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Drea Caceres

I just recently got some fillers donned i could not be happier!!! I was so worried of looking unnatural since i didn't necessairly want bigger lips but just wanted to correct my unsymmetrical lip line. He was so accommodating to me and my concerns, I couldn't have wished for better results and I wouldn't go anywhere else! Just looking at all his previous work i knew i made the right choice. Thank you!!!


Dr. Kanodia is simply the best! He has done over 7000 rhinoplasty procedures and ALL of them using the CLOSED/SCARLESS technique (all incisions are inside the nostrils with no external cuts). Nowadays, most young surgeons are being taught the OPEN techniques which inflict a scar between the nostrils. Dr. Kanodia has perfected the lost art of CLOSED, ENDONASAL rhinoplasty. The average consumer doesn't even realize that this is an option these days. While some noses require the open approach, far too often I see surgeons performing the open approach on a nose that does not need to be opened. Dr. Kanodia is the master because he continues to perform ONLY closed rhinoplasty. Why would you want to go to a surgeon who has to open your nose and inflict a permananet scar when Dr. Kanodia can do the exact same thing without any external cuts. It's such an obviously simple decision when you think about these 2 options. This is your face - don't bargain for a "deal" with an average surgeon. Instead, get perfection from Dr. Kanodia the FIRST TIME!

Romi Gould

Ash A

Dr. Kanodia is an excellent doctor. He greatly improved my quality of life by fixing my severely broken nose. I can breathe through my nose again thanks to Dr. Kanodia. He is the kindest doctor and is an artist at his craft. His office/staff is professional, kind, and helpful. Dr. Kanodia is the best in the business! I highly recommend!

Ankit Raj

Christina Esposito

My husband was in a terrible accident last year, shattered his cheek bone, eye socket and broke his nose. During his initial ER surgery they left the nose alone so it healed but very crooked. His septum was also all mashed up. After scouring the internet for best rhinoplasties in the country we came across Dr. Raj Kanodia. Adored by celebrities should have been the first warning. Fame and hype don’t necessarily equate a brilliant doctor. We contacted his office with photos of my husband and thoroughly explaining his situation with the previous accident. They told us this was no problem at all and that Dr. Kanodia would fix him right up, both medically and cosmetically. They gladly took a hefty non-refundable deposit and we booked our flights to LA from the east coast. When we got there, we were alarmed at the sight of the waiting room. We expected a state of the art facility, this place was a total dump and gave us the feel of a rundown nursing home. Not only that, but we waited over an hour for his consultation. When we finally got in to see the doctor he explained that he could fix the deviated septum but not the cosmetic breaks and bumps of the nose because it was connected to the cheek (where my husband had metal plates implanted to fix his face during the previous surgery). Again this was all explained prior and now he’s telling us it can't be done? So we flew across the country, put down a non-refundable deposit seeking the best, just to be told you’re walking out of here the same way you came in. Well my husband went ahead and did the surgery just for the deviated septum since we were there, but boy was that a mistake. It's been over a month since and he’s had just the worst symptoms. Describes his nose and throat as on fire. Feels like someone is slashing his throat. Cannot sleep at night. The worst. When he called Dr. Raj Kanodia’s office to advise on aftercare and what the cause of this may be they told him it had nothing to do with the surgery. A bunch of fake, insensitive, crooks if you ask me!

Mallory Abraham

I am very pleased with the work Dr. Kanodia did on me! I will continue to go back to him. He also let me sample some of his skincare products, Amla, and they are making my skin clear up pretty well. I'd definitely recommend going to Dr. Kanodia, or Karla, to get the best results for whatever you may need.

Monica Ritter

Enzo Testa

thought his last name was canoli... not a bakery dont be fooled

Sarah Ford

So happy with my results ! I love my lips thanks you Dr. Kanodia!

A. Frisch

Dr. Kanodia is such an amazing doctor and man! I went in for a consultation about his FANTASTIC skin care line and I was not disappointed. He answered all of my questions, listened to my skin issue history, and explained the science behind the skin care line in a way I understood. He has amazing bedside manner and his product is amazing. It has brightened up my face, makes me look younger, and has stopped my redness and inflammation. I recommend his products to everyone!

Magus Dominus

Wonderful Doctor. Had an accident about year back that tore my nose to hell. He was able to correct and now I cant even tell the difference from before. I'm really happy with the service and quality of work. Will recommend

Dr Kambiz Silani

Amazing bedside manner! Very professional and adds his unique humor to make you comfortable! In the heart of Beverly Hills! Definitely recommend Dr Deepak for younger looking skin!

