!

Stephanie Yang

Had my breast done under a year ago and they look terrible. I went back to see Dr. Green and he wanted to charge me the full amount again to have them fix. I would not recommend going through Dr. Green. He was rude and unprofessional. Extremely disappointed and unhappy with his work.

Valerie Metcalf

I traveled from Salt Lake to Sacramento to see Dr. Green!! This wasn't my first experience with plastic surgery, but it was a great experience! I didn't feel rushed while I was in the office and I felt that he was very thorough with the questions I had. I had a upper and lower eye lift and a brow lift and been so pleased with the result!! My left eye was droopy because of a muscle problem and he told me that this was difficult because you never know what a muscle will do, but I can tell you that it turned out great!! The morning before I left for Salt Lake I went back into surgery to correct the eye with the muscle problem and it was the right thing to do. He could have let me go home as is, but he cared enough to make it right!! The outcome is great and I would recommend Dr. Green to my family or friends without hesitation!!

Kendra Carter

I went to Dr. Green because a few of my close friends had gone to him for various procedures and were very happy with their results. I was a little nervous going into the consultation because this is something I never pictured myself doing, but he put me at ease with his great bedside manner, knowledge, and down to earth personality. I knew without a doubt he was the doctor I trusted for this. I have had four children, three of which were c-sections, so I was interested in breast implants to put "the girls" back up where they belong and a mini tummy tuck to eliminate the little "shelf" that went over my cesarian scar. Even though I never pictured myself having plastic surgery, I'm so glad I did! My breasts are beautiful and my tummy is FLAT! The scars under my breasts are so small and have faded very well so you can barely see them. My tummy tuck scar is barely longer than my c-section scar (keep in mind this was a "mini") and again, very thin and faded to a pale pink (I'm assuming it will turn white-ish with time like my c-sec scar did). I would highly recommend Dr. Green to anyone because I trust him and feel he is an expert in plastic surgery.

Brooke Tassone

After deciding to go in for an elective procedure; I spoke to a friend who has also visited Dr. Green. Let me tell you, the best decision I ever made. The front staff was incredible. Dr. Green and his PA (who I adored) were everything I could have hoped for in a surgeon and were very open and upfront about sizing and what to expect from the actual procedure. Everything was very professional and my results turned out amazing. I would highly recommend Dr. Green and his team to anyone considering breast augmentation or an elective procedure. He is beyond skilled in his practice. You will not regret your decision.

Paul Costa

One of the best in his field.

C. Lopez

One of the worst experiences of my life. I wish that I had not opted for the abdominal surgery. Dr. Green is a nice guy, maybe too nice as he doesn't exercise control over his surgical staff. Everything is great when you go in for a consult, but as soon as you get to their surgical facility, it's like doc in the box. My nurse wanted to leave early (I was the last patient of the day on a Friday afternoon) so in her haste she put me in a too-small compression garment with the drain tubes inside (she didn't bother to tell me the tubes should go outside the garment) and literally pushed me outside the door as soon as Dr. Green left the center. Post surgery, I was still over-anesthetized, nauseous, shaking uncontrollably, itching all over, cried and begged to stay because I felt so unwell. The nurse left me with my friend who had no medical knowledge and gave him contradictory instructions on not leaving me alone for 24 hours while telling him he needed to go to the store and purchase OTC Benadryl to treat me for my horrible post-surgical itching. The too small compression garment caused lacerations/sores and scars all over my stomach. The nurse gave me a non-working pump and compression garment to wrap around my legs to prevent blood clots. She didn't even bother to check it or explain to me how it worked before pushing me out of the surgical center. So, among the extreme pain, nausea, itching, and torture device of a compression garment, I was also at risk for a blood clot and stroke. Within days I was experiencing horrible muscle spasms that still have not gone away. Almost 3 months post-surgery, I have scars all over my stomach, and the one that I expected, from hip to hip is over an inch higher on my right hip than on my left, and is about 1/4 inch thick - no way the scars will be hidden by underwear or a swimsuit. The stitches, which were supposed to be dissolveable, were poking out of my skin - they were like coarse white brush bristles. I felt like a porcupine was erupting from my stomach. I saw other health care providers for help, and they noticed the stitches, which looked like ugly whiteheads on my stomach. Worst of all, Dr. Green told me that the abdominal surgery would help my back pain; he never mentioned a risk that it would be worse. Well, it's worse now. Almost 3 months later, I am still walking partially bent over. I am also a person who has had several surgeries and gone through labor. I have a high tolerance for pain, but this was the worst pain ever, hands down. This was also the worst surgical center and surgical nursing staff that I have ever experienced. When I complained to the Center, they did little to help me. Dr. Green was either out of the office or on vacation. The unethical surgical nurse was never reprimanded. I was never given an apology or an offer of even a partial refund. I now have to pay for other providers to fix this mess. If I could do it all over again, I would never have gone to this Center.

b y

staff were wonderful from OR to the front desk. Tayler is wonderful. Dr. green is a miracle worker. I am very satisfied with the out come of my surgery. thank you

Ali Sampson

I had a procedure with Dr. Green many years ago and am really happy with my results and the entire experience. I was extremely hesitant to get work done but at the urging of family and friends I finally did. This was 10 years ago and I never look back! He has great bedside manner and his staff is competent and warm.

Lucy Thietz

Dr Scott Green is an amazing surgeon. As a Registered Nurse, I hold any medical professionals to high standards as I do myself, and Doctor Green has exceeded my high expectations. He is extremely knowledgeable, honest, and does amazing work. I got exactly what I wanted, the OR staff were great and dealt with my postoperative pain immediately. The administration staff were courteous, polite and on the ball. They submitted paperwork that my work needed in a timely manner and the whole experience went very smoothly. I developed a capsule months after recovery, nothing that can be predicted or prevented. Dr Green handled the situation immediately and I am beyond pleased with the outcome. If I could do this over again, I wouldn't change a single thing. Thank you to Dr Green and all of his wonderful staff!

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