Nikhil Arun

My Great-Grandfather had his nose job done hear! was mind blowing

Sy Sy

Breno Fiamma

This doctor should retire. He doesn't seem to enjoy his work and is very negligent. For a 5 minute tops visit you should at least get a good bye. His arrogance is something I never experienced in the past by any doctor. All the media attention is given based when he was on top of his career. Now, he rushes you, he is rude and only seems to care of making money. What happened to being a doctor to help others? He also only do primary rhinoplasties due to very poor results in the past with revisions. If your case is easy, he will take you but instead of being honest and telling you of his limitations he will literally tell you there is nothing that can be done to help you and discourage you to go anywhere else.

amanda welikson

9eissa .

Loved my clear and brilliant treatment!!

Landri Eackelbary

Dr. Kanodia did a fabulous job on my nose surgery! He is an excellent doctor who know's exactly what he is doing. He made my nose look natural, and I was super pleased with the ending result! I will continue to recommend Dr. Kanodia to anyone looking for a nose doctor because he sure it the best. He takes care of his patients before and after surgery, making sure they feel comfortable and informing them on what he is going to do. I am now satisfied and confident with my nose thanks to him!

Matt Hershcovitch

As a Facial Plastic Surgeon myself, I can attest to the superior work and skill of Dr. Kanodia. I have visited his office several times to observe him in surgery. He is a phenomenal surgeon as well as teacher. My practice has greatly benefited from his instruction, technique and devotion to spreading knowledge. I have observed nothing short of a first class experience for patients in his office. From the first consultation, to the day of surgery, to the final post operative visit, Dr. Kanodia personally ensures each patient is properly cared for and his or her wishes are met. His practice serves as a model of how all other practices should be. I would recommend Dr. Kanodia to anyone in the Los Angeles area considering a rhinoplasty. Not only is he one of the finest surgeons in Beverly Hills, but one of the world leaders in rhinoplasty surgery. Matt Hershcovitch, MD

Trisha Clifford

Words can not even begin to describe how how thankful I am for Dr. Kanodia and Dr. Dugar. After many tearful appointments with multiple industry elite ENTs and Plastic Surgeons about fixing my serve deviated septum and breathing issues, I finally found Dr. Kanodia. Instead of breaking down the imperfections and difficulties like so many other previous doctors, he focused on the natural beauty he saw in my nose and assured me we would preserve that while also fixing all the internal issues. I walked away crying from this appointment, but those tears were finally of happiness and relief. I really could go on and on about how incredible my experience was from the beginning to the end but you really will have to experiment it yourself. Nothing is more nerve-racking than having an operation on your face yet not once was I nervous or fearful because this guy is hands down the absolute best there is. I am still amazed by it all! My nose couldn't be more perfect, more natural or more me. Not only would I recommend Dr. Kanodia to anyone I've met, I would recommend you use no one else but him. He is the only doctor I truly trust and one I know puts his clients needs before his own. I can't thank him enough for everything. He not only a doctor, he is an artist and a visionary. In medicine, there is no better combo than that. There is a reason why people travel from all over the world to see him so take their advice and mine, go see Dr. Raj Kanodia. I guarantee you'll walk out smiling (and maybe crying happy tears) as I did.

Jason Torrey

I absolutely cannot say enough about Dr. Kanodia and Dr. Dugar. From the moment I stepped into their office, their office and staff has always treated me with the utmost care and respect. I felt like a part of their family. Dr. Dugar is very professional, knowledgeable and answered all of my questions and concerns. It became obvious from the very beginning that I was in great hands with the doctors and their staff. Highly recommend!

Anu Duckworth

Definately a professional place to go to. Dr Kanodia is extremely knowledgable and does NOT give false hopes as how things will look after surgery. He is in touch with reality and having done my research, before going to him, I am convinced that this is the dr I would trust.

Jose Lazaro Perez

Went to Dr. Raj office and had an excellent experience. I was treated with Botox for fine lines and wrinkles and I am thrilled with the results. Very professional doctor, and the team is friendly. My concerns were heard, thoughtful recommendations were discussed and a wonderful outcome was made. I definitely recommend Dr. Raj.

11 TAN

Ali A

Today marks nearly 13 months since my closed rhino-septoplasty, and I think it's finally right to post a quick review of my experience. Dr Raj is a true artist. He will not give you a carbon copy - tiny nose - that many other surgeons churn out. And as beautiful as they might look - Dr Raj's work stands out in a whole other way: the result is *your* nose, but subtly tweaked to suit *your face*. If what you are after is a natural result that isn't noticeable - then the cost and experience are worth it. (His work truly did trick even my parents' eyes). I flew in from overseas and stayed at the Pearl Recovery Retreat & Wellness centre, which I also highly recommend. I woke up post-surgery with Dr Raj's hand affectionately on my forehead - and it was very comforting. He is a perfectionist, you can trust that he has your best interests at heart - but do not expect him to entertain you if you waffle on. He is a genius, and like all geniuses, would rather just focus on the work at hand. An honest - open - doctor who isn't fake. His assistant is lovely and replied to every email sent in a timely fashion. Deepak Dugar was also a very lovely and patient doctor. The questions I didn't want to bother Dr Raj with, he answered for me and it was much appreciated. As for my result - because I have thick skin on the tip (which used to be bulbous), the minor swelling I have left is going down day by day to the point where I can at least start to pinch the skin - and I am able to breathe better and my nose is now the perfect fit for my face - thanks to Dr Raj & his surgical team. Thank you.

Sonia S

It truly doesn't get any better than Dr. Kanodia. Five years ago I broke my nose, crushing the left side. I have had pain, difficulty breathing and a significant change in my appearance ever since. After consultations with a number of other surgeons, I went to see Dr. Kanodia thanks to the recommendation of a family member. It has been two weeks since my surgery and I really can't complain about the recovery process. Dr. Kanodia is a caring doctor who takes his patients' overall health into consideration before operating. Dr. Kanodia asks his patients to follow a program of, what I would call, clean living for the month preceding surgery to speed recovery and reduce inflammation. It works. His post surgery instructions are thorough, to say the least. Everything from how to tackle sneezing to pillow placement is anticipated. Dr. Kanodia himself is a kind and manifestly caring doctor. My best interests have always been at the core of his advice. His positive energy is contagious, which is invaluable when facing what would otherwise be a daunting procedure. The office runs like clockwork and the staff is wonderful. Lisa, the surgical coordinator has been right there for me through the whole process and even came to the operating room to wish me well on the big day. Jenni the RN was with me during surgery and after with support and hugs. The surgery itself was also as good as it gets. Because Dr. Kanodia operates in a private facility, there was much less to endure than surgery in a hospital. The process was very civilized. My anesthesiologist, Elisabeth, called me the night before which put me at ease, knowing that I would be in good hands. Elisabeth has a reassuring presence; she is both professional and kind. She instructed me on how to avoid nausea after surgery and told me that she would give me my first dose of antibiotic and an anti-nausea medication through the IV. The result is that I had no nausea, at all, at any point, period. She even numbed my hand before putting in the IV. I didn't feel a thing. When it was time to be put under anesthesia, Dr. Kanodia again was so positive and caring that I drifted off with nothing but, as he says, happy thoughts. After surgery, I took 2 Tylenol as a preventative measure. In hindsight, even that was unnecessary. I experienced less pain in the 24 hours following surgery than my usual sinus pain. After the first 24 hours, the pain had completely disappeared. I have only Dr. Kanodia's expertise to thank. I am very pleased with my results. My nose is refined, without being different. The highest praise that I can give to aesthetic result is that my parents are overjoyed that I still look like their daughter. Moreover, I can breathe better than ever before and I'm really enjoying it. From my initial consultation five years ago to my post surgery check-ups, every experience with Dr. Kanodia has been entirely positive. If I had not had rhinoplasty with Dr. Kanodia, I would not have had rhinoplasty at all. I am already happy with my decision and only expect my results to get better with time. Without hesitation I would recommend Dr. Kanodia to those most precious to me.

Lexie Crawley

Sandi Cobey

If you want the best of the best go see Dr. Kanodia. He's wonderful! Very kind and his staff is very friendly and professional.

Serine Agazhanyan

Almost a year ago, I had my rhinoplasty done by the phenomenal Dr. Raj Kanodia and I couldn’t be happier. For me, the most difficult part was to gather up my courage and go forward with the prospect of surgery and Dr. Kanodia said all the right things I wanted to hear and made me feel at ease. I knew I was in good hands when he told me he wanted to create a nose that would be symmetrical to my face and my features. If you want to have a natural look where no one would ever guess you had work done on your nose, Dr. Kanodia is the one to trust. Dr. Kanodia, you have MAGIC HANDS! You’re the best of the best. Thank you.

Melkis Rodriguez

Literally the best of the best. I went for a nose job all the way from NC 3 months ago and I’ve never been more happier with my results.

Soraya Khineche

I got a detox facial last week by their Esthetician, Sarah. She was extremely thorough and really shared her knowledge with me. Overall a memorable experience. Can't wait to see her again. Highly recommended.

marie tyler

I have been to Dr. Kanodia over the years. He was incredible, the best at what he does and also very kind and empathetic. His skin care line is also more than amazing, and I have sent several friends to use it and they have incredible skin now. I would highly recommend Dr. Kanodia and you would be fortunate to have the opportunity of his knowledge and expertise to better your self.

Олег основин

Holly Aubry

don't trust my skin with anyone else!

Rachael Cronin

I had a bump visible from my profile that I had always disliked so I went to Dr. Kanodia. I was coming from out-of-state (FL) for the surgery and Lisa Byrd made the whole process pretty stress-free leading up to the surgery. The day of the surgery I arrived, changed, and then went into the back to be hooked up to the IV's- honestly the most painful part, for me, was getting the IV in, having the guaze removed post-surgery, and the cleaning a few days after surgery. Once the IV was in I waited to be brought into the surgical room for 1.5hrs BUT the medicine in the IV had me taking two naps during that 1.5hr wait- I was very calm going into the surgery room. The surgery itself is less than 2 hours and afterward I had almost zero pain- my nose felt "tight" more than anything. The worst part, in my opinion was having the gauze removed post-surgery and then having my nose cleaned a few days after surgery. Dr. Duggar was the one who cleaned my nose and I will say his bedside manner should improve; when having my nose cleaned it was very uncomfortable, as it is a sensation you're not used to feeling, and my body wanted to retreat away while my eyes involuntarily teared up. Dr. Duggar's response was "the more you move the more it'll hurt" or something along those lines. Dr. Kanodia on the other hand was always very nice and calm when we interacted. I know that Dr. Kanodia is more expensive than most but I feel as though the money I spent was worth it.

Rana Kennedy

This guy was the only collagen lip doctor I used for over 6 years. He was always so rough and often bruised me. I was young and in the modeling profession and new little about the long term effects of somebody who over injected and in the wrong places which after so many years caused excessive scar tissue. I am now in my 40s and permanently disfigured and will not be able to do another print add or commercial again thanks to this doctor. I went back to see him to discuss fixing it and he had the nerve to tell me that I must have gone elsewhere with plastic injections or something else! This guy is self-centered and unable to take responsibility for his actions! I would seek elsewhere, don't end up like me!

W. iamwe

Brooke Dusek

Dr.Kanodia and his nurse Karla are amazing! I heard amazing things about the both of them and that was exactly my experience. They are both very knowledgeable and explain everything throughout. They practice a minimalist approach, which is my favorite thing. They aren’t here to drain your bank account. They are very honest about the treatments they recommend. Many times Karla has said I don’t need anything, which is very refreshing since most places I have been recommend I do multiple filler treatments, lasers etc .. They both have your best interest at heart. I trust Dr.Kanodia and Karla, I am so glad I found them and will continue going to them as long as I am in LA!

Syed Masiulla

Scam he spends more money on advertising and paid fake models then with the patients! I lost my money coming here don’t loos yours!

A Taylor

As an opinion, and former surgical patient, here are some thoughts... 1. He ruined my nose. It looks very cookie-cutter, artificial and 'done'. 2. I lost much of my sense of smell after the rhinoplasty. 3. I woke up vomiting from the anesthesia. 4. He overpromised and under-delivered in virtually every way. 5. My nose is now CROOKED and UPTURNED. One side is COLLAPSED. The bridge is now grotesquely NARROW and tip hideously BULBOUS. It was not this way pre-operatively. I now have what many might consider a 'PIG NOSE' where my NOSTRILS FLARE and you can see directly up my nose. 6. He markets himself very well. He's great at getting media attention. 7. He took what was a very nice looking nose, with a slight bump, and created a post-operative nightmare that I have to live with every day. 8. He promises one thing, and delivers something entirely different. Please read the other negative reviews. They seem very accurate based on my unfortunate personal experience with this doctor. Do not be fooled by his shameless self-promotion and marketing. Stay away.

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